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English language is the known language through out the globe. Almost everyone on earth can speak English and understand it very well. Although we have our own mother-tongue language, learning English is like an essential to our educational process nowadays because English was used in almost every aspect in our daily live whether we realize it or not. English was used in workplaces, universities, schools, and many public places especially in urban area such as Kuala Lumpur. It is undeniable that English language played important roles in human life. That is why we need to learn and strengthen our mastering of this language, especially students who hold the future in their hands. Learning English is inside every students to-do list. In the process of learning this language, speaking is among the important things. Through this, learners can practice and imply what they have learnt and also to enrich the vocabulary in their memory. This process of speaking is the same to all learners of any language whether English, Arabic, France,, or any other language in the world. There are many benefits and advantages in speaking English especially in a group of people. Not only it have the benefits among students, workers and teachers can also enjoy many benefits from speaking English language in a group, especially Malaysian people where our mother-tongue language was not English. In this work, I will present the benefits and advantages of speaking English in a group from different group of people eye-views, from students, workers, and also the benefits to the common people.

Benefits to The Students Nowadays, English language is among the important subjects teach to students beginning from the primary level by learning simple words and phrases and creating simple sentences. All this learning process gone through by the students help them mastering this language further in the future. In addition, learning basics of something new is important as people said, you cannot run before you can walk. As the level of studies getting higher students face more challenges and processes in mastering English language effectively through speaking and communicating with each other. The best way in learning English is speaking with the pure English person but that chance was not very easy to get. But speaking with friends and classmates is good enough for students, and it become better if they try to speak in a small group, discussing things and exchange thoughts. Through this conversation no matter how simple it is, it helps students build their confidence in speaking and using words, especially for those who are not from native English users such as Malaysian. English is considered as foreign language and trying to use it in that surrounding could be very hard sometimes. Building confidence is as important as mastering the language itself. There is no use mastering the grammar and vocabulary but does not have any confidence in speaking with it to others. The confidence built from speaking English in group will also effecting students potential psychologically. Students will have more energy and interests in learning new things because they know that they can do it through the process of speaking English language in groups. This confidence will also help students advancing in other subjects they learn at school, and the confidence will create chain reactions affecting other students in the group.

Students in higher education level such as university student can enjoy benefits from speaking English in a group. It help in building teamwork and understanding between each other as we know this elements are important to the university students in completing their tasks. Speaking in a group works effectively as a process of helping each other not only in learning and mastering the language but also building bonds between them. Mastering English language in higher educational level are important especially for those who are in international universities like International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Such institution need students that can compete in various field of studies that will be teached mostly in English, thus the importance of mastering English is very high. The benefits that also can be enjoyed by the students is they can practice their language skills for interviews after graduating from universities. Fresh graduate from universities often face problems during interviews that use English. They lack the capability to speak and response effectively in English language. This problem has became an issue and was discussed by the Ministry of Education.1 Speaking in a group can be an effective early solution for the problems. Students will adapt themselves to the language and at the same time sharpen and strengthen their language skills and capabilities. This does no only help them during interviews, but also help them in their future jobs.

Berita Harian, 21 May 2011, Minda Intelek column.

Benefits To Workers English is an universal language that can be adapted and used in many