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This document is a small collection of house rules my friends and I put to use when playing Gorkamorka.

They came about due in part to our players using vehicles of different sizes and function with no real benefits or detriments to their choices and no change in value for said vehicles. In the core gang list the size of vehicles is not set, but the cost is, so this lead to most people just making large Trakks to carry their entire gang and keep costs down which made every gang start to look like carbon copies of each other. So these rules were created and play-tested to give a bit more variety to vehicles in the game without completely unbalancing them.

Vehicle size and point cost - Warbike (remains same)

10 teef

Other vehicles need to be measured to find their size category and points cost, just measure the width and length in inches (round up from 0.5), at the longest points and add the results together (e.g.: width 4.7 + length 6 = 11) Small vehicle (up to 10) Medium vehicle (11 20) Large vehicle (21+) 15 teef 20 teef 30 teef

Tracked and non-tracked vehicles When you buy a vehicle (warbikes included), you must decide whether or not it is tracked. The cost remains the same but the effects of your choice are as follows: - Non-tracked: Follows all standard vehicle rules (stuck on dunes etc)

- Tracked: Tracks follow the standard tracked vehicle rules with this exception, BOTH gas engines AND thrusters are reduced to 5 movement. (Therefore slow speed manoeuvres for tracked vehicles will be in increments of 2.5 NOT 3 as it used to be.) Vehicle Ram Damage modified by size This is where the benefits and detriments of different sized vehicles begin to become apparent. Use the standard vehicle ramming rules with these modifications: - Warbikes Vehicle ramming damage remains the same as in the core rules (bikes were already quite fragile and caused little damage to larger vehicles) - All other vehicles o +1 damage for ramming a smaller vehicle o -1 damage for ramming a larger vehicle

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Damage to foot models The strength of the damage caused to foot models from being run down, or jumping from a moving vehicle now ties into how fast the vehicle was travelling. Speeds up to and including 1 thrust = Strength 3 hit Travelling at speed: 2 thrusts Travelling full out: 3 thrusts+ = Strength 4 hit = Strength 5 hit

Spike Gubbinz amendment The spike gubbinz as written in the core rules wouldnt be of much benefit under these new vehicle rules, here was our solution: A vehicle equipped with the Spike gubbinz upgrade gains +1 strength to damage foot models. (So depending upon travelling speed a vehicle equipped with spikes will have a strength of 4 6 against foot models). They follow all the other gubbinz rules as normal.

Passenger fall damage (optional) This rule was inspired by the passenger rules from the Ork battlewagon datafax card in warhammer 40,000 2nd edition, it became semi-official in our local store. It is a little harsh, but it adds a whole lot of hilarity and fear to the movement of your gang. You CAN fit as many passengers on board a vehicle as you see fit, but if a passenger model physically falls from the vehicle leave it at the spot it lands upon the table. Roll a D6 for the fallen passenger/s; on a 4+ they take a hit based upon the strength and speed they were travelling.

Experimental rules and ideas These are some rules we have played around with and ideas we have bandied about, but none of these have gone through the amount of gaming the main house rules did, Im just including them here in case someone else likes them or would like to modify them to suit their purpose. Big Gunz - Instead of mounting a big gun on a vehicle, the gun may be wielded by a Spanner or Nob. The weapon becomes a move or fire type and the wielder will be at 1 WS in hand-to-hand combat due to the encumbrance. (You only get one big gun per Spanner in the mob)

-Territories / Locations Inspired by Necromunda, a Gorkamorka themed location table from which each mob would gain and lose territories over its career. (The mine would become one of them) Foot Slogging Mobs Also inspired by Necromunda, outlanders in particular. A mob with no transport, using the hardship/starvation rules.

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Slaver beasts Squigs as companions/pets, Boars for riding. Other ideas: Revisit Necrons (maybe tone down power level to have them as an encounter.) Genestealers, Ork hybrids. More desert creatures. Jump-packs Feral Orks squiggoths

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