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11 18 July 2013 Vol 19 Issue 27

The BEST things in life are

Mineards Miscellany

The Voice of the Village

S SINCE 1995 S

Former top surfer Shaun Tomson breaks The Code; Montecito resident Michael Hammers son Armie leaps from Lone Ranger to The Man From U.N.C.L.E., p. 6



Former Antoinette creative designer Laura Dinning, a self-described lifelong shop girl, along with her Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising graduate daughter TJ, transform Coast Village corner space into Allora by Laura (story on page 20)

Chat with the Chief slotted for Wednesday, 17 July; 1,200 attendees buy $10,000 in tickets at July 4 Firefighters Breakfast, p. 20

Village Beat

Kessler Buckley arrives just before noon, July 4; greeted by wide-eyed grandparents, feted by festive fireworks display, p. 35

Born On The Fourth Of July

Six-time Grammy winner Leonard Slatkin leads Saturday nights Festival Orchestra; opens with Roberto Sierras Fandangos, p. 44

Miraflores Melodies


The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013

Sophisticated Sanctuary Montecito - $12,500,000

Private Peninsula Carpinteria - $9,950,000

Beach Lovers Paradise Padaro Lane - $6,650,000

The Premiere Estates of Montecito & Santa Barbara

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Panoramic Ocean and Island Views Carpinteria - $3,550,000

11 18 July 2013

Exclusive Representation for Marketing and Acquisition Additional Exceptional Estates Available by Private Consultation


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5 Editorial  Bob Hazard reports on how much water costs will rise, and what can be done about it 6 Montecito Miscellany  Chris Evert blasts Jimmy Connors; Oprah returns to top of Forbes list; world prepares for royal babys appearance; Shaun Tomson launches newest tome; more facts discovered about Huguette Clarks will; SBMAs newest exhibition; MAW Summer Festival continues; Direct Relief reception; Mikimoto party at Polo Club; Armie Hammer receives red carpet treatment; Katy Perry returns to John Mayer; Arts Fund opens new show; sightings 8 Letters to the Editor  Carolee Krieger does the math and urges all to resist Twin Tunnels project; Ruth Deeley notices the roundabout weeds; Erica Earle wishes All Saints preschool teacher Chris Ley the best; bobcats spotted at Tomsons home; Christina Allison stresses the importance of yielding; Thorn Robertson puts his vote in for F-Modified; Dale Lowdermilk finds a coincidence; Glenn Griffith asks tough questions 11 This Week in Montecito  MERRAG meeting; open house at MAW; Second Saturdays at Simpatico; MidSummerland Day Dream event; Peter Lance signs book; LotusFest; Gillian Christie hosts workshop; MPC meets; summer reading program; violinist Brian Lisus visits library; SBMM presentation by Sue Hodson; ongoing events Tide Guide  Handy guide to assist readers in determining when to take that walk or run on the beach 12 Village Beat  Montecito Association meeting recap; leaning tree follow-up; Laura Dinning and daughter open Allora by Laura on Coast Village; Montecito Country Mart news; Fire Chief Chip Hickman hosts Chat with the Chief ; thousands flock to San Ysidro Road to catch Village Fourth Parade and celebration 14 Seen Around Town  Lynda steps back in time at Peggy Sues Diner; CAMAs annual cruise aboard Channel Cat; Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center horse show and BBQ 23 n.o.t.e.s. from downtown Get out the cleaning supplies, Jims grandkids are in town 26 Music Academy of the West  Catch barefoot flutist Timothy Day teaching one of his masterclasses on Mondays; this weeks Summer Festival events 29 Sheriffs Blotter  Burglary from vehicle on Channel Drive; intoxicated woman and apprehended followed after leaving Montecito Library; medical emergency on East Valley Road; vehicle found over side of West Mountain Drive Movie Showtimes Latest films, times, theaters, and addresses: theyre all here, as they are every week 32 Coming & Going  Births, nuptials and birthdays: Buckley Family news; dont miss The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) at Elings Park; Peter Lance releases new book; SB Wine Festival at Museum of Natural History 38 Guide to Montecito Eateries  The most complete, up-to-date, comprehensive listing of all individually owned Montecito restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries, gelaterias, and hangouts; others in Santa Barbara, Summerland, and Carpinteria too 38 Legal Advertisements 42 Calendar of Events  Ongoing events; Jonathan McEuen returns to Plaza Playhouse Theater; Happy Together tour at Chumash; In the Big Room exhibit; LotusFest; 25th annual French Festival; Pacific Pride Festival; Semana Nautica; Slightly Stoopid rocks Bowl; Chromatic Gate re-dedication; Music at the Ranch series; Belle and Sebastian visit Bowl 45 93108 Open House Directory  Homes and condos currently for sale and open for inspection in and near Montecito 46 Classified Advertising  Our very own Craigslist of classified ads, in which sellers offer everything from summer rentals to estate sales 47 Local Business Directory  Smart business owners place business cards here so readers know where to look when they need what those businesses offer  11 18 July 2013

Explored 26 countries Visited planets most famous places Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro HIked the Ruins of Machu Picchu, Patagonia, and much more!

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The Voice of the Village


by Bob Hazard

Mr. Hazard is an Associate Editor of this paper and a former president of Birnam Wood Golf Club

The Rising Price of Water

ater, even in Montecito, has traditionally been our cheapest utility, behind electricity, natural gas and cable TV as a drag on the family pocketbook. Next year, water users in Montecito and Summerland will see a 16.3% increase in both meter service charges and variable water usage fees, followed by increases of 7.4% in each of the following four years. That means that over the next five years, Montecito Water District (MWD) customers will see a 55% increase in their water bills for the same amount of water used. Single-family residential users, who account for 94% of all MWD customers, will see their water bills increase from an average of $2,089 a year to $3,238 a year at the end of five years. Over the same period, large users like Casa Dorinda will pay $164,000 a year for water compared to their current bill of $104,000. Westmont will pay $140,000 compared to $90,000. Birnam Wood Golf Club will pay $228,000 compared to $147,000 today. Oprah will pay $153,000 compared to her current bill of $99,000. Residents on fixed incomes and the 37 agricultural users, who need low water costs and low energy costs to stay in business, will be impacted the most.

Long-time residents of Montecito recall the four-year drought from 1986 to 1990. Lake Cachuma became a pond holding only 20% of its normal capacity. Gibraltar, which provides 30% of the City of Santa Barbaras water, went completely dry. Water trucks from Ventura and points south plied the streets of Montecito, selling water to panicked homeowners. In 1991, frightened voters on the South Coast approved construction of the Coastal Branch of the State Water Project as an emergency water supply buffer against future drought. Voters were told that for $270 million, the water agencies in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties would be linked to the California Aqueduct for the treatment and delivery of state water. When construction was completed in 1997, costs had jumped to $600 million. After all costs of financing, maintenance and operations through 2030 are included, the total cost of the SWP will have ballooned to $1.76 billion. Alarmingly, if Jerry Browns proposed Twin Tunnels project, with its estimated cost of $24 to $60 billion is approved, those costs would automatically and arbitrarily be added onto current SWP debt, unless MWD can find a legal precedent to opt out of this new open-ended cost exposure. This year, tiny MWD will pay $5.3 million off the top to fund its share of SWP fixed costs, regardless of whether or not MWD uses any SWP water or not. The problem is this leaves just $8.4 million in revenue for MWD to fund $12 million in operating expenses. Since 1998, MWD has spent $67 million for its share of the fixed costs of the Coastal Branch hookup. MWD still owes another $88 million to be paid off by 2035, plus the cost of any SWP water used. Since 1998, MWD has used only a trickle of its SWP allocation. With 20/20 hindsight, many feel that the SWP connection has been an expensive and dubious drought insurance program. The decision to use SWP as the primary backup was a regional choice where MWD had very little influence. The alternative to continued SWP participation could be the re-activation of the Santa Barbara desalination plant as an emergency backup water choice.

State Water Project (SWP)

Peace of



Montecitos not-for-profit water district is completely self-sustaining. All revenues flow from fees and charges. There are no tax revenues. Historically, MWD has used bonds to fund capital improvements, but its borrowing capacity and credit rating have been severely limited by its SWP indebtedness. To reduce its long-term debt, MWD has opted to fund routine replacement projects on a payas-you-go basis. For larger capital improvements such as MWDs $10 million share of the $20 million Ortega Reservoir cover, or MWDs $4 million share of the $20 million City of Santa Barbara Cater Treatment Plant ozone facility, MWD will use long-term debt. The 2013-14 rate increase of 16.3% is expected to generate an additional $2 million in income next year for MWD. The added revenue will be used to offset increased operating costs, provide financing for capital programs like the

Why Higher Costs?



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11 18 July 2013
A word to the wise aint necessary; its the stupid ones that need the advice Bill Cosby


Monte ito Miscellany

by Richard Mineards
Richard covered the Royal Family for Britains Daily Mirror and Daily Mail before moving to New York to write for Rupert Murdochs newly launched Star magazine in 1978; Richard later wrote for New York magazines Intelligencer. He continues to make regular appearances on CBS, ABC, and CNN, and moved to Montecito six years ago.

Heated Match Between Connors and Evert

Swizzlesticks at dawn for Jimmy Connors and former love, Chris Evert

ormer tennis ace Jimmy Connors revelation in his autobiography The Outsider that his former girlfriend and would-be bride, Chrissie Evert, had an abortion while carrying his child, has not gone down well with the former Number One female player.

The thrice-divorced mother of three, who now lives in Florida and works as a TV tennis commentator, blasts: I am extremely disappointed he used the book to misrepresent a private matter that took place forty years

miscellany Page 184

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11 18 July 2013



Classic elegance

Since 1965, Glamour House has provided our clients with the finest selection of the worlds most sophisticated lingerie. We offer elegant, innovative and timeless lingerie from everyday basics to specialty items. Our collections are continually updated.

Sale in Progress
In Montecitos Upper Village
1470 East Valley Road 805.969.5285

11 18 July 2013

1482 East Valley Road 805 969-4400 Montecitos Upper Village



2.91 Carat Cushion Cut Emerald Set in 18 Karat White Gold with Diamonds

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Just Say No to the Twin Tunnels Project

ontecito residents were snookered way back in 1991, when we were convinced to hook up to the Coastal Branch of the State Water Project. Residents were understandably concerned about a drought that had hit the South Coast, and the price tag didnt seem all that onerous; state officials told us it would cost the participating Central Coast Water Authority (CCWA), made up of eight Santa Barbara County public water agencies, no more than $270 million. In return, we were promised water security; we were assured to get 97% of our contracted promise abundant supplies for both household use and landscaping, regardless of the vagaries of Mother Nature. It is now twenty-two years down the road, and we all know the aftermath of that decision. By the time the bonds are paid off for the Coastal Branch, the price tag will have inflated to $1.76 billion.

And what about the water? To date, the four participating South Coast water agencies have received only 36% of their allotted deliveries. This year, it will be less than that: state officials have notified contractors to expect only 30% of their allotments due to a subpar snowpack. Meanwhile, we are obliged to continue paying for the fixed costs of this boondoggle, regardless of the quantity of water we receive or rather, dont receive. For Montecito ratepayers, that amounts to $4.9 million annually. And that, apparently, is just the start. Black & Veatch, a consulting firm retained by the Montecito Water District, recently recommended raising the districts water rates by 55 percent between 2013 and 2018 to retire existing debt and address capital improvement and reserve requirements. Nor does it end there. Adding insult to this profound economic injury, the

state is advancing a new water conveyance scam, one that dwarfs the Coastal Branch in expense, environmental destruction and sheer gall: the Twin Tunnels project. Pushed by Governor Jerry Brown, his legislative allies, and southern San Joaquin Valley corporate agribusiness, the Twin Tunnels would shunt water from the Sacramento River under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to the western San Joaquin Valley and the South State. In the process, it would greatly restrict freshwater flows through the Delta, imperiling our salmon and Dungeness crab fish-

Montecito ratepayers believed the honeyed blandishments of state bureaucrats in 1991. That, it turns out, was a mistake.

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eries. The estimated cost for the project range, without debt interest, is from $24 billion to $64 billion all to be paid by us, ratepayers who have contracted for State water. The Tunnels, it must be noted, are simply a delivery system; they will not increase South State water supplies by a single drop. And of course, southern California ratepayers will be saddled with a big chunk of the bill for this so-called essential infrastructure. For the eight members of the CCWA, that could mean an additional debt load exceeding $5 billion. Of course, the state is equivocating on just what this white elephant will mean for monthly water bills. The math, however, is fairly straightforward. That 55 percent increase in Montecito water rates cited by Black & Veatch? We should be so lucky. If the Twin Tunnels are built, expect our rates to go up by as much as 200 percent or more. Clearly, it is not in the interests of Montecito ratepayers to sign on to this hare-brained scheme. In its size, openended costs, uncertain benefits and roots in centralized and unresponsive government, it harkens to the massive and catastrophic public works projects of the Soviet Union in the 1950s. Such economic models were ill-conceived then; today, they are grotesque. It is especially unworthy for California, a state renowned for its innovation and vast technological capacity. We live in a semi-arid region, and water always has been and always will be scarce. Our state will continue to grow, and we must plan for 

the equitable distribution of water as part of that growth. But the Twin Tunnels are not the solution. We can adopt a resilient and far less costly approach that involves conservation, recycling, groundwater recharge, and the retirement of selenium impaired agricultural lands in the western San Joaquin Valley. (For more information on a rational alternative to the Twin Tunnels, please go to http://www.c Montecito ratepayers believed the honeyed blandishments of state bureaucrats in 1991. That, it turns out, was a mistake: we were saddled with enormous debt, and received very little in return. We cant turn back the clock, but we can learn to say no to officials who have already brazenly betrayed us. Contact our First District Supervisor, Salud Carbajal, and ask him to get Santa Barbara out of the Twin Tunnels nightmare. In the immortal words of The Who, we wont be fooled again. Carolee Krieger Montecito (Editors note: Ms Krieger is President and Executive Director of the California Water Impact Network; online at www.

Weedy Wonder

I am wondering how everyone else feels about the weeds growing magnificently in the center of the CabrilloHot Springs roundabout and the approach roads to it; they are now higher and far healthier than anything planted there. Why would a goodly sum be spent on landscaping this area and then neglect the maintenance? I have asked for help from the Montecito Association and tried to penetrate the departments of the city but drew a blank. Has anyone any idea on how to restore the good look to our Montecito entranceway? Ruth Deeley Montecito (Editors note: You must have missed Pete and Gerd Jordanos letter to the editor on the subject in MJ # 19/25, and Kelly Mahans coverage in the same issue that has led to city workers being sent to that location to manage the weeds. Theyve already done the sidewalk leading to the roundabout and the central area in the roundabout. No doubt theyll soon take care of the rest. Thank you for your letter and your concern. J.B.)

Salud Acts Quickly

(Referencing the abovementioned weedfilled roundabout, Gerd Jordano and others asked First District Supervisor Salud Carbajal to contact Santa Barbara City Mayor Helene Schneider about the weed situation. Mr. Carbajal responded 11 18 July 2013


The Voice of the Village

quickly and sent the following e-mail to the mayor:) Dear Helene, I was contacted by a number of my Montecito constituents today who asked me tocontact you becausethey have contacted city staff on a number of occasions to express their concern that the roundaboutat Hot SpringsCoast Village Road has become overgrown with dead vegetation and that their request for the removal of the weeds and the planting ofappropriate vegetation has fallen on deaf ears. They do not feel that they are getting an appropriate response and asked that I contact directlyyou on their behalf. I got the sense that they are frustrated and inclined to organize an effort to bring attention to this issue and include the media. I let them know that I would be contacting you on their behalf. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Salud Carbajal First District Supervisor (Editors note: Ms Schneider is out of town until July 15, so was unavailable to respond actively. Well report on her response upon her return. J.B.)

We cannot thank Ms Ley enough for her dedication to teaching the preschoolers at All Saints by-the-sea Parish School for 34 years. She is truly an honest, generous, intelligent and inspirational teacher. We love you Ms Ley. Thank you, Erica Earle And all the families fortunate enough to have had you! Montecito

for sale

1215 de la vina st., ste . J

658 sf downtown office condo

Bobcats On Middle Road

Perfect for Owner/User!

Chris Ley has been a preschool teacher at All Saints by-the-Sea Parish School for the past 34 years. As parents of her students, we want to express our gratitude and give her the recognition she so rightly deserves. Ms Ley is as fine a teacher as one could wish for in life. She has integrity in all aspects of her teaching and most importantly, the safety of the children is her top priority. Preschoolers were celebrated in Ms Leys class. She taught them to wonder, explore, create and imagine through her directed play-work stations. She taught them about fairness, kindness, preservation, generosity, equality, discernment, trust, intention, orderliness, respect, interdependence, self dependence, patience, concentration, and compassion.

Nothing But The Best

Last week, in the middle of the afternoon, a family of three bobcats sauntered through our garden; I think it was a large mother with two little ones. Unfortunately, we were only quick enough to get pictures of two of them. We believe it was a good omen and had a symbolic meaning to have a sighting like that. The mom ran up a tree trying for one of our squirrels, unsuccessfully. We thought we were back in the veld of the homeland. Hope you are all well. Did they come by your place? Best, Carla and Shaun Tomson Montecito (Editors note: Shaun Tomson, a for-

Beautiful and quiet setting with reception/open work area, large office and loft Attractive SBA Financing with as little as 10% down $399,000

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LETTERS Page 214


Three unperturbed bobcats casually wandered into the Tomsons backyard in the middle of the day (photo captured byintrepidwildlife photographer Carla Tomson)
Don Gragg 805.453.0518 License #951784

11 18 July 2013

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer George S. Patton


J u n e 1 7 a u G u s t 1 0 , 2 0 1 3 s a n ta B a r B a r a , C a

Americas music director

Los Angeles Times



Charlie CorCoran

8/2 & 8/4

DaviD Bazemore

The Festival Orchestra rocks

in all the right ways, year after year.
SB News-Press

AcAdeMy OPen hOUSe

Masterclasses all day, including a special evening Masterclass Sampler, Miraflores campus tour, and picnicking in Academy gardens.

Free & OPen TO The PUbLic ThU, JUL 11 11:30 AM 8:30 PM

cONcertO NiGht
Conductor Tito Muoz will lead Academy orchestra members and soloists winners of the 2013 Concerto Competition in this popular Festival concert.

AcAdemy FestivAl OrchestrA

Leonard Slatkin conductor
Opening with an exhilarating tropicalized fandango, the Detroit Symphony Orchestras illustrious maestro delves into two symphonic masterworks one buoyant, the other monumental and eloquent. Roberto Sierra: Fandangos Beethoven: Symphony No. 8 Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5

Sibelius: Violin Concerto (1st movement) Hummel: Bassoon Concerto (1st movement) Bartk: Violin Concerto No. 2 (1st movement) Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3 (1st movement) Nielsen: Clarinet Concerto SAT, JUL 20 8 PM The GrAnAdA TheATre
Generously supported by Robert W. Weinman

SAT, JUL 13 8 PM the GrANAdA theAtre

Generously supported by Robert W. Weinman

The Magic FluTe

Mozarts legendary genius is on full display in his final and most beguiling opera. Both profound and whimsical, its glorious music and vivid characters delight audiences of all ages. The Academys new production, conducted by Warren Jones, features singers from Marilyn Hornes esteemed Voice Program.

Free eveNt
merit recitAl The culmination of a two week intensive for talented local musicians ages 11 to 18 who have been mentored by Academy Fellows. Reception follows. Fri, JUL 12 12:30 PM hAhn hALL FestivAl cOrPOrATe SPOnSOr

Fri, AUG 2, 7:30 PM & SUn, AUG 4, 2:30 PM the GrANAdA theAtre
The 2013 Irene Cummings Endowed Opera, supported in part by Mercedes Millington and John C. Mithun, Anne and Richard De Rosa, the Carol Franc Buck Foundation and an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

2013 Media Partner

25% of tickets to all Festival events at The Granada Theatre are discounted. These $15 Community Access Tickets are generously supported by Alma del Pueblo and Margaret Cafarelli & Jan Hill. A gift from the Bank of America Foundation supports Community Access Tickets for THE MAGIC FLUTE.

musiC aCaDemy

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Box offiCe: 805.899.2222
(Granada concerts & opera only)


The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013

DaviD Bazemore

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This Week in and around Montecito


LotusFest LotusFest, an annual event that celebrates the legendary flower that is Lotuslands namesake, is planned for Saturday, July 13. The afternoon will include wine tasting with some of Santa Barbara Countys premier vintners, hors doeuvres, entertainment by The Undecided Trio, an Ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arranging) workshop and lotus lore galore. July is peak lotus blooming season. LotusFest provides the perfect opportunity to view these uniquely beautiful flowers while enjoying a relaxing afternoon at this casual, fun event. There will be plenty of time to see other areas of Lotusland, a spectacular 37-acre estate garden in Montecito. When: 2 pm to 5 pm, Saturday July 14 Cost: $85 for members, $95 for non-members Registration: 969-9990; a confirmation and directions to Lotuslands Visitor Entrance will be mailed upon receipt of your reservation Info: Christie shares tips and tricks of the marketing world, specially geared towards working artists. She will help participants identify and brand themselves as artists, and explain how to get the image and the word out. Over the years, Gillian has researched and developed Christie Communications unique proprietary technologies that help companies effectively create the greatest impact with the least amount of their resources. When: 5 to 7 pm Where: Adobe Hill-Carrillo Room, Union Bank SBBT, 15 East Carrillo Street Cost: $15 Info: or (805) 565-1332 WEDNESDAY JULY 17 When: July 10, July 17, and July 24, 2:30 to 3:45 pm Where: Montecito Library, 1469 East Valley Road Info: 969-5063 Violin Making at Montecito Library Brian Lisus is a violinmaker who makes new instruments for individuals and also teaches violin making to novices. He will share his love of string instruments and what goes into making an instrument using hand tools. When: 4 to 5:30 pm Where: 1469 East Valley Road Info: 969-5063 THURSDAY JULY 18

Book Signing at Granada Books Peter Lance will sign his book, Deal With the Devil When: 2 pm to 4 pm Where: 1224 State Street Info:

THURSDAY JULY 11 MERRAG Meeting and Training Network of trained volunteers that work and/or live in the Montecito area prepare to respond to community disaster during critical first 72 hours following an event. The mutual selfhelp organization serves Montecitos 13,000 residents with the guidance and support of the Montecito Fire, Water and Sanitary Districts.This month, Earthquake and Pet Preparedness. When: 10 am Where: Montecito Fire Station, 595 San Ysidro Road Info: Geri, 969-2537 Open House at Music Academy Music Academy of the West will open its gates to the public for a day of compelling classical music events amid the lush gardens of the Academys Miraflores campus. This years Academy Open House schedule will include masterclasses, garden and architectural tours, and musical events all day. Open to music lovers of all ages, the days events will be offered free of charge. When: activities begin at 1 pm Where: 1070 Fairway Road Info: SATURDAY JULY 13 Second Saturdays at Simpatico Paying It Forward with Pilates this

months featured charity is the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Celeste Pearlman will be teaching a GYROKINESIS Class; this is a bydonation class with all proceeds going to charity. Space is limited and will be on a first come, first served basis. Call early to reserve your spot. When: 11 am Where: 1235 Coast Village Road Info: 565-7591 SUNDAY JULY 14 MidSummerlandDay Dream Celebration To celebrate the longer days of summer, andin honor of Shakespeares beloved comedy,WaxingPoeticis hosting aMidSummerlandDay Dreamevent.Come enjoy live harpist Simone Salmon, poetry readings by Chryss Yost,Santa Barbarascurrent Poet Laureate,light food andrefreshments, and shop Waxing Poetics antique style charmjewelry. This event is free and open to the public, and guests are encouragedtobring their own whimsical poetry to share. When: 1 pm to 4 pm Where: 2350 Lillie Avenue in Summerland Info: 770-2847 MONDAY JULY 15 Marketing Techniques for Artists Join Art Without Limits as Gillian

M on t e c i to Tid e C h a rt
Day Low Hgt High Thurs, Jul 11 6:18 AM -0.1 12:55 PM Fri, Jul 12 6:48 AM 0.2 01:30 PM Sat, Jul 13 12:35 AM Sun, Jul 14 1:24 AM Mon, Jul 15 2:34 AM Tues, Jul 16 4:14 AM Wed, Jul 17 12:08 AM 1.1 6:05 AM Thurs, Jul 18 1:10 AM 0.4 7:28 AM Fri, Jul 19 2:01 AM -0.3 8:26 AM Hgt Low 4.1 06:01 PM 4.2 06:51 PM 4.5 7:19 AM 3.9 7:54 AM 3.4 8:35 AM 3 9:29 AM 2.9 10:38 AM 3.2 11:52 AM 3.5 12:58 PM

Hgt High Hgt Low 2.3 011:55 PM 5 2.4 0.6 02:09 PM 4.3 07:54 PM 1 02:54 PM 4.5 09:16 PM 1.5 03:46 PM 4.7 010:48 PM 1.9 04:43 PM 5.1 2.2 05:42 PM 5.5 2.3 06:38 PM 6 2.2 07:31 PM 6.4

Lecture & Book Signing Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Montecito Planning Commission welcomes co-author Sue Hodson, Meeting Curator of Literary Manuscripts at the MPC ensures that applicants adhere to Huntington Library, presenting her book certain ordinances and policies and that Jack London Photographer, which brings Londons little known photographic issues raised by interested parties are work into sharp focus, placing it in its addressed historical context. The book showcases When: 9 am over 200 stunning photographs, and Where: Country Engineering Building, Planning Commission Hearing Room, adds a new and fascinating dimension 123 East Anapamu to one of Americas most gifted and prolific writers. Summer Reading Program On display will be the most expansive Three weeks of fun summer reads and exhibition of Jack London photographs book discussion for tweens, aged 9 to 12. ever mounted including 50 images from The group will read three wonderful books Londons Cruise on the Snark, the 1906 and establish a book list of everyones San Francisco earthquake, the Russofavorite titles. Sign up at the library. Japanese War, and many more. When: reception at 5:30 pm, lecture at 7 pm Where: 113 Harbor Way Cost: $10 general, free to SBMM members Register:

2.4 2.2 1.8

Book Signing at Tecolote Peter Lance will sign his book, Deal With the Devil When: 5 pm to 7 pm Where: Tecolote Book Shop, 1470 E. Valley Road Info: MJ MONTECITO JOURNAL

11 18 July 2013

Im one of the most pro-American foreigners I know; I love America and Americans Michael Caine


Village Beat

t this months Montecito Association Board Meeting, a conversation ensued regarding the proposed renovations and upgrades set to eventually take place at Montecito Union School. Last week, MUS superintendent Tammy Murphy was in front of the MAs Land Use Committee, giving them an update on the project, which is expected to cost $40 million. Ten million of that is earmarked for legally required work including ADA compliance and energy conservation requirements. As part of the potential project, which is still in preliminary stages, is a new multipurpose Commons building, which would house a cafeteria and a staff dining area. Located near the Commons would be an outdoor bowl area, which would accommodate up to 800 people, according to the Land Use Committee report. Other components include a storage and shed building, realignment of the ball fields, an expanded media center, and an area for interior physical education, and more. Neighbors have expressed initial concern over noise, privacy, and visual impacts, and Murphy says the Facilities Committee, which is helping facilitate the project, is planning community outreach. The MUS board will meet again at the start of the school year, and will discuss financing, which will likely come in part from a ballot bond. Well have much more on the proposed project in an upcoming issue.

MUS Renovations On Tap


by Kelly Mahan

Montecito Union School will eventually undergo extensive renovations; a series of community outreach events is in the works

Also at the meeting, Montecito Fire Chief Chip Hickman said this fire season is expected to be longer and more difficult this year, due to lack of rain. Working with MERRAG and Montecito Trails Foundation, the District has been patrolling local trails during weather events, to monitor hikers and happenings in high-risk areas. Two new people were introduced at the meeting: Santa Barbara County Sheriff Lieutenant Brad McVay, who will be the new contact person for Montecito, and Susan Robles, who is taking Carol Celics position as office coordinator for the Association.

Fabrication Installation Restoration Granite Marble Limestone

tonecraf S i n t e r n a t i o n a lT
We invite you to visit our shop and see our new shipment of White Carrara Marble slabs! Please call us for details about our summer sale.

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183 North Garden Street Ventura, California 93001 805.648.5241 fax 805.653.1686
Lic. 810987


The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013



French Fountains, Iron Furniture, Benches, Garden Dcor ALL must go! Come take advantage of our great discount prices and selection.

As of August 1st, 2013 we will be at our NEW LOCATION at 500 Maple Street in CARPINTERIA.

Visit us at 2500 Lillie Avenue in Summerland. Hours: 11am to 4pm Tuesday through Saturday* Phone: (805) 695-0910
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rolex oyster perpetual and day-date are trademarks.

11 18 July 2013



E XCEPTIONAL pr operties






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The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013

Seen Around Town

by Lynda Millner

Peggy Sues Diner

Peggy Sues Diner en route to Las Vegas

Betty Boop greets patrons at Peggy Sues Ms. Millner is the author of The Magic Makeover, Tricks for Looking Thinner, Younger and More Confident Instantly. If you have an event that belongs in this column, you are invited to call Lynda at 969-6164.

Elvis Presley at work

n route to Las Vegas on Highway I-15 we had a surprise nostalgia trip back to the 50s. We exited at Ghost Town Road in Yermo just a few miles north of Barstow. There in big block letters was announced Peggy Sues 50s Diner. We thought we had stumbled onto Route 66 and remembered the old saying, Get your kicks on Rt. 66.

As we entered it was like a time machine stopping in 1954. Peggy Sues Diner had been built back then with nine counter stools and three booths. It was built from railroad ties and mortar from the nearby Union Pacific Rail yard. The present owners, Champ and Peggy Sue came from southern California in 1981, reopened the diner in

1987 and attempted to restore and preserve it in its original state. Before they moved to the desert Champ worked for Knotts Berry Farm (an amusement park with an old western town) and she had worked in the movies. The Diner was the perfect place to display their extensive collection of

movie and TV memorabilia. To complement the cozy atmosphere, they wanted good homemade food (comfort food) and great 50s music. They used Peggy Sues grandmothers old fashioned recipes. Build it and they will come! And they did: the loyal locals, trusty truck drivers, mighty military and terrific tourists. It became so popular that they needed more room and turned it into an old-fashioned tourist stop complete with a Five & Dime souvenir store, soda fountain and pizza parlor. The walls are covered with photos of the famous stars from the golden era.

seen Page 164

1119 Alston Road, Montecito

Permitted and ABR approved 6,200 sq ft custom estate ready to build. Fully nished home Oered at $4,800,000


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Gorgeous 2 bedroom, 1 bath sunny canyon retreat. Custom updated, quiet, private, yet near town. Entertain and enjoy four season outdoor living Santa Barbara style. Oered at $949,000

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11 18 July 2013


eyelid rejuvenation massage



SEEN (Continued from page 15)

Roadside attractions to keep the kids happy circa 1950 behind Peggy Sues

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To add to the tourist stop is the Diner-saur Park where you see metal statues of Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and an 18-foot King Kong sculpture among waterfalls, ponds and fountains where the turtles, fish and ducks frolic. As Peggy Sue says, Hope you relived some old memories and made some new ones. See you later alligator! For information call 760-2543370 or log on to www.peggysues

Waitresses look like theyre straight out of the 1950s

Cama Cruise

What do these two have in common?

Maryan is an engaged philanthropist, passionate about education. She and her husband Dick make charitable grants through their donor advised fund at the Santa Barbara Foundation. Matthew is an outstanding scholar athlete and a recent recipient of the Santa Barbara Foundations Fleischmann Scholarship Award. What Maryan and Matthew have in common is they are both connected to the Santa Barbara Foundation. You have the potential to add value to your community. It all starts with you. Learn how you can open a fund today. (805) 963-1873

Life-size statues of Elvis, James Dean and their cohorts are strewn throughout the various rooms. The waitresses wear authentic 50s uniforms (I used to wear one) except they had on the ubiquitous tennis shoes instead of saddle shoes. They also had my favorite curly French fries and I ate every one. My folks served them in their 50s restaurant, but you can hardly find them this century.

Its always fun when the Community Arts Music Association (CAMA) Board of Directors invites members and friends on their annual cruise aboard the Channel Cat. Chair of the Legacy Society John Lundegard greeted everyone as they came aboard and told us, Its through the generosity of Charlie Munger that we are able to be here. Board president Andre Saltoun was mingling along with Bitsy Bacon, the outgoing chair of the International Circle.

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The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013

Open ... come in and see what's wonderful

12 6 9 Coa s t V i l l ag e R oad 8 0 5 . 5 63 . 2 4 2 5 A l lor a by l au r a. com


1001 Mark Ave Carpinteria

Prominent 19,131 SF office building Single-tenant NNN leased investment Listed for $4.6 Million

Christos Celmayster Francois DeJohn 805-898-4388 805-898-4365

222 E. Carrillo St, Suite 101 | Santa Barbara, CA | 11 18 July 2013

Steve Hayes 805-898-4370



ago, and made it public without my knowledge. But the Montecito-based racketeer, who got engaged to Evert in 1974 the year they both won Wimbledon responds: To be honest with you, all this reaction has kind of taken me by surprise. It was never done to hurt her. And Jimmy, 60, claims he did try to contact her before the revelatory tome hit bookstores. I called her twice and tried to hook up before it came out. Then, when it did come out, I picked up the phone and called her right away. I did not apologize this is the story of my life.

miscellany (Continued from page 6)

We had a conversation and I think we should just leave it at that. I hope I havent burned any bridges with her. What we did is what happened. Stay tuned...

Back on Top Former TV talk show titan Oprah Winfrey is back on her throne on top of Forbes list of the worlds most powerful celebrities, after a two-year stint in the runner-up seat. Our rarefied enclaves most famous celebrity knocked actress-singer Jennifer Lopez off the spot and into number 12, but still shares the top ten

Oprah back at Number One

winners enclosure with a multitude of women, I note. There are six Amazons in the plum positions and the only man to make it into the top five is film director

Steven Spielberg, who, coming third, is sandwiched between Lady Gaga in second and Beyonc in fourth. Singer and actress Madonna comes fifth and Taylor Swift makes her top 10 debut at number six in the annual Top 100 compiled by a the New Yorkbased financial glossy, which is based on income over a 12-month period and fame, as defined by a media presence across all platforms, as well as social media power. Forbes calculated celebrities earnings on income from tours, books, contracts, endorsements, movies and residuals and each star was given a marketability score, created by

Feeling nickeled and dimed by your bank?

John Franklin, Norma Hernandez, Dana Petersen, Laurie Leighty, and Becky Johnson

At American Riviera Bank we dont have teaser rates or secret charges. We waive ATM surcharges so you can use any banks ATM wherever you might be. Our customers say we are the Cheers of the banking world because we know you by name. We have experienced bankers who will help you whether you need a checking account or a line of credit. We know that there are plenty of banks to choose from, but if you choose us we know youll

be glad you did! Come visit us in downtown Santa Barbara or at our new office in the upper village of Montecito.

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Am er i c an R i v i er aBan k. c o m
The Voice of the Village


11 18 July 2013

California market research firm E-Poll. Forbes credits 59-year-old Oprahs $77 million earnings between June 2012 and June 2013 as well as her prominence on TV, on social media and in the press for her placing. The magazines scribe, Dorothy Pomerantz, says: She still wields an enormous amount of power, which is really what we look for in our fame matrix She is taking her cable network and turning it around just through the sheer force of her will, her connections and her ability. Oprah, who has topped the list on four previous occasions, is just one of three celebrities who have been featured on the prestigious list every year since its inception in 1999, along with TV talent judge and radio host Howard Stern and mega director Spielberg. But she wasnt the highest earning star over the last year. Madonna earned $125 million in the past 12 months. Last years Number One, Lopez who topped the chart thanks to her public profile and earnings of $52 million drops to 12 on the latest countdown. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga, despite being forced to cancel numerous dates on her moneymaking Born This Way Ball tour due to hip surgery earlier

this year, raked in $80 million from the global jaunt. Forbes also deciphered how often individual stars appeared in the media and used Starcount a Singaporebased company that studies celebritys presence on 11 different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to assess popularity and influence. Royal Baby on the Way With a royal baby anticipated within days, the phone at Maison Mineards Montecito has been ringing off the hook with TV and radio interview requests drawing on my 40 years of experience covering the British Royal Family. Appearances in the last few days included CNN and Fox, as well as BBC radio in London, asking about the various traditions involved in the process, possible names for the child and what title he or she will hold after the delivery at the private Lindo Wing at St. Marys Hospital in Londons Paddington district, where William and Harry also came into the world. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kates child will automatically become a Prince or Princess with the title of HRH and become third in line to the throne after Prince Charles and William, moving

Richard on CNN talking about the royal birth(photo by Priscilla)

Prince Harry into fourth place in the royal rankings. Following many decades of royal tradition, the birth announcement will be on framed royal stationery placed on a highly polished easel inside the main gates of Buckingham Palace. And, in due course, like Charles and William, the baby will be christened in the palaces music room wearing a gown of Honiton lace and silk, originally made around 150 years ago for Queen Victorias eponymous daughter. The new addition will be brought up in the confines of Kensington Palace the former home of Princess Diana , with the Queens late sister

Princess Margarets 57-room apartment currently undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation in readiness for the family. The word apartment is somewhat misleading, given the property is more a four-story house with a large southfacing walled garden, part of KPs Clock Tower wing, designed by St. Pauls Cathedral architect Christopher Wren for King William and Queen Mary in the 17th century. As CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield remarked after my appearance: If no one was excited before this, they are now! Stay tuned....

miscellany Page 244

y da n Su en to 4 p O 1

1550 Bolero Dr.

Just above Montecitos upper village shops & restaurants. Spacious & filled with natural light, this remodeled & updated single level home features 3 bedrooms +den/guest room & an attached guest house (fully appointed two room suite).All of this on one landscaped corner acre with serene garden views framed by the breathtaking Santa Barbara mountains.A peaceful & and safe area for residents and their pets to navigate. Quiet lane access from both San Ysidro road & Hodges lane (off east Valley rd.) Open Sunday 1 to 4 Offered at $3,595,000

Exceptional Representation of Santa Barbaras finest estates.

DRE# 00493760

Steve Slavin
Architectural Estates 805.886.3428


11 18 July 2013


The next Montecito Association Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 13.

village beat (Continued from page 12)

Leaning Tree Near Cemetery

Intermix, a new clothing store in Montecito Country Mart, opened late last month

Allora by Laura owner Laura Dinning at the new boutique on Coast Village Road

A leaning tree on Cabrillo Blvd near Los Patos Way concerned one of our readers; local arborist Tim Downey says the lean is normal for the species

As a follow up to a Letter to the Editor published in MJ # 19/26, we contacted Santa Barbaras Urban Forest Superintendent Tim Downey, regarding the leaning tree near Cabrillo Blvd and Los Patos Way. After surveying it, Downey tells us the tree, which is located on cemetery property, is an Araucaria columnaris, Cook Pine or New Caledonian Pine. This species of tree actually bends naturally, and it is not unsafe or uncommon, Downey told us. At this time the tree will remain as is, according to Downey.

After being vacant over a year, the space at 1269 Coast Village Road has been filled with a new clothing boutique, Allora by Laura. Owned

Allora by Laura Opens

by Santa Barbara native and former Antoinette creative designer Laura Dinning, the shop offers several European clothing collections. Ive been a shop girl my entire life, Dinning told us earlier this week. She says she is passionate about retail and style, and hopes to bring the quintessential Santa Barbara look to Coast Village Road. She has worked in the industry since her teens, including buying and merchandising in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. Dinning, along with her daughter TJ, a recent grad of FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), have turned the corner space into an airy, open, clothing boutique. Racks and shelving are minimal, designed to showcase the clothing in an elegant way, Dinning described. The store features mostly womens clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories, but will eventually feature a line of mens cashmere. Much of the clothing is Italian knitwear, cashmere, and silks, designed to be styled together to create a casual but refined look. Dinning also carries denim, cashmere tees, and 100% certified Mongolian cashmere scarves. Custom jewelry, featuring precious and semi-precious stones, will be

Certified Mongolian cashmere scarves are one of Dinnings most popular items at Allora by Laura

offered soon. Designers include Amina Rubinacci, Peter Cohen, Sally Lapointe, Azzedine Alaia, Hache, Borbonese, and Tapeet, among other names, all hand picked by Dinning. Allora by Laura will also feature a line of private label snakeskin bags. The pieces are relaxed luxury, Dinning says, Clothes that women love to wear. Dinning says she is striving to offer the very latest in trends by designers who are the next it designer, and she only carries collections that cannot readily be found in major department stores. I want shopping at the store to be an experience not found elsewhere, she said. The store opened last Saturday, July 6, and a Grand Opening will be held in September, when the fall collections are unveiled. The boutique joins high-end consignment store Mattie & Me, located on the other side of the Liquor & Wine Grotto, and a new mens clothing store, called Best Dressed Monk, which is expected to open in the fall in the space formerly occupied by Living Green. Allora by Laura is located at 1269 Coast Village Road. Call 565-2425 for more information.

featuring a mix of casual and elegant womens clothing, accessories, home dcor, and fragrance. The company, known for its upscale resort wear and home goods, has close to 40 shops throughout the country. Were told Space NK is also poised to open in the Mart. Named after founder Nicky Kinnaird, Space NK is a London-based company with twodozen stateside stores and 62 stores in the UK, featuring an edited selection of the worlds best beauty products. The beauty apothecary is known for its staff of skincare specialists and makeup artists who help customers find beauty solutions across many different brands of products. The unnamed farm-to-table restaurant set to open this summer by Los Angeles Chef Suzanne Goin and business partner Caroline Styne is no longer happening, according to publicist Jannis Werman. The deal is off due to extenuating circumstances, Werman told us, without more details. She did say there is a possibility of a restaurant deal in the future, but whether it would be in the Mart is unclear. The restaurant space, located across from Rorys Creamery, remains vacant and for lease. Montecito Country Mart is located on the corner of Hot Springs Road and Coast Village Road.

Chat With the Chief

Proudly Congratulates

Cecilia & Don Hunt

For their outstanding representation and successful closing of:

Montecito Country Mart Updates

1707 East Valley Road ~ Montecito

Listed at $4,395,000
Thinking of selling? Please give as a call for a confidential property evaluation. ~

License #: 00678233 00580635

(805)895.3834 (805)895.3833

friends and clients can reach them at:


While work continues on expanding the parking lot at Montecito Country Mart, owner James Rosenfield continues to fill vendor spaces in the mart, which will see the opening of several new stores this summer. Last month marked the opening of Intermix, a men and womens clothing store with over 35 locations in the United States and Canada. The trendy boutique has opened in a section of what used to be Vons Pharmacy, which relocated next to Starbucks last year. Expected to open in the next few weeks is Calypso St. Barth, a boutique 

Montecito Fire Chief Chip Hickman will host Chat with the Chief on Wednesday, July 17 in the Upper Village

Similar to Santa Barbara Sheriffs Coffee with a Cop, Montecito Fire Chief Chip Hickman will host a Chat with the Chief next week. Chief Hickman will be at the Upper Village Green on Wednesday, July 17, from 10 am to noon to discuss Fire District

village Beat Page 224

11 18 July 2013

The Voice of the Village

mer Number One Surfer on the world stage, and his wife, Carla, are from South Africa, hence the reference to the veld of the homeland. They, along with their three-year-old son Luke, are my next-door neighbors, and, no the bobcats did not wander into my yard! J.B.)

LETTERS (Continued from page 9)

I was just about to exit the Taj Mahal Roundabout when I was struck by a shattering thwaaaack on the right rear end of my car. As soon as it was safely possible, I pulled over the side of lower Coast Village Road. The other driver got of his car saying, Im so sorry it was all my fault; you see, Im a stranger here and was looking at my map. Since then, I have noticed people entering the roundabout while brushing their teeth, applying mascara, changing their socks, phoning their mothers while solving a crossword puzzle. In short, doing everything but keeping their eyes on the road. I urge your readers to look up the meaning of the word yield. They then might try singing along with the Taj Mahal Roundabout Players hit record, I yielded once too often on the roundabout of life. Remember, you can never yield too often. Sincerely, Christina Allison Montecito (Editors note: Are you sure you want to go on record as having advised you can never yield too often? J.B.)

A Familiar Refrain

think the project to allow for both the retention of the left-hand ramps and the addition of a new southbound on-ramp at Cabrillo. While Caltrans has adamantly and repeatedly stated that retaining the left-hand ramps is not viable, Eades also says a new southbound on-ramp from Cabrillo will only fit if the southbound lanes are moved inland into the area where the left-side ramps exist or if the railroad tracks are moved toward the coast. Without relocation of the tracks (which would require permission from Union Pacific and be very costly and time consuming), there simply is not enough room to keep left-hand ramps and build a new southbound on-ramp. The best alternative that gives us the much needed Cabrillo on-ramp is the Caltrans F-Modified configuration. While no alternative is perfect, F-Modified hurts no one: not Los Patos, not Coast Village Road, not Hermosillo. Sincerely, Thorn Robertson Montecito (Editors note: There is another alternative for a southbound on-ramp at Cabrillo: make an on-ramp that crosses over the railroad tracks! J.B.)

Blame It On Bush

I agree with your comments to a recent letter writer emphasizing the need for a new southbound onramp at Cabrillo (not Los Patos) to relieve the congestion on Coast Village Road. Regarding the time to complete the project, Scott Eades, project manager for Caltrans, said in his recent presentation to SBCAG that the Cabrillo-Hot Springs portion of the project would only take 24 to 29 months, not four to six years as some have suggested. There was also a suggestion to re-

F-Modified Best Alternative

The United States is ranked third in the world for murders. However, if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans, the United States is fourth from the bottom for murders. Coincidentally, these four cities also have the toughest gun control laws in the United States and are all controlled by Democrats. Its all Bushs fault! Dale Lowdermilk Santa Barbara

arise on earth? Here is the thing: It all worked perfectly for the earth, and thus also for us. Even though there are billions of stars in billions of galaxies, and billions of possibilities, what we have here may be quite rare in our galaxy, and even in the universe. It takes a star: our sun. It has to be the right sort of star, one that will last a long time, and one that sends out consistent energy. Check. The planet to be inhabited must be the right size and distance from the star, the habitable zone (the Goldilocks zone). Otherwise it will be too hot or too cold... Check. You need the advent of water and the right size ocean, i.e., one with enough water (not too much and not too little) to last for billions of years. Check. You need the advent of oxygen, atmosphere, a stable circular orbit, and a strong gravity neighbor like Jupiter to clear out the comets, and asteroids, which help to stave off those nasty mass extinctions. Check, check, and check. You need a spinning iron core that sets up the magnetic field around the planet to protect the planets inhabitants from the harmful aspects of the sun. Check. You even need plate tectonics, a large moon, tilt, right temperature, carbon, and it even helps to be in the right place in the galaxy. Checks all around. You must know this list in not complete. Yet, dont we take all these amazing things for granted?This life, this planet is just life as we know it, and it is no big deal... Well, it is a big deal. So, you have to ask yourself, how

are we doing as a species?? How are we treating this world that took 4.5 billion years to perfect so that we could live in its splendor?? Even if you are the congressman who recently said he thought the planet was 9,000 years old, and that the big bang and evolution came out of the pit of hell or some such, you still have to ask how we are doing. How are we doing with our corruption, nuclear bombs, nuclear waste, war, starvation, governing ourselves, our spewing Fukushimas, guns, rape, greed, using up all the oil, not treating women equally, fracking,the insane and costly mistake of a drug war we just cant stop? The list of problems of consequence is pretty massive. As a species, for some reason, we have gone down a path that has the enterprise in a lot of trouble. Do we listen to the wise ones who have come to tell us of a more enlightened path, and if not, why not? On this planet we are the problem, and we just think the waythings are... is normal. How crazy is that? If we really knew as a species what it took to get us here, if we really knew what a beautiful, rare thing we have here in this solar system, would we be operating this way? Is there some way we could stop, just for a moment, collect ourselves, and change course? Glenn Griffith Santa Barbara (Editors note: We hate it when questions asked by readers are left unanswered, but in this case, we have no answer, and perhaps there really isnt one. What we can say is Cheer up! It will all be over one day, whether it is one hundred years from now, or a billion years from now, and when that time comes, therell be no way to change course anyway. J.B.) MJ

A Long Time In The Works

McGinity Nodar & Daley LLP

Certified Public Accountants

You may be afraid or nervous about physics, astronomy, math, and chemistry, but it is what makes up our world, and in fact... us. What did it take to get us here? We are here due to a bewildering set of circumstances that for some reason allowed complicated life to



Family Asset Management Trust Accounting Non-Profits Tax and Bookkeeping Services Frank E McGinity, CPA
1114 State Street, Suite 250 Santa Barbara, California 93101 Telephone (805) 965-2022 Fax (805) 965-8032 11300 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 620 Los Angeles, California 90064 Telephone (310) 481-0040 Fax (310) 481-0963




11 18 July 2013

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure Bill Cosby



business and concerns with community members. There will be no agendas or guest speakers, just a chance to ask questions and get answers. In other MFPD news, the Pancake Breakfast on July 4 served over 1,200 patrons, and grossed over $10,000. The money was raised by the Montecito Firefighters Charitable Foundation (a non-profit organization), which established a fund to assist the families of the Granite Mountain Interagency Hot Shots, the nineteen firefighters lost in the Arizona wildfire on June 30, 2013. One of the crewmembers lost in the blaze, Sean Misner, was the nephew of Operations Chief Terry McElwee, and the grandson of former Fire Chief Herb McElwee, who passed away last year. About half of the money collected was donated specifically for the Misner family; the other half went to the Nineteen Lost, a fund for the families of the fallen firefighters. The nineteen hotshots lost their lives Sunday, June 30, while battling the 2,000-acre Yarnell Hill fire that was started by lightning on June 28. Four off-duty Firefighters and one retiree of the Montecito Fire Protection District joined hundreds of other agencies and firefighters attending the memorial service in Prescott, Arizona on Tuesday, July 9.In addition, one off-duty MFPD dispatcher volun-

village beat (Continued from page 20)

teered with several other dispatchers from across the state of California to provide assistance in the Prescott and Yarnell Communications Centers so that their dispatchers could attend the services. A memorial service for Sean, headed up by MFPD, is scheduled for July 15 at 7 pm at Santa Ynez High School. Additional donations can be made out to Montecito Firefighters Charitable Foundation (Tax I.D. number is: 204817396) . Reference Nineteen Lost or Sean Misner in the memo field of the check. Checks can be mailed to Montecito Firefighters Charitable Foundation, PO Box 5881, Montecito, CA 93150.

Village Fourth Draws Thousands

Parade organizer Dana Newquist gives a pep talk to the kids leading the Village Fourth Parade

Last Thursday, July 4, thousands of Montecito and Santa Barbara residents came out to watch the Montecito Associations 18th annual Village Fourth, organized by former MA president Diane Pannkuk, with help from association members and parade chairman Dana Newquist. Close to 40 groups or individuals entered the parade, which made its way down San Ysidro Road onto Santa Rosa Lane; a community gath-

village Beat Page 374

All Saints-By-The-Sea preschoolers hold up their banner before the parade

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George Meta Jeweler

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The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013

Parade Grand Marshal Dan Eidelson said he very much enjoyed his reign

n.o.t.e.s. from downtown

very summer our three grandchildren, currently age 15 (girl), 11 (boy), and 7 (hippogriff), visit us for a couple of weeks. This year we flew them in from their new home in Texas. Every year it takes a day or two before we remember the previous years calamity and begin to repeat the refrain of past years: Remind me of this when we start to make arrangements for them to come next year. The first few hours of their stay is always Rockwellian hugs, kisses, snacks that Lora never buys for me but like the Los Angeles Dodgers after spring training, things always go downhill from there. This years downward spiral started at the fourhour twenty-two minute mark. Thats when the youngest ran into the bathroom like the Tidy Bowl Man was giving away two-headed snakes. I dont know why young boys wait to go to the bathroom until theyre about to burst like Harry Houdinis appendix, but they do. We continued our carefree conversation with our other two grandchildren until I said to Lora, How long has he been in there? Grandmas smile turned upside-down and she aptly groaned, Oh, crap. I knocked on the door. Everything okay in there, Buddy? Yep. I could hear water splashing and immediately thought of the new bathroom carpet Id installed two days before. No problems? Nope. I opened the door and saw that this visits grace period was over. It seems that everything, and Ill be as delicate here as possible, did not flush as well as hed hoped, and his seven-year-old brain figured the best solution was to take grandmas nice toilet brush and try to stuff the remainders down the hole. I did what every good grandfather would do. I closed the door and went back into the living room. Lora asked, Is everything okay? Yeah, sure, no problem. It mightve been the look on my face, or possibly the fact that my eyes were watering, but she didnt believe me. She dashed into the bathroom and used an expression thats usually reserved for day seven of our grandchildrens visit: What the &^#@* are you doing!? After cleanup and a ten-minute lecture on the differences between a plunger, a toilet brush and a plane ride back to Texas, Lora returned to the living room and said to me, Remind me of this when we start to make arrangements for them to come next year. Our lives change drastically when the kids are here. Such as, I often say

 Same Time Next Year

by Jim Alexander

Mr. Alexander and his wife, Lora, are co-founders and operators of the Alexander Summer Home For Wayward Youth

When you add three kids to the spring on the toilet paper holder equation you can wear out the

in a fortnight, or even a thirdnight

I went to the store for a jar of mustard and spent twenty dollars, but with visiting grandkids I say I went to the store for a gallon of milk and fifteen minutes of peace and quiet, and spent two hundred dollars. And, one single solitary roll of toilet paper can last Lora and me more than a week, but when you add three kids to the equation you can wear out the spring on the toilet paper holder in a fortnight, or even a thirdnight. Laundry is a big deal when the grandchildren are here. Lora and I usually get by with two loads of laundry on the weekend, but with the kids here... lets just say that our daughter shouldve considered sponsorship and named the kids Kenmore, Tide and Downy. We also forget that you have to check the pockets of grandchildrens pants before laundry for rocks, gum, lipstick, Game Boys, live lizards and dead birds. Lora and I seldom need stain removers but when the kids are here we use a product called Spray n Wash Stain Stick almost as much as we use margarita mix. On their third day here Lora held up an article of clothing and asked me, What do you think this big brown stain is, blood, chocolate, or Just hit it with the stain stick and dont ask any questions. And check the pockets! Remind me of this when we start to make arrangements for them to come next year. But then theres always that one day when the planets line up and theres no bickering, crying, or Hazmat cleanup. This year it happened when we took them to Hendrys Beach. The day was warm, the sand relatively tar-free, and the waves were just big enough to be thrilling to a seven year old. On our way home the middle grandson said, Grandpa, that was the best day ever. I turned to Lora and said, Remind me of this when we start to make arrangements for them to come next year. MJ MONTECITO JOURNAL

Village Fourth organizer Diane Pannkuk, parade organizer Dana Newquist, and emcee Mindy Denson

Part-time Montecito residents Brad and Kimberly Paisley enjoyed the festivities with their kids

KEYTs Mike Klan with his wife, Dalina, and their daughter

11 18 July 2013

If you tell people where to go but not how to get there youll be amazed at the results George S. Patton


Its Time to See...

miscellany (Continued from page 19)

The Power of I Will Former world champion surfer and Montecito resident Shaun Tomson is launching his fourth book, The Code: The Power of I Will, this month, based on a speaking engagement at Santa Barbaras Anacapa School. Shaun, 57, who also wrote the best seller Surfers Code: 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life, says: I spoke with the students and engaged in some lively discussion. I decided to give them an assignment. I told them Id written the original Surfers Code in twenty minutes a quick exercise to capture the essence of what was important for me. I told them to create their own code. Take twenty minutes and tell me about all your goals. Begin every sentence with the words I Will. About a week later Gordon Sichi, the headmaster and founder of the school, sent me their answers. They were beautiful, sensitive, full of humor and hope. In essence the kids wrote a series of promises they had made to themselves. Shaun, who is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker for his work Bustin Down the Door, says the 156-page book is about faith, courage, creativity, determination, the promises we make to ourselves about the future. Hopefully it will encourage kids to make a commitment to the future, adds Shaun, wholl be doing a book signing at Tecolote, the bustling bibliophile bastion in the Upper Village on Wednesday, July 17. Its motivating and liberating for people. Its a wave that keeps breaking!

See if the newest LASIK technology will work for you.

The new Allegretto Wave Eye-Q LASIK system can treat many people who couldnt be treated before. The only system of its kind in Santa Barbara, it is the fastest FDA-approved laser and has superior safety and accuracy.

Shaun Tomson launches his latest book

Call us today for a FREE LASIK Consultation and see!

Stuart R. Winthrop, M.D., F.A.C.S.




Home Designs&Granite

sonal nurse and the rest of her estate to her relatives. Disturbing details of the 2005 signing are outlined in papers recently filed in Manhattan Surrogate Court, according to the New York Post. According to Bocks assistant, Danita Rudisill, Clark mumbled something incoherent and needed help holding the pen, signing the document very slowly, with some difficulty, says the family court filing. Clarks relatives are opposing Bocks motion that the will was properly executed and Clark, who owned the $85 million Santa Barbara 23-acre ocean bluff estate, Bellosguardo, among other multi-million dollarproperties, knew what she was doing when she signed it. Watch this space... Labour & Wait Santa Barbara Museum of Arts newest exhibition Labour & Wait is one of its most unique, featuring 16 international artists who bring 21st century urgency to age-old virtues of hard work and craftsmanship. Comprising 38 ingenious sculptures, videos and drawings, the show highlights contemporary cultures pre-occupation with authenticity and the handcrafted, including a giant woolen tapestry Mammoth and Poodle by Daniel Dewar and Gregory Gicquel, Ricky Swallows wonderfully wood carved Sleeping Bag and Tim Hawkinsons Orrery,



More Facts Emerge Reclusive heiress Huguette Clark was muttering incoherently and unable to hold the pen when she signed her $300 million fortune away to her lawyer, doctors and employees, it is being claimed. The new will was signed in April, 2005, in her room at the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York where she spent the last 20 years of her life before dying just weeks short of her 105th birthday in May, 2011. Under the watchful eye of her attorney-beneficiary Wallace Bock, the will superseded the previous one which gave $5 million to Clarks per-





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The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013

a mechanical sculpture featuring plastic bottles, shopping bags, inkjet prints, tape, wire foam and string. No wonder his work has been featured at the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Artin New York. Among the art lovers checking out the unusual works in the exhibition, which runs through September 22, were Barbara Woods, Carolyn Amory, Robyn Geddes, Larry Feinberg and Starr Siegele, Michael and Nancy Gifford, Leatrice Luria, William and Lois Rosen, Steve and Caroline Thompson, and Gene Sinser and Patty DeDominic... Bernard Blazes

Cant Stop Kirchmaier Its not often that a 105-year-old woman gets featured in two consecutive months in Hot Rod Magazine, but longtime Direct Relief volunteer Edythe Kirchmaier has done just that! Edythe, who garnered international fame earlier this year after renewing her California driving license for a further five years, not to mention guest appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres, is delighted with all the hoopla. Who knew? she laughed, when

Tom Cusack, Thomas Tighe, Edythe Kirchmaier and Raye Haskell at the Direct Relief bash (photo credit: Isaac Hernandez)

I bumped into her at Direct Reliefs annual Board of Directors reception at the Santa Barbara Club. Six new directors, Patricia Aoyama, William Esrey, David Gibbs, Julia Rabinovitz, Steve Weintraub and Growing Pains actress Joanna Kerns, were elected for three-year terms to the medical charity, which, since its founding in 1948, has provided a staggering $1.2 billion in assistance around the globe.

miscellany Page 334


at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

Bernard Labadie conducts glorious Gluck

The Music Academy of the Wests Summer Festival continued at Hahn Hall with the Academy Festival orchestra, under Bernard Labadie, performing works by Gluck, Mozart and Haydn. The highlight was a rarely performed 45-minute 1761 ballet work Don Juan by German composer Christoph Gluck, with a delightfully lively and entertaining score, wonderfully handled by the talented newcomers. Mozarts Overture to La clemenza di Tito, which premiered just three months before his death, and Haydns Symphony No. 101 in D Major, The Clock one of the Austrian composers 12 London symphonies , wrapped up the show under Labadie, music director of Les Violons du Roy and La Chapelle de Quebec. Hahn Hall was the setting for another entertaining concert, when four pianists John Churchwell, Warren Jones, Jonathan Kelly and CarrieAnn Matheson performed Wagners Ride of the Valkyries on two sideby-side Steinway grands, with other works by Desenclos, Poulenc and Francks Piano Quintet in F Minor, with longtime academy faculty member Jerome Lowenthal on the keyboard. 11 18 July 2013

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The best way to keep ones word is not to give it Napoleon Bonaparte



Music Academy of the West

Summer Days at Miraflores
by Steven Libowitz
Flutist Timothy Day (far right) played Martinu Nonet on July 2 during the Tuesdays@8 faculty recitals

Steven Libowitz has reported on the arts and entertainment for more than 30 years; he has contributed to Montecito Journal for over ten years.


imothy Day leans against the wall in the back of Weinman Hall at the Music Academy of the West, his bare feet grounded on the fine wood floor as he listens to flute fellows perform at his Monday masterclass. In a world where even in Santa Barbara most faculty members dress in coat-and-tie or dresses and the students are similarly formally attired, Day if you will marches to a different drummer. Or make that scampers and dances. Day, who has been the principal flutist of the San Francisco Symphony since 2007 after stints in Baltimore, Minnesota and Boston, loves to wander around the room as he listens to the fellows perform, jumping in often during a passage with a quick bit of expert advice, usually bopping and weaving or at least waving his arms to make a particularly eloquent point if hes not actually demonstrating on his own flute. Do that again, he tells fellow Jennifer Zhou, who has nailed a segment of C.P.E. Bachs sonata in A minor. Do you know why? Because it was great! Later he alternates between technical suggestions such as using more leading tone, or increasing the air speed of the breath, and more esoteric ideas like be freer, sell it and lure us in. I try not to put too much importance on any one aspect, Day, now in his 22nd MAW summer festival, explains privately later, after the public coaching session ends. But I do try to find parallels in real life situations in the way we make music. Thats why Im always asking the fellows what images come up in nature or from their own personal feeling... Its to get them away from playing the commercialized version and instead

really finding their own voice... [We do] study of fundamentals, but with the object of getting the instrument out of the way and have it become your voice... So I avoid the lofty terms and try to hit a direct line to their psyche. Whatever hes doing, it works. As in the other departments at MAW, applications for flute fellows have soared in recent years 91 young artists vied for the four coveted spots this summer. And without fail, the young musicians come away with a new perspective that shows up in their playing. We can have this insane quest for purity of tone, which gets you to close down, rather than open up to the music, Day says. When you get to the other side, theres a lot more elasticity and flexibility in the voice, and a purer representation of who you are as a musician... Theyre great listeners. I make a suggestion and two minutes later, they have it. All I have to do is find the right button to push. His bare feet and casual clothes are a hallmark, but Day is not unique in his informal approach to communicating with his musical charges. In fact, he says, the students are surprised about how normal and human the faculty are. They see were really not much different than they are, and they can relate in a different way, and realize, This is possible for me. Its that time of breakthrough that Day finds so gratifying, which has kept him maintaining a weekly schedule of 10 hours of teaching at the San Francisco Conservatory during the winter despite his busy schedule with the symphony. Its a load but its also my island of sanity, he says. Its great when the [students] go out and find their own niche in the music world.

Meanwhile, Days duties at MAW also include participating in several of the Tuesdays@8 faculty recitals. He played the Martinu Nonet on July 2 a piece that was new to many of the performers and is looking forward eagerly to his next assignment: Debussys Sonata for Flute, Violin and Harp, reuniting with former Minnesota Orchestra colleague Cynthia Phelps and hooking up for the first time with faculty harpist JoAnn Turovsky. We havent played the piece in fifteen years, so were looking to recapture some of the magic, Day says of the work he calls one of the great chamber music masterpieces of 20th century. The pastoral nature of the blend of those three instruments the textural possibilities that are mostly more intimate than extroverted theres a good deal of poetry possible that you dont ordinarily hear. There wont be a lot of muscle, but plenty of feeling with softer voices. Day is also slated to play Vivaldis Concerto in G Minor, RV 103, with early music master Nicholas McKegan (and oboist David Weiss and bassoonist Benjamin Kamins) on July 30. Its just a delightfully entertaining piece, he says. I used to play a one-key flute in another life and Im looking forward to looking back through that window at the time period. To be sure, Day does don footwear for the formal recitals at Hahn Hall. But hes always shoeless for the Monday masterclasses, and often wore shorts before the recent move to air-conditioned Weinman. Im much more sure-footed with my shoes off, he says. Ive been doing it for twenty years. And by now, if I dont go bare foot, I get crap from the audience.

This Week @ Music Academy of the West

Thur., July 11: Its the annual Academy Open House, during which all the events are free and open to the public, including regular masterclasses, a special evening masterclass sampler, plus tours of the grounds and more. Activities begin at 11:30am with a tour of the Music Academys magnificent gardens, historic Main House, Hahn Hall, and the Luria Education Center, led by Academy Emeritus Director and accomplished gardener Carole Halsted. At 1pm, 

faculty artists Jerome Lowenthal and Benjamin Kamins will lead piano chamber and bassoon masterclasses in Lehmann and Weinman Halls, followed at 3:15 by masterclasses in percussion with Ted Atkatz at Hahn, Jonathan Feldman will lead a collaborative piano in Weinman, and a rare harp class with JoAnn Turovsky in Lehmann Hall. Then, yes, its more masterclasses: a sampler at 7pm in Hahn Hall that offers instruction/ coaching from Kathleen Winkler (violin), Carrie-Ann Matheson (vocal piano and interpretation) and Lowenthal (solo piano), back for a second dose in six hours. Also, as part of the open house, The Rack and Treasure House, the Academys on-campus shops, will be open their regular hours of 12noon-3pm, offering a 10 percent discount on purchases. Fri., July 12: This years MERIT recital features 21 accomplished students from the Santa Barbara community and beyond (in fact, this year only eight of the youngsters hail from the South Coast) in a broad and varied concert including excerpts from chamber and vocal works by Mozart, Dvork, Haydn, Kronke, Ernst-Thilo Kalke, Saint-Sans, Brahms, Debussy, Rodrigo, Faur and Gluck. The recital is the culmination of the students participation in the Music Academys MERIT program (Music Education Reinforces Intellect and Talent), which provides musicians ages 11-18 with an intensive two-week immersion in the Summer School and Festival, including mentoring from and masterclasses with Academy fellows. This years participants also received instruction from Mosher Guest Artists Brooklyn Rider. A reception on Lind Patio in the Luria Education Center will follow the performance (12:30pm; Hahn Hall, free). Sat., June 13: Nothing odd about Leonard Slatkin conducting the Academy Festival Orchestra again, unless youre referring to the fact that his three visits to MAW have come in odd-numbered years, 2009, 2011, and this week. The former music director of both the St. Louis and National symphony orchestras who is now music director of the Detroit symphony and Orchestre National de Lyon in France kicks off tonights program with Roberto Sierras Fandangos, which the six-time Grammy-winning Slatkin commissioned and premiered with the NSO back in 2001. The piece blends the Sierras Hispanic heritage with his years of study in Europe, the source of the major works that make up the bulk of the concert: Beethovens Symphony No. 8 in F Major, Op. 93, and Shostakovichs No. 5 in D Minor, Op. 47, one of the most frequently performed symphonies of the 20th

music academy Page 444

11 18 July 2013

The Voice of the Village

Jason Streatfeild
l u x u r y e s t a t e s

e P O

U S n

-4 1 n

Grand Southern eState

260 Sheffield drive
Offered at $3,895,000

new liStinG! Perfection is the ideal word for this striking Montecito estate designed in authentic Georgian style.

Uncompromising quality of design and construction was lavished on this home and the results can be seen everywhere. the exterior of the main residence features charming details like the solid red brick exterior, full height portico supported by classical columns, dentil moldings, balanced windows, paneled front door and classic front porch reminiscent of early southern estate homes. this incredible estate was built in 1999 and remodeled in 2005 featuring; 5 bedrooms 3.5 bathrooms + 1bedroom 1 bath guesthouse totaling 5,486 sq ft on 1.7 impeccably designed acres. MUSd. For more information, virtual tours, floor plans and site plans, visit

JaSon Streatfeild
tel: 805.280.9797
Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Bre: 01834496

11 18 July 2013



replacement of MWDs 113 miles of pipe ranging in age from 2 to 90 years, and allow the District to meet its bond covenants by restoring reserves, which have been depleted in order to balance the budget over the last three years.

EDITORIAL (Continued from page 5)

No! The last rate increase in Montecito in 2008 set up tiers targeting larger water users with higher rates in an effort to encourage water conservation. The plan succeeded brilliantly. Customer demand dropped from an all-time high of 7,100 acre feet (AF) in 2007-08 to 5,300 AF in 2011, before rising again in the last two years. The good news is that a tiered rate increase encouraged conservation. The bad news is that conservation worked so well that revenues fell below projections, while fixed costs continued to rise, creating the need for another rate increase.

Will Conservation Lower Rates?

plus $14 for a 5/8 meter). Agricultural users in the City of Santa Barbara can buy their allocated water at $1.51 per HCF in Santa Barbara, while MWD will charge $2.43 per acre foot, a 61% premium. Single-family residents in bone-dry Phoenix enjoy a water bill of only $38 per month, fifth lowest of the nations 20 largest cities. Their water comes from the federally-funded Arizona Canal. Similarly, water bills in Las Vegas are low because water comes from federally-funded Lake Mead. Cities like Chicago, Detroit and Milwaukee offer inexpensive water because of their proximity to abundant nearby lake water.

Recycled Wastewater, Reclaimed Water

MWD is scheduling a community meeting to discuss its proposed increase in rates on July 24, followed by a public hearing at the end of August. The implementation date for the first of five rate increases (16.3%) is September 1. While some concerned residents may show up at the hearing to protest, it would take 50% +1 of the 4,378 Montecito-Summerland customers to file written objections to block MWD from raising its rates. This is highly unlikely. Users have little choice except to grit their teeth and accept the proposed 5-year 55% increase in water cost.

How Certain is the MWD Increase?

Single-family residents of Montecito-Summerland who now use the MWD average of 36 hundred cubic feet (HCF) of water (about 27,000 gallons per month) now pay a blended rate of $4.83 per HCF or $174 a month for water AD Advertisement plus the meter charge, increasing to $263 a month in five years for the same amount of water. The average single-family residential user in the City of Santa Barbara uses only 12 hundred cubic feet (HCF) of water per month, compared to Montecito average of 36 HCF, due mainly to Montecitos more extensive irrigated landscaping. This means the average residential customer in Santa Barbara in 201314 will pay only $68 a month for water (a blended rate of $4.50 per HCF of water

Comparative Water Rates

In Montecito, the amount of water used for drinking, bathing, cooking, dishwashing and laundry is relatively modest, accounting for only one quarter of total consumption. The big water hog is landscaping water to Keep Montecito Beautiful, which accounts for three-fourths of total residential water usage. MWD customers use expensive, purified, potable water for landscaping and agricultural use, rather than much less expensive recycled wastewater because MWD lacks the pipes and pumps to recycle Santa Barbara reclaimed water from treatment plants to our larger users. Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria all have the necessary infrastructure to allow their largest users to choose recycled water for landscaping at $2.16 per HCF rather than the $4.36 to $6.86 per HCF paid for potable water in Montecito. MWD says that adding the pipes and pumps to use recycled water is not yet cost effective, in part because only the largest users like cemeteries, golf courses and parks would qualify for recycled water. The problem is that reducing the water bills for large institutional customers would have the unfortunate effect of raising water bills for the 94% of residential users in order to cover the fixed cost of MWD service in a small District.

How can Water Rates be Reduced in Montecito?


District Proposing Changes to Rates and Charges

Learn more, provide input, and have your questions answered.
An independent financial study has determined that the District must increase rates and charges for the first time in five years if it is to continue to provide safe, reliable water service to customers.

The Montecito Water District is relatively small, with only 4,378 customers. It made sense to have an independent water district in Montecito when ample water was available from wholly-owned Jameson Lake-Doulton Tunnel and Montecito groundwater. Today the major supplier is the Cachuma Reservoir, shared by all coastal users, augmented by a flow of expensive SWP water that flows into Lake Cachuma in periods of drought. An independent study needs to be commissioned to measure the potential economies ensuing from a consolidation of the Montecito Water District, the City of Santa Barbara Water, the Goleta Water District, the Carpinteria Valley Water District and the La Cumbre Mutual Water Company. it makes little economic sense to have five water districts with five separate rate structures, borrowing water from each other, with duplicate overhead, including separate billing systems. The looming choice for a reliable emergency water supply seems to be between reactivating the Santa Barbara desalination plant and mandatory participation in the Twin Tunnels project. This issue can only be resolved by a regional consensus. While MWD customers are being asked to accept a fiveyear, 55% rate increase, a gigantic Twin Tunnel fixed cost expenditure could automatically and without recourse lead to water rates that are 5 to 10 times higher than the increase currently proposed by MWD. While MWD projects a need for more rate increases, the City Water website for Phoenix reads: There will be no increase in water rates in 2013-14 due to reducing management staff by 25% and eliminating 39 additional water service positions. We have enjoyed budget savings of more than $19 million in 201112, plus $10 million in 2012-13 due to employee and management ideas, and an efficiency study reviewed by a citizens advisory council. We have reduced debt by $43 million by improving our credit rating and refinancing. We generated a new $4.5 million by selling reclaimed water. We saved $0.8 million in energy conservation and $0.7 million by outsourcing carbon regeneration. Consolidation could result in significant economies of scale that offset historic preferences for local control.

Cost of Bottled Water


Community meeting
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 6:30 pm el montecito Presbyterian Church

PLease join us

1455 east Valley Road, santa Barbara, Ca 93108


A 16.9 fluid ounce bottle of Evian water from the French Alps costs $2 at Pierre Lafond, or $15.15 a gallon. Obsessed with water purity, Americans paid $10 billion last year to drink 700 brands of bottled water with hardly a whimper about the price. Can we really complain about the price of water, purified and delivered to our homes 24/7, at a price of less than one cent a gallon when we happily pay $15.15 a gallon for water in a plastic bottle that is probably no better in quality, but 1,515 times more expensive than tap water will be after the new price increase?  MJ  11 18 July 2013

The Voice of the Village

compiled by Kelly Mahan from information supplied by Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department


FIESTA 5 - 2D: 10:00 pm Like Us (Metropolitan Theatres)

Vehicle Break-in on Channel Drive

Thursday, 13 June, 9:33 pm Deputy Mendez was dispatched to Channel Drive in regard to a vehicle burglary report. A woman said she parked her vehicle in a staff parking lot earlier in the day, and when she returned from work her passenger side window had been broken and her purse was taken from the floorboard. In her purse she had cash, credit cards, a checkbook, and her drivers license. The deputy suggested the woman go home and cancel all of her credit cards. The next day, the woman called the deputy to report that her bank account had been drained. She also said that when she returned home she found a beach towel in the back seat of her car that did not belong to her. She believes the towel was left by the suspect. A report was taken.

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225 N. Fairview - Goleta

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Intoxicated Woman Apprehended

Friday, 21 June, 2:18 pm Deputy Calderon was contacted by dispatch regarding an intoxicated female at the Montecito Library. Senior Deputy Messmore assisted Calderon with the call. While they were en route to the library, they were advised the woman had gotten into her vehicle and was headed towards the freeway. Additionally, the woman had a juvenile in the back seat, later identified as her son. Messmore observed the vehicle traveling north on San Ysidro Road, but he was stuck in traffic and was unable to initiate a traffic stop. Calderon, who was traveling in a different car, observed the woman heading onto the freeway onramp. Calderon followed her, and witnessed her make a severe movement from the number one lane, cross the number two lane, and exit the freeway at Salinas Street. Calderon then initiated a traffic stop; he said the woman seemed confused. The deputy explained that people had seen her at the library and were concerned for her safety, and the safety of her son. At that point the deputy called in California Highway Patrol officers to assist, since the traffic stop was in their jurisdiction. While waiting for CHP, the womans son whispered to the deputy that his mother had a drinking problem. The case was forwarded to California Highway Patrol officers.

Summer Movie Fun5House Paseo Nuevo FAIRVIEW FIESTA ARLINGTON

Features Stadium Seating Courtyard Bar Open Tuesday - July 16 - Fri 10:00 am & Sat - 6:00 - 10:00 916 State Street - S.B.
GROWN ALL SEATS 11:35 2:00 UPS 2 (PG-13) 4:30 7:05 9:45
1317 State Street - 963-4408 RISE OF (PG) PACIFIC RIM $ 2.00 THE GUARDIANS 3D: 3:30 DESPICABLE ME 2

DESPICABLE ME 2 (PG) 3D: 3:20 2D on 2 Screens: 11:45 1:00 2:05 4:30 5:45 7:00 8:10 9:20 MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (G) 2D: 12:20 2:50 5:20 7:50
2044 Alameda Padre Serra - S.B.


2D: 12:30 STARTS TUESDAY JULY 16 1:30 4:00 2D: 11:10 6:30 9:00

3D: 11:35




PLAZA DE ORO DreamWorks Animation Presnts 371 Hitchcock Way - S.B. THE HEAT (R) RIVIERA TURBO
11:30 2:10 4:50 7:30 10:10 MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (G) 2D: Fri-Mon 11:20 1:50 4:20 6:50 9:20 Tue - 11:20 1:50 4:20 6:50

Terence Stamp Vanessa Redgrave Gemma Artherton UNFINISHED SONG Fri & Mon/Tue - 5:00 Sat/Sun - 2:15 5:00

FIESTA 5 - 2D: 10:00 pm 20 FEET FROM STARDOM THIS IS THE END Fri & Mon/Tue - 7:15 1:55 4:40 7:20 9:55 Like Us (Metropolitan Theatres) 7:30 Sat/Sun - 2:00 4:45 7:15


Toronto Intl Film Festival 2012 Official Selection STILL MINE (PG-13) Fri & Mon/Tue - 7:30 Sat/Sun - 2:15 5:00 7:30


Unconscious Driver Behind the Wheel

Features Stadium Seating


Sunday, 30 June, 12:42 am MFPD Engine 91 and Squad 91 responded to a reported vehicle accident on the 1400 block of East Valley Road, but upon arrival, they determined that it was a medical emergency and not an accident. Responders found the motor running on the front lawn of a private property. The driver of the vehicle was unconscious behind the wheel. CHP assisted by forcing entry into the vehicle and shutting off the ignition. The patient was transported to Cottage Hospital.

Vehicle Extricated from West Mountain Drive

GROWN UPS 2 (PG-13) Johnny Depp is Tonto in Fri/Sat Weekly - Showtimes - Film Information LONE RANGER (PG-13) A Guillermo Discounts del Toro Film THE 12:45 3:15 5:45 8:15 10:40 1:30 4:45 6:30 8:00 9:40 Sign RIM (PG-13) Sun-Tue (No Solicitation) Playing on 2 Screens 3D: 1:10 12:45 3:15 5:45 8:15 Discount Admission Coupons on both FACEBOOK 2D: 4:10 7:10 10:10 Jamie Foxx...Channing Tatum DESPICABLE ME 2 (PG) and our WHITE weekly Email NEWSLETTER HOUSE DOWN (PG-13) GROWN UPS (PG-13) 2 in 2D: Fri/Sat 12:00 2:25 4:50 7:25 10:00 1:00 3:50 6:40 9:30 12:25 2:45 5:15 7:45 10:05 Sun-Tue WORLD WAR Z (PG-13) THE LONE RANGER (PG-13) 2D: 1:20 4:10 7:00 9:50 12:25 2:45 5:15 7:45 12:10 3:20 6:30 9:40



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Sunday, 30 June, 7 am MPFD Medic Engine 93, Squad 91 and Battalion Chief McLeod responded with Santa Barbara City and Santa Barbara County equipment to a vehicle over the side in the 200 block of West Mountain Drive. A grid search with the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras determined that there were no occupants at the scene. The vehicle was extricated and the scene was turned over to CHP. MJ

BEFORE MIDNIGHT (R) 1:10 MAN OF STEEL (PG-13) WORLD WAR Z (PG-13) Children....Seniors (60+) ALL SHOWS - 2D: ALL DAY - $5.50 12:30 6:20 9:25 2D: 12:20 3:00 6:40 9:20 NOW YOU SEE ME (PG-13) Adults: Before 6:00 pm $5.75 After 6:00 pm $7.50 3:40 THE HEAT (R) WHITE HOUSE DOWN (PG-13) 1:00 3:40 6:30 9:10 12:30 3:30 6:20 9:10 Tuesday, July 16 - 10:00 am THE HEAT (R) 1:35 4:20 7:00 9:50

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916 State Street - S.B. GROWN UPS 2 (PG-13) 11:35 2:00 4:30 7:05 9:45

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Thinking about divorce? Want a fair resolution without conflict? Tired of the legal hassle? I can help. I can work with you or both of you to get it done quickly and ensure your privacy. I am a retired Family Law Judge pro-term and a Family law Attorney with over 30 years experience.





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DESPICABLE ME 2 (PG) 3D: 11:35 2D: 11:10 1:30 4:00 6:30 9:00 THE HEAT (R) 11:30 2:10 4:50 7:30 10:10 MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (G) 2D: Fri-Mon 11:20 1:50 4:20 6:50 9:20 Tue - 11:20 1:50 4:20 6:50 THIS IS THE END (R) 1:55 4:40 7:20 9:55

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11 18 July 2013




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Toronto Intl Film Festival 2012 Official Selection STILL MINE (PG-13) Fri & Mon/Tue - 7:30 Sat/Sun - 2:15 5:00 7:30

7:30 7:30 TUESDAY NIGHT - JULY 16: TURBO (PG) 2D: 10:00 pm
8 W. De La Guerra Pl. - S.B.

20 FEET FROM STARDOM Fri & Mon/Tue - 7:15 (PG-13) Sat/Sun - 2:00 4:45 7:15
Features Stadium Seating
618 State Street - S.B.


GROWN UPS 2 (PG-13) Johnny Depp is Tonto in Fri/Sat A Guillermo del Toro Film THE LONE RANGER (PG-13) 12:45 3:15 5:45 8:15 10:40 9:40 (PG-13) PACIFIC JOURNAL I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please RIM everybody Bill Cosby 1:30 4:45 6:30 8:00 MONTECITO Sun-Tue



SEEN (Continued from page 16)

Community Arts Music Association board member John Lundegard with Bitsy Bacon and Andre Saltoun on the Channel Cat

Diana (events committee) and Roger Phillips (chair of marketing and development) cruising with CAMA

Executive Director of Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center Kirby Gillispie, Sheba Lux, John Reardon, Barbara Toumayan, Laurie Brecheen Ballard and Sam Toumayan, who all work with HTEC

Will Gear (who learned to walk after riding at HTEC), Noah Dutton, Vivienne Hesketh, Kerri Dalchow and Sydney Collins

Others enjoying the two-hour cruise with food and wine to the Biltmore and back were Lynn Kirst and Lynn Matteson, Julia Dawson, Judy Smith, Mary and Ray Freeman, Bridget Colleary, Patti Ottoboni, Michele Neely Saltoun, Corinna Gordon, Steve Cloud, Greg Dahlen and Nan Burns, Roger and Diana Phillips and Suzi and Perry Ballard. CAMA has been bringing the worlds finest artists of music to Santa Barbara since 1919. Some of those on the Whos Who list are legends like Rachmaninoff, Stravinsky, Rubinstein, Cliburn, Bernstein and Casalls. The costs of bringing these stars continue to rise. Artists fees have nearly quadrupled in the last 20 years. The

CAMA Legacy Society patrons help ensure the future with gifts of $10,000 or more. Your ticket sales help as well. Call 966-4324 for information or to learn of future events.

Striding Toward Excellence!

If you want to go where you can feel the love, try visiting Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center (HTEC). Its located up the County Road toward the recycling center not far from Turnpike at 4420 Calle Real. Its where the power of the horse is employed to enhance the capabilities of children and adults with special needs in the Tri-County area.

Please Join Us For a Free Breakfast Seminar with Naomi Dewey, Attorney

The Risks (and Benefits) of Having Help in the Home: Legal updates on caregivers, housekeepers & domestic staff
July 30th at 8:30 am 820 State Street, 4th Floor Santa Barbara Please Register by July 26th at (805) 966-7000 or

To Contact Naomi Directly: (805) 966-7422 or


HTEC recently held its annual horse show, which celebrates rider achievements. The show was free except for $10 if you wanted a barbeque lunch. Opening ceremonies were at 9:15 am with events lasting until 3 pm. Don and I arrived in time to see some special riding demonstrations with riders in all shapes and sizes. The only rule is that they have to be at least three years old. We also ran into several friends who volunteer or sponsor like Linda Hedgepeth, Betty Stephens and Lindsey Fisher, and Barbara and Sam Toumayan. Other names we recognized on the program were Chad and Ginni Dreier and Hannah and Doug Dreier, and Jean Schuyler (who also rides there weekly.) Executive director Kirby Gillespie told me, We have about one hundred volunteers, eight horses and two miniatures. We are looking for more horses, so people can call here if they have a horse that might qualify. Sandy Webster is the associate executive director who handles many of the various programs. Volunteers do more than simply 

give their time; they help special individuals achieve real life goals. Advisory board member Laurie Ballard told me about Will Gear, who is now a mid-teen. He had a stroke as a baby and was given only a 3% chance of ever walking. He rode with Hearts from age two to twelve and will become a volunteer this summer, helping others to ride. Hes walking just fine. There is also a program for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They cant say enough about how these horses have changed their lives. Call 964-1519 or check out www. for volunteer orientation and training schedules. There is also a summer horse camp for kids 8-16 where they learn grooming, tacking, horsemanship and riding. All abilities accepted. Dont forget about the horse sponsorship benefits. As a sponsor you may choose to be involved in grooming and riding independently, having a group ride or having back in the saddle riding lessons besides helping those with serious disabilities stride toward excellence! 11 18 July 2013

The Voice of the Village


Each year, the Grand Jury reviews citizen complaints as well as its own concerns and interests, which result in a consolidated year end report. The Grand Jury may examine all aspects of county and city governments and special districts to ensure that the best interests of Santa Barbara County citizens are being served. The Grand Jury reviews and evaluates procedures, methods and systems utilized by county and city governments to determine whether more efficient and economical programs may be employed. Individual reports may be found at

Annual Property Value Notices Now Available Online Only
Every year in July, the Santa Barbara County Assessor will post notices in local media, informing Santa Barbara property owners how they can access their annual property notice of valuation.

Taxing Oil: Tapping into Santa Barbara Countys Natural Wealth

As an option for increasing County revenue, the Jury explored the impact of taxing oil extraction.

Local Efforts to Address Graffiti

The Jury found that local jurisdictions are taking the problem of graffiti seriously and making strides in combating it.

Deficiencies at the Sheriff-Coroners Bureau

Health, safety and facility inadequacies at the Sheriff-Coroners Bureau require immediate attention.

County Detention Facilities

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors and the Sheriff must correct short-and long-term deficiencies in several of the jail and holding facilities in the County.

Susan J Gionfriddo Juvenile Justice Center

This well-planned facility in Santa Maria houses County juvenile offenders under the care and supervision of the County Probation staff.

Truancy Prevention: Off to a Good Start

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney and the school administrators and principals are commended for their implementation of the new anti-truancy program.

Financing Low-Income Housing

The Santa Barbara County Housing Authority, while out of the public limelight, oversees a complicated process to finance and manage low-income housing.

The Grand Jury may examine all aspects of county and city government and special districts to ensure that the best interests of Santa Barbara County citizens are being served.



Deacon Turns Two
t seems like only yesterday that he was born, but Deacon T Buckley celebrated his 2nd birthday on May 25 with a backyard barbecue and a visit from some of his close friends, including probably his favorite (he is apparently hers), Paloma, who has yet to celebrate her own 2nd birthday, but is leaps and bounds ahead of her male cohort when it comes to the three Rs. A trip to the Seein Spots Farm, where the miniature donkeys including a nearly newborn were the highlights of a perfect day.

& Going
by James Buckley

Lisa and Chris Cullen

Montecito Landscape
Landscape Design and Installation for over 40 years For a FREE Consultation Call 805-969-3984

Wedding Chimes For Lily & Jeremy

Deacon T and Paloma share a ride in Deacons convertible during his 2nd birthday party
California Contractors License 263156 Since 1970

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Harbin (ne Lily Buckley) exchanged wedding vows at the beachfront home of Nina Terzian (photo credit: Esther Sun Photography)

Speaking of perfect days, the marine layer lifted before noon on Friday, June 7, and the now-former Lily Buckley married Georgia-born beau Jeremy Harbin (they met at the University of Georgia where both majored and received degrees in English) exchanged vows under a flower-bedecked bower built by Erica Moreno, owner of Flora Vida, at the Montecito oceanfront home of Nina Terzian just before 2 pm; friend of the couple Matthew Nelson officiated and Nino Maiani played a gentle version of Here Comes The Bride. After the ceremony, the couple

The reception was held later in the day at San Ysidro Ranch (photo credit: Esther Sun Photography)

and the 47 guests in the wedding party were escorted up to San Ysidro Ranch for a splendid reception and sit-down dinner. The tables featured even more flowers including coral peonies, garden roses and poppies, artfully arranged by Erica. Frenchborn Christine Dahl made the threetiered coconut-passion fruit wedding cake. Afterwards, a Santa Barbara Trolley picked the wedding party up, whereupon most of the guests headed to downtown Santa Barbara for yet more partying.

 COMING & GOING Page 354

Santa Barbara Life Beach Ball Contest

in this edition of the Montecito Journal - Visit SBLIFE.COM with the correct beach ball page number and enter to win Dinner for 2 and a romantic cruise on the Double Dolphin!
Congratulations to our June winner - Mike Massara
Brought to you by: and
 11 18 July 2013

Find the beach ball

and tell us what page it's on


The Voice of the Village

Among those joining in the occasion were Silvio Di Loreto, Thomas and Carrie Tighe, Kate Firestone, Alixe Mattingly, Nancy Schlosser, and Steven and Suzanne Weintraub...

miscellany (Continued from page 25)

Douglas Higginbotham, Elizabeth Skene, and Gloria and Glen Holden at the SB Polo Club (photo by Priscilla)

Polo Party The impeccably manicured fields of the Santa Barbara Polo Club were looking more lustrous than usual when Mikimoto, one of the worlds top luxury goods companies, hosted a polo challenge with 350 guests to raise monies for the Polo Training Center of Santa Barbara. The 120 year-old Japanese company, known for cultivating the worlds first cultured pearls, teamed up with Montecito milliner Lana Marm, bankers Northern Trust and the Auto Gallery of Calabasas, among others, to raise around $30,000 for the center, based at the lush Carpinteria locale since being founded four years ago under the direction of Sunny Hale and Geannie Sheller, daughter of polo patriarch Glen Holden, former U.S. ambassador to Jamaica. How much better could this have gotten with this debut event? gushed Geannie. It totally sold out! As well as featuring a David versus Goliath four chukker closely fought polo match between a Northern Trust ten goal team and a 30 goal team fielded by Hoffman International Properties, one of the colorful events highlights was the Battle of the Chefs, featuring David Reardon of the Bacara, Alessandro Cartumini of the

Biltmore and Jason Tuley of Anchor Woodfire Kitchen. Diners had to choose the best entre from Reardons grilled lamb chops with herb goat cheese, Cartuminis Maine lobster with peach and watercress salad with avocado pure and white chocolate, and Tuleys oak grilled sea bass with olive oil poached spot prawns.

It was a closely fought culinary battle accompanied with Chateau Ste. Michelle wines from Washington, with Cartuminis scrumptious creation leading the rankings, after each table of ten had to signify their favorite dish by bursting colored balloons to delete the competition. If those balloons werent quite big enough, a gigantic Ford Trucks tethered hot air balloon allowed participants to go up and up, but, thankfully, not away. Among those joining in the equestrian fun were Glen and Gloria Holden, Arlene Montesano, Robert and Christine Emmons, Corinna Gordon, Chris and Mindy Denson, Pat and Ursula Nesbitt, Charles Ward, Bilo Zarif, Beverley Jackson, Memo and Carlos Gracida, sheriff Bill Brown, Leslie Ridley-Tree, Jeep Holden and Elizabeth Skene. Pearls before wine, indeed!...

miscellany Page 344

Guests flying high at the Mikimoto bash (photo by Priscilla)

Marilyn Hoffman, Corrina Gordon and Mindy Denson looking sharp at the polo party (photo by Priscilla)

Lymphatic Therapy
Reduce swelling, boost your immune system and increase your body's ability to filter out toxins with Lymphatic Therapy Jennifer Schwarz, LMT, MLD (805) 452-2678
Licensed and certified through Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy and Center for Lymphatic Health
11 18 July 2013

Mission Furniture sale thru July 29

3 5 , 0 0 0 S Q . F T . S H O W R O O M

Better to fight for something than live for nothing George S. Patton


Red Carpet Treatment When it comes to red carpets, they didnt come much longer than the one rolled out for the world premiere of The Lone Ranger at Disneys California Adventure in Anaheim starring local resident Michael Hammers son, Armie, as the masked ex-Texas ranger. Ive never seen anything so long, exclaims Michael, an inveterate car and art collector. Armie and his costar, Johnny Depp, must have been exhausted just walking down it! There were more than 150,000 fans lining it to catch a glimpse of them. It was almost surreal to think of Armie when he was a young boy and how he is being treated these days. It is pretty darn cool. But he is very grounded. Thats how we raised him in the Caribbean and it has stuck. He is a very gracious celebrity and the fans love him. Im so unbelievably proud. The film, which had a reported budget of $250 million, opened on July 4 and was expected to be one of the blockbusters of the summer, based as it is on the popular 1950s TV series with the late Clayton Moore. Next up for Armie is another TV remake, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which was originally scheduled to have Tom Cruise in the role of Napoleon Solo against his Illya Kuryakin.

miscellany (Continued from page 33)

Ted Mills, Catherine Gee, Mayor Helene Schneider, Michael Long and his daughter, Charlotte, at the Arts Funds latest exhibit opening (photo by Priscilla) Michael Hammer and his actor son, Armie, at The Lone Ranger premiere

But because of scheduling conflicts Cruise had to bow out and has been replaced by British actor Henry Cavill, who is now soaring at the box office as Superman in Zack Snyders Man of Steel... More Mayer for Perry Santa Barbara warbler Katy Perry must really be determined to forget about her former husband, British comedian Russell Brand.


Stock up:





The Firework singer has just slashed $430,000 off the asking price of the Hollywood estate that she and Brand planned to use as their marital home. The tony twosome, who got divorced after only 14 months together, had big plans for the three-acre historic estate before their relationship crumbled. Park Hill is currently on the market for just over $6 million. The former Dos Pueblos High student originally paid $6.5 million for it back in June, 2011. Ironically, the moving vans never got to move their furniture in before the couple got divorced and the huge property has remained empty ever since. It was listed in April this year, but the price was slashed further to attract a buyer. Built in 1921, the Mediterraneanstyle residence had a two-story grand entrance hall that continues into a two-story living room overlooking Los Angeles and the citys dramatic skyline. The property, just a tiaras toss or two from Sunset Boulevard and the star studded Chateau Marmont, also has a two-story guest house. Katy, 28, has already moved on in the property stakes since her divorce, recently splashing out $11.5 million on two adjacent properties in the Hollywood Hills, as I reported in this illustrious organ. In the meantime, it seems Katy, who has been seen out and about with British Twilight star, Robert Pattinson, is now back with singer John Mayer. They were spotted at New Yorks Waldorf Astoria for the Friars Club roast of veteran comedian Don Rickles, 87. They looked one hundred percent back together, crowed one eyewitness. Watch this space... Curios Collections Social gridlock reigned when the

Arts Fund opened its latest exhibition SPECIMEN, featuring works by a number of local artists including Dug Uyesaka, Dan Levin, Tracy Beeler, Jim OMahoney, Sue Van Horstein, Norm Reed, Michael Long, Ethan Turpin, Matt Straka and Ted Mills. The show, which attracted 400 guests, grew out of a visit to Jims museum in the Funk Zone, where an alternative history of Santa Barbara is represented by an odd collection of curios, says Ted, who is also the curator of the exhibition. And that tapped into an early childhood visit to the British Museum of Natural History, with its old cabinets of skeletons, eggs, weird drawings and old machinery. So I decided to ask several artists many of them work in assemblage and hence spend their lives surrounded by fascinating objects to create their own cabinets filled to the brim with stuff. I like small, fiddly things. I hope for this show to keep you coming back, because theres going to be things you missed. The exhibition runs through August 10... Sightings: Golden Globe nominee Dennis Quaid noshing at Trattoria Mollie... Willowy actress Janelle Odair lining up for her Java jolt at Jeannines on Coast Village Road... Former Doobie Brothers singer, Michael McDonald, checking out the scene at Pierre Lafond Tipper Gore at the Montecito fire station July 4 breakfast... Singersongwriter Brad Paisley with his wife, Kimberly , and children at the village parade... Pip! Pip! for now Readers with tips, sightingsand amusing items for Richards column should e-mail him at or send invitations or other correspondence to the Journal MJ 11 18 July 2013



The Voice of the Village

Born On The Fourth Of July

COMING & GOING (Continued from page 32)

All of Shakespeares 37 plays are condensed into one ridiculously short rib-tickling performance in Elings Park for three nights only: July 12, 15, and 17

Kessler Buckley arrived at 11:41 am on the Fourth of July; pictured here, he is already two days old

money will have been well spent, as you are sure to enjoy this quick and somewhat ridiculous compilation of every one of the Bards 37 surviving works. Go online to www.upstageleft. for more info. Otherwise, just show up at the park.

Kessler Buckley was born at 11:41 am (mom, Jacqueline Buckley went into labor around 8:30 am) on July 4. Little Kessler weighed in at 8 lbs 5 oz and measured 20 inches. It was a home birth and Jacquelines baby boy was delivered by midwives Laurel Phillips, Alice Levine, and Jenna Humphreys. The women work through Santa Barbara Midwifery in conjunction with the Santa Barbara Birth Center. Mother and child rested comfortably afterward. Present nearby were Jacquelines parents, Jon and Josee Cox, who had flown in from Great Falls, Virginia, where they live.

Lances Book

We go back over a decade with Peter Lance, former 20/20 producer, Emmy Award winning ABC investigative reporter, and most recently of DUI fame, chronicled extensively in a 13-part News-Press series that ended with Lances exoneration and some bad publicity for the Santa Barbara Police Department and police officer

Kasi Beutel. Peter lived in Montecito, right around the corner from my house at the time and we connected when his first book on the World Trade Center terrorist plots came out, dealing with the culpability of one Ramzi Yousef in both the 1993 and 9/11 incidents at the World Trade Center. His book, 1000 Years for Revenge, revealed in minute detail the complicity of Yousef, Ali Mohamed and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in those plots. Lance has shifted his attention somewhat lately, and his newest tome, Deal With The Devil, exposes the sordid connection between the FBI and Gregory Scarpa, a mob killer. I havent read it yet (I will), but Peter tells a terrific tale that he hopes will become a mini-series somewhere down the line.

 COMING & GOING Page 364

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) will be performed three nights only July 12, 15, and 17, at 6:30 pm at Godric Grove in Elings Park (1298 Las Positas Road). Tickets are $15 at the door and if the principals behind this Cheri Steinkellner, Carolyn Ross and Jessica Hambright have put together a show as well-produced and acted as last years Our Town, your

Billys Stuff

I have healIng, prunIng, and IrrIgatIon secrets that wIll transform your garden Into a source of unexpected beauty.


Peter Lance will be at Granada, Tecolote, and Chaucers to sign his latest book, Deal With The Devil



11 18 July 2013



Your ONE STOP Shop!

Parts Service Spas
534 E. Haley
(at Salsipuedes)

Peter will be signing his book at Granada Books (1224 State Street) on July 14 from 2 to 4 pm, at Tecolote (in Montecitos upper village) on the 19th from 5 to 7 pm (he promises to have cocktails available for this one), and again on July 24 at Chaucers (3321 State Street, in Loreto Plaza) from 7 to 9 pm.

COMING & GOING (Continued from page 35)


Santa Barbara Wine Festival

by Jeremy Harbin

Village Pool Supply


Jaffurs winemaker Matt Brady says this festival provides a chance to taste other peoples wines, catch up, and talk shop

Fresh Local Cuisine

Ginny Holt and Peggy Buchanan both pour at the Santa Barbara Winery tasting room on the corner of Yanonali and Anacapa

Parking on Salsipuedes


Bistro Dining 6:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Weekends 7 am - 3pm 5050 Carpinteria Avenue Downtown Carpinteria

Justen Alfama, Catering Director 805.319.0155 justencater GRAND PARTIES HORS DOEUVRES SOCIAL & CORPORATE CATERING

Home Theater Apple TV Everything Digital

Harold Adams - Computer Consulting

iPhones iPods iPhoto Music Movies New Computer Setup Troubleshooting Serving Montecito & Santa Barbara for over 20 years Training Beginners to Advanced Reasonable Rates Quality Service

All Things Mac

The anticipated Santa Barbara Wine Festival paired perfectly with a warmer than usual Saturday in June, when winemakers and wine tasters gathered to pour, drink, eat and repeat. Ami Kearns of Cargasacchi approached the toasty weather conditions decanter-half-full: A lot of people are happy because they came from Santa Ynez, she observed as she poured a Pinot Grigio that had just been bottled in honor of the winerys new tasting room near the Hitching Post in Buellton. Pouring for the Santa Barbara Winery, Ginny Holt provided a refreshing respite from the heat in the form of a Ros of Syrah grown in the Santa Rita hills. For most people, they think that Ros is very sweet, she explained, but this one is a wonderful barbeque red for summer. Floral on the nose, the festival wound its way through the idyllic outdoor areas of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, expand-

Autumn Starnes, executive chef James Siao and Haile Gallegos serve up hors doeuvres from Finch & Fork, located at Kimptons Canary Hotel downtown

ing to reveal not only area winemakers best, but also excellent offerings from local purveyors of fine foods. Matt Brady, Co-Winemaker for Jaffurs Wine Cellars, summed up the event: This is my favorite festival of the year. We do something like this every week, and out of all of them, I think this is the best one. The setting back here in the trees next to the creek is so cool. The quality of the food is really good. Thats really my personal barometer for gauging the quality of any event how good the food is. The food heres great. Its elegant, but not complex: this festival provides a perfect balance of wineries, restaurants, and atmosphere that keeps the makers and the appreciators coming back year after year. MJ

Diamonds Quality Jewelry

Former Buyer For Van Cleef and Arpels Immediate Payment

Large Fine

We Buy


(805) 692-2005

Bank References CA License #4203-1102 805-565-7935

Syncing sy made ea

to Get iPhoed Organiz

d New iPa o! o t setup

The Voice of the Village


11 18 July 2013

village beat (Continued from page 23)



Geoff, Lucia, Oliver, and Amy Mognis cheer on parade-goers


ering with activities for the kids took place at Manning Park following the parade. The winner of the Montecito Cup was again Cold Spring School, which had dozens of students participating in the parade, a tug of war,

sack races, and a pie-eating contest. Former Cold Spring School student RJ Goligoski won the pie-eating contest. Montecito Journal is proud to have been part of this event since its inception. Here are some photos from the day. MJ


Music Academy of the West presents a new production of


SAT JUL 20 8PM Entrancing and ever-fresh

The New York Times



FRI AUG 2 7:30PM SUN AUG 4 2:30PM

Warren Jones FRQGXFWRUDavid Paul director Marilyn Horne voice program director


s ant abarbara s t i c ke r s . c o m
Two dozen kids took part in the pie-eating contest



The 2013 Irene Cummings Endowed Opera This production is supported in part by the Carol Franc Buck Foundation and an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Coastal Hideaways




805 969-1995 Luxury Vacation Rentals Short or Long Term



Interior Design Services also available Hire the best in the industry to manage your income property.
Please stop in and visit us 17 years serving the Santa Barbara community





Melissa M. Pierson, Owner

1211 Coast Village Road #4 Montecito, CA 93108

RJ Goligoski wins the pie-eating contest

11 18 July 2013

Women dont want to hear what you think; women want to hear what they think, in a deeper voice Bill Cosby

07.11.13.MJ.indd 1



FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Proven Strategies: Marketing, Business and Communication Services, 1470 E. Valley Road #50812, Santa Barbara, CA 93150. Keith Yeager, 1022 Westmont Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on July 2, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Jessica Armstrong. Original FBN No. 2013-0002135. Published July 10, 17, 24, 31, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Toots Pierre, 1482 E. Valley Road #215, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. Mary Belle Snow, 1482 E. Valley Road #215, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on June 14, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Hector Gonzalez. Original FBN No. 2013-0001980. Published July 10, 17, 24, 31, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: California Heating and Raingutters, 4193 Carpinteria Avenue #3, Carpinteria, CA 93013. David Andrew Shea, PO Box 117, Summerland, CA 93067. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on June 13, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Deborah Sanchez. Original FBN No. 20130001964. Published June 26, July 10, 17, 24, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Whole Heart CPR Training and Services, PO Box 382, Summerland, CA 93067. Wanda Hardin, PO Box 382, Summerland, CA 93067. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on June 6, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Hector Gonzalez. Original FBN No. 2013-0001885. Published June 19, 26, July 10, 17, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: BBQ Renu, 5014 Yaple Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. Frank Marino, 5014 Yaple Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on May 31, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Hector Gonzalez. Original FBN No. 20130001809. Published June 19, 26, July 10, 17, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/ are doing business as: Seas Below, PO Box 852, Summerland, CA 93067. Barbara Kay Popp, PO Box 852, Summerland, CA 93067. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on June 17, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Gabriel Cabello. Original FBN No. 2013-0001988. Published June 19, 26, July 10, 17, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/ are doing business as: Jarrott & Co. Real Estate Investments, 3532 Chupatrosa Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Leonard S. Jarrott, 3532 Chupatrosa Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Margaret S. Jarrott, 3532 Chupatrosa Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on May 23, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of
ORDINANCE NO. 5626 AN ORDINANCE OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA BARBARA AMENDING SECTIONAL ZONE MAPS SD02 AND SD03 IN CHAPTER 28.12 OF THE SANTA BARBARA MUNICIPAL CODE The above captioned ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the Santa Barbara City Council held on June 25, 2013. The publication of this ordinance is made pursuant to the provisions of Section 512 of the Santa Barbara City Charter as amended, and the original ordinance in its entirety may be obtained at the City Clerk's Office, City Hall, Santa Barbara, California. (Seal) /s/ Gwen Peirce, CMC City Clerk Services Manager ORDINANCE NO. 5626 ) ) COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA ) ss. ) CITY OF SANTA BARBARA ) I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing ordinance was introduced on June 18, 2013, and was adopted by the Council of the City of Santa Barbara at a meeting held on June 25, 2013, by the following roll call vote: AYES: Councilmembers Dale Francisco, Frank Hotchkiss, Grant House, Cathy Murillo, Randy Rowse, Bendy White None None Mayor Helene Schneider STATE OF CALIFORNIA CITY OF SANTA BARBARA NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS BID NO: 5021 Sealed proposals for Bid No. 5021 for the EL ESTERO WWTP MANHOLE REHABILITATION will be received in the Purchasing Office, 310 E. Ortega Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101, until 3:00 p.m., Thursday July 25, 2013 to be publicly opened and read at that time. Any bidder who wishes its bid proposal to be considered is responsible for making certain that its bid proposal is actually delivered to said Purchasing Office. Bids shall be addressed to the General Services Manager, Purchasing Office, 310 E. Ortega Street, Santa Barbara, California, and shall be labeled, EL ESTERO WWTP MANHOLE REHABILITATION, Bid No. 5021". The project shall include the rehabilitation of four (4) sanitary sewer manholes which are located within the City of Santa Barbara EL ESTERO WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT compound. This work includes and is not limited to mobilization; traffic control; removal & replacement of the upper portion of SMH-H09-074 with pre-cast concrete manhole components; installation of a 12-inch diameter internal drop manhole; by-pass pumping of the flow from the existing sludge return line which discharges into SMH-H09-074; and the cleaning, preparation, installation of high strength underlayment and a epoxy rehabilitation system to the low flow level in each of the following manholes: SMH-H09-063, SMH-H09-067, SMHH09-070 & SMH-H09-074. The work includes all labor, material, supervision, plant and equipment necessary to complete the following: Insert improvements per plans and specs. The Engineers estimate is $86,250. Each bidder must have a Class C-33 license in good standing to complete this work in accordance with the California Business and Professions Code and shall have successfully completed projects of similar scope for public agencies, and have qualified foremen as required by these project specifications. There will be a mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting scheduled for 11 A.M. on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at the El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant located at 520 E. Yanonali, Santa Barbara, CA. The plans and specifications for this Project are available electronically at Plan and specification sets can be obtained from CyberCopy (located at 504 N Milpas St, cross street Haley) by contacting Alex Gaytan, CyberCopy Shop Manager, at (805) 884-6155. The Citys contact for this project is Amanda Flesse, Project Engineer, (805) 564-5424. In order to be placed on the plan holders list, the Contractor can register as a document holder for this Project on Ebidboard. Project Addendum notifications will be issued through Although Ebidboard will fax and/or email all notifications once they are provided contact information, bidders are still responsible for obtaining all addenda from the Ebidboard website or the Citys website at: Bidders are hereby notified that pursuant to provisions of Section 1770, et seq., of the Labor Code of the State of California, the Contractor shall pay its employees the general prevailing rate of wages as determined by the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations. In addition, the Contractor shall be responsible for compliance with the requirements of Section 1777.5 of the California Labor Code relating to apprentice public works contracts. Per California Civil Code Section 9550, a payment bond in the amount of 100% of the bid total will be required from the successful bidder for bids exceeding $25,000. The bond must be provided within 10 calendar days from notice of award and prior to the performance of any work. The proposal shall be accompanied by a proposal guaranty bond in the sum of at least 10% of the total amount of the proposal, or alternatively by a certified or cashiers check payable to the Owner in the sum of at least 10% of the total amount of the proposal.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand and affixed the official seal of the City of Santa Barbara on June 26, 2013.

/s/ Gwen Peirce, CMC City Clerk Services Manager I HEREBY APPROVE the foregoing ordinance on June 26, 2013.

/s/ Randy Rowse Mayor Pro Tempore

the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Linda Rhoads. Original FBN No. 2013-0001726. Published June 12, 19, 26, July 10, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: At Your Service Legal, 210 W. Main ST. #4, Santa Maria, CA

93458. Tyler Gross, 937 Camino Caballo, Nipomo, CA 93444. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on June 3, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Eva

GENERAL SERVICES MANAGER CITY OF SANTA BARBARA William Hornung, C.P.M. PUBLISHED DATES: July 10 and 17, 2013 Montecito Journal

Chavez. Original FBN No. 2013-0001825. Published June 12, 19, 26, July 10, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The

following person(s) is/are doing business as: Living F.I.T., 140 Hot Springs Rd., Montecito, CA 93108. Stephen Politis, 2781 Ben Lomond Dr., Santa Barbara,


The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013

11 18 July 2013



NOTICE OF ELECTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Vote-By-Mail General Municipal Election will be held in the City of Santa Barbara on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, for the following Officers and Measure: # TO BE ELECTED For Mayor For Members of the City Council 1 3 TERM OF OFFICE 4 Years 4 Years
ORDINANCE NO. 5623 AN ORDINANCE OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA BARBARA EXTENDING THE TERMS OF THE 20122013 MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE CITY OF SANTA BARBARA AND THE SANTA BARBARA CITY SUPERVISORY EMPLOYEES' BARGAINING UNIT (SUPERVISORS UNIT), THE 2012-2013 SALARY PLAN APPLICABLE TO UNREPRESENTED MANAGERS AND PROFESSIONAL ATTORNEYS (INCLUDING THE CITY ADMINISTRATOR AND CITY ATTORNEY), AND THE 2012-2013 SALARY PLAN APPLICABLE TO CERTAIN UNREPRESENTED SAFETY MANAGERS, ADOPTED BY ORDINANCE NO. 5587, UNTIL JUNE 30, 2015, AND PROVIDING SALARY INCREASES CONSISTENT WITH THE TWO-YEAR FINANCIAL PLAN The above captioned ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the Santa Barbara City Council held on June 25, 2013. The publication of this ordinance is made pursuant to the provisions of Section 512 of the Santa Barbara City Charter as amended, and the original ordinance in its entirety may be obtained at the City Clerk's Office, City Hall, Santa Barbara, California. (Seal) /s/ Gwen Peirce, CMC City Clerk Services Manager ORDINANCE NO. 5623 ) ) COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA ) ss. ) CITY OF SANTA BARBARA ) STATE OF CALIFORNIA

City of Santa Barbara Measure F 2013 Shall the Santa Barbara City Council be authorized to enact a City ordinance allowing the exchange of City park property along State Street at the John C. Fremont Army Reserve Center and MacKenzie Park for the Federal property adjacent to the Fremont Army Reserve Center and the State Street right-of-way?


The nomination period for these offices begins on July 15, 2013, and closes on August 9, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. If an incumbent officer of the City does not file nomination papers, filings will be accepted for that incumbents elective office by anyone other than the incumbent until August 14, 2013. If no one or only one person is nominated for an elective office, appointment to the elective office may be made as prescribed by Section 10229, Elections Code of the State of California. Nomination papers for candidates may be obtained from the Santa Barbara City Clerks Office at 735 Anacapa Street (southwest corner of De La Guerra and Anacapa). The designated drop-off centers will be open on the following days: Santa Barbara City Hall: Saturday, November 2, 2013, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and All drop-off center locations: Tuesday, November 5, 2013, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Dated this 10th day of July, 2013. Gwen Peirce, CMC City Clerk Services Manager

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT NOTICE OF INTENT TO DECIDE ON A COASTAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT WITHIN THE GEOGRAPHIC APPEALS JURISDICTION AND WAIVE REQUIREMENT OF A PUBLIC HEARING DATE OF NOTICE: July 10, 2013 REQUEST FOR HEARING EXPIRATION DATE: July 30, 2013 SCHEDULED DECISION DATE: July 31, 2013 APPLICANT: Monte Wilson CASE NAME & NUMBER: Wilson Roof Change, Case No. 13CDH-00000-00014 SITE ADDRESS & ASSESSOR PARCEL NUMBER: 116 Arroqui Street, APN 007-350-016 PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project is a request for a Coastal Development Permit to allow for the reconstruction of approximately 600 square feet of roof area of an existing residence. The roof change would convert the existing flat roof to a pitched roof. No grading will be required to carry out the project and no trees would be removed. The parcel will continue to be served by the Montecito Water District, the Montecito Sanitary District, and the Montecito Fire District. Access will continue to be provided off of Arroqui Street. The parcel is currently developed with an approximately 3,300 square foot single-family residence and an 800 square foot detached garage. The property is a 0.51acre parcel zoned 20-R-1 and shown as Assessor's Parcel Number 007-350-016, located at 116 Arroqui Street in the Montecito Community Plan Area, 1st Supervisorial District. PUBLIC HEARING WAIVER: Planning & Development intends to decide this Coastal Development Permit application and to waive the public hearing unless a written request for such hearing is submitted by any interested party to Planning & Development within 15 working days of the July 10, 2013 notice date. All requests for a hearing must be submitted to Santa Barbara County, Planning & Development Department, 123 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, Attention: Hearing Support Staff or faxed to 805-568-2030. APPEAL PERIOD: The action of the Planning Director may be appealed to the Planning Commission within ten (10) calendar days of July 31, 2013. WARNING: Failure by a person to request a public hearing may result in the loss of the persons ability to appeal any action taken by the County of Santa Barbara of this Coastal Development Permit to the Board of Supervisors and ultimately the California Coastal Commission. If a public hearing is requested, notice of such a hearing will be provided. PUBLIC COMMENT: Interested parties who want to comment on the project but are not requesting a public hearing, may submit written comments to Santa Barbara County, Planning & Development, 123 E. Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, Attention: Errin Briggs, for Glenn Russell, Ph.D., Planning Director. For further information please contact, Errin Briggs, at 568-2047. MATERIAL REVIEW: Plans and staff analysis of the proposal will be available for public review at Planning and Development, 123 E. Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 a week prior to the final action. Published July 10, 2013 Montecito Journal

I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing ordinance was introduced on June 18, 2013, and was adopted by the Council of the City of Santa Barbara at a meeting held on June 25, 2013, by the following roll call vote: AYES: Councilmembers Dale Francisco, Frank Hotchkiss, Grant House, Cathy Murillo, Randy Rowse, Bendy White; Mayor Helene Schneider None None None


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand and affixed the official seal of the City of Santa Barbara on June 26, 2013. /s/ Gwen Peirce, CMC City Clerk Services Manager I HEREBY APPROVE the foregoing ordinance on June 26, 2013. /s/ Helene Schneider Mayor

CA 93105. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on May 31, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify

that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Linda Rhoads. Original FBN No. 2013-0001810. Published June 12, 19, 26, July 10, 2013.


The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013

ORDINANCE NO. 5624 AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA BARBARA AMENDING TITLE 22 OF THE SANTA BARBARA MUNICIPAL CODE WITH RESPECT TO HISTORIC RESOURCES AND THE EL ENCANTO HOTEL PROPERTY AND ITS DESIGNATION AS A CITY HISTORIC DISTRICT The above captioned ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the Santa Barbara City Council held on June 25, 2013. The publication of this ordinance is made pursuant to the provisions of Section 512 of the Santa Barbara City Charter as amended, and the original ordinance in its entirety may be obtained at the City Clerk's Office, City Hall, Santa Barbara, California. (Seal) /s/ Gwen Peirce, CMC City Clerk Services Manager ORDINANCE NO. 5624 ) ) COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA ) ss. ) CITY OF SANTA BARBARA ) I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing ordinance was introduced on June 18, 2013, and was adopted by the Council of the City of Santa Barbara at a meeting held on June 25, 2013, by the following roll call vote: AYES: Councilmembers Dale Francisco, Frank Hotchkiss, Grant House, Cathy Murillo, Randy Rowse, Bendy White; Mayor Helene Schneider None None None STATE OF CALIFORNIA

ORDINANCE NO. 5625 AN ORDINANCE OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA BARBARA AMENDING SECTIONAL ZONE MAPS SB02, SB03, SB04, SC01, SC02, SC03, SD01, SE03, SA02, SA03, SA04, SB01, SE01, AND SE02 IN CHAPTER 28.12 OF THE SANTA BARBARA MUNICIPAL CODE The above captioned ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the Santa Barbara City Council held on June 25, 2013. The publication of this ordinance is made pursuant to the provisions of Section 512 of the Santa Barbara City Charter as amended, and the original ordinance in its entirety may be obtained at the City Clerk's Office, City Hall, Santa Barbara, California. (Seal) /s/ Gwen Peirce, CMC City Clerk Services Manager ORDINANCE NO. 5625 ) ) COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA ) ss. ) CITY OF SANTA BARBARA ) I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing ordinance was introduced on June 18, 2013, and was adopted by the Council of the City of Santa Barbara at a meeting held on June 25, 2013, by the following roll call vote: AYES: Councilmembers Dale Francisco, Frank Hotchkiss, Grant House, Cathy Murillo, Randy Rowse, Bendy White; Mayor Helene Schneider None None None STATE OF CALIFORNIA

MONTECITO WATER DISTRICT NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING ON WATER AVAILABILITY CHARGE TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2013 AT THE MONTECITO Water District 583 SAN YSIDRO ROAD, MONTECITO 2:00 P.M. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Montecito Water District to be held on Tuesday, July 16, 2013, at 2:00 P.M. at the Montecito Water District Office located at 583 San Ysidro Road, the Board will hold a Public Meeting to consider the adoption of a resolution to continue an existing Water Availability Charge for the purpose of main replacement and enlargement. The District may elect to collect such charge on the tax rolls. A written report, detailing the description of each parcel of real property and the amount of the charge for each parcel for the year, is on file and available for public review at the Montecito Water Districts Office located at 583 San Ysidro Road. The District is proposing to continue the existing charge as it was established in July 1996 and, with such exceptions as have previously been granted by the Board, with no increase in the charge or change in the methodology by which it is calculated. Pursuant to Government Section 66016(a), at least ten (10) days prior to said meeting, on July 6, 2013, the District will make all of the data, required by Section 66016(a) applicable to said charge, available to the public at its District Office. At the Public Hearing on July 16, 2013 oral and written presentations may be made concerning said written report and proposed fees by anyone affected by said fees. The Board of Directors will also hear and consider objections to the application of the fee and requests for reduction for any affected parcel. Any objection or request for reduction must be presented to the District on or before July 16, 2013, or be precluded from consideration for the 2013-2014 tax year. Published in Montecito Journal, July 10, 2013



why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. Filed May 31, 2013, by Narzralli Baksh, Deputy Clerk. Hearing date: July 17, 2013 at 9:30 am in Dept. 6, 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Published 6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7/10 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME: CASE No. 1417057. To all interested parties: Petitioner Lisa Woodring-Cousins filed a petition with Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, for a decree changing name to Lisa Nicole Cousins. The Court orders that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described about must file a written objection that included the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. Filed May 31, 2013,

by Narzralli Baksh, Deputy Clerk. Hearing date: July 17, 2013 at 9:30 am in Dept. 6, 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Published 6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7/10 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME: CASE No. 1416907. To all interested parties: Petitioner Paige Larkin Zangrillo filed a petition with Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, for a decree changing name to Paige Makepeace Larkin. The Court orders that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described about must file a written objection that included the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. Filed May 31, 2013, by Narzralli Baksh, Deputy Clerk. Hearing date: August 7, 2013 at 9:30 am in Dept. 6, 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Published 6/19, 6/26, 7/10, 7/17

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand and affixed the official seal of the City of Santa Barbara on June 26, 2013. /s/ Gwen Peirce, CMC City Clerk Services Manager I HEREBY APPROVE the foregoing ordinance on June 26, 2013. /s/ Helene Schneider Mayor

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand and affixed the official seal of the City of Santa Barbara on June 26, 2013. /s/ Gwen Peirce, CMC City Clerk Services Manager I HEREBY APPROVE the foregoing ordinance on June 26, 2013. /s/ Helene Schneider Mayor

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Weili International Trading Co., 428 E. Haley Street #D, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Tingsheng Wang, 2744 Washington Ave., El Monte, CA 91733. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on May

20, 2013. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Hector Gonzalez. Original FBN No. 20130001676. Published June 12, 19, 26, July 10, 2013.

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME: CASE No. 1417005. To all interested parties: Petitioner Tamara Beaver filed a petition with Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, for a decree changing name to Paris Dawn Summer. The Court orders that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at

the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described about must file a written objection that included the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause

11 18 July 2013

Where theres a will, I want to be in it




Note to readers: This entertainment calendar is a subjective sampling of arts and other events taking place in the Santa Barbara area for the next week. It is by no means comprehensive. Be sure to read feature stories in each issue that complement the calendar. In order to be considered for inclusion in this calendar, information must be submitted no later than noon on the Wednesday eight days prior to publication date. Please send all news releases and digital artwork to

by Steven Libowitz

Thursday, July 11 Jammin with Jonathan Musical chameleon Jonathan McEuen, whose song sojourns veer all over the center line created by his famous father John (of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), returns to the Plaza Playhouse Theater in Carpinteria, which is fast becoming a favorite stomping ground for local folk-rockers. McEuen, who launches his summer tour tonight, will be supported by fellow Ojai resident Dan Grimm, who calls his music Flip Floppytonk, ghost ballads, love songs, and sincere expressions of my inner dork. Sounds right in line with Jonathans oeuvre. WHEN: 8pm WHERE: 4916 Carpinteria Avenue COST: $15 INFO: 684-6380 or Friday, July 12 Art for big spaces In the Big Room, the new exhibit of contemporary art opening tonight at MichaelKate Interiors, is exactly that: a show of new paintings and images arranged in the 10,000 square-foot showroom at the furniture store/art gallery. Twenty local artists are participating, including some very well known names: Laurie MacMillan, Dug Uyesaka, Erik ReeL, Allan Gibbons, Melissa Mahoney, Isabella KellyRamirez, Linda Saccoccio, Diane Giles, Wallace Piatt, Marlene Struss, Holly Makay, Christa Lyons, Heather Boyd, Karin Aggeler, Wayne Hoffman, Ken Nack, Sheldon Figoten, Tara Patrick, Carol Paulson, Dan Leven and Skye Gwilliam, as well as Brad Nack, who also serves as curator. Tonights opening reception features a highly-formatted panel discussion moderated by Ted Mills, with

Thursday, July 11
Happy Together tour The cynic might say, Well, of course theyre happy theyre getting paid to play the same old songs theyve been doing for decades. But those who have come to one of annual these 60s-70s extravaganzas at the Chumash Casino know that the concert is a terrific trip down memory lane, performed by the original hit-makers of some of the most iconic songs from nearly 50 years ago. And more often than not, the guys still have their chops. This years edition features Chuck Negron, the original lead singer of the rock-soul band 3 Dog Night whose hits were their own special covers of a wide variety of songs, from country bar favorites (Hoyt Axtons Joy to the World) to Broadway musicals (Easy to be Hard from Hair), to quirky singer-songwriters Harry Nilsson (One) and Randy Newman (Mama Told Me Not to Come); Gary Puckett, the lead singer of the Union Gap (Young Girl, Lady Willpower); Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere & the Raiders (Kicks, Hungry, Indian Reservation); Gary Lewis & the Playboys (This Diamond Ring); and of course tour founders and Turtles frontmen Flo & Eddie (You Showed Me, Elenore, Happy Together, Shed Rather Be With Me). Yes, its like a whole Pandora channel absolutely live! WHEN: 8pm WHERE: 3400 E. Hwy. 246, Santa Ynez COST: $25-$65 INFO: (800) CHUMASH or www. the 20 artists, answering 20 questions, in 20 minutes. WHEN: 5-8pm (discussion at 6:30pm) WHERE: 132 Santa Barbara St. COST: free INFO: 963-1411 or www. Saturday, July 13 Kardboard Kayak Race Semana Nautica offers a veritable boatload of summer sports events during its annual 12-day span, but none so whimsical as this competition to create a seaworthy vehicle with just some basic household items. Teams of up to four people are given two pieces of cardboard, a roll of tape, a marker, a utility knife, a yardstick and just one hour to fashion a functioning watercraft that will survive from the beach to a buoy and back. The multi-heat, all-skill-levelswelcome event has two levels Family Fun or Paddling Pros for makeshift mariners of varying skill and confidence (or folly, if you prefer). And its always a barrel of laughs for both the participants and observers, even if most of the former emerge soaking wet. WHEN: 12noon3pm WHERE: West Beach, 306 West Cabrillo Blvd. COST: $25-$30 to register, free to watch INFO: 962-8404 ext. 115 or visit Sunday, July 14 Kicking up dust Slightly Stoopids seventh annual summer tour finds the San Diego-based punk-reggae-folk/rock band teaming up with the Minneapolis hip-hop collective Atmosphere and soul-fueled SoCal reggae band Tribal Seeds, their San Diego neighbors. The latest lineup should delight so-called Stoopidheads, as Atmospheres seven studio albums include When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That S--- Gold, which reached No. 5 on Billboards Top 200 chart. What better place than the Bowl in midsummer to get down and dirty with these no-holds-barred acts? WHEN: 5:30pm WHERE: 1122 North Milpas St. COST: $35.50-$44 INFO: 962-7411 or Monday, July 15 Under the rainbow Chromatic Gate, the sculpture by Herbert Bayer otherwise known as the rainbow rectangles that welcomes visitors to Santa Barbara via Cabrillo Blvd. in front of the Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort, has been under wraps for renovations for many months. Now, the restoration, masking and painting are complete, and the Gate is once again on view in all its vibrancy. Todays re-dedication on site features opening remarks from Mayor Helene Schneider, the reading of a poem created for the event by SBs Poet Laureate Chryss Yost, and recognition of the community members who provided support for the restoration of the waterfront icon. WHEN: 1pm WHERE: Intersection of Puerto Vallarta and Cabrillo COST: free INFO: www. Tuesday, July 16 Stow House season The historical Stow House and Rancho La Patera in Goleta doesnt have the ocean just steps

Hitchcock al fresco Santa Barbaras free summer film series is back, and this time its going for the jugular. Alfred Hitchcock Nights: Eight Classic Films of Obsession, Mystery and Suspense includes screenings of some of the famed directors iconic films, with the downtown screenings taking place outdoors under the night sky at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse Sunken Gardens on Fridays, so you never know what might creep up beside you, or drop down from above. (For the more timid, the films also show indoors every Wednesday at UCSBs Campbell Hall). Due this week: Rear Window (July 10 & 12), Hitchcocks tail about a magazine photographer, housebound due to a broken leg, who spends his time watching the apartment building across the way and apparently witnesses a murder. Coming next week: North by Northwest (July 17 & 19), in which a suave, successful New York advertising executive finds himself, through a case of mistaken identity, embroiled in a web of intrigue and murder that takes him across the country. Montecito resident Eva Marie Saint, who starred as the execs girlfriend in the thriller, will appear in conversation with Dr. Allan Langdale, instructor of a long-running Hitchcock class at UCSB, prior to the screening at the courthouse. Remember to bring blankets and/or lowbacked beach chairs and a picnic dinner, if desired, for the Courthouse screenings. WHEN: 7:30pm Wednesdays, 8:30pm Fridays WHERE: UCSB Campbell Hall on campus (Wednesdays); Santa Barbara County Courthouse Sunken Garden, 100 E. Anapamu Street (Fridays) COST: free INFO: 893-3535 or www.artsandlectures.

Concerts in the Park Santa Barbaras favorite free summertime soiree series takes place Thursday evenings in Chase Palm Park, on the beautifully sculpted Great Lawn across from the beach. Come early to reserve your spot for the early evening concerts featuring dance bands all summer long. Picnics, families, low-backed chairs welcome, but leave the alcohol at home. This week (July 11): 50s & 60s nostalgia done over-the-top style by Captain Cardiac and the Coronaries. Next week (July 18): Santa Barbaras reigning funk superstars Soul City Survivors doing their patented Hot-Buttered Soul thing on July 18. WHEN: 6-8:30pm WHERE: 236 E. Cabrillo Boulevard COST: free INFO: 897-1983 or


The Voice of the Village

11 18 July 2013

Saturday, July 13
Festivals for flowers, France and freedom LotusFest celebrates the spectacular flower that is the namesake of Lotusland, the exemplary historic gardens on the former estate of Ganna Walska in Montecito. Enjoy wine tasting from Santa Barbara Countys premier vintners, olive oil tasting by Global Gardens, delectable hors doeuvres, an Ikebana workshop, entertainment by Shes My Band, lotus lore galore, and plenty of time to see the lotuses in bloom at the height of the season. WHEN: 2-6pm WHERE: 695 Ashley Road COST: $85 ($10 discount for members) INFO: 969-9990 or www.lotusland. org... The Santa Barbara French Festival, which reaches its milestone 25th edition this weekend, turns Oak Park into a little slice of France to celebrate Bastille Day and all things French, from culture, to culinary to crafts. Great food, wine, mimosas, crepes, delicious pastries, music, dance and, of course, the famous Poodle Parade and Femme Fatales Drag Revue. For the two weekend days, the park bisected by Mission Creek earns the city its American Riviera nickname, with nonstop entertainment on three stages featuring tributes to Charles Aznavour to Edith Piaf, cabaret singing, and can-can dancing. After a hiatus, the festival returned last year as a fundraiser for Center Stage Theater and Speaking of Stories, but admission, as always, remains free. WHEN: 11am-7pm Saturday and Sunday WHERE: Oak Park, 300 West Alamar Ave. COST: free INFO: 963-8198 or www.FrenchFestival. com... Following the recent Supreme Court rulings, the annual Pacific Pride Festival should be an even more celebratory affair than usual, coming from the organization whose mission it is to build community, foster visibility, and celebrate sexual and gender diversity while raising funds for LGBT programs and services in Santa Barbara County. All are welcome to the day-long event filled with lots of music including a set from 90s R&B pop group Expose and Ru Pauls drag race Latrice Royale. Also on tap are the Put Up Your Paws dog show; a dance tent with spinning by DJs Gavin Roy, Matty Matt Moore and others; two food trucks, a kids area, games, retail booths and more. The official Pride After Party takes place at Tonic Nightclub downtown. WHEN: 11am-7pm WHERE: Leadbetter Beach, Shoreline Drive and Loma Alta COST: free INFO: 963-3636 or

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away, nor is there a natural gently sloping hill to provide graduated seating on the lawn. But the tree-lined grounds are stunningly beautiful, providing shade and a natural beauty thats clearly conducive to concerts. And while the crowds arent nearly as large for the summertime Music at the Ranch series, that also means a lot more room for picnicking, frolicking, dancing (on an actual portable dance floor, to boot) or whathave-you, to similar sounds that youll find on the beach, albeit with a purely local flavor. The series kicks off tonight with Latin music favorite Tony Ybarra, who appeared at the same venue last

month for Fiesta Ranchera and who has a brand-new CD not coincidentally titled Fiesta just out on his own label. Coming over the following five weeks are blues with the Henderson Brothers (July 23), jazz by the Les Rose Ensemble (July 30), salsa from Mezcal Martini, vintage blues by Donna Greene & the Roadhouse Daddies, and hugely popular dancecover band Area 51, who also played at Fiesta Ranchera (August 20). Bring food and drink, blankets, lawn chairs and your dancing shoes. WHEN: 5:30-7:30pm WHERE: 304 North Los Carneros Rd. COST: free INFO: 6817216 or  MJ

We are 26 dealers with individual tastes, making us a unique marketplace for over twenty years. 2192 Ortega Hill Road Summerland 805-565-3189

Wednesday, July 17
Belle of the Bowl In their only Southern California appearance this summer, Belle and Sebastian play the Santa Barbara Bowl tonight, stepping up to the citys biggest venue for a warm early evening show. The Scottish indie-pop band has long been a cult and critical fave since forming back in 1996, and has sold nearly 3 million albums along the way, most of then since moving its base to California seven years ago. The bands new release, The Third Eye Centre, out just last month, is a compilation of rarities and B-sides from the past decade, so expect to hear all sorts of oddities as well as the well-known songs at this show. Opening is Best Coast, the SoCal duo of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno who thrilled audiences in the tiny space at SohO just last year, if memory serves. WHEN: 7pm WHERE: 1122 North Milpas St. COST: $44.50$49.50 INFO: 962-7411 or

314 East Carrillo Street, Suite 10 Santa Barbara, California 93101

Gloria Kaye, Ph.D.


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11 18 July 2013

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century (8pm; Granada, $15-$48). Mon., July 15: This weeks Mosher Guest Artist is the pianist Jeremy Denk, known for both his virtuosic playing and his writing, including an ongoing blog that covers subjects musical and beyond. Denk, who performed at UCSBs Campbell Hall and conducted a masterclass with students there just last March, begins his visit to Miraflores with another public coaching session with the talented solo piano fellows (1pm; Hahn Hall; $15 keyboard side, $13). Denk who will be back in the area again next June to serve as artistic director of the prestigious Ojai Festival will also participate in Tuesdays@8 tomorrow night at Hahn, and play a full recital at the same venue on Wednesday... With soon-to-be-former New York Philharmonic concertmaster Glenn Dicterow set to join the full-time festival faculty next summer, the Academy is employing visiting violinists to fill the slot long held by Zvi Zeitlin before his death late last spring. This week, its Brian Lewis, a versatile and charismatic violinist who has offered concerto debuts in both Carnegie Hall and Avery Fisher Hall, as well as appeared with the Orchestra of St. Lukes and the Berlin (Germany), Louisiana, Kansas City, Syracuse, Hartford, Odense (Denmark), Greenwich, Wichita, Lima (Peru), Topeka, Boulder, Guadalajara (Mexico), and Sinfonia Toronto (Canada) symphony orchestras, among many others. His numerous recital appearances include performances across the United States, including the Mostly Mozart Festival and the Great Performers Series at Lincoln Center in New York. His only public appearance at MAW 2013 is todays violin masterclass (3:15pm; Lehmann, $13/$12). Tues. July 16: Weve seen plenty of New York Philharmonic principal violist Cynthia Phelps in the 805 recently, including the NY Phils first Santa Barbara concert in 44 years at the Granada in spring 2012 and again last winter as a co-soloist with Dicterow for the Santa Barbara Symphony, not to mention the last two summers here at the Music Academy. Phelps, who isnt retiring next year, has so many accolades theres no point in beginning to list

music academy (Continued from page 26)

them here, save perhaps for mentioning that her most recent album, with the Les Amies trio, was nominated for a Grammy Award. Which makes her the perfect leader for todays string chamber masterclass (1pm; Lehmann, $13/$12)... Phelps also gets two slots on tonights Tuesdays@8 concert, teaming with pianist Denk for Benjamin Brittens Lachrymae, the first of two works commemorating the English composers 100th birthday (the Phantasy Quartet is next week), and joining flutist Timothy Day and harpist JoAnn Turovsky for Debussys pioneering sonata that established a new instrumental ensemble that has become de rigueur today. Also of note: percussion faculty member Ted Atkatzs 2012 composition Turn Key Hotel, in which hell be joined by fellow faculty percussionist Michael Werner for the piece written for guitar and percussion. Lowenthal plays Ravels Sonatine and pianists Natasha Kislenko and Margaret McDonald perform John Mustos two-piano arrangement of Symphonic Dances from Bernsteins West Side Story to round out the generous program (8pm; Hahn; $40). Wed., July 17: The guests just keep on comin: todays its cellist Joshua Roman, a one-time prodigy who just keeps growing in ability, confidence and stature; hes now serving as the festivals first Academy Alumnus in Residence. Roman conducts the cello masterclass featuring fellows just a few years younger than he is (1pm; Lehmann, $13/$12), and hell also play in the Britten in next weeks Tuesdays@8... Denks recital features just two works, but theyre monumental pieces: Schumanns Davidsbndlertnze, Op. 6, and Bachs Goldberg Variations BWV 988 (8pm; Hahn, $50).

Off Campus

Normally, we get to see the fellows and faculty of the summer festival only on the Miraflores campus. Sure, you might catch a glimpse of fellows shopping on State Street or strolling back from sunbathing on Butterfly Beach in a rare spare hour or two. But most of the public events at the summer music festival take place in the various venues on the former



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VENTURA 805.642.222 4051 E Main St


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The Voice of the Village

Conductor Leonard Slatkin returns to lead the Academy Festival Orchestra on Saturday, June 13; he will also sign copies of his new book Conducting Business at Chaucers on Thursday, July 11

Montecito estate, save for orchestral concerts at the Granada. But the fellows also carpool downtown for weekly concerts at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art on Thursday afternoons. The performances mirror the popular Picnic Concerts at Hahn Hall, as the students perform pieces theyve been working on during the summer in coachings and mas-

terclasses, and since the space is small and admission is free, theres a huge demand for the limited seating. Complimentary tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 1:30pm at the museums back entrance, so dont tarry. Even more special is the one-off appearance by NYCO at SOhO on Thursday. This is the rock band that Ted Atkatz left his position as Chicago Symphony Orchestras principal percussionist in order to pursue, which made headlines back in 2007. Atkatz, who is the bands guitarist-singer-

songwriter, reformed NYCO when he moved to LA in 2008, and since then the trio has played at SXSW and the Coachella Festival just this past spring. NYCO has three albums out, including last years Future Imperfect, and you can bet all of his percussion fellows and a whole lot of other MAW supporters will be on hand for the 10pm concert. Finally, Slatkin also has a special date on Thursday; the music director will discuss and sign copies of his new book Conducting Business at Chaucers Books on upper State Street at 7pm.  MJ





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Its Simple. Charge is $2 per line, and any portion of a line. Multiply the number of lines used (example 4 lines x 2 =$8) Add 10 cents per Bold and/or Upper case character and send your check to: Montecito Journal, 1206 Coast Village Circle, Suite D, Montecito, CA 93108. Deadline for inclusion in the next issue is Thursday prior to publication date. $8 minimum. Email: Yes, run my ad __________ times. Enclosed is my check for $__________

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11 18 July 2013


Relationship Guidance for Partners, Families, Friends, Co-Workers & Individuals who seek further Self- Growth
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Got Gophers? Best Termite & Pest Control Free $50 off initial service Free Phone Quotes Estimates (805) 687-6644
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Live Animal Trapping


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Jimmy Jimmy Martinez Martinez 805-315-2596 805-315-2596
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College Application Workshops
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1187 Coast Village Road Suite 10-G Santa Barbara, CA 93108 (805) 845-4960 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 50105 Santa Barbara, CA 93150
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Computer or Phone problems?

Configure, Integrate and Recommend. We are the Montecito and Santa Barbara house call services for Apple TV, MacBook, iMac, iPad & iPhone WWW.SBMACINTEGRATION.COM
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Bernardo Gardening
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Landscape Maintenance Commercial/Residential Palm Trees, Trash, Hauling Irrigation Systems



COTTAGE WANTED IN TRADE-OUT Accomplished English Cottage Garden designer and Property Watcher looking to trade-out Superb gardens created at major estates in London, Marbella and Rancho Mirage. Requires major estate with suitable grounds, and a small cottage for me and my dog. Excellent referrals and references. Contact Gary Williams (805) 364-4851 or cell 805-722-5461. Ever considered renting out a room? 2 women 55 & 62 w/3 small dogs relocating from desert area looking for room w/secure yard or a guest house to rent. We have excellent references & hi FICO scores. Can provide some services for accommodations. Kathy 760-394-4108 or

CARMEL BY THE SEA vacation getaway. Charming, private studio. Beautiful garden patio. Walk to beach and town. $110/night. 831-624-6714 SPECIAL MONTECITO HOME long-term. 2bd/2ba w/separate office. Cold Spring School. Livingroom w/FP opens to deck. Spectacular views. Avail 8/15 $4500/mo. 695-0107.

Estate British Gardener Horticulturist Comprehensive knowledge of Californian, Mediterranean, & traditional English plants. All gardening duties personally undertaken including water gardens & koi keeping. Nicholas 805-963-7896 Ricos organic gardening maintenance, complete fertilizing, root, foliar and mineral feedings. Specialize in succulent rock low water gardens. Local made organic compost. Certified green gardener. 805 689-9890

SOME BUNNY NEEDS YOU! Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter is located at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter, 5473 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, Ca. Adopt /Volunteer/Donate with us, and help give abandoned & stray rabbits & guinea pigs a better life. Help Save Threatened Shorebirds! Coal Oil Point Reserve is looking for volunteers to help protect Western Snowy Plovers on Sands Beach. We are looking for volunteer docents to spend 2 hours a week on Sands Beach, teaching the public about the importance of protecting the snowy plover habitat. The Snowy Plover Breeding Season starts in March, and we need your help! Interested parties should call(805)893-3703or Next training date: Saturday, March 2, 9AM-12PM

Ken Frye Artisan in Wood The Finest Quality Hand Made Custom Furniture, Cabinetry & Architectural Woodwork Expert Finishes & Restoration Impeccable Attention to Detail Montecito References. lic#651689 805-473-2343

MONTECITO ASPHALT & SEAL COAT, Slurry Seal Crack Repair Patching Water Problems Striping Resurfacing Speed Bumps Pot Holes Burms & Curbs Trenches. Call Roger at (805) 708-3485

11 18 July 2013

If I agreed with you, wed both be wrong



T h e Lu x u r y R e a l Es t a te Co m p a ny

Montecito Beachfront $10,900,000 Brook Ashley 805.689.0480 Montecito 3bd/3.5 bath beachfront Gatsbyesque estate with a rolling lawn down to the sea.

1525 Las Tunas Rd $8,795,000 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 Gated, French Provencial style 5bd/7ba estate on 1.3 acres.

1880 E Valley Rd $18,800,000 Tim Dahl 805.886.2211 This distinguished estate in the heart of Montecito features 6 beds, 7 baths. Luxury amenities include world-class gardens, horse facilities, 80 ft pool, gazebo spa, game room, putting green & more.

Montecito Estate Price Upon Request Tim Dahl 805.886.2211 Luxurious 4 bed, 4 bath Montecito estate, privacy and the highest level of quality & detail.

New Green Built Estate $7,900,000 Hurst/Wilson/Dahl 680.8216/705.7620/886.2211 Newly built 5bd/4.5ba estate + guest house in the heart of Montecito.

715 Ladera Ln $5,400,000 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 Ocean view, gated estate, 3bd + office/den on 4+ acres.

6 Ac View Estate Site $4,750,000 Joe Stubbins 805.729.0778 Gated 6 ac estate site with ocean, island & mtn views. All utilities at site & includes plans.

Stunning Views $3,950,000 Jason Streatfeild 805.280.9797 3,972 SF 3/3 impeccably remodeled & expanded Mediterranean on 11.46 acs.

129 W Mountain Dr $3,575,000 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 4Br/3.5Ba Spanish Villa w/ Ocean & Mtn Vws & Appx 6+ acs.

Incredible Views, 22 Acs $3,500,000 Lacy/Mermis/St. Clair 805.455.7577 Coastline vws on 22 acs. Building pad w/ 3bd/2ba guest house/garages.

Montecito Contemporary $3,250,000 Daniel Encell 805.565.4896 Gated & private resort-like estate. 3bd/3.5ba + office on 1+ acre with pool.

1210 Shoreline Dr $2,750,000 Scott Williams 805.451.9300 Fabulous 3bd, 2.5ba 3080 SF home across from Shoreline Park & views of the ocean/coastline.

Enchanting! $2,595,000 Mimi Greenberg 805.570.9585 One level 4bd/3.5ba home tastefully remodeled to perfection!

Riviera Retreat! $2,499,000 Jake Ralston 805.455.9600 Riviera - 4 bds/3.5 bth, 1 acre, sweeping mtn views, gourmet kitchen & 1,000 SF great room.

2000 Sandy Place $2,495,000 Daniel Encell 805.565.4896 Mountain views from this 1.28 ac 3bd, 3.5ba home on the 16th hole of Birnam Wood Golf Course!

Historic Upper East $2,395,000 Angela Moloney 805.451.1553 Historic 4 bed, 3 bath Upper East home w/ guest cottage & private garden. Close to the Mission.

116 Orizaba Rd $2,350,000 Mary Layman 805.448.3890 Mediterranean 3bd/2.5ba home with views on a quiet culde-sac.

1330 E Pepper Ln $2,350,000 Stark/Stapelmann 689.2429/705.4353 Fantastic Montecito location! Exquisite 3,300 SF 3 bed, 3.5 bath on flat useable .92 acre lot.

Build Your Dream Home! $2,300,000 Encell/Stark 805.565.4896/689.2429 Build your dream home in Montecito on 1.3 ac lot! +1bd/1ba guest house w/ pool.

Pristine Condition! $2,149,000 Joyce Enright 805.570.1360 Beautiful Mediterranean 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home in MUS District. Inviting outside entertaining patio area with a lovely fireplace. Conveniently located near the Biltmore, Butterfly Beach & Lower Village.

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