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1/2 ounce parts grimaced and ended up using formulas most of the time. They are simpler, 1 13.

3 FLOWER TEA Mix from tinctures or make 1:5, 60% alcohol. single closest thing to a universal GI tonic. Unfortunately it is no emotions. 2 3 parts 7.6 IMMUNE TONIC years I SOLD herbs, I put together a number of these formulas to 1 3 Most formulas I use these days are made for a specific person, and are 9.6 ECHINACEA SALVE 1/2 ounce hyper-sensitivities. just try the stuff that you can get the herbs for. I have always Vitex 2 1.3 TOOTH POWDER (Jared's) 2 parts 2 parts Eclectic Institute, The Herb Pharm, Herbalist and Alchemist and Blessed Fresh Catnip Tincture Hydrastis Tincture White Pine Compound

1 5.6 PMS FORMULA, SHORT CYCLE 9.2 CHAC SALVE (Calendula, Hypericum, Arnica,Cajeput) they Dandelion Root FE 2 parts Mix using tinctures, since some are best fresh, some 10.2 NERVE TONIC Piper methysticum (Kava) 1 Myrrh Gum 3.3 ALTERATIVE TEA "secret formula" I walk away. The VAST majority of physiologic reactions 2.4 COLON TONIC (Modified 3 ounces 12.2 DETOX FORMULA 30 ml. Use a teaspoon or two for nausea, gas pains, dyspepsia, tenesmus, increasingly disorganized corpus luteal progesterone Peony parts Simple Syrup parts levels. 1 ounce 5.6 PMS FORMULA, SHORT CYCLE 2.GASTRO-INTESTINAL Bayberry (or could not be defined legally on the label and therefore could not be (or Geranium or Heuchera)

parts parts marketed of these lines (there are many more with a more local focus) and 10.3 SPEED DETOX FORMULA Chaparral (Larrea) 4.8 ALLERGY FORMULA Star Anise parts 9.3 MUSCLE BALM part INTRO: 2.6 ILEO-CECAL TONIC produced by herbs are repeated OVER and OVER endlessly in different Mix from Burdock and Dandelion Fluidextracts (1:1 strength) strong Milk Elecampane Root from house to house with NOBODY willing to either use them or risk Bad Seed Tincture (1:2, 75% alcohol), dry Larrea and Tribulus tinctures (1:5) 4 ounces MATERIA MEDICA 4 3 6.URINARY TRACT Cinnamon, fresh pwd. 3 parts Peppermint Oil Herbalist (Seattle) and The Herb Store are some of the more visibly and acne around the mouth. It should be tried for those that regularly Burdock Rt or Seed 4 ounces

part White Oak Bark 2 10.8 POST-TREATMENT RELAXER parts part Useful for passive liver "heaviness", with periodic light stools and/or 4.4 COMPOUND SYRUP OF RED ROOT are slow in waking, grouchy and sluggish in the morning...they also have 8.CARDIO-VASCULAR Camomile parts Calendula Tincture Peppermint (or Poleo) 10.9 POST-TREATMENT STRENGTHENER 4 ounces 4.RESPIRATORY parts effective, and, since most disease is self-limiting and not always so 5.REPRODUCTIVE part Tincture 1:4, 50% alcohol. Senna Pods (crushed) 2 Quassia Wood parts 1 ounce makes you jittery, lessen or delete the Ma Huang. Use 30-60 drops (1 or 2 squirts) 2 or 3 times a day

plants, the physiologic effects that are beneficial in plants that are 3.5 LIVER EXCESS TINCTURE glycerin part parts 9.1 PODOPHYLLIN OINTMENT Yellow Dock tincture progesterone levels with a premature rise in estrogen before American Ginseng Tinct 2 parts Toadflax (Linaria) Lobelia ingested are really only a few. Although a specific herb may offer a Tribulus (Puncture Vine) parts Licorice Root parts 10. CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM parts Mix formula with fluidextracts and tinctures. cholecystalgia or biliary colic. Larger doses can be irritating; it is Anemone (Pulsatilla) to wholesale. We always run out of Neutralizing Cordial, Hayden's Drink as a simple infusion in evening. 2 10.6 K's SYRIAN RUE FORMULA (what an Ayurvedic Medicine friend uses) 1/2 teaspoon Dandelion FE 4 parts

1.5 ounces Pau D'Arco FE (1:2, 95% alcohol) 1 ounce 1 part result using other paths, but the actual formula isn't all that in 8 oz. Nuphar Tinct For symptoms that may start a week before menses, with the estrogen phase .5 part 1 part 4.5 WINTER SOLSTICE COUGH/COLD SYRUP Oregon Grape resources. You don't need to go trundling about seeing an Eclectic M.D. Ambrosia Coltsfoot Leaves 4.2 WHITE PINE COMPOUND COUGH SYRUP 8.1 GREASEBALL HYPERTENSION Oregon Grape Root Cinnamon Tincture Rhubarb Tincture excess. Pleurisy Root together in pharmacy lab and Mouth Tincture. We dutifully drag back all parts 4.7 TONSILLITIS FORMULA if you know YOUR herbs real well make your own substitutes and otherwise Step 3. Mix both liquids, stirring or blending until KCO3 is dissolved. Drink as a simple infusion for indigestion and disempacho

Use 30-60 drops (1 or 2 squirts) 2 or 3 times a day. This helps to Percolation II: 25% alcohol, open ended. Viburnum Compound, the latest version of some analgesic balm I put (100 years ago) or trying to figure out where to find a professional parts 250 ml stirring until just melted, add the essential oil, and pour the salve Wild Ginger Root part parts 12.CHRONIC/METABOLIC Christmas Fruitcake from Hell, and related to the Ma Rollers, Pyramid 5.5 PMS FORMULA, LONG CYCLE communicated to the innocent user). Besides, if you can't make it 1 ounce 2 Drink as a simple infusion as needed for dyspepsia or mild gastritis. Dandelion FE every 2 hours. 4.3 OSHA COUGH SYRUP 4.6 MONARDA HONEY Fennel Seed Tincture 2 5.1 CANDIDA FORMULA 2 1 part remix. 2 Echinacea

end up using, however, if we get sick, are those same old formulas I used Stimulates peristalsis for chronic constipation of long duration. 2 "00" Licorice Root Barberry or Oregon Grape Fennel Seed fats (but with poor digestion), pelvic congestion (aggravated by fatty parts Tincture 1:2 with 65% alcohol, (30 ounces) put it aside, add water to the 1 caps with water, morning and evening. When feces soften up go to 1 Osha Root 3 oz. part Lemon Grass Percolate with 50% alcohol until you have reached 16 ounces. 10 drops. Tincture 1:4, 50% alcohol. part Orris Root Powder 64 ml Black Cohosh 3.4 LIVER DEFICIENCY TINCTURE 2 practicing Physiomedicalist in 1885 (another one of those schools of 2 parts Herbs. Anyway, scrambling around to try and locate some weird exotic Euonymus (Wahoo) TOO are mostly in business in the west. Herbs Etcetera of Santa Fe, 1.5 ounces

parts Arrowroot 3 Larrea Tinct into containers. Stir the pot frequently and pour as quickly as the subtle stuff until the next field trip. I figure it's our version of 1.MOUTH/NOSE/EYES/EARS Baking Powder Yellow Dock Root 1 metabolism. plants not often encountered in commerce. Many former students market Yerba Santa parts Poplar Buds Motherwort Tinct Oregon Grape Root Tinct 1.2 TOOTH POWDER (Michael's) grind, the rest as fine a powder as desired. around the clinic) covers most bases and allows YOU to control the 2 2 ounces 13.5 GUARANA FUDGE (AKA Speed Fudge) 2 6.2 ALKALIZING TEA part This is for the relief of seasonal allergies and result ant secondary 10.1 RELAXING TEA Spearmint

as fresh 3 ounces Cardamon Seed 2 Bugleweed Fresh Monarda Flowers stuffed tightly into a mason jar, Honey added, and 1.1 LIP and SKIN BUTTER 5.5 PMS FORMULA, LONG CYCLE 20 drops from other herbs, mixing stuff together reduces the subtleties to a 4.1 DECONGESTANT TEA Arrowroot Powder Use 30-60 drops (1 or 2 squirts) 2 or 3 times a day 11.ACUTE DISEASE that were bought in the holy flush of some dietary asceticism in 1987 3.1 LIVER TONIC Red Root tincture tired. Look for greasy hair, acne on the cheeks (both kinds of cheeks) Echinacea Root 1.2 TOOTH POWDER (Michael's) Syrup (15 ounces) "Coughs, pulmonary and hepatic affections" (Kings) Sarsaparilla Root Use 30-60 drops (1 or 2 squirts) 2 or 3 times a day Blood Root Leptandra (Culver's Root) 1 Yellow Dock parts part 2

5.1 CANDIDA FORMULA 9.TOPICAL parts 11.1 EGO CAPSULES stages of menopause when erratic cycles and flooding 2 ounces 2.4 COLON TONIC (Modified Thomsonian) For women in earlier Use 30-60 drops (1 or 2 squirts) 2 or 3 times a day. 1 Yerba Mansa tincture foods), and premenstrual acne. menstruation; the cycle is generally longer than 28 days. Problems Mix as tinctures, since the Anemone MUST be made fresh, the Peony is 4.8 ALLERGY FORMULA 1 Comfrey Leaf us that have resided in North American Alternative Village. Balsam Root White Pine Bark 1 ounce Sweet Root Tinct better 2.3 COMFREY-MINT-LEMON TEA at least one third. A constitutional tonic for those with anabolic With active diarrhea, take 1/2 teaspoon every 2 hours, alternating with 4 parts 13.4 MESOMARBLES important...knowing the palette is. Anytime I see references to some

result from herbs. You need to know the craft well in order to get the same end 2 2.4 PAPAYA-MINT-LEMON TEA Pleurisy Root 1 Chionanthus (Fringetree) 1 Angelica or Calamus 3.2 ROBERT'S BILIARY FORMULA Buckbean 1 capsule twice a day. Wild Lettuce Ocotillo Bark Drink frequently as an infusion. If you find it interferes with sleep or 2 parts 9.7 GOLDEN SEAL SALVE 3 parts 7.LYMPH/IMMUNE or a classic Ecectic Specific Indication separating its energy completely Peony Tinct gathering, selling, using, teaching and writing about herbs in the Mix with fluidextract and tinctures. 9.5 ROTGUT LINIMENT 2 Evaporate Perc II down to 10 ounces, add to Perc I to make 40 ounces Spirit of Peppermint (1:5, 50% alcohol) 4 parts

1 part A gradual, no die-off approach to alleviating symptoms of systemic 2 parts Bayberry Bark part No overt symptoms, but having many of the risks mentioned: 1 cap, 3X a 7.1 LYMPH TONIC bring the total volume to 1000 ml. depressed states...a couple of cups a day, made from a rounded teaspoon parts 1/4 ounce 40 ml 2 water, brought to a boil and removed from the heat and allowed to cool. 5.3 MENOPAUSE: EARLY FORMULA Motherwort 4 ounces Dandelion FE 2 Drink as a simple infusion for gastritis and pre -ulcer pain parts 4 parts 8.5 ARTERIOSCLEROSIS FORMULA (health alright, memory bad) 2 parts parts part 2 2 parts

3.5 LIVER EXCESS TINCTURE Yerba Mansa Pronounced liver dysfunction, but w/out pathology: 2 caps, 3X a day. 1 550 ml topped off several times (until bubbles work completely out and flowers 2 2 2 3 *Echinacea Fluidextract Take 1/2 teaspoon in 2 tablespoons of hot water, gargle well and swallow Percolation I: 50% alcohol, 30 oz. 2 Wild Cherry Bark 2 Dragon River Herbals, Wyoming Wildcrafters, Bisbee Botanicals, The hypothalamus and pituitary attempts to increase diminished estrogen 4 Use 30-60 drops to 3X a day, and decrease protein and fat consumption by .5 part 2 parts Licorice Root Tincture 1 ounce include rapid-onset water-retention, headaches, joint pain,and labile parts juice concentrate...1-2 tablespoons, straight up. 5.2 FEMALE BALANCER 2

together with little by way of editorializing. Some of the herbs are production. Licorice Root subtle range of physiologic colors that warrant a homeopathic profile Step 2. Mix the tinctures, spirit and diluted alcohol. Bayberry some of these obscure herbs are now to be found in the catalogues of 2 2.2 LAXATIVE TEA 175 ml. 1/4 ounce botanical subtleties are lost. At the very same time most of them 2 parts Vitex agnus-castus Tinct parts 'cause Moore says so isn't the point. I have offered some substitutes, 2.7 CATNIP-FENNEL TINCTURE separate. 3.3 ALTERATIVE TEA Licorice Root Powder 8 ounces Ginger Root Use 30-60 drops (1 or 2 squirts) 2 or 3 times a day Western United States for 25 years and have come to know a lot of useful Thoroughly mix all constituents, blend briefly in 1/2 cup batches and 2 4 ounces 3.4 LIVER DEFICIENCY TINCTURE Over low heat, dissolve the lanolin in the almond oil, add the glycerin

part Ginger Root them commercially, but since I try to teach bioregional herbalism, they 1/4 ounce 3 Myrrh Gum Powder 1 ounce parts Horehound 3 parts 3 8.2 HYPOTENSION FORMULA (Kidney deficient) 1.3 TOOTH POWDER (Jared's) Gentian Root Mix herbs as tinctures, or tincture 1:5, 60% alcohol part as late-night energy, sweating, irritability, craving for proteins and useful for parts 13. FOR PLEASURE OR FUN Use for giardiasis, amebiasis, especially with ileo-cecal irritability. 2 gentle grey noise and you are left with the predominate effects. The (or Castela) Black Cohosh 1 1 part 2.5 BITTER TONIC 2

Step 4. Add additional diluted alcohol to the total (if necessary) to help. pt. Oregon Grape Larrea 1 Thomsonian) Burdock Root FE Glycerin chemotherapy queasiness. Take 10-15 minutes before meal..5-15 drops. An old-fashioned "shotgun" formula. Grind well and encapsulate. DOSE: longer made by any American manufacturer. 4 ounces 2.2 LAXATIVE TEA 10.7 COMPOUND TINCTURE OF CANNABIS (1910) frontal headaches brought on by overeating or eating rich foods when 5.REPRODUCTIVE constitutional tonic for those with catabolic or adrenergic excess. 2 ounces 1 Peppermint Oil Comfrey Leaf Red Root Rootbark You can get the same effects from 100 different variations of various 1 part 10.5 B's ANTIDEPRESSANT 2 4.5 WINTER SOLSTICE COUGH/COLD SYRUP

the half-finished Orgon Box that clutter the symbolic attics of those of Celery Seed tincture later stages of menopause when ovulation has nearly ceased and the main day. Peppermint readily available in commerce, some are obscure, since I have been around, the formulas needed to be shotguns, covering the common problems 5-10 drops of Essential Oil 10 ml. diarrhea AND constipation. An elegant pharmaceutical that may be the to use the smaller dosages recommended, allowing a day or two to see if 2.1 STOMACH TEA CONTENTS: 1 2.5 BITTER TONIC Potassium carbonate Echinacea is the only one of these herb that deteriorates in a powdered Rhubarb Root Milk Thistle Seeds Add 12 ounces of simple syrup OR add 8 ounces of honey and 4 ounces of 2 the gallon jars of organic soybeans and mung beans (for sprouting) Blue Cohosh formulas around the house (or, if you are a practitioner or physician, sleeping. A biliary laxative and gallstone preventative, it is also 1.MOUTH/NOSE/EYES/EARS Anhydrose Lanolin 5.10 HAYDEN'S VIBURNUM COMPOUND(Modified) Cayenne

1 ounce 2 ounces Bistort Root fluidextracts, patches and herbal junk to outfit a dispensatory for a Papaya Leaf reasonable. If you take too long the lanolin and glycerin may begin to 3.2 ROBERT'S BILIARY FORMULA 3.LIVER/BILIARY 1 ounce Orris Root Powder Black Cohosh Tinct Sarsaparilla Tinct the end product of constitutional evaluations and counseling. For the 20 Use 30-60 drops (1 or 2 squirts) 2 or 3 times a day. For women in the that herbs are most appropriate for, and where subtleties are unnecessary 2 parts 1 Chaparro Amargosa or Quassia 8.4 CIRCULATORY STIMULANT 2 Papaya Leaf Eclectics often raged against polypharmacy for the simple reason that 2.8 NEUTRALIZING CORDIAL (Modified) Angelica Root/Seed Almond Oil Powder the herbs and encapsulate. 1 capsule after each meal and one just 2.1 STOMACH TEA parts parts

part parts part (or Balsam Root) parts parts and, in over 470,000 households across this land, get dragged sheepishly 3 short,the progesterone phase strong, and the anabolic dominance showing 1 3 3/4 ounces Beeswax parts 2 parts White Pine Bark part 5.2 FEMALE BALANCER 2 Spikenard Root Red Root Tops parts 13.2 ROOT TEA Flag made parts Red Root 1 Black Cohosh 3 Add 20 ounces of Monarda Honey, and 10 ounces glycerin. 8.3 TACHYCARDIA FORMULA

before to cut back on the snacks. 5.3 MENOPAUSE: EARLY FORMULA subtle, often all that's needed. Besides, having a bunch of useful oz. skim milk. With poor milk tolerance, use blackberry or pomegranate Inmortal For symptoms that start just before menses, deriving from weak 4.7 TONSILITIS FORMULA 80 ml Milk Thistle Seed 2 parts Cloves, fresh pwd. Best for chronic conditions, such as recovering anorectics, achlorhydria, 1 part Devil's Club regulate chronically short estrus cycles, with aggravated anabolic 6.1 URINARY TINCTURE (all purpose) Hats, New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract bottles, Willard Water and 2.3 COMFREY-MINT-LEMON TEA part symptoms arise not from erratic progesterone levels, but from the form, so the best compromise would be to keep it as a rather coarse Thistle parts Lobelia inflata 1 ounce Licorice parts 2

2 parts 3 Wintergreen Oil 5.8 HPV (Venereal Wart) SUPPOSITORIES 12 ounces. Ocotillo tincture some are very useful therapeutic formulas. I have mixed them all 3 parts Make from the fluidextract and tinctures Golden Seal Root Yerba Mansa Powder 3.1 LIVER TONIC numbers of field trips we pile boxes with enough tinctures, salves, 5.9 CANDIDA DOUCHE 1 Karma Points by tossing alternative lifestyle equivalent of the A simple drinkable tea for low-level chronic liver, metabolic and immunopercolation and drip another part (15 ounces), then add 1 part Simple 10.4 V's NERVE TONIC herbalist in the yellow pages (there aren't many of us). maintained that formulas are the LEAST important part of herbalism 4.2 WHITE PINE COMPOUND COUGH SYRUP 3 parts Devil's Club parts 2.6 ILEO-CECAL TONIC are saturated and covered), kept around for a month or two, pressed out. 3 parts parts

Yellow Dock Tinct 5.4 MENOPAUSE: LATER FORMULA 15-30 drops as needed for acute gastritis or simple dyspepsia. 7.4 LYMPH ANTI-EFFECT (for mumps, mono, etc.) Yerba Santa parts 2 parts Mormon Tea Osha Tincture 16 grams part 1 2 parts Mix well and PARTY UP! Diluted alcohol (50%) 2 INTRO: These are a variety of formulas I have used in my business and Angelica Root best dry (1:5, 60% alcohol) 4.4 COMPOUND SYRUP OF RED ROOT Blue Flag Root Mix powdered herbs thoroughly with the Peppermint Oil. 1 part SIMPLE SYRUP BETTER fresh, the rest can or should be made dry. 1/2 ounce Sassafras Bark anyway.

7.3 IMMUNE STIMULANT #2 Marshmallow Root simple, you don't know what you're doing. When we pack for our endless practice over the years. Some are elegant, some are silly and trivial, 1 4.RESPIRATORY Mahonia (Oregon Grape) Cubeb Berries parts 4.3 OSHA COUGH SYRUP Medical Practice long extinct, may Flexner be cursed!). What we ACTUALLY Burdock Root 1.1 LIP and SKIN BUTTER part 2.7 CATNIP-FENNEL TINCTURE 1 3 oz. 3 4 ounces parts from dry herb, and Buckbean (if possible) and Ocotillo (mandatory) made 5.7 CERVICAL DYSPLASIA SUPPOSITORIES Make from the individual tinctures, add 5% glycerin. 2 wholesale, knowing that, without a Professional Herbalist (giggle) Ginger Root Wild Cherry Bark 2.GASTRO-INTESTINAL Bugleweed tincture

Bayberry Bark 3 (2 parts) 2 Vitex agnus-castus Tinct 1/2 pound Cascara Sagrada Myrrh excess. In general, for those that regularly eat before going to bet and part 12.1 ALTERATIVE SYRUP Bistort Root 20 ounces 5.4 MENOPAUSE: LATER FORMULA parts Ma Huang 2 and stir until all three are dispersed. Add the finely -chopped beeswax, work with solvents or that drink regularly, whether in moderation or Castela or Quassia Tinct parts 4 parts candidiasis. 4.1 DECONGESTANT TEA parts parts 3 ounces parts 2.4 PAPAYA-MINT-LEMON TEA

part 8 ml 2.8 NEUTRALIZING CORDIAL (Modified) 1 part 4.6 MONARDA HONEY part Psyllium Seed Rhubarb Root Yerba Mansa Root parts Mix from tinctures, with Mahonia, Yellow Dock, Pleurisy Root and Blue Dong Quai 7.2 IMMUNE STIMULANT #1 tinctures. Take 30 drops, morning, afternoon and before retiring. A 13.1 FIVE MINT TEA 1 3.LIVER/BILIARY 5.7 CERVICAL DYSPLASIA SUPPOSITORIES total. parts 3 parts Bloodroot part 1 Step 1. Dissolve 16 grams of potassium carbonate in 250 ml Simple Syrup 9.4 "TRAUMA TINCTURE" 7.5 TONSILITIS FORMULA Sweet Root 2

part Glycerin 1 parts Leptandra or Blue Flag Rt Lemon Balm