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Ryan Tan H4H Performance Task Problem !

Times have been tough these past few years, more and more companies are losing money due to various unforeseen reasons. Manufacturers could lessen the amount of product to make up for their losses. The big question lots of consumers are asking, “are manufacturers cheating us with the amount of product they declared in the objects they sell to earn more cash?” Hypothesis ! My hypothesis is that If the manufacturers lessened the amount of product in every pack of the product, then that manufacturers would be able to gain more profit without the people noticing. I believe that the declared amount is more than the actual content of the product. I. II. Materials 2 Different brands of Pork Luncheon meat (Spam - 340g and Malling - 340g), A scale (the scale I used measures in graduations of 5 grams.)

Procedure 1. Open and take out the excess liquid from the container of the Luncheon Meat. 2. Make sure scale is placed on a flat surface, so to assure accurate readings 3. Make sure the pointer is set on “ 0 ,” adjust if not 4. Put the Luncheon Meat on the scale. 5. Measure readings with accurate figures, (my scale’s graduation is 5g so my uncertainty value is ±2.5 rounded off to 3) 6. Clean the scale in case of residue for accurate measurements. 7. Repeat Data Table and Documentation Brand Amount of Product Declared (in grams)
340 g 340 g

Trial 1 (in grams)

Trial 2 (in grams)

Trial 3 (in grams)

Trial 4 (in grams)

Spam - Pork Luncheon Malling- Pork Luncheon

338 ± 3 g 350 ± 2.5 g

340 ± 3 g 348 ± 3 g

338 ± 3 g 350 ± 3 g

340 ± 3 g 350 ± 3 g

Illustration of Trial 1 of Brand Spam Illustration of Trial 1 of Brand Spam

Illustration of Trial 1 of Brand Malling

Illustration of Materials Needed

Analysis Based on the data I received from the experiment, the Spam Luncheon Meat was roughly you get what you paid for. However, the other Luncheon Meat gave more than the declared amount of product.

Conclusion I can conclude that both Spam and Malling meet the declared product that is advertised. However, Malling has more Pork Luncheon content compared to Spam.

Recommendation Based on my experiment, I would recommend using the Malling Luncheon Meat because it is what we call “bang for the buck” (you get your money’s worth) compared to Spam, luncheon meat. Due to the fact that you get more than what is advertised. You get more than what you pay for unlike if you buy Spam Luncheon Meat which is more or less the same as what is declared.