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1. Presentation of Comares Ingeniera y Construccin, S.L. 2. Presentation of Urbaservicios de Cartagena, S.L. 3. Presentation of Blauverd Construccin de Hbitats, S.L.U. 4. Presentation Grupo Lubasa

INGECONS & URBASERVICIOS, S.A. was formed as an alliance of four companies related to world of construction, to execute larger projects, both in the field of civil engineering work and own the building. Our scope work is not confined to the area of Spanish territory, but extends to other countries. Companies that are part of this great new project that is INGECONS & URBASERVICIOS, S.A., are the following: a) COMARES INGENIERA Y CONSTRUCCIN, S.L. (INGECONS) b) URBASERVICIOS DE CARTAGENA, S.L, c) BLAUVERD CONSTRUCCIN DE HBITATS, S.L. d) GRUPO LUBASA (BECSA) Some of these companies are also formed by another set of companies.

Presentation of INGECONS
1.1. Introduction. History 1.2. Design of the strategic plan of INGECONS 1.3. Areas of business 1.3.1. Construction 1.3.2. Home automation 1.3.3. Engineering 1.3.4. Air conditioning. Maintenance and service 1.3.5. Electrical installations 1.3.6. Hydraulic installations. Wastewater treatment and sanitation 1.3.7. Supply of construction materials 1.4. Human resources. Quality and environment 1.5. Major Projects.

Presentation of URBASERVICIOS
2.1. Introduction. History. Objectives 2.2. Organization. Organization chart and references 2.3. Areas of business 2.3.1. Construction 2.3.2. Aggregates 2.3.3. Groundwater

Presentation of BLAUVERD
3.1 . Introduction. History 3.2 . Areas of business 3.2.1. Residential construction 3.2.2. Industrial construction 3.2.3. Civil work/planning 3.2.4. Rehabilitation 3.3. Quality 3.4. Major projects.

Presentation of LUBASA
4.1. 4.2. Introduction. History Areas of business 4.2.1. Public works Building. Construction. Highway and street paving. Maritimes. Airport Environment. Parking 4.2.2. Private work Residential. Leisure and trade. Industrial building. Urbanization 4.3. Exploitation and installations 4.3.1. Laboratories 4.3.2. Machinery 4.4. Management System I+D+i

4.4.1. Quality and environment Prevention PRL

Presentation of INGECONS
1.1. Introduction. History
INGECONS, is the result of the application of a consolidation strategy of several companies, having different activities (equipment installation, construction, supply of construction equipments, engineering, etc.), united for a common aim: the construction, with the objective to give to the client the maximum satisfaction in all aspects: studies, planning, price, quality, service, delays, etc. Its existence over time followed the following chronology:

COMARES, was founded in 1994 to provide services for construction and public works. ARMO INSTALACIONES, was founded in 2000 as a company specializing in hydraulics and plumbing in the construction field, both as a civil building. COELFRI INSTALACIONES, was founded in 2002, specializes in electrical installations, air conditioning and home automation in new housing, industries, hotels, etc.. In 2004, she has definitely broadened its scope by diversifying the company into two distinct areas, the electrification and automation on one side, and air conditioning / cooling and maintenance of the other reviewers. INGECONS was founded in 2003 as Construction Company specializing in large projects and work, both residential as nonresidential, characterized by their magnitude and complexity. The importance given by INGECONS to Human Capital is very huge. We have a large team of people with high decision-making capacity, technical knowledge and experience.

1.2. Design of the strategic plan

The design of the strategic plan INGECONS consists of following steps: The concept of organization. o An organization appropriate to the needs of individual companies comprising the group. The nature of its activities. o Studies, projects, achievements of papers including the supply of materials and / or components necessary for the construction and / or equipment, implementation and observation of deadlines and budgets. The reason for its existence o Motor generator of economic resources and employability. The group she serves

o At the very group that requires its services and be prepared to collaborate with a group of companies with serious and solvency. Its principles and core values o Provide a construction professional, technologically advanced, with the highest quality standards, conducted by experienced and resourceful staff that can provide the customer with an adequate cost, top quality and delivery time adjusted. o Run the tasks on time planned by ensuring through our team of efficient professionals, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Designers, Supervisors and employees, maintaining the quality standards desired by the customer.

1.3. Areas of business

1.3.1. Construction

The trading area of construction and real estate development in the GRUPO COMARES is represented by COMARES INGENIERA Y CONSTRUCCIN, which integrally realizes all services related to the construction. It was created as an answer to the market need of an integral service, with high professional capacity, and a strict control of quality, prices and delays. It was the result of the consolidation of the efforts of its founders and collaborators and their large experience in the construction sector. INGECONS is a young company, which however has a solid experience, then a great part of its professionals have more than 20 years of occupational activity. This allows us to be agile and flexible, but at the same time to be solid and rigorous

as the more veteran companies. However, as our critical mass is smaller, we need less response time to answer the requests of our clients. We have took part in outstanding projects, which due to their complexity, difficulty and urgency were absolutely unfeasible for other companies of the sector.


Home automation

The trading area of house automation studies designs and installs house automation systems for housing, which control the heating, air conditioned, alarm, light, blinds, awnings, etc., with the most recent technology. All these installations are able to control absolutely all the systems by cellular phone, if needed, and with a program that allows the most efficient energy utilization, and consequently important energy savings and an improvement of environmental protection. The house automation system described below is designed for the control of building, either of offices and hotels or private houses. It integrates the lighting, air conditioning, engines of blinds and curtains, presence and access controls, monitoring and control from a central control point, etc. All these functions are perfectly coordinated and managed in order to obtain the best rates of comfort, energy saving and safety in the building or house.



A great technical multidisciplinary team favours that all the studies and budgets that we make are perfectly adjusted to the needs of the client. We have a policy of continuous training of our technicians in the latest novelties in the fields of engineering and architecture. The influence of the Group in all the fields related to the construction facilitates the interaction of the different techniques and methodologies applicable to the construction, which turns the technical team of INGECONS into Leader and Technological Associate in the works contracted with our clients.

The synthesis capacity in solving the problems that can turn up during the construction is determinant for us. In all our realizations we collaborate closely with our clients, and in particular in the following areas:

Feasibility study of the project. Realization of the complete project. Improvement and optimisation of the projects realised by third parties or by the client. Technical advice. Work management and technical assistance on demand of our clients. Corrective work management, when our clients have problem with their service provider and have some troubles concerning delivery dates or technical organization. Collaboration with the companies of the Group in the realization of turn-key projects.


Air conditioning. Maintenance and service

The trading area of air conditioning was created with a clear technological and ecological ideology, realising an integral management and control of the installations and services in the aim of controlling and giving comfort and welfare. We opt for the achievement of the proposed objectives with an unavoidable premise, the environmental protection, and so our air conditioning systems are base on new technologies and ecological gases. The products we install are manufactured by the most important manufacturers in the world, the controls and automatisms are of latest generation, and allow an important reduction of the air conditioning costs.

The service we offer is the one of an industrial and domestic installer company of all types of equipments and accessories in the air conditioning sector. INGECONS in the field of Maintenance and Management Services has a primary objective: To achieve the minimum cost and maximum safety possible for staff, the minimum environmental disturbance, the proper use and operation of equipment and facilities for clients who have placed their trust. Like all equipment designed to provide satisfaction, the longer time of use, the greater its efficiency, performance and wellbeing of people who use it


Electrical installations

The trading area of electrical installations is composed of several areas, which can make all types of works, as follows: Our departments cover the following areas:


Control and automatisms

Public lighting. Connections of low and medium voltage. Bypasses in low and medium voltage. Electric transformers. Switchboards. Overhead and underground lines of flow and medium voltage. Building. Industrial buildings. Domestic electrification. Protection against lighting strokes. Water treatment plants. Desalination plants.

Purifying plants. Traffic tunnels. Water pumping. Water management. Management of irrigation unions. Optical-fibre and radio communications.


Hydraulic nstallations. Wastewater treatment and sanitation

The trading area of hydraulic installation is dedicated to the realization of hydraulic and fire-fighting installations, either in civil works or building. One of our specializations in civil works is the setting up of all kind of polyethylene pipes. We are certified by the Department of Industry, and are in compliance with al the requirements of the certification for this type of installations.

ARMO INSTALACIONES is divided into two large areas: Civil works


Hydraulic installations of general potable water network. Water pumping. Impulses. Purifying plants. Junctions. Repairs. Changes in networks. Valves. Industrial parks. Distribution to communities Irrigation unions Estates

Plumbing and drainage installations. Fire-fighting installations. Real state developments. Repairs.

In this department, the main activity is focused in the construction, operation, maintenance and plant maintenance treatment of wastewater and sanitation. We have developed new areas of work:

Engineering, implementation of hydraulic works and outfalls. Operation of water supply stations and water treatment. Waste management and recovery of bio solids in agriculture. Studies and Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i), in collaboration with several renowned institutions. Installation work of simultaneous production of electricity and thermal use of biogas.


Supply of construction materials

The company COMARES was founded in 1994, as an adequate answer to a totally emerging market, needing the best products for immediate utilization.

Its policy as regards suppliers is to have an optimum attitude of collaboration and confidence with them. As regards its clients it tries to find the best products and give the ideal solutions to their construction problems. It has a proved capacity to answer the needs of the clients, by a continuous innovation and development process, which has consolidated its leading position in the regional market. Its policy, established in the Mission of INGECONS, is to promote quality, competitiveness, transparency and professional ethics, with special care to occupational safety and health and environmental friendliness. Our commercial structure allows us to satisfy any type of request or find any type of product needed by our clients. We provide our customers with products of the most prestigious brands on the domestic and international, such as: Acuster Camac Fabregas Kettal PPT SPT Aislenvas Cemex Gesan Medop Samaplast Stanley Bellota Delta Plus Hilti Pavimoder SilliSafety Uralita Bosch Dewalt Jar Polieco Sika etc..

1.4. Human resources. Quality and environment

There are three basic lines of action, on which policy is, based INGECONS RRHH: Incorporation of new staff

Training, adaptation and development. Prevention of Occupational Risks. The consolidation of these three areas has led to the creation of a large multidisciplinary team with wide measure of discretion, expertise and experience, able to provide the best customer service, and to generate and manage numerous business areas effectively and thoroughly. Of the three basic axes emerge the following pillars of our corporate culture: Recruitment, retention and motivation of talented people. Support and enhance the transfer of training and learning. The implementation of teamwork and quality control as tools to promote excellence in a job well done. Enhance the personal qualities of our employees regarding skills, assertiveness, empathy and proactivity. The development of the rejection of the routine, exercise discipline in the execution of the work and safety control and exercise leadership and to protect and respect the group.

Ingecons, promotes the generation of opportunities for employees, along that detect and enhance personal skills of the same, with the ultimate aim of retaining the best professionals

One of the objectives of the Mission INGECONS, its employees and business partners of the same, is to obtain high levels of occupational health and safety and strict adherence to the LPRL (Spanish Law of Prevention and Safety at work). Our prevention policy is thus based on the following principles: Integration Principle of preventive action in all positions.

Compliance with laws and regulations in force concerning the Prevention of Occupational Risks. Training of all employees INGECONS in prevention, developing their human and professional potential. Periodic compliance reviews of occupational health. Study and analysis of the risks of each job and its prevention. A detailed study of risks in each of our works, by the appropriate Plan of Work Safety. Encourage the initiative of our employees in all aspects that relate to prevention of occupational risks, occupational health and wellness. Implementation of technological innovations and suitably qualified employees.

As a result, they leave nothing to chance, we get involved to be more effective, we learn and we formed, thereby achieving more aware and more competent in the prevention of occupational hazards. A deep involvement with business partners, promotes an extreme coordination with them in the field of prevention of occupational hazards. The consequence of this is to achieve a strong, trained and sensitized on prevention team work.

The commitment to environmental protection in all our actions is an essential element that integrates and inspires INGECONS policy. For this reason, INGECONS based his performance as a strategic plan, one of whose pillars is the Social Responsibility to be a fundamental aspect underpinning this pillar of respect for the environment. Therefore, inculcate values and behaviors that respect the environment, teaching and showing good environmental practices in each and every one of those members of the

Group in the activities of the different areas of the business. To implement these principles, management is proposed as MISSION of INGECONS: Take the necessary steps to prevent pollution and, when this is not possible, to minimize emissions. Systematically reduce waste by recycling wherever possible, and make efficient use of natural resources, raw materials and energy. Take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with all environmental regulations applicable to our activities at State level and Local Autonomy and any requirement that the group subscribes in the future. To establish procedures for periodic review of compliance with environmental policy and the implementation of corrective measures before any breaches detected. Define and regularly review environmental objectives and targets established in compliance with this environmental policy, in the process of continuous improvement of our performance with respect to the environment.
Disseminate environmental policy among employees, suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders.

1.5. Major projects

Hotel Atrium Beach Villajoyosa (Alicante) Description: Project symbolic of the first order because it is the largest hotel in Europe at the forefront of beach, with 1470 rooms, and unique thanks to its fun zones as the walk of stars, restaurants, shops, themed areas , area lakes, lazy river, swimming pool with waves, etc. Built on a plot of 28,000 m2 with 10,000 m2 of slab foundation, 2 basements (on the second at 9 m below sea level), a ground floor and 19 floors for a total of 120,000 m2 construction. Management and Construction of all work. Execution of all masonry (900 of 1470 rooms have been made) and we are awaiting the resumption of work to finish this contract once again obtained the permit modification by the owner. Work done in record time, excavation and foundations in 3 months (in solving problems pumping nearly 3,000,000 litters / day), the structure was completed in 10 months, we worked 24 hours a day permanently until early last summer.

Building Atrium Plaza Benidorm (Alicante) Description: Project 80 apartments, ground floor commercial and two basements, the second at 12 m. under the sidewalk, made with screen walls and lattice structure with forged and shaped fan. Total of 8 floors with a total of 15,000 m2 of construction. Engineering Management and Construction of the full work. Running the entire site in "turnkey". The work was done on time.

Building Mesana Altea(Alicante) Description: Draft of 63 apartments, front line beach. Total of 8 floors with a total of 15,000 m2 of construction. Rebuilding and strengthening the original structure. Execution of all masonry work, installation and finishing. The site was done on schedule and is currently completing.

Madrid Parque Warner San Martn de la Vega (Madrid) Description: Draft comprehensive reform paths inside the park, including areas with new gardens and new access to attractions. Construction Events Center and the new attraction Scooby Doo. Technical Management and Construction of all work. Execution of all work in "turnkey". The work was done in record time, by performing any internal reform in 2 months and the construction of the Events Center with all facilities (kitchen, air conditioning, fire protection, plumbing and electricity) and the attraction Scooby Doo in 3 months.

Spa Blancafort La Garriga (Barcelona) Description: Draft comprehensive reform of the resort center, including with new electrical, plumbing and air conditioning. Technical Management and Construction of all work. Execution of all facilities as a "turnkey". The work was done by providing the technical means (foreman and manager) to coordinate industrial and business plumbing, electricity and air conditioning INGECONS.

Conection Fuente Liviana Huerta del Marquesado (Cuenca) Description: Pipe two new sources to the bottling plant Fuente Liviana Technical Management and Construction of all work. Execution of all work in "turnkey". The work connected issuer made on schedule, facilities were given to the owner .


Presentation of URBASERVICIOS
2.1. Introduction. History. Objectives
URBASERVICIOS DE CARTAGENA, S.L., was founded in 1.994 by Mr. Alejandro de las Heras Gavil, who has more than 25 years experience in the promotion of international projects in many countries of South America and Africa. The main activity of URBASERVICIOS DE CARTAGENA, S.L. is the implementation of international trade projects. URBASERVICIOS is born with the vocation of executing projects for the primary sector development, exporting the modern technologies which have transformed the Spanish Southeast in a world reference in the agricultural and agri-foodstuffs industry, to South American and African countries, accompanying the local promoters from the beginning of the projects and up to their start-up, in what we call "Assisted Project", in the following sectors: Production, processing and food distribution. Design of industrial processes and equipment. Construction, public, industrial and residential.
Urban infrastructures, roads and plumbing.

2.2 . Organization. Organization chart and references URBASERVICIOS is formed by very experienced technicians developed in regional enterprises of several sectors, and by experts in international trading and financing; it is based on a combined structure: a. A permanent team integrated in base departments, in charge of studies, project selection and development. b. Cooperation with professionals and enterprises of the region, specialized in different fields, incorporated for concrete projects, according to their characteristics, with different degrees of integration, such as : services supply contracts, supply of materials, temporary unions of enterprises, etc... URBASERVICIOS acts thus as a leadership and coordination structure, providing the organization, engineering, financing, commercialization and distribution for the different projects, with the support of other enterprises, assuring a maximum quality, guaranteed profitability and efficiency in every case. The flexibility of its structure allows having the most suitable professionals for every project without neither the additional cost nor the operational limitations of greater structures.










The technical and management personnel of URBASERVICIOS has a long experience in the execution of Agricultural Development Projects, continuously from the last 25 years; since the realization of the first drip irrigation installations in Staoueli (ALGERIA) in 1.980. In 1.985 and after the nascent liberalization of the Algerian agricultural production sector, we designed and brought up what we could call the first Integral Agrifood Project of ALGERIA, on a surface of 600 has, in the region of Zouibet (W. Biskra). In 1.992, we developed one soil adaptation in Adrar (ALGERIA), with the design, supply and installation of 7.000 Has., of automatic irrigation, 10 of water abstraction wells, 10 basins of 200.000 m3, etc., for the production of vegetables for fresh consumption, and tomato for industrial processing, with a plant for production of tomato concentrate, project executed between 1.992 and 1.996. This project, in spite of all difficulties, constituted one of the most important international qualification and technological references of our company. Our references are divided in: A) Agro-Industrial Subdivision - Agricultural Development Projects - Plastic Manufacturing Plant - Agricultural Machinery

B) Construction Works Subdivision - Prefabricated products - Real estate development D) Aggregates Subdivision E) Hydraulic Works Subdivision F) Environmental Protection Subdivision G) Port Infrastructures Subdivision

2.3. Areas of business

2.3.1. Construction

URBASERVICIOS DE CARTAGENA, S.L. has a large experience in the sector of the industrial and prefabricated construction. In cases of emergency, URBASERVICIOS DE CARTAGENA, S.L. has supplied buildings, schools, boarding schools and living bases for victims and volunteers, in several countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Colombia, Senegal, Dominican Republic and Chile. Our knowledge of the prefabricated construction techniques has allowed us to participate in projects of public works, as an associate company, responsible for supply and logistics. In 2003 URBASERVICIOS organized the supply and construction of more than 550 individual houses and 20.000 school places for the disaster

victims of the earthquake of May 21, 2003, in Boumerds, ALGERIA. This project was realized with prefabricated buildings in steel insulation panels, in record time of 6 months.

In 2004 we built-up and equipped in Imzouren, Morocco, a secondary education residential school for 260 students, disaster victims of the earthquake of Al-Hoceima of that same year, financed by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI). The centre has dormitories for 260 students, industrial kitchen with cold rooms, and mess room for 200 per turn, infirmary, study hall, toilets, change rooms, administrative buildings and storage areas. Currently, URBASERVICIOS DE CARTAGENA, S.L. is building several real estate developments in Spain, in the cities of La Union and Torrepacheco, as well as other international projects in Algeria, Senegal and Dominican Republic. This activity is one of the most important and decisive in the development of the group.



Our expertise in the construction of production facilities and mineral aggregates has led to two complementary activities: the installation of central core of concrete and precast concrete production. In this area we have signed partnership agreement with two major companies in Murcia, specialists in this type of facility.

These activities have enabled us to perform various integrated projects, ranging from the installation of aggregate production units, providing concrete plants, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, the supply of hydraulic presses for the production of prefabricated parts. These facilities were often designed and delivered turnkey, including civil works, ancillary equipment and staff training, for different customers or for our own needs. The partners of URBASERVICIOS de CARTAGENA, S.L. are linked to the manufacture of machinery for production of aggregates from the early 80s. The manufacture, supply or operation of aggregates production facilities are among the main activities of our group, as exemplified by our national and international references. Fixtures, semi-fixed or mobile, with capacities ranging from 100-1000 T / h, represent a comprehensive manufacturing program capable of meeting all the demands of today's market, as well as the needs of public works projects and Building in which it participates URBASERVICIOS de CARTAGENA, S.L. as a partner and supplier.


Ground Water catching

In this sector URBASERVICIOS DE CARTAGENA, S.L. realises wells and hydraulic works associated to swamps, canalisations or pumping stations, not only in Spain, but also in foreign countries. We have a wide range of references in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Chile, where we could work with several equipments and a technical team specialised in working in arid zones and unstable slopes. We have supplied all type of equipments, from the first cable-tool drilling equipments, direct rotation equipments and also the most modern equipments highly efficient in all types of slopes. These equipments can incorporate in the same machine the direct rotation with the reverse flow hammer drill, allowing performances of nearly 100 lineal metres per machine and day, for depths between 150 and 500 metres and diameters of 17, 5".

The supply of these equipments and all consumables, the displacement of specialised personnel and other logistic means, make of URBASERVICIOS DE CARTAGENA, S.L. a good partner in the realization of integral agricultural projects, water supply to the population or to public works sites.

Presentation of BLAUVERD
3.1. Introduction. History
Habitats Construction Blauverd S.L.U. is a building firm, whose experience in this sector has been a reference both the quality of their works as their competitiveness on price and terms. Therefore its credited by their more than one million constructed square meters and 25 years of experience. We not only offer service of execution of any type of work. We also have several teams of dedicated workers to realise maintenance workings,as much to works performed by the company as for all kinds of customers, be they particular, private sponsors, water distribution companies, gas, etc. Blauverd Constructions SL was born in 1985 in Alzira (Valencia). At the beginning, as a company dedicated to the Industrial construction and thereinafter as construction generally, extending this period until 1996. Taking advantage of the situation of the Spanish economy in the mid-90s, we diversified our activities, initiated in the promotion sector with the construction of Bay Park residential, on Culleras beach (Valencia). However, the main difference from other real estate is reinforcing work staff to support our real estate business.

In general, with the change of cycle of the economy, in particular with the change of the Spanish real estate market, started in 2007, we returned to our beginnings, paralyzing real estate business, except in specific cases. Just this moment, the experience of our staff work is revalued. Blauverd offers any constructive service to both governments as particulars, but it isnt constructive either service. It is the Blauverd Constructive Service. 25 years of works in different segments: industrial, commercial and office buildings, buildings for Administration, residential buildings ... This is our warranty.

3.2. Areas of business

3.2.1. Residential construction

A branch of Residential area builds the different types of habitational complexes of our promotions: single-family housing, multifamily housing of habitual dwelling place and low-cost housing subsidised by the state, meeting high standards. Residential Building, with over 15 years experience as an independent branch belong to Blauverd Group, has built over 1,500 homes, both for Blauverd as for other companies, mainly in the area of the Levant. One of the main assets of the branch is the training of more than 20 specialized professionals. In Blauverd, day after day, we work to see the smiles of our customers, and this is achieved because it meets time and quality.


Industrial construction

Blauverd activity in Industrial Buildings covers a wide range of activities: - Buildings with great designing - Buildings with sundry functionality: (conventional warehousings-Office spaces) - Buildings alloted to Logistic and Distribution works - Special Buildings - Works of restoration and extensions

Specialty area is given both by the professionalism of the human team, experts in the various branches of the construction as accumulated experience since 1986, approaching projects of unique workplace that combining design and functionality to a fare-you-well.


Civil work/planning

For over 5 years, land development is a works branch of Blauverd Group that rises in response to its philosophy of contribute with integral solutions in all their actions, this way all phases of a construction project may be assumed by the Group itself. Like construction firm, Blauverd develops, on the one hand, "urban developments in remote instances", in other words, without public proceedings,which transforms a parcel with public highway system for access and the other hand, "urban developments in built-in instances", where there is public proceedings. In addition, also performs the internal urban developments in far-reaching works (more 20.000m2). In the smaller volumes is directly responsible for the Residential branch. The turnover of this branch in 2007 reached 14.5 million euros, and currently enjoys with 12 urban works in process, carried out by 20 workers.



In Blauverd we have a fully qualified team to undertake all types of restoration and rehabilitation interventions. We have competent technicians and experts on the subject of building, as well as their own staff specialized in this type of intervention. We can act either in public works, historic-artistic heritage, urban buildings of any type, emblematic buildings, historic remains, traditional homes, country homes, or any other intervention. We range over all types of interventions, both partial as built-in interventions. Underpinnings in foundations, interventions in load-bearing walls or bick in stony or traditional bick, structure of wood and traditional forging, coating of all type, both inside as outside, carpentries both metallic as wood, stoneworks, covers of wood and roof tile, slate, building fronts, etc. We cover the whole range of interventions. All of the above is considered from a point of view sensitive with the strictest adherence to the building and always under the considerations of both proprietary as technical manager or specialist who may be, if necessary, at the head or as responsible for the intervention.

3.3. Quality
Directive wishes that person in charge Quality has established and implemented a quality control in due form of UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 "Systems Quality Management. Requirements", for the activity of Providing Real Estate Services, Promotion, Design and Construction. The Quality System is aimed at customer satisfaction, internal and external thanks to compliance with the requirements, and the time frames and budgets, assigning to it necessary means and resources. For this, the quality system aims: Ensuring quality of services provided, according to International Standard ISO 9001:2000. Meeting the demands offered to our customers, strengthening confidence in our Organization. Comply with all legal requirements are applicable to us in BLAUVERD Efficient management and control of the process of providing the service and production of the product. Continuous improvement of processes, procedures and product. Awareness and motivation of BLAUVERD staff on the importance of the implementation, developing and maintaining a quality system. Enhance teamwork and lifelong training. Setting goals and monitoring compliance with them to ensure improved our organization.

Person in charge Quality will disseminate to all staff policy and goals for ensure their knowledge throughout the organization.

3.4. Major projects

EL ALTERN, S.L. Massalavs (Valencia).

Description: Office building for the manufacture of gypsum products. The plot area is 5000 m2, constructed area of 3,700 m2. 3 floors and basement, ground floor office, 1st and 2nd floor for the exhibition and parking in the basement. The basement, with staffing of 20 parking spaces, elevator to the top and small storage units, all on a built area 714 m2. Ground floor commercial and government offices and management offices, meeting rooms, training room, toilets, archives, waiting room and main reception, for a total of 670 m2. The total area for the two floors of 1,308 m2. Sunroof recreation area with bar and parasols. Air Conditioning

RESLARI S.L LA MASIA Alzira (Valencia). Description: Extension of village hall, hotels and cooking. Plot of 5474.20 m2 Building area 5.266 m2 and 2.726 m2 outdoor parking. Forged steel frame and a section of poured concrete and some precast concrete plate. Wall curtain wall facade that combines panel and sheet steel painted silver trespa. Upper ceiling of copper-coated aluminum and a covered terrace that can not be reversed, gravel finish.

SIEMENS IMEVAL, S.L. Paterna (Valencia). Description: Building of 2 floors and 2 basements, for uses not defined as the ground floor and first floor and basement parking. Plot Area 2.500 m2 and 3.555 m2 building area. The basement has 63 parking spaces on each floor, elevator access and storage of the upper small units, all built in an area of 1.800 m2 on each floor.

GESTESEE PROYEX Parque Tecnolgico de Paterna (Valencia). Description: Laboratory Office Building R & D. Area of 3551.62 m2 plot. 2637.80 m2 Building area. It is an office building for R & D industry, built on a foundation of 3551, 62 m2, with 2 floors and flat roof. On the first floor is the reception, administrative offices, wet rooms, sorting and laboratories and offices on the first floor are distributed technicians and managers. To make the project has benefited from the technical team of a manufacturer, including a team leader, foreman, foremen and workers in order Blauverd specialist subcontractors, different from the various construction trades.

EURONIC. S.L. Paterna (Valencia). Description: Office building Area 5900 m2 plot. Building area 10,500 m2. This is an office building, and a distribution warehouse. It consists of a basement, ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor and roof deck. The structure is of reinforced concrete made on site with training prestressed forging. The basement walls are concrete packed on both sides. The drop zone has an area of 3152 m2 and consists of basement and ground floor. It is made of precast concrete. The office building is constructed with materials of high quality coating micro perforated sheet metal, wood siding (TRESPA) and plasterboard walls in aluminum and glass, all of high quality. Courtyards that provide light to all rooms.

SCAVALENCIA EDIFICIO SCANIA.- Zona Industrial La Reva. Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia). Description: Office building. Area 20,000 m2 plot. Building area 2500 m2. This is an office building, leaning against a truck from the store to the Scania brand. It has been completely urbanized with sewerage, underground pipes, slabs of concrete and asphalt. The area of the store is made of prefabricated steel structure with concrete walls and steel roof coated 50 mm. The office building is part of forged steel and working on sheet metal and concrete. It has two floors and finishes are noble, modern materials. The sandstone was used in coating porcelain facades, curtain walls and stainless steel. The interior layouts are plasterboard (PLADUR) and walls of glass and aluminum.

OFICINAS FRUXERESA, S.L. .- Xeresa (Valencia). Description: Building for new corporate offices Fruxeresa. Building of 2 floors and basement, for service area on the ground floor, offices on 1st floor and basement parking. The basement with staffing for 14 parking spaces, elevator access to upper and dependencies small deposit, all on a built area 419 m2. Ground floor area for services, common dining, locker rooms, offices, quality control, laboratory labeling, two-room managers and small meeting rooms and spaces for future additions to reserves or endowments for total of 645 m2. The 1st floor is for administration area with a common area of 150 m2, independent offices and executive office of 60 m2, archives, toilet and storage area data, with a total of 650 m2. Roofing practicable where the installation of solar electricity generation and air conditioning machines.

VALENCIA OFFICE SYSTEMS, CANON (Valencia). Description: Office building and logistics department. Area 2415 m2 plot. Building area 1708 m2. Implementation of the Canon headquarters in Valencia and warehouse logistics company. Solar system, fully urbanized, drains buried facilities with concrete floors. The storage area is accomplished through a metal structure, the type of space HOLLY ROVER, together with concrete blocks and plate steel sandwich panel prewash. The roof panel is 50 mm in painted sheet metal. The office building is a reinforced concrete structure. The building has two floors plus basement garage and warehouse. The ground floor used as a reception, meeting rooms and training facilities and technical. On the first floor are the offices of the technical and commercial management. Have been used in coatings and facades of granite, aluminum curtain wall. The distributions are of plaster and plasterboard box.

FICSA, FORUM INMOBILIARIO CISNEROS, S.A. Denia (Alicante). Description: Building blocks of seven floors with a basement Area 11 132 m2 plot. The complex is set in a triangular site, and the corners are the three blocks. The building consists of 241 units in three blocks, reinforced concrete structure and forged unidirectional. To carry out the excavation had to use sheet piling around the perimeter of the yard. Within three blocks are available common services social club, swimming pool and play areas for children and adults.

Presentation of GRUPO LUBASA

4.1. Introduction. History
The company BECSA was founded in 1969 and is currently the head of the group Obinesa construction. In his long business career, the group has performed a multitude of infrastructure in ports, airports, hospitals, roads, waterworks and many other areas that prove their creditworthiness and experience in the construction sector. At present, we are oriented towards total customer satisfaction, both public and private, and commitment to represent the pillars of society that is based on daily work in our company. We have developed of I + D + i to be at the forefront of technical developments in the sector without forgetting to minimize the environmental impact that our business generates. Finally, there is always a strong commitment to local employment at any spot where we are developing our business.

4.2. Areas of business

BECSA has extensive experience in the field of Public Works, with large built infrastructure such as airports, hospitals, universities, ports, roads, car parks and sewage, among others. With regard to private work, BECSA is specialized in the development of housing and residential construction, commercial and leisure centers, hotels, industrial buildings and large private estates. Public works. Building. gora, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (Valencia)

Budget: 41.991.417 - UTE Becsa, Rover Alcisa y CyEs. Termination: Year 2010 Description: The Agora is a plant covered surface 4.800m2 elliptical, being used in its construction more than 7.000 tons of structural steel. The fixed cover reaches a maximum height of 70m and 85m above ground level with open umbrellas. The structure is formed by pointed metal frames of different sizes; they create a domed interior of variable height. At the top of the deck have two mobile structures lamas. The project has been drafted by D. Santiago Calatrava and his team

Palau de la Festa (Castelln)

Budget: 7.652.520 Termination: In execution Description: The Palau de la Festa is located on a plot of approximately 15.000m2, of which the oval-shaped building occupies 2.800 m2 and four plants in a total built area of 5.800 m2.
The structure is forged nerve reticular interval between 12 and 80 cm. The roofs of the hall and the stage are of sheet metal on metal trusses, the rest of shells are inverted not passable. The facade is ventilated with colorful ceramic pieces, and the main facade built with ceramic blades that make the role of the curtain wall hood

Nuevo Hospital La Fe (Valencia)

Budget: 216.263.000 - UTE Becsa, Dragados, ACS y Edificaciones Ferrando. Termination: In execution Description: In the main building there are three common plants: the basement, the ground floor and the first where they are most central services. On these plants are raised six towers, four of them for two to hospitalization and outpatient consultation. This horizontal design will allow physicians and patients to share and manage resources better. The four towers of hospitalization have all the single rooms and some 180 offices. While the two towers have 195 rooms, outpatient consultations and 116 local special examinations.

Hospital Comarcal de La Plana (Castelln)

Budget: 21.614.800 - UTE Becsa, Dragados, y Torrescmara. Termination: 2001 Description: Complete construction of a building of 24.000 m2, with capacity for 180 beds, urbanization and construction of the exterior surface parking

Paraninfo, Universidad Jaume I (Castelln)

Budget: 9.300.000 Termination: 2009 Description: The structure consists of concrete walls 50 cm thick with 10 cm insulation in the center. Due to the considerable height of the building, its performance has been used type climbing formwork. The room is completed with the installation of 658 seats and a stage which consists of three levels of galleries, comb and contrapeine. The ventilated faade is Lammax type of Saloni, both of the stage and the room using 3x1 m parts in black. Deputy Auditorium was built module toilets with combined curtain wall facade of glass and white compact material

Edificio Espaitec, Universidad Jaume I (Castelln)

Budget: 2.206.171 Termination: 2009 Description: 1.937 m2 building comprising basement aimed to facilities, ground and first floor, which houses offices and workshops. Made of solid concrete walls and floor tile views and hollow core slabs. In the building there are two types of cover, an inverted end in gravel and the other with photovoltaic glass. The facades are solid concrete walls with expanded polystyrene in the center which makes the function of isolation. Movinord prefabricated partition type interior, floor tiles and aluminum frames.

Ampliacin Feria Valencia (Valencia)

Budget: 364.930.427 - UTE Becsa, FCC y Pavasal. Termination: 2003 Description: Replacing the old pavilions 1 and 2 with the current A, B, C, D and E2. These blocks have a size of 80 x 80 ml with two modules of 40 x 80 ml. The total built area is 160.992 m2. Public works. Urbanization Enlace Avda. Enrique Gimeno con Ronda Sur (Castelln)
Budget: 4.266.170 Termination: 2009 Description: Implementation of Link Avd Enrique Gimeno the Ronda Sur, preserving the current route of the latter and executing a roundabout with an inner radius and outer 54m of 69.1 m, and three lanes of 4.20 m at the level of Avenue which runs perpendicular to the slope and round. The work is complemented by two bridges structure, consisting of a board of 31 and 26.8 m respectively and a single span of 25m both. For the construction of these bridges will be used in precast beams 48 total isostatic 0.90 m deep 4.2 m apart and connected by a slab of compression of 0.25 m.

Lnea 2 del tranva, tramo 0 (Alicante)

Budget: 9.204.067 - UTE Becsa, Tecsa y CHM Termination: In execution Description: The works provide for the construction of the section 0 of the tram line 2 of Alicante, from its junction with line 1 (PK 0 +000) to the square of the source Pl Boulevard. Construction of a double track tramway platform, with two-way path almost parallel in plan and elevation, except the first few meters of the system linking with Line 1. Despite being a stretch of not too long, the work includes the construction of various structures along its route: Salto del Carnero viaduct, underpass, and manifold mating Bon Hivern.

Adecuacin de las parcelas N 11, 12, 13 y 14 (Castelln)

Budget: 9.624.556 Termination: 2010 Description: Implementation of the following outdoor facilities: - Tennis Athletics and stands in an area of athletics and football - A Soccer Field and 2 football 7 a-side pitches - 3 basketball courts - 1000m Circuit training - Indoor soccer field on artificial turf - 2 Beach Volley pitches - Hockey Track - Golf Zone

Urbanizacin Benicalap Sur (Valencia)

Budget: 6.011.671 Termination: 2004 Description: The lands are located north of the city of Valencia, next to Benicalap neighborhood, between two historic axes are the way of Moncada and Burjassot. The surface of the development is close to a preferential use 200.000m2 residential flats. The distribution of surfaces is as follows: Plots for residential use: 55.342m2; plots of commercial use: 5.472m2; Plots for school use: 21.987m2; Green Zone: 25.549m2; Other facilities: 23.100m2; road surface: 64.139m2. The central garden design was developed jointly with the service of Gardening and Landscape of the City of Valencia

Autova CV-10 desde la Pobla de Tornesa hasta Vilanova de Alcolea (Castelln)

Budget: 50.000.000 - UTE Becsa y Fcc Termination: 2009 Description: Works of chipboard with a full width paver (width 11.30 m) in the intermediate layer with s-20. Milling of a layer of plywood 30 cm in the CV-10 old with the router 2000. Public works. Highway and street paving Rehabilitacin estructural del firme Autova A-3 (Valencia)
Budget: 7.045.926 - UTE Becsa y Rafael Morales Termination: 2008 Description: The work consists of rehabilitation of the pavement over a length of 21km, including the completion of a groove and the replacement of the current layer of tread is worn to correct structural deficiencies in the firm and the surface deformations with an average depth of 6 cm and a hot asphalt mix type S-20.
Finally we proceeded to extend an M-10 type mixed across the width of the roadway and its shoulders and wearing course, 3 cm thick. The type of bitumen and emulsion used was modified with elastomers.

Refuerzo de firme de la carretera N-340 (Tarragona)

Budget: 5.390.739 Termination: 2008 Description: The milling was conducted at a depth of 12cm thick medium and replacement with the application of an asphalt mix type s20 with conventional bitumen 40/50. The most degraded areas were milling is 30cm thick and the replacement was made with a special asphalt mix called high modulus (Mam) to have a dynamic modulus greater than 10,000 km and thus be able to withstand much more burden than a bituminous mixture conventional. Once the milling and replacement of road was applied to all of it a layer of asphalt mix rolling with a 10 m-type granite with modified bitumen bm-3c 3 cm thick.

Variante de la carretera CV-128 en Cat (Castelln)

Budget: 2.500.000 Termination: 2008 Description: It has built a new track variant for the southern part of the population, 3.017m in length, connecting with the existing road illuminated by two roundabouts and building radio 17m eight works of art, made of concrete frames to save roads and ravines that cross the new layout. They have enabled two new accesses to the population since the variant through an underpass and roundabout game. The new road has a width of 9m. Public works. Maritimes Nueva zona pesquera industrial Puerto de Vinaroz (Castelln)
Budget: 10.974.648 - UTE Becsa, Joca Ingeniera y Construcciones y Sixconstructor Termination: In execution Description: Construction of different areas for the location of facilities such as the new auction, mooring docks, and roads of interior spaces for sports and industrial activities. Implementation of the dyke of the future industrial zone and the new sports area and general construction services to provide new facilities for urban services necessary for their operation, according to the provisions of the Plan of Use of Space Port.

Ampliacin Puerto de Castelln (Castelln)

Budget: 51.050.459 - UTE Becsa y Fcc Termination: 2004 Description: Making a yard on Hill of 320.000m2 +1.5 delimited by a vertical breakwater by floating caissons 33.75 m in length and 19.6 m wide. Also dredging was conducted with a 3.115 million m3 entry.

Plataforma para contenedores en el Puerto (Castelln)

Budget: 29.357.982 - UTE Becsa y Fcc Termination: 2005 Description: Construction of a quay length of 410mm and 14 drafts, and a Ro-Ro berth. Esplanade for collection of containers and general merchandise of 120,000 m2, based on a dredge and fill of 1,300,000 m3 of concrete and asphalt pavements, offices, workshop and warehouse. Foundations and ways Portain Panamax cranes, with the entire necessary infrastructure. Public works. Airport Plataforma para el estacionamiento de aeronaves Base Area de los Llanos (Albacete)

Budget: 1.357.996 - UTE Becsa y Rafael Morales Termination: 2004 Description: Execution of the construction of two concrete platforms 180x100m HP-45 for aircraft parking. This work was included in the reforms being made in Los Llanos Air Base motivated by the same choice as the venue for special training for NATO pilots (Tactical Leadership Program, TLP).
The work consisted of leveling the cash fund, graded aggregates and a concrete slab 30 cm. thick. In addition, drainage of the platform with two troughs of 200m in length and 50cm wide.

Nuevo Aeropuerto Costa Azahar (Castelln)

Budget: 109.239.692 - UTE Besca y Fcc Termination: 2009 Description: Airport facilities consisting of a runway of 2.700 m in length, category I, 4D key (B-757 aircraft), upgradeable to 4.000 m, aircraft parking platform for 55.000 m2 passenger terminal, control tower, building for Fire Fighting Service with all necessary facilities for fire, power plant, cargo terminal, airfield, handling, wastewater treatment plant., emitting center, parking, both for private cars to taxis and buses.

Terminal de Pasajeros Nuevo Aeropuerto (Castelln)

Budget: 12.000.000 - UTE Becsa y Fcc Termination: 2009 Public works. Environment Estacin de aguas residuales de Font de la Pedra (Alicante)
Budget: 13.666.468 Termination: 2004 Description: This facility has a maximum treatment capacity of 20.000 m3/day and covers an area of 27.775 m2.

EDAR de Vinaroz (Castelln)

Budget: 10.858.568 Termination: 2007 Description: Sewage station, the main sewage pumping and interconnection between the outfall and Vinaroz EDAR. The works consisted in the construction of a pumping station of dirty water, mains sewage discharge from the intermediate pump station, main drive to the EDAR, wastewater treatment plant and collector, by gravity, until the connection with the outfall. Use of curtain wall and cladding facade. Finish line with the corporate image of the brand.

Ordenacin del Frente Litoral LArbre del Gos Pinedo (Valencia)

Budget: 9.642.476 - UTE Becsa y Mediterrneo Servicios Marinos Termination: 2007 Description: The process provided for beach reclamation consists of healthy, regularization of the beach, lifting the front elevation and removal of current expense to allow dry beach a distance of about 65m from the present coastline. Regeneration of the dunes has been designed by a string of transverse dunes, artificial. The core of dunes formed and shaped through the transfer of dredged sand, and dune fixation is performed by a network of "bardissas" consisting of kneeling dry reed (Arundo Drax) thread link between rods on which floor. Public works. Parkings Aparcamiento Hospital Provincial II (Castelln)

Budget: 10.800.000 Termination: 2010 Description: Gran Va underground parking and ground Trrega Monteblanco Provincial Hospital. It covers a small area of outdoor parking, main entrance, emergency entrance ... Capacity 909 seats in three basements. It has two ramps and two exit ramps. The surface area is 7.601m2. Its shape in plan is an irregular polygon of 57ml 126ml long and wide, and an external ramp 29'7ml x 6ml wide. Within the work performed included the development of both the garden surface inside the Provincial Hospital and the Gran Va Trrega and Dr. Clara.

Aparcamiento de la Feria (Albacete)

Budget: 6.296.490 Termination: 2009 Description: This car park will have a total surface 22892.58 m2, and have a capacity of 422 cars to be parked on two floors. As has become customary at present the parking will be mixed system, as available in the system squares and plazas hourly rate for residents of the area. It will also have large squares whose minimum size will be 240cm x 475cm, complemented by innovative facilities and have four pedestrian accesses and two elevators suitable access.

Aparcamiento Chile Aragn (Valencia)

Budget: 12.000.000 Termination: 2009 Description: The new street parking Chile is located 300 meters from the Mestalla football field. Parking is mixed for both the rotation and to use by residents, and has a capacity of 531 beds in two floors and a total area 14 500 m2. Private work. Residential Benicalap Norte (Valencia)

Budget: 16.340.550 Termination: 2009 Description: The work consists of 157 houses, plant offices, shops and a basement in a construction area of 19.318,85 m2.
This is in a basement for parking spaces consisting of 194 parking spaces and 143 storage rooms, two apartment buildings (one with three doorways comprising ground floor plus four heights and another with five doorways floor consists of more eight heights, in which the first floor is for offices) and plants available for commercial premises.

Mariposa Varsovia (Polonia)

Termination: In execution Description: Building with 105 apartments with surfaces varied from 26 to 103 m2. Polish Architects architectural renown ARE, directed by Jakub Waclawek have designed this modern building, distinguished by their pure forms and simple facades.
The cozy space will stand out for their perfect finish for all common elements. On the ground floor premises will be built and commercial services.

Ciudad Norte Campanar (Valencia)

Budget: 37.134.841 Termination: 2007 Description: Five blocks of 15 floors, designed to ensure a wide variety of types and the best views and guidelines of the houses, to maximize natural light. It consists of a landscaped area that integrates the common recreation areas. Homes 2-4 bedrooms.

Edificio Porta de la Mar (Valencia)

Budget: 22.196.066 Termination: In execution Description: Rehabilitation of the building of the Porta de la Mar that housed the Old Courts of Valencia. It will build 28 luxury homes, with a separate entrance, between 180 and 360 m2, which will have a design that will serve as a prototype, but which interested parties may adapt to their needs. On a separate entrance, the building will provide access to office floors, while the 2.200 m2 available for commercial premises will be on the ground floor.

Residencial Fuentemilano Bustarviejo (Madrid)

Budget: 23.421.013 Termination: 2009 Description: Construction of 244 single-family homes on two floors, with garage on ground floor. On the ground floor consists of lounge, kitchen, utility room, bedroom, bathroom and garage, and upstairs 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Private work. Leisure and trade C.C. El Corte Ingls (Castelln)
Budget: 12.354.476 - UTE Lubasa y Fcc Termination: 2006 Description: Construction of the lands formerly occupied by the tracks and train station. Construction of a boulevard of 3.080 m long and 30 m wide, resolving intersections with the perpendicular streets through 7 roundabouts and squares. Extension of Paseo Ribalta, rebuilding and restoring the old fencing on the station. Construction of 8.000 m2 of places in the environment of the new shopping center El Corte English.

C.O. Puerto Azahar (Castelln)

Budget: 13.943.481 Termination: 2003 Description: Construction of a leisure center in port land which, being adjacent to the urban area, the Port Authority has changed its use to integrate them into the city. It has a constructed area of 7.300m2 in two unique buildings, glass curtain wall finishes and porcelain tile ventilated facade. Movie house ten rooms, rooms for commercial uses, bars, restaurants, pubs, playgrounds, etc. In the underground and below sea level in an area of 13.500 m2, has built 525 parking spaces.

Hotel NH Puerto Sagunto (Valencia)

Budget: 4.299.402 Termination: 2007 Description: Building for a hotel of 100 rooms, sponsored by the Investment Property Concrete, and exploitation of the property leased to the chain NH Hoteles. Initially the project had a 3-star hotel and finally, thanks to improvements and modifications made during execution has been granted the rating of 4 stars The building comprises a basement, ground floor, four floors of hotel and housing. Private work. Industrial building Edificio multimarcas automocin (Castelln)

Budget: 13.056.000 Termination: 2006 Description: Building for industrial use for car dealers, workshops and garage. It is built on a plot of 9.500m2, consists of two basements, ground floor and two floors. The total constructed area of 27.000m2. The building is constructed using precast concrete structure. The facades are made with ventilated curtain wall and facade panels and aluminum composite. The cover serves as a parking lot, so it serves as the waterproofing layer made for vehicles rolling.

Budget: 1.565.528 Termination: 2008 Description: The works consisted of conducting a headquarters. Intercoop group offices with 990 m2 of floor space in a plant, which has a working area of 400m2, offices, meeting rooms, a classroom, conference room, the Regents, a vending area and two patios interiors. The structure is being mixed metal pillars and concrete one-way slab with beams hung upside down, the roof is flat, and the facade combines a fully glazed facade with a thermo cladding, coated with monolayer. Outside you will find the parking and gardens.

Edificio oficinas Intercoop Almazora (Castelln)

Edificio Oficinas Lubasa (Castelln)

Budget: 26.000.000 Termination: 2006 Description: It has a constructed area of 26.940 m2, distributed over 14.680 m2 for offices in basement and three floors, and 12.260 m2 in a basement with 450 parking spaces. The facade consists of a combination of self-supporting glass curtain wall and facade ventilated Saloni porcelain. In the office area 9.000 m2 have been installed under the technical pavement which runs the electrical, voice and data. The interior lighting is automatically adjusted each time according to natural light. Private work. Urbanization Urbanizacin Sector 2 y campo de golf Sant Jordi (Castelln)

Budget: 9.034.553 Termination: 1995 Description: Urbanization of the area integral to the construction of civil works of the golf course with 18 holes, a wastewater treatment plant, with construction of the social club, a shopping center and five pilot houses of the future urbanization.

4.4. Exploitation and installations

Origin is the common name for the different areas of business which operate Area Construction Materials BECSA. Our company manages the production of major raw materials applicable to their entire construction and management of construction waste and demolition. Origin, with over 30 years experience, began his career in the mining sector, particularly in the mining and processing of aggregate in the town of Castellon, then expand and diversify production to other facilities and other activities, creating: ORIGIN AGGREGATES ORIGIN CONCRETE ORIGIN MORTAR ORIGIN WASTE MANAGEMENT ORIGIN CEMENT

Exploitation and installations. Origin aggregates

ORIGIN AGGREGATES consists of various companies engaged in the manufacture and marketing of aggregates. It currently has six farms, among themselves and participated in the provinces of Castelln, Valencia, Alicante and Teruel. The total production amounts to 4.5000.000 ORIGIN AGGREGATES T / year. The first operation that was created is that of Castelln (the Turret Quarry, SAU). It currently has a workforce of about 40 professionals and a production of 2 MM Tons / year. In 1991 began the great expansion of facilities ORIGIN AGGREGATES with two new production facilities, the Turret Quarry in Santa Magdalena de Pulpis (Castelln) and Aggregates Ibaez Andreu in Alcaiz (Teruel). From 2002, ORIGIN participates Aggregates Monte Conto in Pinoso (Alicante). In 2003, Aggregates Sierra Gorda is acquired in Xativa (Valencia) and finally in 2005, Gravas y Derivados de Castilla La Mancha (Albacete).

Exploitations and installations. Origin concrete

ORIGIN CONCRETE is dedicated to the manufacture of concrete, with six plants in the provinces of Castelln and Teruel, with a total production of 490.000 m3/year and about 50 employees in total. The oldest plant is Castelln, created in the 70s, from which time has been responsible for supplying the province of this material without interruption. Behind her, other plants were established as the Grau de Castell (in the Year 2004) or the adjoining population Almazora. Since 2006, ORIGIN CONCRETE began to exploit Alcocebre plants, Benicarlo and Alcaiz, which had previously been involved. Currently plants Castelln, Castelln Grao, Alcocebre, Benicarlo and Alcaniz, working under the brand name and plant Hormasa Almazora as a Concrete Mijares (successor of Concretes Mijares was bought by ORIGIN CONCRETE in 2006). Our concrete companies known for their expertise, preparation, professionalism and experience, possessing Quality Certificates "CV-N BRAND CONCRETE" to prove it. .

Exploitations and installations. Origin mortar

ORIGIN MORTAR is dedicated to the manufacture of dry mortar, reaching an annual production of 220,000 tons. The supply of the mortar is made by tanker trucks which transported separately raw materials that make up the mortar. When it comes to work, the materials are discharged into a silo, owned by FROM MORTARS, keeping the materials separate and at the stage of transport. The silo is equipped with a discharge system that performs raw material dosing and mixing of materials and water, in quantity, to make the mortar used in the works. This system is known commercially as TECMIX and was developed by ORIGIN in the early 90s. The burden of raw materials in the tanks is done in modern facilities with important environmental protection measures.

Exploitations and installations. Origin Cement

CEMENT ORIGIN is dedicated to the manufacture of cement in its different phases. At the beginning of year 2009, was launched a clinker grinding plant and cement manufacturing in the Grau de Castelln. The ground clinker grinding and cement manufacturing is located on an area of 30,000 m2 and located only 300m from the pier bulk of the South Basin of the Port of Castelln. This is a modern, completely organic and in compliance with all legal requirements, assisted by a laboratory quality own self. Investing in it is 40 million and consists of a team of 44 people.

Exploitations and installations. Asphalts

The BECSA asphalts business has five manufacturing plants spread asphalt agglomerate along the Mediterranean coast. In particular we have two plants in the province of Castelln, one in the province of Tarragona, a province of Valencia and one in Albacete province, with an average production capacity of 220 tons / hour each. The manufacture of asphalt agglomerate is one of the more established businesses to BECSA with an experience of over 35 years and has since been one of the leading companies in manufacturing, research and development of new asphalt. In the Year 2008 with the entry into force of the CE of asphalt mixtures, BECSA was the company most mixtures included in the initial certification of the marking in the entire national territory, which shows the constant concern of our company by improving continuing in our processes. Currently still working daily to minimize the environmental impact of our business using the cleanest energy in the market (natural gas) and implementing techniques that reduce the energy consumption of our processes.

4.3.1. Laboratories
BECSA currently has three laboratories dedicated to self through the finished product analytical and technical assistance work for remedies work and research and development of new products or alternative solutions to existing ones. These laboratories are: Lab 1. Concrete, mortar and aggregates Lab 2. Agglomerate and asphalt Lab 3. Cement BECSA laboratories have been recognized for its quality and actively participated in the System of Innovation Management to get together with other departments of the certificate UNE 166.002 BECSA. The laboratory service is basically: Self-production of building materials through the analysis of final and intermediate products of the process, according to the particular needs of each production center. Self-Monitoring of the final products, in accordance with the requirements of existing legislation and regulations required its own distinctive quality of volunteers. Management and documentation of such monitoring organizations reported (CE) and certification (other products). Technical assistance in terms of formulation for the manufacture of products, together with production centers responsible for their own research studies and even in collaboration with clients Participation in committees as certification authorities.


4.4. Management System I + D + i

Today innovation is not limited only to the development and implementation of new technologies. It is a comprehensive strategy that can be included in all key organizational processes: in the company's relationship with the market, customer management / distribution channels, management of resources, etc. For a company to be considered innovative must have a strategy oriented to innovation, able to create value by providing new ideas to market and have an internal organization to the innovation process to manage the knowledge and skills of employees and encourage their creativity. The requirement of new buildings and infrastructure, evolving and high technology component, as well as compete in the bidding for works of nationally and internationally in the best conditions, BECSA have been put in place a system Management R & D & I Construction Area based on the standard UNE 166.002. On an annual basis, BECSA held at its facilities in Castelln the Annual Professional Conference I + D + i, which is evident from this companys commitment to innovation During the same, BECSA will direct customers showing their ability to provide innovative solutions to each of the technical problems that appear in projects and works this day has become a professional forum in which to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences, between government agencies and companies in the construction sector. This is where specialists presented BECSA projects implemented during the previous year, which have been certified by his brilliant quality and innovation. Project 2009: - NFU modified bitumen - Dimensional control of the Agora, CAC - Early Descimbrado - Beams preassembled bridges

4.4.1. Quality and environment - Prevention PRL

Using the accompanying certificates, third-party demonstrate that our management systems are based on recognized international standards (ISO), which meet the requirements of reference standards and are audited annually. With ISO 14001, environmental control aspects of our business and we meet all the requirements of existing environmental regulations and ISO 9001, showed that the production processes and support the work (Purchasing, Training, etc.) Are controlled and improve continuously. Finally, as a specific license in Spain, the UNE 166.002, certifies that the company has implemented a management system regulates, promotes and organizes innovation within the company, in order to achieve improvements in the execution of the work and functioning internal organization. The OHSAS 18001 standard specifies requirements for our system of safety management and health at work, intended to enable the organization to control its occupational hazards and improve its performance in the prevention of occupational hazards, through the development and implementation of policy and objectives.

C/ Catarroja, 1 Edificio Nau. Oficinas 123-124 46940 Manises (Valencia) Telfono: 96 152 28 33 Fax: 96 154 85 84 e.mail: