Chris s POV The affections are like lightning: you cannot tell where they will strike till they have fallen.

he is the only person that made me freeze in wonder. She is so beautiful, literally the most beautiful creature on Earth. She was obviously the new family member, Jess. I bet that Alice and Rose had dressed her up in that pink dress. I don t deny that she looks pretty; it s just that I suddenly feel so attracted to her. She, to my pleasure, was staring back at me with the same expression that was pasted onto my face. Then I remembered Edward. He is, with no doubt, is reading my mind right now. I blinked a few times and introduced myself. Hello, you must be Jess. I m Chris. I smiled. She placed a tiny smile upon her face. Yes, welcome Chris! Come in. My name is Chris and I was found by Carlisle when I was dying on the streets by a car accident. My gift is that I can feel if someone is lying or not. I came into the living room and Jess closed the door. Carlisle. I breathed. Chris! How wonderful to see you again. He greeted me. Hey Chris. said Bella. It is very nice to see you again. Emmett asked, Did you figure out who you are? Um, yea. My real name is Christopher Alexander. I guess the license just disappeared during the accident. But for now on my name is Chris Cullen. Uncle Chris! Finally you re here! Nessie just came into the room. Her eyes are shining with delight.

I smiled at everyone when they greeted me and shared their stories from the point when I started to go away and find my identity. But my mind kept wandering to my new sister. When I looked around, I could not spot her. I met Edward s gaze. He seemed to understand and tried to place the other s attention off me. Guys? I ll show Chris to his room and let him unpack. Oh, of course. said Esme. I threw a smile at them all again and followed Edward upstairs. He started to name each room that we passed by. I paid special attention to Jess s room. Her room is right next to mine. When we are in my room, Edward said, So, I ll just let you unpack. He winked at me and swiftly ran out. I turned around and examined my room. One side had a glass wall, facing the river. And far away from the house I saw a figure dangling her feet into the water. Jess. I went through the glass door and jumped toward the river. I landed on my feet lightly and ran at full speed. Wow! She was actually so far away from the house that I couldn t even hear the others talking. I m sure that they can t hear us either. Jess? Oh, hey. I didn t hear you coming. I sat down next to her. I looked at her face, staring into her butterscotch eyes. I smiled at her. She looked down. You know, something happened to me at the first time I saw you. I confessed. What? She whispered. Her voice is so smooth, so musical. She looked into my face. I felt that I found love for the first time. I didn t know what came over me, but I leaned in and kissed her. What s amazing is that she kissed me back. When we pulled away from each other, she said,

I feel the same way you feel. You do? I asked, hiding the delight in my voice. I can feel that she is telling the truth, but I want her to tell me herself. Yes. She whispered and she smiled. Her smile is so breathtaking. My heart seemed to come back to life. So, do you have a gift? She asked. Um, yea. I could tell if someone is lying or not. Interesting. She flashed another smile. Do you have a gift? I repeated her question. Yea. I can control the element of water. Oh. What can you do? I asked out of curiosity. This. She answered simply. Then all of a sudden, water came out of the river, grass, and a few of the trees. The water circled around us, glowing various colors in the sunlight. The water went around and around us, until the water was like threads. She smiled again and I smiled back. I must be thinking along the lines she was. It s so romantic. Then, the water stopped moving. Jess smiled slyly. One thread of water came forward to us. Touch it. She challenged me. I did, and the water was really ice. What a wonderful gift! The ice now was snaking through the other threads of ice. Watch this. The ice is turning back into water. Instantly, my arms flew up to protect my head, but the water never came down. I looked up to see Jess grinning and I saw that while the water was falling,

Jess turned it back to ice. It looks like the ice was made out of glass. It created a wall between the outside world, and Jess and I.

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