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1. Which of the following is true about Work Objects a. Does not have an permanent ID b. Instances are created for abstract classes c. Instances of concrete classes

2. Embedded pages cannot be defined inside an embedded page. a. True b. False 3. Declarative expressions and Constraints have circumstances a. True b. False 4. Tracer cannot trace flows invoked by an activity a. True b. False 5. What is the relationship between RiskFactor and Coverage ?

Many-to-One 6.Is defined in a. c. RDB-List c. Class Structure-> Primary Flow-> Data Structure>UI PlaceHolders-> Standard Report b. The recommended order of construction for iteration 1( or release 1) is as shown below. Data Structure ->Class Structure-> Primary Flow-> Data Structure->UI PlaceHolders-> Standard Report 9. Many-to-Many d. map value d.a. constraint c. Elaboration Conception Transition BVA 10. decision table b. ___________retrieves information from the database as an array of embedded pages a. declarative expression 8. Obj-Open b. Primary Flow ->Class Structure-> Data Structure->UI PlaceHolders-> Standard Report d. One-to-One b. Obj-List d. Which rules used for one input or two input or substituted matrix? a. a. Connect SQL 7. b. As. d. Which of these derived from Data-Party: . Class Structure-> Primary Flow-> Data Structure-> Standard Report ->UI PlaceHolders c. One-to-Many c.

d. Data-Party-Com Data-Party-Gov Data-Party-Operator Data-Party-Organization Data-Party-Person 11. What is the Connector type of ‘Reject’ ? a. b.a. Given the diagram of Activity Step. e. To show XML format of the page 12. To display the page content in the clipboard c. what is the consequence? (choose 2) a. c. For Debugging purpose b. The character ‘//’ is put in the Label column of Activity tab. If the character ‘//’ is taken out from the label column. which of the following is to be used . d. For short to medium sized lists that don’t change frequently. b. Else Status When Always 13. Given a flow like this. c.

d. andy@ d. b. andy@pege.a. The SmartShape below can be used on a. CheckAccount checkout a CheckAccount c. c. When an operator name andy@pega. What is the name of the private RuleSet. c. “testsubscript” is a property defined by the developer and “pxResults” is a standard property. Prompt list b. What might be the error that does not allow the activity to be saved? (Choose One) . andy@pega. Refer to the diagram below. a. b. Remote list c. Local list d. d. “myPage” is a page derived from Code-Pega-List. Field Value 15. What are the smart shapes that can be found in screen flow (Choose 3) a. it copy the rule into a private RuleSet. Integrator Assignment Connector Decision 17. current work object another work object embedded page all of the above 16.

When Rule can be accessed from : a. Section c. Class b. Flow d. The class of “myPage” is not derived under Pages & Classes tab. Activities can be called from … (choose 3) . c. Auto-Generate-HTML is available for a. Activity e. 18. Fragments b.a. CESMalaysia-NewDealAnalysis_Lai-NewDealCreation is not derived from @baseclass. Text files 20. The “testsubscript” property type is not same with the “pxResults” property type. Ruleset 19. Correspondence c. pxResults is a standard property b. d.

a. During rule resolution . Portal that displays work in graphical form … a. A rule called SimpleTask is defined in @baseclass . WorkManager d. Flow Actions d. MyWorkAccount and Work. Developer b. Activity 21. SysAdminDD c. Constraints e.. Flow b. which of the follwoing rule will be invoked ? . WorkUser 22. Model c.

During rule resolution .SimpleTask b.a. Work-. @baseclass. MyWork-Account. which of the path will never be executed ? .SimpleTask (why this answer?) c.SimpleTask 23.

2 c. 24. When the covered work object transaction is opened in perform harness. 4 e.a. It contains covered work objects of type Transaction. 3 d. which of the locking mechanism is applicable? a. Neither are locked c. Only transaction is locked . Only Display is locked d. 1 b. as rule resolution traverses every node. All paths .There Is a cover Object called Display. Both Display and Transaction are locked b.

Execute activity d. Create Page . Create an activity c. Create a new property b.What can be done from clipboard ? (choose 2) a.25.

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