The Queen of Dreams

Quintessential Guide

Living the Life of Your Dreams
Microwave Version By Tina Ferguson
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You know those posters that say, ‘This day is the first day of the rest of your life.’ Well, that is true for every day except for one. The day you die.
--The character, Lester, in American Beauty

Begin With the End In Mind

Chapter 1

Oh my, why on Earth would we choose to begin here? Egads – isn‟t there enough turmoil in the world without bringing it into your royal dreams! I always say that a life well lived never will fear death. It is only those who believe they need extra time that will leave this planet with regrets!

Brush away those sad little thoughts, and begin now to design the Life of Your Dreams! If I only had 30 days left to live…

The people I would spend my time with are: ________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

I would: _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ The things I would want people to remember most about me are _________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ I would be completely disappointed that I didn‟t _____________________________ _________________________________________________________________

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Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who Am I Today, Who Am I Really?

Chapter 2

Within every person is a light that shines so bright it would blind you. The Queen knows that no matter how dark your life is and no matter how far you‟ve traveled away from who you are, there‟s always a shimmering ribbon connecting you to your soul – that part of you that never forgets who you truly are! Go back to a time in your life when you felt like everything in the world was right and that you felt the most successful, the happiest and most content. This is the time you will pull from to list who you really are. Describe yourself.

I’ve Been Acting Like…

But Who I Really Am Is…

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It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.
-- Eddie Cantor

What Have I Been Doing With My Life?

Chapter 3

I know you know what you want. Trust the Queen on this. Every single step you‟ve made has been taking you down the yellow brick road to your land of Oz. It‟s true! So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and breathe in a big, deep sigh of relief that you haven‟t been wasting time at all! You‟ve been building a patchwork life. Now it‟s time to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Don‟t worry if this doesn‟t make sense – the Queen intentionally guides you in a way that keeps the naysayers away!

I love to…

I’m really great at…

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Life’s better when it’s fun. Boy, that’s deep, isn’t it?
-- Kevin Costner

What Is Most Important to Me?

Chapter 4

It‟s my life and I‟ll cry if I want to! Yes, it‟s your life and you can do anything you like – crying included. However, here‟s an idea…what if you focused on only people you love and doing those things that were most important to you? In my world, I keep myself glued to those things I treasure most. Spending time lamenting about things I don‟t like and I‟m not enjoying is like watering weeds instead of smelling the beautiful flowers around me. Let‟s get to making your list of flowers!

Most Important People In My World – Known, Unknown, Living, Dead, Otherwise

Most Important Activities That Make My Life Worth Living

Life Would Be Incomplete Without These Amazing Experiences

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People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.
-- Norman Vincent Peale

I Dream Of…

Chapter 5

Do you see that? You have the first Secret of Success! Yes, it does begin with you! You are the only one standing between what you dream about and what you live. Isn‟t that royally exciting! So, let‟s now put your dreams down on paper. This is a day in the life you dream of! Include a snapshot of where you live, who lives with you, what you are doing, what is happening, and anything else that makes this moment in time real to you! I wake up…

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Keep going! You are doing great!

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Abundance is being rich, with or without money.
-- Suze Orman

Why I Dream of What I Do

Chapter 6

Dreams are what dreams are made of. What?! Yes, it‟s true. Dreams are beautiful little imaginings that we think about and unless we do something about them they will stay for infinity in DREAMLAND. The first step to pulling those dreams out of your imagination is to write them down. That‟s what we did in the last chapter. The second step is to understand why you‟ve chosen this particular dream. Why? Well, quite simply because many of your royal court have learned along the way that sometimes – but not always – their dreams are someone else’s dreams. Can you imagine doing all of the work to make your dream happen just to learn that it‟s not even your dream? Now, that would be a royal pain in the crown! Right now, take a minute and think about why you want your dream to come true – what does it mean to you, to the important people in your life, to the world… I want to create my dream because…

2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

If you can walk, you can dance.
-- Zimbabwe Saying

My Dreams Matter

Chapter 7

As the Queen of Dreams, I‟m here to serve as a small reminder that your dreams DO matter. They matter to you, of course, but did you know they matter to the world? They matter to those people around you. They even matter to those people you don‟t even know you will touch as a result of you following and pursuing your dreams! Wow, could you ever imagine that many people are waiting for you to make your dreams come true? Amazing! Now we are going to make a Dream Statement. This is a little different than the chapter where you outlined your dream. This is where you make the decision to make your dreams come true! How fun this is. I am tipping my crown to you right now. I, _______________________ (name), do hereby commit to making my dreams come true. I do this for myself, for those I love in my life, for those in my world around me, and most importantly so I can honor the life I have been given. I realize that my dreams are unique to me because I am the one and only me. This means that I am the only one that can make my dreams come true. I step forward knowing that I am not alone as I am fully supported by my Creator, by my spiritual staff, and all of the earth angels who reside on this planet with me. I know that when I need help, it will come in the most miraculous ways. I am energized by the thought of my Dream Quest, and can‟t wait to take the first step. I have fully made the decision to move forward. Never again will I let myself off the hook when it comes to making my dreams come true. My dreams do matter – to me and to my world. Signed: _______________________________________ Date: _______________________________________ 9
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One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.
-- Sophocles

Love Myself, Love My World

Chapter 8

Before we get to the last step of making your dreams come true, let‟s be honest, shall we? What have you been sliding on in your life? What areas have you allowed yourself to slip in your standards? In what areas have you been acting more like the step sisters than like Cinderella? We all do it, and letting our standards slip isn‟t a betrayal of others, it‟s a betrayal of ourselves. Grab a cup o‟ tea and settle in because it is important that we get down to the nitty gritty and unlock your crown jewels from the prison they‟ve been living in!

I always keep my promises to myself and others. I do what I say I will do. I listen to my gut instinct. I uplift others and celebrate them. I take time for myself. I know what makes me feel good. I know what I love to do. I give to myself and other freely. I receive from others. I love my body and it shows. I love myself and it shows. I celebrate life and it shows. I see the good first.




2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

I feed myself healthy food. I move my body so it feels good. I try new things I’m afraid of every once in a while. I stay in this moment, seeing the beauty available. I take time to acknowledge what I’ve accomplished. I realize how rich I already am. I am comfortable being who I am. I believe I make my life what it is. I know my dreams matter. I know I am capable of making my life what I know it can be. The standards I’ve relaxed are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I know I can begin living in alignment with my standards. I am committed to living my dream. I have decided I will live my dream. I am now moving toward my dream. I know that today I am closer to my dream than yesterday. Tomorrow I will be closer than I am today. Dreams take time and energy, and they always give back more than they take. Life is beautiful. I am beautiful. I am worthy of my dreams. I have a rich life.




2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

Don’t wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater.
-- Mary Manin Morrissey

Step-by-Step I’m Getting Closer and Closer

Chapter 9

The Queen has worked with many, many people who reside in Dreamland. The quality that most of them have in common is that they are all dream and no action! Egads! If I have said it once, I‟ve said it a thousand times, “To win the lottery, you still must raise your royal caboose, go to the store, and buy a ticket!” Action is the only thing that can move your dreams from Dreamland into the Land of Reality. And, by the way, it is also the only thing that can transmute fear, despair, and lack of hope. Oh, and here‟s the second Secret of Success – any action can get you moving toward right action. What does this mean? Simply put, it means that if you aren‟t sure what to do, just taking some action will get you moving toward the actions that will ultimately lead to Living the Life of Your Dreams! If you don‟t know – that‟s step one!

Right now, think about your dream. What is it going to take to make it happen? What things come to mind that you need to do? What can you do right now?

Steps To Making My Dream Come True

Can I do this? Who can?

2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

Don’t wait for your ship to come; Swim out to it.
-- Anonymous

I’m the Queen (or King) of My Dreams

Chapter 10

There‟s a Chinese proverb that says “The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” As the Queen of Dreams, I‟ve had the privilege to walk with many people along their yellow brick road. Sometimes it doesn‟t seem like anything is happening. Sometimes progress is beyond your sight. Sometimes the energy you are putting out is building momentum with others who will carry you farther along your way. You just never know how the Creator and your support staff will move you quickly along your path. This is why I say, “Pick an initial destination. Emblazon it in your imagination. And walk the path, open to the signs and the messages constantly coming to you.”

Now, if you imagine walking along your yellow brick road you will notice a point up ahead where your dreams come into reality. Right now, you can see this point in your imagination, but it is not here. Soon it will be, if you keep walking. The speed at which these come to you depends on how you walk. The Queen knows that one of the things that will impede your progress faster than anything else is daily reality checks. You know your dream is up ahead, you‟ve already described it in great detail. Now is the time to walk toward the yellow brick road KNOWING that dream is as good as yours. This is present focus. If you spend too much time dreaming about your dream (future focus), it is like trying to walk a path while constantly looking way off into the distance. For some that might work, but not many. For those of you who are addicted to looking at what is and what has been (past focus), this is 13
2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

like walking while constantly looking at the step you just made! Trust and faith mean you walk knowing you are where you need to be.

If we walked a path with the strategies that many of us use to make our dreams come true, we wouldn‟t get very far! We would be constantly assessing our last step (past focus) – Did I take that step right? Was that the right step? Could I have done that step better? What did others think of that step? What does this step mean to me? That step didn‟t do anything, maybe it wasn‟t the right step? Or maybe we would be thinking of our next step (future focus) – Should I take a big step or a small step to get over there? How long is it going to take me to get there? It looks like it is a long way off; I‟ll never get there! What if I can‟t make it? What if when I get there it really isn‟t as great as I thought it would be? And on and on it goes… The Queen‟s best advice for your Dream Quest is: 1. Know where you are headed – keep a vivid picture in your mind so you will know when you have arrived! 2. Create a map that works for you – some people are detailed, some aren‟t; some need a computer, some people need pen and paper, some people need to know several steps at once, some are fine with taking a step and waiting for the next one – choose the type of map that works best for you. 3. Be who you are – there‟s only one you! Lucky for us! Be who you are, live in alignment with your standards, your values and you will travel swiftly toward the Life of Your Dreams. 4. Focus on what’s most important – Water the flowers, not the weeds! Step-bystep, in this moment, you are moving toward your dreams. Spend time in this step, in the now, and avoid looking to the past or the future for your next steps. 5. Trust yourself, the Creator, and your spiritual support staff – trust your gut instinct, trust your guidance, and trust what feels right to you. This is where you are lifted and supported toward your destination in the most miraculous ways! 6. Have fun and be in-joy along the way – the yellow brick road is paved with gold – there are nuggets everywhere – enjoy the journey! 14
2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

-- Anonymous (just who is this anonymous fellow, anyway?)

About the Queen of Dreams

Chapter 11

When I started my marketing business eight years ago, I couldn‟t have dreamt of the kind of success I would experience. You see, I LOVE people and helping people, but I am NOT an expert networker and I HATE to sell. What a combination, right?

Well, after eight years I have made well over a million dollars in offline revenue and have worked with some of the largest companies in the world. So, how did a person who was making just $15,000 a year just 13 years ago get here?

Quite frankly, by sitting in my house and attracting in what I wanted. I literally, year after year, sat in my home office helping people here and there, and attracted in thousands and thousands of dollars. I didn‟t really think much about it. Hard to believe, I‟m sure, but I didn‟t. I was so grateful for all that came my way, I didn‟t stop to think about the “how” and “why,” until I came across some clients who were not having the same experience.

These individuals were some of my favorite people in the world. I love these people! I just wanted them to be successful – and I felt responsible for our (lack of) results. Over the years, I couldn‟t understand what was going on. These people referred me so much business that their referrals alone could qualify for at least 25 percent of my company‟s total revenue. 15
2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

I was stumped.

Why were these people who were AWESOME people not making the money THEY wanted to make? They were generous, they were kind – they were great! We tried everything – sales letters that were similar to those that worked well for others, telemarketing, and events. We tried everything under the sun that we could dream. But it was no use. NOTHING worked. I felt horrible. I sent other great people to them, and nothing seemed to stick. What was going on?

I became OBSESSED about figuring out how to help these people!

Then, one day, it finally came to me. It was so simple that at first I resisted the idea. Surely, this isn‟t true, I argued in my head. This can’t be true. But, soon, we found out it was true. You see, these people, in some instances, weren‟t willing to receive – what they were asking for. They said they wanted success in a certain business area, but their heart wasn‟t into receiving it. They did all the work to achieve the success they said they desired, but somehow, somewhere deep inside they weren‟t willing to accept it. They kept telling themselves and me that they wanted it, but nothing worked! That‟s when I recognized a pattern between those that „have‟ and those who „don‟t.‟ It was the focus of who they believed was creating their wealth. The power – a universal force – that can take us swiftly toward our desires or, in their cases, far away was always ready and willing to serve them. It was waiting to give them all they asked for and more. But, these people believe they had to create everything themselves. They felt it was all on them to get it done, to make things happen, to create results!

Does any of this sound familiar? 16
2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

I had been using this power quite naturally for many years. I just didn‟t realize what I was doing – or how I was doing it. As I made a study of what was working for me (and others) and what wasn’t working for them, I could see what was going on very clearly. They were literally “blind” to what was going on in their minds. They truly believed that they were accepting the rich gifts that were coming to them virtually on a daily basis. They believed it when they said they wanted to create empires, and yet nothing happened until they admitted what they really wanted to create. Once that happened, these people went on to find what they really wanted and their businesses – and lives – took off like a jet!

The critical difference came in focusing on creating a life versus creating money. For years we were focused on creating money in various ways. And for years, the stream of money eluded them. And, an interesting thing happened to me… in my quest to see what they were not seeing, in my focusing on what they didn‟t want, I got a LOT of what I didn‟t want! I experienced, for the first time ever, a financial blow that brought me to a true place of understanding what people are experiencing today. You see, I would meet with people and say, “Well, all you need to do is ask for what you want, and then focus on that and only that.” To me, it was all so easy. I had faith that I would always be provided for and that God was looking out for me (I have had some interesting experiences, so this is how I truly felt). It had become easy for me in practice, and I developed a habit of expecting all to be well. But, to those I was teaching, it was not easy at all! Honestly, sometimes I got frustrated. I didn‟t understand why people were so attached to their fears. Why they were so willing to entertain what they “didn‟t want?” Then, as life often does, I was given the gift of understanding. 17
2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

This is my true story.

I decided that I wanted to help a LOT of people in their businesses. So, naturally, a good way to get in touch with a LOT of people would be to have a seminar. I contacted a friend and we set up this amazing seminar. It was so easy. We literally put the entire thing together in two weeks. I want to mention that many people say I have a “charmed” life, but I also want you to know it has not always been this way! But, from the outside, I can see why people say that.  Still putting this together in such a short time frame was quite a feat.

We wanted to pamper people and bring them to a luxurious place where they could really dive deep into themselves and discover what would be significant about their contribution to the world. We chose one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Everything was set. We had many friends who promised to help us co-market, we had companies who said they wanted to attend, everything was moving smoothly. We even had money miraculously appear just when we needed it. All was well.

Then, out of nowhere, I had the most horrible fear come into my experience. I honestly can‟t remember ever being that afraid. This terror would not leave. I could not get my mind off of what I didn‟t want! I just kept thinking over and over again about failing. And, then, guess what? NOTHING happened. Yes, you read correctly. NOTHING happened. Our “friends” who said they would market didn‟t. Those who did got NO results. Even a top-notch telemarketing agency got NOT ONE sign-up. I knew I kept thinking about what I didn‟t want, but I just could not pull myself out of it. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I prayed, I just couldn‟t pull myself away from those thoughts.

Then, the unthinkable happened. The conference date came and went. We canceled the event and then it was time to pay the piper. The entire financing was on us.

2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

Would you like to know how much that was? Of course you do! It was $487,500. WHAT???!!!

Yes, I even cringe sometimes when I see that number. *GULP* But it is true. That is the amount.

So, what happened? Well, let me tell you. It was the biggest point in my life so far. I had a choice to make. I could either choose to be bigger than that moment or let that moment be bigger than me.

Somehow, in all of that, I found my way back to who I am. The happy-go-lucky person who had been sitting at home attracting in hundreds of thousands of dollars was back! As soon as the date passed, it was as if I looked in the mirror and took off the mask, and returned to myself again.

And, I expanded who I am. I realized in that moment that I am bigger than a number. I realized my life is charmed no matter what is going on in it. This experience has enriched my life in ways you can‟t imagine. The truth is…if I could erase it from the memory banks, I wouldn‟t. It has given me so many of the most beautiful gifts ever. I‟ve worked with people from all walks of life. If you have a desire to make a change and to really change your life, please join us. We will walk you step-by-step toward a richer, more brilliant and abundant tomorrow.

And, speaking of desire, have you ever considered that your desire to have a better life was placed there for a reason? I believe so. After talking to so many people over the years, I discovered there are just as many people who have NO desire to be wealthy or to help others as there are people who DO have a desire to be wealthy and feel they are being called to help many, many people.

2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

There are people who desire to be doctors, others who desire to be authors, others who desire to be great moms and dads. I believe that your desire is not selfish, selfserving, money-grubbing or anything of the like. I believe that if you have a desire to be very wealthy, then you hold a gift that can greatly contribute to others. Our world runs on money. Even non-profits need money. So, if you are one of the most brilliant minds in the world and you have no money, then much of your time would be spent on other things (like, say, earning a living) rather than sharing your brilliance. I believe that your desire is there to lead you on your path. Don‟t resist that inner call, consider that this is your first step on your path toward significance. Think Warren Buffet – now that is WEALTH plus SIGNIFICANCE! Your intention is what guides you – if you plan to be wealthy just to have loads of cash, well, that‟s possible. And, yet it may never be fulfilling. Look, I‟ll be honest. I want to work with the givers of the world, the heart-driven servants who just can‟t seem to figure this stuff out. They‟ve read the books, they‟ve tried the courses, they want to make a change. You know, those who experience success and then lose it and then find it again, but never seem to make any real ground – that‟s who I want to serve. Many of you will be intelligent, hard-working people who just “can‟t seem to catch a break.” It‟s likely you spend time looking at others and wondering what they have that you don‟t. “Why doesn‟t anyone „see‟ me?” you may ask. I want to help you create the map that works for you so it is much easier for you to tap into the river of abundance.

I want to help the people who dream of making our world a better place. If you are joyful and poor as a church mouse, then you are making the world a better place. If you are rich and miserable then you are not making the world a better place. Money is not the panacea for all ills. It is just a magnifier for what is in your heart. I want to help good people attract MORE WEALTH to do more good works.

2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

This is a program that can work immediately and quickly, but it does require effort. Now, I know, that‟s not alluring, but it is honest. And, if anyone who knows me knows anything about me it is that I will give it to you straight. I don‟t want to waste your time – or mine! You are holding in your hands the blueprint for our program. Follow this, trust yourself and I know your life will be different 30 days from now. Here are some testimonials from some of the people I‟ve worked with: “When I first started working with Tina, I was lost. There wasn't a single area in my life that was going the way I wanted it to. She helped me get focused and grounded so that I could start digging myself out of the hole. Each day I made a small change in my thoughts and my outlook and those thoughts began to manifest into reality. With the tools Tina has given me, I'm able to meet new challenges without getting bogged down and mired in the abyss I used to "live" in. I can never thank her enough for guiding me back to myself. So far, I‟ve lost over 63 pounds, increased the daily “gifts” that come my way, and have more joy than ever in my life.” “I had already experienced one business failing that resulted in bankruptcy and was facing another one when I met Tina at a conference. I knew something good was going to come of our meeting, I just didn‟t know what. After six months, my struggling publication that was about to shut down, grew 50 percent larger, I increased my revenue 300 percent, and attracted some of the most well-known names in our industry. I can‟t believe all of this happened so fast. I know without a doubt that without her guidance I would not be in this place today.” “If you ever doubt that you are helping change lives; don‟t. When I say that there are many people who have impacted my life, you are at the top of the list. When you told that one story of the gentleman who was passionate about what he does, but so passionate that he couldn‟t hear others, I thought, „Hey, she‟s talking about me.‟ And that impacted me in a way that allowed me to make some big shifts in the way that I deal with people and my business has changed dramatically. Thank you!” 21
2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

I won‟t go down the road of “act now, act fast” because the truth is that you will find the desire to act when it is time for you to act. When you are ready – really ready – you will act. I‟ve shared one of the most traumatic, life altering events I‟ve ever experienced and hope that if and when you ever meet me, you will experience the sincerity with which I offer my story.

Life is TOO short not to go for what you want. I invite you on the journey of a lifetime – your lifetime. Join others who, just like you, desire to have meaning – and abundance – in their lives. Abundance in terms of wealth, health, love and much more. You can have it. All you have to do is know you can. This is the place where we build your knowing. Wishing you the best life has to offer – here‟s to Living the Life of Your Dreams!

Tina Ferguson a.k.a. The Queen of Dreams

2007 Queen of Dreams All Rights Reserved No Part of This Document May Be Reproduced Without Permission

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