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DISCUSSION: FOR & AGAINST ESSAYS continuing debate There has been a discussion (hold/ agree/ point out/ claim) that are of opinion that. support the view that that discussed examined analized ] in this essay.

* In recent decades/ nowadays In our rapid changing the world In this modern time over.. *There is a view that Many = most Some * However opposites of this (problem) are that .. (= However others oppose this. * Both sides of this complex issue will be People/ experts/ scientists

Body1 (

a ra lu ng quan i m 1)

* To begin with, there are several ( reasons/ advantages) of.. * The most ( serious/ important) reason/ advantage is * It is a well documented fact that= It is true to say that (=This is ( clearly) illustrated/ shown by the fact that. (ph t tri n ti p theo d ng in addition/ uthur more/ apart from/ what is more) Body2 ( a ra lu ng quan iem il pv i ) * On the other hand, there is a wide range of evidences for supporters to Defend their idea of * there is no doubt that / It is obvious that ( Ti p t c ph t tri n o n d ng t nh moreover/ besides/ in addition) Conclusion To sum up/ All things consisdered/ all in all/ taking everything into acount ( consisderation). This complicated issue has not only but also... th th m v o phn k t o n sau n u vn mang tnh x hi

The government/ the authority should be consult with experts in this area in order to devise an effective programme for ( reducing/ decreasing) the (advantages/ disadvantages ) of this......... The implication of that ... might be better/ NHNG LU KHI VIT ESSAY Should do shouldnt do

- Use passive voice. It is argued that It is a common belief that... - Nen dung tu vung a d ng, mc cao (advanced voc, verbs, adj...) - su dung linking words/ phrases. Eg: further more/however/nonetheless - Dung complex sentences (although - Dung o ngu (were it true, we would.../never has this been more obvious...) - ng ha, chung ha: In most developed coutries... - Th hin trnh t/ lin t -Qui chi u t ngu n khc. (Eg: experts have proved that...)

-Dng short form cant/dont/isnt -Tr nh a ra c c vd c nhn : in my school... -Dng c m t , t c ng, thnh ng a ra nhng thnh ng/ cu xo rng -s d ng t n gin qu / cu n gin. Eg :I think ta dng to my way of thinking - Trnh lien t qu n gin. Eg: and, but, so thay vao d ng cu phc hay cu trc both.. and/ not only..but also/ those who... -Trnh by t quan i m c nhn hay cm xc mt cch m nh m. Eg: I absolutely detest people who... - ko nn khi qut, chung chung qu. VD: all politicans are... Tr nh a ra con s th ng k ko chnh xc.