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1. The following method is used to make Obj-Save method not be effective and hence not to be taken up by subsequent Commit method. Obj- SaveCancel 2. Generally routing activities are created in _____________________ Classes inherited from Work3. The clipboard page which contains information about your access roles, RuleSet list, and HTTP protocol parameters is the: Requestor Page 4. A flow can have none, one or many Flow End shapes. True 5. If your Assignment shape uses the standard rule “Worklist”, and your Router uses the standard rule “ToWorkbasket”, what happens? The flow will be suspended, and control will be transferred to the FlowProblems flow 6. Which method will instantiate a new page in the clipboard? Page-New 7. What is the class of the top level clipboard page created by the Obj-List method? Code-Pega-List 8. Which of the following is true about step pages.(choose 2) Steppages define the default pagecontext during the step execution. StepPage is not required on each step of an activity. 9. A best practice for proper clipboard management is to match every PageNew, Obj-Open,and Obj-List with a Page-Remove: True 10. According to PRPC best practices what is the maximum number of WOs that can be included under a Cover before we should consider to group the WOs under a Folder 20 11. Which is true about Model Chaining? Calls super class model if super class modeling enabled Use identical names for the model 12. Class group which is reusable? Framework Layer

13. 3 ques. on the uses of the standard Harnesses 14. 2 ques. on the functionalities of the PRPC slices 15. Project Implementation Phases….Inception/Elaboration/Construction/Transition.---about their functionality 16. 4 screen shot based ques. like the manner to trace a property in a clipboard, class hierarchy 17. 01-27-01, 01-27-02…..if u want to migrate only these…….What will you do? Add both seperately 18. What happens if we create a property using “Quick Create”? 19. Ques. on Decision rules and Declarative rules….. more of true/false type.

1. Embedded pages cannot be nested in other embedded pages – False 2. Flow Shapes…..where can u call a decision tree…… Decision Shape 3. Which of the following is true about abstract classes? (ends with a hyphen ) 4. The tool required for monitor browser compatability – Preflight 5. The tool used for make our design perfect – Preflight 6. Which of the following is true about Concrete Class (Belongs to a Class Group, Is a Class Group, dose not belongs to a class group) 7. A Question on Auto-Generate HTML Feature Should this feature always be enabled Should it never be enabled Should be disabled only when no other alternative is available 8. Declare Pages Can be shared across Requestors

.Cannot be shared Refreshed for certain conditions 9..Assignment shape resolve the work object.The following method is used to make Obj-Save method not be effective and hence not to be taken up by subsequent Commit method Obj. 20.if VOE is checked it will be displayed in work party section (Visible on Entry) – screen shot 13.Which of the following shapes are used as an alternative for Cover Processing ..SLA. (True) 17.Integrator shape can call only the activity type of Connect 11.The object created by Application Profile can be saved and accessed later (True/False) 16. for work parties….Split Join.Save-Cancel .used to get an array of embedded pages on the clipboard.Node Declare Pages…. Obj-Browse….VOE related Questions ….Choose the statements that are correct for the tracer tool (any three) a. Circumstance ( Should a base rule exist for a circumstance qualified rule) 10. When the activity fails in red color. b.Goal. Activity steps are shown. Work Party Roles and Access Group Roles are of same Class ? False 22. Split For Each 14.Only a few in a work group can access the node requestor pages(False) 18.Both Application Profile Wizard and Enterprise Application Accelerator can be used to create a work object. 15. c.What is the class of the top level clipboard page created by the Obj-List method? Code-Pega-List 21. DeadLine 19. When click on the step activity is open. 12. Late.

when an application is created by default harness and section is created – False --.PropertyName INPUT} 27. conditions for which declare page is refreshed….PropertyName INPUT> c) [. Step pages are removed when the activity ended c. StepPage is not required on each step of an activity 26.PropertyName INPUT] d) {. Steppages define the default pagecontext during the step execution. to access a particular page list 38. A ___ __________ rule when added to the access group becomes the work pool Ans: class group 28. 24..Where do we find a Non-numeric subscript? Page group Where can we specify new work object harness? FlowRule. which of the following is the correct syntax for a property reference directive that would allow the user to assign the property value? a) (. class inheritance diagram 36. Where . b.(choose 2) a. direct parent – class structure diagram 37.harness is created. Steppage class is always equal to AppliesTo Key. a.PropertyName INPUT) b) <.23.PropertyName is the name of a property. when condition … . Rule management 32.Which of the following is true about step pages. Properties that have prefix px can only be set only with following method Property-Set-Special 29. cover object and work object locking mechanism 34. screen shot with step page and the pages and classes tab 35. ticket 31. decision shape 30. clipboard screen shot. section developer has to create 39. rule resolution 33.

auto generate HTML 42. A property Account Status is called in an activity belonging to some other class. we have to select a. Show-step-page e.F 45. Which of the following method is used for viewing any step page's info in XML format (especially for the purpose of debugging) a. AccountStatus . Show-page d. page is removed … 40. sma is used to monitor clipboard only – false 41. WSDL – 46. page list and value list 48.When this step is called by Activity. a. 03-02 b. When rule is migrated availability types are – Final/Locked 53.b. availability types of rules 51.A page Count belonging to that class is called in Pages and Classes tab which is also specified in StepPage. In clipboard the steppage with pages classes class that page is visible 50. declare pages--44. ruleset version is given --54. screen shot of an activity with pages and classes tab. decision tree 43.how do you call the AccountStatus. properties of flow rule 47. skimming 1. Show-Html c. 03-02-01&03-02-01 52. screen flow types 49. wsdl is created before the connector and metadata accelaretor--. when rule 03-02-01 and 03-02-02 is migrated . Show-Property 2. Show-XML b.

text boxes etc….The primary key of a work object derives from which class(@baseclass) 6.71-90 Grade B.51-70 Grade C.false 11.A screenshot was given and asked toidentify the diagram .(harness) 8. Count.Map value 10.Iterative approach 4.Select the Pega guardrails(choose 3) a.One question about the class Inheritance Diagram.(class Inheritance Diagram) 5.buttons.AccountStatus 3.true b. Primary.Declare Pages can be shared across the requestors a.Intent-Driven process b..AccountStatus c.(A page list property of class Code-pega-List) 7.Which of these contains sections.Decision tree b.false . Examination questions if answered 91-100 Grade A.true b.build for change c. .When d.One visio screenshot was given and asked to identify a particular shape(it was subflow in my exam) 9.AccountStatus d. StepPage.Decision Table c. What are the possible rules which can be used to achieve this(Choose Three) a.In the List-to-List the source page is …….b.It is a best practice to lock the rulesets in the production environment(not sure) a.AccountStatus e..

AttachAURL c.AttachANote b. Utility shape is placed on flow and in properties box on left side you should specify the rule.Correspondence b.One Screenshot was given (exactly similar to the below screenshot) and asked to identify what it is –(List-to-List) 14.All classes except @baseclass must have Directed Inheritance(true/false) 15. 17.12.Question about Data Table 16. How the smartprompt filter knows which activity type it is Specify in the Security tab.Activity .A when rule can be referenced from a.Attach ScreenShot 13.Flow Action c. Identify standard local actions(choose 3) a.

What is the Rule-HTML-Property that the property needs to refer? a) b) c) d) Date Date-Icon Date-Calendar Date-Time.com. When that property is shown to the user in perform harness. Which shapes can be used as alternative to cover processing(Split-join and Split ForEach) 25. What are the possible fields we can give in an assignment properties (SLA and Local Action) 20.For design time issues we should start with which tool(Preflight) 22..Calendar 27) An operator enters through KChapman@myco.Which harness is used to Take Actions(Perform harness) 21. Which of the rules those are in following versions accessible? (Choose 3) a) 10-27-1 to 10-27-99 b) 10-27-1 to 10-99-99 c) 10-27-99 d) 10-26-1 26. is checked out by the user.(true/false) 25. The rule is placed in which RuleSet? .18. customer says he/she wants to have icon alongside that property.Pega has provided some predefined harnesses and sections(true/false) 19. A rule LeaveAct belongs to leave ruleset.System Management Application shows only the clipboard details of the user who has currently logged in. What is shown in the Application Explorer(Class groups) 23.StartDate property is a single value date property. User profile rule set list shows 10-27 Rule set version of a particular rule set.

Neither A nor B is locked e. Calling a Function e. A is only locked d. Property reference in value field b. The value specified in Otherwise step will be returned 31.For which purpose precondition and transition are used?? . What would be the result when in a decision table’s all rows evaluated to false a. Both A and B is locked b.a) Leave b) KChapman@myco. Using Property-Set method d. Literal Value c. When a cover object has two covered work object as A. Boolean Expression 29. System will display error massage d. then when the A is open for transaction what the locking mechanism is a. Null value will be returned b. B is only locked c.com c) LeaveAct d) MyCo 28. A and cover is locked 30. and B. How to initialize a property in a model rule? (Choose 3) a. Systems will redirect to one more cycle c.

If there is only one connector emanating from the assignment then its likelihood value must be 100 35. Connect d. Route b. the likelihood value will represent a.What are the options available while creating a class (choose 3) .If integrator shape is used within a flow. Utility c.What is WSDL?? 38. Assign e.It should be in between 1 and 100 b.Object in the memory is called as a) Item b) Object c) Instance d) Page 36. what type of activity will it refer? a. Embedded pages can be incorporated into a nested embedded pages(true/false) 33.Stages in Project Implementation Methodology(choose 2) a)Development b)Inception c)Elaboration-Construction d)Testing 37.32. Locate 34.When adding a connector to the Assignment.

Whether a section contains a harness or a harness contains sections?? 1.a)is a class group b)belongs to a class group c)does not belong to a class group 39.One question about the temporary work object 42. This user can access the following RuleSets (select all that apply): a) MyCoLoan:04-04-12 b) MyCoLoan:04-03-01 c) MyCoLoan:04-05-01 d) MyCoLoan:0443.Can we have a cover inside a cover?? 44.Local Flow Action can be executed in the modal window(true /false) 47. A user profile specifies RuleSet MyCoLoan:04-04.Whether the end-user can modify his portal or not?? 41.Can we use Application Accelerator without running Application profiler wizard first(true/false) 40.In case of UI exceptions which log files we need to check a)System Log b)Alert Log c)Alert-System Log 46.a question related to case management .What type of relationship is there between cover and covered work object?? 45.object in memory ans:page 2.

Access Group e. Word Document Ans:Application 6. Preflight d.The Smart Shape is used to skip certain steps of a flow without affecting the flow is: Ticket.when login with work user.Integrator activity type Ans: Connect 8. Division c. Document b. 9. Unit d.What can we add in model ? Ans: reference property call function Boolean expression literal value 7. Application c. a.To show the XML format of a step in order to debug which method is used: a) b) c) d) Show-HTML Show-Page Show-Harness Rule-Obj-HTML 4. (true or false) Ans: False . Organization b. 5. Operator creation Ans: c. e 10. name where one can create a Microsoft Document in which u can find all the Rule Sets. what he can do using clipboard Ans: he doesn’t have access to clipboard.In New PRPC.Which of the following is not the place where u can add rule sets as an access control mechanism a.Declarative rules need to be invoked either from an activity or from flow.3.

b.which of the following is connected with SLA Ans:Goal time Deadline time 14. how do you call the Account Status. All classes except @baseclass must have direct inheritance. c.An embedded page can contain nested embedded pages True 1.11. A page Count belonging to that class is called in Pages and Classes tab which is also specified in Step Page. When this Step is called by Activity. Select the applicable Guardrails? (Choose three) a. a)True b)False 3.some flow shapes are given asked to identify utility 13.what are the shapes in screen flow Ans: screen Assignment Decision 16.a question related to circumstance variance 15. . Writing Java Routines iterative approach Intent driven process Build for change not easy flows to understand 2. A property Account Status is called in an Activity belonging to some other class.a question related to where-am-I 12. e. d.

AccountStatus b. harness b. .accountstatus d. Property . AccountStatus 4. Primary. AccountStatus c. section c.StepPage. Correspondence Types a) Email b)Fax c) Letter d) PhoneText (SMS e)pager 7. By using Rules inspector which of the following rules will be traced a. Constraints d. What is the status when a new work object is created? New Resolved Resolved complete 5. . Object in a memory a)Page b)instance c)class 6.a.

Connector 4. A Decision Table was given and asked if A=600 and B=6000 then what would be output? A >250 0 >900 >500 <300 0 <100 0 B Otherwise: Reject Ans Reject 9. What are the shapes in screen flow? 1.What is true about data instances and rule instances? 1. they can be moved to other systems .Decision 3.Integrator 2. Flow rules 8.Screen 10.e.Split-join 5.

e. Only rule instances are versioned 4.11. Use the following diagram to answer the question What shape is “Test1”? a.2. Spin Off Split Join Sub flow Flow start 12. When Condition can be used in a.rule belongs to rulest and where data do not . c. c. d. b. rule instances and data instances are versioned 3. b. d. Activity Property Correspondence Flow action Harness .

work pools b. the following shapes are used for cover processing (choose two) split for each spin-off Assignment Ticket 15. pagelist directly or indirectly inherits from which class?? d. True False 14. They are small and granular. Atomic UseCases: Select 2 a. c. assign17. b.13. Can be shared by multiple actors. which of a. b. Relationship between cover and covered object (choose two) . For the web service WSDL is generated prior to the service. datae. To declare expressions to work the "Enable Expression Calculation?" is checked in which of the following rules. 18. Application profile and application accelerator are real PRPC objets? True False 19. Ans Harness 20. embedf. d. work groups 16. access group contains a. access roles c.

When integrated with an external system and the PRPC as the server which rule is to be created. 70-90 Grade B.Examination questions if answered 90-100 Grade A. 50 -70 Grade C.To show the XML format of a step in order to debug which method is used: a) b) c) Show-HTML Show-Page Show-Harness . What are the possible rules which can be used to achieve this? (Choose Three) a) b) c) d) Decision Table Map value When Declarative Expression 2. Performance is checked using which of the following tools(Choose 3) a)PAL b)DBTrace c)Preflight 1... Ans Service 22. What are the phases included in PRPC.One->one One->Many 21.?(Choose 2) a)Devlopment phase b)Inception c)Cunstruction-Elaboration 23.

what can we place in a model (choose 4) b. need not have pattern inheritance. e. Questions related to the conditions of Model Chaining? (Choose two) a. f. Data-Party-Person b. List at least 3 PRPC predefined data classes that serve the purpose of work parties a. Property reference Literal Function Boolean expression Activity call 5. d.d) Rule-Obj-HTML 3. Must have direct inheritance. 6. c. Data-party-Com . Data-Party-Operator d.What is true about concrete classes: (choose 2) a. d. Data-Party-Org c. Must have patterns & direct inheritance c. Models should be having the identical name b. Can create instances of concrete classes b. Need not have either pattern or direct inheritance 4. Call Super Class Model button be checked in all the models.

Integrator Ans : c 9. You have to grade the marks according to the following rule marks>75 Return Grade A marks>65 and <75 Return Grade b marks<65 Return Grade C. Integrator Reviewer. Reviewer.b. Which of the following rule you should use?(select three) (a) Map Value (b) Decision tree (c) Decision Table (d) when condition Ans a.c . Integrator Customer. which of the following fields will be displayed on the User Interface screen Customer Customer. If the WorkParty rule contains options as shown below. A Decision Table was given and asked if A=600 and B=6000 then what would be output? A >25 00 >90 0 >50 0 B <30 00 <10 00 Otherwise: Reject Ans : Reject 8.7.

Adopt an iterative project approach 2. Shape 1 (Decision) b. Create easy-to-read flows 8. Shape 4 (SplitForEach) 13. Shape 3(SplitJoin) d. not procedurally 10. Do nothing that is hard 4. Design intent-driven processes 7. shown) (Four smart shape figures were 12. In order to execute a subflow on the current work object and immediately continue with the current flow without waiting for the sub-flow to return.Question on Gaurdrails . 4. In the below screen how will you refer to the property inside this embedded page pyPortal??? (similar Question) . Monitor performance regularly (Use PAL) 9. too 11. Shape 2(Spin-Off) c. The Smart Shape is used to skip certain steps of a flow without affecting the flow is: a) Ticket. Build for change™ 6. Establish a robust foundation 3. Calculate and edit declaratively. 1. which shape should you use? a. Limit custom JAVA 5.10.Keep security object-oriented.

pyGadget.pyPropertyName(see the diagram carefully) 14.pyGadget(WorkList). Obj-Open RDB-List Obj-Browse Connect SQL 15.Ans: Pyportal.Given a flow like this. d. c. (similar Question) . b.PyParams(1). ___________retrieves information from the database as an array of embedded pages a.

Model c. Flow b.What is the Connector type of ‘Reject’ ? A) B) C) D) Else Status When Always 16.Only Display is locked d. Activities can be called from … (choose 3) a. which of the locking mechanism is applicable? a. Constraints e. It contains covered work objects of type Transaction.Only transaction is locked .Neither are locked c. When the covered work object transaction is opened in perform harness. Flow Actions d.Both Display and Transaction are locked b. There Is a cover Object called Display. Activity 17.

accountstatus d.Harness E.StepPage. A property Account Status is called in an Activity belonging to some other class. a. how do you call the Account Status. Question on what the below table type is Ans: list to list 20. .Sections D. When this Step is called by Activity. Primary. .Properties B. AccountStatus . What all can be seen using Rules Inspector? (choose 3) A. A page Count belonging to that class is called in Pages and Classes tab which is also specified in Step Page. AccountStatus c.Class 19.AccountStatus b.18.Constraints C.

spin-off g. h. embedi. Ans Harness . Pagelist directly or indirectly inherits from which class? g. Spin Off Split Join Sub flow Flow start 22. assign24. Use the following diagram to answer the question What shape is “Test1”? e. split for each f. Which of the following shapes are used for cover processing (choose two) e. To declare expressions to work the "Enable Expression Calculation?" is checked in which of the following rules. g.21. f. Ticket 23. datah. Assignment h.

Which of the following shapes is used to implement Rule-DeclareDecisionTable in a flow. (Shape 1) (Shape 2) (Shape 3) (Shape 4) a) b) c) d) e) Shape 1 Shape 2 Shape 3 Shape 4 Both a and b .25.

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