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Boy Hanged Many Items Time Capsule To Hold Many Items Answering Questions
star, Kay McCandless, N a n c y
Rockenstein, Peggy Tidball, Mar-
tha Lauffer, Kate Black, Mrs. C.
Near Warren To Be Put of R. Roberts and Mrs. James Brug-

In Capsule
WARREN, Pa. (AP)—David L.
Wilson, 14, of nearby Pleasant
On Centennial Week >i\itm\4.i:s geman.
Guests attended the service
Twp., was found hanged Sunday Continued from from 'Providence, R. L, Chesa-
in the basement* of his home. On Thursday morning, Aug. 27, When and where are the indus- but most of. the speakers and Page Fourteen, This Section peake City, Md., Arlington, Va.,
Coroner Ed Lowrey delayed an shortly after the end of the Gar- trial exhibits on display? other dignitaries plan to get in Washington, D. C., Warren, Erie,
official verdict pending further roway show, Ned H. Dearborn The industrial exhibits go on town Wednesday. Root-Ghering Pittsburgh, Titusville, C h i c a g o
investigation. and W. Floyd Clinger of Oil Cen- and Brockway.
tennial Inc. will officiate at a display this afternoon in the vari- What hours will the Information
For the wedding trip to New
short ceremony marking the bur- ous classrooms at Titusville High Center at the High School be ed Lohengrin's Processional and
To Attend Funeral York State and Canada, the bride
ial of a time capsule at Drake School. Thereafter, they will be open? Mendelson's Recessional. wore a colonial-blue suit and
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kaster and Well Park. The wastebasket- open daily from 10 a. ni. to 5 Mrs. Ghering attended the serv-
Members of the Business and light blue and navy accessories.
sons of Titusville, RD 2, have sized capsule, to be buried in front p. m. and on Wednesday evening
ice in an ice-blue lace dress and On their return the couple will
gone to Driver, Va., to attend the of the DAR monument, will not for those attending the Second Professional Women's Club will matching accessories, accented
Century Conclave of Oil. live at 5093 Forbes Ave., Pitts-
funeral service of Mrs. Raster's be opened until the year 2000. | staff the information Center from with an orchid corsage. The bride- burgh'. *
father, Cleveland Brinkley. It is planned that Governor Among the exhibitors are Ethyl j 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily beginning groom's mother wore a blue lace The new Mrs. Root is a grad-
David Lawrence of Pennsylvania Corporation, Quaker State Oil Re-
will seal the capsule on the Dave today. They are prepared to an- dress and orchid corsage. uate of Ellis School, Newtown
fining Company and United Re- The undercroft of St. Peter's Square, and a student at Chatham
Garroway show. The capsule will swer questions about all phases
fining Company. The exhibits are of Centennial Week. It is hoped Church, decorated with white car- College, Pittsburgh. Her husband,
contain the following items: bpth interesting and educational. that poeple will use this service nations, was opened for the recep- a student at Carnegie Institute of
(1) A first day edition of The There is no admission charge and rather than call or visit the Oil tion. Aides were Miss Regina Cry- Technology, is a chemistry major.
Titusville Herald and the Oil City no tickets of admission are re- Centennial office on South Frank-
Candies Derrick, and the Oil Centennial quired. • lin Street, since that office will

Always Fresh,
editions of both papers;
(2) An autographed copy of
Hildegard Dolson's "The Great
Are tickets needed for the Second be extremely busy with other as-
Century Conclave of Oil? pects of the week-long observance. FOR SALE
1. An attractive house situated on 2J4 acres of ground on the
Oildorado"; The telephone number at the
Always Good. Definitely not. Everyone is most Information Center is 5-6222. west entrance into Pleasantville, one-story ranch-type brick
(3) A block of one hundred of welcome to attend. The Conclave home, nice living room, wood-burning fireplace, modern kitch-
the special issue 4c petroleum will be held in the Titusville Who should I contact about hous- en, two bedrooms, bath with separate shower stall. Basement
stamp, signed by Postmaster Gen- High School gymnasium on Wed- ing accommodations? under entire house. Laundry and gas furnace. Well landscaped
eral Arthur Summerfield; nesday evening at 8:15. Four na- The Housing Bureau will have grounds. Garage. Jalousied porch. Storm windows throughout.
(4) The centennial editions of tionally known figures will speak a representative on duty at the
M&M Store the following oil industry publi- 2. Frame two-story house excellently located. Double living
and Westbrook VanVoorhis, the Information Center throughout the room, dining room, modern kitchen powder room, four bed-
cations—The Oil Daily, Petroleum noted news commentator, will be day, to be of assistance in ob- rooms and bath. Basement, gas furnace. Double garage.
Weekly, Oil and Gas Journal, Na- master of ceremonies.
102 S. Washington St. tional Petroleum News; taining rooms for visitors who do 3. We have an attractive house on West Main Street. Two-story
(5) A history of the Penn not already have accommodations. frame, center hall, living room with wood-burning fireplace,
Suppose it rains Thursday night. The telephone number of the
Grade Crude Oil Association; Will the fireworks display still go Housing Bureau also is 5-6222. dining room, kitchen and laundry. Three nice bedrooms, sewing
(6) A map of the Pennsylvania room, porch. Hardwood floors throughout. Lot 60 feet by 180
on as scheduled?' feet.
Grade Crude oil region; Where can I buy Oil Centennial
(7) A copy each of Ethyl Cor- That depends upon how hard j souvenirs? 4. Two-story frame house. First floor: two bedrooms, dining
it is raining. Every effort will be
JL JLOW can poration's booklet, "Road to Han-
over," suggested by Dartmouth made to have the display on
Thursday evening, as scheduled. and
souvenirs can
be pur-
room, living room, new kitchen, bath, paneled family room with
big picture window. Gas hot air furnace. Second floor: four-
room apartment, bath. Could be used as two-apartment house
College, and "Benjamin Silliman
But if the fireworks company chased_ at various stores through- or converted into a single house without any expense.
I overcome Jr.—Educator and Oilman," sug-
gested by Yale University;
(8) Ethyl Corporation's repro-
technicians determine there is out the city. They are not for sale
risk of property damage or hu- at the Oil Centennial office.
5. The Walter Howe cottage near Grand Valley, Eldred Town-
ship. Three-quarters acre, one-story shingled house, large liv-
duction of Lewis Evans* map of man injury because of the weath- Is Oil Centennial Week receiving ing room 40x30, wood-burning stone fireplace; two bedrooms,
false 1755:
(9) A copy of Petroleum Pano-
David P. Edwards, treasurer of Struthers Wells made the capsule. Many items will be placed in
Corp., examines the stainless steel time cap- it, after which argon gas will be forced into it
er the display then will be shot J wide publicity coverage?
off Friday evening instead.
Since the beginning of the year,
equipment for sleeping at least 12 people. Electric stove, re-
frigerator, electric water system. Excellent hunting lodge or
could easily be converted to dwelling property.
rama, contributed by the Oil and sule which will be buried at Drake Well Me- through the openings at top to drive out the air. When are most of the national newspapers, magazines and other
appetites? Gas Institute of Tulsa, Okla.;
(10) A signed copy of Paul
Giddens' "Early Days of Oil";
morial Park, It is 24 inches high, 18% inches The capsule will be welded and placed in a
across and 15% inches wide. Struthers Wells carbon steel box.
figures and oil company execu- periodicals 'have devoted consider-
tives arriving in Titusville? able space to Titusville and the
6. Cottage near Mystic Park, one-story shingled, consisting of
living room, bedroom, kitchen, large screened-in porch facing
creek. In excellent location.
Some will arrive on Tuesday, oil anniversary program. Also, of
(11) A photograph of the Drake course, the news has been aired
Well, contributed by Penna. Fur- 7. A triangular piece of land consisting of 16 acres situated at
on radio and television stations the edge of Pleasantville, on Route 27, with a front footage on
THE TRUTH nace and Iron Co., Warren; throughout the country. Route 27 of 1,500 feet, and on Oil City road, Route 227, front
(12) A copy of "Pennsylvania's
Oil Industry," contributed by West Police Chief Many publications and wire
services will- have reporters and
footage of 700 feet, with a width of 1,200 feet at the widest
point Proven oil propery. Now has two pumping wells with
Penn Oil Co., Warren; electric pumping jacks. This property could be developed for
GREATBOOK (13) A program of all Centen- Continued From editors in the city this week to residential or commercial use. Ideally situated for a motel, with
CAN RELEASE YOU nial events; Page Six, This Section report the Oil Centennial activ- entrances from two highways. The price is right.
(14) The "Swanson Bibliogra- ities. .Also, the "Today" show will
ring circus and a sucker is born
You can be freed from any phy of Oil Books";
false appetite if you will turn (15) "The American Petroleum
every minute. originate from Titusville on Thurs-
day morning and be on the coast-
(Editor's note: Barnum was to-coast National Broadcasting
•with a receptive, unpreju- Industry," published by North- also in Titusville on Nov. 13, Company television network for
8. Two business blocks on Diamond Street—One with two store
diced thought to the truth western University.
(16) A tape recording of voices 1867). two full hours.
rooms, entrances on Diamond and Centra! Avenue, two apart-
merits, second floor; two-story brick building, large store room
contained in this great book, of Col. Drake's granddaughters, Barnum was right. L e g a l What events will Miss Pennsyl- with two entrances on Diamond and Spring streets, two apart-
Science and Health with Key and of Centennial Week events. struggles, oil royalties, heirs, last vania attend? ments, second floor.
to the Scriptures by Mary (17) The American Petroleum wills and testaments, executrix 9. The Wager building on North Martin Street, consisting of a
Institute film, "The Story of She will be present at the
Baker Eddy. records and deeds took much of
Stamp Dedication ceremony and good sized store room and an apartment on second floor. This
Colonel Drake." local lawyers' time in searching luncheon in the Titusville High is a good location, a few doors north of Central Avenue.
You may read or borrow (18) Seeds of the state flowers titles, deeds on oil properties School on Thursday and also at
Science and Health free of of the 33 oil-producing states.
charge at any Christian Sci- (19) Polaroid photographs of
the sealing of the time capsule.
sales. This farm took in the Plank the barbeque later that afternoon.
Road called the Tidioute Road, Miss Pennylvania (Lois Janet
Watson Road. Oil Creek split it Piercy; will return 10 Titusville
10. Large store room on East Spring Street, with double en-
ence Reading Room. The
dead center. Land r.ow occupied on Saturday to ride in the Grand trances on Diamond and Spring.
book can be purchased in red,
More Oil
green, or blue binding at ?3
and will be sent postpaid on
by the rem'ains of the Crew Parade of Oil.
Levick Refinery, sewage disposal
1.1. Two six-room apartments.
plant and the hill north of the, Can I buy the petroleum indus-

Bailed From
receipt of check or money This plaque istplaced on a boulder at the west j the spot where the time capsule will be buried,
end of the Drake Well Memorial Park oval at
incinerator was part of this farm, j try stamp any place other than
One little lease I would like to at the postoffice? J. M. Pennell F. S. Moran
Christian Science No. 2 Well
denote was the Justin Perrette A postal station will be in oper- Agent Broker
thinks the oil -is the result of a lease, five acres of land back of ation at the Titusville High
Two more drums of oil were natural water-flood and that no
the Forge Works, a narrow strip School on Thursday, Friday and 104 Exchange Place
considerable quanity is involved. of land running along Oil Creak Saturday for the convenience of
READING bailed from the No. 2 well at on the north bank. This had three residents and visitors who wish Titusville, Pennsylvania
Drake Park on Saturday before The oil was found last Friday
ROOM wells on it. The wells were to buy the 4-cent petroleum in-
drilling was resumed. The hole standing in the hole of the well pumped by wood firing boiler, the dustry stamp. First-day cancella- Telephone 7-7151
I.ILS-P*. oe.
Open 2-4 p. m. is now a considerable distance which is being drilled as a owner got 97 cents a barrel for tions also will be obtainable there
Mondays and Thursdays below the First Sand, where oil demonstration for visitors to the his oil. He had to go up to Gusty on Thursday.
329 W. MAIN ST. was found. park. The well is only about 150 Hollow, borrow a horse, furnish
Driller George Ghering says he feet from Drake's. his own barrels, pump them full

of oil, take them to the nearest

refinery which was one of 17 at
this time, and return the horse" to
the owner. He also had to do the
same thing when pulling the
sucker rods out of his wells. His
daughter, Miss Helen Perette,

»•§ UTWffVf Irlftatf

young ideas in in shoes
used to drive the horse when
helping on this lease. Later on 4-WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES
there were some dug wells on
this five acres.
THE CAMPUS TAKES ON A NEW LOOK Jonathan Watson and Waterman
Palmer also owned and leased a
GO MORE PLACES... because they're completely
engineered for 4-wheeI drive "go-anywhere" traction, not just -
part of this farm in 1864. The
Watson Home at that time was 2-wheel drive conversions or modifications.
the Burgess Park playground
Lawsuits resulted for unpaid
DO MORE JOBS... Haul heavy loads on or off the roa,d,
debts in the early 1930s as oil even in bad weather! With power take-off, they supply mobile power
production ceased and bills piled to operate special equipment
up. Also over the period of years
from 1860 to 1941 it is natural
to expect that uncurable breaks COST LESS TO OWN ...Long .He, low upkeep
would appear in the chain of titles and high resale value save you money. A 2-year-old Universal 'Jeep'
due to carelessness of many lease- commands up to 90% of origins! factory list price.
holders in not recording their
transfers and assignments.
The last transfer was in 1940
from W. E. Fertig to Roy Confer.
One oil man said about trans-
fer of oil lease property on death
of owner, that the deceased rela-
tives never knew he had so many
heirs until somebody opoke of oil.
The Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley
The black carbon steel box at Drake Well Park marks the spot and Pittsburgh Railroad Company
where the time capsule will be located. The capsule will fit into had surface rights on this famous
this box and (hen will be cemented in place for the passing of time. Parker farm and ran along side
The Canadohta DAR Chapter marker is in background. of the Justine Perrette lease, now
(Holowach photos) known as the D.A.V. Railroad.
There were many flowing wells
on this lease and one man r'rilled
OTHER HOSPITALS a well it came in a boomer. Oil
13 Men in Franklin gushed all over the land. He had
Discharged—Mrs. Chesley C. no tanks ready so he sat on top
Pedwin paces the style at
Draft Call , Dieter and daughter. Coopers- of the casing to try to stop the
town, RD 1; Martin McElhaney. flow of oil and directed his men to
Included in the September draft ; C'ooperstovvn, * Star Route. rush to the nearest refinery for
every turn with the Pedwin call of the Crawford County Se- oil barrels. They gave him the
Oil City
lective Service Board are 13 men. nickname of gook.
Class Boot... in a variety Admitted — Mrs. Robert Steven-'
They w i l l report to the board of- ! son, Cooperstown; Mrs. Laura If you didn't smell of horses and

of school colors... come in fice in the basement of the pitot- [Seely, Tilusville, RD 3. oil and have mud on your gum
At >«en in
Ol'tice building, Meadvillc, at ;">: 15 Discharged — Lloyd Thomas, boots up to your, knees, you were VEHICLES BY WILLYS MOTORS...WORLD'S LARGEST
SPORTS today and pick out yours. a.m. Sept. 2. Diamond. RD I. a foreigner.
$10-99 volunteers: George Thomas S:u- i Discharged
terlee of Meadville, Walley Wil- ! Hubert, Ynuiifjsville.
-•• Infant Joseph
in Kerr's Addition to Titusvillo. ...m rf (ft* fnwtat KAISER
liams JJrown of Paoli. Clarence Eligible Business Lots on PINE

Hugh Jones Shoe Store .Tamos' AltCiee of Cormeaul.vilk', Wahn .John Corkiin of Cambridge
Ronald ,Vernon Hayden of Cam- .Sprigs, Cicrald D.ile Wheeler of
bridge Springs, Richard Hric Cole Seattle, Wash., Charles Pettit Jr.,
STREET, and Prime Lots on
Come in for a demonstration
428 S. Frtsnklin
121 W. Spring St.
Quality Foofweai
of Meadville, Gene Allen McCoy of Mradville. Gordon All™ Raker

Ralph Klinick of Spnni;br>ro. MrKec of Meaiiville and Paul i

For sale nt very reasonable-,
terms. Apply nt office of Wot-1
df (.'owHMUl I .alii- and David of (.'onnonutville. David Butler; son Petroleum Co., Finn street, j
kDKA, Sunday, 3 p. m. • A.*.**
Flume 3-5853
The oilier listed in the call are: Ludvig llarnvsr of Pittsburgh. | --Herald, Sept. 23, 1865