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Software Requirements Specification

Version 2.0 Prepared by: Fareedul Hai S. Satish Kumar C.Senthil Sri Kumar Panda Kingfisher Group 26-08-2009

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Name First Draft Final Version Date 27 Sep 09 03 Oct 09 Reason For Changes Changes according to review done by Wonder Group Version v 1.0 v 2.0

Software Requirements Specification for

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction................................................................................................................................1 2. Overall Description.................................................................................................................... 3 3. System Features......................................................................................................................... 6 4. External Interface Requirements........................................................................................... 10 5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements....................................................................................... 12 6. Other Requirements................................................................................................................ 13



This document provides the requirement specifications for the website This document will be the base on which the agreement will be done between the owners of i.e. Hi-tech Enterprises and the Kingfisher Group. This document is intended to provide details of the requirement to the single point of contact, the Chief Information Officer, of Hi-tech Enterprises.


Project Scope

The name of the website to be developed will be The website will have a number of pages which will provide the following options: Provide information on various movies. Provide reviews of various movies. Provide option to rate movies and reviewers. Option for registering on the website and logging in to write reviews/comments. Provide a list of top 10 movies according to rating This website will not be able to do the following functions:

Software Requirements Specification for

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Book Tickets Maintain users statics Interaction (chat) between users The main purpose of our movie website is to provide information on various Indian movies to end users. It will allow the users to write reviews and rate movies. Based on this individual user ratings overall rating for the movies will be generated. Website will have provision for advertising space to generate revenues. The goals of our system are: 1. To provide information on various Indian movies. 2. To provide reviews and ratings. 3. To know the popularity of the movie based on the ratings Target is to develop the website within 4 months from the date of the approval of the Software Requirement Specification.


Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations

Anonymous user:

Those users who browse the website without logging in are anonymous users.
Registered user:

Those users who browse website after logging in are called registered users.
Webmaster (Administrator):

Webmasters will maintain the website. They will have all the authority to change anything on website.
Recent Movies:

Recent movies are movies which are released in the present week.

Software Requirements Specification for

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These are written by registered users or webmasters. Review will be written on movie information page.

Users will be able to comment on other reviewers reviews.


Ratings will be given on a 10 point scale where 1 is worst and 10 the best. Rating will be given by individual users which will add up and become the global rating. Rating will be given on movie information page.


IEEE Std 1233, 1998 Edition (Includes IEEE Std 1233-1996 and IEEE Std 1233a-1998) Specications SRS template downloaded from IEEE Guide for Developing System Requirements


Overall Description System Features External Interface Requirements Other Nonfunctional Requirements

The rest of the SRS in divided into various categories which are as follows:


Overall Description
Product Perspective

This product is a new entrant in the world of Indian Cinema. This new site will have forums for different genre of movies in which members can discuss their views and also can rate the movies. It will be of great help for all Indian movie lovers.

Software Requirements Specification for

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In future there is a plan to book online tickets for any movie in any part of the country and also to include the pay per view program for online movie viewing.


Product Functions website will be developed in various stages. The initial version that has to be developed will have the following pages/subsections: a. Home page will have the latest releases. b. Homepage will also have the search box for searching movies. c. It will also have links on left side for various types of movies: i. Top 5 Box office Releases of the week ii. Movies according to 1. Release decade. 2. Ranking. 3. Language. 4. Genre. d. Movie page in which the customer can post review about the movie e. User can post comments on reviews and reviewers. f. Page in which the customer can create its own account (member registration)


User Characteristics

There are three types of users for the website. Name and characteristics are as follows: 2.3.1 Anonymous Users

Internet users who browse this website and have not registered for the website are anonymous users. These users will only be able to read various pages and cannot submit any content like rating, writing comments or reviews etc.

Software Requirements Specification for

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Registered Users

Users who will register and make an account on the website will be able to submit content for publishing. Every time they will visit the website they have choice both to browse the website like anonymous user or login and be able to upload content. Things they will be able to do are as follows: a. Rate a movie. b. Rate a reviewer. c. Write a review. d. Write a comment. 2.3.3 Webmaster (Administrators)

Webmasters will have the all the capability of registered users apart from that they will be have the certain more functionality which is as follows: a. Remove comments. b. Remove reviews of other users. c. Block users who are going against the rules. irrelevant/inappropriate comments and old


User Documentation

All the documentation will be given online in HTML format. A FAQ link will be given on the homepage that will explain all the features of the website and how to use them in easy step by step way. Apart from this online documentation according to the type of users will be given as follows: 2.4.1 Anonymous Users & Registered Users

Software Requirements Specification for

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Help link will be given at the top of every webpage that will explain about the webpage and the features available for Anonymous as well as Registered users. It will be also explained how to use those features. 2.4.2 Apart Webmaster (Administrators) from the help given to Anonymous and Registered users

Webmasters will also be given help on the added functionality they have; in the link on the top of every page. It will be also explained how to use those features and attain the desired results. Some of the functions for which help will be provided for webmasters who manage the website is as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. How to add/remove movies. Assign movies in various categories. How to add/remove comments. How to add/remove reviews.


System Features
External interfaces

In the homepage, the user can choose either to be anonymous or to login with the registered credentials. Based on this event, the forthcoming pages will be customized (i.e.) if the user is anonymous; he can only view the contents of various pages and cannot rate, review or comment. If the user logs in with the registered credentials, he can view, rate, review and comment. The dataflow diagram for the different types of users For Anonymous Users

Anonymous Users


Software Requirements Specification for

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For Registered Users Registered Users View




For Webmasters

Block Remove






The functional requirements are described for the different cases as given below. Scenario 1: User wants to browse through the movies

Software Requirements Specification for

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User will just visit the homepage and all the recent releases will be available in prominent space. User will click on the movie he is interested. He will be taken to the page of that particular movie in which the details of the movie will be available. In addition to this, reviews, ratings and comments will be available. Scenario 2: User wants to register in the website User will click on the Register link available in the homepage. He will be directed to the registration page and in this page he will prompted to enter all the details required to carry out the registration. He will be asked to choose a username which is currently available and a password too. After the successful completion of registration, a mail will be sent to the email id provided during the registration. Scenario 3: Registered users want to rate, review or comment User will login with the credentials. Then he will visit the page of the desired movie. User will be provided with following links Rate, Review and Comment. User may click on the desired link and continue with his contribution. Once he completes this process, the same will appear on that particular page displaying his user id. Scenario 4: Webmasters want to remove comments or block users Webmasters after logging in will be directed to the site. He can view all the reviews and comments added new. Adjacent to every comment and rating, webmasters will have the link of remove. If it is required to remove any comment or review, he can do so just by clicking on this link. In addition to this, Block Users link will be available in the homepage. If he wants to block any user who remains as a hurdle, he could do so with this link.

Software Requirements Specification for

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Performance Requirements

The website has to handle a maximum of 700 users at a time. If more users are in the pipeline, the basic version of the webpage has to be provided after prompting to the user. He will not be able to comment or do any editing once the loads exceeds 700.


Logical Database Requirements

The master database will contain the information about all the movies,

ratings provided by different users, reviews written and the comments posted for each movie. Details regarding the users such as the user ids, name, age, sex, email ids, etc., will be available in the database. The Ratings, Reviews and Comments provided by the different users against different movies will be made available. The database can be assessed by the administrators at any point of time.


Software System Attributes


The website has to be accessible at any time to a user. It should be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 3.4.2 Availability

The website should recover any problem occurred within one hour time and the same should be displayed to the users during this time. 3.4.3 Maintainability

The website maintenance has to be done by the technical staff of the Hitech Limited. Kingfisher Team will provide any help regarding the clarification of any queries raised and not regarding any code changes

Software Requirements Specification for

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Organizing the specific requirements

System mode

When the net connection of the user is very low, the website must automatically ask the user whether he would like to switch to a basic html version of the website. The basic html version must have all the details, but photos and images will be of low resolution. 3.5.2 User class

To the prospective customers there should be option to log in to the website but not the dataabase. The managerial staff of the Hi-tech limited can access the master database which is connected to the website. 3.5.3 Objects

The different objects are users just browsing the page, users who want to rate, users who want to review, users who want to comment and the webmasters to block and remove.


External Interface Requirements

User Interfaces

User Interface 1: (Home Screen) The homepage of the website will have the Welcome Message. In addition to this it will constitute Register Link registered Login Link Help Link For logging in the website Help regarding Registration

For those who want to get

Software Requirements Specification for

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Search Area carry out search

Will have all the requisites to

Recent Releases released

Will provide links to recent movies

User Interface 2: (Register) The Register Link will direct to this page. The user will be prompted to enter all the details required to carry out the process of registration. Validation will be done once the user clicks on the Next Button. After completion of validation, the user will be displayed a message that Registration is done and a mail will be sent to confirm the same. User Interface 3: (Help) Irrespective of the pages and the type of users, Help Link will be available. This link will take you through the details of that particular page with respect to the user. Depending on the user, the privileges will be put forth. User Interface 4: (Search Area) This space helps the user to perform Search on the database of movies available. The search could be carried out based on criteria like time, language or genre. After performing search, the results will be displayed. Every result is a link to that particular movie. These links will take the user to the appropriate page of that movie. Small search text box will be on top of every page. User Interface 5: (Movie Page) For every movie, there will be an exclusive page. In that all the details of the movie will be made available. Also some pictures if available will be given. Further the reviews, ratings and comments posted by the webmaster and the various users will follow those details.

Software Requirements Specification for

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Hardware Interfaces

Website will be hosted on a web server which will run on a server connected to internet using a high speed line. The server should be powerful enough to handle the load of more than 700 people simultaneously accessing the website. Server should also have redundancy to protect in case of hard disc failure and other hardware failures.


Software Interfaces

The software will be platform independent and can be hosted on any web server supporting JAVA servelets and the database can be maintained using freely available MySQL database server. On user end it will interface with web browser.


Communications Interfaces

The website will have access using HTTP and it will also have a login interface which will use simple data encryption for password. Website will be accessible using various browsers supporting HTTP.


Other Nonfunctional Requirements

Performance Requirements

The website should be able to handle at least 700 users simultaneously without affecting the performance. It should also allow simultaneous updating of a webpage by various registered users.


Safety Requirements

Website should be safe enough so that it is not possible to copy the database of user information.

Software Requirements Specification for

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Security Requirements

The database that is maintained about the registered users should be secure so that no one can access that information. Also login should stop for 5 minutes when wrong password is entered three times. Also it should not be possible to copy the whole website


Software Quality Attributes

Website developed will be easy to maintain and flexible so that in case of problems some parts can be easily changed without affecting the whole website Also the website will be able to run 24x7 and should be accessible equally from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers at different resolutions


Other Requirements

A small database of registered users will be maintained on a free database management system the information about the user that will be maintained is as follows: Name Password Date of joining Number of reviews Number of comments Rating of the user Last access date