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Interactions between HCV NS3 and cellular dNT1 dNT1 proteins

BenHCl A Effect of protease inhibitor BenHCl on influenza A virus replication

CY Biochemical characterization of an Oriental restricted nonHLA and nonminor histocompatibility antigen named CY

Searching for cellular factors facilitating HCV replication.

HP1089 Purification and function analysis of HP1089 protein in Helicobacter pylori.

Determination of Methamphetamine and its Precursor Enantiomers With Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.

Both hepatitis Cvirus core and ARFP proteins TPA HepG2 P15 can induce hepatocyte proliferation in transgenic mice. The transcriptional mechanism for TAP induced p15 gene expression in HepG2 cell

Functional analysis of Colistin resistance associated genes in Acinetobacter spADP1

Morphologic characterization of -amyloid aggregates in different conditions.

Parkin The protective role of parkin against beta amyloidAinduced neurotoxicity

Identification of unknown drugs in urine samples with GC-MS and LC-MS.

Preparation of capillary immunoaffinity columns for direct quantitation of 6 6-acetylmorphine and oxycodone in urine by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. The role of parkin in cell cycle.


pH Atomic Force Microscopy of pH Dependent A NS1 PSMB4 Morphological Changes on Escherichia coli Flagella Interactions between in fluenza A virus NS1 protein and cellular PSMB4 protein.