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Archimandrite Haralambos Vasilopoulos

...Here, I must thank the anonymous person who penetrated deep into the interior of Masonry and Theosophy, who revealed it to me and wrote the elements of this present book.

Introduction The History of Theosophy Theosophy in Greece Theosophy and the Rosicrucians The White Brotherhood and Theosophy Theosophist Movements in Communist Countries Theosophy and the Union of Religions Epilogue Appendix A INTRODUCTION

In this composition, I will reveal the entire infernal depth of the harsh (inhuman) nucleus of Black masonry, which is Theosophy. The Theosophical Society is an association officially recognized in Greece under Resolution #8787/7946 of the Court of First Instance, Athens. It is a department of the Universal Theosophical Society, which it acknowledges as Mother and constitutes an inseparable member. The purpose of the Universal Theosophical Society, as they say themselves, is: 1) To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or colour.

2) To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Philosophy, and Science. 3) To investigate the unexplained laws of Nature and powers latent in man.1 However, it‘s high time for us to say some things officially and directed at helping all people to understand. In accordance with our system, everything we say officially will be based on our own personal experience acquired at the ―Eastern School‖ (Taklamakan Desert2 and Tibet) during the post-War years, and mainly upon the documents of these Masons. From the articles of the Greek Theosophists‘ Constitution, sure evidence comes to light proving Theosophy moves about in the lines and external fanfare proclamations of Masons. Theosophy is mainly founded upon occultism, secret writings and magic. Still, it must be noted that immediately after WWI, there were tendencies of collusions between all the faculties of Masonry, which also occurred after WWII. At that time, all the faculties were subordinated to the Global Luciferian Committee of 300, the cursed-by-God Gahal.3

The Luciferian Illuminati were the forerunners of Theosophy. This clearly comes to light in Alice Leighton Cleather‘s book, Helena P. Blavatsky—Her Life & Work for Humanity.4 From elsewhere, in 1612, the writer Hasel Meyer tells us about the Secret Brotherhood of Theosophists, Rosicrucians... The International Theosophical Society was established on November 27, 1875, by Helena P. Blavatsky and Henry S. Olcott. That was the time of its first appearance. It‘s Chair is in Adyar, Madras (now Chennai6), India...

she married the 40 year old Vice-Governor of Erivan. ―where I‘m studying the occult sciences. only weeks before she turned 17. She had no friends! Frictions started with her family and parents. Petersburg to stay at a relative‘s house. Thus. Nikifor Vassilievich Blavatsky.P. Colonel Peter von Hahn in old Russia. Shortly after her wedding with Blavatsky. . her letter arrived.H. From then on. She was very eccentric and had a great inclination towards occultism. Helena Fadeyeva (pen-name "Zeneida Rva‖). a girl was born to the family of the baptized German Jew.‖ she wrote. But she couldn‘t move about freely there. Indeed. she abandoned him and disappeared. Olcott In 1831. the family was also related to the known Russian author. Years passed and the girl transformed into one lively. nor do whatever she wanted without being misunderstood by society. ―I‘m in India. She became acquainted with Colonel Olcott there. However. her progress was truly rapid. This was strange as she did not keep company with anyone. but simultaneously strange. Blavatsky Henry S. she acquired freedom in her movements. He was a medium and occupied himself with spiritualism.‖ Afterwards. she found a solution: In 1848. and magic. spiritualism. as a madam. Count Witte and his family. woman. A few years later. she went to America.7 Helena‘s parents sent her to St.

Albert Pike Blavatsky and Pike collectively decided to create a female Masonic Lodge comprised of the wives. Albert was convinced he was inferior to her. the age of great collaboration was started. together with Colonel Henry Steel Olcott. The Theosophical Society made tremendous progress with abundant money coming in from an unknown source. 1875. of which he was the highest authority. the Worldwide Press reported that the Russian Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. And these Masons throughout the world remained astonished before the written encyclicals by which Albert Pike bombarded the then 23 Great Lodges of the World. Shortly after.8 During the time Blavatsky arrived in America. Albert Pike was the number one leader of Masonry and Luciferianism there. Thus. Blavatsky would publish the Theosophical periodical ―Lucifer‖ in London. The epoch was appropriate and New York was a suitable place. sisters and daughters of Freemasons.On November 17. established the Theosophical Society in New York. From the first and all subsequent meetings with Blavatsky. This ―order‖ of Pike clarifies and exhorts—just as Masons continuously practise with the members of the higher lodges—to acquire absolute ―control‖ of their passions .

Besides the above mentioned ―accomplishments‖ of ―Madam‖ Blavatsky. We counted 330 exhalations in all at the end of this most successful experiment. with her head thrown back she gave up Ariel and the 329 spirits who had accompanied him. she answered all questions put to her. Finally. flying beside our medium and holding her hand. but she also took delight in discovering other powerful mediums. Sister Ingersoll. Perhaps she wasn‘t in the wrong because Blavatsky was not only an excellent medium herself. to the Supreme Masonic Council that took place in Charleston: “At St Louis. Without putting Sister Ingersoll to sleep. and through Sister Ingersoll. without burning her. we owe Pike thanks because he also simultaneously revealed to us the Masons‘ actual secret pursuits as well as those in collaboration with them. 1884. who is a first class medium.and thus be rendered immune to their carnal passions (The notorious and licentious Rasputin tried to teach this to the ladies of the Russian Court and the highest nobility). as though borne by an invisible cloud. She imposed Pike to implement spiritualism in all the Masonic Lodges. Theosophist and Satanist Pike describes the experiment so elegantly and with such enthusiasm! However. but Ariel took possession of her with 329 more spirits of fire and the seance from then on was marvellous. returning from nowhere clothed her again. received astonishing revelations during a solemn Palladian session at which I presided. We thus soon had the latest news of our very illustrious brother himself. or upheld by beneficent spirits. Pike himself bestowed upon her the 33rd and final degree of Freemasonry during her departure from America. He breathed upon her and her clothes. floated over the assembly and her garments were suddenly devoured by a flame which enfolded. Flitting above our heads. . Astaroth vanished and our sister fell gently on to a chair where. Here‘s what Pike said on October 20. However. we saturated her with the spirit of Ariel himself. what really impressed Pike was Blavatsky‘s unprecedented ability in spiritualism. We saw her thus in a state of nudity for over ten minutes. we operated the grand rites. assisted by Brother Friedman and Sister Warnburn. lifted into space.”9 The Mason.

which is an extension of the ‗White Brotherhood. She became acquainted with the mystics and revolutionaries there. we should disclose and pay attention to the activity of the Satanist German Jew Helena Blavatsky in America after her return from Tibet and India.However. who was also an exile at that time [he was also a baptized German Jew]. So these are the revealing texts I found.Dissenting with her family and husband..‘ known as ‗Mahatma‘: Morya and Mahatma Koot Hoomi. Blavatsky was initiated into the Carbonari Movement there by Mazzini [one of the biggest Luciferians of Europe at the time] himself. Without a doubt. India: ―.‖10 El Morya Koot Hoomi . she became acquainted with at least two members of the highest degree of the ‗Great White Lodge. such as Karl Marx.‘ During the same time.. According to John Yorker. she could not return to Russia and thus she went to London. these texts fully elucidate and compliment the gap between Blavatsky‘s first secret departure from Russia and her second emergence in Adyar. In 1856. she was also initiated into the Order of Druses. She also was active in Greece.

This Michal. was a Freemason as was also his friend Rivail (alias Allan Kardec) once founder. Madame Blavatsky decided to return to Russia. Before we proceed with this formidable Satanist‘s further activity. whom she accompanied during his expeditions. she became reconciled with her father. which was then shaken by the activity of the Luciferian ‗Illuminati. a spiritist-magnetizer.‖11 ―In 1867.. . ―A little later she was in Italy whither she seemed to have been summoned by a Carbonarist order. she fought at Viterbo. professor of Ingolstadt University.‘ The leader and founder of the Illuminati was the notorious German Adam Weishaupt. then at Mentana. after three attempts. He founded the movement in 1776. a journalist. It should be noted that this name is not it‘s real name. ―It was Michal who developed the mediumistic faculties of Madame Blavatsky. herself a believer in spiritism and claimed to belong to the school of Allan Kardec. from whom she preserved certain ideas. Madame Blavatsky was. she was with Garibaldi. in 1866. at that time. where she was seriously wounded and left on the field as dead..―Towards 1858. staying with him till 1863 when she went to the Caucasus and met her husband. later director of the FoliesMarigny and the pioneer of French spiritism. Blavatsky returned to Tibet. notably those concerning reincarnation. we should make an analysis of the situation of that time and also add some clarifications: 1) Blavatsky‘s father and her uncle Count Vitte had come from Germany. ―There she remained some time under the influence of a certain Victor Michal. she recovered however and went to Paris for her convalescence.

Amongst his patrons and associates was the Duke of Saxony. In 1878.‘ we do see the Masons regularly advertizing in the Theosophist publication ‗Iliso. .2) From the beginning. Marquis Konstanz and Marquis Sabioli. The advertising activity of her Theosophist system spread. as well as the princes and aristocrats of other countries. She transported her headquarters to the suburbs of Madras. Blavatsky travelled with Olcott to India.‖ While it is rumoured that the Masons and Theosophists don‘t have any ‗relationship. etc. Adyar. Many natives and some Europeans established there helped her in this. In this manner. Weishaupt had ‗great means‘ amongst many of the European Courts. owing to marriages or other causes some person proceeding from the tree of German aristocracy. the Satanist Weishaupt succeeded in attaching himself to the German princes and aristocracy.‘ yet they supposedly have no relationship whatsoever. in order to study Buddhism locally.

She also maintained she had a close communication with them.‖ only with her special system is man able to achieve true knowledge of the Supreme Being. that is of God. were written by Blavatsky herself—either personally or dictated by her.From 1884 onwards. ancient and modern mysticism. This is because in the Madras periodical ―Christian College‖ and in the periodical ―Society for Psychical Research‖ the miracles of Adyar were shown to be fake and fraudulent. the evidence concerning her con was overwhelming. and Coulomb. etc. despite all these things.12 So. Yet. Blavatsky herself was also forced to admit with much artlessness—if not cynicism—that it was necessary to act in this deceitful manner in order for the propagation of her ideas to succeed. They co-wrote a book entitled ―The Secret Doctrine‖ which is regarded as the greatest work of Theosophy. and contained their messages. Richard Hodgson‘s relevant research acted on behalf of the Society for Psychical Research. She formed her Theosophical system in this manner. she described it as the ―Highest Divine Wisdom. According to her. and achieve union with Him. admitted they collaborated in the development of Blavatsky‘s miracles. the weakening of her propagandist activity is observed. K. Theosophical Movement leaders denied them and continued the drive to propagate Theosophy. he mentions that the supposed letters of Mahatmas that Blavatsky received from the afterlife. She called them Mahatmas.H. Teachers. Blavatsky maintained she was being guided and inspired by higher intellectual and ethical existing beings that had undergone many reincarnations. Guides. Blavatsky took the material for her system from Buddhism. Dr. In his related report. . magic. Indeed. Indian philosophy and many other sources. Two of her colleagues.

" asks de Luchet. we republish a photocopied page from Nesta Webster‘s book: ―The Order has the true secrets and the explanations.. ‗Old Diary Leaves‘: ―." Again. In this way those who participate in the secrets of the Order remain the Masters. never finds this out."14 The initiate had to swear absolute submission and unswerving obedience to the laws of the Order and to follow its laws implicitly to the end of his life. that it‘s impossible for us to report them all. they are not.‖13 Perhaps the reader will ask. Concerning this. light and shadow.. Madam Blavatsky herself has been revealed as the main culprit of the ―sexual misconduct‖ that occurred in them. ―How did this happen with Blavatsky? Aren‘t Theosophists honourable and ethical as they contend?‘ Unfortunately.. as in the Stricte Observance. "Who. he dare not even ask it. However. he must promise never to ask it. and lodges everywhere became centres of instruction on . spiritual insight and lack of common sense. "gave to the Order these so-called secrets? That is the great and insidious question for the secret societies. But the Initiate who remains. of the hierogyphics of the very venerable Order of Freemasonry. without asking by whom they were given or whence they came. and must remain eternally in the Order. To this day. the same system of "Concealed Superiors"--the same blind obedience to unknown directors! Under the guidance of these various sects of Illuminés a wave of occultism swept over France. moral and physical.Her close associate Olcott gives her the following characterization in the prologue of his book..who was a greater conglomeration of good and bad. wisdom and indiscretion. so many scandals have occurred in the Theosophical Lodge.

. and a high initiate of Masonry-"versed in all mysteries.B. has been marked by violent dissensions amongst the members—the Blavatsky-ites passionately denouncing the Besantites and the Besantites proclaiming the divine infallibility of their leader—whilst at the same time scandals of a peculiarly unsavoury kind have been brought to light. Masonic rites degenerated into ceremonies for the evocation of spirits--women. and masonic systems. and lent themselves to experiments of the most horrible kind. male and female. before Mrs. to castles and to cottages. and theosophy15. Besant joined the T. fainted. which shows that a number of perfectly harmless people are to be found amongst them. danced and feasted. alchemy. to marquesses and bourgeois" alike.S. screamed. since a long series of articles was recently devoted to the subject in The Patriot and can be consulted by anyone who desires information concerning its ceremonies and the personnel directing it. Keeper of the Royal Treasury. Martiniste." In order to unite them he made his lodge a mixture of all sophistic. or sang of the beauties of their liberty and equality." or disciples.17‖ ―. Grand Officer of the Grand Orient. and in all the plots. divination. fell into convulsions.P.16 By means of these occult practices the Illuminés in time became the third great Masonic power in France. who were now admitted to these assemblies. little knowing that above them was a secret committee which was arranging to extend this equality beyond the lodge to rank and fortune. The founder of this lodge was Savalette de Langes. This fact has indeed created a serious schism in the ranks of the Theosophists.18 Suffice it to say here that its course. like that of most secret societies. in all the lodges. who relates: ‗I was a pupil of H.It would be superfluous to describe in detail the wild nonsense that composes the creed of Co-Masonry. That the men against whom charges of sexual perversion were brought were not isolated examples of these tendencies is shown by a curious admission on the part of one of Madame Blavatsky's "chelas.. Accordingly in 1771 an amalgamation of all the masonic groups was effected at the new lodge of the Amis Réunis. magic. and the rival Orders perceived the expediency of joining forces. Yet the peculiar recurrence of such scandals in the history of secret societies leads one inevitably to wonder how far these are to be regarded as merely deplorable accidents or as the results of secret-society methods and of occult teaching. and saw her expel one of her most gifted and valued workers from the Esoteric Section for . "and as a bait to the aristocracy organized balls and concerts at which the adepts.the Cabala.

Usually no occultist gathering can ―succeed‖ if orgies do not take place.19 It would appear. then. and many [my itals. Leadbeater's name has now been associated for nearly twenty years.P.] would-be aspirants for chelaship were refused on this one ground alone. also succeeded her. H. was always extremely strict on this particular point.‖20 Immorality is not something exclusively Theosophical. . similar to those with which Mr.B. that these deplorable proclivities are peculiarly prevalent amongst aspirants to Theosophical knowledge. This is essential in all the dark heresies and Lodges because it comprises a part of the ―liturgical‖ department. while others who had been accepted "on probation" failed almost immediately afterwards.offences against the occult and moral law. The English socialist and author. Annie Beasant (1847-1933). who was a fanatical disciple of Blavatsky.

she established the Theosophical School in Varanasi (Central Hindu College). Indeed.21 She toured in . she made a bolt towards Theosophy and became so dedicated with all her to the development/growth of its teachings based on the principles of Indian Buddhism. she also co-wrote an atheistic book.‖ Afterwards. In 1898.Annie Beasant Beasant abandoned her Pastor husband as well as her children. ―The Freethinker‘s Textbook. She was implicated in the Atheist Movement of England and socialism. for unknown reasons. She also developed an astonishing activity in India.

whatever the treasure of Theosophy that was allegedly comprised from announcements of a higher source.W. Leadbeater . C. however.India and gave lectures. had actually been assembled by earthly elements. dissents arose between the Theosophical Lodges which ended in schism. The splitting up was to result in Rudolf Steiner establishing the so-called ―Anthroposophy‖ in Central Europe. After Olcott‘s death in 1907. the Theosophical Convention that convened in Munich named her the Honorary President of the Theosophical Society. She co-wrote many books and surpassed Blavatsky in journalistic action. And as it was shown. From that time.

he advanced to the hardcore of Freemasonry—Theosophy. Perhaps the reader will say these things are stupidities. ―I refuse to wear Messiah dresses. Leadbeater was one of Beasant‘s main colleagues.W. Beasant proclaimed the Messiah had come again to earth. He was an occultist and initiated in Freemasonry. They certainly are! But unfortunately these follies find people to follow them and they spend abundant amounts of money in order to move and grow. the means and methods he used provoked the Theosophical Lodges‘ against him. Krishnamurti was at his Headquarters in California.‖ . Beasant presented him as the expected Messiah who would come to help the coming ―New Under Race of Humanity. she adopted him. Concerning this.C. she found him in the person of Jiddu Krishnamurti. For many years. Beasant established the so-called ―Order of the Star‖ towards his honour.23 She wanted him to assert himself as the Messiah. the Theosophists brought him here. Dr. But. Krishnamurti visited Athens to attract followers.‖ Indeed. However. He proclaimed (and it is towards his honour) that he was convinced he was not the Messiah! Since then he refused to be worshiped as the messiah. in November 1931. Stanley Jones24 says he heard him blaspheme in perfect English.22 Eventually. Krihnamurti was proclaimed the leader of this Order. "I'm not an actor. So. She took Krishnamurti from a young age.‖ he said. what mighty secret and flexible power financed Theosophy so it could move about and develop itself? I think around 1929 or so. it was literally a contemporary publication\extradition of an EnglishIndian. this event defamed her more than anything else. She paid for his studies at Oxford University and when he made his appearance in public as the Messiah. And yet. However. and initiated him into the things of Theosophy. Anyways.

As we mentioned earlier. Though Otto had left. during which the Theosophical Society‘s operations had been suspended. However. four years after the Theosophical Society was founded. They comprised the first ―elite‖ of that time.‖ The relatively rapid establishment of the Theosophical Society in Corfu verifies this. Quite simply this is an ‗shop‘ directed by the same ―Trust!‖ It seems that Blavatsky‘s descent on Greece was based on the fact that with the first King of Greece. And after the polemic period. Since then. the leadership of the Theosophists has passed definitively into the hands of various Hindus. at the age of 86. Othona Alexandro and Demetri Sokole. It is not difficult for anyone to understand the reason.Beasant died in 1933. numerous Bavarians came down with him. Kostis also started publishing the periodical ―ILISIA.‖ Blavatsky certainly descended upon Greece ―registered. many Bavarians remained and did what they had to do to root the . As the years passed. Otto‘s descent. the Theosophical Society became a registered association in 1946. then at least a number of people around him belonged to the ―enlightened. Kostis Melissaropoulos was elected president. the first Theosophical Society was established in Corfu by Alexandro Rompote. But the Theosophical Society‘s main activity in Greece began after 1923.‖ This periodical is simultaneously an organ of the Masonic Lodge in Greece. when the B. If Otto was not an Illuminati member himself. Krimbas founded the ―Plato‖ Lodge. it would be appropriate to mention that even the first Greek Masonic Lodge was established in Corfu and is still in existence. This is the brief history of the Theosophists‘ actions in Greece. Bavaria is the cradle of the Luciferian ―enlightened‖ Illuminati. Between 1929 and 1940 Kimon Prinaris was continually elected as President of the Theosophical Society. other Theosophical Lodges were established throughout Greece. THEOSOPHY IN GREECE In 1879.

.―enlightened‖ Satanists ideas in Greece. Not one detail was mentioned concerning these organizations to which Sirhan belonged... sometimes it comes to the surface and sometimes it disappears leaving no trace . this does not mean they cease to act infernally! THE WHITE BROTHERHOOD AND THEOSOPHY "Theosophy" is the invention of ―The White Brotherhood‖ which is located in the depths of Asia. after Senator Kennedy‘s murder. was a member of the Rosicrucian Lodge.. From this it seems that Theosophy existed at that time and collaborated with Masonry. This is the first evidence for the black Masonry of the Rosicrucians and the Theosophists operated together and were unified. The same thing happens with the Theosophists and Rosicrucians as with the other secret Luciferian organizations. Sirhan Sirhan.. Sirhan‘s first task to ―relax‖ in prison was seeking to read Blavatsky and Leadbeater‘s books!25 Few people know that the Theosophists-Rosicrucians-Masons comprise a consubstantial Trinity of Satan! This is why no foreign news agency reporting the assassination mentioned that Sirhan was a member of the Jehovah‘s gang and also a fanatical Theosophist and Rosicrucian. THEOSOPHY AND THE ROSICRUCIANS Theosophy existed previously. Mazzini. etc. If we investigate old manuscripts. For many years. Yet. once again testifies that the purposes of the Luciferians has always been both religious and political. we find that already in 1612. the international press reported his killer. Garibaldi. the German "sage" Michael Maier writes about the activities of the mysterious Brotherhood of Rosicrucian Theosophist. .. As our readers will remember.The mere fact that Blavatsky had friendships and acquaintances with people like Karl Marx.

Theosophist and pseudo-monk Rasputin to the Russian Royal Court. and destroyed the Russian Empire. This is also the reason why nowadays. pseudo-monk and fanatical theosophist Rasputin. the Luciferian Illuminati organization embraced Germany‘s military caste.. but also an agent of German Intelligence. We have learnt from exploring the secret archives and reports of Foreign Services around the Tsar family murder Tsarina Alexander Feodorovna was in the habit of putting a swastika everywhere for "Luck" as well as writing Kabbalistic "protection" signs. German Princes and Princess and the German military continue to be fanatical Satanists and followers of magic. where she was born on May 5th.. Rasputin also came to Greece in 1905 and went to Mount Athos. This protection of the Tasritsa later became the reason to destroy the Russian Empire from the foundations. Alexandra introduced the Satanist. 1872) cherished such an admiration for Buddhism and the mysteries of Tibet and India.. this is also the reason through which Prince Felix Yusupov and Grand Duke Dmitri26 executed him. The notorious magician.. In fact. converted the Tsaritsa and members of the Tsarist family. It was later discovered that Rasputin was not only a Satanist and warlock. These things were also found on the walls of her rooms at the Ipatiev House in . German Princess of Hesse. penetrated the Tsarist palace. During subsequent years. Theosophy and Buddha! We will only cite a few examples on this issue: 1) The last Tsarina of Russia Alexandra Feodorovna (before her marriage.. spiritism. Many years had to pass before it became known that there were Commanders in the Tsar‘s palace who were fanatical Theosophists and carried out the orders of the White Brotherhood who were collaborating with international Zionism! Later the experiment was repeated in many countries and palaces. Rasputin was half Russian (from father) and half Tibetan (from mother).

was killed as punishment for his offenses against Israel's God.the Gentile king of Babylon who. where the Romanovs were shot and bayoneted.27 . saw "the writing on the wall" foretelling his destruction (Daniel 5) -. by the window. There is evidence that the murders were ritualistic." But there is another unsolved mystery in the entire situation of the Russian tragedy: immediately after the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II by Kerensky‘s Government. in the basement of the Ipatiev House. or: "Here. almost certainly one of the killers." "Belsatzar was. The distich reads: "Belsatzar ward in selbiger Nacht / Von seinen Knechten umgebracht. killed by his slaves. which was now stripped of the crosses and 3 crowns. in the well-known Old Testament story. the Tsar was offered as a sacrifice for the destruction of the state. this is where the entire Tsar family was executed by Jewish Communists. Thus strange cabbalistic symbols were found on the walls of the room where the crime took place which have been deciphered to mean: "Here was wounded in the heart the head of the Church.Yekaterinburg. These banknotes had the double-headed eagle. the people and the state"." Belshazzar -. the unknown writer. on the same night. There was also some mysterious hand engraving a huge swastika on the plates of the bank." in order to signal even more clearly his intended symbolism. In a clever play on the Heine quotation. As is known. has substituted "Belsatzar" for Heine's spelling "Belsazar. The Heine inscription described the racial/ethnic character of the murders: A Gentile king had just been killed as an act of Jewish retribution. by order of the secret powers. Let all peoples be informed of this. 1000 ruble banknotes were placed into circulation. Lines adapted from the German-Jewish poet Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) were found written on the wall.

known as the "Red Queen" Elizabeth (a German princess from Bavaria). She had repeatedly visited the various dens of Buddha. One of them being: How many people knew that Alexander Kerensky (Russian Jew)—the former Prime Minister of the Russian Provisional Government who overthrew Tsar Nicholas and who died at a very old age in the U.S.—had close family relationships and friendships with the Lenin family?28 Perhaps this is also the reason why Kerensky managed to escape through the Military Academies. She passionately occupied herself with occultism. rendering all honours and lighting the relevant devotional candles barefoot! Simultaneously.provisional government 2) There are many dark signs throughout the entire Russian Revolution. 1917 Empire of Russia . He fled from there disguised as a ―common‖ woman. where he had sought refuge from the Bolsheviks. she visited Mao Tse-tung. After World War II. leaving behind the Academy‘s who were all slaughtered down to the last man! Either he was really lucky and managed to reach America alive or everything happened according to a prescribed plan? 3) As a third example we will mention the late grandmother of king of Belgium. Joseph Stalin and other chiefs of the Eastern bloc. In December 1956.1000 Rubles. She became cause of so many headaches it came through Belgian Royal Court when she was alive. she was engaged with politics. she received official hospitality in the Kremlin! . spiritism and Buddhism.


who had been married to Russian Grand Dukes). Satanist and Theosophist. Indeed there were many people from the aristocracy amongst the regular patients (such as the famous spiritists and Satanists. Badmaev is almost always mentioned. Badmaev not only practised the medical profession.30 daughters of King Nicholas I of Montenegro. Dr. (Note: The fact that the Theosophists included the swastika in their official flag is no coincidence!) The ―Illuminati‖—the Satanists of Germany—are the ―White Brotherhood‘s‖ bridgehead inside Europe. the White Brotherhood comprises the strongest and hardest core of black Masonry. etc. let our readers ask the same question. But as I was found with the red Lamas and asked them. the mysterious Tibetan physician. Dr. Grigori Rasputin. However. Hitler had chosen the accursed symbol of Hindu magicians—the swastika--as "national symbols" of Germany. However. he also had his own ―pharmacy‖—the ―only one of its kind‖ because it had Tibetan medicines. ―Why does the Buddha always have pointed ears?‖ They gave me the answer that was necessary.! Time and space does not allow us to expand or comment much on this. within the hundreds of books published concerning the destructive activity of the pseudo-Starets. the ancestors of today‘s Theosophy. In the recent past. They will also understand why the destroyer of Europe. Grand Duchess Milicia29 and Princess Anastasia-Stana. this Brotherhood has operated in the periphery of the Himalayas. Satanism and Buddhism. part of this Brotherhood was transferred to Switzerland. This White Brotherhood are the Illuminati.I think these few examples will be enough for our readers to understand the cause of many German ―blue-bloods‘‖ "innate" love towards the occult. Recently there has been much sensation that Buddhism is a very meek and humanitarian religion. As we have already mentioned. where it has since then . THEOSOPHY’S ACTIVITIES IN COMMUNIST COUNTRIES During the last 55 years.

with personal order of Josph Stalin himself before WWII. Later. California.31 The White Brotherhood staff—which closely directs the atheist struggle throughout the world—has settled near a secret and strictly forbidden area.‖ where they either worked for the Red Kremlin account or more correctly they cooperated to achieve common goals. In great secrecy. These were written in the 6th century BC in the Sanskrit language. Another small proportion of the ―White Brotherhood‖ has long been installed in India (Adyar) and the infamous San Jose. and despite Lake Baikal‘s shores. Two articles on this issue have been published in the newspaper ―Ta Nea‖ (January 26 and 27. Satanic weapons are forged. Lhasa. Eventually nine people. England. Officially. dozens of meters below the roots of the Siberian forests. they were translated into a Mongolian dialect which only 13-14 people understand today as it is a dead language. There are other books which are located in the Dalai Lama‘s capital. were arrested and secretly transferred to these ―Centre of Indo-Tibetan Medicine. mostly very old. It‘s a group of huge underground buildings. But the most important White Brotherhood center had been installed in the Soviet Union. the World 'Inter-Orthodox' Centre. this Luciferian cavern is called ―Centre of Indo-Tibetan Medicine!‖ But all fear to utter this name. they have collected the Black Magic bible texts «τζουντ σι» there. the Soviet Secret services had unleashed the largest known manhunt to find people who understood this dialect.directed all other frontal organizations such as the Rosicrucians. and every other known satanic hodgepodge. protected from the Baikal Highway. and were secretly moved to India. Denmark and other countries during Tibet‘s takeover by Communist China. A few years ago. America. 1972) entitled ―The Ancient Enigma of τζουντ σι‖ and ―Secret Tibetan Medicine Comes to Light!‖ . But the Soviet Secret Services constantly research in order to find other known secret books of the White Brotherhood because «τζουντ σι» is not the only one. the Rotary Club.

Her biggest success was laying the foundation for Union! a) The Union of all the Dark Powers. he‘d be persuaded that indeed both the aforementioned organizations are useless. if someone examines how many wars have taken place from the time these two organizations started. and spiritists into a single. Luciferians or agents of international communism from the time of its creation until today. magicians.Naturally. The leaders of the UN have been Masons. Africa and in other parts of the world continue despite the UN‘s existence. With thousands of Eastern Bloc ambassadors. The next step would be the formation of a global super-government to which all the nations would be subject to. The tragic-comical evidence of this is that the day the League of Nations examined stationary supplies.33 But despite all the trumpeting. the League of Nations and the UN weren‘t nor are in a position to forestall or enforce the complete cessation of wars. We see the attempt to attain these objectives in the League of Nations and the now operating United Nations. Today the war in Vietnam. omnipotent global center. Luciferians. b) The Union of Empires into a Super-Government. . the UN has probably been reduced to a lair of the almighty Soviet official espionage on American soil. Firstly they sought the union of all Masons. few people know that this ―Occult Medicine‖ is also accompanied by demonic invocations and are very precious to Satanist ceremonies of religious orgies!32 THEOSOPHY AND THE UNION OF RELIGIONS The creation of Women‘s Masonry and the introduction of spiritism to American Masonic Lodges—which originally followed the so-called Scottish Rite—were not the main point of success in Blavatsky‘s mission. the Second World War was declared!34 Also. occultists. the Middle East.

who is in close contact with the White Brotherhood.W. to become ‗a living flames. that all the great religions of the world were founded by Them. but remain on earth to guide humanity.‖36 So we are informed by Theosophy‘s Pope himself. wherein the candidates are prepared for discipleship. Ancient Mystic Rites and Freemasonry: ―[The student of the occult learns]. that this Path is divided into steps and degrees: the probationary Path or the Lower Mysteries. and that with these religions there have been schools of the Mysteries to offer those who are ready a swifter path of unfoldment with greater knowledge and opportunities for service. Leadbeater tells us: ―White Masonry [=33rd Degree]. under the will of the Most High.‘‖35 On page 73. ‗for the lighting of the world. even if the worldwide Luciferian staff. Leadbeater say in his book.It is no secret that U Nu. And so what did the notorious C. which the Primate of Rome is trying to actualize..the world is ruled. c) The Union of all religions into a united. where the leaders .The 33rd Degree links the Sovereign Grand Inspector general with the Spiritual King of the World Himself—that Mighty Adept who stands at the head of the Great White Lodge. Gahal. according to the needs of the races for which they were intended. and the Path proper. which lead the disciple from the life of earth to the life of adeptship in God. the infamous Leadbeater. and in whose strong hands lie the destinies of earth—and awakens the powers of the triple spirit as far as these can as yet be awakened. would decide. that the union of the leaders of all religions has already taken place in the context of the Great White Lodge..‘ as it is said. by a Brotherhood of Adepts who have Themselves attained divine union... accursed MRA. in which are conferred within the Great White Lodge itself five great Initiations. temporarily moved his headquarters from Tibet to the foothills of the Himalayas! Therefore not even the UN is in a position to prevent the Third World War. or the Greater Mysteries.

The Young Turk movement originated in the masonic lodges of Salonica under the direction of the Grand Orient of Italy. people and the written blessing of our White Brotherhood in order to give him victory against our mortal enemy!‖ Nesta H. Moreover. instead of following the International Socialist line of Hungarian Freemasonry. in Syria now. we find the Semitic influence not only of the Jews but of other Semite races directing the lodges. exhibited a political and nationalist character. while chatting with an old Satanist. a Mason and a Theosophist. There one morning.. which surely very few followers know outside of here. In Turkey. I heard the following.of all religions—not excluding the Pope—are directly in contact with the ―Spiritual King of the World!‖ EPILOGUE Come with me noetically to India almost 25 years ago. we decided to do our utmost to help Mustafa Kemal Pasha . in Egypt. Well we sent him plenty of money. and in this mingling of the East and West it is possible that the Grand Orient may draw reinforcement from those sources whence it drew its system and its name. as a thousand years ago. cradle of the masonic system.‖38 Kemal—the son of a Crypto-Jewish customs official in Thessaloniki and a Turkish Albanian—was a Satanist. an offshoot of the "Gnostics" began to use not only black magic rituals and orgies. Webster writes: ―Still further east in Europe the lodges. he belonged to the Grand Orient Lodge!39 This is why he escaped from all dangers and was blatantly promoted and supported by all the enemies of the Greek nation. As the Jewish Satanist Eliphas Levi40 confesses: ―In the early years. though revolutionary. but also to worship a likeness of the devil in the form of a snake biting .. the same secret societies which inspired the Templars have never ceased to exist. Here‘s what he told me: ―When Turkey was in danger of being completely occupied by the accursed Greeks. as we approach the Near East. which later contributed to the success of Mustapha Kemal.

world peace. "Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven!" On the same page. I sympathize with these people. which they are practicing. the Theosophical Society has been at the forefront of the movement. Such individuals may have become associated with the movement because of one or more shared beliefs or practices such as an obsession with the environment. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. From this inscription Satan‘s followers named themselves with a password to mislead others. holistic health. I am convinced. and The Secret Doctrine. relate to the occult. The Reappearance of the Christ. playing an important role in conditioning humanity to accept the New World Order. Many of the occult initiates directly under these leaders.its tail coiled in a circle. such as The Destiny of the Nations. "Better be man. or other forms of occult meditation. naively unaware of what they are involved in. however. in the midst of which was the inscription in the ancient Greek language ‗God-serpent‘«θεός-όφις». They operate along the fringes of the movement. the practice of Transcendental Meditation. A majority of New Agers. They must. stating. yoga. written by the society's founder. The organization has produced many of the most widely read occult classics. know exactly what they are doing and who they are in touch with (demonic spirits). I believe. Discipleship of the New Age. the crown . as they have been drawn into the movement unwittingly. on the other hand. fall into neither of these categories. APPENDIX1 Many of the leaders of the New Age movement. she declares. might not be aware of the actual Lucifer worship going on at the top. Traditionally.41 They themselves had proclaimed Dathan and Abiram (Sodom and Gomorrah) as well as Cain and Judas Iscariot as their ―saints‖ and protagonists rebelling against the work of the Creator. Blavatsky quotes Milton's Paradise Lost in reference to the "Fallen One" or Satan. realize that the techniques and rituals. On page 53 of The Secret Doctrine.

brave enough to buy his independence at the price of eternal suffering and torture. this ever-living symbol-nay apotheosis-of selfsacrifice for the intellectual independence of humanity. strong enough to still reign in darkness amidst agony.4 Blavatsky clearly understood that there is a God and had clearly chosen to rebel against Him. taking the side of Lucifer.of terrestrial production. which was in circulation for a short time before succumbing to public pressure and shutting down. Geneva. Lucis Trust. was appropriately headquartered at United Nations Plaza in New York." She continues in the same section by approvingly quoting Eliphas Levi as follows: It (Satan) is that Angel who was proud enough to believe himself God. the Triangles. Her position was again confirmed when she decided to publish a magazine entitled Lucifer. the name was soon changed to Lucis Press.5 Another leader of the Theosophical Society. and king over its opus operatum. as the book strongly influenced Hitler. Alice Bailey. It has over six thousand members and is among the many foundations sponsoring the one-world movement.. and to have made himself a throne out of this inextinguishable pyre .6 Some of the Luciferic organizations established by the Theosophical network of Bailey and Lucis Trust include the Arcane Schools (of New York.) Due to public outrage."2 On page 76 of The Secret Doctrine. states.". Some of the results of The Secret Doctrine have already been witnessed. and World Goodwill-all founded during the 1920s and 30s. Blavatsky. but it gets even worse. The Triangles consist of hundreds of .. and Buenos Aires). beautiful enough to have adored himself in full divine light. Ltd.. it is this grandest of Ideals. would establish The Lucifer Press for the purpose of printing and distributing the society's literature (This was around 1920. served by a hierarchy of pure spirits. The Arcane Schools are special training centers that place a person on the fast track for service within the high level network of the New Age movement Lucis Trust's Triangles program is another way in which the organization helps to promote the New World Order.. than be lost among the will-less Spiritual Hosts in Heaven. referring to Lucifer. London.3 I could continue. the parent organization. however. the prince of anarchy... Until a couple of years ago.

the organization charged with the task of actually bringing us into the New World Order. is composed of individuals who are collectively referred to as the "New Group of World Servers. are well connected with the one-world political societies and feed directly into the World Constitution and Parliament Association.meditation groups of three people who simultaneously imagine triangles of light as they recite the Great Invocation for the return of "the Christ" (the Antichrist). A number of the most powerful New Age organizations. which is today heavily involved in the politics of planning and implementing the world government." founded in 1933 and purposed to distribute literature worldwide promoting theosophy's Luciferic views.7 World Goodwill. this group was joined with another occult organization calling itself World Union8. such as Lucis Trust and World Union. . In 1961. on the other hand. (Vasilopoulos. 93-94).. 1988. pp. http://www. . Herut-Liberals Bloc) was the major right-wing political faction in Israel led by Menachem Begin from its founding in 1965 until it merged into Likud in 1973.. It appears that the Hebrew word ―Kechillach‖ or ―Gachel‖—which means local headquarters— proceeds from this word. Orthodox typos. Vol.knesset. Athens.6. It is bounded by the Kunlu Mountains to the south. formerly known as Madras or Madarasapatinam is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. this is called Sanhedrin mainly in Palestine. 2) The Taklamakan Desert is a desert in Central Asia. Arch. 4) http://www.asp?PG=68 ―. Spink & Co. 1922) 5) Gahal (an acronym for Gush Herut-Liberalim (lit. Herut-Liberals Bloc) was the major right-wing political faction in Israel led by Menachem Begin from its founding in 1965 until it merged into Likud in 75. located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal.. Page ii. 7) Blavatsky's sister Vera Zhelikhovsky was a writer of occult/fantastic Calcutta. and the desert Pamir Mountains and Tian Shan (ancient Mount Imeon) to the west and north (http://en.wikipedia. Ecumenism Without a Mask.NOTES 1) The Theosophist.Many years had to pass before the world learned that the Global Staff of Satanists was comprised of 300 people and called ―Γκαχχαλλα [Gahal]‖ which means ―Headquarters‖ in the secret Chaldeo-Hebrew dialect. It is the world's 17th largest desert. in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. http://www. 3) Gahal (an acronym for Gush Herut-Liberalim (lit.asp?PG=68 6) (Thacker.

1958 11) René Guénon. at these meetings of the fanatics.‖ says that young women allowed themselves to be crucified. p. Besant then published the journal until September 1895. (The Devil in the 19th Century) p.E.8) The journal was first published by Blavatsky. 10) Don Bell Report. IV. Modern Religions. More than 2800 articles were published in this journal between 1887 and 1897. Memoires sur le Jacobinisme. a word coined by Guénon to suggest that Blavatsky‘s Theosophy had nothing to do with genuine theosophy as practiced by the Western esoteric traditions but was a counterfeit. The journal appeared twelve times a year and was 50 to 60 pages long. p. 263. The original French title refers not to ―theosophy‖ (théosophie) but ―theosophism‖ (théosophisme). Brown. scientific and religious topics. in describing the ―Convulsionists. when George Robert Stowe Mead became a co-editor. http://www.htm 9) Dr. Then the journal was renamed to The Theosophical Review. 17) Nos of January 11 to March 22. 16) Barruel. This translation is not entirely accurate. . of Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra). sometimes head downwards. February 14th.blavatskyarchives. The journal published articles on philosophical. theosophical. 360. He himself saw one nailed to the floor and her tongue cut with a razor (Souvenirs da Baron de Gleichen. p. From 1889 until Blavatsky's death in May 1891 Annie Besant was a co-editor. Theosophism: history of a pseudo-religion (1921). when it appeared under the title Theosophy: History of a Pseudo-Religion. 14) Clavel. etc. This work was not published in English until 2003. 167 15) The Baron de Gleichen. 185). Le diable au XIX siecle. 12) S. The last of twenty volumes was published in August 1897. and a dangerous one at that. Read also "Occult Theocracy" p. There were also book reviews (e. Histoire pittoresque. Bataile.. 223. 70 13) Books in Wolfstieg‘s list refer to the Order as ―the only true and genuine Freemasonry‖ (die einzigue wahre und echte Freimaurerei).

soon after Besant's inheritance of the presidency. 306.. Krishnamurti. The "discovery" started years of upheaval in the Theosophical Society. as the boy was proclaimed to be the likely "vehicle" for the expected World Teacher. By 1909 the "coming" Teacher was a main topic of her lectures and writings. several years before her assumption of the Society's presidency in 1907. (His biological mother had died when he was ten years old). Blavatsky’s Great Betrayal. and Krishnamurti was extensively groomed for his future "mission" as the new Christ-incarnate. H. Krishnamurti had been living next to the headquarters with his father and brothers for a few months prior to this. However.P. 1922) 19) Nesta Webster. 69 (Thatcher. Krishnamurti and Besant had developed a very close bond and he considered her a surrogate mother . 21) Besant had started commenting on the possible imminent arrival of the next "emissary" in 1896. Calcutta. and severed his ties with Theosophy. independent thinker on philosophical. Jiddu Krishnamurti and his younger brother Nityananda ("Nitya") were brought up by Theosophists from that moment on. Spink & Co. He spent the rest of his life holding dialogues and giving public talks around the world as an unaffiliated individual speaker. and spiritual subjects. his love for Besant never waned.a role she happily accepted.18) A. Secret Societies & Subversive Movements. pp. In 1929. repudiated the role that the leadership of the Society and many Theosophists expected him to fulfill. who had grown disenchanted with the whole "World Teacher Project". following a protracted legal battle with their father. p. The boys were soon placed under the legal guardianship of Besant. Early in their relationship.L. twenty years after his "discovery". 170. Leadbeater "discovered" fourteen-year-old Jiddu Krishnamurti on the private beach attached to the Theosophical Society's headquarters at Adyar. 1917 with the Central Hundu College as its first constitutional college. 22) In 1909. He denounced the concept of saviors. as also was the case with . and spiritual teachers. 20) The Banaras Hindu University started functioning from October 1st. becoming in the process widely known as an original. leaders. psychological. Cleather.

with a fourth bullet passing through his jacket. but all five recovered: Paul Schrade. Alexandra Georgievna of Greece was a daughter of George I of Greece and his Queen consort.22 caliber Iver-Johnson Cadet revolver at Senator Robert Kennedy and the crowd surrounding him in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles shortly after Kennedy had finished addressing supporters in the hotel's main ballroom. he was also . His parole was denied on the grounds that Sirhan still does not understand the full ramifications of his crime. William Francis Pepper. a teenaged Kennedy volunteer A parole hearing for Sirhan is now scheduled every five years. and died nearly 26 hours later. Five other people at the party were also shot. Sirhan testified that he continues to have no memory of the assassination nor of any details of his 1969 trial and confession. and 1960 Olympic gold medalist Rafer Johnson were among several men who subdued and disarmed Sirhan after a lengthy struggle.000 m2) of land near the Theosophical Society estate which later became the headquarters of the Krishnamurti Foundation India. At his parole hearing. that Sirhan's lawyers previously stated in the past. 2011. once in the head and twice in the back. On March 2. concerned for his wellbeing after he declared his independence. with Sirhan represented by his current attorney. a friend of Pierre Salinger. George Plimpton. that Sirhan's mind was "programmed" and then "wiped" by an unknown conspiracy behind the assassination which is why Sirhan has no memory of the murder or of the aftermath. William Weisel. after 42 years in prison. Kennedy was shot three times. Ira Goldstein. he was a first cousin of Nicholas II of Russia. 25) The second child and son of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich and a grandson of Alexander II of Russia. As such. 23) A Christian missionary to India. an official with the United Automobile Workers union. 24) On June 5. Pepper also repeated the claim. Rosey Grier. Sirhan's 14th parole hearing was held.Besant's feelings towards him. she had purchased 6 acres (24. Sirhan fired a . author Pete Hamill. a reporter with the Continental News Service. 1968. an ABC TV unit manager. Dmitri Pavlovich's mother. and Irwin Stroll. Olga Konstantinovna of Russia. one of Kennedy's campaign aides. Elizabeth Evans. thus.

net/ussr-socialist-swastika1917-1000b. Anastasia. socialism was imposed in Russia when the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was formed after the Russian Revolution of 1917. Nicknamed jointly "the black peril". which was a school for "noble maids". http://rexcurry. the younger brother of Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich of Russia. were invited by Alexander III of Russia to be educated at the Russian Smolny Institute. She and her sister "Militza" (Princess Milica). The marriage was childless. Anastasia. and the second one through a direct male line. The propaganda machinary introduced a new symbol for the new government: the swastika. she became Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaievna Romanova of Russia. 29) Through her second marriage. http://rexcurry. Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna. Both her husbands were grandsons of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia (1796– 1855): the first one through a mixed line. 1000. the elder sister of Tsarina Alexandra. they were interested in the 26) After 1917. Milica was the wife of Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich of Russia. 5000. The Soviet swastika notes continued to be issued after the 1917 revolution(s).a first cousin of Prince Philip. and members of the Kerensky and Ulyanov families were friends. Both sisters were socially very influential at the Russian Imperial Court. Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia and his wife. & 10. having married Russian royal brothers. 28) Milica and her sister. Dmitri and his sister Maria were mostly raised by their uncle and aunt. were known colloquially as the "Montenegrin princesses" during the last days of Imperial Russia. Duke of Edinburgh. and may have .html The Soviet swastika was so popular that paper money printed with the dates 1917 and 1918 carried large swastikas in the center of the bills (on denominations of 250. They are discredited with introducing first a charlatan mystic named Philippe Nizier-Vashod (usually referred to merely as "Philippe"). and the Russian Civil War of 1918-1920. Three of the denominations bore three separate swastikas across the front (the 250 denomination bore one swastika).JPG 27) Kerensky's father was the headmaster of Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) at a secondary school for boys in Simbirsk.000). and then (with graver consequences) Grigori Rasputin to the Imperial family. whose wife was Milica's sister.

com/1981/01/11/magazine/exploring-themysteries-of-tibetan-medicine.globaltimes.. Delegates from 34 nations attended the m 33) After a number of notable successes and some early failures in the 1920s."-Grand Orient of France decree (1924). This session concerned itself with liquidating the League: assets worth ." (Speech at Sverdlov University in April 1924 in which the mass murderer and dictator of the Soviet Empire anticipated the nature of the coming World Socialist Government. The onset of World War II showed that the League had failed its primary purpose. Spain and others. during the Zionist Congress at Carlsbad (1922).men-tsee-khang. the amalgamation and collaboration of nations within a single world system of economy … constitutes the material basis for the victory of socialism.htm 32) "The League of Nations is a Jewish idea. ".contributed to its downfall by the introduction of Grigori Rasputin to the Empress Alexandra. Germany withdrew from the League. 30) It was Joseph Stalin who stated. which was to prevent any future world war. http://www. the League ultimately proved incapable of preventing aggression by the Axis powers in the 1930s. "[We must strive to make The League of Nations] an international tool for Freemasonry.nytimes.html http://www. which will be a synthesis of Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism. Jerusalem will one day become the Capital of World Peace.bibliotecapleyades. This is being achieved by a massive social engineering effort whereby the West is being changed and conditioning such that it will be easily merged with Communism).cn/china/society/2010-11/593924. The final meeting of the League of Nations was held on 12 April 1946 in Geneva.html http://www. We created it after a fight of 25 years.. 31) http://www."-Nahum Sokolow. as did Japan.

none even mentions such a speculation. 12-13. Too. 73.the origins of these schools are now for the most part ―lost in the mists of antiquity.‘ Mustafa Kemal was born to the family of a minor customs clerk in Salonika and lost his father when he was young. and the debts of the League were settled. There is no proof of the belief.000 in 1946. entitled "When Kemal Ataturk Recited Shema Yisrael: 'It's My Secret Prayer. Leadbeater relates little known facts about the Mystery schools and their practices and beliefs .. reserve funds were returned to the nations that had supplied them. the respected New York native turned Israeli journalist who is a regular in Commentary and a columnist for the Jerusalem Post and the New York Sun. is an in depth study of the rites of the Mystery schools of ancient Egypt. already circulated in his lifetime but were denied by him and his family and never taken seriously by biographers. Based on his vast knowledge of the esoteric and almost every Masonic record available to the historian at the time. originally written in 1926. including the Palace of Peace and the League's archives. and at the age of 12 he was sent at his demand to study in a military academy.' He Confessed. 1994 article in New York's Forward. Greece and Judea from the middle ages to the 20th century . Of six biographies of him that I consulted this week. p.approximately US$22.‖ 35) Ibid. P. thinks so." Halkin wrote: Stories about the Jewishness of Ataturk.000. Secret Societies and Subversive Movements. As a boy he rebelled against his mother's desire to give him a traditional religious education. whose statue stands in the main square of every town and city in Turkey. were given to the UN. The only scholarly reference to it in print that I could find was in the entry on Ataturk in the Israeli Entsiklopedya ha-Ivrit. This book. 36) Webster. which begins: ‗Mustafa Kemal Ataturk . Nesta H. 37) Hillel Halkin. Turkish general and statesman and founder of the modern Turkish state. 34) Pp." . In a January 28.(1881-1938). widespread among both Jews and Muslims in Turkey that his family came from the Doenme. a Jewish newspaper. 284.and shows how these ancient rites have since emerged in this century as Freemasonry.

Litt. D. Attraction and Repulsion. is obscurely hinted at in the Zohar. He had a deep impact on the magic of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and later on the ex-Golden Dawn member Aleister Crowley. says that "the science of equilibrium is the key of occult science.1875) The pseudonym of Alphonse Louis Constant. writes: IN THE LIBRARY left by Albert Pike are a number of books on the occult. Evans. Henry R.The Doenme were an underground sect of Sabbetaians. the 17th-century false messiah." The Doctrine of the Balance. Says Pike: "Sympathy and Antipathy. . Levi. Turkish Jews who took Muslim names and outwardly behaved like Muslims but secretly believed in Sabbetai Zevi. and from the action and opposition of each against the other result Harmony and that movement which is the Life of the Universe and the Soul alike. Levi was. 838. Bro. perhaps. which in the seventies were not translated into English. He was also the first to declare that a pentagram or fivepointed star with one point down and two points up represents evil. and conducted carefully guarded prayers and rituals in his name. the greatest of French mystics and Cabalists.htm ). while a pentagram with one point up and two points down represents good. by "Eliphas Levi" (Alphonse Louis Constant).themasonictrowel. General Pike borrowed considerably from Levi in his degrees of "Knight of the Sun" and "Prince of the Royal Secret.61). in his interpretation of the Cabala. It was largely through the occultists inspired by him that Lévi is remembered as one of the key founders of the 20th century revival of magic. whether they be mental or physical." Albert Pike magnificently illustrates the Mystery of the Balance in his Morals and Dogma (pp. a French occultist who was largely responsible for the revival of interest in magic in the 19th century. 38) _files/albert_pike_mystic. The Mystery of the Balance is the secret of the Universal Equilibrium which exists in the universe between conflicting energies and forces.scribd. Unbalanced forces perish in the void. are contraries in the souls of men and in the universe of spheres and worlds. which Pike elucidates in the latter degree." (This article appeared in The Master Mason May 1925 39) Eliphas Levi (1810 .

"World Dictatorship and the New Age Movement. 7) Ibid. Theosophy actually originates from the compound «θεός-όφις»--―Theos‖=God and ―Ophis‖=Serpent or Snake and not God‘s Wisdom «θεού σοφία». Senator Robert Francis Kennedy. In English this would seem to be a compound of ―Theos‖=God‖ and ―Sophia‖=Wisdom. 1996. 6) Christian Warner. Senator Robert Francis Kennedy. 13. the Mysticism. s. 1968). 30.40) Theosophy in Greek is «θεοσοφία». 5) Steinbacher. Senator Robert Francis Kennedy—The Man.. 29-31. "Thule Society. The Twisted Cross (Lafayette. En Route to Global Occupation." Newswatch Magazine (September 1986): 26. pp. 12. ." and Joseph J. 107. the Murder (Los Angeles: Impact Publishers. 8) Steinbacher. 3) Ibid. NOTES FOR APPENDIX 1) This Appendix was taken from Kah. 29. 76-77 2) John Steinbacker.v. 109. Carr. 2d ed. Gary.. LA: Huntington House. 4) Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology.. 1985).