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1. Postcodes
The Light Bulbs Flicker Wheels in Motion When Both our Eyes Start Connecting the Flights When I touch down At the Gate Heart Beats ‘Race’ But we'll Split the Prize Its Brand new And We're the ink Lets Scribble together I only care what you think And that is forever We're changing from Square one Let’s Start with the Postcodes Little by Little it works Little by little the hurt fades (away) My Backpack's Homesick this is a Ghost-Town That Haunts me always coordinates... Change! So Don’t let go To our idea You're the Girl From my Teenage Lust Lights out Its Time to Test the Water I Think I’m Falling in Love with You Little by little by We'll Grow With Open Skies And Open Eyes With Virgin Skin A Second with You is like a Year with somebody Else

2. Firework
You besot me so much I get these Sparks when we touch Can I move close to you? I just want to know you.. more We should dance like we said lets Paint every town Red you are truly perfect I hope you're having fun because I’m having fun You're a firework Lighting up these Skies You're an influence cause when you smile.. I smile you’re my favourite one I hope we both play a part so wont you lend me your heart? You held me by the wrist asked ‘are we friends who've kissed?’ In a perfect situation I’d answer cleverly and not so nervously until our eyes agree When both Parachutes won’t open From Heart grenades we'll pull the pin Explode together in Unison (But not the way we'd hoped for) Wont you? Wont you? Wont you? Won’t you lend me your heart?

3. Hold on
Vertigo for a Grounded soul Chemicals Won’t make you ‘Pretty’ when the director screamed 'cut' he didn’t mean yourself! You’re like ‘Punch’ at a party Making everybody happy But losing yourself so much Hiding and out of touch When there's nothing left to say and I’m figuring you out Hold on when the colour fades to grey and your eyes are watering Hold on Sharing works if it’s both ways Vital organs are on display but It’s not Halloween yet don’t mask all of your regret White lies always turn to black Trains collide on broken rail tracks when the conductor screamed 'stop' he didn’t mean your heart Breathe in Deeply Count the Stars out Picture the Smiles Close your Eyes now When there’s nothing left to say.. Don’t go Hold on! When the colour fades to grey.. Light up Hold on!

4. Perfume
Can we paint the walls? So they can match my subtle tones? Or screaming match in battle zones? These sticks and stones break my collarbones Will you write my lines? Because I can’t say nothing right My teeth and tongue have had a fight on the borderline of a Nervous smile Stop the world I feel so dizzy and so hurt. I can’t taste the perfume I can’t ransom my lips for a smile. Stop the world is this how broken magnets hurt? I can’t taste the perform I can’t make the sadness disappear Lend me your halo? And we’ll move somewhere no one knows Maps haven’t discovered yet could you handle that? Can you handle this..yet? We'll grow sleeper vines so I can be so close to something at night And You can bathe in all my light ‘cause I’m offering all these kilowatts. And do you want me to stand here.. Looking as if I’m happy? Do you want me to look at you when you smile? Just to see what it’s like? Do you want me to taste your sugar? Just to realize I’m better? Bitter?

5. Megan Ward
Recently, It has been like we're both Passengers On a train with no map Destination: New Start Finally the blossom came And You're my flower Promise me You'll Fall asleep Cause when your eyelids open it’ll be summertime and I can hold you close and whisper into your ear I’m dedicated to making you my year. 'Cause No one resounds like you do / No one revolves like you do a 'Crush' is for teenagers / Bungee jump from my mouth lets call this an open letter / let’s make this a lifelong promise So Megan ward Don’t steal my heart.. It’s yours Fairytales do exist we just get tired waiting and give up, and learn to love someone in the same postcode But with my foreign lips I want to taste yours. Finally, Baby, I just want to thank you. For making me feel like I just got to have you you don’t need your tiptoes to stand out of the crowd you’re like the oxygen ‘cause I need you around It’s crazy...but maybe you’re on earth to be with me it’s crazy...but baby Pieces don’t fit this easy No one resounds like you No one makes me feel like you do

6. Mend Me
The biting of lips is a sound I’d rather miss when I can’t compete with such a pretty face his beauty will fade voodoo doll his as he sleeps cause I want you under my sheets With every smirk every glance and every laugh I’m getting closer to bruising your other half and why is it you only call me when you’re drunk? Craving all of our memories under the sheets Mend me but stitch him up with all his cuts he bled for me mend me but stitch him up with all my cuts I bled for you all of his lines are from movies that he rents he hides violins just to get you in his bed you dress to the nines he copies band that he likes and you let him under your sheets I’d write him a letter if I thought he could read I’d tangle with him if I thought that he would plead its all for you. Its always, always for you and I know you hate that creep we're filling up with water you've had your time to think we'll capsize any moment please don’t let us sink like talking through two tin cans this is a winding road I just can’t wait forever.. I’m starting to corrode (our hearts are buried in all the things we were back then)

7. For What it’s Worth
Thursday I’m bursting with smiles waiting for her arrival to me I know that you are listening So here’s all my honesty I’ve never felt no more alive Learning the language written in your eyes it’s been a long time coming and you’ll be coming back And i hope your smiles.. Are because of me These moments we had Are making my jaw hurt For what it’s worth.. You were worth it Time will answer all Will we stand or fall? For what it’s worth.. You were worth it is it so impossible? I question myself but the answers are playing hide and seek With my tongue and my heart A chemistry class out of school Paper Mache barriers aren’t that easy to tear down I feel a sense of ‘longing’.. Or am I really a fool? And I wonder will you be there? When I wake up. Or will you go under? And never look back. Cause lately I’ve been thinking that I want to censor my mouth I want to keep you around I want to censor my mouth But the words won’t come out anyway I want to keep you around.

8. Fix Me
I’m slamming on the brakes cause I don’t know which road to take On my right I have stars and glitterville On my left I can breathe like everyone else I’m not sleeping with the world my ceilings getting tired with my eyes On my right I see stars and glitterville on my left, well that another story to tell And id bleed for movies But this is real and hurts me Can somebody press undo so I can fix me too? And I’d scream if thought my tongue wasn’t tangled in knots can somebody press undo, so i can fix me too? My pillows and i rarely speak But still charge me rent every single week A month ago I was all stars and glitterville And my breakfast didn’t consist of pills
Every Single Place Every single Chase Every single face says.. ‘Grow Up / Grow up’ Every single Taste Every single chase Every single face says.. ‘Grow Up / grow up’

9. Glitz & The Glamour
Is this cut mending? Or am I pretending? Do I crave the ending any day soon? Is it wrong to leave? When it’s meant everything? Another ‘could’ve been tragic story’ Am i weak? Am i bored? Am i sick of the fact that i do it all? Have i lost.. ‘it’? Day in Day out Making this sound has worn me down Now i just can’t be around So count me out I’ve changed my plans the ‘glitz and the glamour’ ends here my ‘friends’ Do you have regrets? About that guy we met? and how he made you forget that you didn’t add I don’t have regrets In fact, I’m truly glad ‘cause that guy showed me what temporary friends i had Over and out Until we meet again I hope i won’t see you on pavements or roads ‘Deer in headlights’ could kick in have you got his script for this week? Cut copy and paste it right into your throat I bet nobody will know have i lost ‘it’?

10. Ps.. I'll Miss You
It’s been a week I miss you like crazy My lips don’t speak enough I’ve learnt lately Those crossed wires could’ve been untangled Miles away our Feelings get strangled If your pixels are a ghost From now on I'll take comfort in our embraces without the light on Straight lines / Streetlights and time zones away Wrong goodbye but warm memories Ps.. I'll Miss you You held me captive Just like the first time Armour plated hearts isn’t a crime voice on the line my ghost letter writer Skyscrapers fall but Get rebuilt even higher Miss electricity that you gave to me I was melting were you melting? Miss Lady chemistry tangled next to me i was melting were you melting? Miss Miss Mystery you’re unravelling I’m just melting Please start melting it always comes down to the distance I guess it’s just another instance Ps.. I Miss You...

11. Wrists
Both of My Wrists Would wait in line If i was ‘Like That’ I’ve been so down Just like ‘ahh’ Since the day that she packed Bruises They Grow on my teeth On My Hair In My Lungs All i have left are these Ghosts Photographs & these songs But what i keep telling myself is.. Its Much better than Missing her So Much Its Much better than Missing her So Much its much better than missing her So much I never thought I’d lose her Goodbye.. Goodnight... Goodbye.. Goodbye..

1. POSTCODES “This is a song that was never meant to be recorded for this album. I had figured it was more suited to the arrangements of my ‘second album’ track list. The intro guitar line has been around for years. I guess I just never found the time to work on it until now. Pretty simplistic song, standard progression (A-F#-E-D). But when i started to work a vocal hook into this for the first time, I really started liking it. It was too easy to start a chorus on an ‘A’, so i recorded the chorus music before even attempting a vocal melody for it, that way, I’d have to work something out, and I would avoid the perfect cadence of starting the chorus on an ‘A’. It was originally called ‘Connecting the Flights’, mainly because that line was initially the first line in the song (it’s now the fourth). Lyrically, i guess it’s a note to self. Relocation is always on the tip of my pen these days. But sometimes it’s just too hard to ‘cut ties’ overnight. The heat seekers will notice the plight of ecstasy when meeting someone at an airport. There’s no better feeling than being on new ground, with a new smile to keep you company”

Song Informations

2. FIREWORK “I wrote this song around December 2006. I can be specific with the date, simply because of who I wrote it for and about. The ‘plans’ in this song, were all things we genuinely wanted to do at the time. I recall writing this on piano, then I recorded it as Guitar-demo because I didn’t have a keyboard around at the time, and then I re-did it a few months later with my keyboard (mainly cause I didn’t like the guitar demo). I played it at a few acoustic shows, but I never really thought more about it. I would have probably forgotten the song forever had someone not left me a MySpace comment asking ‘is Firework on the album?’. I always found the sentiment of the chorus line quite endearing..‘You’re a firework / lighting up these skies’

3. HOLD ON “Probably my favourite track on the album as I write this. I really wanted to write a ‘self help’ song for myself. That in turn, I knew could offer some ‘chin up’ support to anyone who wanted to listen. It’s saying ‘I know things can get really hard, and the light at the end of the tunnel seems like a dead star, but if you hold on, you’ll make it’. I wanted to do something a little different in the middle section, and I got so weird that I had to remove lots of elements, because it was cluttered with random timings and instrumentation, that, although I loved, I didn’t think suited the ‘Chin Up’ nature of the song. This is the First appearance of strings on the record. Hold on!

4. PERFUME “’I can’t taste the perfume / I cant make the sadness disappear’. Sometimes it’s so easy to sit back and look at other people in life be happy, smile, advance in careers etc... And wonder why you can’t be that way. Sometimes it’s internal jealously and sometimes it laziness that stops people from achieving the same thing (or better) than the people they consider to be a ‘success’. The word ‘Perfume’ then, in this context, means ‘Happiness’. This song just.. happened Late one night, when I was sitting by my computer, with my headphones in my Roland Xp30 Keyboard. I remember writing the (simple) music in one sitting, and recording it there and then (because it was in headphones, it didn’t make any noise for that hour of night). I listened back the next morning and started to interweave a vocal line around it. The vocal on this track is the first & only ‘take’ I did, because, there’s such an uncertainty in my voice, from not fully knowing what the vocal melodies are, and a lot of ad-libing. The drums were added on the recommendation of a musical friend, who I’d sent the demo to. Thank you for the heads up!

5. MEGAN WARD “Probably one of the fastest songs I’ve ever written. The lyrics were pretty much finalised the moment I started thinking. This song was wrote, and completely recorded in less than 45 minutes. The only change made after that time period, was when i decided to put the ‘it’s crazy.. But baby’ vocals over the middle section, after hearing them in my head on the first mixed playback. I wanted something ‘intentionally’ auto tuned on this album, and this section became the most perfect place to showcase that desire! This was one of the last songs recorded for the album, and one of my favourites because of the sentiment. The lyrics? Well they’re so obviously, obvious, aren’t they?

6. MEND ME “A nice reflective Piano Song. The lyrics are pretty much comparing two guys, who are fighting for the same girl’s attention. I was that guy once, I still had to get that story off my chest, and this was a perfect example of how i felt around that time. Affection will make you do crazy things, and god knows i have! It openly tears down the other person’s personality, if only for the sake of seeming like the better option. I think that’s something that everyone does, and i guess it’s a little bit instinctual. I opted to keep this one just piano and voice, because it’s something new to bring to this record. I’m a sucker for over dramatics when it comes to instrumentation on tracks, but this was one of the few times when i truly believed ‘less is more’. I had played around with some slight cellos and violins, but it ended up sounding a little ‘alien’. Nothing made the song more effective to my ears. I actually wrote this piano line on Mute’s (ex telephone bruises keyboardist) Grand Piano. It was incredibly out of tune, and in need of a re-do, but i mustered up the intro line one night before driving home, and worked on it from the moment my feet were inside my bedroom.

7. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH “A different vibe for the album. This track was a real change from my standard method of writing. I intentionally set out to use chords I’ve never used in any of my songs before (A7, anyone?). I knew that, when out of my comfort zone of G’s and E’s, I’d paint a different picture with new vocal scales to work with. I didn’t intend on this being so ‘jazzy’ to be honest, I just couldn’t settle on a solid rhythm for it, and this was the one I kept coming back to. The end section used to feature a bass drum, tambourine and hand claps, but Ryan decided to take them out at the last minute, because they didn’t really add anything compelling to the ending of the song. The middle section was added only for the sake of confusing people. As it has no purpose other than to bedazzle. This is defiantly not an example of the direction I’ll be taking in the future, but it’s difference, was compelling enough to make it part of this first album.

8. FIX ME “This track has the longest history of song title changes ever! It was originally called ‘Stars & Glitterville’. But i liked that title so much; I stole it for a new song I’d written for ‘Telephone Bruises’. So i renamed it to ‘Press Undo’, but I didn’t like the way the title looked. So then I changed to ‘The brakes’, but then I thought the title came into the song too early to be relevant and memorable... Etc. The first two lines have been around since ‘Traffic Episode’ (My band back when i was 17). I’m about 5 years backdated in songs, so I tend to remember little parts from ancient, un-heard songs I’ve written, and recycle them into fresh ideas. I wanted to make ‘Mend Me’ have a ‘sister’ song, and i wanted the titles to both be very similar. And so it only took a second to figure out what the perfect title for this track should be. Like ‘Mend Me’, i wanted it to be piano based, to keep the similarities quite close. Lyrically, its dealing with mistakes and regret, something that’s a bit of a fixture on this record, I must admit. 9. GLITZ AND THE GLAMOUR “This title is a phrase that i can be overheard saying when I’ve had a bunch to drink and someone starts asking me about musicians, and bands. It can mean a lot of different things to different people, and everyone will think differently of the intent behind the lyrics on this track. It tells a story from start to finish, and depicts certain characters and events that could be misconstrued, in the sense that, some lines are generalistic. But part of my liking of these lyrics, is because of that. This was recorded completely live, and although there’s some ‘off’ notes, I opted to keep them in just to retain that ‘take’. You can even hear my foot tapping the timing on the wooden floor. I wasn’t striving for perfection on this track, again, because i wanted to do something a little different for me. As long as I’m personally aware that I’m doing something different from my last exploits then I’m always going to be happy.

10. PS.. I’LL MISS YOU “So the story goes.. I had this ‘Ps.. I’ll Miss you’ title in my head, and once i had sat down and gotten the lyric sentiments down on paper. I began to think about the context of the lyrics, and how they could be most effective. I instinctively chose to really keep the instrumentation simple, and not add anything other than 2 acoustic guitars. I liked the overall ‘dryness’ they resounded with. I wanted the lyrics to be at the forefront for this song. I wanted to make sure the person I wrote about it could hear every word and understand why I’d be saying every word. This is the only song on the album that used a ‘capo’ on. Simply because I wrote in Open e, and decided that it was way too ‘low’ for my voice to sing, so i capo’ed the second fret to ‘lift’ it a little bit.

11. WRISTS “Recorded around mid-evening while the next door neighbour’s kids were playing in their garden. It was supposed to sound a lot messier than it ended up. But it’s incredibly hard to sing purposely out of tune sometimes. If you listen, you can hear a kid making a ‘noise’ around the start of the ‘music’. This song was designed to be a ‘small and short closing’ track to the album, sounding haunting, and barely resembling a song, as such. There’s a little dry distortion on my voice. And that was accentuated by the fact i didn’t actually ‘sing’ at all on this song... I pretty much just soft-spoke all the lines and the distortion helped it sound like a whisper. The vinyl record scratch effect that runs through the track was from a loop pack on an Apple Mac that I cut + pasted to my preference. It matched up nicely to the morbid, unconnected, haunting idea, that was the basis for this in the first place, and it was a perfect ending to this album.

See You on the Next Record! Thank You So Much. Daveit Ferris xx

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