Description of Categories of Documents to be Requested from the FBI 1.

All documents provided by the FBI to the Joint Inquiry. 2. Non-administrative documents from FBI investigations of hijackers' associates. 3. Information on the September 11 attacks derived from interviews of detainees, including a list of pending investigations opened based on these debriefings. 4. Additional non-administrative documents from the FBI's PENTTBOM investigation, including a list of pending PENTTBOM investigations. 5. Curricula from new agent training, counterterrorism in-services, and from analytic training courses. 6. Copy of the pre-September 11 and most current Manual of Investigative and Operational Guidelines. 7. Copy of the pre-September 11 and most current Manual of Administration and Operational Procedures. 8. Documents on the post-9/11 FBI counterterrorism reforms, including those relating to the creation of the Office of Intelligence and the Reports Officer program. 9. Memoranda of Understanding and other documents reflecting agreements of coordination between the FBI and state/local law enforcement agencies. 10. Written communications from the National Security Council to the FBI or the Department of Justice containing counterterrorism strategy, policy and guidance, 1998-September 20, 2001. 11. Any DOJ, FBI, and NSC briefing materials relating to counterterrorism or domestic intelligence issues created for the Bush-Cheney Transition team. 12. Written communications, including intelligence and analytic products, from the FBI to the National Security Council on international terrorism matters, 1998-September 20,2001. 13. Documents reflecting the FBI's current strategy, policies, and priorities in the international terrorism program, September 20, 2001-Present. 14. Policy statements, directives, or guidance from the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, or Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division to the FBI or to the U.S. Attorneys' Offices on counterterrorism matters from 1998-Present, not relating to individual investigations. 15. FBI Annual Field Office Reports or other documents outlining annual counterterrorism priorities and strategies from select FBI Field Offices, 1998-Present. 16. Copy of the pre-September 11 and most current Attorney General Guidelines for Foreign Intelligence and Counterintelligence investigations. 17. Copy of the annual report on the FBI's National Foreign Intelligence Program budget, produced by the Director of Central Intelligence's Community Management Staff, FY1995-FY2004. 18. FBI's annual Congressional Budget Justification Books, FY1995-FY2004. 19. Documents provided to the FBI by foreign governments regarding their investigations into the September 11 attacks. 20. Statistics from selected FBI field offices, regarding agent assignments to counterterrorism investigations (referred to as "burn rates," which indicate agent man-hours actually spent on particular matters) from 1993-Present.

21. All documents obtained by the DOJ Inspector General from the FBI in connection with its investigation into the September 11 attacks. 22. Inspection reports from selected FBI Legal Attaches and Field Offices. 23. Selected DOJ Inspector General reports on the FBI.

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