BATHROOM – NIGHT – SUPER8 AARON, 22, clean-shaven, a look of desperation on his face, stares at his reflection in the mirror. He can’t bear to look at himself. After a moment, he slams his fist into the glass. There’s a KNOCK at the door. Aaron slides down the wall, cradling his cut-up fist. JOSS (O.S.) Hey. You okay? (pause) Aaron? ANGLE ON: the bathroom mirror, broken. CLOSE ON: Blood droplets falling into a puddle on the floor. Aaron’s face fills with pain. He winces. CLOSE ON: broken glass on the floor. CLOSE ON: the doorknob jiggling. The bathroom door slides open. JOSS, 20, looking concerned, kneels down to Aaron. Her face fills with fear. CUT TO BLACK: Joss CRIES. JOSS No! You can’t do this to me. CUT TO: INT. AARON’S BEDROOM – NIGHT - DV Aaron wakes up with a start. He takes a moment to regain his composure. He turns over in his bed and tries to fall back to sleep.

CUT TO: INT. LIBRARY BASEMENT – NIGHT - DV The CAMERA DOLLIES down the center aisle of a large college library. The florescent lights flicker. Joss replaces books from a cart onto the shelves at the far end of the room. We hear FOOTSTEPS approaching. Aaron, with a five-o-clock shadow, his forearms bandaged, peeks his head around the shelf to see Joss. Joss looks up, glad to see him. AARON I’m gonna need to borrow your car. EXT. LIBRARY PARKING LOT – NIGHT - DV Aaron follows Joss as she walks to her car. AARON C’mon, Joss. I need this. JOSS You need to drive my car headlong into a telephone pole? AARON I hate it when you talk like that. (beat) Just this one favor, then I promise to leave you alone. JOSS That’s not what I mean. You don’t need to leave me alone. (beat) Where do you need to go so badly? AARON Home. There’s some things I have to work out. (silence) Just tell me what I need to do.

(beat.. A jar on the desk is filled with old hospital bracelets. Framed pictures of friends and family line the windowsills and desktops. INT.Wait.. Prescription bottles litter the dresser top.. JOSS I’ll pick you up in the morning. She rolls it down a crack. Piles of books are also strewn about.DV The room is tidy and ordered. JOSS’ BEDROOM – MORNING . to himself) I need to do this alone. She drives away.DV The room is extraordinarily messy. She unlocks it and gets in. Joss places folded clothes. Aaron stuffs random articles into a duffel bag. A picture taped to the computer shows Joss and Aaron. . INT. She turns the car on and warms her hands on the dashboard heater. JOSS Fine. Aaron knocks on the window. AARON But. happy and younger. JOSS What happened to all that work you were complaining about? AARON I’m taking an incomplete. Joss puts the car in drive. Whatever. Clothes. AARON So.Joss reaches her car.. books and medications form a pile on the unmade bed. AARON’S BEDROOM – MORNING . and her cell phone into a backpack. books. food.

DV Joss. . TITLE: mirror stage. Joss reaches for Aaron’s hand. INT. POV: Aaron states at the trees as they blur past. Joss pulls over. AARON Turn here. CAR ON ROAD . EXT. CAR ON ROAD – DAY . The car passes through the country.DV CLOSE ON: the side white line of the highway. POV: Joss drives. He shifts closer to the window. The road ends as they arrive at a tall house. He looks up. INT. She holds it a second until he pulls away.DUSK Aaron turns a map over. driving.DUSK Joss drives up the road overshadowed by trees. TILT TO REVEAL: A rusted station wagon clunking down the road. CUT TO: DRIVING MONTAGE: Headlights pass over a dotted yellow line. The white line. INT. checks in on Aaron. JOSS Huh? AARON You missed it. The moon appears in the sky as the sun retreats.DUSK The car backs up and pulls onto a side road. who is slumped in the passenger’s seat. reading the roads. ROAD – DAY .EXT. CAR ON ROAD . CAR ON ROAD .

He unlocks the door and enters. HOUSE – DUSK . .DV Aaron leads Joss into the house. INT.DV Aaron grabs the house key from under the doormat. AARON What are you doing? JOSS I didn’t see it there. Aaron kneels down to clean up the broken glass. Joss walks through the rooms on the first floor. Joss bumps against a mirror leaning against the wall. He pushes her away. Every movement she makes causes something else to move. MAIN FLOOR – DUSK . Aaron appears suddenly beside her.DUSK Joss and Aaron get out of the car. She runs her finger along a tabletop creating a line in the dust. Joss kneels down to help. JOSS I’m sorry.EXT. Aaron grabs a broom. The place is full of REFLECTIONS AND SHADOWS. Joss moves away. Aaron goes into the living room. INT. LIVING ROOM – SUPER8 The CAMERA DOLLIES with Joss and Aaron as they travel to the front door. AARON Just let me do it. HOUSE . Joss’ hand rushes to her mouth in shock. grab their bags and approach the house. It falls to the floor SMASHING. AARON Just be more careful. EXT. Joss peers in through the windows.

The woods turn black. The house becomes dark. No electric. AARON The furnace is out. She checks out the empty cupboards: canned food. Joss glares at the ceiling. POUNDING comes from the basement. AARON Don’t do that.Emptying the broken glass into the trash. . attempting to say something.. Joss appears at the base of the stairs. He looks away. Joss jumps and holds her heart. HOWLING. Aaron builds a fire in the hearth. She notices and smiles at him. CUT TO: EXT. INT. Joss takes a step up the stairs. sits on a couch and rummages through her bag. Then the floorboards CREAK under footsteps upstairs. Joss runs her hand along the dusty surfaces. Aaron looks her way. either. JOSS What? Why not? AARON Please don’t. CREAKING. HOUSE – DUSK The sun sets. She listens hard. She cooks the cans over a camping stove. HOUSE – NIGHT Holding a flashlight. Aaron comes upstairs with a flashlight in his hand. Joss tries not to notice. Aaron locks the basement door behind him.. The sounds from the house and from outside start to invade: BREAKING. A bag of tealite candles sit on the counter. Aaron goes to the fireplace. She halts. WHISPERING. The basement door bursts open. Joss comes back into the living room. ignoring her.

I’m not.. AARON No. A fire burns in the hearth. You know. She shows him the wrapper: paper. alarmed. She pulls back. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT Tealites fill the room with a glow. Aaron? AARON What do you mean? JOSS You’re different.. Aaron looks at Joss. Joss stays. JOSS What happened. Joss shoves the remaining granola bar into her mouth and approaches the fire with the wrapper. JOSS What made you wanna come here? AARON Why do you care? JOSS You don’t have to treat me like shit all the time. She throws it into the fire. I don’t like it. Empty cans and food wrappers lie in a pile on the floor. Even if there’s no one here.. AARON . JOSS I don’t know if it’s this place or.INT. AARON This is where I grew up. I’ve still got this place. She reaches to throw it into the fire..But something’s different with you. He retracts. Aaron grabs her wrist tight. Aaron compulsively stokes the fire. kneeling next to him.

lays asleep. Joss moves closer to Aaron.NIGHT Aaron peeks into one of the rooms. INT. Silence. JOSS Too bad. You shouldn’t be here. INT. I’m not going anywhere. JOSS Won’t you just tell me what’s going on? AARON This is the only place I have left. MAIN FLOOR – NIGHT . Beat. While the lights are on. Aaron pulls back. JOSS Sulking won’t do anything. He takes a key from off the table and locks the door. SECOND FLOOR . Joss stares into the fire. He silently gets up. Aaron’s eyes are still wide open. AARON I made a mistake. Aaron turns over to see Joss. Aaron takes his sleeping bag and moves to the opposite side of the room. we see the SHADOW of a human figure looming over him. INT. The lights flicker on and off. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT Joss. on the sofa. JOSS You know that’s not true. Aaron ascends the stairs.I don’t know what you’re talking about.

INT. SHADOWS loom by the windows. from the upstairs door. His fist clenches and blood trickles down his arm. He creeps into the basement. He takes a small maglite out of his pocket. overcome with frustration. CU: Drops of blood fall. Blood trickles from his arms and the white tile wall.Aaron watches Joss as she sleeps. He goes to the furnace. shattered. The door slams on his hand.DV Joss sleeps soundly. He leans against the wall and his face fills with pain. He sinks to the dirt floor and rubs his hand. He slides down the wall to the floor. Nothing. swishing it around to glimpse the corners of the darkness. fiddling with it in an attempt to fix it. He relaxes and closes his eyes. Aaron moves to a sitting position on the floor. collecting in a puddle on the white tile floor. BASEMENT The flashlight slices into the dark. Every reflection looks animate. His flashlight flickers. . CU: Aaron’s face. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT . A bloody molar is extracted then placed on a clean cloth. Aaron. BATHROOM – FLASHBACK – SUPER8 Aaron stares at his reflection in the mirror. The SOUND of the door latch rouses Joss. He leans back against the wall. kicking the furnace. peers into the basement. CU: The mirror. The Shadow looms over Aaron. She rolls over. FADE TO: SUPER8 MONTAGE: A knife rips into sensitive flesh. The Shadow’s hand passes over Aaron’s face. INT. He pulls it out. INT.

INT. but the words make no sense. echoing sounds of SMASHING glass come from outside. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT . She grabs her flashlight. The SMASHING continues. She quickly closes the window and looks around. A window at the far end of the room is open. Distant. Joss sees the basement door cracked open. He jars awake with a YELP. the lines and curves in the glass and curtain look more and more like a face. She goes to it. The SOUNDS of the house grow in intensity. She puts on a sweater. INT. She shines the flashlight sporadically around. trying to catch every dark object in the light. shivering. His hands clasp his mouth. She peers out the windows into the woods. Her light falls on Aaron. She stares at the open window. full of terror. The face vanishes. Aaron immediately jumps back away from her. She takes a breath. She pulls herself into a corner. shrouded in black night. JOSS Don’t you want to sleep in a real bed? AARON (whispering) What are you doing? JOSS I had a bad dream. She goes to the stairway warily. His eyes find Joss. Joss goes to the windows. As Joss approaches.DV Joss startles awake. A Shadow passes quickly over a window behind her. A faint WHISPERING can be heard. She shines her light around on the ground to bring dimension to the objects. BASEMENT – NIGHT Joss shines her flashlight down the stairs. The draft is dead cold. curled up asleep. . She apprehensively descends the stairs. Its mouth is moving. Joss touches his foot. She can’t see anything.

on a dirt floor. I don’t expect you to be able to do anything. It comes into his view. BASEMENT – DV Aaron sits in a ball on the ground. Joss leaves. INT. I don’t want anything from you. The Shadow moves over Aaron. AARON Good. She scans the windows. His mouth opens. FALLING-DOWN ROOM . The fire burns low. A CROAKING sound comes from the far corner. His eyebrows are high. AARON What do you want? JOSS Nothing. placing him in darkness. eyes closed. SUPER8: A human Shadow appears on the ground behind Aaron. Metal tongs extract a bloody molar. INT.DAY – SUPER8 Aaron lies in pain. trying to make out the objects. It approaches. Aaron. He reaches his hand up and he stands. Aaron relaxes again. SLOW MOTION: Aaron looks up. His eyes meet its. WHISPERING can be heard. but Aaron pulls further back. Aaron’s fists clench. She warms her hands. FADE TO: INT. The light flits around. Aaron takes the flashlight and shines it in that direction. Nothing. as if surprised. She takes a few more logs and rekindles the fire. Aaron jumps and leans back.AARON What do you want me to do about it? JOSS Sorry. never settling. A . Joss tries to get closer to him. Confused. She goes to the hearth. LIVING ROOM Joss comes back upstairs.

SHADOW (CONT’D) You know what’s happening. nor any other who is not like you. You must not tell your mother. waking up. Aaron makes subtle movements. FALLING-DOWN ROOM – LATER – SUPER8 The decrepit walls are riddled with holes allowing shafts of light to filter into the room. lying as if dead. but remains still. lit by the streams of light. SHADOW This is changing. A hood covers his face. The SOUND cuts out. SHADOW Take off the mask. the hood is removed from Aaron’s face. Dirt is shoveled over Aaron until he is covered. AARON Is this dying? SHADOW Look to the sky. INT. Do you want this? Aaron watches the Shadow. Aaron does. His face. The SOUND of light wind blowing through trees underscores the Shadow’s voice.hood is placed over Aaron’s head. Aaron gasps. POV: from black. You must never tell this. like us. black. INT. buried. nor your sister. Clouds pass. at first suspicious grows curious and soon afraid. CHIMNEY – DAY – SUPER8 The sky is framed through the chimney. He is immobile. He sees the shadow. The Shadow appears in the room. Aaron lies on the ground partially covered by dirt. Ants crawl over Aaron’s body. The sound of CHANTING grows louder and louder. . His head is dripping blood. The CHANTING dies down. He breathes heavily. blocking his vision.

BASEMENT . SHADOW You know me.DV Aaron. FALLING-DOWN ROOM – A MOMENT LATER – SUPER8 Aaron. A figure appears in the window. whose eyes are filled with curiosity. summons the strength to rise. Joss tightens. He exits the room. The shadow passes through a door. a reflection of Aaron in the hall. LIVING ROOM . INT. FALLING-DOWN HALLWAY Aaron follows a shadow down the hall. Aaron approaches the front door. FALLING-DOWN HALLWAY – SUPER8 Aaron continues to follow. sleepwalking. Joss rouses. INT. The Shadow puts its hand to Aaron’s lips. You do. JOSS Aaron? . Aaron. curious. a book open on her lap.INT. The shadow passes through a door. quieting him.DV Joss sits in a chair asleep. accompanied by a CREAKING sound. looks back at the Shadow. ascends the stairs. Aaron curiously goes to it. The sound of FOOTSTEPS can be heard ascending the stairs. Aaron is distracted by a moving shadow at the edge of the room. INT. INT. She hesitantly enters the hall to find Aaron at the front door. AARON I do? SHADOW You do.

AARON (blank) I don’t know. He furiously pulls away. AARON Don’t. Silence. JOSS Please tell me what’s going on.He remains silent. AARON Don’t touch me! JOSS What’s wrong? Aaron? Nothing. clenching the doorknob. Joss looks him in the eyes. backing himself into a corner. then I’m sorry. JOSS Are you trying to scare the shit out of me? Aaron stands perfectly still and silent. JOSS If I did something wrong. JOSS Where are you going? Joss approaches him and reaches out her hand. JOSS What happened? AARON . about to touch me. Joss takes his elbow.

Aaron hesitantly follows. BATHROOM – FLASHBACK – SUPER8 POV: Aaron stares at himself in the mirror. as if in pain. You see? I’m right here with you. unconscious in his resting place on the floor. She touches his face. large. Joss tries to grab his hand. He is covered in blood. He shuts his eyes tight. Joss opens her mouth as if about to speak. Aaron touches her hand as if for the first time. You see? POV: Joss stares into Aaron’s eyes.I can’t tell you. Aaron’s eyes slowly open. JOSS Look. Joss takes his hand and leads him back into the living room. He faces the mirror to see a different reflection: stubble. He stares at his own image. dark bags under his eyes. She leads them to a mirror on the wall. . CUT TO: BACK TO SCENE Aaron breaks from the hug. POV: Aaron looks at Joss. CUT TO: INT. He looks very sick. As they pass the stairs. and lets her lead. JOSS You see? AARON (astonished) Yeah. CU: The bathroom mirror. he looks up warily. broken. Joss stares as Aaron. She hugs him.

My “now” is always and only a “then.” I have no now. And I don’t care. CUT TO: SERIES OF SHOTS: The fire dies in the hearth. His face is blank. ... I do have hope..” The shadow returns. radiating it onto everything: the clouds. JOSS How can you say that? How can you say you don’t care about your own life? AARON That’s not what I meant.. JOSS You’ll live. SHADOW (VO) This is changing. ‘Cause it’ll end bad. The WHISPERING returns. the trees. That now is not the only now. It fills you with this hope. AARON I don’t know if I even care. and only rarely. I don’t care about where I’m gonna end up. Joss’ eyes fill with compassion. She holds him.Joss helps Aaron into his sleeping bag. He acts like he doesn’t know how to care for himself. AARON You know how. sometimes. more powerful this time. the moon can be filled with this magnificent glow. but not for me. She kisses him on the cheek. The moon sits low on the horizon. creeping down the hallway. The woods and yard remain silent and still.Giving it off. I could never live past my “then. when you look at the sky at night. I know that. AARON (VO) . She holds his shoulder.

The car sits still under a layer of snow. YARD/WOODS – CONTINUOUS . EXT. Snow falls in tiny perfect flakes. The water flows in tiny rivulets down the creases of his palm. It’s like freedom. She wakes. Aaron’s gone. There’s still no sign of Aaron. The snow is so light it almost looks like down feathers. The shadow appears at the end of the hall. INT. He feels the snow on his face as he watches the sky. He stares into the sky and finds the moon. There is no sign of him.INT. Concerned. INT. HOUSE/PORCH – CONTINOUS Joss stands in the doorway.SUPER8 Aaron goes out onto the porch. He cautiously gets up so as not to disturb her. she jumps up and looks around. LIVING ROOM – PRE-DAWN – SUPER8 Aaron and Joss lie next to each other on his sleeping bag on the ground. He raises his head to the sky. LIVING ROOM . He catches one in the palm of his hand and watches it melt. EXT.CONTINUOUS . Aaron soaks in the cold. Joss sprints to the door. LIVING ROOM – EARLY MORNING Joss turns over in her sleep. Joss bundles up and goes out on the porch. JOSS Aaron? Joss races into the hall. Aaron wakes. JOSS (calling) Aaron! The place is silent. The front door is ajar. Aaron creeps out of the room into the hallway. Aaron leaves through the front door.

Joss races to the house. She finds it between the seats. A look of utmost horror fills her face. The fire in the hearth is nearly out. Shadows cast in the room reflect in the mirror. Look. EXT. The house looms. holding a curtain back. A gust of cold wind blows across the grounds. She turns around. INT. SECOND FLOOR Joss reaches the landing. HOUSE Joss races out of the house to the car. In the dining room she notices the mirror on the wall. She holds her face in her hands. She approaches to examine it.O. She bolts. He stares down at her blankly. It is Aaron. Her heart stops. She throws the phone back onto the seat and slams the door. She looks up to see a figure in an upstairs window of the house. She throws another log on the fire. She swings the door open to REVEAL a storage room. . JOSS Shit. Joss pulls her clothes closer. They begin to animate. only it has been pieced back together. CUT TO: INT. HOUSE Joss races through the front door and climbs the stairs. She opens it to find there is no reception. The house seems empty and silent. It is the one she broke. Their eyes meet.) (whispering) Joss. trying to think of what to do next. JOSS Aaron? Aaron disappears from the window. She frantically searches for her cell phone. AARON (V. Joss notices a key in one of the doors.Joss returns to the living room. three doors stand in front of her.

unconscious. jarred. EXT. Joss backs up. It falls to the ground. then understanding. Joss turns to the page and looks at the photo. Joss searches through family albums and slides. AARON (OS) (whispering) Joss. Aaron’s face slowly animates. AARON I know you. On the table nearest the window Joss finds an old family bible. filling with fear. CLOSE ON: a blurry face in the photograph.A gust of wind flows through the house. His eyes fall on the shadow. Joss falls back against the wall. You do. hitting into a full skeleton replica. CROSS DISSOLVE TO: INT. SHADOW You are not to speak. HOUSE – DAWN . An old family portrait is used as a bookmark. A door slams downstairs. She leafs through it. But beginning. AARON How can this be? SHADOW (OS) Neither dead nor living. The faces are blurry and ghostlike. Watch. SHADOW (OS) You do. FALLING-DOWN-ROOM – DAWN – SUPER8 Aaron lays on the ground.

She shines the flashlight around and feels around in the darkness. JOSS Aaron? He makes a slight movement. The house remains.Clouds pass behind the chimney. BATHROOM – SUPER8 POV: Joss looks at Aaron. INT. FOOTSTEPS can be heard moving around above her. The grounds are silent in the morning. UPSTAIRS ROOM . She puts a hand to her mouth. Joss goes up. Joss perks up. shining it around to make sense of the place.CONTINUOUS Joss peaks her head into attic crawl space. She shines her light on Aaron’s face.DV Joss sits curled up staring out to the horizon and the rising sun. SECOND FLOOR – MORNING . Joss turns the knob and. Her eyebrows rise in hope. A string hangs from the ceiling. INT. Joss cradles his head and looks him in the eye. CUT TO: INT. A look of terror washes over Joss’ face. She shrinks.CONTINUOUS It is pitch black. Joss takes the flashlight. ATTIC . her hand and flashlight fall on a foot. The footsteps stop. She shelters her ears. then consumes her fear and runs to the door. pushes the door open. Her eyes fall on the door at the opposite end of the hall. Suddenly. She stands. The sun peeks up over the horizon. INT. . The attic staircase opens up from a trap door in the ceiling. The trees WHIPSER and CREAK in the wind. POV: Aaron looks at Joss. silent. full of fear. with heart in throat. Joss pulls it. hesitates.

I don’t fear the “then. I do have hope. FADE TO BLACK. AARON (VO) Sometimes. Joss’s face fills with relief. Now is not the only now. holding his hand. Her face fills with wonder. And along with everything else. The trees. And this pain. The headlights beam against the asphalt. the yellow lines. . Joss stares at the moon. begin to look animate.. FADE TO BLACK: INT. CAR ON ROAD – NIGHT Aaron lays asleep in the passenger seat. And this envy.” There is an infinite “now. the trees ahead. The moon shines brilliantly. the moon can be filled with this magnificent glow. and only rarely. Joss flinches. taking her eyes off the road.CUT TO: BACK TO SCENE Aaron lets out a deep sigh. The car slams into a snow bank. A black figure appears in the road ahead.. Joss drives. She looks as if she could laugh. And it fills you with this hope.” I will continue. lit only by the headlights.

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