Globe Island, by Glyn Jones

“A Flower which blooms in adversity Is the most special and rare of all.” -:Chinese Proverb

© 2009 Glyn Jones Picture by Steve Pick Edited by Frater Pyramidatus

Beyond The Pale
Uncertainty burdens the tired mind Always there, the emotional pest Fear evolves as free with joy’s kind Before birth forgotten is the rest If you could embrace immortality With inspiring endless devotional will You may remain in paradise’s eternity With Angels dedicated sermons to fulfil Peace is notions choice of passion’s commitment Regarding the light of divine truth as fair’s just Apathy for thy neighbour seldom doth repent One-track minds seek varieties decadent lust Gracing through tunnel’s light removes mortal vale A little faith may elevate Angels beyond the pale

The Grave
Crows perch on erected marble stone Moles scurry through mystery beneath Trees sway alone on crowned throne Grass incognito tires on the miry heath Words of memories, treasures ascendant fly Orchestral score for inevitable requiem Shoulder’s fabric absorbs tears that dry Voices out of sync disparagingly contemn Every sentimental day brings flowers Life taken too young changes perception Agony’s absence endures mortal hours Worrying eternal needs divine affection Will the observant crow ask the mole What doth lie beyond the earthly hole?

Twilight Flame
Love’s prism separates the once united light Shining to deceive a majestic bond torn apart Broken symmetry glows blinded by the night Another steak driven into an aching heart Wounded soul of isolation may break The resolving freezing fire coming near Saturated, drowning in desperation lake Surfacing the waters from a fallen tear Calling of love’s division hallows a flame To glow brighter for cause close to man Only a heaven spell cast relieves the pain For the unity of a beloved two once ran The walls of love’s segregation always topple When one and one embrace to be a couple

Terra-Firma Titan
Earth trembles with the stampede The lonely giant strolls without care Hand burrows the land for seed Devastating tremors are a deadly snare Wandering without knowledge he seeks Escalating out of control with desire Danger breathing since birth of weeks Searching for the wish granting fire Stopping by the brook of a blue flame His wish may elude yet is granted Previous wrongs write the pain Loneliness evaporated as solace departed No longer does the earth shake with fright With no Titan every again holding up the night

Wild Feather
Cherishing nostalgia of sentiment lost Burdens a tired mind of confusion Memories evaporate like summer frost Pained with grief in the permanent illusion The flowers bloom in spring divine Brightening days, transforming night The colourful display is measured in time Even the sky revels in a performing delight The tiresome drain of emotional stress Paves way for a fleeting old sensation Never pray at witching hour, they confess Souls are mapping a star littered constellation When you see a wild floating feather blown Maybe an angel is absent from their throne

Lost Comforting Petals
Life without the lost comforting petals Sheds dried ice trails to openly awaken Encompassed in agony is life’s perils Breaking silence of misery spoken Time shall melt evidence’s pain Then honour breaks passing grief All the testament is corrupting gain Burning fever of iniquitous relief Love’s gravity pulls feathers from the sky Down they float to land by the tapping feet Emotions are captured from a sincere eye Chancing requiem fables to touch as they meet Born to the notion, heralding a devotional glance Nothing tastes as bitterly dry as severed romance

Moonbeam Eyes
Glory is set in precious stone Now her divinity rests with me She abdicated her royal throne To love and adore me eternally Nature’s beautifully gracious special lady Charms searching hearts into submission Her affectionate cocktail is a healing remedy Finding sorceress’ yearning for the magician Imagine all the sentiment we infinitely share In each other’s company, wearing no disguise The angels reserve a throne for you, my heir All galaxies miss her divine moonbeam eyes The lady, a rolling stone gathering no moss Universal bows before thy eloquent cosmos

The Downfall
Poison tears chaos through every cloud Flowers wilt in humanity’s selfish endeavour Collections awake pride in the chasing crowd Prophecies are ignored with darkening weather The downfall of decadent applause Stirs ignorant notions of age old apathy No one minds vanity of clapping cause Degrading spiral of indestructible catastrophe Degradation of character always contaminates The righteous away from the road of truth Policies award the debaucheries which generates Spirits to erode breathing fire of grace’s youth Wherever the soul catapults into pain and shame Leaves integrity and dignity in the collective game

A Foreboding Disguise
A foreboding disguise Before a hungry mountain Beyond waterfall lies Crimson Queen’s fountain All the tales the heart knows Are thought and regarded Love in every coupled rose Affection’s shapes hath rounded Tears beholds truth which deceives Inebriated beyond fears for relief Masqueraded agreement grieves With iniquity left upon the heath Humanity’s concept key is soul’s core Unrepentant sin reincarnates as before

Lonely as a Bird
Wings fan with air’s drifting grace. Swallowed seed of company’s keep. Little heart wrapped in lonely lace, Calling a morning song to soul’s weep. Flying high above allied ground, Peering on human traffic confusion. Avoiding interaction free of sound, Pursuits of interest, a shared illusion. Digging up dirt to frenzy feed. Nothing gained with victory alone. Vacantly abundant with greed, Survival instinct of purged throne. The spectacular echoing call of nature’s bird, Serenades with delight to drift by the absurd.

Beyond the Pale
Uncertainty burdens the tired mind Always there, the emotional pest Fear evolves as free with joy’s kind Before birth forgotten is the rest If you could embrace immortality With inspiring endless devotional will You may remain in paradise’s eternity With Angels dedicated sermons to fulfil Peace is notions choice of passion’s commitment Regarding the light of divine truth as fair’s just Apathy for thy neighbour seldom doth repent One-track minds seek varieties decadent lust Gracing through tunnel’s light removes mortal vale A little faith may elevate Angels beyond the pale

First Sight
Alliance captured at first glance Soul’s yearn with passion’s hold Tales herald new burning romance Agony of lonely hearts are sold Dedicated sermons elevate grace Stars align in the cosmos to serenade Unravelled hearts chain of locked lace Previous sentiment ache perishes to fade Appreciation of fate by destiny’s two Romantically engage as lips caress Eruption on the mind of adoring true Dreaming together free of stress The lovers are separated by nothing of death Embraced in each others wish with dying breath

Four Seasons
Eerie dark winter night Misty tree soaked lagoon Fireflies scour with light Nocturnes ignite the moon Spring’s golden clear fresh morn’ Cradles serenity into inspiration Carpet’s army stealthily on lawn Instinct evolving constellation Crystal waters of peace’s cool Replenishes ambition on a summer’s day Forest fruits abundant by the pool High-aligned altitude wings born to prey Weather cycle eternal of calculated sowed Autumn’s street mire of destruction mowed

Storm Light
Darkness enshrouds lonely company Glitter spark deluging light messiah Crashing clouds transform harmony Scorched trees of iniquity’s desire Tormenting aggression scars the mind For rage to encompass active intolerance The suffering heart connects the blind Virtuous intentions elevates relevance The truth masquerades as a preaching lie For people to reach a devastating conclusion Harpooned moon bleeds from pierced sky Belief without merit is tantamount confusion Every year the miry shadow heath does grow Angels’ snowy tears pile new purity show

Aftermath Heart
Passion vacated, never returning The sun’s depleted its majestic rays Pain’s grief ignites into burning Uncertainty grieves in infinite ways The dead have no heart to lie Emotionless resting from deceit Before breath escapes, I try To overcome love’s defeat To dream is reality’s serene flame Bequeath the challenge to eternal rest Broken aspiration shadows shame To lay upon souls, something to detest All the words which are presently spoken Are tales for the queen’s affectionate token

Beyond the eyes is sacred trust Dancing to project old emotion Love’s devotion is absent of lust Calling to depths of an ocean Sweet lingering hold of bond’s caress Serenades thoughts capturing a moment All previous drama subsides the stress Drifting sobriety is agony’s atonement Bringing forth sincerity’s compassion Longing to bare fruits of cradled labour Eternally encapsulated is galaxy’s fashion Entwined constellation is victory’s harbour Subtlety’s enchantment delivers serenity’s calm Star-crossed lovers are written in heart’s palm

Life Incarcerated
Clipped wings in a sturdy cage Fed ignorance at every turn Melancholy substituted for rage Controlled beak feeding to burn They isolate me in depression To insult my loss of liberty Society teaches a harsh lesson With the imprisoned catastrophe Everyday counts down the clock Until another dimension takes hold A new day embraces gravity’s mock Locked in a box waiting to be sold The only way out of an agonizing mind Is freedom, leaving incarceration behind

Harlot Shadows
She rushes through my mind Causing chaos at every turn Is it the light she shall find? Or will she eternally burn? What does she seek This harlot of mine? Abusing the weak Truant to the divine What does she want with me? I loathe to ask Is it corruptibility For every task? The whore of the mind thou shall resist Pine no longer to harbour and exist

King Sin
Tapestries plentiful in a domed arched palace Evil tyrant settles on his throne of sinful greed Decadence sipping from a sparkling chalice Inherits plagued kingdom for debauchery seed People starve while he feasts on the finest meat The lands gestates disease as he ogles in the mirror Iniquity fondles garments of silk in the royal suite Peasants huddle through winter and woe with wirra Dastardly lust for countess of court Bringing her a stuffed stag as a gift Ravaging earth with call to arms’ mort Spreading of pestilence fields is swift Jericho of empire will collapse credited to spin No guilt of shame shall be the realm to ruin

Meat Me
I live in the free field Parts of me exist in many a shop I have no choice but to yield When I suddenly drop A bolt gun callously to the head Electricity shoots through my veins I’d prefer a humane death instead Before scooping of my brains The butcher has his way My torn remains are in pieces For the public I’m on display My terror was shown in faeces I would embrace another green pasture day with my clan How long will my kind last, if it’s left in the hands of man?

Sanctuary’s Fall from Serenity
She walks gracefully through the clouds Wings arched over the morning sun Floating past confusion of tiring crowds Spanning feathers to unite earth as one He swims the deepest troubled ocean To redeem sanctuary’s fall from serenity Cradled bubble is Trident’s love potion The only cure to serenade a deity The angel’s of dignity save compassion From eroding with the sands of time Borrowed knowledge is destiny’s lesson Their test of character is truly divine The mortal pain of love’s laboured loss Grows eternal with ignited scorched moss

Crystal Chocolate Cherry
Seduced taste of a galaxy Bequeaths soul’s notion Decadence’s indulgent clarity Drowning a tasty ocean Yearning spark of desire Crunching chocolate glass Cosmos mouth of ice fire Treasure in universe’s class Delicious shimmering crystal fruit Complacency traverses content Muse’s star-spangled flute Political pied pipers to repent Cradling crystal chocolate cherry Planetary exodus of faithless many

ebula’s Expanding Veil
Heaven may harbour constellational tears For a decadent turbulent society Transgressions’ iniquity mire lasts years In an indulgent complex reality Abundantly time triggered light Gyration’s stars careening in space Eternal recess releasing night Galactic foreigners, pyramid trace Cosmos clouds that majestically pass Beyond nebula’s expanding veil A drifting black hole, translucent glass Rendering globes into judgment’s jail A prophet made for investment in the Lord Infiltrates derogatory command to defraud

United Hope Divided
Devotion hath a severe heart To amend a broken dream Moon, stars lonely drift apart When fish float in a stream Nebulas pass beyond hope’s reach Colourful sheets cover dusty space The galaxies whistle to blindly teach Divinity is for the queen’s gentle grace Incognito wings of innocent desire Elevates serenity to draw thy wing Fluttering to fan eternal cosmic fire Muse’s spell to enchant nature’s king Honest sentiment drives to release expression Soul’s lips touch to encompass love’s confession

Sewer Children
Many experience poverty, going broke Wallets are poor yet hearts are rich Street curb used tab-ends to smoke Praying daily for prosperous switch Experimental recluses secluded alone Wallpaper peels with mouldy damp Body tightens, no heating at home Stomachs grumbling, painful cramp Rejected for lack of wealth Wearing rags and holey shoes Trampled and left on the shelf Depressed by the jobless blues Being poor and hungry unfolds to despair We celebrate when collecting welfare

Peace Is
Peace is being with someone you love Peace is a tranquil sunny day Peace is in the constellation above Peace is when the dolphins play Peace is sharing Peace is feeling free Peace is caring Peace is for you and me Peace is a blooming flower Peace is a starry night Peace is spiritual power Peace is eternal light Peace stirs in the senescent soul Peace unites rendering us whole

Serenity’s Calming Jury
Beyond serenity’s calming jury Lays eyes void of veil’s disguise Constellational tears burn fury In blind valley of sinister spies Time’s lip service endless obsession Quietly gathering devout reaction Bankrupt spiritual karma recession Malevolent sought malefic intention All tides wash, corroding away Foundations of iniquity’s sand Stars eternal, crushingly slay Beasts in Galileo’s solar hand A path travelled for love’s diplomatic devotion Heightens carolling of enchantment’s emotion

Wings in the Clouds
An angel serenades the crashing sky Elevating the sun to wash the moon The night and stars temporarily fly Muse’s flute whistles clarity out of tune Resting with fauna to cradle breath They salute with honest smiling charm Deluging with notion of journey’s death A plucked feather ceases wrath’s alarm Reborn into the sky transforming it black The glitter sparkles for serenity’s taste Nocturnes comfort the dark of sun lack The feather blown away to feeding waste All the tales of woe, a gracious angel has seen Are misery tears replenishing an elegant soul clean

Hate Is
Hate is restricting peoples’ voice Hate is not listening to reason Hate is dictation with no choice Hate is unpatriotic treason Hate is denying the one you love Hate is being selfishly cruel Hate is caging nature’s free dove Hate is draining earth’s fuel Hate is tragic blood spilling war Hate is cheating on a spouse Hate is stealing from a charity store Hate is a broken house Hate makes us behave so spiteful Hate conquered, makes us delightful

Starlight Rose
A rose secluded in glorious light Eternally cherishing of paradise Galaxy’s petals woven tight Sown of majestic crystal ice Doth the inevitable worm Crawl searching to destroy? Rose of notoriety may learn Sacrifice is divinity to employ Beyond the hills of wonder Are pastures bound to save Lightning rain chants thunder Harvesting spirits from the grave Every plucked petal of starlight rose Depicts fable tales for requiem shows

Season Tree
Leaves pile street mire Moss spreads on branches arm Glorious flower bud sapphire Autumn’s temporary loss of charm Naked witches’ tree of winter’s dismay Swaying to amuse in the howling wind Robin’s nest of twig wonder on display Cracked bark reveals sap skinned Blossoming flowers of spring’s delight Golden dawn lightens work for a bee Mayflies swamp whisper tree at night Illustrious colours blend by bridges quay Timber down crashing jolly tree of season Poisoning earth’s lungs is liable treason

Alone in the eighbourhood
Unknowingly jilted to live in the trees Howling with moon’s light, void of fear Sun grazing in shore’s glistening seas Jumping off branches to wrestle a deer Neighbourhood solace conclusion Amused with nature’s candy Sugar rush gorging confusion Drowning in shell’s shandy Decadence of isle bounty treasure Impending doom of agony’s break Man Friday’s jaw pains displeasure Clover oil sooths after toothache Life’s poetry in motion natural king, left bemused Fate’s path crossed him with pirates, who rescued

Serenity’s Magical Touch
Embracing scent of the queen’s taste Erasers all melancholy drama to heal One look of grace I steal never to waste Wraps me in emotions to adoringly feel A glance upon serenity’s magical touch Captures the elegant soul and grips twice A wink of devotion surrenders too much Love and respect the only needed vice Everyday, counting down hours of time Until the spirit realizes a truth in the Boundless loyalty in hearts for the divine Nirvana’s muse spell entrances eternally The caressing touch promises honest affection, Serenity’s light and grace calms with protection.

Dear Faithful Islam
In times of desperation, struggle and oppression Allah cherished one man’s light turned prophet Allah bestowed peaceful law for his compassion Peace be upon Muhammad gracing space orbit Muhammad realized the gift of adorned love Showered down to encourage creation’s plight Allah’s truth cradles in the eyes of a dove Whose gracious starry wings arch to delight Passion, purity of heart guiding aeon’s change Equality needs light of characters to succumb Words of holy preaching found ears exchange A true and just belief to unite faith as one Muhammad’s bravery forever outshines valour Eternally I testify, there is only one Allah

Love Is
Love is a connection of the heart Love is a blossoming tree in spring Love is sensual sounds akin to Mozart Love is chanting angels who sing Love is the gentle caressing touch Love is a bee pollinating a flower Love is saying, “I adore you so much!” Love is never been corrupt with power Love is putting other people first Love is finding someone you can trust Love is excepting folk at their worst Love is a yearning immune to cold lust Love elevates the spirit unto the sky Love without sincerity shall never fly

Tudor Rose
Grace’s witness beholds truth Of paradise’s everlasting serenity Resurrected stars for eternal youth Residing glory, rendering harmony Red and white of rose’s grave Illuminates history’s passing One left petal may save Yesterday’s love from crossing Art thou invisible to thy worth? Languishing without counsel Embraced in thy spirit is earth Sanctuary in thy heart’s temple The unified garden of reverend’s grove Separates love from those who loathe

A Thousand Pieces of Gold
Indifference leads to distorted clarity To which peace surrenders to perversion Broken is dreams of aspiring reality In the conditioning apathetic cohesion Society spends a thousand pieces of gold To indulge the senses away from truth Harmony is shattered and dignity is sold Ringing tills charges for amusement’s youth Denial of inevitability is queued on display The normality is tantamount to humanity lost Mandatory for next day survival does pay Souls are non-refundable with guaranteed cost Centralized are desires to crush charity’s salvation Money spins the world with ignorant dedication

Fear Is
Fear is on the street Fear is in the home Fear is strangers we meet Fear is being alone Fear is living to regret Fear is absent knowing Fear is being in debt Fear is not showing Fear is rejection Fear is out of love Fear is no affection Fear is not from above Fear can take hold and have you In its stranglehold merciless grip Fear is a fleeting emotion. With power of spirit it does slip.

What Am I?
Buzzing around my ear Searching for a place to land Come a little closer near I’ll squash you with my hand Frantic wings flutter Flying in circles abound Does thy know of my limb stutter? As I attempt to squish you on the ground Your diet is appalling and sweet Playing aerial combat with a mate Attracted to my aura you land at my feet What a mistake when you flew on my plate You cleanse yourself on dirt Now I flatten you, reap the hurt

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