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Many Items To Be Put In Capsule

On Thursday morning, Aug. 27, shortly after the end of the Garroway show, Ned H. Dearborn and W. Floyd Clinger of Oil Centennial Inc. will officiate at a short ceremony marking the burial of a time capsule at Drake Well Park. The wastebasketsized capsule, to be buried in front of the DAR monument, will not be opened until the year 2000. It is planned that Governor David Lawrence of Pennsylvania will seal the capsule on the Dave Garroway show. The capsule will contain the following items: (1) A first day edition of The Titusville Herald and the Oil City Derrick, and the Oil Centennial editions of both papers; (2) An autographed copy of Hildegard Dolson's "The Great Oildorado"; (3) A block of one hundred of the special issue 4c petroleum stamp, signed by Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield; (4) The centennial editions of the following oil industry publications—The Oil Daily, Petroleum Weekly, Oil and Gas Journal, National Petroleum News; (5) A history of the Penn Grade Crude Oil Association; (6) A map of the Pennsylvania Grade Crude oil region; (7) A copy each of Ethyl Corporation's booklet, "Road to Hanover," suggested by Dartmouth College, and "Benjamin Silliman Jr.—Educator and Oilman," suggested by Yale University; (8) Ethyl Corporation's reproduction of Lewis Evans* map of 1755: (9) A copy of Petroleum Panorama, contributed by the Oil and Gas Institute of Tulsa, Okla.; (10) A signed copy of Paul Giddens' "Early Days of Oil"; (11) A photograph of the Drake Well, contributed by Penna. Furnace and Iron Co., Warren; (12) A copy of "Pennsylvania's Oil Industry," contributed by West Penn Oil Co., Warren; (13) A program of all Centennial events; (14) The "Swanson Bibliography of Oil Books"; (15) "The American Petroleum Industry," published by Northwestern University. (16) A tape recording of voices of Col. Drake's granddaughters, and of Centennial Week events. (17) The American Petroleum Institute film, "The Story of Colonel Drake." (18) Seeds of the state flowers of the 33 oil-producing states. (19) Polaroid photographs of the sealing of the time capsule.

Time Capsule To Hold Many Items

David P. Edwards, treasurer of Struthers Wells Corp., examines the stainless steel time capsule which will be buried at Drake Well Memorial Park, It is 24 inches high, 18% inches across and 15% inches wide. Struthers Wells

made the capsule. Many items will be placed in it, after which argon gas will be forced into it through the openings at top to drive out the air. The capsule will be welded and placed in a carbon steel box.

More Oil Bailed From No. 2 Well
Two more drums of oil were bailed from the No. 2 well at Drake Park on Saturday before drilling was resumed. The hole is now a considerable distance below the First Sand, where oil was found. Driller George Ghering says he

This plaque istplaced on a boulder at the west j the spot where the time capsule will be buried, end of the Drake Well Memorial Park oval at thinks the oil -is the result of a natural water-flood and that no considerable quanity is involved. The oil was found last Friday standing in the hole of the well which is being drilled as a demonstration for visitors to the park. The well is only about 150 feet from Drake's.

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The black carbon steel box at Drake Well Park marks the spot where the time capsule will be located. The capsule will fit into this box and (hen will be cemented in place for the passing of time. The Canadohta DAR Chapter marker is in background. (Holowach photos)