Customer Success Story

assyst by Axios Systems helps deliver efficient IT support to all the staff of
University Clinical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia’s largest hospital. Industry Sector: Health Services

The Organization
Ljubljana’s central civil hospital was founded in 1786 and has seen remarkable growth and development over the past two centuries. Today, it houses 2,390 beds and employs more than 7,300 people making it a large hospital by any European standards. UKC Ljubljana is also the largest medical education institution in Slovenia with over 1,000 students, interns and medical registrars joining each year. While the UKC Ljubljana facilities are scattered across more than 20 locations throughout the city, they all share a common information network. The IT department is centralized, and some of their functions are outsourced.

. Improved IT service support by standardizing around a single tool. . Service Desk first-level support now resolves 17-19% of all reported incidents as a result of the assyst Knowledge database. . Recognized by customers as having improved by establishing a single point of contact and shortening response times. . Management now has a single comprehensive view of all IT assets used by more than 7,300 employees in over 20 locations . Service Desk personnel able to use system in Slovenian (which did not require any additional software development or programming)

The Challenge - Lack of visibility, limited efficiency & regularly recurring issues
After an in depth review, it became clear to the management team at UKC Ljubljana that the Service Desk operation lacked efficiency due to poorly defined functions, lengthy response times, and no feedback being provided to end users on the status of the incidents reported. Ticketing and follow-up on incidents was often done manually, making reporting very difficult, and monitoring and controlling the incidents taken care of by external contractors was even more complicated. The lack of Problem Management often lead to re-occurring issues. Controlling and managing the equipment in use by the 7,300 staff that were spread across multiple locations was another challenge the hospital was facing. Individual departments were acquiring and connecting new equipment without informing the IT department, which meant they did not have an accurate asset inventory.

The Strategy - Move towards a centralized process-driven Service Desk & outsource
The organization recognized the need to establish a centralized system in order to improve efficiency of incident tracking, resolution and reporting. They wanted to be able to review past actions and incidents, compile statistical reviews and generate management reports. The company also needed a configuration database in order to gain control over the assets.

“An essential part of my work is reporting and analyzing, and assyst makes the follow-up and monitoring of all reported events as well as full reporting for further analysis and planning possible”.

UKC Ljubljana made the decision to outsource their IT services, given the scale of their operation and limited in-house resources. During the public tender, Unistar, a well established Systems Integrator in Slovenia, was selected from the short listed companies. One of the key factors that helped Unistar win the deal was the solution they offered for IT Service Management, assyst from Axios Systems. Service Desk Support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unistar now work as a single point of contact for the hospital staff and use the assyst application to manage services. Andrej Dočinski, the Service Desk Manager, says: “As a Service Desk manager, I have been actively involved in the implementation of assyst, as well as in the development and formation of the user-support organization. An essential part of my work is reporting and analyzing, and assyst makes the follow-up and monitoring of all reported events as well as full reporting for further analysis and planning possible”. With assyst enabling the IT department to now continuously monitor what was happening, the focus has moved on to addressing Problem Management. This will enable the team to identify where proactive action can be taken. Within the framework of Change Management, certain processes have been implemented to enable the UKC management team to approve and confirm changes via web interface (for example, purchasing of new equipment). Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are actively in use for the management of outsourcing service providers, as well as for internal departments where prompt action and flawless operation of the equipment are of vital importance – such as emergency rooms and surgery departments. Most recently, end users have been encouraged to log their own incidents via assystNET, Axios’ end-user self service interface, in order to ease pressure on the Service Desk. The online interface also allows them to check the status of their incidents. To make the application as user-friendly as possible, the web interface for field technicians and end users is delivered in Slovenian. End users also use it to post their opinions on how satisfied they are with IT service support. Putting a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in place In order to manage resources effectively, it is essential to know exactly what the organization has. UKC Ljubljana realized that using a CMDB would be the most efficient way possible of doing this. In order to ensure correct and up-to-date information, out-of-the-box import interfaces within assyst CMDBs pulled user data from the UKC personnel database and IT resources data within IBM Director, to populate the assyst system. As a result, the assyst CMDB not only provides accurate information on all IT resources, but also on the corresponding users and relationships between them. The seamless integration between the CMDB and all other ITIL processes required no additional programming or development within assyst.

Andrej Dočinski, Service Desk Manager

Customer Success Story

The Results - Overall improved efficiency, comprehensive oversight & customer recognition
The ITSM improvement initiative has enabled UKC Ljubljana’s management to gain a comprehensive up-to-date view of the assets within the organization, the trends and recurring issues that can be addressed and the overall performance of the outsourced ITSM team against agreed SLAs. “assyst gives us all the functionality we ever looked for,” commented D.Sc. Milan Črv, CIO of UKC Ljublijana. “assyst enables us to prove to our users that we are really delivering a good service. The various support groups are now working as one team, managing incident resolution and providing other support as required. We have eliminated unnecessary paper work. Overall, end users are more satisfied and often give positive feedback.” IT service support has improved and response times have shortened significantly as a result of standardizing processes around a single tool. More importantly first-level service desk now resolves almost 20% of all reported incidents, as a result of having an effective knowledge management system in place. Management now has a single comprehensive view of all IT assets used by more than 7,300 employees in over 20 locations, allowing them to better manage upgrades and configuration. In the near future, the hospital plans to use assyst CMDB for the HR Department to centralize information on all end-users and link them to the equipment they use. UKC also plans to use assyst CMDB to support the management of servicing of all medical equipment. We got all the pieces we needed in one tool. Instead of dealing with pieces of a process, Axios led us to ITIL’s Best Practice framework which has helped us to develop a fully structured process.
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assyst is the hub and
University Clinical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia

life blood of our service organization.
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Customer Success Story

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