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Book of the Dead chapter 149
The composition designated 'chapter 149' by Lepsius, from its position in the Ptolemaic Period papyrus of Iufankh, presents a numbered series of fourteen 'mounds' in the underworld. Each mound is addressed with reference to its inhabitants or landscape, and the encounter is used to empower the deceased: in this way, each potential obstacle to new life is converted into empowerment of the deceased. Most of the fourteen parts of chapter 149 occur for the first time in the Eighteenth Dynasty, and are only known from this chapter; some parts recur as separate compositions in the Book of the Dead, some already occur in the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC) among the funerary compositions written on the sides of coffins (the 'Coffin Texts'), and one section echoing one of the compositions inscribed on the walls within the Old Kingdom (about 2686-2181 BC) pyramids ('Pyramid Texts'). T G Allen compared the following parts with other Book of the Dead chapters or with Coffin and Pyramid Texts: Book of the Dead chapter 149 other Book of the Dead chapter Coffin Text number mound 2 mound 4 mound 5 (part) mound 6 mound 7 (part) mound 8 (part) mound 9 part 1, end
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107, 109 108, 111

159, 161 160 277 (part) 685 (Pyramid Text 430a) 272-273, 383 697 end

can evidently be expressed in more than one way. i. with primary reference to the arsenic sulphide pigment orpiment. s. the problems with translation of colour terms). a.mound 9 part 2 mound 10 mound 11 mound 13 (part) 690. Following most copies of chapter 149 is a vignette. The manuscripts do not privilege one version over another . p. though. x. the mounds markes qni are painted yellow.com . q. a bright yellow). h. H. where the mounds are presented in a different sequence.note. but in three instances qni (usually translated yellow. m. X. numbered by Lepsius as chapter 150. start 84 to 87 278 687 Vignettes The vignettes (accompanying illustrations) for Book of the Dead chapter 149 present each mound in turn. The juxtaposition of the two versions (written and visual chapter 149. t.knowledge. where different versions are recorded side by side. S. Beside each plan is a note relating to the pigmentation generally wAD (usually translated green . purely visual chapter 150) is an example of a very common practice in ancient Egyptian religious manuscripts. f. d. and number fifteen rather than fourteen. especially of the unknown or divine. n. y. This extraordinary series of plans has no close parallel. Chapter 149 transliteration (using signs A. w. D) with translation open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. often with a figure and hieroglyphs evoking the deities mentioned in the chapter. k. The mounds marked wAD are painted blue or green. T. g. in the form of an outline or plan of the mound. b. r.

s m mH 7 iw Xmsw. and make my limbs firm. O Nehebkau.i in n.i smn.Chapter 149a (Mound 1) i.k m nTrw mnw qd O this mound of the West.f awt.s m mH 2 iw mAwt. where one lives on cakes and fine vegetables.s m Sns tp-rw kfA afnt.com .sxt iArw iw inbw.Tn m xsfw.iAt twy nt imnt anx. just as for the Eldest God among you.Tn Ts. Make firm my head for me.i iHy nb ibw sqd.i smn.f qsw. Bring me Ihy.f wrrt itm smn n.f m mH 5 in Axw n mH 7 m Aw iry Asx st r-gs Hr-Axty open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.s m biA qA n it.tw im. may he bind my bones. fill and make firm the balance. lord of hearts. Unwind your headcloths at my approach. to have my bones built.f qsw.i twt is smsw im. Min the builder Chapter 149b (Mound 2) ink wr Xrt m sxt iArw i.i nHb-kAw mH smn bqsw hqA. to establish the Great Crown of Atum.i tp. Rule over the gods.

com .i rx. whose walls are of iron. I am the keeper of reports in the boat of the god. which sprouted at the shooting of Shu open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.f m nwt rw bw sqdd ra im.f m mH 3 in Axw n mH 9 m Aw iry Asx st r-gs bAw iAbtyw I am the lord of wealth in the Field of Reeds.s m mH 5 iw Xmsw. I know the middle door of the Field of Reeds through which Ra goes out in the east of the sky.s m mH 2 iw mAwt. O Field of Reeds.iw.kwi sbA Hr-ib n sxt-iArw prrw ra im. and the place where Ra sails with the winds and in rowing. its north is in the wave of the ru-geese.kwi sxt-iArw tw nt ra iw qA n it. whose barley grows 7 cubits tall.i rx. I know those two sycamore-trees of turquoise. its stalk 5 cubits. Spirits of 7 cubits in their length reap them beside Horakhty.sn Smyw Hr stt Sw r sbA iAbty prrw ra im.f m wiA n ra iw.i rx.f m S xArw mHty.f m TAw m Xnt ink iry smiw m dpt-nTr ink Xnn n wrd. I am the one who rows untiring in the barque of Ra.f m iAbty pt iw rs. whose grain ears are 2 cubits.f iw. Its south is in the lake of kharu-geese. through which Ra goes out.kwi nhty iptn nt mfkAt prrw ra im.

whose barley grows 5 cubits tall.com . Chapter 149c (Mound 3) i. pure in your bindings. I know that Field of Reeds of Ra.s Xr Axw iw nsr m Axt nbit i. on which there is no sailing. your faces downwards. I am the great one of the Red Crown at the fore of the spirits.iAt twy nt Axw iwtt sqdwt Hr. whose grain ears are 2 cubits. This is what you are commanded to do for me by Osiris for eternity.Tn m Xr Dsrw iAt.Tn n. by the flame of its mouth. which bears the spirits.i pw in wsir n Dt ink wr dSrt imt-Hat Axw sanx tAwy tmw m hh r.Tn wddt ir.s iw. its stalk 3 cubits. sacred in your mounds.Tn wab Tst. Spirits of 9 cubits in their length reap them beside the eastern powers.s nHmt ra m-a aApp O this mound of spirits. who rescues Ra from Aapep open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.nTrw imyw iAt tw nt Axw Hr. through which Ra goes out. while the flame is an engulfing fire.at the eastern door. who brings the Two Lands and all their people to life. O gods who are in that mound of spirits.

i m Dri.i ink wr HkAw rdi n.k mk wi Sm.Chapter 149d (Mound 4) i.f pHty.f m Hsq Axw mwtw m Xrt-nTr aHa.i ink wTs pHty ii. measuring 300 rods in length and 10 rods in width. living on cutting down spirits and damned in the underworld.k wD n.i Akrw n ra Htp.i awA.com .i wAt r.k pw m-bAH O he who dominates the secret mound.Dw pwy qA aA imy Xrt-nTr xnn pt Xrt Hr. with a serpent on it called Shooter of Two Knives.n. so that the sailing may be smooth. I stand in your stronghold.k m intt. open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.Hry-tp iAt StAt i.n.f iw HfAw Hr.i iSst-pw Sm Hr Xt.f anx.k wDA.kwi r.i Ax.k mAa sqdwt mA.i irty.n.k ink dmD ink TAy Hbs tp.ky r Dw.f stt-dswy rn.ky m-a. O this tall and mighty mountain that is in the underworld on which sky and earth alight.i m mSrw dbn pt tn iw. for I have seen the way past you.f ny-sw mH 70 m sin.f ny-sw xt 300 m Aw. measuring 70 cubits in its circuit.k pHty.f xt 10 m wsx.

Tn xp. What is this.f pw in wsir Ax nb Axw anx.ty.com . let him fall to the depths.i r imntt nfrt wDt.Tw Hr. O this mound of spirits. Chapter 149e (Mound 5) i. going on its belly. and I am transfigured. I have rested in the evening. open your way for me so that I may pass by you. your strength is with me.s iw Axw im.s m mH 6 m xpdw.n.i m hrw pn xr.f n mDt O this mound of spirits over whom it is not possible to pass There are spirits in it 6 cubits broad at their buttocks.I am the united one.i wAt. I am well: I am the great in power.iAt twy nt Axw iwtt swA. as is commanded by Osiris the spirit. You are in your chains. I am the male: cover your head.fy r. I live by my powers.i m Smsw DHwty ir nTr nb mwt nb nsb.sn anx. I have come and taken the earth gods for Ra. lord of spirits.i m Axw. open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. my eyes are given to me.i ink ir Abd mtnyt nbt iw dbn. I am the one who raises strength. I am the one who celebrates for the month feast and every half-month feast I have circled the Eye of Horus that is under my hand in the following of Thoth. As for any god or any dead one who would lick off his formula before me on this day. and walk to the beautiful west.n.i Hr. They live on the shadows of the weary ones.Tn r swAt.sn m Swt nnyw i.i irt Hr Xrt a. I have gone against you. your strength at your mountain? Look at me. This is the order for you from the beginnings.iAt twy nt Axw wn n.f xft. at the circling of this sky.

I live on the offerings with you.t imHt twy ii.f m Axw Htm m Axw.f rrk rn. Open your faces.i r irt pqw.f i.t wn Hr.f ny-sw mH 7 m Aw n psd. this cavern.i ii. The feller of the cat-fish has no power over me.i r mA nTrw imyw.k rrk imy iss pn open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.n.i nn iwt xAyw m-sA.sn HA. the one in it is called feller of the cat-fish. the fiends shall not come after me.f anx. unwind your headcloths at my approach. too secret for the spirits.Tn m xsfw.i m Htpwt im. I have come to see the gods who are in you.Tn n sxm sxr-ad im.i anx.Chapter 149f (Mound 6) i.i nn iwt DAyw m-sA.Tn kfA afnt.n. I have come to make your offering-loaves.nD Hr.f m sDt iw HfAw im.com .Tn O this cavern that separates the gods.imHt twy Dsrt nTrw StAt r Axw qsnt r nTrw imy.s sxr-ad rn. Hail.iss pwy Hr r mAA iw hh. the disease-demons shall not come after me. too difficult for the gods. Chapter 149g (Mound 7) i.

your head is severed by Mafdet. May his double-spirit (ka) fall to the serpent. Back Rerek. and devours their powers.f gbA m irty.i n hAb mtwt. I am protected.i sDr Smmt.s open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. the one in this realm of Ises. 7 cubits in the length of its back. There is a serpent in it called Rerek. too distant to be seen.com . He lives on the spirits.fy sd ibHw.k n ii.k in mAfdt O this realm of Ises. who bites with his mouth and blinds with his eyes. Chapter 149h (Mound 8) i.f n DHs Ts pXr xw.k bdS mtwt. your poison cannot fall in me.kwi Hsq tp.k im.k r. Fall and lie with your fevers in the earth. your poison is weakened. whose flame is of fire. You cannot come against me.ky m bAbA xr kA. Your lips in the hole.tw m mw.psH m r.hAt-Htpt twy aAt nwt iwtt sxm. and vice versa. Your teeth are broken.k m tA spty.

sn im. their desire has not been sated with me.s iw in.n SfSft. so none can approach it.s wpw-Hr nTr pwy Spsy dd snd.sn qA n hmhmt. I have brought the products of the earth of Atum.s Axw rx rn. O wealthy of years. I cannot be taken to the slaughter-block.i r nmt n Htm mrwt.f ntf sA sy n mrwt tm tkn im.f n Axw open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. I am the guide of the northern horizon.i n nbw xt nn iT. Chapter 149i (Mound 9) i.s iw nTr im.i xt tA itm nw wsxd rnpt iw rdi nrw.i ink sSm Axt mHtt O this area Descent of Offerings. so great is the fear of them.n.s ink nwr pwy Hry wart n Dr. respect of me is given to the lords of offerings.tw. He is the one who guards it. There is a god in it called Descent of Offerings. I am this nwr-bird who is over the district 'Limitless'.s hA-Htp rn. terror of me is given to those over the shrines.iksy twy StAt r nTrw snd n.f n nTrw Hryt.i n Hryw xm iw rdi. great in waves.s iwtt prt aqyw r.wr n snDw. over whose waters there is no control.com . so loud her roaring.

i xr.i aAw. He did it against his following.tw Axw.i TAw im. too secret for the gods.i nn sxm.tw n. whose name the spirits fear to know.f ii.i m Htpwt.i xr. I have come before you to be in your following.Tn r swAt. I breathe the air in it.n.f n mrt tm.i wdnt ist tp Hr.Tn nn iT.f st r imyw-xt.tw n. and is doors are opened for me.tw n. Chapter 149k (Mound 10) i. to prevent them breathing his air.sn r tA di m-a.n.i Dsr.tw n.s ssn.s sxm.Tn Hr Xt.com . except for this noble god who is in his egg.k r wnn m Sms. and have power over its offerings.i m iksy wn.i wAt naw kA nwt nHb-kAw ii. It is a flame with the air of destruction for nostrils and mouths.i Hr. who causes fear of him for the gods and terror of him for the spirits.iw wn.f wpw-Hr nTr pwy Spsy imy swHt.i aq. I come and go in Ikesy.sn iwty sp iryw.sn ssnt TAw.s m sDt iw TAw Htmw r Srwt rw ir.k pr.Tn nTrw ipw open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.i nbtHwt HA.i snTr Hsq.s O this Ikesy.i ink bik nTry kAp.n.tw m Swt. which those that enter cannot leave except for this noble god.niwt twy nt qAHw iTt Axw sxmt m Swt wnmyw wAD Hna nmnmyw HwAw Hr mAt irty.

i m-xt bAg Ax m pt wsr m tA pA.i Axw.i Dt xa.f m Sat.s m snd n wbA ntt im.i Hr.idw pwy di.i m nTr wnm.n. Nephthys is behind me. bull of Nut.i m smn rdi. an offering is cut for me.Tn wi di.i n.i n Dt O this city of (the god) Qahu.n. I am the divine falcon. Place yourselves (?) on your bellies until I have passed by you.f wp-Hr nTrw wnnyw im.f m sStA.i m DfAw sxt Htp hA. you who eat fresh meat and you who pass over decomposed meat. Nehebkau.i Hr. for your eyes have seen that their kee[ers are not left on earth.s Hms.niwt twy imt Xrt-nTr HApt Xt sxmt m Axw iwtt prt aqyw r.n. so that you may rescue me and give me my powers for eternity. My powers cannot be seized.n.i ink wr HkAw mds pr m swty rdwy.Tn n.n.k swA.nHm. Isis is at my face. my shadow cannot be overpowered.i aA qbHw open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. Incense is burned for me.kwi wsr.i aA mAat sn.n.com .n.kwi m irt Twy nt Hr Tst ib.f m biA mAA st mwtw im.s xa. The road of the naw-serpent.s mAA st nTrw im. O these gods. is cleared for me. I have come before you.i m bik ngg.f r Axw i. which seizes spirits and has power over shadows. Chapter 149l (Mound 11) i.kwi r idb skw iw wn.i sxn Hr wart Twy nt S aHa.

the sharp one who came from Seth.iAt Twy nt wnt iw.i wHm.iAt Twy nt wnt xntt r-sTAw iw hh. My legs are mine forever.s nTrw n smA. I am arisen. let me pass by.n n. O this city of Idu. I stand on it. I raise a ladder to the sky among the gods. The gods see it in him (?) as a miracle.Ts. veiling the body. Chapter 149m (Mound 12) i.com .t open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. with power over the spirits.s iw arawt Hr.n.sn mdw. I have crossed the doors of the firmament.i mAqt r pt m-m nTrw ink wa im.s m sDt n ar. and I have eaten from the food of the Field of Offerings after going down to the shore of the dying stars. apart from the gods who are in it as its secret against the spirits. I sit on it. I have spoken as a goose until the gods heard my cry.s Htm rn. I have cackled as a goose. mighty on earth. for I am great in power. I am given a place to alight on this district of the lake.i n spdt O this city that is in the underworld.i m wr imy Axw im.sn i.n Axw im. I have risen as a god. for fear of revealing what is in it. the damned see it in him (?) as his slaughter. I am mighty in this eye of Horus that raises my heart after weariness. I report to Sepdet. a spirit in the sky. for I am one of them. I have opened the doors of Right. I have flown up as a falcon. from which those that enter it cannot go out.i m smn r sDmt nTrw xrw.

the spirits do not join it.sn nTrw imyw iAt wnt mry.i Hna.i m nwy mi nTr pwy imy iAt nt mw ntf sAA sy m snD nTrw swri mw.com . say the gods who are in the mound of Wenet. I shall be with you for eternity.i m ixmw-sk im. You love me more than your gods.Tn wi r nTrw. I am among the Imperishable Stars that are in you.s iw mw.s m xt iw hh.Tn wnn.iw.sn n Htp n ib. I am the great one among the spirits that are in you.s m wAw n axm n ibt.Tn n Dt O this mound of Wenet foremost of Resetjau whose flame is of fire The gods do not ascend to it.i i. my name shall not perish.t nn sk.s m sHr. sty nTr in.s r Axw open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.s m xt iw wAw.sn mHt itrw Axy mi nAyt m rwDw pr m wsir sxm.s mAA nTrw Axw mw.sn m ntt im. Chapter 149n (Mound 13) i.sn n wr n snD.s n qA n SfSft. O scent of the god.i m mw swri.s r axm ibt. Cobras are upon it called Destroyer O this mound of Wenet.i nn sk rn. I shall not perish.s m Axt nbst n mrwt tm swri mw.sn n mrwt tm tkn im.iAt Twy nt Axw iwtt sxmyw im.

n n.n.k n Dt. no quenching of their thirst.i xr.i m nwy mi irt.nD Hr. I have power over water. I have come to you so you may cause me to have power over water and drink from waves. Send me the Flood so that I may have power over plants.f wADw dd mitt n nTrw m prw. no peace for their hearts. with the filling of the river with marshes like waves with the fluid coming from Osiris. I drink from the waves. He is the one who guards it with the fear of the gods.n. whose flame is a consuming furnace. Chapter 149o (Mound 14) i.f smw rwd.i m mw swri.f Hap xpr. Hail this god who is in the mound of water. so great is the fear of her.iAt Twy nt Xr-aHA xsft Hap Hr ddw ddt iwt Hap xAw rdi m HqAt sSmt sw n r wnm open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.n n. for whom crops come to be.i m wADw ink sA. whose waves are fire. who give the like to the gods in his processions in peace. so raised her dignity. like this god who is in the mound of water. for whom plants grow.k n Dt O this mound of spirits over which none have power.k nTr pwy imy iAt nt mw ii. so that none approaches them.com .n n.k n nTr pwy aA ii. I am your son of your body. Gods and spirits see her water from afar.k iwt n. whose water is fire. forever.f Htp di. who drinks its water distancing the spirits. so that none may drink its water to quench their thirst with what is in them.k sxm.i. as you did for this great god to whom the Flood comes.k di.i Hap sxm.

Tn sxm. I rest with your provisions.ddt Htpw-nTr n nTrw prt r xrw n Axw iw HfAw pn n. keeping the Flood from Djedu.f r wart twy nt Xr-aHA r DADAt tpt nwy r mAA.f m wnwt. I have power over water.Tn Ts wi aA ib. open to me your bound land. This serpent that belongs to it is in the double cavern of Abu at the mouth of the Flood. Make your offerings for me.i Hnwt.com . I cannot be untied from him forever. O gods of Kheraha. so that my heart may be great like the god that is in Kheraha. Closing note at end of chapter 149 iw.i m nwy wnm.Tn sn n.f nt sgr xAwy nTrw Xr-aHA DADAt tpt nwy wn n. giving divine offerings to the gods and voice offerings to the spirits.tw n. of this first council of waves. provisioned with the fluid coming from Osiris. and stands at this district of Kheraha at this first council of the waves until it sees in its hour of silence of the night.f Hna mw aHa. I rest in the waves. sending the Flood measured and placed in bushels. I eat grain. guiding it to the mouth of the eater.i Htpt.i m DfAw.i twt nTr imy Xr-aHA ir. It comes with water.i mrwt. reveal to me your canals.f Dt O this mound of Kheraha.i npri Htp.kwi m rwDw pr m wsir n sfx.i im.s-imy m qrty Abw r r Hap ii.s pw m Htp open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. Raise me.i m mw Htp.Tn Htm.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2002 University College London.com . open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.This is its end in peace.

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