Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT


Before you start blaming the engine coolant temperature sensor and replacing it make sure the rest of the coolant system is in good condition. All of the following items will affect the ECT: *Coolant level *Radiator Fan *Water Pump *Water Pump and Fan Belts *Thermostat *Base Timing *Engines general condition *Harness and wire general condition The Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor is a thermal transistor, which means it allows less electricity to pass through the sensor the warmer it gets. The ECT receives the �Signal Return� voltage from the EEC, then allows a certain amount to return back to the EEC. Because the ECT is in direct contact with the engine coolant flow it changes resistance in response to the temperature of that coolant.

36 0.The ECT is third in command in the hierarchy of EFI sensors. Or you can removing the connector completely and test the resistance between the 2 pins on the ECT.20 0. it changes density greatly over a range of temperature.80 3. trouble codes received during test can be used as a diagnostic tool along with other indicators. But due to its simplicity of design.07 2.47 0.80 1. You can test the ECT by back probing the harness while reading the voltage returning to the EEC. Before testing the ECT or any other EFI component perform a self-test.55 2. This is because of simply chemistry. To accomplish this.84 5.80 1.35 Resistance K ohms 0. Air is the biggest variable in combustion.18 1.60 . the ECT is rarely at fault when problems occur.37 7.30 0. the engine should be at normal operating temperature. fuel and spark are constants in the equation.61 0. this means this sensor is very important when calculating fuel ratios and timing curves. To test an ECT sensor you will need a volt meter.54 0. The engine temperature must be greater than 50�F (10�C) to pass the KOEO Self-Test and greater than 180�F (82�C) to pass the KOER Self-Test.04 1.12 0. So keeping track of the changing temperatures of the incoming air and the engine in which it is burnt becomes very important. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Temperature F� C� 302 267 250 230 212 194 176 158 140 160 131 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 Voltage Volts 0.

89 4.70 3.91 10.0 volts.87 4.75 65.122 104 86 68 50 32 14 -4 -22 -40 50 40 30 20 10 0 -10 -20 -30 -40 1.15 24.23 Values were calculated for VREF=5.97 16.19 90. These values may vary 15 percent due to sensor and VREF variations.54 102.06 3.30 58.97 4.42 4.62 3.27 37.72 2.16 2.88 115.85 78. .

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