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Fr. Tharsius Arokiasamy Fr. Emmareddy Mathias Fr.

Edward Michael-

- Rector, Parish Priest & Correspondent

- Principal, Asst. Parish Preist

- Administrator, Asst. Parish Priest & Ic- Vazhikaatti, Tr

II. Mission Activities at Holy Spirit Church- Tagore Nagar

The Salesian community at Holy Spirit Church, Tagore Nagar takes care of the faith formation of the faithful in the parish and education ministry to the young through the Matriculation Hr. Sec. School at Tagore Nagar. STATISTICAL DETAILS OF THE MISSION i. Holy Spirit Church, Tagore Nagar: Total number of registered Catholic families: 700 Nature of the parish population: Mostly lower middle class and quite a number of poor families. Total number of anbiams: 39 (33 + 6) anbiams Sub-stations: 1 No Place 01 Main Parish 02 Sub-station Name of the Church Holy Spirit Church St. Paulpet Registered Families 620 80 Anbiams 33 6 Days of Mass Daily On Tuesdays

A. Regular Mass & Liturgical Services in the Parish: Weekday Mass: Mass in Anbiams: Sundays: Sacrament of Reconciliation Anbiam Meetings: Substation mass Chaplaincy 06.15 am once a week. 06.15 am / 9.00 am /6.30 pm Saturdays, 24th of the month & daily before mass Twice a month Tuesdays, 6.30 pm Wednesdays at 6.30 am at Cluny convent

A Catechist is available to help out in the parish. B. Sunday Catechism Sunday catechism classes are organized in the parish and in the sub-station. Altogether, there are 239 children (both from the main station and the sub-station), from class 1 to XII attending the classes.

Provincial Visitation # 2012 2013

Holy Spirit Church, Tagore Nagar

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Time I 20 II 31 III 20 IV 17

No of children in each class V 19 VI 17 VII 27 VIII 28 IX 21 X 20 XI 10 XII 9 Total 239

No of teachers 18 + 3

Main Station

7.45 am

C. Devotions in the Parish: Prayer and Worship: Every day 24th MHC Devotion Saturday adoration: First Friday Sacred Heart devotion Comm. of Don Bosco Novena to Holy Spirit Neo-Catechumenate prayers Office Staff: Total No. of office Staff Domestic Staff: Total No. of Domestic Staff Female

Fridays by a prayer group Rosary before the mass Held regularly Held regularly Held regularly Held regularly Thursdays Thursdays & Sundays


= =

4 4


Pious Associations and Groups in the parish: No of No Name of the Association


Day of Meeting

Primary activities Prayer, Worship & sharing Bible Marian Devotion Pastoral help in the parish --Liturgical service Liturgical celebration Liturgical & Parish activities Study Bible & House visits Helping the poor Liturgical celebration Teaching & Learning

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Neo Catechumenate Legion of Mary (Women) Salesian Cooperators Bible Sunday Club Altar Servers Tamil Choir Youth Group Bible Prayer Group St. Vincent De Paul Society English Choir Don Bosco Tailoring inst.

15 10 13 --7+2 8 15+10 25 15 15

Weekly Weekly

--Sunday Monthly Weekly Weekly Monthly Monthly Daily

Significant Achievements, Events and Developmental Activities: The Church belfry which was sponsored by Mr. Rangasamy, the Chief minister of Puducherry and MLA of Thattanchavadi constituency was blessed on 24 th Dec. 2012. A new big generator and multi-media gadgets have been installed.

Provincial Visitation # 2012 2013

Holy Spirit Church, Tagore Nagar

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ii. Don Bosco Matriculation Hr. Sec. School: Don Bosco Matriculation Hr. Sec. School has a total strength of 1205 students, from LKG to Std. XII. This is a coeducation school with 736 boys and 469 girls. Among them only 310 (169 boys + 141 girls) are Catholics and Christians, the rest are Hindus and Muslims.

LKG 84

UKG 84

I 100

II 108

III 110

IV 105

V 83

VI 98

VII 75


IX 51

X 50

XI 87

XII 91

TOTAL 1205

Matriculation Hr. Sec. School Teaching Staff: Total No. of Teachers Male Teachers = = 38 12 Catholic Teachers Female Teachers = = 22 26

Office Staff Total No. of Office Staff Male Domestic Staff Total No. of Staff Male

= =

3 1

Catholics Female

= =

3 Nil

= =

6 2

Catholics Female

= =

6 4

Spiritual Animation offered in the schools: Daily prayers, first Friday mass, Prayer service for Non-Catholics, catechism and moral classes, confession, morning assembly talk, animation for teachers and teachers, and annual retreat for the teachers. Various Groups and Movements: No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Association / Movement Science Club Literary Club NGC NSS Chess Club G.K. Club Scouts & Guides Computer & Media Club No. of students 72 90 86 50 60
131 40 40

Aim / Primary activities Science Exhibition, projects & notice boards Spoken English, language & Competitions Green campus & care of plants Social awareness & service Learn skills in Games Develop IQ & Competitions Make better citizens & service Creative expressions & media awareness

Government Exam results: Total number of Std. X students appeared= 51. Students passed= 51. Pass Percentage= 100% Total number of Std. XII students appeared= 74. Pass Percentage= 93% Significant Achievements, Events and Developmental Activities:

Provincial Visitation # 2012 2013

Holy Spirit Church, Tagore Nagar

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The Government of Pondicherry awarded The Chief Ministers Rolling Trophy to the school during the 64th Republic celebrations, for its outstanding 100 percent results in the SSLC examinations. The additional classrooms with an assembly hall have been completed.

iii. Neighbourhood ministry: The community in response to the various needs of the poor, reaches out to many villages through various social upliftment initiatives. Some of them are:
a). Evening Study Centres The community is involved in organizing evening study center for the very deserving children in the neighbourhood through the close collaboration of Vincent de Paul and Past Pupils. The children are looked after well and they are cheerful.

b). Don Bosco Vazhikaatti Centre: The Vazhikaatti centre which was shifted to Tagore Nagar from Thattanchavadi, caters to the needs of the young by providing youth services, seminar on career guidance and job placement. Some of its activities are enumerated below:

I.Career Guidance: Seminars No of Programmes conducted: No of Participants: II. Career Fair No of Career Fair: No of Participants: III. Parents Seminars No of Parents Seminars: No of Participants:

47 5,027 02 (16- Schools) 2,280 02 928 189 (various Qualifications) 21 (rest are forwarded to Chennai Vazhikaatti ) 01Conducted at Villupuram for MRF 230 40

IV. Job Placement No of Registrations No of Placements No of Job Drive No of Participants No of candidates selected for Interview

c). Tailoring school: The parish community offers coaching in tailoring for the very deserving girls and young women of the neighbourhood. The vocational training is found to be very helpful for their livelihood. Salesian Family: Salesian Cooperators: At present there are 13 promised members and 7 aspirants who collaborate well with the parish and take initiatives for the growth of the parish.

Provincial Visitation # 2012 2013

Holy Spirit Church, Tagore Nagar

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Don Bosco Past Pupils Association: The members of the past pupil association are active and collaborate well towards the growth of the school. Meetings are organized regularly and many charitable initiatives are undertaken to help the needy. Religious Collaborators: The Cluny sisters and the Immaculate sisters collaborate well with the Salesian community in organizing Catechism classes and undertaking family visits. Chaplaincy: The priests offer their services as chaplains once a week (on Wednesdays) to the Cluny Sisters.

Provincial Visitation # 2012 2013

Holy Spirit Church, Tagore Nagar

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