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Aden Forecast

"the letter has shown remarkable tactical versatility..over the longer run, the Aden Forecast's superiority is striking. Over the past 12 months i.e. counting the Crash of 2008, it's up 13% versus negative 6.4%% for the total return Wilshire 5000". --Peter Brimelow, Market Watch

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Week of March 30, 2011
AMAZING SILVER Ongoing unrest in the Middle East and growing concern about Japan have been the main factors affecting the markets. This uncertainty helped push silver to get another new 31 year high. But stocks are also moving higher, along with interest rates, while the U.S. dollar struggles (see Webchart 1). The incredible silver price continues its ongoing surge, while the gold price holds clearly near its record high levels. European debt concerns also helped to boost these precious metals upward. Both will remain super strong by staying above $35.70 for silver and $1395 for gold. If gold closes above $1438 (April) it would be a record high and, therefore, it would be following silver. We could then see the $1500-$1550 level tested. Gold shares look good as the XAU index is holding above 210. A close above 218 would show good strength. Keep your positions. Our stocks and ETFs are doing great, and we now recommend adding Gammon Gold (GRS) to our gold share list. Buy this one. Crude oil is holding near its 30 month highs. Its super strong above $102. Our energy shares are showing strength. Keep your positions. Copper and the resource sector, while bullish, are sluggish as Japan keeps a damper on the worlds economic barometer. Copper will remain vulnerable short-term below $4.40; likewise for palladium below $770 and platinum below $1780. The stock market surged this week. The Dow Industrials broke above the 12100 resistance level and its leading the way up for the others(see Webchart 2). The Dow is now approaching a new bull market high and itll show important renewed strength by rising and staying above 12400. A couple of weeks ago, we sold some of our lagging or sluggish stocks. We now recommend replacing those by buying new positions, primarily in the Dow Diamonds (DIA). Also buy the S&P Global Telecommunications (IXP) and

I was totally unprepared for the sophisticated tools and procedures I found in Aden Research. And it shows in the results. The Adens are proven right again and again. --Doug Casey, Crisis Investing "I've known Maryanne and Pamela for many years. When it comes to following the gold market they're the best in the business. I don't always agree with what they say...but I always want to know what they say before I make a move." --Bill Bonner

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31.03.11 12:04

Aden Forecast

additional new positions in S&P Biotech (XBI). Continue to keep the other stocks youre holding. Interest rates did on about-face, also moving up strongly this week. The 30-year yield is again testing its mega trend. And if it now stays above 4.51%, this trend will remain up, signaling higher interest rates to come. This would not be surprising considering the latest jump in the inflation numbers, which are likely just the beginning. Keep your positions. Even though it rebounded this week, the U.S. dollar remains under downward pressure. Thatll continue by staying below 76.50. That is, the currencies are showing renewed strength. The only exception is the Japanese yen. As youd expect, it too is vulnerable. We continue to recommend buying and/or holding the Canadian dollar and the Swiss franc. The Australian dollar is at a new record high and also looking good. Best wishes and until next Wednesday, Pam and Mary Anne Aden
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31.03.11 12:04