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CA1101 Principles of 2D Animation Instructor: Krishna M.

Sadasivam Flour Sack Animation Project The our sack animation is an excellent learning platform for understanding natural deformations in movement and dealing with the inherent limitations. This project serves as a real training ground for understanding forces, deformation, and fundamental movement.

Using the half-lled our sack will allow you to practice natural movement without having to deal with the extreme complexities of a person or an animal. Your assignment: The our sack must jump over a trap (provided by the instructor). The our sack must: 1) anticipate the jump 2) jump 3) land and react with an emotion. Due Week 5: Your Flour Sack animation is due at the beginning of Week 5. Save the les as Lastname_Sack.a Lastname_Sack.swf

Include the following in your title: First and Last name Flour Sack Animation CA1400 Winter 2012 Sadasivam

Distinguished (4) Procient (3) Apprentice (2) Novice (1) 0

Acting 10 points

Weight 20 points

Timing / Fluidity 20 points

*strong *good exaggeration exaggeration, which which compliments the compliments characters characters mannerisms and mannerisms movements. and *acting is movements consistent with reveal characters constant emotion, thought and believable and action natural. A joy to *acting is watch! generally *poses clearly consistent, express what the believable and character is trying natural. to visually *poses communicate. generally express what the character is trying to visually communicate solid weight and *Weight and mass of the object mass implied is indicated through use of through use of shading, shading, shadows, shadows or and a ground ground plane. plane. Squash and Very minor stretch appears consistency natural and issues with convincing. volume of the Volume of object ball. stays consistent. *Slow-in and slow- * Slow-in and out appears to be slow-out has very natural and minor issues obeys the natural where one or laws of physics. two inMovement is betweens smooth and need to be natural. added or removed to improve overall timing.

Not enough exaggeration in the characters mannerisms and movements * poses and drawings somewhat express what the character is trying to visually communicate.

No exaggeration Not in the turned characters mannerisms or in. movements and/ or poses are inconsistent or unnatural and does not clearly express what the character is trying to visually communicate.

* Object appears to be oaty in places, weight and mass only partially inferred. Volume of object is inconsistent (grows or shrinks in volume) from beginning to end. * animation plays too fast or too slow.

*object lacks weight or solidity. *Volume of object is inconsistent.

*Animation is choppy and/or missing frames. * frame capturing issues (a few frames may have been scanned out of sequence)

Pacing 10 points

Variety of pacing * lm moves at * scenes are too long *too incoherent and changes t the a steady or too short and to follow mood of the pace, fast leave out essential content. enough to action -keeps viewers keep the * scenes do not t interested audience the story or are -transitions interested poorly ordered between scenes and slow * transitions thoughtfully enough to tell between scenes do excecuted the story. not show * transitions thoughtful between execution scenes thoughtfully executed. Consistency Character or Character or * Character or Character is not (On Model) object remains object remains object has consistent in 10 points consistent in size somewhat consistency issues size / volume and volume consistent in in size and volume throughout the throughout the size and throughout the animation. animation and volume animation. Character believably throughout the Character tends to appears at or occupies 3D space. animation and occupy 3D space conned to one occupies 3D but lacks depth plane of space. and volume. existence. Resolve Ending is held for Ending is clear, * Ending is unclear *No clear 10 points several extra but could be No appreciable delay resolve. frames allowing held for between the ending the viewer to several extra and the title. clearly frames understand what allowing the took place. viewer to clearly understand what took place. Staging All action takes All action Some action takes Staging detracts 10 points place within the takes place place outside the from the story screen-safe area of within the screen-safe area being told. the screen. screen-safe and/or lots of empty Staging enhances area of the space left on the the story being screen. Staging screen. Staging has told. services the have minor issues story being that affect the told. overall animation. Technical Specs Titles are clear Titles are clear Titles are held for No title included 10 points and are held for 5 and are held too long (greater or title is too seconds before for 5 seconds than 5 seconds) difcult to read animation plays. before and/or and/or File not File named animation File not named as named as properly as plays. Minor specied in creative specied in outlined in the issues in le brief. creative brief. creative brief. naming.

Total Points Earned: /100

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