It's clear that the great Andres Iniesta based his whole style on M. Laudrup.

I think I read somewhere he was his idol it definitely shows.

laudrup has the dribbling/ control of messi, the trickery and technical ability of iniesta and passing & vision better than xavi, i think iniesta is the most similar all rounder like laudrup but not at his level, the guy is easily in my opinion best player ever

This is the genius who inspired the likes of andres iniesta and david silva..:)

bmf439 7 months ago this guy is exactly like iniesta. halfwas 7 months ago No. Iniesta is exactly like this guy.

Best playmaker ever. The one Iniesta and Xavi wants to be. Out of world vision and the most incredible passing skills ever. Took a tiny nation to two World Cup Quarter finals and won 7 league throphies. 5 in a row in Spain. Bow down, folks, bow down!

Michael Laudrup is the player in history who made the game the most BEAUTIFUL of all players ever. A football mind of his own. Without him I´m not even sure I would have been a fan, he made me fall in love with the game.

how can he be so agile and balanced in dribble when he's not that small in stature... Its a mystery

Can't believe what I just saw . Why isn't he mentioned amongst zidane,cruyff ect.

He was voted Best Foreign Player In Spain for the last 25 years up to 1975- 2000. Think of all the foreign players in La Liga during that time.

He is the best 'touch' player in history, this is what made him able to make those impossible passes, he relied on touch and keeping ball close to feet and when he needed time and to reassess, he would push ball further either diagonally left or right, more left than right, this enabled his head to be up far more than other players. He was unique.

amazing player. I remember watching the replay from the goal angle. Laudrup never recieved a red card. Laudrup never looked at Romarios direction until after the pass. Baggio & Zidane all play. I am Italian & a Napoli fan to & I have been telling people for many years that the best footballer I ever saw was Michael Laudrup ! The two foot dribble. the no look pass. the touch. by comparison. Any self respecting football fan should know this player.25 in the) best player of the 90's The pass 05:43 to Romario is the most amazing no look pass I've ever seen. Maradona in the 80s and Laudrup in the 90s.. Messi my arse ! All of it is just pure class!! The chip pass is just out of this world (from 9. thats why laudrup felt betrayed and want a transfer. many people say its because laudrup is not a cule nor he's a product of la masia. it's bullshit if the reason was inconsistency cuz even capello said the only one he feared was laudrup and it was a mistake for cruyff to drop him. Iniesta: "Who is the best player in history? Laudrup. He was a fantastic player whom I would love to have on my team today. Respect laudrup was the best player in 94. 4-0 defeat was a disgrace in a final.hmmm. I can't believe he hasn't won the title as best player. A Ronaldinho no look pass. barca is too proud for their own good. Beckenbauer: "Pelé was the best in the 60s. and without any reason cruyff benched him in the final of ucl. soo Iniesta takes those tricks from Laudrup rifway22. His brother was a better dribbler thoe Said about Michael Laudrup: Romário: "The best player I have ever played with and the 4th best in the history of the game Raúl: "The best I have ever played with Guardiola: "The best player in the world. . is turning the head away half a second before the pass. not really fooling anyone. Mourinho: "He was phenomenal in Barcelona. the roulette. Cruyff in the 70s. I have seen Maradona. the shooting. the passing oh the passin! This just reminded me why should be regarded ALONG with Maradona & Pele. Stoichkov: "Laudrup was the greatest. had he not been so unselfish he would have scored more. Figo: "I think maybe Laudrup was the best player I ever played against.

.... not necessarily superior players but superior to watch. aesthetically superior. Always. This guy is up with them. A truely legendary player.. He will always be my numero uno.everybody knew it.they just could not stop it. They say that at 48. Holy Moley! You have NEVER seen so may AIR SWINGS. It is very hard to compare footballers over time.. The way he disorganised the opposition defence with his passes directly and accurately to the goal scoring position is out of this world..... Michael Laudrup is the most genius player the world has ever seen. one of the many reasons for the attraction of laaudrup style was the two footedness he spent hours and hours practising as a kid..Koeman: "Michael was possibly the most skilful and elegant player I ever played with. I think he is Xavi and Iniesta combined..they maid football into art with their elegance and vision. this is the legend who taught the great Xavier and iniesta Just got an idea.. TRY THIS: Watch the first five of minutes of the video. that's right. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! . The footballing world has not done him justice going on about Platini and Maradona.. absolutely agree with you. Legs go out and just kick AIR! I counted FIFTY and they were still coming. zidane and riquelme had this as well and it is this which makes them superior to watch than the one footed likes of maradona and messi... look only at the defender. but on the defenders.I remember seeing Barca play in the early 90´s and Laudrup made a chance almost everytime he was on the ball. Few could dribble like he could. but to me Laudrup and Zidane are the best... he's still the best footballer out of all the players at Swansea. Clemente: "To me.. but this time do NOT concentrate on Laudrup. everybody expected it.

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