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Introduction to Our Class at Open

Teacher: Donna Marsella Purcell

Grade: 4

Subject: Language Arts

Length: 15 days

Analyze Learner

General Characteristics

• 26 students

• Ages: 8-9yrs

• 12 boys and 14 girls

• Ethnicities: Korean, Japanese, Chamorro, Hispanic, Pilipino,

Yapese, and Chuckes

• Accommodations: 1 student in a wheel chair, 1 ESL student


Specific entry competencies

• Students know how to turn on computer and understand the

basic function of keyboard, finder, and Internet.

• Students know the basic functions of a video camera and digital


Learning Styles

• Visual (14 students)

• Audio (1 students)

• Kinesthetic (11students)

State Objectives

– Students will interview one of their classmates about their

culture or traditions in their family, with already prepared


– Students will share their best classroom work in the class while

being interviewed.

– Students will set up a video camera on top of a tripod for the


– Students will take pictures of their best classroom work.

– Students will add their pictures and video to iMovie maker.

– Students will edit video making each interview one and half

minute in length.
– Students will add features to movie (transitions, text, and back

ground music to video).

– Students will hook up a projector to a computer to play video


Select Instructional methods, media, and materials

• Method

* Student’s work in-group with 2 groups of 2 students.

• Media

Computer, Digital Camera, Video Camera, iMovie, 6 thum

drives, and projector. (All equipment provided by teacher)

• Materials

* Pencils, paper, student brings in something special from


culture, tripod

Utilize media and materials

Preview materials:

• Make sure all students have the self-provided materials (paper

and pencils). Have extra materials ready for those in need.

• Check all computers and make sure they all are working and

have iMovie maker.

• Check all cameras and video cameras to make sure they are all

working, charged, and have enough memory.

• Make sure there is enough tripods and make sure there all

working properly.

Prepare materials:

• Make sure there is enough equipment necessary for each pair of


Prepaired environment:

• Explain to students what they will be doing and what is expected

of them for all parts of the assignment go over twice.

• Show students how to properly handle equipment and put away.

• Make sure the computer lab is available for the 15 days

necessary to do project.

• Make sure the wheel chair student is closest to the door.

• Explain rules of the computer lab.

Require learner participation


• Teacher will show examples of other student iMovie videos on

i. Review how to upload media to computer by importing

pictures and video.

ii. Review with students how to import media to iMovie.

iii. Review function of iMovie editing clip length, drag and drop

media, transitions, duration, adding text, and adding


iv. The teacher will also go over how to use a tripod.

In Action

• Student will be grouped up in groups of four they will have a

partner within in this group. The grouping of four students is

because of limited amounts of equipment. The student with the

wheel chair will be grouped with a fun loving student and they

will always be seated next to the exit doors. The ESL Korean

student will be grouped with a Korean student who is fluent in

Korean and English.

i. The teacher will make sure that the student interviewing

has 3 prepared questions that they will be asking their

other classmate, when interviewing them about their

culture. The interviewe will have an item from their culture

or their family tradition and a copy of their best in class

work or assignment.
• Teacher will hand out digital camera per group to take pictures of

their best work.

i. Students will take an up close picture of their best

classroom work. The students will take three pictures per

group to insure they have a good picture.

ii. Then the class will take a group picture.

iii. The students will upload pictures to computer and then

transfer the pictures to the thumb drive.

• Teacher will hand out tripod and video camera to students

i. The students will set up the tripod and video camera.

ii. Students will determine what angel is best to do the


iii. The students will also have an item from their culture to

share in the video.

iv. Students will interview their classmate.

v. Students will upload there video to the computer one pair

of two at a time.

vi. Students will add their video to their groups thumb drive.
• Teacher will give each group their thumb drives.

i. Students will add their video and pictures to iMovie maker.

i. The students will edit their clips to one minute per person.

ii. Students will vote on what fonts, title designs, and music they

will use in their iMovie, the music will be added when all clips are

in iMovie maker.

iii. Students will then put edited clips on thumb drive.

• Teacher will have one group at a time add their movie to one


i. Each group will add there iMovie to a laptop but the last group

will add the class picture and music to the video.

ii. The students will share video and then watch video as a class.

• Teacher will provide the projector and laptop and give a review

on how to hook up the projector.

i. Each group will hook up the projector one at a time and make

sure the picture comes up.

ii. Students will then play the video to make sure it is working


iii. Students will make corrections if any to iMovie.

• The teacher will have the iMovie playing during Open House.

Evaluation and revise

-Assessment of the learners in what they achieved.

-Students will be assessed individually, using a simple rubric

on the next page.

Excellent Fair Improveme
Communicatio Student asked Students ask Student asked
ns all the most very few
questions in questions in questions in the
the interview the interview interview and
and allowed and allowed did not allow
student to the student to other students
share his or share most of to share all his
culture with his or her or her answers.
respect and answers to the
care. question with
Group All students Students had a Students did
Cooperation worked well few problems not work well
together and in the together. They
had barely any beginning but had problems
problems they all Compromising
worked them their wants as a
out together. group.
Use of all The students Students had a Students did
media handled all few problems not handle
media with the use of media with
properly and media and properly or with
with care. handled care.
iMovie Quality Students Students’ Students’
iMovie was iMovie was iMovie was not
edited well, edited well but edited well and
fonts, and title some of the the design
design was design elements were
correct. elements were wrong.

• Student interviewed one of their classmates with prepared

questions about their culture.

• Students shared their best classroom work while being


• Students set up a video camera on top of a tripod for the


• Students took 3 pictures of their best classroom work.

• Students added their pictures and video to iMovie maker.

• Students edited movie making each interview one and half

minutes in length.
• Students’ added features to the video (transitions, text, and back

ground music to video)

• Students hooked up projector to a computer to play video


--Evaluation of the instructor

• Did the teacher provide enough instruction on how to use all


• Did the teacher have enough time for each group of students
with any questions?

• Were the students excited about the assignment?