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Teaching Professionals to Outclass the Competition

Cynthia Lett
Certified Protocol Professional Certified Etiquette Professional

You have five seconds
to make a first impression that will cement or break a business deal with an executive from halfway around the world.
The Lett Group will give you the cultural competence to communicate clearly and to close the deal with confidence. We’ll help you shine with the social polish you’ll need to establish a long-standing business relationship. From experts in business etiquette and international protocol, you’ll learn the secrets of power and poise that will help you outclass the competition in today’s global business

“The polish and confidence we gained from your seminars led to a professional awareness which increased our business. The course paid for itself many times over.” Kenneth Benjamin, CEO The Benjamin Group “I found Cynthia to be an extraordinary source of information: she seems to know absolutely everything about etiquette and its historical foundations.” Sue Thompson, Resident Expert Exceptionality LLC

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Top 10 Questions for Interviews with Cynthia Lett
1. Listeners are curious as to why organizations and individuals don’t know proper etiquette and protocol? 2. Please list some of the most common mistakes people make at social settings. For example, if people are attending a convention or annual association event. 3. What is your primary target market as it pertains to etiquette and protocol? 4. Can you name five faux-pas people make with their cell phones? 5. What are the major issues that people have when dining with others in a restaurant? 6. Can you give some examples of irritating behaviors people demonstrate while in a restaurant from a server’s point of view? 7. We talk on the phone all day and often we have to use voice mail to take our calls. Do you have any advice about how to leave a proper voice mail message? 8. Tell me about why you chose to write an etiquette book from the viewpoint of irritating habits rather than a dos and don’ts like other ‘etiquette experts’ have. 9. We can’t live without email these days. Are there key points you would like to share about using email to the best advantage? 10. When you are networking, how do you handle giving out your business card?

“The information you shared helped us feel comfortable to negotiate the deal with confidence.” David Field, Sales Director Boeing Aerospace “Our executives are singing your praises…. Our customer programs will be more successful now that they feel comfortable with how to work a room and handle themselves at social functions.” Cindy Chalk ANR Pipeline Co.


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