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Mount Ayr

Volume 149, Number 21 Thursday, July 25, 2013 Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854 USPS No. 365-120 Visit us on the web at 75
Record News
Snapshots of Ringgold County
Spruced up
for Ayr Days
As part of our commemoration
of the Record-News 150th year
of publishing, each week we
will feature a photo of life in
Ringgold County.

Snapshots of Ringgold County
photos will vary as the seasons
and events dictate.
In this photo the city of Mount
Ayr added to Ayr Days decora-
tion with one of their new trash
bins decorated with wildowers
and plants from the county.
This is the 21st of the photos in
our commemorative series.
Baxter Black
column to
appear in
The Mount Ayr Record-
News is proud to announce the
addition of Baxter Black as a
regular columist.
Blacks column will appear
each week in the Record-News,
according to publisher Tom
Baxter Black is a cowboy
poet, former large animal vet-
erinarian and entertainer of the
agricultural masses.
As he puts it, he has a nar-
row following, but its deep!
For over 25 years he has trav-
eled the U.S. and Canada, scat-
tering his wit and left-handed
observations to folks looking
for a bright spot in their day.
Don Edwards describes him as
a cowboy poet action g-
When asked how many
books he has written, he
quotes the late Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, Altogether, too
Over one million books and
audios sold, a weekly column, a
weekly radio program, a week-
ly television program theres
no place to hide if you live in
the country!
He has poked his head above
the horizon long enough to at-
tract urban followers (gentiles,
he calls them), through Nation-
al Public Radio, public televi-
sion, Johnny Carsons Tonight
Show, Random House and USA
Baxter says his life has been
blessed, I like what I do. I
have a great home to come
home to, a couple good horses,
a few cows, a good dog, and
friends everywhere I go. Im
square with God and I make a
living entertaining people I care
My audience is my inspira-
tion, he says, Every cowboy,
rancher, vet, farmer, feed sales-
man, ag teacher, cowman and
rodeo hand has a story to tell,
and they tell it to me. I Baxter-
ize it and tell it back to em! It
doesnt seem fair, does it?
If you look around, youre
not more than one or two de-
grees of separation from his
omni-cowboy presence! Hes
kinda like a good pair of boots,
a faithful cowdog, or even the
u. Try him out, hes conta-
You can nd him in Benson,
Arizona at
Hes the real thing. Because, as
he says, You cant be what you
Baxters rst column for the
Record-News can be found on
page two of this weeks news-

Local artist Lisa Conklin stands beside her mural that has been erected on the belltower at First Chris-
tian Church in Mount Ayr. Conklin hopes the idea of large outdoor displays of artwork around the square
catches on.
A local artist hopes her dream to bring art to
the Mount Ayr square catches on in a big way.
Lisa Conklin has painted an 8x8 foot mural
that currently hangs on the belltower at the First
Christian Church in Mount Ayr. Using acryllic
painted on plywood, Conklin nished the project
over the course of a few months.
Conklin describes herself as an impressionis-
tic landscape artist, and she has found Ringgold
county a ready source of inspiration.
Ever since I moved here, she said, Ive
been impressed with the landscape in this area.
Her belltower mural depicts a tranquil scene
featuring the gazebo and foot bridge at Poe Hol-
low county park.
The idea for the mural came from discussions
among community members about ways to spruce
up the city square and to draw more out-of-town
visitors to Mount Ayr. They found a professional
artist could charge up to $5,000 to paint one scene
on the side of only one building. And, as Conkin
noted, once the scene is painted, its there for
good. Plus, it would be subject to the destructive
effects of the elements.
Conklins idea is to have a number of murals
painted by local artists erected around the square.
These murals can be taken down each fall and
stored out of the weather until spring. She envi-
sions adding one or two murals each year so the city
can collect a number of murals that can be inter-
changed from year to year.
She added she hoped local students could get in-
volved through their art classes.
Conklin plans to approach the Mount Ayr Chamber
of Commerce in the fall to see if they have any in-
terest in sponsoring additional murals. She hopes the
belltower mural can act as a sample so businesses and
individuals can get a sense of what the project could
First Christian Church funded the $500 cost of ma-
terials, and Conklin donated her time and talents as a
gift to the community from herself and from the First
Christian Church. (Conklin is the wife of First Chris-
tian pastor Chris Conklin.)
Conklins mural project also recently caught the
eye of judges at the Ringgold County Fair who named
the project Best in Class in the creative arts divi-
The mural project aside, Conklin is an accom-
plished artist in her own right. She has completed sev-
eral of acryllics of scenes of county landscapes and
historical buildings, and a number are available for
sale at Aunt Jennies Attic in Mount Ayr. She has also
been commissioned to complete unique art pieces for
individual families.
Local artist envisions murals
in downtown Mount Ayr
Renancing of debt, emergency
room coverage options and health
insurance headlined the July 15
regular Ringgold County Hospital
board meeting.
Debt renancing
In renancing discussions,
RCH administrator Gordon Win-
kler outlined the current hospital
debt situation, which consists of
three components: a USDA direct
loan (38 percent), a USDA guaran-
teed loan (56 percent) and a non-
guaranteed loan (six percent).
When the nancing was origi-
nally obtained on the guaranteed
and non-guaranteed portion of
debt, interest rates were much
higher than current USDA lending
rates. Renancing options have
been consistently pursued with
prospects narrowed to obtaining
a combined USDA (50 percent)
direct loan for one-half of the AB
bonds and alternative funding for
the remaining AB bonds. This
funding, however, is conditional
and other options within USDA
parameters have been mostly ruled
out. It was indicated that USDA
Also looks at emergency
room stafng options
representatives remain favorable
to lending if a workable plan can
be found.
As a result of existing fund-
ing constraints for renancing but
broader availability of new money
nancing, Winkler proposed the
idea of moving beyond the USDA
program level, and it was agreed to
make a direct appeal to Secretary
of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Ring-
gold County Hospital will pursue
making a request for waiver of the
new money restriction to allow
renancing using the USDA direct
loan program for 100 percent of
the debt.
Emergency room stafng
Meetings between medical staff
and an administrative team have
been focused on nding answers
for emergency room coverage.
The goal is to nd feasible and ef-
fective emergency room coverage
given available resources.
Outsourcing, utilizing current
staff and other stafng options
were revisited. Reports show Ring-
gold County Hospital averages 5.2
ER patients per day, with numbers
on the rise. Financial costs are es-
timated at $426,000 per year to
cover the emergency room and
professional service reimburse-
ments of $144,000. Charges versus
contractual payments show only
22 percent of charges reimbursed
with approximately $100,000 in
As a possible solution, Winkler
shared discussion held with Madi-
son County Healthcare System
CEO Marcia Hendricks regarding
how they manage their facility in
Winterset. MCHS employs nurse
practitioners and physician assis-
tants to provide fulltime emergen-
cy coverage. Hendricks reported
in four years since instituting this
level of coverage, they have had
only one physician back-up called
in and have received positive feed-
back from patients. The board re-
sponded favorably to this avenue
of emergency room coverage with
further discussion to follow.
Health insurance
Self-funding will continue to
be the vehicle for health insurance
coverage for Ringgold County
Hospital employees. After study-
ing data provided from WellMark
Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the Iowa
Hospital Association and United
Health Care, it was decided to re-
main self-funded with the current
Premium increases of 19 per-
cent and a $2,000 pharmacy out-
of-pocket expense are the only
changes being made with renewal
of the plan.
The Mount Ayr Community
schools board of directors met in
special session Wednesday, July
17 to reconsider bids for a surfac-
ing project at the sports complex
and to approve the nal plan for
dissolution of the Cleareld school
Surfacing project
At the regular July board meet-
ing held July 8, the board had giv-
en Superintendent Joe Drake ap-
proval to accept the lowest bid for
surfacing the lanes leading from
the parking lot to the sports com-
plex and areas around the conces-
sion stand and north bleacher area
with a two-inch asphalt overlay.
One bid for the project came in at
$32,340 from Blacktop Services,
Prior to ofcially contracting
for the asphalt project, however,
Drake received word from Kelly
Main with TEK Builders in Mount
Although its still July, its
not too early for parents to start
planning for the 2013-2014
school year.
Mount Ayr
Registration for Mount Ayr
elementary students is set for
Monday, August 5 from 9 a.m.
to 5 p.m. Registration for stu-
dents in grades seven through
12 will run from 9 a.m. to noon
on August 6.
If parents are unable to
register on the specied dates,
they may pre-register at the el-
ementary ofce during business
hours through August 16. Reg-
istrations made after August 16
will have a $10 per student late
charge attached.
Registration fees are $35 per
student. Lunch and breakfast
fees will also be payble dur-
ing registration, and separate
checks will be needed for reg-
istration and meal fees.
Those intending to apply for
free and reduced meals should
bring proof of nancial eligi-
bility with them and complete
forms at the time of registra-
Student passes will again
be offered for $35 for all sports
activities. Adult season passes
will also be available. Cost are
$15 for vollyball and $20 for
Raider clothing will also be
for sale at registration.
Cleareld and Diagonal
Registration in Cleareld is
set for Friday, August 2.
In Diagonal students will
register August 13 and 15 from
3-6 p.m. both days.
Surfacing of
school lanes
approved by
school board
for area
schools set
Ayr which would allow surfacing
the north lane leading to the home
football bleachers with ve-inch
es of concrete. TEK would apply a
two-inch asphalt overlay to the re-
mainder of the project as originally
planned. Main presented a bid of
$26,000 for the entire project and
noted that TEK could do the con-
crete and asphalt at a lower price
because he would be volunteering
the labor for the project.
There was discussion on some
prep work that would need to be
completed prior to completion of
the project because of water pool-
ing in some areas. Some tiling
work and culvert repair will need
to be completed on the south lane
before laying all of the asphalt. As-
phalt in that area could be applied
next spring.
Drake said he felt the change in
the project and the contractor were
justied by the fact that the work
would be done with a local contrac-
tor who has volunteered the labor,
the price was lower and Blacktop
Services, Inc. was not upset about
not getting the job.
The board approved contracting
with TEK Builders for the project
with a cost not to exceed $26,000.
Cleareld dissolution
Superintenent Drake explained
how the Cleareld School board of
directors had met and made some
changes to the nal plan for the dis-
solution. He shared a map noting
those changes and the reason for
the changes. Drake also explained
the process for the distribution of
the remaining assets and liabilities
and that Mount Ayr district would
be the scal agent during the disso-
lution process. The board approved
the plan as presented.
The Ringgold County Second-
ary Roads Department is announc-
ing road construction starting the
week of July 29 on P46 (Sale Barn
Road) south of Mount Ayr.
The public is advised to seek al-
ternate routes during construction.
The work is expected to last one to
two weeks, weather permitting.
If you have any questions,
please contact the engineers ofce
at 641-464-3232.
The Cleareld Community
schools board of directors met in
regular session Tuesday, July 16.
Dissolution plan
Following a public hearing on
Monday, July 15, the board voted
to amend some in-town boundary
lines and to reassign a couple par-
cels of agricultural land. Following
the approval of those changes, the
board voted to accept the dissolu-
tion plan and put it up to a vote of
district patrons in September.
The changes to the in-town map
recongured the territory assigned
to the Diagonal School District.
The approved description now
reads as follows: From 170th north
on Highway 25 to Fifth Street;
west two blocks to Adams Street;
north on Adams Street to Fourth
Street; west on Fourth Street one-
half block to alley; north on al-
ley to Third Street; east on Third
Street to Adams Street; north on
Adams Street to Second Street;
east on Second Street to Washing-
ton Street; south on Washington
Street two blocks to Fourth Street;
east on Fourth Street to Highway
25; south on Highway 25 to Fifth
The agricultural land assign-
Cleareld board to submit
dissolution plan to voters
ment approved by the board reads
as follows: the land of Jack Wack-
ernagle in Gay and Grant Town-
ship per survey request. Mount
Ayr District : Grant 30-69-31; Gay
3-68-31 (west half of 160 acres for
Bedford district) Gay 2-68-32 for
Mount Ayr district and the remain-
der of his land for Bedford school
New business
The board approved a number
of items heading into the 2013-
2014 school year.
Registration for the new school
year will be Friday, August 2 at the
The board set substitute teacher
pay at $90 per day and the mileage
reimbursement allowance at 40
cents per mile.
They named Pam Nickell as
board secretary/treasurer, Travis
and Bonnett Law Ofce and Rick
Engel as legal counsel and the Di-
agonal Progress as ofcial paper.
State Savings Bank and Bank-
ers Trust were named as district
The district received only one
bid for milk service while no bids
were received for bread supply.
The bid for the milk service from
Anderson Erickson Dairy was ap-
proved by the board.
Track resurfacing
The district received two bids
for resurfacing of the walking
track on the playground. Blacktop
Service Company submitted a bid
for $15,535 to clean the existing
surface, apply tack coat and fur-
nish and install a one-ince asphalt
overlay. A second bid from Lance
Leonard would ll existing cracks
and reseal the track for $5,500.
The board voted to accept Leon-
ards bid for the track project.
Road work on Sale
Barn road planned
starting next week
Diagonal church
fundraiser set
for Saturday
The United Church of Diagonal
will hold a Raise the Roof fund-
raiser on Saturday, July 27 at Fogle
Lake in Diagonal.
Activities will kick off at 8 a.m.
with a triahalon (bike, run, slide).
A three-on-three basketball tour-
nament will begin at 10 a.m. and
there will be inatable toys from
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
There will be carnival games
for the kids from 1-4 p.m. and a
volleyball tournament at 2 p.m.
At 6 p.m. Wiley and Friends
band will perform at at 7 p.m. will
be a Sundogs Concert with supper
of pork sandwhiches, baked beans
and chips available.
Food and concessions will be
available all day. A free will dona-
tion will be taken for the concert.
For more information or to en-
ter one of the tournaments, contact
Blake Butler at 641-278-0323 or
Larry Teply at 641-734-5327. ____________________________
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Mount Ayr
Record News
LOOKING BACK in the Early Files
Letter to the Editor
Some horses are as good as gold. They take
care of kids just learning, old cowgirls with
osteoporosis, cowboys of any age who should
have a designated driver, and homeward bound
riders lost in a blizzard. I classify these gold
horses in the same category as those equidae
who performed routinely heroic duties in the
Pony Express, pulling cannons in the civil war,
Seabiscuit, and Trigger, who could always save
Roy in times of distress.
Theres a heroic picture of Cannonball hang-
ing on the wall at Cheryl and Howards ranch
house on the Wasatch front.
One morning Howard was tending to his
articial insemination program and had to drive
to town. He asked Cheryl to ride through the
cows to check for those in heat. He left Can-
nonball saddled up in the barn.
Cheryl was the kind of horseman who rode
when it was necessary. However, she had little
interest in learning more than the basics; get
on, go straight, turn or stop. The equivalent of
a motorcar driver who doesnt change ats,
drive anything with a clutch, and never thinks
of checking the oil. She assumes someone else
worries about that stuff.
She puffed out to the barn in her down-coat,
mud boots, mittens and stocking cap. Using a
block for a stool, she climbed aboard. Cheryl
trusted Cannonball. Howard was proud of his
new saddle, custom made by Bob Schild in
Blackfoot. It was heavy and still squeaked.
Out amidst the cows they trod purposefully
and soon spotted one showing signs of estrus.
Horses are as good as gold
Cheryl approached the cow, leaned out over the right
side to read the tag and the saddle slipped fast as a re-
man down a agpole! She was under Cannonballs belly
with one foot still in the stirrup, hung up and completely
upside down!
From her precarious position she eyed Cannonball.
She had thoughts of being drug to death, or paralyzed!
Had she written her will? Who will raise her children?
And, Did I leave anything simmering on the stove?
ooded her mind!
Fast-forward twenty minutes. Cheryl had extracted
herself unhurt. She could not gure out how to undo
the saddle so she unbuckled, unsnapped, untied and
unwrapped every attachment she could nd until it fell
to the ground. The trusty Cannonball watched the whole
process with resignation and patience.
It took three trips but she managed to drag the horse,
saddle tree and all the pieces back to the barn. When she
told Howard her story he said, My gosh! Why didnt
you check the cinch?
She plopped her hands on her hips and said indignant-
ly, Now who in the world would ever think of that?
& other things
Another adventure for the Smith family
Its just one adventure after another for the Smith
household this summer.
The latest was the Loving side of the familys
answer to RAGBRAI. It was LFSBROKT, if you can
gure out how to say that. Thats short for the Lov-
ing Family Short Bike Ride On Katy Trail.
Here are the statistics. A total of 28 family mem-
bers ranging in age from four months old to 89 years
of age gathered at Erin and Peter Cornishs home in
Columbia, MO for a weekend adventure.
Gathering enough bikes for most of us to have
an opportunity to ride was an adventure in itself.
Valles brother Joel brought a livestock trailer to help
transport many of the bikes we needed and we rented
the rest.
In addition we brought camping gear so we could
camp out Saturday night at Coopers Landing, a
camping site on the Katy Trail, as part of the adven-
The youngest and the oldest didnt actually ride
on the bike ride, but all of the rest of us did take part
for some of the time at least.
The bike trails we rode very nice and well-used.
We saw hundreds of people out riding, jogging or
walking along the trails while we traveled along
them. There is not much of a grade, so riding along
is not taxing -- except for bicycle seats becoming
pretty hard after awhile, and hands on the handlebars
going to sleep if care isnt taken.
Its a shame that Ringgold county couldnt have
used more of their railroad right of way to provide
these excellent recreational facilities.
We gathered all our gear at Erin and Peters house
on Friday night, where with the help of the air mat-
tresses that we were going to use to camp with we
found places for 28 people to sleep that night. We
were wall to wall, but thankfully Erin and Peter have
a big enough house that there was plenty of oor
Valle and I arrived a little after noon Friday to
help with the preparations and the rest drifted in that
evening. We had ordered pizza and supplemented
with salad, brownies and ice cream to feed the folk
as they arrived.
Saturday morning I got up and cooked almost
100 pancakes to feed the crowd, using my mothers
whole wheat pancake recipe. I had mixed up the
dry ingredients the night before to help speed up the
While the breakfast went well, unfortunately I was
involved with the biggest mishap of the weekend,
though I found myself in several column worthy
problems before the trip was over. Who knew that
it wasnt a good idea to keep an electric griddle on
high to cook 11 sets of pancakes in a row? It had
never been done on Erins counter top before, and
wont again. When I was putting the griddle away, I
discovered that the heat had cracked the counter top.
We soon loaded up all the bikers, bikes and
camping gear in the livestock trailer and a couple of
vans and headed for the trail head of the MKT trail
at Flat Bush park in downtown Columbia. We added
three bikes we rented from a nearby bicycle shop to
the mix, took pictures in the matching LFSBROKT
t-shirts we purchased for the occasion and the riders
were off.
Several of us acted in support roles for the rst
day. he MKT is a beautiful bike trail that travels
8.9 miles from downtown Columbia before hook-
ing up with the Katy Trail, which crosses the state
of Missouri 240 miles from Clinton to just north of
Saint Louis, MO. The riders headed down the MKT
Trail to the junction with the Katy Trail and then east
another seven miles or so to Easley, where the Coo-
pers Landing campgrounds is located. The camp is
on the Missouri River and also includes a boat dock-
ing area for boats traveling on the river. There was
a small stern-wheeler docked there for the weekend
among other boats.
Some of the planners wondered if the 16 miles
would be long enough, but it turned out to be just
about the perfect distance for our group.
Some of the youngest rode in pull behind carri-
ers, there were tag-along bikes that were hitched on
behind other bikes but most of the riders had their
own single bikes. Valles mother, Betty, the oldest of
the crew, and four-month-old Elizabeth Jagger and
her mother Rebecca, were part of the support staff.
We had to shuttle people to the trail head because we
couldnt park in the area over night.
Bob Kyser and I also helped in support. Bob took
water and met the riders at several spots along the
trail to provide support while I drove the pickup and
stock trailer to the campgrounds to have it on site
when the riders arrived.
Adventure number two.
I didnt have a whole lot of experience driving a
truck with a big stock trailer attached, but I thought I
was doing pretty well, keeping it slow as I followed
the directions down the very curvy count road to the
campsite with the help of my Google Maps smart
phone application.
Somehow when I chose among the selections of
ways to get to the camp, however, I got messed up.
I had been to the site during an earlier visit when we
checked out the campgrounds, and I felt I was not
being led the same way we had gone before.
I came to a turn that the GPS was telling me
I should take that had a sign that said Dead End
Road. It didnt seem to me that the camp was
on a dead end, but I thought maybe there was
another way to get there that I hadnt tried.
There wasnt.
I came to the dead end and there was no camp.
I looked at my phone. It said I had arrived at a
destination that wasnt anywhere close to the
destination that I thought I had typed in.
And I was at a dead end with a pickup and
fully-packed stock trailer behind. How to get
turned around.
I pulled into the drive of the last home of the
road. Now I had to back the trailer around in the
opposite direction of the way I had pulled into the
driveway. I was in a mess. Each time I tried to get
the trailer to back the other way, I got it headed
back the way it had originally come, or straight
back, but not back the way I needed it to go to
return up the dead end road.
I prayed for divine intervention as I went
up and down the drive, trying to get the trailer
backed around. I was almost to the point of going
to the door of the home to see if they had anyone
with trailer backing experience when the trailer -
nally began going the way I needed it to go. With
a thank you I got back on my way. This time
the GPS led me in a back way to the camp along
a single lane gravel road along side the Missouri
River. But it got me there in plenty of time to wait
for the riding crew to come.
Our grandson Eli, who is eight years old, ped-
aled the whole 16 miles on his one-speed bike,
setting the record for the youngest pedaler. Valles
sister Diane, at 68, was our record setter on the
other end of the scale for the all-the-way bikers.
Quite a range.
Once everyone arrived, we had lunch at
Chims Thai Kitchen, a trailer restaurant located
at Coopers Landing. We had some peanut butter
sandwiches and fruit for some of the kids and a
few others who werent so sure about the spicy
Thai food. But most of us enjoyed it.
Next the crew went into camping mode. It had
been a pretty hot ride down, but a sprinkle of rain
came as we worked on setting up the six tents that
the campers would stay in. We did that, got air
mattresses blown up and the tents set up for the
night, unloading all the camping equipment from
the stock trailer.
I joined Eli and a few others to do some trail
exploring beyond the point we had reached at the
camp in the afternoon. We also played games and
visited with each other, catching up on news.
For supper we had prepared to make hobo stew,
with hamburger or shrimp, sliced potatoes, sliced
carrots, sliced onions and mushrooms. (We had
done all the slicing the evening before so we
wouldnt have to do it at camp.) While we cooked
these in the coals, we also used charcoal and a
trio of dutch ovens to cook corn bread. We also
had brought fruit salad along for supper.
While we have memories of good hobo
stew from the past, it has not been our experi-
ence that we get the food fully cooked this way
anytime since that distant memory. Some of us
got the food cooked, but some us ate meals with
vegetables that were still pretty crunchy. Well
choose something else if we have a second annual
For dessert we had a some-mores knockoff.
We used ice cream sugar cones with miniature
marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrapped
in foil and warmed in the coals. A few of these
stayed long enough to get burned, but this turned
out to be a tasty treat for the most part.
We had a campre without a re, where we
sang songs together, then were drawn away by
a beautiful sunset which dramatically lit the sky
over the Missouri River. We soon headed for our
tents for the evening.
Sunday morning we cooked ve pounds of ba-
con and ve dozen eggs in the dutch ovens over
the campre. I had never stirred bacon to cook it
before, but it came out great in the hot cast iron
dutch oven. Daughter Cara, our mountain camp
veteran, cooked the eggs after I helped her get the
bacon done. We added this to raisin bran mufns,
juice and milk for a hearty breakfast.
Then everyone broke camp, taking the tents
back down, and packing away all the gear. That
was followed by gathering for a Sunday morning
worship service together before we set out on the
trip back.
A few more people became support staff
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106 E. South Street, Suite B
P.O. Box 564
Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854
Ph./Fax 641-464-2668 Cell 515-979-8552
Because Stuff Happens
119 South Fillmore Street, Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-0691
Please visit our website at:
Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that can cause mild to
severe illness. Certain people are more likely to become ill with
pneumonia. This includes adults 65 years of age or older and
children younger than 5 years of age. People up through 64
years of age who have underlying medical conditions like dia-
betes or cancer and people 19 through 64 who smoke cigarettes
or have asthma are also at increased risk for getting pneumonia.
All adults age 65 or older are recommend to receive pneu-
mococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV).
If you are age 65 or older and have not received
this vaccine, please contact Public Health
to schedule an appointment at 641-464-0691.
There is no cost to persons with Medicare Part B.
Bill Armstrong Jay Watson
Mount Ayr Clearfield Diagonal
Ph. 641-464-3413
Phone Day or Night Licensed in Iowa and Missouri
Fifty Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-
News, Thursday, July 18, 1963.)
The proposed budget estimate
of the town of Mount Ayr for
1964 is substantially higher with
the amount necessary to be raised
by taxation up approximately 21
percent. The amount proposed to
be raised by taxation is $60,500
compared with $49,700 for this year.
The tentative budget for 1964 lists
proposed expenditures of $134,000,
with $60,500 to be raised by taxa-
tion. This compares with proposed
expenditures in 1963 of $129,400,
with $49,700 raised by taxation.
Kenny Markley of Mount Ayr
won the Bedford Junior Golf Tourna-
ment held July 10. Markley shot a
42 on the exciting Bedford course to
win the tournament, entries in which
were restricted to youth 16 years of
age or under. Collus Lawhead and
Bruce Henderson also qualied for
the championship ight. Lawhead
was third with a 45 and Henderson,
sixth with a 49. Markley also placed
second in the youth division of the
recent Grant City Golf Tournament.
He tied for rst with 76 but lost in
the playoff.
A proposed budget estimate of
expenditures of $593,700 for the
operation of the schools in the Mount
Ayr Community school district was
adopted by the board of education
at a meeting held Monday night
of last week. The budget for 1964
is $16,400 higher in proposed ex-
penditures than the 1963 budget.
The amount necessary to be raised
by taxation in the new budget is
$519,700 as compare with $500,700
for last year, or $19,000 in additional
First and second place winners
of the Thursday night jalopy races
were Lloyd Glendenning of Mount
Ayr and Roland Wilson of Bedford,
respectively. In the time trials which
preceded the races, Hank Smith of
this city clocked the fast time of
Obituaries in this issue were
Charles H. Powell, James Alphonse
Cashen, Jennie Mix and Richard
Morris McMullin.
Twenty-ve Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-
News, Thursday, July 28, 1988.)
Among the long list of champi-
ons in the livestock division at the
Ringgold County Fair this week
were these three entries. DiAnna
Faris of Mount Ayr showed the
grand champion market beef, a steer
which was shown last year as part
of one of the top cow-calf entries.
Repeating for a second year with
the top market hog entry was Brian
Cook of Mount Ayr. Also showing
champions for the second year in a
row was Mike Shields of Diagonal
who had this winning market lamb
entry. They also showed the top pen
of three market lambs at the show.
Sharyn Bastow, Brian Cook,
sisters Jenny and Jody Shields and
Chad Main, all of Mount Ayr, had
the top placings in the 4-H and FFA
swine show Friday morning in which
there were many more entries than
last year.
Terri Stephens, daughter of Jerry
and Barb Stephens of Diagonal, was
crowned Ringgold County Fair
Queen and Andrea Stull, daughter of
Rick and Lora Stull of Mount Ayr,
was named county fair princess in
the opening evening of entertain-
ment at the Ringgold County Fair
Thursday night. Runners up for the
queen title were Billi Hunt, daughter
of Lois Hunt of Diagonal, and Tracy
Stephens, daughter of Don and Julia
Stephens of Redding.
Pies and livestock sold in the
nale to the ringgold County Fair
Monday afternoon -- the annual fair
auction. Livestock brought a grand
total of $42,944.94 from buyers
who bought livestock from 4-H and
FFA exhibitors. Also sold were pies
from the 4-H pie show. The 13 pies
brought in $1,075 to the coffers of
the county 4-H program.
Celebration of summer contin-
ues in Ringgold county this week
with the Fun in the Sun weekend
planned in Mount Ayr. Two full
days of sales and fun are planned
beginning Friday, July 29.
Residents of Ringgold county
and Mount Ayr in particular will
have an opportunity to work with
a team of professional architects,
historians and archeologists who
will be surveying the community
between July 25 and August 5. The
completion of that survey will
conclude the eld work portion of
the three-county seat survey being
conducted by the Bureau of Historic
Preservation as part of the new an-
nual outreach program, Preserva-
tion Partnership.
Winning the contest for the best
all around beard at the Diagonal
Centennial early in July was Delbert
More of the top winners at the
Ringgold County Fair this week
included supreme champion cow-
calf pair shown by Curt Johnston.
Jeremy Weeda showed the champi-
onship goat in the dairy goat show.
Tracy Stewart had the top entry in
the new bucket calf class. Marcy
Miller showed the grand champion
dairy entry -- the Guernsey cow --
and also won showmanship honors
in the dairy class.
Top nishers in Saturday nights
demolition derby included Jeff
Quick, David Henrichs and winner
Chuck Hulett.
More championship livestock
at the fair included Sharyn Bastow
and her top commercial gilt, Lafe
Dukes and his supreme champion
beef heifer, Jodie Denney who won
several horse show categories in-
cluding halter showmanship and
riding horsemanship and Dustie
Abell showed the championship
purebred entry in the sheep show.
Some state fair qualiers in
areas outside the livestock shows
were Scott Johnston, Erika Shields,
Elsa McAlexander, Nicole Denney,
Heather Clark, Debbie Smith and
Janelle Walters.
Billi Hunt of Diagonal was
named to represent Ringgold county
in both the fashion revue and cloth-
ing selection categories in the 4-H
Fashion Revue and Clothing Selec-
tion program held Sunday night at
the Ringgold County Fair. There
were 44 4-Hers showing their cloth-
ing skills in the program was part
of the featured evening entertain-
There will be a special instal-
lation service for Carmen Lampe
Sunday, August 7, at the Mount Ayr
First Baptist Church. She has been
called to serve the local church and
members will give a declaration
during the program.
The obituary in this issue was
Jean Tyson.
Ten Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-
News, Thursday, July 17, 2003.)
Among the grand champion mar-
ket livestock winning top awards at
the Ringgold County Fair last week
were Courtney Weeda who took top
honors with the grand champion
market lamb. Weeda also had the
champion and reserve champion
commercial ewe of the fair. Brian
England showed the grand champion
market steer. Championship market
swine honor was Justin Faris with
his Class Four winner. Faris also
had the champion pen of three at
the fair.
Ringgold county will be in the
path when the Registers Annual
Great bicycle Ride Across Iowa
makes it way across the state next
week. More than 8,500 bikers from
throughout the United States and
several foreign countries are ex-
pected to make their way across the
county on Highway 2 Tuesday, July
22. In addition, support vehicles for
the riders are invite to meet up with
their bikers in Mount Ayr as well.
RAGBRAI is the oldest, longest
and largest bicycle touring event
in the world.
A Ringgold County Cowgirl
Queen and Ringgold County Cow-
girl Junior Queen were named at
the rodeo at the county fair Sunday
night. Named Ringgold County
Cowgirl Queen was Lacey Meester
and named Junior Cowgirl Queen
was Kelsey Meester, both daughters
of Pat and Jay Meester of Mount Ayr.
The girls will represent the county
at the state fair in August.
Danielle Newton, daughter of
Jim and Patty Newton of Diagonal,
was crowned queen of the 2003
Ringgold County Fair and Kaitlyn
Klommhaus, daughter of Kevin and
Shellie Klommhaus of Mount Ayr
was crowned fair princess at the
fairs opening evening of entertain-
ment Thursday night. First runner-up
was Rachel Sobotka, daughter of
Gary and Darla Sobotka of Mount
Ayr, and second runner-up was Cal-
lie Poore, daughter of Clint and Pam
Poore of Mount Ayr.
Preliminary sales gures from
the livestock auction at the Ring-
gold County Fair showed a total
of $31,692, compared to $30,293
record at the sale last year. This year
there were 24 hogs sold bringing
$3,827, compared to 14 sold last
year. There were 23 head of cattle
sold for $25,247, compared to 29
sold last year. There were 18 sheep
sold, bringing $2,587, compared to
11 sheep sold last year. Four rabbits
were sold for $29, compared to the
one sold last year and no poultry
was sold this year. Total raised by
the pie sale, which goes to the 4-H
Extension Youth Fund, was $2,895
this year, compared to $4,200 last
Obituaries in this weeks issue
were Julian Clyde Brenizer, Cath-
erine Ball Petersohn and Virginia
Mae Wallace Thomas.
The hospital will also renew
their current business insurance
and add increased cyber-crime
coverage, a new element in insur-
ance as technology drives the need
to be protected from unauthorized
access to electronic records.
Other business
Director of Nursing Kathi
Schuster stated a new clinical part-
nership has been established with
Missouri Western in St. Joseph,
MO. RCH will provide a three-
week rotation on-site training for
physical therapy assistant students,
similar to the long-term partner-
ship with Southwestern Com-
munity College nursing students.
More on hospital board
Continued fromfront page Clinical partnerships are important
to student trainees, and RCH is a
willing partner in assisting with
individuals pursuing careers in the
health care eld.
Teresa Roberts, RCH chief
nancial ofcer, reported daily
operating nancials showed de-
creased revenue in inpatient visits
with physicians away for vacations
and no orthopedic inpatients for the
month of June. Outpatient and an-
cillary services were average, and
vascular, physical therapy and oc-
cupational therapy remain consis-
tently above budget and growing.
Roberts reported the cash ow is
denitely improved with both bills
going out and payments coming in
in a timely manner.
Dear Editor:
The quality of the water in Io-
was waterways stinks. Iowa has
some of the most polluted streams
and lakes in the country.
Mike Delaney, vice president
for the Raccoon River Watershed
Association, told some senators
early this year:
Our water quality is in decline.
Our outdoor recreation is threat-
In a Creston News-Advertiser
pamphlet Friday, February 22,
Iowa is #1 in the production
of corn, soybeans, hogs and eggs
while also ranking in the top 10
states in cattle and sheep produc-
tion. Iowa is 47th in the nation in
state conservation funding with
less than one percent of the state
budget supporting conservation ef-
Heard of the Iowa Nutrient
Reduction Strategy. Its a volun-
tary approach to improving water
quality in Iowa. Des Moines Water
Works CEO Bill Stowe says vol-
untary efforts arent working now
and wont work in the future. He
We have date over 40 years that
shows the degradation of water
quality in both he Des Moines and
the Raccoon Rivers. The Nutrient
Reducation Strategy in our view is
more of the same. The same is not
working. We need leadership on
Clearly the next step, in our
view, is federal intervention on this
Call Iowa Citizens for Commu-
nity Improvement (www.iowacci.
org) at 515-282-0484 and join.
Karon Finn
Writer wants federal intervention
Thursday, July 25, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News 3
Courthouse News
Ringgold County
News & Notes
Free School
to families in need while supplies last.
The first day of school registration
3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
First Christian Church (on the square in Mount Ayr)
If purchasing all the items your child needs
for school is a burden, let Gods love help.
We will be giving away:
Backpacks Calculators
Assignment Books
Markers Scissors Glue Etc.
Sponsored by Ringgold County Ministerial Association,
area churches and
Community Partnerships for Protecting Children
for students in the
Mount Ayr Community School District
will be held in the Elementary School Cafeteria on
Monday, August 5 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
and Tuesday, August 6 9 a.m. - noon
Fees will be $35 per student.
Lunch and breakfast will also be payable at this time.
Separate checks will be needed for registration and
meal fees.
Those intending to apply for free or reduced meals
should bring proof of financial eligibility with them
and complete forms at the time of registration.
If unable to register on the specified dates, you
may pre-register after those dates at the
Elementary Office during business hours through
Friday, August 16. Registrations made after Aug-
ust 16 will have a $10 per student late charge.
The student passes will be offered again at
$35 each for all sports activities. Adult season
passes will be $15 for volleyball and $20 for foot-
ball. Raider clothing will also be for sale at
July 11 - July 18, 2013
Wesley Wayne Richards,
Rippey, $114.00 speeding 6-10
m.p.h. over the speed limit.
Gary W. Hartsook, Shannon
City, $127.50 failure to maintain
safety belts.
Virgil Roy McCue, Red Oak,
$119.00 speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over
the speed limit.
Jessie Ray Still, Mount Ayr,
$195.00 failure to transfer title
within 15 days.
Jessie Ray Still, Mount Ayr,
$127.50 failure to maintain safety
Kenneth Wayne Eaton, Fairfax,
$114.00 speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over
the speed limit.
(Call Origination Code: MA= Mount Ayr; KE = Kel-
lerton; EL = Ellston; TI = Tingley; DI = Diagonal; DE
= Delphos; MO = Maloy; BE = Beaconseld; BO = Ben-
ton; SC = Shannon City; BL = Blockton; RE = Redding;
SV = Sun Valley; CO = In County; OC = Out of County;
OS = Out of State)
July 11 - July 17, 2013
Thursday, July 11
8:11 a.m., jail/inmate informa-
tion (KE)
8:33 a.m., questions about who
does K-9 demonstrations (OC)
9:25 a.m., questions for dis-
patch (OC)
11:05 a.m., call for chief deputy
11:14 a.m., 911 call, ambulance
needed (MA)
11:29 a.m., call for jailer (TI)
3:40 p.m., attorny generals of-
ce with message for deputy (OC)
4:02 p.m., questions about mili-
tary personnel with combat experi-
ence getting gun permit (CO)
4:16 p.m., Union county bring-
ing a new prisoner (OC)
4:32 p.m., individual wanting
to check in for a few days (CO)
4:41 p.m., individual with ques-
tions about domestic matter (CO)
5:15 p.m., Union county on
their way (OC)
6:00 p.m., Decatur county com-
ing to visit one of their inmates
Friday, July 12
8:57 a.m., 911 call, ambulance
needed (MA)
9:50 a.m., jail/inmate informa-
tion (OC)
10:16 a.m., suspicious person
10:22 a.m., cementery question
12:29 p.m., gun permit infor-
mation (CO)
12:38 p.m., call back to dis-
patch (OC)
1:03 p.m., questions on a case
1:37 p.m., call for ofcer (CO)
3:37 p.m., jail information
8:11 p.m., report of
reckless driver (CO)
9:38 p.m., caller want-
ing to speak to deputy (CO)
9:39 p.m., concerned citizen
reporting business door wide open
9:40 p.m., Union county dis-
patch for assistance from dispatch
10:20 p.m., walk in, reporting
disabled car at fairgrounds (OC)
Saturday, July 13
4:05 a.m., ambulance needed
for back pain (MA)
8:07 a.m., call for jail (OC)
8:50 a.m., power outage (OC)
9:01 a.m., call for jail (OC)
9:30 a.m., call about road trash
9:53 a.m., caller needing house
checked (OC)
10:02 a.m., call for jail (OC)
10:04 a.m., call for jail (OC)
10:05 a.m., call for jail (OC)
10:11 a.m., power outage
10:35 a.m., call for clerk (CO)
12:53 p.m., 911 call, bale re
1:35 p.m., 911 call, ambulance
needed (MA)
1:45 p.m., jail/inmate informa-
tion (OC)
2:10 p.m., reserve calling in (MA)
2:15 p.m., needing to speak
with ofcer (TI)
2:30 p.m., investigation (MA)
2:35 p.m., needs to speak with
ofcer (TI)
4:19 p.m., alarm (MA)
4:41 p.m., jail/inmate informa-
tion (OC)
5:30 p.m., security check (CO)
6:45 p.m., jail/inmate informa-
tion (OC)
8:13 p.m., 911 call, ambulance
from Decatur county needed (OC)
9:52 p.m., reserve ofcers re-
porting start of permitted residen-
tial reworks (MA)
10:02 p.m., re in area of J55
and Caledonia Rd (MA)
11:41 p.m., pack of dogs loose
raiding neighbors trash (MA)
Sunday, July 14
1:44 a.m., neighbor dispute
5:30 a.m., call for deputy on
duty (OC)
6:37 a.m., update for deputy
6:32 a.m., horses out by fair-
grounds (MA)
6:48 a.m., report of horses out
10:01 a.m., caller had ques-
tions about an inmate (OC)
10:39 a.m., call for jail (OC)
10:51 a.m., chief deputy check-
ing in (MA)
11:39 a.m., caller advised that
they set off alarm (MA)
11:57 a.m., report of rac-
coons in window well (CO)
12:52 p.m., funeral ofcer
needed for escort (MA)
1:51 p.m., jail inmate call (OC)
4:02 p.m., cows out (KE)
4:49 p.m., bond information
wanted (OC)
5:10 p.m., bond in-
formation wanted (OC)
5:31 p.m., bond information
wanted (OC)
5:48 p.m., bond in-
formation wanted (OC)
5:51 p.m., bond information
wanted (OC)
5:55 p.m., bond in-
formation wanted (OC)
6:09 p.m., bond information
wanted (OC)
7:08 p.m., bond information
wanted (OC)
8:22 p.m., needed ofcer (KE)
8:59 p.m., found dogs (RE)
Monday, July 15
6:23 a.m., call for jail (OC)
8:37 a.m., call for sheriff (MA)
8:37 a.m., call for sheriff (OC)
9:39 a.m., report of reckless
driver (CO)
9:52 p.m., deputy checking in
9:56 p.m., call for dispatch
10:02 a.m., caller checking in
10:08 a.m., civil call (MA)
10:13 a.m., 911 call for Union
county (OC)
10:26 a.m., call for sheriff
10:35 a.m., order ready for
pickup (OC)
10:52 a.m., call for deputy (CO)
11:11 a.m., person for sheriff
needing report (MA)
11:15 a.m., sales call (OC)
11:16 a.m., call for sheriff (CO)
1:00 p.m., call for deputy (DI)
1:29 p.m., reference stolen item
1:42 p.m., pin number for in-
mate (OC)
2:11 p.m., complaint (MA)
2:30 p.m., COC calling (MA)
2:38 p.m., in-
mate information (OC)
2:51 p.m., sex of-
fender leaving area (OC)
3:23 p.m., 911 call (MA)
3:27 p.m., call for sheriff (OC)
4:07 p.m., civil call (OC)
4:30 p.m., four-wheeler com-
plaint (MA)
5:46 p.m., call about inmate (OC)
6:19 p.m., 911 call (CO)
10:40 p.m., 911 call, car-deer
accident (CO)
Tuesday, July 16
8:15 a.m., COC (OC)
8:36 a.m., dispatch information
9:41 a.m., federal defenders of-
ce calling checking on an inmate
9:49 a.m., Ringgold COC
10:20 a.m., inmate information
12:13 p.m., call for dispatch
12:51 p.m., dog neglect (KE)
2:39 p.m., call for ofcer (OC)
2:42 p.m., returning call (MA)
3:14 p.m., call for inmate (OC)
5:09 p.m., Worth county bring-
ing one (OC)
5:26 p.m., ofcer leaving mes-
sage (MA)
6:00 p.m., REC call (MA)
9:50 p.m., questions about in-
mate (OC)
10:19 p.m., suspicious car, need
ofcer to check on it (TI)
Wednesday, July 17
6:53 a.m., chief deputy check-
ing in (MA)
8:44 a.m., call for jail (OC)
9:29 a.m., call for jail and depu-
ty (MA)
9:35 a.m., call for jail (MA)
9:36 a.m., call for sheriff (MA)
9:41 a.m., call about suspicious
vehicle (MA)
9:45 a.m., cows out (MA)
10:00 a.m., call for jail (MA)
10:06 a.m., message for depu-
ties (OC)
10:09 a.m., call for clerk (OC)
10:21 a.m., call for clerk (OC)
10:30 a.m., call for jail (MA)
12:35 p.m., concerned citizen
checking about a homeless person
1:27 p.m., information about
inmate (MA)
2:30 p.m., complaint about
phone call (OC)
2:31 p.m., inmate has court
3:52 p.m., information for civil
clerk (CO)
4:21 p.m., asking about a road
closed (CO)
5:00 p.m., asking about church
service for inmate (CO)
5:07 p.m., reporting people
walking on J20 (CO)
9:05 p.m., car on re, false
alarm (KE)
9:08 p.m., lockout (MA)
10:41 p.m., information on
bonding and inmate out (OC)
Ringgold County Courthouse
hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.
to 4 p.m. unless noted otherwise.
Ringgold county now has a
website at www.ringgoldcounty.
Assessor: Neil Morgan, 464-
Auditor: Amanda Waske,
Board of Supervisors: David
Inloes, chairman, Royce Dredge
and Kraig Pennington, members,
Supervisors meetings are open
to the public and are held in the su-
pervisors conference room located
on the second oor between the
clerk of court and auditors ofce.
On days the board is not sched-
uled to be in ofce, please direct
all inquiries to the auditors ofce.
To schedule a meeting time with
the supervisors, contact the audi-
tors ofce.
Regular board meetings are
held on Mondays with ofcial
public notice of the meeting agen-
das posted at the Ringgold county
courthouse, Mount Ayr Record
News, Sun Valley Lake and Diago-
nal city hall the day before.
Clerk of Court (a state of-
ce): Jackie Saville, 464-3234; fax:
464-2478. Ofce hours: Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 a.m. to
noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. -
noon and 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
The clerks ofce handles ali-
mony and child support payments,
probates, civil and criminal lings,
magistrates court and records and
services of adoptions, conservator-
ships, court proceedings, divorces,
estates, grand jury, guardianships,
judgments, juvenile proceedings,
mechanics liens, mental health
admissions, petit jury, surety
company certicates, state hospi-
tal, trafc violations, trust funds,
trusteeships. Certied copies can
be made of above listed records.
Court records are also available at
County Conservation
Board: Kate Zimmerman, phone:
464-2787, email: rangerkate@io-
Please contact for information
on rules and regulations, parks,
trail ways, camping, shelter reser-
vations, environmental education
and more. Parks are open March
15 - November 15. Walk-in trafc
is allowed year round.
County Weed Commission-
er: Brenda Adams, 641-783-2348.
Development and Tourism:
Karen Bender, Coordinator, 464-
3704. If anyone has any calendar
events, please contact the develop-
ment ofce at 641-464-3704.
E-911 Service Board: Merle
Walter, 307 N. Webster St., Mount
Ayr, 464-3311.
Emergency Management
Agency: Teresa Jackson, Coordi-
nator, 109 W. Madison St., Suite
105, cell: 641-202-9671; phone:
464-3344; fax: 464-0663, email: Hours:
Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30
The tornado sirens in Mount
Ayr will be tested the rst Tuesday
of each month unless there is se-
vere weather.
Engineer: Zach Gunsolley,
P.E., 464-3232. 707 South Hender-
son Drive. Ofce hours: Monday -
Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
General Relief: Gary Smith,
109 W. Madison St., 464-2397.
Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30
a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m.
- 10:30 a.m.; Closed Wednesdays
and Fridays. In case of emergency
641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199.
Recorder: Karen Schaefer,
464-3231. Passport applications
are taken daily from 8 a.m. - 11
a.m. and noon - 4 p.m. Certied
vital records can be obtained from
8 a.m. - noon and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
The recorders ofce serves as
a passport agent. Items needed to
apply are: certied copy of birth
certicate, drivers license or state
issued ID, two-inch square pass-
port photos and passport applica-
tion (both available at recorders
ofce) and fees. Allow four to six
weeks from date of application to
receive passport book or card from
the passport agency. Expedited
service is available for an addi-
tional fee.
Individuals with recent name
changes can get their passport
book/card updated without a fee
within one year of issue. Forms
may be obtained at the recorders
ofce. For additional information
call the recorders ofce or go to
Sanitarian: Ringgold County
Public Health Agency, 464-0691.
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to
4:30 p.m.
Public Health Agency: 119 S.
Fillmore, 464-0691. Hours: Mon-
day - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Sheriff: Mike Sobotka, Emer-
gency Only 911, Non-Emergency
(Available 24/7) 464-3921 or 464-
2911. New location at the Ringgold
County Law Enforcement Center,
801 West South Street. Hours are
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Road Conditions
- dial 511 or online at www.Io-
waRoadConditions. org.
Treasurer: Debbie Cannon,
Property taxes can be paid on-
line at
with Visa, Master Card and Dis-
cover credit cards or e-checks.
Payments made in the ofce may
be with cash, checks or with a Mas-
ter Card, Visa or Discover credit or
debit card.
All documents conveying real
estate need to have the name and
address of the person to whom
the property tax statement is to
be mailed. Please check renewal
notices and tax statements for the
correct information. If the infor-
mation is wrong, contact the trea-
surers ofce.
Motorists can now renew mo-
tor vehicle registrations online at if a re-
newal notice is received through
the United States Postal Service
that contains a personal identica-
tion number (PIN). Please be aware
that the PIN can only be used one
time. Contact the treasurers ofce
for more information.
Those with June birth dates are
reminded to register their motor
vehicles by July 31, 2013. Bring in
the renewal statement received in
the mail so renewals can be quick-
ly processed.
Drivers License Ofce: Lo-
cated in the Treasurers Ofce.
Drivers licenses may be re-
newed any time during the period
of 30 calendar days before and
up to 60 calendar days after the
drivers birth date.
The drivers license station
hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30
a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3:30
p.m. Phone 464-3230 with ques-
Veterans Affairs: Gary Smith,
109 W. Madison St., 464-2397.
Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30
a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m.
- 10:30 a.m.; Closed Wednesdays
and Fridays. In case of emergency
641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199.
for the ride home, but I switched
off and rode the 16 miles back to
town with the other riders. We had
a beautiful morning to ride, with
cooler temperatures to help us
along our way.
I brought my camera along to
get pictures of the riders and the
natural wonders along the trail,
which follows the route of a couple
of area railroads.
When we were close to home,
most of the riders broke off to ride
straight to Erin and Peters while
Valle, her sister Diane and I rode
back to the Flat Branch Park to re-
turn the three bicycle rentals.
It was almost to the nish of the
ride that I had my nal adventure. I
came to a halt with the disc brakes
on my high-end bicycle rental to
get a picture of the Flat Branch
Creek and ended up tipping into a
stone wall, scratching up my arm.
Somehow when I hopped back
on the bike after clicking away
with my camera, I got the handle-
bars turned around 180 degrees.
When I reached for the brakes and
gear shifts I thought somehow I
had turned the handlebars over in
my stop.
I rode on, struggling with the
gear shifting and brakes for the -
nal little bit of the ride. It wasnt
until I hopped off at the end of the
trail that I realized why I was hav-
ing the problems. Who knew you
could ride with the front wheel
turned around completely?
We had lunch together back at Erin
and Peters before divvying out
the gear and bicycles and sending
people on their way.
LFSBROKT was a resounding suc-
cess despite my misadventures. We
had a wonderful time being togeth-
er with extended family members,
meeting the youngest of the clan,
nding out that two more family
members are on the way, and shar-
ing with the elders as well.
Well look for another big ad-
venture next summer as a follow
More on Smith column
Continued frompage 2
USDA accepts
1.7 million
acres for CRP
Agriculture Secretary Tom
Vilsack today announced that the
U.S. Department of Agriculture
(USDA) will accept 1.7 million
acres offered under the 45th Con-
servation Reserve Program (CRP)
general sign-up.
The Department received near-
ly 28,000 offers on more than 1.9
million acres of land.
Currently, there are more than
26.9 million acres enrolled on
700,000 contracts.
to everyone who supported and helped
with the many Mount Ayr Aquatic Center
Fund-Raisers at Ayr Days. We appreciate your
Texas Hold Em Tournament winners were:
1st Place Adam Ross
2nd Place Sharon Miller
3rd Place Nolan Newton
Mount Ayr Aquatic Center
Visit Us On:
FREE Delivery
LEON, IOWA Ph. 641-446-4187
HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sofa and Love Seat
Many colors and fabrics
Over 30 sets on floor starting at
La-Z-Boy Large
Reg. 499.00
Leather Sofa
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Rocker/ Recliner
2 colors Reg. $388.00
Large Table
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Starting at
Large Cherry 5-Piece
Bedroom Set
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Best Sofa
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Sealy Queen-Sized
Box Springs
60-Oz. Plush Carpet
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Berber Carpet
sq. yd. and up
Floor Model Sale
10 on floor
Starting at
We have many
on carpet.
SPECIAL SALE: Many items 30% to 50% Off
A Daughters Love and Appreciation
There is a woman who was born on July 2, 1929, the year the great depression
began, who saw the colorless shades of poverty as a child.whos hands have held her
six children, raising them to be strong and kind. This woman is my mother, who I love
and appreciate deeper than the cornfields of Iowa, the state in which my mother is from.
Donna Benegas was born to Norwegian parents and lived in Webster City, Iowa. As
a child, she speaks of long cold winters and having to wear pants under her dresses as
she went to schoolcoming home to a pot of soup or stew on the stove that her mother
had hoped would feed the family all week. She can remember seeing the farmers coming
through town in the summer and running behind them, along with neighborhood
children, as the farmers would sometimes throw fruit into the streets for all the reaching
hands and smiling faces.
Our mother and father married in 1952 and they had six children, four girls and two
boys. After our fathers death in 1970, raising us on her own proved to be just a small
portion of our mothers strength. This strength we would witness over and over again
through the years as my siblings and I grew to be adults.
As a child, many memories of my mother flood my mind. Living in Fort Dodge,
Iowa, I can recall our large white home with red shudders and expansive front porch.
This porch held a swing where I spent many summer evenings sitting with my mother,
eating watermelon and watching bats high in the sky as well as watching hot summer
rains from this very spot. This porch has to be one of my favorite places as a child. I can
remember my mother cooking large meals for our family, watching and listening to
everything she had to teach me, shucking Iowa corn and snapping beans at the kitchen
table with her.
Thoughts of her bring back so muchlong walks we would take when I was a
child, sewing some of my clothes and her needlepoint, going to Bingo night with my bag
of Barbies.
Even though my siblings and I are all grown up, have families of our own and living
throughout the US, our mother is still the center of our family. Over the years our family
has grown. Our mother now has 19 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Ive
realized as Ive gotten older, no matter how old we get or how far apart we are, where
our mother lives this will always be home to me.
Happy Birthday Mother.
First Christian Church (On the square in Mount Ayr)
Sunday, August 4
5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
SERVING: Steve and Kevin Trullingers
barbecue pork loin sandwiches with
sides, salads and desserts
Terri is battling cancer
for the second time. To help, call
Michell Ricker 641-414-3202
or Lisa Conklin 641-234-0359.
Donations can be made payable
to the First Christian Church
with Terri Chafa Benefit in the
lower left corner and sent to
the First Christian Church 201 W.
Monroe, Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854.
Thank You
My thanks to all of those who helped prepare
and serve the Farm Bureau Member Appreciation
Supper at the Ringgold County Fair.
The local Farm Bureau provides this supper to
thank members for their support throughout the
year, and I appreciate all those who helped make
this supper successful. See you at the fair next
Raymond Shields, President
Ringgold County Farm Bureau
Thank you for Amber (Binning) Hill Benefit
It is hard to express the love my family has experienced as so many
people have supported us over the last three years. The outpouring of
love and generosity at my benefit July 13 was overwhelming. Thank
you to everyone who supported us by participating in the 5k run that
morning and attending the evening hog roast and auction. Thank you
for all who supported us, not only by bidding up and purchasing
auction items, but those who donated so many amazing auction items!
Thank you to the countless individuals who worked behind the scenes
leading up to the benefit, throughout the benefit and following the
There were so many people who were highly involved and
determined in making the benefit a success. I would like to give a
special thanks to The Grand River Lions Club, Brad Binning, Terry
Boles and Monte Greenland for the countless hours that you put into
make the evening a success. Mom, thank you for organizing the 5k run.
Thank you to my friend Penny Sheetz for doing much of the organizing
and fundraising. A huge thank you to Craig Stogdill and Linda Olander
for being so persistent! You have wanted to and have been determined
to give me a benefit for a long time. Thank you for the love and
generosity that you have poured out on my family. Not only have you
blessed us richly, but thank you for the opportunity that you have given
so many others to do the same. God bless you!
Here is a brief summary of my disease and the ongoing challenges.
About this time three years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare disease
called Acromegaly! In short, Acromegaly disease means that I have a
brain tumor on my pituitary gland, which regulates everything in our
bodies. The tumor produces excess growth hormone. Without intense
treatment, the tumor will cause physical growth to morbidity and many
other physical issues.
Since my diagnosis, I have undergone two brain surgeries to
remove the tumor. Both were unsuccessful in complete removal. I am
now on a lifelong, monthly injection to keep my growth hormone levels
in the normal range, which has been successful. As long as my growth
hormone levels are normalized, the tumor should not grow and I should
not continue to grow. Since my second surgery in 2011, I have
struggled with extreme fatigue and headaches daily. So far, we havent
been unable to find a solution for either symptom.
It hasnt been easy, but God has been our answer and is very real in
our lives. He has promised us that He will never leave or forsake us,
and He has not. He has comforted and provided for us throughout this
difficult time. He has been our strength and hope. I have trusted and
believed Him when he says in Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear, for I am with
you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and
help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
He has helped me see and understand that His love doesnt mean
that I will be free of trials and that He may or may not remove this one.
God does assure me that He will be there every step of the way and can
use these trials for good in my life and the lives around me. It has been
a privilege to see and experience the overwhelming generosity,
provision and love of so many friends, family and strangers. God has
used this to strengthen our marriage and family, create opportunities to
encourage others, and develop character as we rely on Him. God has
blessed and continues to bless our family with much love and hope.
This same God is available to anyone whoever turns to Him and
will put their trust in His Son Jesus Christ. He will forgive, never leave,
and will give the same hope He has given us.
Again, thank you to everyone who has been so loving, supporting
and generous.
Amber, Aaron, Grace and Conner Hill
104 E. Adams, Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-2123
Tuesday - Friday
Evenings and Saturday
appointments available.
Specializing in color, perms, cutting, styling and waxing.
Ph. 641-877-4151 Ph. 641-877-4151 LIKE US on FACEBOOK.
While in Humeston plan to visit GrassRoots Caf
in Humeston in Humeston
40% OFF
40% OFF
Denise Hanna and Brad Holt
Saturday, August 10, 2013
We are pleased
to announce
the opening of
The Kitchen
Plan to check
it out soon!
Check out our website and blog: Check out our website and blog:
Tuesday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Tuesday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
There will be music by
a wandering minstrel
Produce Baked Goods
Flowers Plants Crafts
Located at West Main and Washington, Tingley, IA
the northwest corner by the old Presbyterian Church.
Questions: Call 641-344-8326 or 360-799-3678
4 Mount Ayr Record-News Thursday, July 25, 2013
Community Calendar
Thursday, July 25
Alcoholics Anonymous meet-
ing at 8 p.m. at the Neighborhood
Center, Mount Ayr.
Vacation Bible school at
Wishard Chapel Community
Church from 5:30 to 8 p.m.
Friday, July 26
Card shower for Jim and Joyce
Wards 45th anniversary. Cards
and correspondence may be
sent to them at 708 South Dunn,
Maryville, MO 64468.
Mount Ayr Farmers Market on
south side of the Ringgold county
courthouse lawn from 2:30 to 5:30
Saturday, July 27
Card shower for Rose Merrills
80th birthday. Cards and corre-
spondence may be sent to her at
504 E. Monroe Street, Mount Ayr,
IA 50854.
Farmers Market in Tingley at
10 a.m.
Raise the Roof United
Church of Diagonal Fund-raiser
starting at 8 a.m.
Sunday, July 28
Ellston Pioneer Center is open
from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appoint-
ment for groups of ve or more.
Call Linda and Bob Swanson at
Monday, July 29
Thin Within support group will
meet at 5 p.m. at the Lighthouse.
Sowing in Tears Support Group
will meet at 7 p.m. at the Light-
house Church, two miles west of
Mount Ayr.
Jam session at the Mount Ayr
American Legion building from
6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Tuesday, July 30
Wednesday, July 31
$1 sack day every day at the
Ringgold County Neighborhood
Ringgold County Farm Bureau
is sponsoring a swimming and
pizza party from 6 to 8 p.m. at the
Mount Ayr pool.
Thursday, August 1
Ringgold County Master Gar-
deners will meet at the Iowa State
Extension ofce at 5 p.m.
Southwest Iowa Shutterbugs
will meet at the Creston Pizza
Ranch. Chatter and food begins
at 6 p.m. Regular meeting begins
at 7 p.m.
Sons of the American Legion
will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Mount
Ayr Legion hall.
Alcoholics Anonymous meet-
ing at 8 p.m. at the Neighborhood
Center, Mount Ayr.
Friday, August 2
Mount Ayr Farmers Market on
south side of the Ringgold county
courthouse lawn from 2:30 to 5:30
Saturday, August 3
Farmers Market in Tingley at
10 a.m.
Open closet at the Mount Ayr
Assembly of God from 8 to 11
Open house celebration for
Patti Barnes 90th birthday at the
Crown Colony reception room in
Lamoni from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m..
If unable to attend, cards and cor-
respondence may be sent to her at
200 Crown Colony, Lamoni, IA
Sunday, August 4
Ellston Pioneer Center is open
from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appoint-
ment for groups of ve or more.
Call Linda and Bob Swanson at
Terri Clymer Chafa benet din-
ner at the First Christian Church
with serving from 5 to 7 p.m.
Monday, August 5
Registration for the Mount Ayr
Community school district at the
elementary cafeteria from 9 a.m.
to 5 p.m.
Back-to-school free school sup-
plies at the First Christian Church
from 3 to 6 p.m.
Thin Within support group will
meet at 5 p.m. at the Lighthouse.
Mount Ayr City Council will
meet at 6 p.m. at Mount Ayr City
Jam session at the Mount Ayr
American Legion building from
6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Mary Kathryn Gepner
Library Leangs
Mount Ayr Order of the Eastern
Star will meet at 7:30 p.m. at the
Masonic Temple, Mount Ayr.
Sowing in Tears Support Group
will meet at 7 p.m. at the Light-
house Church, two miles west of
Mount Ayr.
Tuesday, August 6
Registration for the Mount Ayr
Community school district at the
elementary cafeteria from 9 a.m.
to noon.
Calico Quilters will meet from
9:30 a.m. to 12 noon at the Senior
Citizens Activity Center, Mount
Mount Ayr Chamber of Com-
merce will meet at 5:30 p.m. at
Jamies Coffee Mill & Deli for
dinner during the meeting.
Faith Lodge #179 A.F. & A.M.
meets at 8 p.m. at the Masonic
Temple, Mount Ayr.
Mount Ayr Personals
Call 464-2440 Mondays
Visitors in the home of Vera
Moore Saturday were grandson
Jack Moore, wife Nikkie and son
Jadyn of Omaha, NE and Jacks
mother, Mary Owens of Leon.
They treated Vera to lunch and
then visited Beverly Moore at
Mount Ayr Health Care. Then
Sunday grandson Steve Stuck and
wife Pam of Nixa, MO were visi-
Farm Bureau to host
swimming party
The Ringgold County Farm Bu-
reau is sponsoring a young member
swimming party on Wednesday,
July 31.
Young Farm Bureau members
under age 35 and their families are
invited to the Mount Ayr pool for
swimming and a pizza party.
Time will be from 6 to 8 p.m.
If you have any questions, call the
Farm Bureau ofce at 641-464-
Blunck 100 years old July 24
Family and friends honor Helen
Blunck who will be 100 years old
on July 24. Helen is a wonderful
loving mother, grandmother, great
and great-great-grandmother.
Her home now is at Clearview
where years ago she worked as a
nurses aid.
Blunck to celebrate 70th birthday
Bill Blunck will be celebrating
his 70th birhday on July 26. Pic-
tured with him are his wife, Kathi,
and grandsons, Brett Swaney, who
will be 12 on July 31, and Dylan
Swaney, who is 10 years old.
July 22 - The summer double
issue of Time magazine was a spe-
cial report on the pursuit of happi-
ness. Research reveals what helps
us -- and hurts us -- as we strive
to be happy. Americans feel like
we have a right to be happy, after
all, Thomas Jefferson included the
pursuit of happiness, in the Dec-
laration of Independence. So, what
makes us happy. Life experiences
like vacations make us happier
than spending money on the latest
and greatest products. The happy
switch in our brains kicks on when
we perform acts of kindness; stud-
ies have shown that people who
volunteer are more satised with
their lives. More than 60 million
Americans volunteer each year.
Going to church regularly is
another indicator of happiness as
nearly half of regular worshippers
say they are very happy compared
with 26 percent of non-church
goes. One factor making us less
happy is heavy TV viewing re-
sulting in a less active social life.
Teens in particular are affected
by long hours in front of the tele-
vision. On average, adolescents
watch about four hours of TV each
day but feel better when they have
hobbies, play team sports and go
out with friends.
Adults watch ve hours of tele-
vision a day, dominated by real-
ity programs like American Idol.
Warning: Reality-TV junkies are
more neurotic and report lower
levels of self-esteem. And, why
not? Reality TV shows pop up like
noxious weeds. They are cheap to
produce and lots of people watch
them. The latest, and possibly,
according to critics, the most ob-
noxious, is Big Brother. Here
Comes Honey Boo-Boo is back
for another season on TLC, which
used to be known as the learning
channel, as is Duck Dynasty.
Some reality shows may contrib-
ute to the dummying down of
America and research indicates
they do not make us feel better
about ourselves.
In 1958 William J. Lederer
and Eugene Burdick wrote a best
selling book entitled, The Ugly
American. Louis Sears is an
Ambassador to a Southeast Asia
country. He refuses to learn the
language or the personality of the
country to which he is assigned.
Loud, coarse and overbearing, the
impression he gives of America is
very negative. To nd the ugly
American today, check out Hon-
ey Boo Boos mother, the family on
Duck Dynasty, dance moms or any
one of a seemingly endless variety
of shows featuring loud, coarse
and overbearing people behaving
New to the library: In CD:
Twenty Wishes by Debbie Ma-
comber, donated by Linda Picker-
ing, Seduction in Death by J.D.
Robb, Past Perfect by Susan
Isaacs, Death Angel by Linda
Howard, Twenties Girl by So-
phia Kinsella, Sundays at Tif-
fany by James Patterson, One
Breath Away by Heather Guden-
kauf, The Next Best Thing by
Jennifer Weiner and Dont Look
Down by Jennifer Cruise.
Dufeld Family Reunion
The descendants of Givens Duff-
ield held their 27th annual reunion on
July 14, 2013, at the Earlham com-
munity center in Earlham. A potluck
dinner was enjoyed at noon. There
were 34 people in attendance includ-
ing three rst cousins, Doris Gibson
and Vera Robins. This reunion was
started by many of those rst cousins
of which only a very few are still liv-
ing, some unable to come.
The host of this years reunion
was the family of Cora E. Dufeld
Clouse, one of Givens 13 children.
The tables were decorated in blue
with yellow roses on the tables. Priz-
es were given to the oldest woman
and oldest man, Doris Gibson and
Donald Clouse, and also the young-
est boy and girl, Jesse Johnsen and
Kaydyn Bolinger. Also prizes were
given to those coming the farthest,
Curt Dufeld and family and Keith
and Janice Reason. The Dufelds
came from Cedar Rapids and the
Reasons from Clear Lake.
A short business meeting was
held. Families introduced them-
selves. They took a few minutes to
honor two family members deceased
during this past year, Don Harris and
Robert Treadway. Afew games were
played as well as several exciting
bingo games. Family history books
and pictures were displayed.
Those attending were Donald
and Juanita Clouse of Massena; Joan
Carey of Winterset; Janice, Keith and
Dakota Reason of Clear Lake; Eileen
Mason of Mount Ayr; Theron and
Marilyn Johnson of Delphos; Vera
Robins of Des Moines; Pat Edwards
of Urbandale; Curt and Anne Duff-
ield, Dillon Dufeld and Jesse John-
son of Cedar Rapids; Barry and Pam
Jackson of Kellerton; Kathy Rains
of Leon; Doris Gibson of Kellerton;
Joyce Kaster and Brent Kaster of In-
dianola; James and Emilie Carey and
Jim and Donna Carey of Earlham;
Chad, Jerica and Kaydyn of Tingley,
and Bryan, Amy, Kasey, Addie and
Greichary Kaster of Harlan.
Plans for the July 2014 reunion
will be made by the Sam Dufeld
Club Notes
Nancy McKay Harsh Chapter
Daughters of the
American Revolution
The Nancy McKay Harsh
Chapter of the Daughters of the
American Revolution met in the
Richardson meeting room, at 9:30
a.m. on June 8, 2013.
The program was Symbolism in
the Cemetery by Pam Marvin. She
explained the meaning of symbols
commonly found on gravestones.
The meeting was called to or-
der by Connie Kinkade, chapter
regent. Members shared in reading
the ritual.
Lynn Schlaht shared the presi-
dent generals message. The presi-
dent general reviewed all the dif-
ferent chapters she has visited. She
explained the restoration they have
accomplished to Constitution Hall
in Washington, D.C. during her
time as president general.
Cheryl Micetich shared the na-
tional defense report. She explained
more about the female body armor
that is being developed for female
army ofcers.
The roll call was shared by 13
members by naming a military
Jane Briley, secretary, read the
minutes. The minutes were ap-
proved as corrected.
Bonnie Riepe gave the nance
Theresa Bahniuk discussed
items from the DAR handbook
concerning executive ofcers of
NSDAR. They must be a member
of a chapter for at least ve years.
They can only hold one term in an
Pam Marvin shared the Indian
moment, information on the Black
Eagle, a Nez Perce tribe member.
He went with William Clark of the
Lewis-Clark Expedition.
Theresa Bahniuk shared the
commemorative moment. The
United States declared war against
Great Britain on June 18, 1812.
This was only done after many
years of problems with the Eng-
The ag moment was shared by
Dorothy Morgan. She explained
how recently discovered veterans
bodies have been honored during
Lynn Schlaht read a thank you
card by Emma K. Johnson who
received the state winning scholar-
The next meetings location has
changed. It will be Saturday, July
13, at the Homestead, 610 W. Iowa
Street in Greeneld. The program
will be Generations of Seamstress-
es by Jolene Richardson. The roll
call will be bring a homemade ar-
ticle by an ancestor. Hostesses will
be Ethel Handley, Carol Baudler,
Julie Sorensen and Karla Caltrid-
Jane Briley,
Recording Secretary
Sale Bills Sell -- Advertise your auction with
sale bills in color or black and white from
the Mount Ayr Record-News.
Thursday, July 25, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News 5
County Columns
Call today for a new auto quote!
Ph. 641-464-8017
Ted Dan Renda
111 S. Fillmore Street, Mount Ayr
103 W. South Street, Mount Ayr
Authorized Dealer
Cunning Real Estate
and Land Auction
Farm Management
802 N Fillmore $62,500
Nice 3-bedroom single-level with double lot
and view. Located on quiet street.
$500 minimum to open and obtain APY on 6 year C.D. APY accurate as of 07/16/2013.
A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Limited time offer.
6 Year C.D.
Annual Percentage Yield
Member FDIC
Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
On the square in Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-2466
August 24
7 p.m.
Performing Artists for the Evening
Beards of a Feather First Things First
The Hardy Family Simply Voices
TICKETS: $10 each
(Proceeds go to the Princess Theater Endowment.)




Save the
Friday - Sunday
September 24 - 26
On the square in Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-2466
Friday and Saturday Evenings, July 26 and 27, 7 p.m.
Sunday Matinee, July 28, 2 p.m.
Starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Nat ive Amer i can war r i or
Tont o r ecount s t he unt ol d t al es t hat t r ansf or med John Rei d, a
man of t he l aw, i nt o a l egend of j ust i ce.
Rated PG-13 Admission - $5
COMING UP: August 2-4
Grown Ups 2- Rated PG-13
Stutzman Auction Center
Stutzman Auction Center
303 N. Taylor Street, Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-5151
Consignment Auction Every Tuesday - 5 p.m.
Exotic Animal Auction
First Saturday of Every Month - 10 a.m.
See us for your sale. Our house or yours.
WATCH FACEBOOK: For all listings and auctions
Not enough room in your garage?
Try our U-LOK-IT storage units.
3076 130th Street, Ellston, Iowa
Ph. 641-772-4546
*Bands subject to change
OPEN at 4 p.m.
BANDS Cover Charge $7
JULY 26 and 27: Karaoke
AUGUST 2 and 3: Fifth Element from Branson, MO
Country, Rock, Blues
AUGUST 9 and 10 : Ride Shy
AUGUST 16 and 17: Karaoke with Rachel The Chick
from the Sticks
All shows 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
July 22 - Lynn King and Marga-
ret Nelson returned from a trip they
started in Pella, then the Hoover
birthplace, on to Moline, IL, saw
the American Pickers, went to La-
crosse and ended up at the Mall of
The benet for the Jim Pearce
family was well attended. This lit-
tle town pulls together when times
are tough.
Guest of the Bill and Irene Free-
man and Dan and Barb Freeman
was Roger McAllister of Galena,
IL. Alaina and Nick Freeman also
joined them for Sunday dinner.
Connie and Earl Drake, Mary
Weaver and Clint, Destiny, Nolan
and Khloe Drake met Nate, Crys-
tal, Weston and Hayes Drake at
the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines
Donna Melvin returned from a
trip with her sisters.
Remember: People who say
they sleep like a baby dont usually
have one.
Mary Kay Loutzenhiser
Bobbi Bainum 767-5211
Activities Staff
Clearview Home
July 22 - Sympathy is sent to
Sharon Walkup on the death of
her father, Don Glew of Ackley,
Friday. His funeral will be held on
Mary and Morris Carpenter
went to Des Moines Friday and
then on to the Grotto in West Bend.
Donna and Sheldon Ross accom-
panied them and they also toured
the area where Morris lived as a
child in northern Iowa.
Helen Combs visited with Ruth
Saville in Delphos Tuesday. Helen
was the hostess at coffee and con-
versation at Clearview Estates and
Mount Ayr Health Care Center Fri-
Linda Hoseld was the super-
intendent at Redding United Meth-
odist Church vacation Bible school
held Monday through Wednesday
with an average of 20 attending.
Kathy Quick and Cindy Snethen
shopped and had supper in Creston
Friday. Saturday Kathy and Donna
Jennings went to the OldTowne
Cafe in Allendale, MO for supper.
Sunday afternoon visitors at
Berta and Kenny Quicks were
Colton, Amelia and Jaxson Quick
and Rebecca, Cliff, Bryson and
Kaden Smith of Adel. Berta Quick
visited with Bess Pickering Sun-
day afternoon.
Kenny and Debbie Robertson
were Saturday afternoon visitors at
Betty and J.W. Robertsons. Betty
and J.W. were lunch guests Sunday
at Kenny and Debbie Robertsons.
Gary Lambert called on the Rob-
ertsons Saturday evening.
Myron and Ardys Shervheim
of Johnston visited Jan and Me-
linda Shervheim and family and
helped Peter Shervheim celebrate
his birthday Monday and Laura
Shervheim celebrate her birthday
Jennifer Yonts and family were
Saturday overnight guests at Cin-
dy and Dick Snethens. Cindy at-
tended a bridal shower for Shelly
Brand Sunday afternoon at the
Senior Citizens Center in Mount
Nancy Roe, Mary Kathryn Gep-
ner and Bobbi Bainum had lunch
at Greggos in Mount Ayr Mon-
day to celebrate Nancy and Mary
Kathryns birthdays. Matt Bainum
of Orlando arrived Thursday and
attended his 25th class reunion
Saturday evening. Tristan Bainum
of Alta and Joe, Maya and Eli Bai-
num of Cameron, MO were week-
end visitors at Bobbi and Michael
Bainums. Caitlyn Bainum was a
Sunday lunch guest of Bainums.
July 22 It was a busy week
and weekend in Mount Ayr. Sev-
eral families and classmates were
back for class reunions, family
reunions, Ayr Days and Smokin
in the Ayr contest. While in town,
they stopped by Clearview to spend
some time with loved ones.
Coming up next week will be a
special music program with Terry
Roberts and Kathy Rinehart and
homemade ice cream at 2 p.m. on
Monday. Clearview would like to
invite 4Hers, non-4Hers and adults,
young and old, to bring in items to
display for residents to view like a
fair exhibit on Thursday, August
1, at 1 p.m. For more information,
contact Liz at 464-2240.
Monday Pattie read from a cou-
ple of magazines about the 20s and
30s. She didnt start a new book,
as she will be gone for the next
six weeks to recover from knee
replacement surgery. Good luck
to her. In the afternoon the ladies
and a few men helped Liz in the
kitchen to prepare a summer picnic
meal. In 90 minutes they mixed up
a fresh fruit chicken salad, baked
beans, warm bacon potato salad
and an upside down chocolate
cake. It was enjoyed by all.
Liz, Pattie and Sommer pre-
pared blueberry mufns for coffee
club Tuesday morning. National
Blueberry Mufn Day was July
11. Carmene James was in to play
the piano for music in the morning.
Helping sing were Jane and Roland
Buck and Peggy Wagenknecht.
Pattie sang with the residents in
the Special Care Unit. Bingo was
played in the afternoon. Winners
were Donnie Johnston, Anita Hay-
worth, Lois Ann Sobotka, Jack
Padgitt, Helen Banks, Gerata Scott
and Betty Sharp.
Wednesday was a busy day.
Once everyone was done eating
their pancakes, the activity staff of-
fered hand care to anyone in need
of new polish or a cleaning. Skip
Rushing was in for church in the
afternoon. Carmene James played
the piano. Sommer popped pop-
corn and Kathi started the movie,
Mrs. Doubtre.
Doctors rounds were Thurs-
day. Staff and residents enjoyed
fresh fried donuts in the morning
while waiting for the doctor. Help-
ing with the donuts were Gerata
Scott, Vera Daughton, Joan Hill,
Irene Spencer and Anna Linkey.
Kathi read the Mount Ayr Record-
News and Diagonal Progress in the
afternoon. Several enjoyed the fair
pictures and fair results.
Friday morning Sommer and
Kathi took residents outside to
soak their feet in the swimming
pools and enjoy a glass of lemon-
ade. Bingo was played in the after-
noon. Volunteers were Kelly Kern
and Nina Fricke. Winners were
Permelia Fletchall, Donnie John-
ston, Gerata Scott, Helen Banks,
Anita Hayworth, Thelma Grimes
and Joan Hill.
The Waubonsie Antique Trac-
tor Club brought in their tractors
to Clearview Home Saturday af-
ternoon. Kathi had each one intro-
duced themselves and tell about
their tractor. Several residents
were outside to watch them drive
in. Many went up to the tractors to
take a closer look.
Norma Stringham was in Sun-
day morning for Sunday school.
Visitors last week were Lyla
Miller and Sue Rahn with Ray
Miller; Carol Lee Bentley, Jani
Taylor, Janis Taylor and Bill and
Colby Taylor with Anna Linkey;
Arnette Osborn with Laura Os-
born; Shirley Erickson with Don
Strange; Joyce England with Lois
Anne Sobotka; Kay Sickels with
Vera Daughton; Jacque Klein with
Colleen Greenman; Ellen Huff and
Ann McCarter with Irene Spencer
and Minnie Breckenridge;
Sharon Weaver with Virginia
Weaver; Pat Braby, Thelma Rusk
and Caitlin and Scott Rusk of Man-
hattan, KS with Bill Rusk; Richard
Reinhardt with Stanley Aistrope;
Cliff and Kay Mosier and John
and Juanita Sickels with Shirley
Karr; George and Leona Barker
and Nancy Ron with Ruth Nick-
le; Linda Hultquist and Marilyn
Brownrigg with Wyonne Guthrie;
Kay Rothert and Ron Davis with
Iris Osborn; Linda Konnath with
Roxie Trullinger;
Desiree Thorton with Iris Os-
born; Ray and Christina Hymbaugh
of North Carolina; Freda Osborn
of Davis City with Berniece Hoff-
man; Julie Lowman and Kaydence
Sorenson with Don and Mary
Lou Pennebaker and Don Low-
man; Joan Harvey and Bonnie
Young with JR Miller; Dorothy
Barber with Doyle Murphy; Bev
and Mike Auer with Pearl Grout;
Richard ODell and Pat Straight
with Hazelee Saxton; Sharon Carr
with Shirley Karr, and Kelly Souza
family of Cedar Rapids with Iris
Senior Citizen
Activity Center
July 22 - Ayr Days is over and
the support for the pie and ice
cream social was tremendous.
The weather was wonderful for
Ayr Days, not so hot as in the past
thankfully. And there seemed to be
something for everyone to do with
a lot of people up and around the
This week the Center is having
a new program for those who may
be Suddenly Alone on Thursday,
July 25, at 10 a.m. Even if you are
not alone but have to take over the
household, etc., there are certain
things you need to know such as
the shutoffs for your water, what
to check on your fuse boxes, etc.
The Center will have several dif-
ferent people there to give you in-
formation on additional topics of
concern. Make plans to attend this
informative seminar, both men and
women, to gain information that
could help you or a friend in need.
Exercises to strengthen their
muscles for walking, bending and
squatting along with aerobic exer-
cises and balance exercise are still
going on Monday and Wednesday
mornings. Muscle strength and bal-
ance are two very important exer-
cises to work on to keep everyone
in their homes longer. Falling is
one of the main reasons people are
unable to stay in their homes and
doing balance and strengthening
exercises can truly help that. Stop
by and check the Center out at 9:30
a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays.
August 5 will bring the nursing
home and assisted living visitors
again. All enjoy having them come
and share their stories along with
some goodies.
Tuesday, August 6, LifeServe
Bloodmobile will be there from
2:30 to 7 p.m. Blood donations
were down in June and again in
July so this is an important event
for the local hospital. If you have
not given blood in the past or are
not giving with the Red Cross,
consider coming in and donating to
LifeServe. The Activity Center is
partnering with the American Le-
gion Auxiliary for this event. Note:
Afternoon/evening parking in front
of the building will be blocked off
to enable the bloodmobile unit to
park in close and use their kitchen
area as the canteen for this event.
Tuesday, August 13, is the next
monthly potluck so be thinking
about your contribution. Janet and
Sharon will be xing some beef-
burgers to have that day also. If
you are unable to prepare some-
thing that day, join them anyway
and leave a freewill donation.
Mount Ayr Health
Care Center
Activities Staff
July 22 - July is quickly slip-
ping by with a urry of activities
and special events. Residents are
looking forward to listening to
songs sung by the Friday Singers
this Friday afternoon beginning at
2 p.m. They are also looking for-
ward to a visit from their friends
from Ringgold County Supportive
Services that same afternoon.
Many had a great time view-
ing the many antique tractors that
visited in the parking lot this past
Saturday morning before heading
to the Ayr Days celebration. Resi-
dents certainly did enjoy them.
Sylvia Hall enjoyed going out
from the county fair. Congratula-
Music is always a hit at Health
Care and Thursday evening was no
different. All enjoyed listening to
Terry Roberts and Kathy Rinehart
as together they sang beautifully.
Ring toss started the day Friday.
Ladies from the Methodist church-
es arrived and, along with the
nursing home kitchen, provided re-
freshments for those gathering for
a visit and prayer time. The movie,
Loves Unending Legacy, was
also enjoyed that afternoon along
with popcorn.
As mentioned earlier, Saturday
morning was spent enjoying trac-
tors from the Antique Tractor Club.
Dan King, son of resident Ed King
and member of the club, set this all
Karen Schaefer was the Sunday
school teacher this past week along
with Charlotte Swank who played
the piano. Mary Hixson and Nida
Solliday from the First Christian
Church were out and delivered lap
robes to new residents.
Best wishes were sent home
with Kathryn Chartrand as she re-
turned to her apartment in Mount
Ayr this past week. All will miss
her but wish her well.
Welcome visitors have been
Lee Brand and Helen Combs with
Earl Brand; Roger and Terry Main
of Creston, Terri Main, Regan
Main and Holly Jerome with Dor-
othy Main; Neil Stanley with Ada
Stanley; Connie Worthington of
Des Moines, Terrie Fenstermann
of Waukee, Trudy Taylor of Ames,
Christy Shields and girls, Hank
Smith and Doug, Tammi and Bran-
don Worthington of Indianola with
Margaret Fletchall;
Helen Pollock of Malvern, El-
len Powell, Marie Still, Isac Du-
gan, Amanda and Lewis Angus
and Brittany Bohanan of Corning
with Ruth Angus; Ethel Campbell
with Donald Campbell; Doug and
Melanie Ruby, James Ruby, Lois
Grace and Ronnie Ruby with Betty
Natalie, Drew, Trenton and
Cadence Ingram of Waukee with
Maxine Werner; Vera Moore, Ken-
neth and Virginia McAlexander,
Cheryl Stuck of Warensburg, MO,
Mary Owens of Leon and Jack,
Niki and Jadyn Moore of Nebraska
with Beverly Moore.;
Kelly and Shirley Richards, Vir-
ginia Scott and John Morrison with
Kathryn Chartrand; Phyllis Sickels
with Sylvia Hall; Judy Doolittle
with Loreen Reed; Marie Still and
Isac Dugan and Joni Dugan with
Bernadine McBride;
Martha Fox Peterson of Ames,
Doris Crawford, Bernard, Marla
and Jordan Crawford, Harold and
Melynda Crawford, Jim and Rose-
mary Hullinger, Judi Shaha, Larry
and Marlene Crawford, Kendra
Minks and Kyler Larson of Indi-
anola and Ann Beech and Michelle
Larson of Des Moines with Cath-
erine Crawford;
Larry and Pat Teply with Ger-
ald Gardner; John and Mary How-
ell of Glenwood, Craig, Becky and
Brittney Sill of Henderson, NV and
Steve Campbell of Altoona with
Paul and Marie Campbell and Nina
Poore; Amanda and Lewis Angus
and Brittany Bohanan of Corning
with Luella Adkisson, Nova Giles
and Don Bear; Tom and Alice Tabb
of Kansas City, MO with Dorothy
White; Ronda Cooper of Kent with
Kathryn Adams; Helen Combs
with Wayne Bohn; Larry and Ar-
letta Hogue of Ankeny with Irene
Hogue, and Kenny and Virginia
McAlexander with Shirley McAl-
exander several times during the
past week.
with her daughter, Phyllis, Sunday.
Danny Gregg enjoyed spending
time out at the meal site Wednes-
day, Thursday and Friday. Lunch
guests over the past week included
Kenneth and Virginia McAlex-
ander with Shirley McAlexander,
Corwin Karr with Elaine McCa-
mpbell, Doris Crawford with Cath-
erine Crawford and Neil Stanley
with Ada Stanley.
Residents and staff members
wish to extend sympathy to the
family and friends of Catherine
Crawford upon her passing. Cath-
erine was a special person and
found joy in most everything she
did. All will miss her very much.
Everyone loves ice cream! Res-
idents had a fun time answering
trivia questions about ice cream
and ice cream parlors before ex-
ercising Monday morning. Wii
bowling was a blast during that
afternoon with Virginia Albers
and Betty Ruby holding on to the
highest scores. Not that they didnt
have tough competition.
Jim and Judy Green arrived af-
ter supper along with Harold and
Melynda Crawford, Rosemary
Hullinger and Haylea England.
Together they provided an eve-
ning of bingo. Winners were Earl
Brand, Lorene Triggs, Catherine
Crawford, Dorothy Main, Doro-
thy Sobotka, Betty Ruby, Margaret
Campbell, Shirley McAlexander,
Ada Stanley, Virginia Albers, Mar-
vin Morse, Donna Benegas and
Earl Brand who won blackout.
All gathered on the front porch
to visit and watch Rosco and
Brylea (Bob and Marlenes dogs)
play in the yard while Bob grilled
hot dogs and hamburgers on the
patio. Nothing makes you hun-
grier than smelling food as it cooks
on a grill. The afternoon was spent
playing dominoes and Skip Bo
before gathering for Bible study.
Seth Denny was the leader this af-
Trivia, exercises and church
with Pastor Skip Rushing lled
Wednesday morning. Charlotte
Swank was the pianist. The after-
noon was spent enjoying bingo
with the help of Harold Crawford
and Phyllis Riggs. Winners were
Earl Brand, Vergene Higgins, Nova
Giles, Ruth Angus, Paul Campbell,
Dick Fuqua, Sylvia Hall, Lorene
Triggs, Margaret Fletchall, Elaine
McCampbell and Kathryn Adams.
Blackout winner was Margaret
Nail care and hair care was pro-
vided Thursday morning as well as
exercises. The afternoon was spent
outside on the patio viewing and
learning about Bob Hinzs motor-
cycle. Everyone also listened to his
and his son, Tylers bikes as they
said so long and moved on down
the highway. Many residents re-
membered their days of riding mo-
torcycles as well. The Mount Ayr
Record-News was enjoyed as resi-
dents found out all of the winners
Mary Troyer
Down Redding Way
July 22 -Noah and Dena Bon-
trager (Roy) joined several others
of Wautoma, WI going on a two-
week western trip.
The Junior Detweiler family,
Roman and Annie Detweiler, Rho-
da Schlabach and Saloma Speich-
er, all of Princeton, MO, picked up
Nelson Troyers and three children
last Tuesday and spent the day at
the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha,
The Levi Mast family of Hom-
er, MI is in the area, staying mostly
at Sammy Masts and doing some
work in their shop, where they
used to live.
David Johnson, currently living
in Belize, but visiting his parents
in Hateld, MO, attended church
today at Jacob Schrocks.
Visitors with Aaron Troyers
today to see the new baby were
Alva and Viola Bontrager, Samuel
Borntragers and Vernon Troyers.
Friday - Orange
Saturday - Chocolate
. 2 & 169 Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-2715
Monday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Sunday, 3 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Monday - Strawberry
Tuesday - Maple
Wednesday - Chocolate
Thursday - Lemon
and Sunday
Specials, July 27 and 28
Thank You
I would like to thank Rick Bender with NAPA Auto Parts
for sponsoring me in the Ringgold County Fair Princess
competition. I would also like to thank Dylan Swank for being
a terrific escort and his parents, Kris and Matt Swank, for
their support. Special thanks to Sarah McAlexander and the
Ringgold County Fair Board for their hours of hard work and
dedication to the fair. This awesome experience would not
have been possible without you.
Thank you to Uncle Kim, Doyle and Connie Richards for
buying my pies and to my new BFF, Taylor Still. I will
always remember the 2013 Ringgold County Fair as the
year I had the awesome experience being the fair princess
with the most awesome fair queen. I look forward to
supporting you at the Iowa State Fair.
Anna Greenland
2013 Ringgold County
Fair Princess
Saturday, August 3, 2013 10 a.m.
Check in time is 6 - 9 a.m.
LOCATION: Stutzman Auction Center
303 N. Taylor, Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854 Ph. 641-464-5151 or 712-542-8990
COMMISSION: 20% on all consignments
Scott Stutzman, Auctioneer NAA, IAA
Auctioneer: Brandon Allee Office Manager: Bonnie Randles
Clerk: Amanda Jackson
Exo Exotic Bird and Small Animal
ANTIQUES: Jugs and crocks, egg scales, scientific scales, assorted
bowls, copper boiler, world globes, roller skates, beer steins, kerosene
lamps, coffee grinders, hand mixers, colander, measuring cup, potato
mashers, hog hanger, egg beaters, kitchen utensils, assorted tobacco tins,
Mosler Junior childs safe, antique wood box, wall cabinet, assorted dolls
and figurines, old wooden chairs, folding childs chair, small wood table,
game boards, wooden hanger, cheese box, glass-fronted cabinets, miscel-
laneous glass doors, bean pot, copper kettles, wooden rockers, carpenters
tool chest full of tools, washtub stand, students school desk, wooden
barrel, dictionary stand, wooden egg crate, butter churn, enamel-top cabi-
net, bugle, wall shelves, windows and doors, brass cherub lamp, kerosene
heater, bridge and floor lamps, serving stand, wooden clothes dryer, elec-
tric fans, draw gauges, wood auger bits, oil funnels and filters, ammo,
wood levels, world maps, (2) sections wooden 5-ft. hardware drawers,
walnut church benches, cast iron hog oiler, large oil cans, brass gasoline
torches, 100-piece wooden and metal planes (Bailey and Stanley)
TOOLS: Wheelbarrow, tin hand drill braces, numerous wood saws,
hatchets, T-squares, framing squares, bench grinders, screw jacks, Rex
riveter, carpenters toolbox, large micrometer tree gauge, monkey
wrenches, drill press, bee smoker, pliers, wrenches, hammers, radial
arm kit, electric motors, portable air compressor, cordless weedeater,
router table, oil change kit, Snap On roll-around chest, cordless screw-
driver, Black and Decker professional saw, Craftsman air stapler,
Craftsman impact wrench, craftsman air chisel, Craftsman air ratchet,
8 planer jointer, Sears Craftsman electric miter saw, hack saws, pipe
wrenches, shop vacs, 12 bandsaw, Sears radial arm saw with cabinet,
electric sanders, electric drills, aluminum ladders, power cords and air
hoses, Craftsman 18-h.p. garden tractor with mower, 2-wheel yard
trailer, yard aerator, push blade for tractor, Scotts electric start push
COLLECTABLES: Numerous-marble collection, carpenters pencil
collection, collectors cabinet drawers and doors 6 x 8 (30 draw-
ers), rolling pin collection, Pabst Blue Ribbon clock lighted, cane col-
lection, folding ruler collection, early socket set, large yardstick collec-
tion, miniature bottle collection, minature furniture, display cases, oil
can, chair caning, large slide rule.
VEHICLE: F-150 Ford Long Bed Lariat, 91,000 miles, 5.4-liter with
bed liner
Not responsible for accidents. Auction company not responsible for any
guarantees, warranties or any errors in advertising. Any announcements
made sale day take precedence over any and all previous.
OWNER: Virgina Rees and the late Bill Rees
Scott Stutzman, Auctioneer NAA, IAA
Brandon Alle - Auctioneer Bonnie Randles - Office Manager
Amanda Jackson - Clerk
Saturday, July 27, 10 a.m.
LOCATION: Stutzman Auction Center
303 N. Taylor, Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854 Ph 641-464-5151 Ph. 712-542-8990
Antiques Tools Collectables Household
AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is a large collection of antiques, tools and col-
lectables that Mr. Rees acquired throughout his lifetime. Must see to appreciate.
LOCATION: 503 W. 3rd Street, Diagonal, Iowa
Saturday, August 3, 2013 10 a.m.
Real Estate Will sell at 1 p.m.
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: South half of Block 3 of the Subdivision of Lot 7 of the NW
Addition, Town of Diagonal, Ringgold County, Iowa, except South 105 feet of East 150 feet
thereof, except North 75 feet of East 150 feet thereof, and except North 75 feet of East 150 feet
of South 180 feet thereof.
DESCRIPTION: 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch-style house, living room, kitchen, utility room,
single-car garage, storage shed, corner lot, LP furnace, central air.
TERMS: 20% down day of sale. Balance due upon delivery of abstract.
Household Goods
Matching davenport and rocker/recliner, gliding rocker, Duncan Phyfe table with 4 chairs (1
leaf and pads), end tables and coffee table, blue rocker/recliner, 42 Sony flat screen TV, chair,
(2) full-sized beds, waterfall dresser with matching chest of drawers, card tables, chest of
drawers, matching bedroom suite with dresser and chest of drawers, antique dresser with chair
and triple mirrors, Whirlpool washer and dryer, KitchenAid dishwasher, chest-type freezer, 2-
door metal cabinet or wardrobe, round kitchen table with 4 chairs on casters.
Cardinal collection, wicker baskets, lots of holiday decorations, bedding and towels,
aquarium, guitar, books, Electrolux canister vacuum, left-handed golf club set, National
Geographic magazines, bird cage, canning jars, lots of miscellaneous too numerous to mention.
Cast iron Dutch oven with thermometer, old toys, Avon collectibles in boxes, soap stone,
miscellaneous dishes, Tupperware, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, Pyrex.
Drill press, table saw, plane, Fiberglas toolbox 14x4, router, lots of hand tools, lathe and
accessories, woodworking tools, clamps (all sizes), belt and hand sanders, shop vac, extension
ladder, (2) stepladders, hand garden tools.
Picnic table, antique treadle sewing machine, old baby basket, double tub and single
washing tubs, Maytag wringer washing machine, round tub, childs wheelbarrow, iron bed
frame, old push mower and garden plow.
Boat - Car Trailer
1995 H & H flatbed car trailer 16 long (ramps) good tires, 1980 Terry 14 John boat
with oars licensed.
TERMS: Cash or good check. Nothing removed until settled for. Not responsible in case of
accident or theft. All statements made sale day take precedence over any written items.
Marjorie Yashack Estate
Janet L. Ford Ph. 641-464-2376
AUCTIONEERS: Jim Smith, Beaconsfield, Iowa Ph. 641-783-2687
Curt Pierschbacher, Kellerton, Iowa
Lunch on Grounds Portable Restrooms
303 S. Linden
Lamoni, Iowa
Monday - Thursday
8:15 a.m. - 6 p.m.
8:15 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Call 641-784-6677
6 Mount Ayr Record-News Thursday, July 25, 2013
Public Notices County Columns
Mount Ayr Community
School Board
July 17, 2013
The Board of Directors of the
Mount Ayr Community School Dis-
trict met in special session Wednes-
day, July 17, 2013.
There were present: Rodney
Shields, Brandi Shay and Duane
Also present were: Joe Drake, su-
perintendent and Janette Campbell,
board secretary/business manager.
Call to Order: The meeting was
called to order at 3:40 p.m. by presi-
dent Shields.
Discussion and Approval of Con-
crete Paving: Supt. Drake presented
a proposal received from TEK Build-
ers which would allow for ve-inch
concrete on the pathway from the
gate to the concession stand at the
football/track eld and the remaining
area would have the two-inch asphalt
overlay. Kelly Main presented an
amount of $26,000 to do the project.
Previously at the July regular board
meeting, Blacktop Services, Inc. had
been approved to do a two-inch as-
phalt overlay over the entire project
at a price of $32,340. TEK Builders
noted that they could do the concrete
and asphalt at a lower price because
he would be volunteering the labor.
Supt. Drake felt the change in the
project and the contractor were justi-
ed by the fact that the work would
be done with a local contractor. They
would be getting volunteer labor, the
price was lower and Blacktop Ser-
vices, Inc. was not upset about not
getting the job. There was discussion
on some prep work that would need
to be completed rst because of wa-
ter pooling in some areas. Some til-
ing work and culvert repair will need
to be completed before laying all of
the asphalt. Director Schafer made a
motion to approve TEK Builders to
lay ve-inch concrete from the gate
to the foot trafc area of the foot-
ball/track eld and two-inch asphalt
overlay over the remaining area ex-
cept for the south walkway (to allow
for repair work next spring) assum-
ing the project would not exceed
$26,000. Director Shay seconded the
motion. Motion carried 3-0, unani-
Board response to Cleareld Dis-
solution Proposal: Supt. Drake ex-
plained how the Cleareld Com-
munity school district board had met
and made some changes to the nal
plan for the dissolution. Supt. Drake
shared a map with those changes and
the reason for those changes. Supt.
Drake also explained the process
for the distribution of the remain-
ing assets and liabilities and that
Mount Ayr Community school dis-
trict would be the scal agent during
the dissolution process. There being
no objections, director Schafer made
a motion to approve the nal map,
assets and liabilities as presented.
Director Shay seconded the motion.
Motion carried 3-0, unanimously.
Adjournment: With there being no
further business, director Shay made
a motion to adjourn. Seconded by
director Schafer. Motion carried 3-0,
Ringgold county plans to submit
a Notice of Intent to the Iowa De-
partment of Natural Resources to be
covered under the NPDES General
Permit No. 2.
The storm water discharge will
be from RCB Culvert Construction
located in SW1/4, Sec. 20, T-67N,
R-31W, Ringgold county.
Storm water will be discharged
from one point source(s) and will be
discharged to the following streams:
Unnamed Tributary of the West Fork
of the Grand River.
Comments may be submitted to
the Storm Water Discharge Coordi-
nator, Iowa Department of Natural
Resources, Environmental Protec-
tion Division, 502 E. 9th Street, Des
Moines, IA 50319-0034. The public
may review the Notice of Intent from
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through
Friday, at the above address after
it has been received by the depart-
Ringgold county plans to submit
a Notice of Intent to the Iowa De-
partment of Natural Resources to be
covered under the NPDES General
Permit No. 2.
The storm water discharge will
be from RCB Culvert Construction
located in NW1/4, Sec. 25, T-67N,
R-30W, Ringgold county.
Storm water will be discharged
from one point source(s) and will be
discharged to the following streams:
Unnamed Tributary of the East Fork
of the Grand River.
Comments may be submitted to
the Storm Water Discharge Coordi-
nator, Iowa Department of Natural
Resources, Environmental Protec-
tion Division, 502 E. 9th Street, Des
Moines, IA 50319-0034. The public
may review the Notice of Intent from
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through
Friday, at the above address after
it has been received by the depart-
Ringgold county plans to submit
a Notice of Intent to the Iowa De-
partment of Natural Resources to be
covered under the NPDES General
Permit No. 2.
The storm water discharge will
be from RCB Culvert Construction
located in NW1/4, Sec. 24, T-68N,
R-28W, Ringgold county.
Storm water will be discharged
from one point source(s) and will be
discharged to the following streams:
Ruder Creek.
Comments may be submitted to
the Storm Water Discharge Coordi-
nator, Iowa Department of Natural
Resources, Environmental Protec-
tion Division, 502 E. 9th Street, Des
Moines, IA 50319-0034. The public
may review the Notice of Intent from
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through
Friday, at the above address after
it has been received by the depart-
Ringgold county plans to submit
a Notice of Intent to the Iowa De-
partment of Natural Resources to be
covered under the NPDES General
Permit No. 2.
The storm water discharge will
be from RCB Culvert Construction
located in NW1/4, Sec. 25, T-69N,
R-28W, Ringgold county.
Storm water will be discharged
from one point source(s) and will be
discharged to the following streams:
Unnamed Tributary of the West Elk
Comments may be submitted to
the Storm Water Discharge Coordi-
nator, Iowa Department of Natural
Resources, Environmental Protec-
tion Division, 502 E. 9th Street, Des
Moines, IA 50319-0034. The public
may review the Notice of Intent from
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through
Friday, at the above address after
it has been received by the depart-
1. Ringgold Mutual Insurance
Association has its principal place
of business in Mount Ayr, Iowa.
2. Is is a mutual insurance as-
sociation organized under Chapter
491 and licensed under chapter
518, Code of Iowa (2013).
3. It has no capital stock.
4. It was organized in 1887 and
has perpetual existence.
5. Its affairs are conducted by a
board of directors who are elected
on the fourth Monday in January at
1 p.m.
6. Private property is exempt
from corporate debts.
7. Ringgold Mutual Insurance
Association merged into Danish
Mutual Insurance Association ef-
fective July 1, 2013.
By Robert Shafer,
Probate No. ESPR208726
To All Persons Interested in the Es-
tate of Donna J. Morrison, Deceased,
who died on or about June 8, 2013:
You are hereby notied that on the
day of June, 2013, the last will
and testament of Donna J. Morrison,
Deceased, bearing date of the 18
day of March, 2009, was admitted to
probate in the above named court and
that John R. Morrison was appointed
executor of the estate. Any action to
set aside the will must be brought in
the district court of said county within
the later to occur of four months from
the date of the second publication of
this notice or one month from the date
of mailing of this notice to all heirs of
the decedent and devisees under the
will whose identities are reasonably
ascertainable, or thereafter be forever
Notice is further given that all
persons indebted to the estate are
requested to make immediate pay-
ment to the undersigned, and creditors
having claims against the estate shall
le them with the clerk of the above
named district court, as provided by
law, duly authenticated, for allowance,
and unless so led by the later to oc-
cur of four months from the second
publication of this notice or one month
from the date of mailing of this notice
(unless otherwise allowed or paid) a
claim is thereafter forever barred.
Dated this 10
day of June,
John R. Morrison
Rebecca Rae Gordon
Executor of Estate
1537 - 240th Street
Mount Ayr, IA50854
Douglas D. Daggett
Attorney for Executor
Douglas D. Daggett, P.C.
100 E. Montgomery, P.O. Box 404
Creston, IA50801
Date of second publication, 1
of August, 2013.
Address Stamps?
We oer notary stamps, rubber
stamps, ink pads, pre-inked
stamps, rell ink and more.
Art and logos not a problem.
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Coffee With
The Girls
News from Cleareld
Linda Bell
July 22 - Sunday - Gaylan and
Linda Bell have got Noah and Evan
visiting them this week. They went
to church and Sunday school this
morning, had lunch and then went
over to Mount Ayr to watch the
mud run. Marcy and her 4-H Club
were there serving homemade ice
cream so they went to see Marcy
rst and had some ice cream. It
sure was good. Then they went
over to the bleachers to get a good
seat. The boys an Linda had never
been to a mud run before so it took
awhile to see what was the object
and how they got it done. It was
fun to watch and a lot harder to do
that youd think. They even saw a
couple of rollovers but nobody got
hurt. It sure is hot again today and
not much breeze.
Monday - They went down to
the Lake of Three Fires and went
swimming and took their still
friends from Cleareld, William
and Jimmy OConner. It sure is
nice down there and the water
was clean and warm. The boys are
ages 10 to almost 13 and that age
boys, the biggest thing is who can
pass more gas and who can do it
the loudest. Linda had an interest-
ing trip down and back, between
belching and the other and laugh-
ter. They had a lot of fun. They
also stopped in the ice cream shop
before they came home. You cant
go swimming without having ice
cream when youre done.
Tuesday - They went to town
and Linda Bell showed them the
museum and they thought it was
pretty neat. There was lots of stuff
that they didnt know what it was
but now they do. They they went
to the library and they checked out
some books. Noah especially likes
to read.
Wednesday their former Clear-
eld teacher, SueAnn Cook, Ms.
Cook, came over to visit them.
Noah says shes still his favorite
teacher. She hadnt had Evan yet,
but they had a lot of contact in
the school. The boys always liked
to get up early with grandma and
drink coffee together. They get de-
caf. What they really look forward
to and do a lot of is riding the four-
wheeler. They went through about
seven gallons of gas while they
were there.
Thursday - The boys went
home. They met their mother,
Beth, in Oskaloosa. Noah was
sort of ready to go home but Evan
wanted to stay all summer. Linda
told him Grandma needed a rest.
Izzy is coming in August and Lin-
da is looking forward to that.
Friday Linda Bell helped with
Bernard Rouths funeral dinner.
Also working was Leann, Vaun-
ciel, Ber, Normie Beggs and Carol
Lee. They really enjoy doing that
for families and it is a good time
for the family to just relax and visit
before they all go on their separate
ways again. Linda also likes to see
people that she doesnt see very
often. The pastor is on vacation so
Bill Armstrong ofciated and did
an excellent job.
Lions met Thursday evening at
the Lions Hall. The new president,
Darin Schlapia, will start his du-
ties. Next thing is getting every-
Shown on her horse Star, Chania Vos reigns as the junior cowgirl queen
at the Ringgold County Fair. Vos will now compete at the Iowa State Fair
on Friday, August 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the Jacobsen Exhibition Center.
Vos named junior cowgirl queen
thing ready for the state fair.
Closing this week with Ive
learned that my greatest regret in
later years may be Ill look back
at a long list of things I never got
around to.
From the coffee table, Linda B.
Results from the Open Class
exhibits from the Ringgold County
Fair have been announced.
A total of 456 exhibits were en-
tered in the Open Class this year.
Best of Show honors went to
Jerry Murphy for his entries in the
craftsmanship and new construc-
tion class.
Other results include:
Creative Arts (10 entries) - Lisa
Needle work (60) - Lisa Conk-
Housing (27) - Connie Rich-
Baking (15) - Ann Walters
Canning (15) - Connie Rich-
Fruits and vegetables (9) -
Hester Derscheid
Flowers and plants (126) - Mar-
garet Wilkins
Craftsmanship and new con-
struction (6) - Jerry Murphy
Genealogy and history (3) -
Doug Still
Quilts (14) - Rhonda Smith
Photography (26) - Karen
Creative sewing (12) - Courtney
Scrapbooking (1) - Barbara
Trash to treasure (4) - Doyle
Preschool (12) - Keaton Swank
Juniors (55) - Maddie Stewart
Intermediate (38) - Katie Sick-
Supportive Services (48)
Kit and Kaboodle (5)
County fair open class results announced
Mount Ayr Record-News
Call 641-464-2440 today.
Thursday, July 25, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News 7
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Mount Ayr
Meal Site
July 22 - The Tingley Band en-
tertained Thursday.
Thursday was also a day when
several had guests with them. Bill
and Norma Webbs son, Steve and
wife, Wanda McGahueys daughter
and Doris Overholsers sons were
all guests that day. All are always
happy to have guests come to eat
and fellowship with them.
Friday turned out to be an event-
ful day. While cutting chicken,
Rich slipped and cut his hand. Ex-
tra volunteers were called to come
in and help prepare the dinner
while Rich went to the emergency
room to have his hand looked af-
ter. He returned with the laceration
glued. He was unable to serve so
volunteers did the serving and the
cleanup. Those volunteering were
Judy Pottorff, Evelyn Sickels, Lou-
ise Frost and Connie Eason. Due to
these ladies, lunch was served on
All would all like to extend our
sympathy to the Crawford family
in the death of their mother, Cath-
erine Crawford. Harold brought
her to the meal site when they
were having something she espe-
cially liked. She would have been
95 in September and enjoyed her
life and family very much. Her
daughter-in-law, Marla, said, We
always have fun when we are to-
gether. Those at the site will miss
her too.
Its not how old you are, its
how you are old. -- (Jules Re-
Clearview Home
Jeani Swartwood
July 22 - The county fairs are
coming and going, and only a
couple of weeks until the Iowa
State Fair. This town will be a little
vacant again as everyone will be
headed to the fair. At Clearview
they are looking forward to the state
fair picnic this coming Sunday. All
are hoping for great weather.
Monday started off with exer-
cise and some trivia. Scott Marcum
arrived for Bible study Monday
afternoon with cookies and coffee
after the lesson.
Armchair travels (where are
they) was Tuesday morning on the
patio. Also, Lorabel Taylor, Juanita
Matthews and Helen Burman en-
joyed going for wheelchair walks
outside. Winners for bingo Tues-
day afternoon were Bev Stream,
Dorothy Wetzel, Evelyn Stevenson
and Evelyn Lund.
Exercise and music trivia were
Wednesday morning. Terry Rob-
erts was the minister for church
Wednesday afternoon. Kathy Rine-
hart came to help with the singing
and Patty Parrish played the piano.
Kathy also had a support group
meeting after church.
Thursday morning was Wheel
of Fortune with song titles as the
main feature. Jeane England is
one of the best when it comes to
this game. They also are getting
to know the new Area Bible Fel-
lowship minister, Keith. He will be
having church at Clearview on July
31 at 2 p.m. Since July is National
Hot Dog month, the residents en-
joyed grilled hot dogs Thursday
afternoon. As it was really hot out-
side, they enjoyed eating them in
the dining room.
Residents came to the living
room Friday morning for exercise
and general trivia. The movie,
McClintock, was shown Friday
Bingo was Saturday afternoon
with Dorothy Wetzel, Ona Knott,
Darlene Gilbert, Lila Barker, Clara
Kilgore, Jeane England and Lo-
rane Leonard as the winners. Jeane
Englands daughter, Linda, and
grandson, Nick, joined Jeane for
bingo and Evelyn Lunds daughter,
Nancy, joined her.
Rex Wyckoff enjoyed going to
Lake of Three Fires over the week-
end to a family reunion. He said he
had a great time and got to see lots
of family.
This weeks visitors were Gor-
don Kilgore, Liz Kilgore and Kerry
Saville with Clara Kilgore; Meghan
Nordstrom and Trudy Weaver with
Ona Knott; Laurie Travis and Nan-
cy Smith with Evelyn Lund; Grace
Warin with Mabel Root; Jack and
Dixie Taylor with Lorabel Taylor;
Lila Stewart with Donna Gray;
Clint Brown and John Lyddon with
Helen Lyddon; Belinda and Holly
Spencer and Denzel Young with
Pauline Young;
Bob and Marje Rogers, Bob and
Roberta Lockhart and Linda and
Nick Hubuch with Jeane England;
Ron Kitzman with Dick Dough-
erty; Joyce Woosley, Ashley, Nata-
lie and Clara with Coletta Bradley,
and Normie Beggs with several.
July 22 - Nothing much ex-
tra happening at the meal site last
week, just the usual fellowship,
games and music everyone looks
forward to daily.
One new event took place Fri-
day. Marge Werner and Joyce Eng-
land did a rain dance. Now they can
look forward to rain this week.
The meal sites may have re-
organized, but that doesnt keep
them from having our usual fun
events. One event always looked
forward to in the summer is Grand-
child Day. Mark Tuesday, July
30, on your calendar. Thats the
day the council chose to observe
Grandchild Day. Everyones en-
couraged to invite someone. The
days entertainment is planned
with a grandchild in mind, also the
taco salad menu. If you dont have
a grandchild, borrow or adopt one
for the day. Grandchildren come
in all ages. Whoever and whatever
age you might bring, theyll have
fun and so will you. Remember to
contact Nancy Jarred at 772-4499,
the site or 772-4974, home to make
your reservations.
Anyone reading this might feel
like the weeks are all the same.
Theyre not. You never know what
might be happening at the meal
Take last Monday for example.
There was music, and it was totally
different. Marcia Webb was pres-
ent to play the piano so Jim Ward
could sing, and Harold Brown
could play his harmonica. It sure
sounded good to those present.
The band, a dozen in number,
brought more of their toe-tapping
music Tuesday. Members included
accompanist Carmene James, plus
Pauline Murphy, Dorothy Clough,
Vern Brown, Darlene Morgan,
Bonnie Manders, Iona Triggs,
Mary Jane Marigon, Rose James,
Evelyn Sickels, Doris Overholser
and Harold Brown.
As usual for a Friday, the Friday
Singers were on hand to entertain
with a variety of songs. One differ-
ence was noted. Virginia Walden
was the accompanist. Other mem-
bers were director Mary Jane Na-
rigon, plus Peggy Wagenknecht,
Pauline Murphy, Bonnie Manders,
Marge Werner, Iona Triggs, Har-
old Brown, Dick Walden, Doro-
thy Burgher and Bill and Norma
Two ladies, Peggy Wagen-
knecht and Pastor Lila Greene,
shared jokes to add a bit of humor
to the day.
Dorothy and Gary Burgher were
welcomed back Friday. Theyve
spent the past month visiting fam-
ily. Happy birthday wishes are ex-
tended to Ethel Campbell, whose
sister passed away last week.
Word was also received there
that Madeane (Bee) Swinehart has
passed away. Her services were
held Tuesday in Des Moines. She
is survived by one brother, Milo
Edith Wood will observe her
99th birthday July 24. Her address
is 893 U.S. Hwy. 14, Greybull,
WY 82426. Shell enjoy cards.
Kathryn Still and Jan
Holmes 783-2123
Joan Jackson 785-2210
July 22 - Laura Davison and
Megan Warin attended dance camp
in Des Moines Thursday through
Saturday. Saturday Robert, Julie
and Amber Davison went to Hy-
Vee Hall to watch the girls per-
formance at the camp. The team
received a superior rating.
Greg, Amy, Maddie, Emma and
Gracie Mobley spent last week in
Plano, TX. They stayed with rela-
tives and enjoyed many new sites
including the Dallas Cowboys sta-
dium. The family returned Sunday
Curt Jackson visited in the
home of Adam and Alana Jackson
in Ankeny Saturday.
Joyce Weehler, Jan Ford and
Joan Jackson helped with Smokin
in the Ayr Friday evening during
the BBQ wings contest. Former
Maloy residents Rob and Cass
Shay won the BBQ cooking con-
test Saturday.
Tim, Mel, Lauren and Luke
Burton spent Wednesday at the
Winterset pool for Laurens birth-
Erin, Charyti, Earl, Logan and
Isabelle Jackson of Maryville,
MO and Curt Jackson were lunch
guests of Wendell and Joan Jack-
son Sunday. Erins family stayed
the afternoon and evening before
returning home.
Saturday Kathi Braby went to
Green Valley Lake and visited with
Lafe and Laura Dukes and family
and their friends, Dave and De-
Madyson Hensen sang in the
idol contest during Smokin in the
Ayr Saturday afternoon.
Kevin, Melanie, Wyatt and
Hannah Jackson had fun boating
and swimming at Three Mile Lake
The Neil Weehler family re-
turned home Friday from Rock
Springs, WY. Riley was there to
compete in roping events at the
National High School Rodeo Fi-
nals. The Iowa rodeo team placed
July 22 - Another breakfast for
supper was held Saturday evening.
There was just too much going on,
so lots of people missed out on
Dees wonderful doughnuts and
the tasty breakfast casseroles. Join
them on August 17.
Don Allen of Grand Mound vis-
ited with his mother, Esther Allen,
Judy Doolittle visited with her
mother, Loreen Reed, at the Mount
Ayr Health Care a couple of times
last week. Gary and Kay Doolittle
and Judy went to Eagleville, MO
for supper Thursday evening. Sat-
urday Kay and Judy attended the
SIPR supper at the community
Marlene Greimann went to Ayr
Days in Mount Ayr Saturday. Her
daughter, Tracey Goddard of Chari-
ton, visited her Saturday afternoon
and stayed overnight and attended
church with Marlene Sunday.
Rod and Debbie Holmes went
to Des Moines overnight Friday
night to celebrate their 35th wed-
ding anniversary. They went to
watch Jaixen Hiedtman play ball.
They went to Winston, MO to
watch Cody Doolittle race Sat-
urday. He came in third for the
evening. Sunday the church had a
dinner honoring Rod and Debbie
on their anniversary after church
services. Sunday afternoon Debbie
went with her children to take her
grandsons to church camp at Indi-
Larry and Dorothy McAtee went
to Little River for their twin great-
granddaughters birthday party at
the camping area. The little girls are
four years old now.
Richard and Diane Servetti,
Donna Norman and Marilyn
Parkhurst came to visit their moth-
er, Betty Stuart, Saturday and went
to Ayr Days in Mount Ayr. Betty
went to the SIPR supper in the eve-
Jan Holmes and Kathryn Still
were in Creston on business three
days this past week. Tuesday Kath-
ryn Still went with Ronche and Ka-
tie Still and Rod and Debbie Hol-
mes to I-35 (Truro) to watch the
Mount Ayr baseball team in their
last game. The boys played well,
but lost ve to three. Cassie Still
helped her grandmother and Aunt
Jan with some chores Wednesday.
The sisters had a couple of mis-
erable days this past week; their
air conditioner was on the blink
Thursday and Friday. They are too
old to be without it any more. The
sisters visited with Gina Still for a
short time Friday. Kathryn visited
with her grandson, Luke Still, Sat-
urday in the Ringgold County Hos-
pital. He is improved at this time.
The sisters helped their brother,
Rod and Debbie Holmes, celebrate
their 35th wedding anniversary at
a luncheon after church Sunday.
Sunday evening, after church,
the sisters visited with Brad and
Christy Still for a while. The sis-
ters were in Mount Ayr on business
Monday and visited with Doug and
Gina Still and stopped by Sharon
Hubbards for a short time.
10th over all.
The Tyler Hensen family at-
tended the benet for Jim Pearce
in Blockton Saturday evening.
Wednesday Kathi Braby took
her grandkids to the pet store in
Des Moines. Later she visited with
Lafe and Laura Dukes.
Friday night Craig and Kathi
Braby golfed with friends. After
that, they visited the Smokin in
the Ayr cooking groups in Mount
Mary Swank 785-2205
July 22 - Callers of Junior
and Mary Swank since July 3
were Mike, Malinda, Shane and
Mitchel Swank, Matt Swank, Ka-
tie McGary and LeaAnn, Bobby,
Karla and Jarred Larson, Richard
Swank, Bud Bucy, Leo McDaniel,
Tony Butler, Mary Gepner, Rose
Campbell, Lila Stewart and Julia
Jacob and Andrew Sobotka
were Thursday overnight guests of
their great-grandparents, Patty and
Wallace Sobotka.
Friday Marine Master Sergeant
Alfred Gail Matthews came to
spend the night with Mary Gepner.
They were dinner guests Friday
night of Mike and Nancy Gepner
and AJ and Jake. Other dinner
guests were Michael and Sophia
Camacho. Other callers in the
home of Mary Gepner Friday eve-
ning were Chris and Tina Ambrose
and Malinda, Shane and Mitchel
Swank. Marine Master Sergeant
Alfred Gail Matthews left Satur-
day to ride RAGBRAI.
Visitors last week of Ann Baker
were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Webb, Mr.
and Mrs. Steve Webb and Iona
Patty Sobotka attended the Alli-
son reunion in Clarinda Saturday.
Bob and Lucy Ricker attended
Ayr Days over the weekend. They
also visited with Randi, Jarren and
Elizabeth Ricker and Blake Rick-
Mary and Junior Swank attend-
ed the Ayr Days parade Saturday.
Sunday Mary Gepner and Nan-
cy Gepner and AJ and Jake attend-
ed the potluck dinner at the Mount
Ayr United Methodist Church.
Sunday Stacey Dillion, Eliza-
beth Dillion and Mary Jane Garrett
visited with Joan and Don String-
ham. Other callers during the week
of the Stringhams were Mike, Ma-
linda, Shane and Mitchell Swank.
Kay Hove and Mary Gepner
were Sunday shoppers in Creston.
Rose James 464-2630
July 22 - Saturday night Alan
and Becky Taylor hosted a neigh-
borhood wiener roast/picnic at
the Fry Chapel Park. Among the
neighbors attending were Walt
and Beverly McGinnis, Charlie
and Vickie Jeanes, Josh and Lizzie
Hanawalt and family, Liz Rinehart,
Amon Hunt, Doris Overholser and
Rose James.
Abby and Troy Hawk visited
with her parents, Charlie and Vick-
ie Jeanes, Sunday. Monday of this
week the Jeaneses were in Saint
Joseph, MO and enjoyed lunch
with Joe and Nora Fuemmler and
their son, Frank.
Friday Gene Motsinger vis-
ited with Darrel Holden and Brad
Holden. Saturday Gene took in the
Ayr Days festivities in Mount Ayr
and enjoyed the parade. Sunday
morning Allyn Jarred was a visi-
tor with Gene and in the afternoon
Gene was at the home of Bill and
Norma Stringham.
Neil and Irma Johnston, Kevin
James and Richard Larsen were
dinner guests with Rose James
Monday night of this week
Amon Hunt ate supper at Rumors
with the Jackson family. After-
wards they congregated at the
Mount Ayr Inn and played domi-
July 22 - Sunday worship saw a
full house as 86 attended worship.
The Praise Team of Cindy Ste-
phens, Ruth Gregg, Barbie Belzer
and Grace Warin led the congrega-
tion in some great praise songs.
Prayers have been answered as
Mark and Radonda Gregg have re-
ceived news that the skin graft on
Bracies foot is healing. The long
process of healing is ahead.
Just a reminder that there will
be no Sunday school for the month
of August due to vacations and
state fair.
Wishard Chapel
Carol McCreary 464-3178
Great Western Bank will be hosting a customer appreciation day. We appreciate your business,
so join us as we celebrate you!
Great Western Bank Family Fun
When: Tuesday, August 6

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: 100 East South Street
Find more great locations at
Join us for Great Western Bank Family Fun Day! Kids games, face painting, hot dogs, kettle corn,
shake hands with Rusty the Big Brown Dog and many more fun events.
2013, Great Western Bank
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Ext. Cab All-Star Edition, 5.3L
V8, cloth
2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT
Crew Cab All-Star Edition Z71,
deep ruby, touch-screen audio,
rear-park assist, remote start
2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT
1/2 T. Ext. Cab All-Star
Edition, 5.3L V8, cloth
2013 Chevy Silverado 3/4 T.
LT Crew Cab Z71, 6.0L V8,
interior plus package, HD
trailering equipment
2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT
Crew Cab All-Star Edition Z71,
victory red, touch-screen audio,
rear-park assist, remote start
2013 Chevy Silverado LTZ 1/2
T. Ext. Cab, 5.3L V8, leather,
power seats, back-up camera
8 Mount Ayr Record-News Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dr. Nathan Allen

Dr. Mark Easter

Dr. Patricia Magle

Dr. Scott Mial

Dr. Larry Richard

Eugene Yoder, ARNP

CHCSI will make high quality
health care accessible to
everyone in our region

221 E. State St.
(641) 856-6471

204 S. Franklin

802 E. Ackerley
(641) 784-7911

12 W Washington
(641-) 932-2065

125 S. Grand
(641) 774-8484

302 NE 14
(641) 446-2383

Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa wants to be your HOME for health care!
Check us out online at for more information!
Stop by or call to schedule an appointment today!
Accepting Medicare, Medicaid, most major insurances, and a sliding fee program for those that qualify.

12 W Washington
(641-) 932-2065

Four Raiders make POI second team
Heath Evans, outelder Austin Quick, rst base Zane Sickels, catcher Jacob Still, pitcher
The 2013 baseball season came
to a close as Mount Ayr Raiders
bowed to Interstate 35, 5-3, in the
second round of district play at
Truro, Tuesday, July 16.
Mount Ayr started the battle
with a run scored in the rst in-
ning. I-35 took over the lead in the
third by a 2-1 score, but the Raid-
ers responded to tie the game, 2-2,
in the top of the fourth inning. I-35
scored three big runs in the fth
inning. Although Mount Ayr came
back with one in the sixth, the big
fth inning for the Roadrunners
proved to be the difference.
Veteran Roadrunner pitcher Ty-
ler Lester scattered three hits and
some nice defensive plays stranded
several Mount Ayr runners.
I was proud of the way we
played with so much at stake, said
coach Tanner Rinehart. We played
with a lot of heart and battled the
whole game.
Seniors led the way on the night
with Jake Still on the mound and
Austin Quick at the plate. Still
pitched the complete game, giving
up ve runs on seven hits, walking
four and striking out ve. Quick
recorded an RBI single and one
Weston Schnoor covers second to complete the force out in the district game against I-35. The Raiders eventu-
ally lost the see-saw battle to end their season.
Raiders fall 5-3 to end
2013 baseball campaign
Our seniors have been great
leaders all year, and it really showed
again tonight, concluded coach
Rinehart. We certainly gave it our
best shot, but unfortunately came
up a little short. I am very proud of
this group of kids. We had a good
season. We will have big shoes to
ll next year as we say goodbye
to six starting seniors, Jake Still,
Austin Quick, Zane Sickels, John
Triggs, Dylan Doman and Heath
[Game statistics were not made
available by press time.]
Logan Wimer shows off two
buckles commemorating her
placement as Reserve National
Champion in the girls cutting
competition at the National
High School Rodeo Finals held
July 14-20 in Rock Springs, WY.
(She also was awarded schol-
arships for her performance.)
After qualifying through three
rounds in the week-long compe-
tition, Wimer nished just one-
half point behind the National
Champion from California. Ap-
proximately 1,500 competitors
from across the United States,
Canada and Australia competed
in the prestigious event. Wimer,
a 2013 graduate of Mount Ayr
Community, is the daughter of
Brian and Wendy Wimer.
Logan Wimer
Thursday, July 25, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News 9
Ayr Days Celebration
Food, fun, fantastic weather mark 2013 Ayr Days
Competition results released
Results from a number of com-
petitions during Ayr Days have
been released by event organizers.
Pedal pull
Winners in the age-group class-
es in the boys division were Daw-
son Swank (10-12), Jacob Novak
(8-9), Caden Shay (6-7), Adden
Shay (4-5).
In the girls division winners
included Adalyn Reynolds (8-9),
Rori Snethen (6-7) and Ella Waske
The following entries from the
Ayr Days parade received rst-
place recognition:
Businesses - Great Western
Tractors - Ronnie Shields and
Horses - Kaci Stackhouse and
Abbey Overholtzer
Organizations/Churches -
Mount Ayr Assembly of God
Cars - Steve Hoakison
Car show
The Best of Show award was
given to Chris Louden of Creston
with his 1998 Chevy pickup low-
The Peoples Choice award
went to Carl Evans from Des
Moines and his 1967 Dodge Coro-
Other division winners include:
1949 and older - Jeris Peterson,
Corning - 1937 Ford pickup
1950-59 - Ron Landphair,
Mount Ayr - 1955 Ford pickup
1960-69 - Otto Petersen, Corn-
ing - 1965 Ford Mustang
1970-79 - Eric Bounds, Lenox -
1970 Olds Cutlass
1980-95 - Ray Key, Lenox -
1981 Chevy El Camino
1996 to present - Ray Key, Le-
nox - 2012 Chevy Camaro
Stock motorcycle - Bill Kon-
nath, Ankeny - 2007 Victory
Custom motorcycle - Bob Sha-
fer, Mount Ayr - 2007 Harley-Da-
vidson trike
Best of Ford - Ron Landphair,
Mount Ayr - 1955 Ford pickup
Best of GM - Brian Sheil, Mount
Ayr - 1972 Chevy 4x4 pickup
Best of Mopar - Carl Evans,
Des Moines - 1967 Dodge Coro-
Texas Hold Em
Winners of the Texas Hold Em
poker tournament were Adam Ross
(rst place), Sharon Miller (sec-
ond) and Nolan Newton (third).
The event raised funds for the
Aquatic Center.
10 Mount Ayr Record-News Thursday, July 25, 2013
The Door Is Open.
Come On In!
Thursday, Friday and
Saturday, 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Ph. 641-346-2570
2661 Hwy. 2, Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-2152
Truck Parts
Tire Sales for
Light Trucks
and Cars
-Owners -
Darrin and Haley Hinds
Ph. 641-784-7829
210 S. Spruce
Lamoni, Iowa 50140
Located at
I-35 Auto and Truck, LLC
in Lamoni, Iowa
We have the right-sized truck or trailer
for moving or hauling needs.
Call: 641-784-7829
. .
305 N. Fillmore, Mount Ayr
Ph. 641-464-2814
Let Mike get you back
on the road.We also cure:
Anemic Acceleration Broken Brakes
Atrophied Air Conditioners Motor Malfunctions
Shaky Shocks Electrical Enigmas Cooling
Conflicts Abnormal Alternators Decrepit Differentials
Cranky Computers Diagnostic Difficulties
We accept Over 30 years in business.
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Trouble? Trouble?
Come see
the experts at:
High School
Starts September 1
Fall Baseball League
Get more info and register online at
1501 West Townline St.
Creston, IA 50801
Questions? Contact Head Coach
Brian Smith at 641.782.1444
Classes begin Classes begin Classes begin Classes begin Classes begin Classes begin Classes begin Classes begin
August 28!
Creston Osceola Red Oak Online
641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421 641.782.1421
700 E. South Street, Mount Ayr
CALL TO JOIN Member CIPF Randy Gregg
Financial Advisor
2332 State Highway 2
Mt Ayr, IA 50854
Member SIPC Member CIPF Randy Gregg
Financial Advisor
2332 State Highway 2
Mt Ayr, IA 50854
Member SIPC
I dont have the date of this
photo, but it could be as late as
the 1920s. The street seems un-
paved which was common up to
the 1930s. And the roadside sign
seems to say 3. Monroe Street
was indeed State Highway 3 until
the 1930s although Im convinced
this picture was taken before the
American Legion took over the
building in 1928.
The rst county jail was built
on this same lot about 1876. It was
a frame building with two cells
and measured 18 x 20. In the
early 1890s, this building caught
re, almost killing a prisoner, and
was condemned. County prisoners
were sent to Decatur County for
incarceration following the closing
of our county jail.
The Ringgold County Board
of Supervisors cleared the way for
a new jail, and James McCombs
of Liberty Township was hired to
erect a brick and stone building
measuring 38 x 27, two stories
high. A rm from St. Louis, MO
was awarded the steel contract, and
Mount Ayrs own Curtis R. Keat-
ing got the job of equipping the in-
terior. Total cost was about $4,200,
and the project was nished in late
summer 1896. On October 8, 1896,
Sherman Fowler was the rst pris-
oner in the new jail.
Our current Ringgold County
Courthouse was built in 1926-
27 and included a new jail on the
fourth oor. In 1928, the Ringgold
County Board of Supervisors sold
the old county jail to Ringgold
County Post 172 of the Ameri-
can Legion. Post 172 occupied
the building at 201 East Monroe
Snapshots of History
The old Ringgold County Jail on Monroe Street in Mount Ayr.

until their new headquarters were
built southeast of Mount Ayr about
Somewhere along the line, the
building was purchased by Leta
Jo Davis Farmer Wiseman Ross,
more commonly known as Jo
Wiseman. I believe the building
was owned by her when the old
Ringgold County jail was placed
on the National Register of His-
toric Places on June 19, 1979. This
was the rst structure in Ringgold
County to be placed on the NRHP.
There have been ve more Ring-
gold County buildings added to the
NRHP since then.
Jim Pedersen bought the build-
ing in 1997 and moved his law of-
ce into the historic edice in 1999.
The building is now 117 years old
and has never looked better.
Champs, reserve champs
named at fair livestock shows
Results have been announced
from the many livestock shows
held at the Ringgold County Fair.
Swine Show
Commercial Gilt
Champion = Johnathan Triggs
Reserve = Caroline McAlexan-
Market Swine
Champion = Johnathan Triggs
Reserve = Kennedy Brokaw-
Pen of 3
Champion = Johnathan Triggs
Reserve = Caroline McAlexan-
Champion = Clay Wimer
Reserve = Hannah Jackson
Beef Show
Feeder- Heifer
Champion = Cassidy Becker
Reserve = Cassidy Becker
Feeder- Bull
Champion = Addie Ebersole
Reserve = Levi Martin
Angus Heifer
Champion = Cassidy Becker
Reserve = Addison Shay
Charolias Composite Heifer
Champion = Brynn Nickle
Chianina Heifer
Champion = Brynn Nickle
Gelbvieh Heifer
Champion = Jed McCreary
Reserve = Andrew Belzer
Maine-Anjou Heifer
Champion = Addie Ebersole
Reserve = Jolene Ebersole
Maintainer Heifer
Champion = Jabe Burton
Red Angus Heifer
Champion = Hannah Jackson
Simmental Heifer
Champion = Megan Warin
Reserve = Cal Daughton
Foundation Simmental Heifer
Champion = MaKayla Jones
Commercial Heifer
Champion = Paige Lynch
Reserve = Chloe Yoder
Supreme Heifer
Champion = Brynn Nickle
Reserve = Paige Lynch
Champion = Addie Ebersole
Reserve = Craven Martin
Market Beef
Champion = Haylea England
Reserve = April Shields
Bucket Calf
Champion = Rachel Sobotka
Reserve = Erin Sobotka
Bucket Calf +1
Champion = Shelby Comer
Reserve = Trent Stewart
Rate of Gain
Champion = Haylea England
Horse Show
Halter Horse
Champion = Samantha Stewart
Reserve = Bailey Anderson
Western Pleasure
Champion = Bailey Anderson
Reserve = Samantha Stewart
Western Horsemanship
Champion = Chania Vos
Reserve = Emma Mobley
Champion = Caitlyn McLead
Reserve = Chania Vos
Junior Barrels
Champion = Caitlyn McLead
Reserve = Samantha Stewart
Intermediate Barrels
Champion = Bailey Anderson
Reserve = Lucas Wurster
Senior Barrels
Champion = Abbey Adams
Reserve = Shelby Comer
Junior Poles
Champion = Jamie Stackhouse
Reserve = Caitlyn McLead
Intermediate Poles
Champion = Bailey Anderson
Reserve = Addie Ebersole
Senior Pole
Champion = Abbey Adams
Reserve = Shelby Comer
Junior Trail
Champion = Samantha Stewart
Reserve = Emma Mobley
Intermediate Trail
Champion = Bailey Anderson
Reserve = Lucas Wurster
Senior Trail
Champion = Abbey Adams
Rabbit Show
Champion = Megan Reasoner
Reserve = Megan Reasoner
Champion = Reas Knapp
Reserve = Megan Reasoner
Best in Show = Megan Reasoner
Reserve = Reas Knapp
Meat Pen
Champion = Megan Reasoner
Champion = Megan Reasoner
Champion = Megan Reasoner
Poultry Show
Champion = Shane Comer
Production Pullets
Champion = Erin Dolecheck
Reserve = Lew Knapp
Laying Hens
Champion = Erin Dolecheck
Other Poultry Market
Champion = Jolene Ebersole
Reserve = Megan Reasoner
Other Poultry Production
Champion = Jolene Ebersole
Champion = Erin Dolecheck
Reserve = Erin Dolecheck
Goat Show
Dairy Goat
Champion = Megan Reasoner
Reserve = Sarah Reasoner
Breeding Goat
Champion = Gracie Mobley
Reserve = Gracie Mobley
Market Goat
Champion = Gracie Mobley
Reserve = Gracie Mobley
Market Goat Pair
Champion = Hannah Fletchall
Reserve = Hope Fletchall
Rate of Gain
Champion = Gracie Mobley
Sheep Show
Feeder Lamb
Champion = Eric Miller
Reserve = Hayley Whittington
Feeder Lamb Pair
Champion = Hayley Whitting-
Reserve = Hope Whittington
Commercial Ewe
Champion = Addie Ebersole
Reserve = Eric Miller
Market Lamb
Champion = Dylan McAlexan-
Reserve = Addie Ebersole
Market Lamb Pair
Champion = Addie Ebersole
Reserve = Dylan McAlexander
Rate of Gain
Champion = Hayley Whitting-
Champion Samantha Stewart is presented her championship plaque fol-
lowing halter competition at the Ringgold County Fair.
(Top) Megan Reasoner received
honors for Best in Show at the rab-
bit show. (Middle) Gracie Mobley
shows the champion market goat.
(Bottom) The champion fryer in
the poultry division was shown by
Shane Comer.
More results from county fair competitions
Results have been announced
for a number of competitions at the
recent Ringgold County Fair.
Mutton Bustin
Best ride - 1st (tie) -Ronny
Sobotka, Ty Barringer and Karlie
Best crash - Jacob Novak
Demo Derby
1st - Cody Tucker
2nd - Kevin Jenkins
1st - Jeremy Weeda
2nd - Josh Case
3rd - Ryan Loy
1st - Alvin Snyder
2nd - Ed Snyder
3rd - Shane Mongar
4 wheeler race
1st - Tim Combs
2nd - Tom Combs
1st - Tim Combs
2nd - Devin Winemiller
Dirt bike
1st - Tim Combs
1st - Jason Stamps
2nd - Tim Combs
Two stroke
1st - Scott Petersen
1st - Braydon Combs
1st - Dillon Hadman
2nd - Braydon Combs
Mud run
1st - Lonnie Swiggart
2nd - Ryan Bryson
3rd - Danielle Parsons
1st - Shane Jorgenson
2nd - Braydon Barber
3rd - Vic Parsons
1st - Shane Jorgenson
2nd - Jeff Kruse
3rd - Andrew Robb
1st - Shane Jorgenson
2nd - Chris Blaine
3rd - Scott Kinyon
1st - Shane Jorgenson
2nd - Chris Blaine
3rd - Jake Waters
Powder puff
1st - Caitlin Sprague
2nd - Jessica Hall
3rd - Casey Willis
Camper decorating
1st - Jeff and Amy Sickels
2nd - Becca and Tyler Henson
3rd - Joe and Donna Warin
Challenge recipe
Champion of the Challenge
Recipe competition was Erin
Dolecheck. Reserve champion was
Samantha Schaefer.
Need Color Printing?
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runs to full-color glossy sales
sheets and brochures, check with
the Record-News for your needs.
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Mount Ayr Record-News
Thursday, July 25, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News 11
Public Notices Obituaries
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7 Costly Mistakes if
Hurt at Work
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Patricia Clark
Patricia Louise Clark, only
child of Albert and Edith (Wahl)
Brady, was born May 22, 1932 in
Des Moines, Iowa.
Patricia graduated from East
High in Des Moines and went to
college in Washington and Mis-
souri. Patricia married Ray Kirk-
man and later Leonard Clark, both
whom preceded her in death.
Patricia was a loving mother,
grandmother and great-grandmoth-
Catherine Crawford
Mary Catherine Dahlgran
Crawford, the only child born to
Annas and Anna Williamson Dahl-
gran, was born September 19, 1918
and passed away July 20, 2013 at
the Mount Ayr Health Care Center.
She lived there for three and one-
half years and really enjoyed the
home and all the staff.
To her mothers dismay, Cath-
erine learned to play the violin
instead of learning to play the pi-
ano which her mother taught les-
sons. After graduation at Riverton
school, Catherine went to work
as a secretary of the Sidney, Iowa
school board. Sidney is where she
met her future husband.
On November 23, 1941, Bill
and Catherine eloped in Rockport,
Missouri. The following year they
moved to Mount Ayr so Catherine
could live with her parents while
Bill went into the service.
On September 10, 1942, their
rst child, Donald LeRoy, was
born at her parents farm south of
town. Later Larry Eugene, Ann,
John Edward, Harold Dean, Ber-
nard Francis, Robert Michael,
Rosemary and Doris Marie n-
ished out the family. Besides rais-
ing her family, she also raised a big
garden, canning quart after quart
of produce and jellies. Catherine
enjoyed following all the activi-
ties her children and grandchildren
were involved in.
She was a very active member
of the Mount Ayr American Legion
Auxiliary. She enjoyed a ladies
country neighborhood club that
met every month for 60 years. An
afternoon enjoyment was having
coffee with the 2 oclock coffee
Catherine was preceded in
death by her husband, Bill, of 59
years; parents; parents-in-law; an
infant son, Robert; sons-in-law,
Jerry Schlapia and William Beech;
grandson, Kendall Crawford; four
brothers-in-law, and ve sisters-in-
Left to cherish many memories
are Donald (Cham) of Ponca City,
Oklahoma, Larry (Marlene) of In-
dianola, Iowa, Ann of Des Moines,
Iowa, John (Donna) of Orange
City, Iowa and from Mount Ayr,
Harold (Melynda), Bernard (Mar-
la), Rosemary (Jim) Hullinger and
Doris; 13 grandchildren, Christina
(Mike) Nichols of Hutchinson,
Kansas, Cherish (Bill) Wentroth
of Ponca City, Oklahoma, Chawn-
te (Justin) Sober of Ponca City,
Oklahoma, Kim (Keith) Davis
of Corydon, Iowa, Kendra (Don)
Minks of Indianola, Iowa, Ryan
(Kelley) Crawford of Hull, Iowa,
Melissa (Lance) Baatz of Windsor,
Colorado, Michelle Larson of Des
Moines, Iowa, Jennifer (Brian)
Quick of Huxley, Iowa, Saman-
tha Crawford of Mount Ayr, Iowa,
Jordan Crawford of Mount Ayr,
Iowa and Judi (Travis) Shaha of
Mount Ayr, Iowa; 20 great-grand-
children, Katie and Bobby Schrag
of Hutchinson, Kansas, Jace and
Jenna Sober of Ponca City, Okla-
homa, Riley and Devyn Davis of
Corydon, Iowa, Morgan and Max
Minks of Indianola, Iowa, Haley,
Braylen and Kinley Crawford of
Hull, Iowa, Ellie, Trey and Mia
Baatz of Windsor, Colorado, Kyler
and Kolby Larson of Des Moines,
Iowa, Chad and Rebecca Quick of
Huxley, Iowa and Bryce and Brock
Shaha of Mount Ayr, Iowa; cous-
ins; nieces and nephews, and spe-
cial family friend, Jean Smith.
Memorials are to the Mount
Ayr Health Care Center, American
Legion Auxiliary and HCI Care
Services of Mount Ayr. Watson-
Armstrong Funeral home in Mount
Ayr was in charge of the arrange-
Services were conducted at the
United Methodist Church in Mount
Ayr on Tuesday, July 23, 2013,
with Rev. Skip Rushing ofciat-
ing. Organist was Nancy Sackett
with soloist Debbie Cannon.
Casket bearers included Ryan
Crawford, Keith Davis, Jordan
Crawford, Brian Quick, Justin So-
ber, Lance Baatz, Bill Wentroth,
Travis Shaha, Mike Nichols, Ky-
ler Larson, Don Minks and Kolby
Honorary pallbearers were
Steve Williamson, Jim Ward, Dar-
lene Irving, David Irving, Jim Wil-
liamson, Doris Hannon and Greg
Burial was in the Rose Hill
Cemetery in Mount Ayr.
er. She would go without in order
to provide for her children. She had
a deep faith and God was impor-
tant in her life. Her life was a re-
ection of her faith and it showed.
Patricia lived in Tacoma, Washing-
ton for several years. The Tacoma
newspaper featured an article on
her that highlighted her 17+ years
as a Salvation Army volunteer bell
ringer. Patricia loved people and,
in return, she was loved by every-
Patricia had lived in Grand
River, Iowa and Mount Ayr in the
recent years and due to her health
declining in her nal days, she was
cared for in the home of her daugh-
ter, Peggy Johnson. Patricia passed
away on the evening of July 17,
2013. In addition to her husbands,
she was preceded in death by her
Those left to cherish her memory
include her children, Peggy John-
son of Mount Ayr, Iowa, Ray (Lin-
da) Kirkman and Sharon (Mack)
McDonald of Des Moines, Iowa,
Leonard Clark and Dwayne Clark
of Mount Ayr, Iowa and Douglas
Clark of Villisca, Iowa; 17 grand-
children; 25 great-grandchildren,
and one great-great-grandchild.
A memorial fund has been es-
tablished in her name.
Services were conducted at
Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home
in Mount Ayr on Sunday, July 21,
2013, with Rev. Terry Roberts of-
ciating. Musical selection was
Amazing Grace.
Honorary pallbearers were
Brian Johnson, Chris Kirkman,
Tyra McDonald, Zack Gutherman,
Leno Avila and J.R. Sinclair.
Ringgold County
Continued on page 14
July 15, 2013
The Ringgold County Board of
Supervisors met in regular session
Monday, July 15, 2013. The meet-
ing was called to order at 9 a.m. with
the following members present: Da-
vid Inloes, Royce Dredge and Kraig
A motion was made by Royce
Dredge and seconded by Kraig
Pennington to approve the agenda.
AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None.
A motion was made by Royce
Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pen-
nington to approve the previous
minutes. AYES: Unanimous. NAYS:
Recorder Karen Schaefer was
present to present the quarterly and
annual report for her ofce.
Treasurer Debbie Cannon was
present to present the month-end re-
port for June.
The board reviewed the appro-
priations for FY2014.
Engineer Zach Gunsolley met
with the supervisors to provide sec-
ondary roads updates. Gunsolley
reported the department is starting
at the east end of J55 with the re-
surfacing project. Afew miles of the
road will be closed at a time. Gun-
solley expects the project to take 10
working days to complete. Gunsol-
ley reported on continual FEMA
work throughout the county. The
crew is currently hauling 700 ton of
rip-rap out of Ravenwood, MO to
the bridge west of Redding. Gunsol-
ley mentioned Frank Pollocks terri-
tory in complete with rock hauling
for FEMA damage. He added that
culvert work is beginning in Kevin
Greenlands territory. Pennington
asked what the plan is with regards
to the bridge east of Sacketts which
is a Level B road. Once Rod Shields
completes a current project, he will
move to FEMA bridges, such as the
Sackett bridge, Gunsolley added.
Gunsolley reported that FEMA will
assist in paying for the washout re-
pair of this bridge. The bridge will
continue to be a 14-ton bridge, Gun-
solley said.
WHEREAS, the Ringgold Coun-
ty Board of Supervisors hereby ap-
proves the quarterly and annual re-
port as presented by recorder Karen
THEREFORE, a motion was
made by Kraig Pennington and
seconded by Royce Dredge stating
The vote on the resolution:
AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None.
ATTEST: Amanda Waske, audi-
tor. Passed and approved July 15,
WHEREAS, the Ringgold Coun-
ty Board of Supervisors hereby ap-
proves the monthly report as present-
ed by treasurer Debbie Cannon.
THEREFORE, a motion was
made by Royce Dredge and sec-
onded by Kraig Pennington stating
The vote on the resolution:
AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None.
ATTEST: Amanda Waske, audi-
tor. Passed and approved July 15,
WHEREAS, the Ringgold Coun-
ty Board of Supervisors hereby ap-
proves the claims that were paid
Wednesday, July 10.
Adams Quality Cleaning, public
health June 2013 ofce cleaning,
Adams, Darrell, Pioneer Johnson
Cemetery repairs, $2,060.30.
Akers, Monte, public health
FY2013 Board Of Health mileage,
Alliant Energy, sheriff/public
health/ RCSS utilities/courthouse
gas/electric/Maloy, $2,863.58.
American Express, gas, $62.38.
Arends, Shannon, sheriff July
cell phone, $50.00.
Auto-Jet Mufer Corp., parts,
Bass Pro, public health addi-
tional money for newest GPS unit,
Beck, Leora Sue, public health
June 2013 mileage/cell phone,
Calhoun-Burns & Assoc., bridge
inspection, $8,422.70.
Cannon, Gregg, public health
June 2013 chore service, $91.00.
Carr, Matt, sheriff July cell phone,
Carter Waters, patching materi-
als, $2,317.48.
Centurylink, DHS telephone,
CFI Sales, Inc., tires, $57.65.
City Of Beaconseld, WRD re-
cycling dollars, $93.85.
City Of Benton, WRD recycling
dollars, $256.53.
City Of Delphos, June street
payment/WRD recycling dollars,
City Of Diagonal, June street
payment/WRD recycling dollars,
City Of Ellston, WRD recycling
dollars, $269.04.
City Of Kellerton, June street
payment/WRD recycling dollars,
City Of Maloy, David Loutzen-
hiser, June street payment/WRD re-
cycling dollars, $260.34.
City Of Mount Ayr, public health
water/shop/WRD recycling dollars,
City Of Redding, WRD recycling
dollars, $513.05.
City Of Tingley, WRD recycling
dollars, $1,151.25.
Clarke County Auditor, DHS
FY2013 fourth quarter, $610.11.
Clarke County Environmental
SE, public health FY2013 fourth
quarter expenses, $1,129.58.
Clearview Homes, sheriff jail
meals, $847.60.
CNH Capital/Vetter, parts,
Culligan, courthouse / public
health water, $51.25.
Data Keeper Technologies, LLC,
public health visit tracker subscrip-
tion, $200.00.
Davison, Mark, sheriff July cell
phone, $50.00.
Decatur County Auditor, medical
examiner fees, $2,333.69.
Denco Corp., bridge deck repair,
Derscheid, Raydeen, public
health FY2013 board of health mile-
age, $75.82.
Diagonal Progress, supervisors
publication April through June,
District IV Recorder Association,
recorder district dues FY2013-14,
District IV Treasurer, treasurer
annual dues, $25.00.
Docs Diesel Repair, parts,
Doster, Chris, public health June
2013 mileage/cell phone, $153.74.
Dredge, Clint, travel meal,
Dredge, Royce, supervisor meet-
ings mileage, $122.76.
Electronic Engineering, public
health pager service 7/1/13-9/30/13,
Employee Benet Systems,
county insurance, $66,564.54.
Farm & Home, publishers ofce
items, $97.20.
Farm Plan/NAPA, tools/parts/l-
ters, $230.44.
Farmers Cooperative Co., spray,
Fletchall, Becky, public health
June 2013 mileage/cell phone,
Ford, Larry, VAcommittee meet-
ings, $93.92.
Galloway, Carol Anne, public
health June 2013 mileage/cell phone,
Gift Subscriptions to the Record-News bring a gift
every week to remind that someone special of you.
12 Mount Ayr Record-News Thursday, July 25, 2013
Church Obituaries
Bank of Christ Outreach
is holding a
Saturday, July 27
6 p.m. with cookout following
Everyone is welcome.
Sunday, July 28
Sunday School, 5 p.m. in church basement
NO 11 a.m. service on Sunday.
Thank You
One of our greatest generation has passed, but is not
forgotten. We have comfort now, peace soon and the warmest
of memories forever. The hugs and condolences were very
much appreciated.
The Bud Breckenridge
Thank You
to Mount Ayr Health Care Center for their caring
employees. Mom considered this her home for over
three years and always told us how much she liked it
And, thank you to all of our Mount Ayr family who
have been here for Mom all these years when we
couldnt be present.
Thank you,
Donald and Cham Crawford
John and Donna Crawford
We have a large selection of quality monuments large,
small, simple or elaborate. When you need us, call
404 S. Lincoln Mount Ayr, Iowa Ph. 641-464-3110



Its our business to
help you represent
and celebrate the life
of your loved one
with a lasting monument.
Thank You
On behalf of the McGinnis-Taylor family, we would like
to express our most sincere thank you to everyone for the
amazing support and kind gestures. It doesnt take the pain
away or diminish how much we all miss Olivia, but its
comforting to have wonderful family and friends who have
been by our sides from the moment of Olivias unexpected
aneurysm. We are grateful for every prayer, call, card and
visit. We would like to express a special thank you to the
kind folks who worked in our hay fields while we were in
Omaha with Karla and our family.
With gratitude,
Walt and Bev McGinnis
Raise the Roof
United Church of Diagonal
July 27
All activities at Fogle Lake Food and concessions available all day
8 a.m. Triathlon (bike, run, slide)
10 a.m. 3-On-3 Basketball tournament
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Inflatable toys
1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Carnival games for the kids
2 p.m. Volleyball tournament
6 p.m. Wiley and Friends Band
7 p.m. Sundogs concert
Supper available at concert time: Pork
sandwiches, baked beans and chips
Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy a day of entertainment for the entire
family Note: To enter the triathlon or your team for the 3-on-3
tournament, contact Blake Butler 641-278-0323 or Larry Teply 641-734-
5327. Do so now. Spaces are limited and you dont want to miss out.
Entry Fees: $5 per person for triathlon, basketball and volleyball.
All day tickets for games/inflatables available or purchase separately.
Concert: Freewill donation will be taken.
Taaak Yoa
The family of Maxine Smith Kean would like to thank Bob
and Marlene Hinz, the staff, volunteers and residents of Mount
Ayr Health Care Center for the kindness and care you gave
Maxine. Thank you to the HCI Care Services of Southern
Iowa staff and volunteers for the comfort you provided during
Maxines last days. Thank you to Scott Marcum for the
heartfelt memorial service, and thank you to Watson-
Armstrong Funeral Home for making a difficult time easier.
Thank you to the Maple Ridge Assisted Living residents and
the Blockton and Mount Ayr communities for helping our
family during this time
Paa| aaa T:aae-s $|ta aaa Ta||y
Thank You
The family of Ruth Noftsger extends their sincere thanks
to the medical staff at Ringgold County Hospital, the Life
Flight crew and the medical team at Mercy Medical Centers
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for their skill, professionalism
and efforts in caring for Ruth.
Our personal thanks go out to Rev. Chris Conklin, Nancy
Sackett, Mary Davenport, Margaret Bickers and Bill and
Sandy Armstrong.
We also wish to extend a special thank you to Roland and
Fran Jackson, John and Rosie Campbell and the many friends
and neighbors for their kindness, generosity and support
extended to us in the days following the loss of our loved one.
May God bless each of you throughout lifes journey.
Morris Noftsger Family
Amy Podzimek Family
John Noftsger Family
Steve Trullinger Family
Mount Ayr Larger Parish
United Methodist Churches
Pastor Skip Rushing
9:00 a.m., Worship.
10:00 a.m., Sunday School.
Middle Fork
9:00 a.m., Sunday School, all
10:00 a.m., Worship.
Mount Ayr
10:30 - 11:00 a.m., Refreshments
and Fellowship.
11:00 a.m., Worship.

St. Josephs Catholic Church
100 N. Polk, Mount Ayr
Fr. Bashir Abdelsamad, Pastor
Saturdays, mass at 5:30 p.m.

St. Patricks Catholic Church
Grand River
Fr. Bashir Abdelsamad, Pastor
Sunday mass, 8:00 a.m.

United Church of Diagonal
Pastor Ed Shields
9:00 a.m., Sunday school.
10:00 a.m., Church.

Tingley First Christian Church
Al Rusk, Pastor
10:00 a.m., Church school. Mar-
garet Hull, Superintendent.
11:00 a.m., Worship.

First Lutheran Church
Mount Ayr - LCMS
Vacancy Pastor: Rev. Jonathan Watt
Sunday, July 28:
8:00 a.m., Worship.

Free Methodist Church
Charles Weiman, Pastor
10:00 a.m., Sunday school.
11:00 a.m., Worship service.
7:00 p.m., Evening worship.
Wednesday, Family Night Prayer
meeting; F.M.Y., C.L.C., 7 p.m.
Kellerton Assembly of God
Pastor Barton Shields
9:30 a.m., Sunday School.
10:30 a.m., Worship service.
6:00 p.m., Sunday evening wor-
Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., Adult Bible

Blockton Christian Church
Scott Marcum, Pastor
9:30 a.m., Bible School.
10:45 a.m., Worship.
Second and fourth Sundays of each
month, Youth Groups.
First Wednesday of each month,
Church Night.
Tent Chapel
Church of Christ
Richard Reinhardt, Minister
(3 miles south of Blockton, Iowa)
Bible study, 10:00 a.m.
Morning worship, 11:00 a.m.
Watch In Search of the Lords
Way - 7 a.m., Sunday on Ch. 17;
KDSM Dish 259, 6:30 a.m. or Direct
TV 364, 6:30 a.m.
Sundays, 6:30 p.m., evening ser-
Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m., Bible
Regular Baptist Church
Mount Ayr
464-3293 (Church)
Pastor Seth Denney
9:45 a.m., Sunday School.
11:00 a.m., Morning worship
service. Nursery available.
6:30 p.m., Evening service.
Wednesday, 6:30-8 p.m., AWANA;
7 p.m., Midweek Bible study and
prayer. 7 p.m., Youth service.

Hickory Grove
Advent Christian Church
Sherry Wiley, supply pastor
11:00 a.m., Worship service.

Mount Ayr Assembly of God
Pastor Doug Rohrer
See our facebook page
8:15 - 8:45 a.m., Prayer
9:00 a.m., Sunday school for all
10:00 a.m., Fellowship.
10:30 a.m., Worship service. Nursery
available. Childrens church.
5:00 p.m. Men of Valor
First Saturday each month, 8 - 11
a.m., Open Closet.
Thursdays: Revolution Youth - Sum-
mer Break.
Wednesdays: Kids Club - Summer

United Baptist-Presbyterian
2343 State Highway 169
Mount Ayr
Michael Maddy, Pastor
Sunday, July 28:
9:00 a.m., Sunday school.
10:00 a.m., Church service. Greet-
er, Dean Blades; Call to worship, Deb
Larson; Musician, Fay Howie; Drums:
Lew Knapp; Childrens sermon, Nicole
Swank; Nursery, Pat Meester; Message,
Pastor Mike Maddy; Snacks, Amanda
Monday, July 29:
5:00 p.m., Stretch exercises.
Tuesday, July 30:
7:00 a.m., Mens breakfast-UBP
Wednesday, July 31:
5:00 p.m., Stretch exercises-UBP
No choir practice during summer.
7:00 p.m., Bible study at Maple

Platte Center Presbyterian Church
Delores Dench, Pastor
9:15 a.m., Sunday school.
10:00 a.m., Fellowship.
10:30 a.m., Worship.

First Christian Church
Pastor Chris Conklin
Sunday, July 28:
9:00 a.m., Sunday school.
10:00 a.m., Church. Mission
Sunday. Bruce and Michell Ricker
Thursday Prayer group at 9:30
United Methodist Church
Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor
9:30 a.m., Sunday School
10:30 a.m., Worship.
United Methodist Church
Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor
Sunday, 9:00 a.m., Morning Wor-
No Sunday School.

Bank of Christ Outreach and Hope
2nd & Ringgold, Kellerton
Saturday, July 27:
6:00 p.m., Praise and worship
service with cookout following.
Sunday, July 28:
5:00 p.m., Sunday school in church
basement. NO 11 a.m. service.

Wishard Chapel Community
Pastor Bill Armstrong
9:30 a.m., Sunday school.
10:30 a.m., Worship.
Women of Wishard (WOW): Every
rst Wednesday at 7 p.m.

United Methodist Church
Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor
9:00 a.m., Church services.
10:00 a.m., Sunday school and
Bible study.
United Methodist Women: Every
second Monday at 1:30 p.m.
United Methodist Men: First/third
Saturdays at 7:30 a.m.
Youth Group: First/third Wednes-
days, 6:30 p.m.
Second Sunday - potluck; fourth
Sunday - fellowship time.
United Methodist Church
Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor
9:30 a.m., Sunday school.
10:30 a.m., Worship.
United Methodist Women: Every
Third Wednesday.
Youth Group: Second and Fourth
Sundays, 5 p.m., at Ellston.

The Lighthouse Christian Center
Non-Denominational Fellowship
Doug Greene, Pastor
(west 2 miles on Hwy. 2)
9:45 a.m., Sunday school.
10:30 a.m., Worship.
5:30 p.m., Mens room/womens
6:00 p.m., Evening worship.
Mondays, 5 p.m., Thin Within
Support Group; 5:30 p.m., Prayer
meeting. 7 p.m., Sowing in Tears
Support Group.
Wednesdays, 6 - 8 p.m., Crew Kids
More information available online
Area Bible Fellowship Church
204 North Van Buren, Cleareld
Pastor Ron Christian
Associate Pastor Keith Lorenz
9:30 a.m., Worship service.
11:00 a.m., Sunday school.
Website: www.areabiblefellow-
Trinity Christian Church
Terry Roberts, Minister
(Hwy. 2 West, Decatur)
8:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m., Sunday
morning worship services.
9:30 a.m., Sunday School, all
Wednesday: 7 p.m., Youth/Small
group Bible study. Nursery avail-

The Community of Christ
Tony and Sandy Crandell, Co-pastors
Sunday, July 28:
9:50 a.m., Sunday school.
11:00 a.m., Worship service with
Mylon Larsen speaking.

Mount Ayr Restoration Branch
Sherman Phipps, Presiding Elder
Alan Smith, Assistant
Sunday, July 28:
Welcomers: Jim Barber.
9:45 a.m., Family Worship, Ed
10:00 a.m., Classes.
11:00 a.m., Worship. Ron Smith,
presiding; Gordon Winkler, speaking;
Pat Bolingbroke, pianist; Steve Smith,
special music.
Custodians: Ed Anderson.
6:00 p.m., Family fellowship at
Bob Rowland home.
Wednesday, July 31:
7:00 p.m., Prayer service at Bob
Rowland home. Gordon Winkler
Church Notes
Planning your wedding? We have a full line of
wedding invitations, napkins, guest books and
accessories at the Mount Ayr Record-News.
Mount Ayr Record-News Advertising Pays!
Walt Putney
Walter Marion Putney, Sr., son
of Olie Walter and Mildred Kath-
leen (Mosier), was born August
12, 1931 at the home place in Poe
township, Kellerton, Iowa.
After growing up on the farm,
Walt drove a coal truck in Des
Moines and later moved to Omaha,
Nebraska where he hauled equip-
ment. Walt returned to Des Moines
and was a house mover.
In the early 1950s Walt mar-
ried Norma and they had two chil-
dren, Steve and Christina. They
later divorced. While living in Des
Moines, Walt worked as a hide
trimmer and worked at Firestone
Tire Company. On April 10, 1966,
Walt married Violet Sandra Sams
and their children included Walter,
Jr., George, Dixie, Naomi and Leo.
In 1969 the family moved to north-
eastern Minnesota where Walt
worked at U.S. Steel and the fam-
ily settled in the Gheen, Minnesota
area. Walt retired from U.S. Steel
in 1987 and returned to the home
farm to live the remainder of his
Walt liked going to farm auc-
tions and visiting with friends over
a cup of coffee at an area restau-
rant. On March 9, 1973, Walt be-
gan a life of sobriety that lasted
just over 40 years. Walt was an ac-
tive member of A.A. and he helped
countless people over the years
to live one day at a time. Over
the last few years, Walt was able
to live at home because of his son,
Walter, Jr., moving in and caring
for his dad.
Walt and J.R. had gone back
up to Gheen, Minnesota to visit
when Walt died suddenly on July
13, 2013 at Saint Marys Hospi-
tal in Duluth, Minnesota. He was
preceded in death by his parents;
wife, Violet; son, Leo; sisters,
Barb Weaver and Margaret Putney,
and brother, Johnny.
Survivors include his children,
Steve of Cannon Falls, Minneso-
ta, Walter, Jr. of Kellerton, Iowa,
George (Melissa) of Des Moines,
Iowa, Christina of Fort Dodge,
Iowa, Naomi of Fulton, Missouri
and Dixie (Jake) of Virginia, Min-
nesota; 11 grandchildren; numer-
ous great-grandchildren; daughter-
in-law, Jolene of Cook, Minnesota;
nieces; nephews; other relatives,
and friends.
A memorial fund has been es-
tablished in his name.
Services were conducted at
Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home
in Mount Ayr on Sunday, July 21,
2013, with Pastor Bill Armstrong
ofciating. Musical selections
were Precious Lord, Take My
Hand and Amazing Grace.
Casketbearers included Marty
Schnoor, Mike Avitt, Jim Rinehart,
Bill Livingston, Rick Van Pelt and
Bob Riddle.
Burial was in the Oakland Cem-
etery in Mount Ayr, Iowa.
Bernard Routh
Bernard R. Routh, 81, of Whit-
ing, Iowa entered into rest Friday,
July 12, 2013, at Burgess Health
Center in Onawa, Iowa.
Bernard Roe was born Decem-
ber 20, 1931 in Cleareld, Iowa,
the son of Addis and Gladys Sue
(Bailey) Routh. He graduated
from Cleareld high school.
Bernard was united in marriage
to Marilyn Stewart on August 16,
1964 in Cleareld, Iowa.
Bernard was employed many
years at Burgess Memorial Hos-
pital as a payroll clerk, mainte-
nance manager and served with the
Burgess ambulance. He was also
a bookkeeper for Moss Nursing
Home and a manager at IGA gro-
cery store, all in Onawa. He then
became ofce manager at ANSCO
Seed at Whiting for 20 years until
he retired at the age of 78.
He loved playing the electric
organ at several churches.
Survivors include his wife of
almost 49 years, Marilyn (Stewart)
Routh of Whiting, Iowa; two sons,
David Edward Routh of Sioux
City, IA and John Anthony Tony
of Onawa, Iowa; two brothers, Bill
(Anna) Routh of Coffee Creek,
Montana and Ronnie (Bonnie)
Routh of Creston, Iowa; one sis-
ter, Gwen (Spencer) Sandeman of
Creston, Iowa, and a sister-in-law,
Martha Routh of Cresco, Iowa.
Preceding him in death were
his parents; three brothers, J. B.
(Dorothy) Routh, Richard Routh
and Mick Routh, and an infant sis-
ter, Betty.
A memorial fund has been es-
tablished in his name. Watson-
Armstrong Funeral Home in
Mount Ayr was in charge of the
A memorial service was held
at the United Methodist Church
in Cleareld on Friday, July 19,
2013, with Pastor Bill Armstrong
ofciating. Musicians were Patty
Parrish and Grace Warin.
Honorary pallbearers included
Joe Routh, Mike Routh, Brett
Routh, Barry Sandeman, Bob
Routh, Don Routh, Kyle Routh,
Daniel Stewart, Chris Stewart, Jeff
Combs and Vic Combs.
Interment was in the Cleareld
Cemetery in Cleareld.
Lavon Thomas
Lavon Thomas, of Mount Ayr,
Iowa, died after a short illness on
July 21, 2013 at Mercy Hospice in
Johnston. Narcissus Lavon, named
for her grandmother, was born to
William and Mary Scott (Richard-
son) Burchett on May 1, 1913 in
rural Ringgold county, Iowa and
was welcomed by four older broth-
ers, Charles, Hugh, Cleo and How-
ard Burchett. At the age of ve, her
family moved from the farm into
the town of Kellerton. She attend-
ed Kellerton schools graduating in
1931. That summer she enrolled
in a normal training course in Red
Oak and earned a teaching certi-
Her parents moved back to the
farm to try to save it from fore-
closure, and she taught near there
at Shady Grove country school.
Shortly after her mothers sudden
death in 1932, she stopped teach-
ing and began keeping house for
her father. She met and fell in love
with Donald Thomas and they
were married on March 18, 1936.
The stories of their courtship and
marriage are some of the familys
Lavon and Donald lived near
Hateld, Missouri and Ellston,
Iowa before moving to their farm
south of Mount Ayr where they
raised their three daughters. Lavon
loved being a farm wife and moth-
er and was never too busy to miss
a Saturday night in Mount Ayr,
church on Sunday, neighborhood
club meetings, card parties with
friends or an opportunity to put on
her high heels and go to a dance or
perform with the Ringgold Sing-
ers. She was a member of the Re-
bekah Lodge and the First Chris-
tian Church. When her daughters
became older, she worked part
time in the Ben Franklin Store and
then at the Shamrock Caf. After
Donalds death in 1980, she en-
joyed traveling by bus with groups
of friends from Bethany, Missouri
and Mount Ayr.
Survivors include daughters
and sons-in-law Judy and Jerry
Lee of Ankeny, Iowa, Jinny Tagatz
of Des Moines, Iowa and Jill and
Gary Davis of Des Moines, Iowa;
granddaughters Traci Ross, Jen-
nifer (Jim) Campbell, Elizabeth
Stephenson, Nicole Ross, Teresa
Hutchinson and Carrie (Jim) Sun-
derman; great-grandchildren Jessi-
ca, Cole and Blake Hulett, Miran-
da (Shawn) Hetrick, Jeran Gilge,
Jacob and Jack Campbell, Chantel
Young, Brenna, Taylor and Emily
Stephenson, Ashley Weir, Danielle
Wolinski, Jo Stephens, Brianna
Hutchinson and Jadyn Sunderman;
great-great-grandchildren Hayden
Koch, Holden Rettler and May-
beline Hulett; sister-in-law Helen
Brant; nieces Joy Pierson, Mar-
guerite Hecker, Goldie Wilkerson
and Vickie Crockett, as well as
great-nieces and nephews, cousins,
neighbors and friends.
Despite living through some
of the most difcult times in this
country, the stories Lavon told of
her life were never about hard-
ship but were all about fun -- be-
ing spoiled by four older brothers,
living a charmed childhood in Kel-
lerton, enjoying her rst away-
from-home experience at normal
school, riding her horse to her
teaching job, irting with, courting
and marrying Donald, picking and
packing fruit in Oregon and Cali-
fornia, driving mud roads in Model
As, raising three daughters, enter-
taining the granddaughters and
great-grandchildren, gathering for
family reunions and savoring deep
friendships. Lavon maintained her
own household in Mount Ayr un-
til moving nearer her daughters in
Des Moines this past October. She
enjoyed a full and healthy life and
was blessed to be able to celebrate
her 100th birthday with many rela-
tives and friends this past May.
A memorial fund has been es-
tablished for C.W.F. at the Mount
Ayr First Christina Church.
Watson-Armstrong Funeral
Home in Mount Ayr is in charge of
the arrangements.
Services will be held at the First
Christian Church in Mount Ayr on
Thursday, July 25, 2013, at 2 p.m.
with Rev. Chris Conklin ofciat-
ing. Pianist will be Nancy Sackett.
Casket bearers are Jack Camp-
bell, Jacob Campbell, Jim Camp-
bell, Blake Hulett, Cole Hulett and
Jim Sunderman.
Burial will be in the Rose Hill
Cemetery in Mount Ayr.
Cavender passes
away in Arizona
Word has been received about
the death of Ruth Cavender, for-
mally of Mount Ayr.
She and her late husband, Pet,
owned Ruths Cafe and the Of-
ce Bar in Mount Ayr for years.
She started out running a cafe in
Mount Ayr, starting out on a cor-
ner of the square, then to where the
jewelry store was to the north, then
on the highway where Caseys is,
then moving out to the west end of
town and nally to The Ofce next
to the Record-News.
Then Ruth moved to Arizona
where she and Shirley Woollums
owned and operated The Iowa
Cafe in Mesa, AZ.
A graveside service will be held
at a later date.
Services pending
for Pauline Wood
Pauline Wood, 94, passed away
July 22 at Clearview Home in
Mount Ayr.
Her services will be later this
week with the complete obituary in
next weeks edition. Watson-Arm-
strong Funeral Home in Mount Ayr
is in charge of the arrangements.
Our sta can preserve
items from business card
size up to 11x17
while you wait.
Mount Ayr
122 W. Madison, Mount Ayr, Iowa
Thursday, July 25, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News 13
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We are looking for people who are compassionate and enjoy
the elderly to come to work for Clearview Homes.
If you want job satisfaction by working with a caring team,
come in and visit with us about our starting rate and pay scale.
Offering an excellent benefit package including: Paid sick leave,
401k, health and life insurance, paid holidays and vacation.
Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-2240
Ahome away fromhome providing quality care for our residents for over 51 years.
Certified Nurse Aide and Housekeeper
We are looking for people who are compassionate and enjoy
the elderly to come to work for Clearview Homes.
If you want job satisfaction by working with a caring team,
come in and visit with us about our starting rate and pay scale.
Offering an excellent benefit package including: Paid sick leave,
401k, health and life insurance, paid holidays and vacation.
Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-2240
Ahome away fromhome providing quality care for our residents for over 51 years.
FOR RENT: Freestanding locatable
house that is installed adjacent to an
existing family home for an elderly
family member. Home-In-Stead, Inc.
has units available in Ringgold County.
Contact: Dennis South, Manager
Ph. 641-446-6720
Your local residential and commercial waste services provider.
Ph. 641-464-2143
Hallie S. would like to be part of cleaning a section
of the highway.
Engineering Manager
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Technicians
GKN Armstrong Wheels, Inc. is adding horsepower! Our fast-
paced, high-tech, heavy manufacturing of steel wheels for off-highway
applications is BOOMING! We have incredible Leadership opportunities
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years of experience required; 2+ years of supervisory or leadership
experience preferred; excellent computer skills required, knowledge of
4th Shift a plus; consistently work >40 hours per week; and desire for
BENEFITS: GKN offers an excellent compensation and benet
package including health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance,
401k plan with generous company match, paid vacation and holiday
HOW TO APPLY: Please send a letter of interest, salary expectations
and current resume to or mail to P.O. Box
48, Armstrong, Iowa 50514. GKN will only contact individuals who
meet minimum qualications, follow application procedures and appear
to be a t for one of the positions. EEO
Graceland University
Youth Launch
is seeking a full-time mem-
ber to serve in Diagonal and
Mount Ayr Community Schools and both the
Diagonal and Mount Ayr communities. Members
will lead youth programming in the schools and
communities. Members are provided a living stipend
and an education award.
For more information, please contact
Marci Bjustrom at 641-344-8117 or at:
Applicaiton deadline is Friday, July 26, 2013.
OWNERS: Randy and Sandy Gibson
Office 641-784-3323
Cell 641-442-5501
FAX 641-784-4298
Lamoni, Iowa
Next Sales
Thursday, July 25 and August 8
Sales start at 9:30 a.m.
Winterset, Iowa
Regular Livestock Sale
Every Tuesday Featuring:
Sheep Goats Hogs Cattle
Tom and DeAnn Christensen
Barn 515-462-2838
Toms Cell 515-729-2711 Home 515-462-1468
Barn: Ph. 712-779-3636
Visit: for more information
Allen Venteicher
Ph. 712-779-0168/779-2082
Mark Venteicher
Ph. 712-779-0169
Ph. 712-779-3636
Sale Every Wednesday at 1 p.m.
In your area weekly
Call for an on-the-farm appraisal
Tree trimming, topping and removal.
Insured Free Estimates
David Ph. 641-344-9052
North Side of the Square in Mount Ayr
Call Connie Ph. 641-344-0586
Rules for acceptance and participation in the clinics are the same for everyone
without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, creed, religion
or political affiliation.
504 N. Cleveland Street, Mount Ayr
General Surgery Laparoscopic Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery ENT Surgery
Ophthalmology Surgery
Do your hips and knees ache by the end of the day? Is it progressively getting
worse or keeping you from the fun you used to have? Get ahead of the pain before
it gets ahead of you. See your family doctor today or call 641-464-4409 to schedule
a consult with our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Homedan, to learn about your options.
Dont lose one more day to aches and pains.
Outpatient Clinic Department - Phone 641-464-4409
Department of Ringgold County Hospital
Eric Martin, M.D.
Wednesday, August 14
Wednesday, August 28
Jean Schmitt, A.R.N.P.
Wednesday, August 14
Wednesday, August 28
David Chew, M.D.
Wednesday, August 21
Shehada Homedan, M.D.
Tuesday, July 30
Tuesday, August 6
Tuesday, August 13
Tuesday, August 20
Tuesday, August 27
Anne Nelson, PA-C
Wednesday, August 21
Kent Weaver, Au.D.
Thursday, July 25
Thursday, August 8
Thursday, August 22
For an appointment, please call
Siva Jagarlapudi, M.D.
Friday, August 2
Hermien Creger, A.R.N.P.
Wednesday, July 31
Wednesday, August 28
Phillip Linquist, D.O.
Wednesday, August 7
Wednesday, August 21
Dane Johnson, D.O.
Thurs., July 25; Mon., July 29
Thurs., Aug. 1; Mon., Aug. 19
Thurs., Aug. 22; Mon., Aug. 26
Thurs., Aug. 29
Alan R. Koslow, M.D.
Tuesday, July 30
Tuesday, August 6
Tuesday, August 20
For an appointment, please call
Jill Frerichs, D.P.M.
Tuesday, August 27
Personal Property of Delores Bainum
in unit 26 at Mount Ayr Mini Storage
901 E South Street will be auctioned
at 303 N Taylor St, Mount Ayr on
August 6 at Stutzman 20-2tp
AUCTION: 400+ Guns at Auction
- Modern & Antiques + AMMO. Sat.
July 27th @ 9AM Kramer Auction,
Prairie du Chien, WI (608) 326-8108 (INCN)
sawmill service. Your place or mine.
Serving the area since 1989. Call
Gerald Adkisson, 712-537-2433.
work. Call Kurt at 641-340-0428.
Military Tribute Concert Musicians
Needed: Performing Aug. 12.-Iowa
State Fair. Assembling statewide
160-voice choir and 80-member
orchestra. Practice: Aug 11/PM &
Aug 12/AM. Sign-up/info: www. (INCN)
FOR RENT: 2 bedroom apartment,
one bath, garage, all appliances
furnished. $555/month plus $555
deposit. Contact April at 641-344-
8910. 13-tfn
ANGUS RANCH Complete dispersal
of 450 Registered and Commercial
Fall Calving Cows including some
spring calvers, 90 2012 Fall Heifers
and 50 Fall Bulls. August 10th at
Sioux Falls Regional Worthing Sale
barn. High health, performance and
phenotype. Past National breeder of
the year award. Call for catalogue to
Dan Nelson, Manager 701-351-1795
or Duane Pancratz, Owner 605-
359-9222, or check website www. (INCN)
FOR SALE: 2008 Chrysler Town and
Country. Most options, very clean,
high miles. $6,000.00 641-767-5254
or 641-344-3151 21-2tp
Kellerton, Ringgold County old
letters, maps, checks and etc. Early
1900s heavy box, full and 100s of
pieces. $150.00 plus UPS 915-383-
2625 early mornings. 21-1tp
Part time help wanted for 500 acre
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Boys and girls clothes, sizes 0-2T
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14 Mount Ayr Record-News Thursday, July 25, 2013
Public Notices
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Tammy Ueligger, Owner
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Ringgold County
Continued frompage 11
Gilliland, Deborah, public health
June 2013 mileage/cell phone,
GlaxoSmithKline, public health
nursing supplies, $1,000.80.
Glendenning Motor Co., sheriff
oil change/repairs, $91.96.
Gunsolley, Zach, July cell phone
usage, $30.00.
Haley, Janet, public health June
2013 mileage/cell phone, $267.02.
Haley, Rob, sheriff postage/July
cell phone, $56.94.
Hawhee Truck Repair, parts,
Hensley, Kim, public health June
2013 mileage/cell phone, $213.06.
Hilltop Veterinary Clinic, sheriff
K9 feed/care, $493.99.
Holiday Inn - Airport, sheriff
school hotel, $154.56.
HSEMD, EMAGovernors Home-
land Security conference, $150.00.
Hullinger, James, veterans affairs
committee meeting, $35.00.
Hymbaugh, Douglas, assessor
board of review expense, $47.50.
IACCVSO, veterans affairs
FY2014 dues, $50.00.
ICA, IICA Secretary/Treasurer,
assessor educational training servic-
es, $300.00.
IMWCA, County Work Com-
pensation Insurance FY2014,
Inland Truck Parts Co., parts,
Internal Revenue Service, 941 tax
underpayment/penalty on correction,
Iowa County Recorders Asso-
ciation, ILR maintenance/support,
Iowa Department Of Natural Re-
sources, public health well construc-
tion permit fee, $25.00.
Iowa Negotiation Services, coun-
ty FY2014 consulting/employer ser-
vices, $500.00.
Iowa State Association Of
Counties, mental health FY2014,
ISAC, FY2014 member dues,
ISACA Treasurer, auditor sum-
mer school/seat dues, $305.00.
ISCTA, treasurer annual dues,
Jackson, Curt, travel meal,
Jackson, Richard Dean, assessor
board of review expense, $173.19.
Jackson, Teresa EMA, July cell
phone, $45.00.
Johnson, Robert, July cell phone
usage, $30.00.
Jones, Teena, public health con-
tracted physical therapy, $1,647.30.
Kabel Business Services, FY2014
annual ex plan fee/ monthly fee,
Karr, Brenda K., public health
June 2013 mileage/cell phone,
Karr, Danny, public health June
2013 chore service, $441.00.
Kilgore, Cathy, veterans affairs
committee meeting, $51.56.
Lilienthal, Victor, July cell phone
usage, $30.00.
Lumbard, Spencer, courthouse
custodial supplies, $27.79.
Mainstay Systems Inc., sheriff
July/August/September PC 24-hour
tech., $624.00.
MATURA Action Corp., county
FY2014 contribution, $5,000.00.
McDonnell, Robin, public health
June 2013 mileage/cell phone,
McGahuey, Cathy, RCSS postage
/safety, $61.55.
Med-Pass Inc, public health nurs-
ing supplies, $29.23.
Metal Culverts, pipe,
Meyer Laboratory Inc., court-
house custodian supplies, $66.18.
Midland GIS Solutions, assessor
data processing services, $100.00.
Minnick, Lyle, veterans affairs
committee meetings, $97.60.
Morgan, Neil E., assessor June
mileage/July cell phone, $112.77.
Mount Ayr Farm & Home, Inc.,
sheriff K-9 care, $16.34.
Mount Ayr Record-News, public
health PHN/CTG/CP advertising/
nursing/treasurer tax sale/supervisors
publications/sheriff ad, $1,425.84.
MTE Ofce Center, veterans af-
fairs ofce equipment, $1,180.93.
Myers, Gary, public health June
2013 chore service, $1,078.00.
NAPA Auto Parts, tire chang-
ing machine/courthouse custodial,
Norris, Sharla, public health June
2013 mileage/cell phone, $327.19.
OKeefe Elevator Company, Inc.,
courthouse elevator maintenance,
Pettinger, Karen L., public health
June 2013 mileage/cell phone,
Red Oak Welding Supply, weld-
ing supplies, $122.40.
Reynolds, Angela, public health
June 2013 mileage/cell phone,
Ringgold County Develop-
ment, county FY2014 contribution,
Ringgold County Fair, county
FY2014 contribution, $12,500.00.
Ringgold County Group Home,
mental health, $11,865.00.
Ringgold County SWCD, county
FY2014 contribution, $3,000.00.
RK Fuels, Inc., fuel, $25,290.18.
Rural Iowa Crisis Center, county
FY2014 contribution, $2,000.00.
Schildberg Construction, rock,
Shields, Rodney, July cell phone
usage, $30.00.
Sickels, Vicki, public health June
2013 mileage/cell phone, $224.74.
SICOG, county FY2014 contri-
bution, $4,747.00.
Smith Oil Co., sheriff fuel,
Smith, Gary, veterans affairs cell
phone June/July, $70.00.
Sobotka, Darla, public health
FY2013 board of health mileage,
Sobotka, Michael, sheriff 911
meeting meal/July cell phone,
Southern Iowa Rural Water As-
sociation, Redding yard, $19.00.
Southern Iowa Trolley, county
FY2014 transportation support,
Southwest Builder Supply, RCSS
building, $23.92.
Splash-N-Dash, sheriff car wash-
es, $18.00.
Spring Valley Wireless, FCC li-
cense for radios, $225.00.
Trullinger, Steve, July cell phone
usage, $30.00.
Tyler Technologies, Inc., FY2014
courthouse business security renew-
al, $38,071.50.
US Bank, RCSS recreation,
Visionworks, Inc., public health
case management monthly hosting,
Wallace, Shirley, veterans affairs
committee meetings, $49.72.
Walmart Community/GECRB,
RCSS recreation, $414.65.
White, Landon, sheriff July cell
phone, $50.00.
Windstream, E-911 records man-
EMA phone/fax/courthouse data
processing/RCSS/supervisors tele-
phones/public health phone/Internet/
assessor telephone/telegraph servic-
es, $1,250.54.
WRD Landll, county rst quar-
ter 2014, $5,940.00.
Ziegler, parts, $838.11.
Total = $421,344.65
THEREFORE, a motion was
made by Royce Dredge and sec-
onded by Kraig Pennington stating
The vote on the resolution:
AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None.
ATTEST: Amanda Waske, audi-
tor. Passed and approved July 15,
NOW on this 15
day of June,
2013, the matter of establishing s-
cal year 2013-2014 appropriations
comes before the Ringgold County
Board of Supervisors.
SOLVED by the Ringgold County
Board of Supervisors as follows:
Section 1. The amounts itemized
by ofce or department on the at-
tached schedule are hereby appropri-
ated from the countys resources as
so itemized, to the ofce or depart-
ment listed in the rst column on the
same line of the attached schedule.
This represents 100 percent of the
individual departments total scal
year 2013-2014 budget.
Section 2. Subject to the provi-
sions of county procedures and regu-
lations and applicable state law, the
appropriations authorized under Sec-
tion 1 shall constitute authorization
for the ofce or department listed to
make expenditures or incur obliga-
tions effective July 1, 2013.
Section 3. In accordance with
Section 331.437 of the Code of Iowa,
no ofce or department shall expend
or contract to expend any money or
incur any liability, or enter into any
contract to expend any money or
incur any liability, or enter into any
contract which by its terms involves
the expenditure of money for any
purpose in excess of the amounts
appropriated pursuant to this resolu-
Section 4. If at any time during
the 2013-2014 scal budget year,
the auditor shall ascertain that the
available resources for that year will
be less than the total appropriation,
she shall immediately so inform the
board and recommend appropriate
corrective action.
Section 5. The auditor shall es-
tablish separate accounts for the ap-
propriations authorized in Section 1,
each of which account shall indicate
the amount of the appropriation, the
amounts charged thereto and the
unencumbered balance. The audi-
tor shall report that status of such
accounts to the applicable ofces
and departments monthly during the
2013-2014 scal budget year.
Section 6. All appropriations au-
thorized pursuant to this resolution
shall lapse at the close of business on
June 30, 2014.
THEREFORE, a motion was
made by Kraig Pennington and
seconded by Royce Dredge stating
The vote on the resolution:
AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None.
ATTEST: Amanda Waske, audi-
tor. Passed and approved July 15,
There was no further business.
A motion was made by Dave Inloes
and seconded by Kraig Pennington
to adjourn the meeting at 12 p.m.
Ringgold County Auditor
Mount Ayr
City Council
July 15, 2013
The city council met in regular
session on July 15, 2013 with mayor
Solliday calling the meeting to order
at 6 p.m. Roll call was taken with the
following members present: Greene,
Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker, Cannon.
Absent: None.
A motion was made by Cannon,
seconded by Mathany, to approve
the agenda. Ayes: Greene, Mathany,
Stutzman, Ricker, Cannon. Nays:
Mayor Solliday asked if any cor-
rections needed to be made in the
minutes. With no corrections being
made, a motion was made by Matha-
ny, seconded by Greene, to dispense
the reading of the minutes previously
presented to council members and
approve them as presented. Ayes:
Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker,
Cannon. Nays: None.
This being the time and place
specied for holding the public hear-
ing and taking action on the proposal
to enter into a Water Revenue Loan
and Disbursement Agreement, the
city clerk announced that no written
objections had been placed on le.
Whereupon, the mayor called for
any written or oral objections, and
there being none, the mayor declared
the public hearing closed.
On the matter of the Water
Booster Station Project, Jason Mill-
er with MSA Professional Services
reported the construction contract
would begin with the notice to pro-
ceed signed at this time giving the
contractor 210 days to get everything
up and running.
Specic procedures will be im-
plemented when placing the new
meter which will guarantee no boil
order is required. Miller pointed
out that, if any problems arose from
equipment and materials being
stored on the construction site, they
would be addressed directly. Super-
intendent Wise stated research into
the operational status of about eight
shutoff valves in the project area is
needed and options for the Marvin
Main connection will be presented to
the council before a decision on the
manner in which to move forward on
that situation is made.
After due consideration and dis-
cussion, council member Mathany
made a motion, seconded by council
member Ricker, to approve Reso-
lution No. 2013-525 Taking ad-
ditional action to enter into a Water
Revenue Loan and Disbursement
Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Math-
any, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes;
Cannon, Yes.
A motion was made by Cannon,
seconded by Mathany, to approve
Resolution No. 2013-526 Providing
for the issuance of General Obliga-
tion Solid Waste Disposal Refund
Bonds, Series 2013, and provid-
ing for the levy of taxes to pay the
Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Math-
any, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes;
Cannon, Yes.
A motion was made by Mathany,
seconded by Stutzman, to approve
Resolution No. 2013-527 entitled,
A Resolution To Approve And
Adopt The Ringgold county Hazard
Mitigation Plan Of 2013-2018.
Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Math-
any, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes;
Cannon, Yes.
Superintendent Wise Report:
Within the next two weeks Gareld
Street improvements to get under-
way once the telephone utility gets
moved; purchased 2009 Ford F250
after several months of searching;
Jeff Sickels Dozing to take care of
storm water problem on W. Colum-
bus Street; Garbage route is going
well after two weeks in operation.
Weekly tonnage gures reect:
Tuesday pickups = ve ton; Wednes-
day pickups = four and one-half ton,
and Thursday recycling = two and
one-fourth ton; working on trimming
trees and lling potholes; accommo-
dating Ayr Days needs including
barricade placement, outlet replace-
ment, moving bleachers, distributing
25 garbage carts and sweeping the
In other discussion, council-
man Greene inquired about having
businesses utilize the citys garbage
service. Wise reported 10 two-yard
dumpsters have been ordered and
rates have been established. It was
also pointed out there have been re-
quests from people outside the city
limits to get garbage service. City at-
torney Richard Wilson advised that
in those cases the city should consid-
er charging different rates than city
limits customers pay.
A motion was made by Mathany,
seconded by Ricker, to approve the
treasurers report. Ayes: Greene,
Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker, Cannon.
Nays: None.
Amotion was made by Stutzman,
seconded by Ricker, to pay the fol-
lowing bills: Ayes: Greene, Mathany,
Stutzman, Ricker, Cannon. Nays:
SIRWA, installment payment,
US Bank, federal withholding/
FICAtax, $3,925.59.
Treasurer, State of Iowa, sales
tax, $3,081.00.
Aramark, rugs, $71.74.
Postmaster, postage, $348.15.
Ringgold County Supervisors,
jail payment, $5,598.89.
Richard Wilson, legal fees,
Alliant, street lights, $3,016.46.
Southwest Builder Supply, sup-
plies, $639.26.
Smith Oil, fuel, $470.99.
Farmers Coop, hose, $196.10.
Iowa One Call, dig notice, $6.30.
Hy-Vee, concession items,
Windstream, phone/Internet,
MES, wastewater analysis,
Steve Lowman, fertilize ball
elds, $530.00.
MFA, diesel fuel, $674.67.
WRD Landll, allocation,
US Bank, service fees, $173.11.
Barker Implement, belts, $69.79.
Waste Management, trash remov-
al, $57.43.
Matheson, gases, $50.40.
Hygienic Lab, testing, $130.00.
MACHS, deliver carts, $250.00.
Dollar General, pool concessions,
McNeill Tree Service, trimming,
Feld Fire, extinguishers,
Schildberg, rock, $580.92.
Red Oak Welding, cylinder rent,
Cannon Port-A-John, ve units/
Judge Lewis Park, $400.00.
Divine Waste, trash removal/
Judge Lewis Park, $1,182.00.
Ringgold County Engineer , cold
mix $23.19.
MSA, CDBG admin., $6,750.00.
NAPA, battery, $161.95.
ACCO, chemicals, $697.65.
Fastenal, supplies, $120.54.
UnitedHealthcare, group insur-
ance, $4,533.95.
Caseys, fuel, $793.27.
Lincolns Lawn Care, seeding-
sod/retaining wall, $8,451.00.
NCL, chlorine, $172.56.
Shopko, sprinklers/plant, $46.27.
Tri-State Ford, 2009 Ford F250,
Thad Streit, little league coach,
Mike Doubleday, little league
umpire, $120.00.
Daniel Showalter, little league
umpire, $420.00.
Jordyn Grose, little league coach,
Eric Ehlen, little league umpire,
Matt West, little league coach,
David Greene, little league coach,
Mark Gregg, little league coach,
Jake Glendenning, little league
umpire, $440.00.
Connor Giles, little league um-
pire, $400.00.
Ringgold County EMS, CPR
training, $220.00.
Malcolm Mercer, little league
umpire, $310.00.
Matt Henle, little league coach,
Lincoln Lutrick, little league um-
pire, $170.00.
Radonda Gregg, little league
coach, $250.00.
Beth Larsen, little league coach,
Bill Schaefer, little league coach,
Tyler Hoseld, little league
coach, $300.00.
Jill Ehlen, little league coach,
Cory Fleharty, little league coach,
Angela Reynolds, little league
coach, $250.00.
Pat McAlexander, little league
coach, $250.00.
Skip Rushing, little league coach,
Renae Still, little league coach,
Payroll, 7/05/2013, $6,357.25.
Payroll, 7/12/2013, $7,402.08.
Gross Claims, $89,150.60.
(By fund: General, $25,897.29; garbage, $577.64;
road use tax, $8,770.57; employee benet, $1,315.00;
aquatic center, $8,451.00; LOST, $5,598.89;
streetscape, $86.47; water, $11,697.61; water im-
provements, $6,750.00; sewer, $15,088.85; garbage,
General $51,923.30
Judge Lewis projects 3,820.45
Downtown renovation 1,243.34
Industrial building 1,667.00
Garbage 12,270.60
Road use tax 13,005.46
Employee benet 1,756.28
Aquatic center 65,000.00
Emergency 276.42
LOST 11,197.77
Urban Ext. TIF 627.99
FEMAstorm shelter 76,896.40
CDBG housing 3,000.00
Debt service 4,697.69
Water 40,850.33
Sewer 92,546.37
Total = $380,779.40
General $91,393.28
Judge Lewis projects 904.00
Hotel/motel-restricted 6,887.47
Hotel/motel-unrestricted 6,887.48
Garbage 48,550.45
Road use tax 8,480.90
Employee benet 6000.76
Aquatic Center 37,988.63
Emergency 10,234.11
LOST 45,598.89
FEMAstorm shelter 76,896.40
Debt service 155,296.25
Water 32,333.00
Sewer 187,534.74
Total = $714,986.36
At 6:30 p.m. a motion was made
by Mathany, seconded by Greene,
to go into Closed Session Pursuant
to Iowa Code Chapter 21.5 (1)(c) to
discuss strategy with counsel in mat-
ters that are presently in litigation
where its disclosure would be likely
to prejudice or disadvantage the po-
sition of the city in that litigation.
Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Math-
any, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes;
Cannon, Yes.
The council came out of closed
session at 6:58 p.m. and the follow-
ing action was taken:
A motion was made by Mathany,
seconded by Greene, to authorize
the mayors signature on the Con-
sent for Joint Representation docu-
ment, in regard to the lawsuit led by
Robert A. Strange, retaining Patrick
D. Smith of the law rm Bradshaw,
Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave, P.C.
Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Math-
any, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes;
Cannon, Yes.
A motion was made by Cannon,
seconded by Ricker, to adjourn.
City clerk
Mount Ayr Record-News
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