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ePortfolio Proposal

Donna Forward #64664865 University of British Columbia Dr. Franc Feng June 9th, 2013

Purpose To meet Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) requirements for a graduating, capstone project. To present my cumulative achievements and artifacts that I have produced both individually as well as collaboratively throughout the MET program. To demonstrate a growth in my learning when it comes to education and technology. To produce a concrete product that will be beneficial for my own, professional teaching use, as well as to offer evidence of my MET experience to an audience of my colleagues, peers and instructors. Audience my ETEC 590 instructor, Dr. Franc Feng another faculty corrector/reader, Dr. Alex De Cosson my MET peers and teaching colleagues Teacher Qualification Service staff of British Columbia

Metaphor I have selected the metaphor of weather (or METeorology) for my ePortfolio. As I was brainstorming possible metaphors, there was a huge thunder and rain storm screaming outside my window. At first I noticed how dark the clouds were, which got me thinking about all of the tools in MET that I have learned how to use which are in the cloud. Then the ideas just started flowing: Weather is constantly changing, just like technology. Furthermore, the winds of change are always showering us with a blizzard of the latest and greatest technological ideas.

We are continuously faced with the challenge of whether or not we should use these new tools and often fear that they will soon be swept away in a whirlwind and quickly become obsolete. Computers can freeze and our memory is often foggy. Sometimes working with technology is a breeze, but other times, we need to weather the storm and face challenges along the way. We are on the dawn of a new technological era but cant always predict what the forecast will bring. When our MET assignments went smoothly, it was always sunny, but with technology, we can eventually expect a little rain. A future, with only clear skies ahead when it comes to technology and education, is everyones wish. Unfortunately, we know that we will be flooded with questions from some of our colleagues, administrators and parents who are resistant and reluctant to change. We hail new concepts in technology that can help us in our classroom, yet we fear the dry spells when we have no more energy or ideas to keep our students focused on what is important.

Sections 1) Weather Forecast - Will host my home page & overview as well as my virtual tour. 2) Your local METeorologist - A page with information about myself. 3) Rainbow of artifacts Will contain my artifacts. 4) Winds of change Will include my reflections on my artifacts as well as my personal growth in the program and how I will use my new technological knowledge to

benefit my students as well as to become a better teacher. For each artifact reflection I will include: A description of the course where I created the artifact A link to click on to allow for easy access to the artifact Connection to the metaphor Images relating metaphor to artifact Context describing what the assignment was about Learning and Influence includes how creating the artifact has made an impact on my teaching as well as references and ties to learning theories Additional links to click on for secondary artifacts from the same course. 5) Clear skies ahead Will include my assessment rubric. 6) Advisories Will post links to my learning during my MET journey and any references that I have used. Artifacts 500 510 511 512 521

Research proposal - iPods in the language classroom Vuvox on phonographs

Wiki site - French Immersion technology Blended ESL group language website and paper

Assignment #1 - Android tablets with cartoon Wiki site The Anthropology and Sociology of Educational Technology

Thought Paper #2 - Students at risk to the dangers of technology Vuvox on Piaget

Final Research Proposal - Shuswap elder language podcasts and the lost, residential school generation


Weblog reflections

BYOD Prezi Elevator and Venture Pitch on Youtube


Visual representation - Now you seem them, now you dont. Final Paper - Selecting digital tools for a French Immersion LMS

565A Digital story - Slide Rocket Voice Thread example

565G Research Proposal - Virtual French Immersion verses face-to-face Immersion Final logbook entry #6

590 ePortfolio Proposal ePortfolio

Objectives and Outcomes First and foremost, to prove that I have met the TQS requirement to be considered for category 6 in B.C. To create a technology resource that I can be proud of that will demonstrate my accomplishments in the field of educational technology. To provide an electronic souvenir of artifacts that my own French Immersion students can learn from, in order to inspire them to create their own.

To offer myself the opportunity to reflect on my own teaching and how I will apply the skills that I have learned in MET in order to create a more collaborative, innovative learning environment, through means of technology, for my students.

Guiding Questions Will my students be able to benefit from what I have experienced in the MET program? Will they also discover the online tools that will help them become a community of learners and inquire critically together in a collaborative and social constructivist way?

Time line due dates June 9th - Proposal and assessment rubric complete June 16th - Learn how to use WIX and begin creating ePortfolio June 23rd - Set up the 6 sections and the layout with metaphor and theories June 30th Set up links to artifacts and make their access easy for others to navigate July 7th - Work on reflections, references, & post 3 artifacts for peer reviewing July 14th Help others with ideas for improving their sites and strengthen my own reflections with feedback from others as well as references to course readings and learning theories. Complete my reflections on 7 remaining artifacts. July 21st - Post my almost ready ePortfolio for peer review feedback #2. Revisit other colleagues sites to give them feedback and make changes on my own site after reading feedback from them. Download Camtasia this week and begin writing the script for my virtual tour. Using Camtasia, create virtual tour and record my voice

commentary. July 28th Submit final, good copy of my ePortfolio, including virtual tour. July 28th August 9th Watch virtual tours of others and complete peer review #3. August 10th Fly to Switzerland and celebrate with family

References and links

Please see the advisories page on my ePortfolio for all of the references