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MARKETING PLAN DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT BURGER STAND Basically, fast food chains nowadays are in trend.

Anywhere you go you will see lots of fast food chains, as they say Filipinos love to eat. From food carts to food stands to will see how food, as a basic commodity, is in demand. One of those in-trends or in demand fast foods are burger. From small retailer up to large food companies like McDonalds and Jollibee, where burger is there major product. Because these big companies are well-known to all, it is expected that their price is a little higher than those of small store. To fulfill the demands of the costumers in burger, burger stand are now on its way. Burger stand owners imitate the taste and idea of commercial burger that will suite the costumers wants for burgers. Prices are a little bit lesser and stores are in place where the costumers are. This is the local version or the drive thru version on the burger stand owners. Burger stand helps in adding financial assistance to small time businessman like the bakery, meat shops, and other store where the owner gets his ingredients for his home made burger. And because it is home made, it is less in preservatives which is good for the body and will generate a little income for the owner. This may not be as good as those in commercial but this will somewhat satisfy the needs of the costumer to have a taste of burger in a lesser price but of same taste as those of expensive burgers.

The owner also expand the business by have additional food and beverages like: soft drinks, different types of breads, snack foods, and for some time, special when there is occasion made-to-order pizza and other foodstuffs that the costumer will love. COMPARISON OF THE PRODUCT WITH ITS COMPETITORS The Bondok Peninsula Area, the 3 rd Congressional District of Quezon, comprising the twelve (12) municipalities specifically San Francisco is too far from the City of Lucena of Gumaca where larger burger companies were located. Costumers from San Francisco are do not need to go to Gumaca or Lucena to buy for their burgers. The primary reason can be attributed to high transportation cost, time consuming, and other incidental expenses. In Municipality of San Francisco my competitor is also small food businesses which often times are small restaurants or fast food chains or eatery, which offers complete meal. My food stand is the only catering a quality burger, in terms of taste, pricing which is a little lower than the other and of course our location is a lot strategic than them.

LOCATION The project is located at San Francisco town proper near the Church and Municipal Office. A good location to start because it is at the center of the town where lots of costumers are always on the go. Since it is near the Municipal Office most especially the Police station, security of the costumer will not be compromise. Additional to that, the project is also located near the court where many events occur. Some school instructions where also near the project that brings a lot of costumers to

the business. And most of all, the project is the only business situated in the middle of the town that offers burgers and other food products.

MARKET AREA San Francisco has 16 barangays, 7 are urban and 9 are considered rural barangays. Farming and fishing are the major source of livelihood of the people. Thus, small business enterprises are some of others source of income, thats why small businesses like burger stand is highly recommendable. project is the local market. Primarily, the target of the

MAIN CUSTOMERS The main customers of the said project are from all walks of life from class A to class D customers. As plan, on the second year of operation, the business is expected to expand its operation to other food products.

TOTAL DEMANDS TARGET MARKET Offices Schools Walk in Total DEMAND Weekly 150 130 50 330 Monthly 600 520 200 1,320 SUPPLY Weekly 50 60 30 140 Monthly 200 240 120 560 Weekly 100 70 20 190 GAP Monthly 400 280 80 760

The researcher gathered information through interview.

MARKET SHARE First Year Offices Municipal Offices Banks Others Schools Secondary Elementary Walk-in Total 25% 3,240 Second Year 30% 3,402 Third Year 35% 3,572 Fourth Year 40% 3,751 Fifth Year 45% 3,939






1,800 7,200

1,890 7,560

1,985 7,938

2,084 8,335

2,188 8,752

The estimated market share is based on the sales forecast and to the total number of burger stand located in the table of total demand. This market share is only in Municipality of San Francisco.

SELLING PRICE The total amount of the selling price is from fifteen pesos only (P18.00) to twentyfive pesos (P25.00), including bread (burger ban size), one (1) slice cheese, sliced repolyo, mayo and ketchup sauce, and egg, but of course additional payment will be added depending on what the customer wants to add in their burger excluding drinks and other beverages.


PROMOTIONAL MEASURES Promoting of product, project or business needs to promote by using of print media and broadcast median it helps to promote to the target area and usually to the main customers. It helps to convince the customers and to give their information about the product.

MARKETING STRATEGY For the marketing strategy continuous information about the product and some additional promotion that will benefit the customer, like discount for every thirty (30) pieces of burger the customer avails.


FIXED ASSETS ECO. LIFE QUANTITY 1 pc 1 pc UNIT COST Php 15,000.00 Php 750.00 AMOUNT Php 15,000.00 Php 750.00 Php 15,750.00 DEPRECIATION Php 1,000.00 Php 100.00 Php 1,100.00

1. Refrigerator 10 years 2. Gas stove TOTAL 5 years

Schedule 3 MARKETING EXPENSES SUPPLIES & MATERIALS 1. Meat 2. Seasoning and other ingredients Flour Garlic Pepper Salt Vetsin Cheese Repolyo Mayo Catsup Plastic 3. Advertisement (cartolina) 4. Repair and maintenance TOTAL QUANTITY 2 kls UNIT COST Php 110.00 AMOUNT Php 220.00

1 kl 5 pcs kl 5 tbsp 1 pac 1 box 1pc 1 jar 1 jar 1m

Php 25.00 5.00 15.00 1.00 2.00 45.00 10.00 45.00 65.00 12.00

Php 25.00 25.00 15.00 5.00 2.00 45.00 10.00 45.00 65.00 12.00 249.00 Php 14.00 Php 1,000.00 Php 1,483.00

2 pcs Yearly

Php 7.00 Php 1,000.00

Advertisements like cartolina is needed to promote the project. 2 pieces where pasted at the store for the customers guide on the prices and on what is offered Ingredients to the burger is very important to have a delicious and tasty burger that will suite the costumers taste Repair and maintenance are used for the good condition of the store and other appliances like stove and refrigerator that used to serve.



Buying and choosing of ingredients

Mixing and forming of patties

Heating of pan

Heating/toasting of bread

Frying of the patties

Preparing the mayo mixture, vege and cheese

Packing of the product

BUYING AND CHOOSING OF INGREDIENTS The owner himself is the one going to the market to choose the ingredients that he will be needing in the preparation of the burger. Starting from the meat up to the last ingredient as well as the bread.

MIXING AND FORMING OF PATTIES After buying all the ingredients, the owner of the business is now ready to form the patties: starting from, mixing all the dried ingredients and seasoning like: vetsin, flour, peper, and garlic, then add the meat (ground pork), mix

everything well until there is no lambs and until the mixture become a little bit oily because of the meat. When everything is set, cut plastic cover into square where the patties is going to put, after cutting the plastic cover it is now ready to make a small ball of the meat mixture, just enough to be put on the cut plastic cover. When all the meat mixture is done is now ready to be chilled for proper preservation.

COOKING OF THE PATTIES Heat the pan, pour a little cooking oil, just enough to cover the patty, on the other side while cooking the burger, toast the bread to make it more appetizing, when the oil is heated fry the prepared patty until it is golden brown or toasted, depending on the costumer want. While you are waiting for the patty to be cooked, prepare the toasted bread by putting mayo and ketchup mixture,

followed by repolyo or any other prepared vegetable, then put the cheese and the last when cook patty.

PREPARING THE MAYO MIXTURE, VEGE AND CHEESE On a bowl pour a cup of mayonnaise and ketchup mix it well until it turns light orange in color or until it is well blend. After which pour it in a clean ketchup bottle, the purpose of this is for easy use and easy storage. For the vegetable to prepare, you just need to wash the vegetable and cut it into strips or as thin as possible. Then place it in a clean container. Thats how easy preparing a vegetable. Cheese preparation is as easy as vegetable preparation, just cut the cheese bar into thin slices and it is ready, or you can buy the ready made cheese that is suited for burgers.

PACKING THE PRODUCT After cooking and preparing everything the burger is now ready for packing. Just place the burger in the plastic (burger plastic), made for burgers only and now it is ready to serve.









RAW MATERIALS Schedule 4 ITEMS Meat Seasoning and other ingredients Flour Garlic Pepper Salt Vetsin Cheese Repolyo Mayo Catsup Plastic Stove Refrigerator Quantity 2kl 1 kl 5 pcs kl 5 tbsp 1 pac 1 box 1pc 1 jar 1 jar 1m 1pc 1pc UNIT COST Php 110.00 Php 25.00 5.00 15.00 1.00 2.00 45.00 10.00 45.00 65.00 12.00
Php 15,000.00 Php 75.00

AMOUNT Php 110.00 Php 25.00 25.00 15.00 5.00 2.00 45.00 10.00 45.00 65.00 12.00 249.00
Php 15,000.00 Php 75.00

All materials are available in the supermarket and appliance store. And they are easy to find and affordable.

LABOR Since the business is just starting and it is still small there are no employees yet. The owner of the business will act as all around in the business. He will be the

manager and staff as well but of course with the help of some family members because its a family business.

FACTORY OVERHEAD EXPENSES Schedule 5 PARTICULARS 1. Light and Water 2. Gasul TOTAL WASTE DISPOSAL PROGRAM In consonance with Republic Act 9003 otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, the project plans to have proper waste management program. Waste refers to all discarded household, commercial waste, non-hazardous institutional construction debris, agricultural waste and non-hazardous non toxic solid waste. Waste of the project is mostly non-biodegradable. All the plastic is gathered by the owner of the business and place it in the proper waste can for the collection of the municipal waste truck. (MONTHLY) Php 900.00 Php 600 AMOUNT Php 10,800.00 7,200.00 Php 18,000.00


Total Production Cost (1 week level)

PARTICULARS Purchases: Meat Ingredients Packaging Sub-total Production Overhead TOTAL

AMOUNT Php 220.00 498.00 40.00 758.00 375.00 1,133.00

This is the computation of Production Cost (1 week level) which is One thousand one hundred thirty three pesos (Php 1,133.00)