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3 / FALL 2006 . Social à See the Commentary section of this issue for selected HIV=AIDS Resources. community leaders and health workers. directors of corporate social responsibility initiatives.58 RESOURCES SOCIAL MARKETING RESOURCES* Compiled by Kristina M. Findings indicated that varying the level of threat had no impact on stated intentions of the women to undergo mammographic screening. As the site is an open resource. & OWEN. Professional Development. contents are not static. by ben tarigan on October 26. While it has been found that fear appeals may result in attitude and behavior change there is also the risk of inciting inappropriate levels of fear.sagepub. INTERNET RESOURCES SOCIAL MARKETING WIKI The social marketing wiki is an open resource for people who want to pass along and exchange ideas. such as screening for breast cancer.. 11(2): 93–103. program staff and managers. This study examined the impact of an experimental threat manipulation for mammography screening on a group of women in regional Australia. and ensuring that campaigns are appropriately designed to specifically affect and motivate the target group. As an open site. N. and wisdom in introducing and enhancing the knowledge and skills of social marketing among various groups of people. 2012 SMQ / VOL. but submissions are encouraged in such areas as: advanced (and basic) methods and training materials. S. 2006. social entrepreneurs and policy-makers. Abstract – There is debate regarding the use of fear appeals (emphasizing severe threats to health) in social marketing. case studies and program evaluation studies. the study also found that high-threat messages resulted in stronger negative emotional reactions and greater perceived susceptibility among younger women who are not the target group for screening in Australia. Dunlevy SELECTED ABSTRACT Downloaded by [FHI 360]. examples. methods. These audiences include undergraduate and graduate students in various academic settings. XII / NO. anyone can contribute materials and links they find useful in presenting social marketing to any one of a number of audiences in diverse contexts. program planners and evaluators. The results of this study emphasize the importance of limiting the use of high levels of threat in social marketing campaigns. C. Downloaded from smq. Using fear appeals to promote cancer screening-are we scaring the wrong people? International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. Definitions of Social Marketing. [Mr Michael Williams] at 11:47 16 September 2011 JONES. to encourage preventive behaviors. Other entries currently include information on: Academic Degree Programs. motivating the wrong audience or instigating maladaptive behavior in the target group such as denial or defensive avoidance.

wetpaint. J. and the by ben tarigan on October 26. and Hong Kong in order to explore the product market’s influence on discrimination against the disabled. Web Resources-General and Workshop Resources and Materials. This book presents the most comprehensive body of empirical evidence on the connection between the product market and the extent of discrimination in labor markets. 3 / FALL 2006 . XII / NO. it may also help reduce differential treatment for protected groups such as women. S.. 2006. & PEOPLES. For more visit: http://socialmarketing.sagepub. and the influence of privatization on public employees’ earnings. While increased competition may generate economic efficiency and push employee compensation to market rates. NY: State University of New York Press. Albany. Analyses.RESOURCES 59 Marketing Courses. 2012 SMQ / VOL. the role of deregulation in creating competition and altering racial employment patterns. Germany. The contributors look at data from the United page/Home SOCIAL MARKETING-RELATED BOOKS Downloaded by [FHI 360]. [Mr Michael Williams] at 11:47 16 September 2011 HEYWOOD. the United Kingdom. Social Science Theories. Product market structure and labor market discrimination. minorities. it does not eliminate discrimination. using best practice econometrics. H. Downloaded from smq. J. lead the contributors to conclude that while competition helps equalize treatment of employees. Eds..

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