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The Top 100 HeaIthy Recipes for Babies û
Delicious, Healthy Fecipes for Furées, Fihger Foods ahd Meals
C|ve uau] t|e uest sta|t |r ||le w|t| t|ese 100 supe|-|ea|t|] |ec|pes-arc estau||s| çccc eat|rç |au|ts
t|at w||| |ast a ||let|¤e. Reree E|||ctt, t|e c|eatc| cl ||aret 0|çar|c, |as c|eatec a cc||ect|cr cl
eas]-tc-¤a|e c|s|es t|at lccus cr c|çar|c |rç|ec|erts, e·ce||ert rut||t|cra| va|ue, arc c|||c-appea||rç
taste. I|e ]u¤¤] se|ect|cr |arçes l|c¤ D||ec /p||cct |u|ee arc Spe|t |arca|es tc C||c|er c
Vus||cc¤ |asta, V|r| ||ta ||ttas, arc B|ueue||] B|eac.

|uu||s|e|. Durcar Ba||c
|uu||s|ec. /uçust 2013
111 paçes
$9.95 ($10.95 Carac|ar}
|ape|uac| w|t| ||aps
a|| |r cc|c|
5 1/2 / c 3/1
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Drink Your Own Garden
A Homebrew Guide Usihg Your Gardeh lhgrediehts
D||r| up, w|t| t||s lu||] |ev|sec arc wcrce|lu||] |¤aç|rat|ve çu|ce tc ¤a||rç t|e ¤cst cl ]cu| ça|cer
p|ccuce. I|e 110 |ec|pes |e|e |arçe l|c¤ l|u|t arc ue||] w|res tc uee| arc |cre] ¤eac, as we|| as
rcra|cc|c||c ju|ces, cc|c|a|s, arc teas. |t |rc|uces çu|ce||res lc| eve|] step, acv|ce cr ecu|p¤ert,
|rç|ec|erts, arc w|at tc ç|cw w|er, arc a ||st cl pctert|a| p|cu|e¤s arc |e¤ec|es, accc¤par|ec u]
att|act|ve v|rtaçe-st]|e cc|c| |||ust|at|crs.
|uu||s|e|. Batslc|c
|uu||s|ec. /uçust 2013
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$19.95 ($23.95 Carac|ar}
cc|c| |||us. t||cuç|cut
5 1/2 / 7 1/2
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Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
My Favorite Recipes
I|e ¤cst ce||c|cus ¤ea|s, t|e cres t|at evc|e t|e |app|est ¤e¤c||es, a|e t|e cres s|a|ec at t|e
la¤||] tau|e. Re¤e¤ue| t|e¤ lc|eve| w|t| t||s ueaut|lu| |eepsa|e rcteucc|, ¤ace tc |c|c t|ac|t|cra|
la¤||] |ec|pes arc ]cu| ¤cst p|ec|cus ccc||rç sec|ets. Eac| sect|cr÷lc| sta|te|s, appet|te|s,
ert|ees, s|ces, arc cesse|ts÷|as a stc|açe pcc|et p|us t|ps tc |e|p w|t| p|epa|at|cr.
|uu||s|e|. W||te Sta| |uu||s|e|s
|uu||s|ec. /uçust 2013
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|a|cccve| Ccrcea|ec Sp||a|
a|| |r cc|c|
8 1/1 / 9 7/8
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Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
September 2013
The Pocket Beer Guide
The Essential Handbook to the
Very Best Beers in the World
by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb
ISBN 978-1-4549-0647-6 | $14.95 ($15.95 Canada)
Paper | 4
/3 x 7 | 320 pages (all in color)
Territory: US/Can | September 17, 2013 | Sterling Epicure
he best beers are here, so drink up! The authors of
the acclaimed World Atlas of Beer (Sterling Epicure)
have collaborated with top international contributors to
create the most extraordinary, comprehensive, and up-
to-date guide to brews available. This team of experts
provides tasting notes on an amazing selection of suds,
organized by country, complete with information on
breweries and each beer’s key characteristics. Beer
destinations and a calendar of beer festivals worldwide
round out the fun!
Stephen Beaumont is an international figure in
the beer world and has authored, co-authored, or
contributed to a dozen books, including the pioneering
A Taste for Beer (Storey Books) and The Beerbistro
Cookbook (Key Porter Books), the latter based on the
beer-focused cuisine of the Toronto restaurant he co-
founded. He is also a prolific journalist and has written
hundreds of articles and columns for publications as
diverse as the International Herald Tribune and Whisky
Advocate. He lives in Toronto, Canada.  
Tim Webb is a renowned beer writer in Europe
and North America who focuses on Belgian and
international craft brewing. He’s compiled eight editions
of Good Beer Guide Belgium and co-wrote 100 Belgian
Beers to Try Before you Die (both CAMRA Books) and
LambicLand (Cogan and Mater Ltd). Webb writes for
Beer Advocate Magazine in the US and is managing
editor of his own niche publishing company. He lives
near Cambridge, England.
t Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb are two of the world’s
leading beer experts, and they’ve put together this guide
with a group of top international contributors
t Follows the publication of Beaumont and Webb’s well-
reviewed World Atlas of Beer, which Publishers Weekly called
“The ultimate glossy resource . . . [takes] beer-loving readers
on a comprehensive,fact-filled tour”
t Offers up-to-the minute information on the world’s best beers
t A convenient pocket guide that’s perfect to take along
while traveling
t Reviewer mailing to beer publications and to beer writers
at daily newspapers
t National and local radio campaign
t Gift guide outreach
t Digital marketing campaign
t Blog tour
Also Available
The World Atlas of Beer
ISBN 978-1-4027-8961-8
$30.00 ($35.00 Canada)
/5 x 11
The Complete Beer Course
Boot Camp for Beer Geeks:
From Novice to Expert in Twelve Tasting Classes
by Joshua M. Bernstein
ISBN 978-1-4027-9767-5 | $24.95 ($26.95 Canada)
Hard | 8
/2 x 9
/4 | 320 pages (all in color) | Territory: W
Carton Qty: 12 | Print Run: 15000 | September 2013
Sterling Epicure
hrough 12 easy-to-follow lessons, beer expert
Joshua Bernstein demystifies the sudsy stuff, breaking
down the elements that give each type its distinctively
delicious flavor. His course hops from lagers and pilsners
to roasty stouts and mouth-puckering sour ales, and
targeted tastings teach you which flavors are appropriate—
and which to dump.
Joshua M. Bernstein’s first book, Brewed Awakening,
was published by Sterling Epicure in 2011. Josh is a beer
journalist and critic who has written for New York, Time Out
New York,, Forbes Traveler, New York
Times, and, where he was the beer columnist.
He is a contributing writer to the drinks magazine Imbibe,
where he writes feature articles on craft beer. As a beer
expert, he’s been featured on NPR’s Marketplace and
Beer Sessions Radio. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.
t Joshua M. Bernstein is one of the hottest experts on beer
in North America, having written for major magazines,
newspapers, and websites
t Both information-packed and edgy, this
beer-tasting guide is unlike any other on the market
t An excellent gift book for all beer geeks
t Review copy mailing to beer publications
and to beer writers at daily newspapers
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t Blog tour
class two 53 52 Class two
beer, matching summer’s favored
crispness with the hearty richness
required for the cooling nights of
autumn. In time, the beer style became
closely aligned with another beer-centric
rite of the season, Oktoberfest (which
traditionally occurs in September, mind
you). Munich’s weeks-long celebration
of sausage, beer, and Bavarian culture
was born in 1810 to commemorate the
epic wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig
I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of
The frst beers served at the festival
were märzens, which in time came to
be identifed under the Oktoberfest
mantle. And herein begins a bit of
tricky business. In 1841, the legendary
Austrian brewer Anton Dreher unveiled
the lightly sweet, gently hopped, amber-
tintedVienna lagers, which rose to fame
in the mid-1800s and later fourished
in Texas and Mexico (see page 54). In
1872, the Munich brewer Josef Sedlmayr
(he worked for Franziskaner, which is
today part of Spaten) released a German
spin on theVienna style, a lager he called
Ur-Märzen—original märzen. It quickly
became the festival’s gold standard
and continues to set the Oktoberfest
template today.
Though the märzens no longer
are brewed in March (few breweries
can aford to let lagers hibernate
in precious fermentation tanks
for six months), they remain a
delicious reminder of spring to
keep you company during the fall—
ideally, with a sausage at your local
Oktoberfest celebration.
Boston’s Harpoon Brewery makes
a heck of an Octoberfest lager
and during the last weekend of
September hosts the rollicking
Harpoon Octoberfest, an annual
tradition since 1990. Expect
oompah bands, chicken dancing,
keg bowling, and plenty of beer.
Munich’s Oktoberfest kicks off
every year with a 12-gun salute,
followed by the city’s mayor tap-
ping the first keg of Oktoberfest
beer and proclaiming, “O’zapft
ist!”—“It is tapped!” Te first beer
is served to Bavaria’s minister-
president, and then the revelry
begins. Te celebration normally
welcomes more than 7 million
visitors annually.
massive one-liter
beer stein
is known as a Mass.
Hacker-Pschorr Bräu
ABV: 5.8%
This Bavarian brewery offers a
textbook example of the classic
Oktoberfest lager. The tawny
märzen makes itself known with a
clean, toasty-sweet scent tempered
by a touch of spicy hops. The taste is
what you should expect but rarely
receive: smooth and pleasantly
sweet (honey, nuts) with a dry close.
Savor it alongside a bratwurst.
Brooklyn Brewery
ABV: 5.5%
Brooklyn Brewery does a splendid
job with traditional German
lagers, including aVienna-style
beauty, a snappy pilsner, and
the Oktoberfest, which was first
introduced in 2000. Brewmaster
Garrett Oliver relies on Bavarian
heirloom Munich and pilsner malts
and German noble hops to create
this full-bodied lager with bready
notes and a scintilla of bitterness.
BACKUP BEERS: Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen, Great Divide Brewing
Co. Hoss, Left Hand Brewing Company Oktoberfest, Spaten Oktoberfest
Ur-Märzen, Summit Brewing Company Oktoberfest Märzen Style
Austrian brewer
Anton Dreher was
the father of the Vienna
lager, which led to the creation of
the traditional Oktoberfest lager
known as the märzen.
class two 57 56 Class two
It has become my humble, anal-
retentive mission in life to correct
every bar menu that mistakenly
spells Negra Modelo with an
extra o instead of an a.
took of in Mexico and parts of Texas,
largely as a result of Graf ’s exacting
Though American Prohibition and
Mexican political strife eroded Vienna
lager’s toehold in the Americas, echoes of
Mexico’s infatuation with the Austrian
style can be found in Negra Modelo
and Dos Equis Amber, though they’re a
bit sweeter than the historical standard.
In America, the Vienna lager also has
found its footing in the modern craft-
beer landscape, where brewers interpret
the style as crisp and full-bodied, with
less sweetness, a nice hop zap, and a dry
fnish. In Texas, Live Oak plays the style
closer to tradition with its smooth Big
Bark Amber Lager, and Ohio’s Great
Lakes turns up the alcohol and hops a
notch in its Eliot Ness. Most surprisingly,
that all-American example of American
beer, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, is in
fact a Vienna-style lager.
Somewhere, I’m sure Anton Dreher
is smiling.
In 1935, archaeologists unearthed a
fascinating fnd. During a dig innorthern
Bavaria, near the city of Kulmbach, the
explorers discovered a Celtic tomb that
dated to around the eighth century BC.
The grave contained an amphora, a
vase-shaped container with handles and
a narrow neck. A peek inside revealed
charred, blackened crumbs of partially
baked bread, one of the earliest known
brewing ingredients. The bread was
crumbled into water, whereupon passing
yeasts hunkered down and fermented
the mixture into something faintly—
very faintly—resembling beer.
The possible remains of this
ancient brew may be the forebearer of
Germany’s inkiest, most delicious beer
style, the schwarzbier (pronounced
“shvarts-beer”; schwarz is German for
“black”). Over the ensuing centuries,
the schwarzbier evolved into a coalition
of dark and light: a crisp-drinking lager
with roasty notes but little of the harsh,
astringent bitterness that accompanies
stouts and porters.
Brewers can achieve this by driving
down one of two avenues. First, they
can use dehusked malt, which dials
down the burnt, roasty character. (This
is accomplished by means of a process
similar to rice polishing.) Alternatively,
brewers can borrow a trick from cold-
brewed cofee.The dark-roasted malts are
submerged in nonboiling water, drawing
out the roasty favors—and none of the
Breweries in eastern Germany used to make the hybrid alt-schwarzbier, which
was brewed with special ale yeast (like the altbier; see page 81). The last brewery
specializing in these beers closed several decades ago, but Louisiana’s Bayou
Teche Brewing has revived the style with its LA-31 Bière Noire, a dark, beguiling
brew that calls to mind a cup of strong coffee.
GmbH & Co.
ABV: 4.8%
Founded in 1543, this German
brewery is one of the nation’s most
august schwarzbier producers.
Naturally, the flagship is nothing
short of perfection. The nearly
black beauty drinks dry, light, and
smoother than a sailboat on a lake.
The roasty notes of coffee and dark
chocolate are buffed down with a
mild rounded sweetness.

Session Black
Full Sail Brewery
ABV: 5.4%
Black’s perfume is an intoxicating
muddle of roasted malts and Cocoa
Puffs, childhood pleasures in an
adult package. As for the taste,
please strap in your taste buds: the
crisp tongue tingler rides a flavor
roller coaster across caramel and
chocolate, with tangy floral hops
hiding in the rumble seat. The
throwback stubby bottles
are also a nice touch. Grandpa
would approve.
BACKUP BEERS: Cervejaria Sul Brasileira Xingu Black Beer, Kulmbacher
Brauerei AG Mönchshof Schwarzbier, The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
Duck-Rabbit Schwarzbier, Moonlight Brewing Company Death &Taxes
Black Beer, Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Bohemian Black Lager
BayouTeche focuses on beers that complement Cajun cuisine.
101 GirIy Drinks
/|¤ec at t|e ç||| aucut tcwr, t||s ç|ccv] çu|ce leatu|es |ec|pes lc| 101 ||ç|-pcwe|ec, u||ç|t|] cc|c|ec
ccc|ta||s÷|rc|uc|rç rcra|cc|c||c cpt|crs÷l|c¤ Bee St|rçs arc B|ue Ve|vets tc ||r| ||a¤|rçcs arc
W||te lac|es. I|ps cr ¤|·c|cç], p|esertat|cr, arc ç|||s r|ç|t everts |e|p tu|r eac| c||r| |rtc a lur
|uu||s|e|. Ca||tcr Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
9c paçes
$7.95 ($8.95 Carac|ar}
20 cc|c| |||us.
1 5/8 / c 1/2
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
The CompIete Bartender's Guide
S|· |urc|ec c||r|s, p|cless|cra| ua|terce| tec|r|cues! I||s cc¤p|ete çu|ce tc ccc|ta||s p|cv|ces
|ec|pes arc ¤|·|rç |rst|uct|crs lc| t|e ¤cst pcpu|a| ¤|·ec c||r|s, l|c¤ /usc|ute |e|c tc Zc¤u|e. |r
acc|t|cr tc suççest|crs lc| stcc||rç a |c¤e ua|, spec|a| leatu|es cr ter c|ass|c ccc|ta||s cut||re t|e||
||stc|]. /rc÷just |r case t|ese wcrce|lu| ccrccct|crs p|cve tcc te¤pt|rç÷t|e|es acv|ce cr
|e||ev|rç t|at |arçcve|!
|uu||s|e|. Ca||tcr Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
100 paçes
$19.95 (|c Carac|ar R|ç|ts}
|ape|uac| w|t| ||aps
200 cc|c| p|ctcs
5 / 7 1/1
Ie|||tc|]. uS 0r|]
The CompIete Wine Course
|c| tcc |crç w|re |as ueer w|appec |r a ¤]st|cue arc |arçuaçe ces|çrec tc |rt|¤|cate t|e
ur|r|t|atec. |c ¤c|e, t|ar|s tc t||s pe|lect step-u]-step |rt|ccuct|cr lc| w|re rcv|ces w|t| a pass|cr
tc |ea|r ¤c|e. Se|vec c||||ec w|t| a ucucuet cl |u¤c|, 7KH&RPSOHWH:LQH&RXUVH e·p|c|es eve|]
aspect cl w|re l|c¤ ç|ape tc ç|ass, l|c¤ /|çe||a tc Z|¤uauwe, l|c¤ ç|arc Bc|ceau· c|ateau· tc
|u¤u|e C||art|s tc |apas ||ç|-tec| w|re||es.
|uu||s|e|. Ca||tcr Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
100 paçes
$19.95 (|c Carac|ar R|ç|ts}
|ape|uac| w|t| ||aps
200 cc|c| p|ctcs
5 / 7 1/1
Ie|||tc|]. uS 0r|]
350 Juices, Shakes 8 Smoothies to Boost Your Mihd, Mood 8 Health
W|t| 150 |ec|pes |r a w|cpp|rç c00 paçes, t||s ucc| |as sc ¤uc| ju|c] (arc s|us|] arc s¤cct||e}
çcccress! D||r| up l|c¤ ¤c|r|rç t||| r|ç|t, w|t| u|ea|last |ceas t|at çc ue]crc c|arçe ju|ce, l|tt] arc lur
pa|t] ¤cc|ta||s, jur|c| c|c|ces ||cs w||| |cve, p|us c|ea¤] |rcu|çerces, w|rte| wa|¤e|s, su¤¤e| ccc|e|s, arc
¤c|e. Da||] ju|ce p|cç|a¤s ta|çet |ea|t| arc c|et arc a t||ee-ca] cetc· p|cç|a¤ ¤a|es c|ears|rç ]cu|
s]ste¤ s|¤p|e!
Werc] Sweetse| |s t|e aut|c| cl aJJ |-ss-·|s (Se||e|s |uu||s||rç}, |-|·o |-|-s 5 |oo|-s (C|C0 Bcc|s},
4s-· ||-.o·s (Kccars|a Bcc|s}, arc í|- ío|. |o· |--||| |oo||oo| (S||ve|ca|e}. S|e |as a|sc w||tter a|t|c|es
lc| BBC Cccc |ccc, Da||] Va||, arc l|v|rç ||arce. Sweetse| t|a|rec at t|e Cc|ccr B|eu Sc|cc| |r lcrccr.
· D|ç|ta| ¤a||et|rç ca¤pa|çr
· 0r||re ccrtests arc ç|veawa]s
|uu||s|e|. Vet|c Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
c00 paçes
$19.95 ($21.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
c 5/1c / 7
Ie|||tc|]. WE|C
/lte|rccr tea |s a ce|eu|at|cr cl a|| t||rçs ce||ç|tlu| arc ce|ectau|e, p|ett] arc le¤|r|re. I||s ueaut|lu||]
|||ust|atec |eepsa|e ucc| leatu|es eve|]t||rç t|at ¤a|es t|e teat|¤e e·pe||erce spec|a|. |cve|] s¤a||
sarcw|c|es (|||e p|awr arc ||¤e peppe| a|c||}, ]u¤¤] sccres, ||tt|e ta|ts, arc ct|e| t|eats÷|||e p|r| ve|vet
ca|e. /rc eve|] |ec|pe |as ueer t||p|e testec tc çua|artee ]cu| success l||st t|¤e, eve|] t|¤e.
|a¤e|a C|a|| |as a pass|cr lc| lccc t|at |s |el|ectec |r |e| |c|e as |eac cl a wc||c-la¤cus test ||tc|er. I|e
tea¤ ceve|cps arc tastes |ec|pes lc| ¤açat|res arc ccc|ucc|s.S|e ||ves |r S]cre], /ust|a||a.
|uu||s|e|. Vet|c Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
25c paçes
$11.95 ($15.95 Carac|ar}
|a|cccve| w|t| Jac|et
a|| |r cc|c|
7 1/1 / 7 7/8
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 20
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Family Italian
Simple, Delicious Favorites Made to Share
by Gennaro Contaldo
ISBN 978-1-4549-1021-3 | $24.95 ($26.95 Canada)
Hard | 7
/2 x 9
/4 | 240 pages (all in color)
Territory: US/Can | September 3, 2013 | Sterling Epicure
Gennaro Contaldo was born in Minori, in Amalfi, Italy.
He came to Britain in the late 1960s and worked in
several restaurants, eventually opening up the award-
winning Passione. Later, Contaldo worked together with
Jamie Oliver at Antonio Carluccio’s Neal Street restaurant,
and he and Carluccio copresented Two Greedy Italians
on BBC2, followed by Two Greedy Italians Still Hungry.
Contaldo’s books include Gennaro’s Easy Italian, Gennaro’s
Italian Year, Gennaro’s Italian Home Cooking, and Passione
(all Headline Book Publishing).
t Easy, delicious family fare at a good price point
t Italian food is always popular, and this book is filled with
the author’s cherished family recipes
t Gennaro Contaldo is widely known as the chef who taught
Jamie Oliver how to cook Italian food. He’s a well-known
television celebrity in Britain and currently works for the
Oliver chain of restaurants, creating the recipes and training
the cooking staff
t Review copy mailing to food magazines
t Review copy mailing to the food sections of
daily newspapers
t Cookbook round-ups
t Digital marketing campaign
t Blog tour
Praise for the Author—
“ Gennaro Contaldo is one of the world’s best Italian chefs. He’s a legend.”
—Jamie Oliver
othing brings people together like a good meal—
cooking it and enjoying it. Family Italian is about
preparing fresh, honest, seasonal food; instilling smart
eating habits in our children; and spending quality time
around the kitchen stove and table. From delicious
soups (like Zucchini and Basil) to homemade pastas,
rich risottos, frittatas, steak, roast chicken, and of
course desserts, these recipes are simple, tasty, and
family pleasing.
Good Housekeeping One Dish!
90 lrresistibly Easy Dihhers That Are Feady Wheh You Are
I|ese l|es|, ccrte¤pc|a|] cre-c|s| ¤ea|s |ecel|re eas] arc ce||c|cus! *RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ p|cv|ces
sat|sl]|rç |ec|pes t|at |rc|uce suc| la¤||] lavc||tes as scups, stews, st||-l||es, casse|c|es, pastas, sa|acs,
arc sarcw|c|es. I|e] ¤a|e |t s|¤p|e tc st|ea¤||re ¤eru p|arr|rç, s|cpp|rç, ccc||rç, arc c|earup÷arc
uecause eac| cre, l|c¤ Iu||e] |ctp|e w|t| Cc|r¤ea| C|ust tc Butte|rut Scuas| R|scttc, |as ueer
t||p|e-testec |r t|e Cccc |cuse|eep|rç K|tc|er, ]cu |rcw t|e]|e la||-p|ccl.
*RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ ¤açat|re |s ar /¤e||car |ccr cl ccrsu¤e| p|ctect|cr arc cua||t] assu|arce. Eac| |ssue
|eac|es 21 ¤||||cr |eace|s arc, w|t| 15 ec|t|crs puu||s|ec wc||cw|ce, |t |s ar |rte|rat|cra||] |eccçr|tec
- Vc|e t|ar 550,000 ccp|es cl t||s upcatec c · 9 se||es |ave ueer sc|c, arc ct|e| ec|t|crs cl t||s ucc| |ave
sc|c ¤c|e t|ar 1c,000 ccp|es
- I||s |s a |ea||] pcpu|a| suuject. |eac] tc eat w|er ]cu a|e, cre-c|s| ¤ea|s a|e a lavc||te wa] tc çet c|rre|
cr t|e tau|e w|t| ease
- *RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ, w||c| |eac|es cre cut cl l|ve /¤e||car wc¤er eac| ¤crt|, w||| suppc|t t|e ucc|

New Edition
|uu||s|e|. |ea|st
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
1c0 paçes
$11.95 ($15.95 Carac|ar}
|a|cccve| Ccrcea|ec Sp||a|
a|| |r cc|c|
c / 9
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 20
Ie|||tc|]. Wc||c w|t| e·c|us|crs'
Good Housekeeping Low Carb!
90 Easy 8 Satisfyihg Fecipes
lcw ca|u-w|t| ||ç| l|avc|! *RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ p|cv|ces ar |rsp|||rç cc||ect|cr cl ce||c|cus c|rre| |ec|pes t|at
|e|p ]cu s|||r| ]cu| ca|u ccurt w|||e sat|sl]|rç ]cu| appet|te at t|e sa¤e t|¤e. Va|r c|s|es |rc|uce Sesa¤e
C||c|er St||-||] w|t| /spa|açus, C|||e Stea| w|t| /vccacc-Ic¤atc Sa|ac, arc C|au Ccuu Sa|ac. Iast] |ceas
lc| s|ces |e|p ]cu |curc cut ]cu| ca|u-s¤a|t ¤ea|s.
*RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ ¤açat|re |s ar /¤e||car |ccr cl ccrsu¤e| p|ctect|cr arc cua||t] assu|arce. Eac| |ssue
|eac|es 21 ¤||||cr |eace|s arc, w|t| 15 ec|t|crs puu||s|ec wc||cw|ce, |t |s ar |rte|rat|cra||] |eccçr|tec
- Vc|e t|ar 550,000 ccp|es cl t||s upcatec c · 9 se||es |ave ueer sc|c. 0t|e| ec|t|crs cl t||s ucc| (6PDUW
&DUE6XSSHUV} |ave sc|c ¤c|e t|ar 1c,000 ccp|es
- lcw-ca|u c|ets a|e a t|¤e-testec ¤et|cc tc ac||eve we|ç|t |css. /t ar] ç|ver t|¤e, aucut lcu| pe|cert cl
t|e pcpu|at|cr÷c| 10 ¤||||cr /¤e||cars÷a|e lc||cw|rç sc¤e ve|s|cr cl a |cw-ca|u c|et, accc|c|rç tc t|e
¤a||et |esea|c| l||¤ ||D C|cup
- *RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ w||| suppc|t t|e ucc|, t|e ¤açat|re |eac|es cre cut cl l|ve /¤e||car wc¤er eac|
New Edition
|uu||s|e|. |ea|st
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
1c0 paçes
$11.95 ($15.95 Carac|ar}
|a|cccve| Ccrcea|ec Sp||a|
a|| |r cc|c|
c / 9
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 20
Ie|||tc|]. Wc||c w|t| e·c|us|crs'
Classic Fizzas, Fizettas, Kids' Fizzas, Express Fizzas
Eve|]cres lavc||te ta|ecut lccc |s aucut tc uecc¤e eve|]cres ¤a|e-|r ¤ea|! ||ttas a|e s|¤p|e tc
ccc|, arc t||s ccc|ucc| e·p|a|rs t|e uas|cs, l|c¤ c|ust tc sauce. I|e t||p|e-testec |ec|pes |rc|uce
suc| c|ass|cs as t|e Va|ç|e||ta arc |apc||tara, ç|a¤ c|eat|crs tcppec w|t| w||c ¤us||cc¤, u||e, arc
wa|rut, ||c-l||erc|] p|ttas, arc supe|-last p|ttas. I|e|e a|e ever cesse|t p|ttas÷sc ]cu car eat |t lc|
eve|] ccu|se!
|uu||s|e|. Vet|c Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
128 paçes
$11.95 ($15.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
8 1/1 / 9
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 21
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Authehtic Fecipes from the South of the Border
|ecp|e |cve çc|rç cut tc eat Ve·|car lccc÷uut |c¤e ccc|s p|cuau|] stcp at taccs arc rac|cs.
I|ats aucut tc c|arçe! I|ese t||p|e-testec |ec|pes s|cw |cw eas] |t |s÷espec|a||] us|rç
stc|e-ucuç|t tc|t|||as÷tc p|epa|e suc| lavc||tes as laj|tas, uu|||tcs, cuesac|||as, arc erc|||acas. 0| t|]
a sa|ac, c|||| ccr ca|re, sp|c] sa|sa, arc a sweet t|eat, ¤a|e a Va|ça||ta (t|e|es a |ec|pe}, arc
|uu||s|e|. Vet|c Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
128 paçes
$11.95 ($15.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
8 1/1 / 9
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 21
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Tahtalizihg Small Flates from the Mediterraheah
S¤a||-p|ate c|r|rç |s a supe|-|ea|t|] Vec|te||arear t|ac|t|cr t|at eve|]cres e¤u|ac|rç. C|eate
ueaut|lu| aut|ert|c tapas w|t| ccrl|cerce, us|rç t||s se|ect|cr cl t||p|e-testec arc eas]-tc-lc||cw
|ec|pes c|çar|tec u] |eç|cr. ||c¤ Spar|s| |ar-Sea|ec Sca||cps w|t| /rc|cv] Butte| tc tarta||t|rç
|ta||ar art|pastc tc C|ee| Dc|¤aces arc V|r|-C||c|er Scuv|a||a, t|e]|e l|avc|lu|, ert|c|rç, arc
|uu||s|e|. Vet|c Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
128 paçes
$11.95 ($15.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
8 1/1 / 9
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 21
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Casse|c|es a|e sc s|¤p|e tc p|epa|e÷just cre c|s|!÷arc a pe|err|a| lavc||te w|t| la¤|||es. W|t|
|||es|st|u|e ert|ees, |rc|uc|rç C||c|er arc Sweet Cc|r Ba|e, Cau||l|cwe| arc B|cccc|| C|at|r, arc
Ba|ec Veatua||s, p|us eas] arc appet|t|rç s|ces, t||s ccc|ucc| arswe|s t|at p|ess|rç cuest|cr.
w|ats lc| c|rre|¹ /rc s|rce eve|] |ec|pe |as ueer t||p|e testec t|e |esu|ts a|e pe|lect eve|] t|¤e!
|uu||s|e|. Vet|c Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
128 paçes
$11.95 ($15.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
8 1/1 / 9
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 21
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Fresh, Delicious Dishes for All Occasiohs
I|e]|e rct just s|ce c|s|es ar]¤c|e! Sa|acs |ave uecc¤e t|e |ea|t|], ce||c|cus sta| cl t|e ¤ea|. Sc
w|] st|c| tc |ettuce arc c|uc|tes, w|er |ts sc s|¤p|e tc ¤a|e sc¤et||rç spec|a|¹ I|ese t||p|e-testec
|ec|pes s|cwcase a wc||c cl |usc|cus cpt|crs, |rc|uc|rç le¤cr-ça|||c Sp|c] |ctatc Sa|ac, Iarccc||
C||c|er c Sp|rac| Sa|ac, arc C||sp] |c|erta Sa|ac arc S¤c|ec Sa|¤cr÷as we|| as c|ess|rçs lc| a
pe|lect l|r|s|.
|uu||s|e|. Vet|c Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
1c0 paçes
$11.95 ($15.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
8 1/1 / 9
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 21
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Beautifully Decorated Cakes from Easy to Experiehced to Expert
Iu|r a |c¤e¤ace ca|e |rtc a wc|| cl a|t! I||s e|eçart t||p|e-testec cc||ect|cr cl ccrlect|crs |as
sc¤et||rç lc| cecc|atc|s cl a|| |eve|s, l|c¤ t|cse w|c just wart tc ¤a|e ueaut|lu| ¤crcç|a¤¤ec
cupca|es tc e·pe|ts eaçe| tc acc|r t|e|| c|eat|crs w|t| e|auc|ate c|e||] u|cssc¤s, |ea|ts, arc ucw
t|es. Step-u]-step p|ctcç|ap|s |a] cut t|e ¤ec|ar|cs cl t||s |¤p|ess|ve cu||ra|] tec|r|cue, l|c¤
p|p|rç tc l|ull] l|cst|rç, erau||rç ar]cre tc p|ccuce a ¤aste|p|ece.
|uu||s|e|. Vet|c Bcc|s
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
210 paçes
$19.95 ($21.95 Carac|ar}
|a|cccve| w|t| Jac|et
a|| |r cc|c|
8 3/8 / 10 3/8
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 12
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Delicious Breakfasts, Luhches, Kids' Farties 8 Sweets
|c| ce||acs arc ct|e|s sulle||rç l|c¤ ç|uter |rtc|e|arce, t||s |rva|uau|e ||tt|e ucc| |s a ¤ea|t|¤e ||lesave|! |t
se|ves up suc| ]u¤¤] ]et a¤at|rç|] ç|uter-l|ee la|e as Barara |ctca|es, ||tta ||rw|ee|s, Beel lasaçre,
C|urc|] C||c|er ||rçe|s, arc p|ert] cl ca|es arc cesse|ts. I|cse w|t| a||e|ç|es w||| l|rc ¤ar] ]east-, ca||]-,
eçç-, arc rut-l|ee c|s|es, tcc.
· Rev|ew ccp] ¤a|||rç tc lccc ¤açat|res
· Rev|ew ccp] ¤a|||rç tc lccc w||te|s at ca||] rewspape|s
· D|ç|ta| ¤a||et|rç ca¤pa|çr
· |ccc u|cççe|s ccrtests arc ç|veawa]s
· B|cç tcu|
- C|uter-l|ee |ec|pes a|e |r ce¤arc
- 50 |ec|pes at a lauu|cus |cw p||ce pc|rt
- |r acc|t|cr tc ç|uter-l|ee |ec|pes, t|e|e a|e seve|a| c|s|es pe|lect lc| t|cse w|t| ct|e| a||e|ç|es,
|rtc|e|arces, arc c|çest|ve p|cu|e¤s
|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç Ep|cu|e
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
128 paçes
$9.95 ($10.95 Carac|ar}
|ape|uac| w|t| ||aps
a|| |r cc|c|
7 1/1 / 7 7/8
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 18
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Cure Your Owh Bacoh, Make the Ferfect Chuthey, ahd Other Delicious
I|ese ca]s, sta]|rç |r |s t|e rew çc|rç cut÷arc |c¤e¤ace ce|| |s t|e wa] tc eat çcu|¤et! I||s lartast|c
t|easu|e t|cve cl cu||ra|] ce||ç|ts s|cws |cw tc p|ccuce ce||cac|es |arç|rç l|c¤ cu|ec ¤eats, s¤c|ec l|s|,
arc sweet p|ese|ves tc la|¤|cuse c|eeses, l|es| pasta, arc l|es|-ua|ec p|es. I|e ¤cut|wate||rç |ec|pes
|rc|uce |ast|a¤| w|t| Sweet Cucu¤ue| Re||s|, S|tt||rç Beel w|t| Kc|ear Veçetau|e ||c||e, arc C|ccc|ate
R|scttc w|t| C|e|||es |r K||sc|.
E¤¤a VacDcra|c, a t|a|rec c|el, lcurcec I|e Ba] I|ee l|c¤ |e| ¤ct|e|s ||tc|er tau|e. Se|||rç |rtc a|| t|e
¤ajc| supe|¤a||ets arc ¤u|t|rat|cra| stc|es, as we|| as |rcepercert ce||s ac|css t|e uK, I|e Ba] I|ee |s
rcw pcss|u|] t|e l|rest arc ¤cst pcpu|a| cua||t]-u|arc p|cv|ce| cl p|c||es, |e||s|es, ja¤s, ¤a||races, arc
c|utre]s |r t|e uK.
- ||c¤ t|e wc¤ar ue||rc I|e Ba] I|ee, t|e p|e¤|e| ce|| |rç|ec|ert cc¤par] |r t|e uK, w||c| se||s tc
custc¤e|s suc| as t|e c|sce|r|rç |c|tru¤ c Vascr arc |a|ve] ||c|c|s
- ||c|||rç, s¤c||rç, cu||rç, arc ccrse|v|rç a|e a|| t|e |açe-t||s |s a ucc| t|at ce|eu|ates t|ese wcrce|lu|
t|ac|t|crs, u||rç|rç spec|a||st ce|| |rç|ec|erts tc ]cu| cwr |c¤e
- |rc|uces |ec|pes lc| ce|| |rç|ec|erts ]cu car ¤a|e ]cu|se|l as we|| as lc| c|s|es us|rç stc|e-ucuç|t ce|| la|e
|uu||s|e|. Durcar Ba||c
|uu||s|ec. Septe¤ue| 2013
221 paçes
$21.95 ($2c.95 Carac|ar}
80 cc|c| p|ctcs
7 1/2 / 9 1/2
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
October 2013
The Good Housekeeping
Christmas Cookbook
Rec|pes º Decorat|ng º Joy
by The Editors of Good Housekeeping
lSBN 978-1-58816-974-7 ¦ $30.00 ¦Oanada $33.00}
Hard ¦ 8
/2 x 9
/8 ¦ 400 pages ¦a|| |n co|or}
Terr|tory: WE×* ¦ Oarton Ouant|ty: 8 ¦ Pr|nt Run: 35,000
October 1, 2013 ¦ Hearst
hen |t comes to Ohr|stmas, no one does |t ||ke
Good Housekeeping! Br|mm|ng w|th more
than300 fest|ve tr|p|e-tested rec|pes, spark||ng
decorat|ng |deas, ce|ebr|ty t|ps, and suggest|ons for
homemade g|fts, th|s sumptuous cookbook w||| make
the season extra merry. Warm the hearts and be|||es of
|oved ones, w|th Oranberry Moj|tos, G|azed Ham w|th
Apr|cots, a Du|ce de |eche Wreath, and a feast
of mouthwater|ng de||cac|es.
º Rev|ew copy ma|||ng to food magaz|nes and food sect|ons
at da||y newspapers
º Oo-promot|ona| market|ng w|th Hearst pub||cat|ons
º Ho||day g|ft gu|de outreach
º Nat|ona|/|oca| Tv outreach
º D|g|ta| market|ng campa|gn
Good Housekeeping magaz|ne |s an Amer|can |con
of consumer protect|on and qua||ty assurance.
Each |ssue reaches 24 m||||on readers and, w|th
15 ed|t|ons pub||shed wor|dw|de, |t |s an |nternat|ona||y
recogn|zed brand.
t Good Housekeeping’s cookbooks se||
fabu|ous|y, w|th more than three m||||on
cop|es so|d across the ||ne
º lnc|udes fest|ve rec|pes, ho||day memor|es,
trad|t|ons, and t|ps from: Sunny Anderson
Mar|ah Oarey º Jam|e |ee Ourt|s º Pau|a
Deen Bobby F|ay º lna Garten º v|nce G|||
Amy Grant º Fa|th H||| º Me||ssa McOarthy
A|yssa M||ano º Ke||y R|pa º Martha Stewart
St|ng º Mered|th v|e|ra º Reese W|therspoon
º A gorgeous package, w|th a treasure trove
of beaut|fu| photos of seasona| decorat|ng
and craft |deas as we|| as |nsp|rat|ona| ho||day
|mages and food shots
t Good Housekeeping reaches one out of fve
Amer|can women each month. The December
|ssue of the magaz|ne |s a|ways devoted to the
subject of Ohr|stmas
Ce|eu|ate C|||st¤as Scarc|rav|ar st]|e÷w|e|e eve|] ca] l|c¤ t|e l||st /cvert Surca] tc t|e erc cl
Dece¤ue| |s pa|t cl t|e |c||ca]. I||re |a|re¤arr se|ves up a cc|ruccp|a cl lest|ve |ec|pes lc| uct|
t|ac|t|cra| çccc|es arc ce||c|cus ¤cce|r c|s|es. Erjc] |eç|cra| spec|a|t|es suc| as sp|cec ç|cçç w|re,
S|cw-Ccc|ec Cccse w|t| /pp|es arc ||ures, Veatua||s w|t| ||c||ec Beets, Ca|a¤e| |ctatces, arc
C|ccc|ate-D|ppec Carc|ec 0|arçes.
I||re |a|re¤arr |as w||tter l|ve ccc|ucc|s |r |e| rat|ve Dar|s| arc twc |r Erç||s|, 7KH6FDQGLQDYLDQ
&RRNERRN (/rc|ews VcVee|} arc 7KH1RUGLF'LHW (S|]|c|se}. |a|re¤arr sta|tec cut as a cate|e| lc| |cc|
sta|s, |rc|uc|rç E|tcr Jc|r, t|e Rc|||rç Stcres, arc B|uce Sp||rçsteer, arc tcca] cwrs arc |urs a cale |r
Der¤a||s |cuse cl |a|||a¤ert as we|| as seve|a| |a|çe cc|pc|ate cales. /r acvccate lc| susta|rau|e arc
c|çar|ca||] scu|cec lccc, |a|re¤arr a|sc w||tes lc| teste|ca||].cc¤ arc appea|s |eçu|a||] |r ¤açat|res arc
rewspape|s |r t|e uS, B||ta|r, arc Der¤a||. Ic |ea|r ¤c|e, v|s|t t||re|a|re¤¤. S|e ||ves |r
· Rev|ew ccp] ¤a|||rç tc t|ave| w||te|s at ca||] rewspape|s
· D|ç|ta| ¤a||et|rç ca¤pa|çr
· I|ave| u|cççe| cut|eac|
- |c||cws cr t|e pcpu|a||t] cl Scarc|rav|ar supe| c|el, |estau|ateu|, aut|c|, lccc |¤p|esa||c, arc ¤ec|a
pe|scra||t] Va|cus Sa¤ue|sscr
- Rere Rectep|s Dar|s| |estau|art, |c¤a, |s rcw ccrs|ce|ec t|e uest |estau|art |r t|e wc||c, alte| C|el
|e||ar /J||a c|cscJ c| Bu||| |r 2011÷lu|t|c| p|ccl t|at ScarJ|rav|ar cu|s|rc |s cr t|c asccrt
- |ew Scarc|rav|ar |estau|arts a|e cper|rç |r lccc|e |ctspcts suc| as /s|a |r W||||a¤suu|ç, B|cc||]r, arc
|l/J, |r Sar ||arc|scc
- I|e aut|c| t|ave|s l|ecuert|] tc t|e uS arc w||| cc puu||c|t]

|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç
|uu||s|ec. 0ctcue| 2013
111 paçes
$19.95 ($21.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
8 1/2 / 9 1/1
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car/|||||pp|res
Go-to Family Fecipes for Each Night of the Week
I||s |s c|rre| ¤ace eas]! ||c¤ t|e ||tc|ers cl pcwe||cuse ¤açat|re :RPDQV'D\ cc¤es ar |rc|spers|u|e
çc-tc ccc|ucc| l|||ec w|t| la¤||] |ec|pes. I|e ç|eat ¤a|r ccu|ses |rc|uce lavc||tes |||e pcu|t|], ueel arc
|a¤u, pc||, sealccc, veçeta||ar, arc pasta, arc t|e]|e a|| ç|ver ces|çrat|crs t|at |e|p ¤a|e |t s|¤p|e tc
cec|ce w|ats ||ç|t t|at r|ç|t. S|cw Ccc|e|, |c Ccc|, 20-V|rute Vea|s, Va|e-a|eac, ||eetau|e, arc urce|
100 Ca|c||es.
:RPDQV'D\s lccc ccve|açe |s a|¤ec at uus], va|ue-ccrsc|cus wc¤ar w|c erjc] eat|rç we||. I|e
¤açat|res çca| |s tc ecucate |eace|s aucut ccc||rç tec|r|cues arc |rç|ec|erts |r a t|¤e-ellect|ve arc
ccst-ccrsc|cus wa] sc t|at t|e] car çet c|rre| cr t|e tau|e ell|c|ert|], |ea|t|lu||], arc |app||]. (I|e |ec|pes
ever |rc|uce |e|plu| ccst-pe|-se|v|rç |rlc!}

Kate Ve||e| |as ueer t|e |ccc c |ut||t|cr D||ectc| cl :RPDQV'D\ s|rce /uçust 2010. Ve||e| |as ueer
p|cless|cra||] |¤¤e|sec |r t|e lccc |rcust|] lc| cve| ter ]ea|s, uut ç|ew up |r t|e ||tc|er (|e| ç|arcpa|erts
cwrec a |estau|art |r 0ueers, |Y}. S|e ç|acuatec l||st |r |e| c|ass at t|e Cu||ra|] |rst|tute cl /¤e||ca, arc
t|er wc||ec as a ||re ccc| at Ba]a|cs, a c|ass|c ||erc| |estau|art |r |cwe| Var|attar, arc |ew Yc|| C|t]s
la¤cus Cct|a¤ Ba| arc C||||. S|e |as a|sc p|ccucec lccc seç¤erts lc| te|ev|s|cr.
- :RPDQV'D\ |s |eac u] ¤c|e t|ar 20 ¤||||cr wc¤er eve|] ¤crt|, |a|l cl w|c¤ |ave c|||c|er at |c¤e.
I||s ç|eat ccc|ucc|, t|e l||st |r a rew se||es, w||| ç|ve t|e¤ ar e·ce||ert |escu|ce lc| eas] ¤ea|s, w|et|e|
t|e]|e ¤a||rç t|e¤ cr t|e spct c| l|eet|rç t|e¤ |r acvarce
- :RPDQV'D\ w||| suppc|t t|e ucc| w|t| ec|tc||a| ccve|açe arc acve|t|s|rç
|uu||s|e|. |ea|st
|uu||s|ec. 0ctcue| 2013
1c0 paçes
$1c.95 ($18.95 Carac|ar}
|a|cccve| w|t| Jac|et
a|| |r cc|c|
7 3/8 / 9 1/1
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 25
Ie|||tc|]. Wc||c w|t| e·c|us|crs'
Publisher: White Star Publishers
Published: October 2013
224 pages
$24.95 ($26.95 Canada)
all in color
7 ½ x 10 ¼
Carton Qty: 8
Territory: US/Can
Fat-Free Gourmet Recipes
Text by Maurizio Cusani & Cinzia Trenchi
With obesity affecting nearly 10% of the world’s population—and rising—the time is right for recipes
that combine low-fat goodness with gourmet taste. Designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, these
80 simple, delicious dishes include Crepe Roulades with Tomatoes, Spicy Chicken with Rice, Eggplant
with Mint and Turmeric, and even a Chocolate and Orange Cake—because everyone deserves a
little sweetness!
Gluten-Free Gourmet Recipes
Text by Maurizio Cusani & Cinzia Trenchi
For people suffering from celiac disease—the inability to digest gluten—a gluten-free diet provides
the only relief. But there’s no reason why healthy, nutritious, gluten-free dishes can’t be delicious too!
With nearly 80 gourmet-quality recipes to choose from here, celiacs won’t feel they’re missing out on
anything. From Spinach Breadsticks and Cornbread to Carbonara Revisited, Lemon Chicken, Ratatouille,
and desserts, these dishes will satisfy all the senses.
Mastering the Art of Baking
A Complete Step-by-Step Guide
Anneka Manning
Baking can be challenging—but with this book, anyone can master the techniques. With over 280 easy-
to-follow recipes, beautiful photos, and expert tips, it guides readers step-by-step through the entire
process, from measuring and mixing to creating breads, cakes, muffins, pies, scones, and tarts just like
a professional. Before long, even novices will experience the heavenly aroma of freshly baked treats
wafting through their kitchens!
Publisher: White Star Publishers
Published: October 2013
224 pages
$24.95 ($26.95 Canada)
all in color
7 ½ x 10 ¼
Carton Qty: 8
Territory: US/Can
Publisher: Sterling
Published: October 2013
384 pages
$24.95 (NCR)
all in color
8 ½ X 10 ¾
Carton Quantity: 6
Territory: US only
Kevin ZraIy's Windows on the WorId
CompIete Wine Course
New, Updated Editioh
Vc|e t|ar eve|, t||s |s t|e w|re çu|ce aça|rst w||c| a|| ct|e|s a|e jucçec. Kev|r Z|a|]s uestse|||rç ccu|se
rcw leatu|es a |el|es|ec tast|rç sect|cr w|t| l|avc| p|cl||es, a 'Best cl t|e Best' c|apte| w|t| ||r|s tc 20
s¤a|tp|cre taçs, ar auc|c p|crurc|at|cr çu|ce, arc upcatec |aue|s, v|rtaçes, stat|st|cs, arc ¤c|e. /s
a|wa]s, t||s |ev|sec, upcatec ec|t|cr ccve|s a|| t|e uas|cs, arc Z|a|]s |eç|cr-u]-|eç|cr c|çar|tat|cr pc|rts
|eace|s tc t|e l|rest w|res.
Kev|r Z|a|] |s ce|eu|at|rç ||s 37t| arr|ve|sa|] |r 2013 as t|e lcurce| arc teac|e| cl t|e W|rccws cr t|e
Wc||c W|re Sc|cc|, w||c| |as ç|acuatec ¤c|e t|ar 20,000 stucerts. Z|a|] |ece|vec t|e p|est|ç|cus Ja¤es
Bea|c l|let|¤e /wa|c, ||s ct|e| |crc|s |rc|uce t|e l|let|¤e /c||eve¤ert /wa|c l|c¤ t|e Eu|cpear W|re
Ccurc|| arc t|e Ja¤es Bea|c /wa|c lc| W|re arc Sp|||ts ||cless|cra| cl t|e Yea|. |e |as ueer leatu|ec |r
t|e 1HZ<RUN7LPHV, 3HRSOH, t|e :DOO6WUHHW-RXUQDO, arc 1HZVZHHN, arc ¤ar] ct|e| puu||cat|crs. |e |s
a|sc t|e aut|c| cl Ste|||rçs ||ç||] acc|a|¤ec 7KH8OWLPDWH:LQH&RPSDQLRQ.
||a|sc lc| Kcv|r Z|a|] arJ w·Jozs o· ||e wo·|J w·e |o.·se.

0re cl t|e uest sta|t-l|c¤-sc|atc| w|re ucc|s eve| w||tter. ÷||ar| |||a|, 7KH1HZ<RUN7LPHV
'I|e ç|eat Z|a|] w|t arc ||s |eçerca|] l|crt-cl-t|e-c|ass|cc¤ p|eserce a|e |rteç|a| pa|ts cl t||s l|es|
app|cac|.' ÷:LQH6SHFWDWRU
'/ v|sua||] e·c|t|rç, |rte|||çert|] st|uctu|ec |ele|erce.' ÷/rt|cr] D|as B|ue, %RQ$SSpWLW
'B||¤s w|t| ert|us|as¤.u|eet], ccwr-tc-ea|t|.Reacs |||e ar |rte|est|rç ccrve|sat|cr.' ÷&KLFDJR
'I|e ||ve||est s|c|t ccu|se cr w|re eve| w|appec uetweer twc ccve|s.' ÷%RVWRQ*OREH
'/s erte|ta|r|rç as |t |s |rlc|¤at|ve.' ÷1HZ<RUN'DLO\1HZV
Revised Edition
|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç Ep|cu|e
|uu||s|ec. 0ctcue| 2013
311 paçes
$27.95 ($30.95 Carac|ar}
|a|cccve| w|t| Jac|et
a|| |r cc|c|
8 1/2 / 9 1/1
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 12
Ie|||tc|]. Wc||c
Oz CIarke's Pocket Wine Book 2014
/|| t|e w|re |rlc|¤at|cr ]cu reec÷||ç|t |t |r ]cu| pcc|et! I|e 22rc ec|t|cr cl 0t C|a||es c|ass|c 3RFNHW
:LQH%RRN |as ¤c|e |rlc|¤at|cr, |ecc¤¤ercat|crs, s|ee| lacts, pass|cr, arc cp|r|cr t|ar ar] ct|e|
cc¤pa|au|e çu|ce. Vet|cu|cus|] upcatec arc ces|çrec lc| cpt|¤u¤ u|cws|rç, |t |rc|uces a
ccurt|]-u]-ccurt|] |rce· tc cve| 1,000 tcp w|re p|ccuce|s, ceta||ec v|rtaçe c|a|ts, ¤aps, |||ust|at|crs cl
|aue|s arc uctt|es, arc ¤c|e.

/ lc|¤e| |eac|rç West Erc actc|, 0t C|a||e |s cre cl t|e wc||cs uest-|rcwr w|re e·pe|ts, w|cse lc|¤|cau|e
|eputat|cr |s uasec cr ||s e·ters|ve w|re |rcw|ecçe arc access|u|e, rc-rcrserse app|cac|. Krcwr lc| ||s
p|erc¤era| pa|ate, |||eve|ert st]|e, accu|ate p|ec|ct|crs arc ert|us|as¤ lc| ||le |r çere|a|, 0t |s B||ta|rs
¤cst pcpu|a| w|re w||te| arc t|e aut|c| cl a cc||ect|cr cl uestse|||rç ucc|s aucut w|re. |e a|sc u|caccasts
e·ters|ve|] cr BBC te|ev|s|cr arc |ac|c.
- 22rc ec|t|cr cl t||s uestse|||rç çu|ce, cc¤p|ete|] upcatec eac| ]ea|
- Vc|e t|ar 1,c00 ert||es, leatu||rç cve| 7,000 w|res
- |ac|ec w|t| 0ts |rcw|ecçe arc a|wa]s |crest cp|r|cr

New Edition
|uu||s|e|. |av|||cr
|uu||s|ec. 0ctcue| 2013
3c8 paçes
$11.95 ($15.95 Carac|ar}
|a|cccve| w|t| Jac|et
a|| |r 2-cc|c|
3 3/1 / 7 1/2
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
WorId's Best Ciders
Taste, Traditioh ahd Terroir
W|t| t|e c|alt |a|c c|ce| ¤a||et ç|cw|rç |ap|c|], |ts c|ea| t|at c||r|e|s a|e e¤u|ac|rç t||s |el|es||rç
a|te|rat|ve tc uee|. :RUOGV%HVW&LGHUV taps |rtc t|at t|erc, p|esert|rç ¤c|e t|ar 500 c|ce|s l|c¤
uct| a|t|sar ¤a|e|s arc ç|cua| u|arcs. |eatu||rç |r-cept| e·p|arat|crs arc tast|rç rctes, |t |evea|s a||
]cu reec tc |rcw aucut t|e c|ce|-¤a||rç p|ccess, p|ccuce|s, arc u|ewe||es ac|css t|e ç|cue.
Rec|pes lc| c|ce|-uasec c|s|es cc¤p|ete t||s p|erc¤era| çu|ce.
|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç Ep|cu|e
|uu||s|ec. 0ctcue| 2013
25c paçes
$30.00 ($33.00 Carac|ar}
|a|cccve| w|t| Jac|et
a|| |r cc|c|
8 1/2 / 10 5/8
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
I||s e|eçart çu|ce tc 100 ccc|ta||s, l|c¤ c|ass|c tc t|erc], |s a ¤ust-|ave÷espec|a||] lc| t|cse |r
sea|c| cl a w|ce |arçe cl eas]-tc-pe|lect |ec|pes. C|ccse l|c¤ |app] |cu| lavc||tes |||e t|e
/¤e||carc arc Vcj|tc, /r]t|¤e ccrccct|crs (t|e C|r ||tt, Iecu||a Sur||se}, /lte| D|rre| ce||ç|ts,
|rc|uc|rç t|e Ca|p||cs|a, arc Ccc| D||r|s. Beaut|lu||] p|ctcç|ap|ec, arc w|t| ccc|ta|| ||stc|], t|ps, arc
||rts, |t |as eve|]t||rç a wcu|c-ue ua|terce| reecs.
|uu||s|e|. W||te Sta| |uu||s|e|s
|uu||s|ec. 0ctcue| 2013
128 paçes
$12.95 ($13.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
5 3/1 / 8 3/1
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 8
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
Shake, JiggIe û Shoot
More Thah 150 Boozy Shakes, Jiggle Shots 8 Frozeh Treats
Ve|vet |a¤¤e|! E|ect||c le¤crace Sc|uet! C|e||] B|cw |cp! Su|e, t|ese ]u¤¤] ccrccct|crs scurc
|||e cesse|t÷uut t|e]|e cel|r|te|] rct ||c stull. I||s ||p, aut|c||tat|ve çu|ce clle|s a ua|-lu|| cl
upsca|e, c|eat|ve, arc t|erc] a|cc|c|-|rlusec sweet t|eats su|e tc çet t|e pa|t] sta|tec. ||c¤ ucct]
s|a|es tc j|çç|] çe|at|r s|cts arc s|cts|c|es, t|ese ç|cwr-up ce||cac|es pac| a purc| |r eve|] ç|ass!
|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç Ep|cu|e
|uu||s|ec. 0ctcue| 2013
132 paçes
$12.95 ($13.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
5 3/8 / c
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. c8
Ie|||tc|]. Wc||c
Tea Sommelier
by Gabriella Lombardi,
photographs by Fabio Petroni
ISBN 978-88-544-0767-1 | $39.95 ($43.95 Canada) | Hard
/8 x 12 | 272 pages (220 color photos) | Territory: US/Can
Carton Qty: 8 | October 1, 2013 | White Star Publishers
ike fine wine, good tea is a gastronomic delicacy
that possesses a deliciously wide range of aromas
and flavors. And just as an excellent wine guide would
do, this richly illustrated volume initiates drinkers
into the art of tasting, making, and serving. A careful
examination of 50 grand cru teas—including some of
the best-known varieties available—will give drinkers a
new appreciation of what goes into a cup.
Photographer Fabio Petroni specializes in portraits
and still lifes. Over the years he has photographed
leading Italian celebrities, and he now works with
top advertising agencies where he handles the
publications of some important Italian brands.
His books with White Star include Horses: Master
Portraits, Mutt’s Life!, Cocktails, and Supercats! He
lives and works in Milan.  
Gabriella Lombardi attended university in Granada,
Spain, where she became enamored of tea and
its rituals thanks to the city’s numerous teterias or
tearooms. When she returned to Italy, Gabriella
worked as an advertising sales agent until, in 2010,
she realized her dream by opening the Chà Tea Atelier,
the first shop in Milan specializing in the tasting and
sale of quality tea. She regularly visits China to learn
more about the art of tea making and to increase
her expertise in the cultures where this extraordinary
beverage originated. Tea Sommelier is her first book.
Gabriella lives and works in Milan.
t An extraordinary book dedicated to all tea lovers, it
offers a new perspective in tea appreciation, similar
to that oenophiles enjoy
t A selection of exclusive recipes, together with many
useful recommendations for ideal tea and food pairings,
show how to match tea with savory or sweet dishes
t Includes a rich and exhaustive glossary summarizing the
language of tea and the professional tasting vocabulary
t Review copy mailing to beverage publications
and drink writers at daily newspapers
t Blogger outreach
t Gift guide outreach
Il Darjeeling è un tè che si fa amare per la sua speciale texture persistente nel tempo
forse per i neofiti leggermente allappante, ma decisamente vigorosa e mordente.
Pochi giardini produttori di tè in India sono protetti come quelli di Darjeeling, que-
sto fa si che si possa parlare di tè speciali, esclusivi e ricercati sotto ogni profilo: non
si sorseggia certo in una flûte, ma piuttosto in una sottile tazza di porcellana con ma-
nico; la teiera perfetta ha invece una forma inglese e panciuta.
Diversa e inaspettata la questione degli abbinamenti: se con le bollicine frances
si parla di Champagne e fragole, Champagne e ostriche, Champagne e fois gras…
non vale lo stesso per il liquore del Darjeeling che ci riserva un curiosa sorpresa
il suo abbinamento più adatto infatti, è con una saporita caciotta senese o con
un buon croccante siciliano…
November 2013
The Holiday Kosher Baker
Traditional & Contemporary Holiday Desserts
by Paula Shoyer
ISBN 978-1-4549-0714-5 | $35.00 ($38.50 Canada)
Hard | 8 x 10 | 288 pages (all in color) | Territory: W
Carton Qty: 12 | November 5, 2013 | Sterling
ebook: 978-1-4549-0715-2 | $9.99 ($10.99 Canada)
or kosher bakers, this book is nothing short of a
revolution. Featuring more than 45 Passover dishes, plus
recipes for every Jewish holiday, this comprehensive and
contemporary collection is an absolute must-have. Even less-
observant Jews will enjoy celebrating with these decadently
delicious delicacies, including an exquisite Raspberry and
Rose Macaron Cake. Plus, there are nut-free, gluten-free,
dairy-free, and low-sugar treats!
Paula Shoyer, Paula Shoyer, a former attorney and
graduate of Ritz Escoffier École de Gastronomie Française,
is a pastry chef who owns and operates Paula’s Parisian
Pastries Cooking School, where she teaches classes
in French pastry and Jewish cooking, both locally and
around the United States and Canada. She is the author
of The Kosher Baker: Over 160 Dairy-Free Recipes from
Traditional to Trendy (Brandeis) and has appeared on Food
Network’s Sweet Genius. Shoyer’s articles have appeared
in Washington Jewish Week, Kosher Inspired Magazine,
Joy of Kosher magazine, Whisk magazine, and Hadassah
Magazine. She is an editor for the Kosher website, Kosher
Scoop, as well as the editor of Kosher by Design Entertains
and Kosher by Design Kids in the Kitchen (both Mesorah
Publications). She lives in Chevy Chase, MD.
t Jewish Book Council program
t National and local tv outreach
t Review copy mailing to Jewish food and
baking publications
t Food section outreach at daily newspapers
t Holiday gift guide outreach
t Digital marketing campaign
t Food bloggers contests and giveaways
t Blog tour
t Contains 49 Passover recipes—one of the hardest
Jewish holidays to bake for
t Will be released in time for Hannukah 2013 (November 28th)
t Paula Shoyer does media in DC area, including holiday
dessert segments on TV and in magazine pieces
t Paula uses Facebook to drive traffic to her website
( and blog (,
where she posts holiday-themed articles
t Paula is in the top 20 Jewish lifestyle experts on Twitter,
and tweets about menus and recipes every Jewish holiday
t Paula appears before at least 200-300 people almost
every month to capture new fans
t There are 10 million kosher consumers in the United States;
more than four million American Jews observe holidays and
keep kosher homes—a huge audience for this book. And
even nonobservant Jews often want to keep kosher on the
major holidays
t These delicious recipes will appeal to the everyday baker—
and the nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-sugar treats
will also reach a wider audience
. . .
m o r e t h a n
p a s s o v e r
r e c i p e s
. . .
t h e
paul a shoyer
More thah 200 Delicious Fecipes to Ehjoy ahd Share
Eve|]cres c|at] aucut c|ccc|ate÷arc t||s ¤cut|wate||rç cc||ect|cr w||| sat|sl] ever t|e ¤cst
c|ccc|ate-¤ac lar! Vc|e t|ar 150 sweet arc savc|] |ec|pes leatu|e eve|]t||rç l|c¤ carc|es
arc ccrlect|crs tc c|cwc-p|eas|rç ca|e pcps arc cupca|es tc spec|a| |c||ca] t|eats. |r acc|t|cr
tc essert|a| tec|r|cues arc c|eat|ve |cw-tcs, uestse|||rç aut|c| Caste||a e·p|a|rs |cw tc
p|epa|e t|e pe|lect|] cecc|atec c|ccc|ate ç|lt.
K|]st|ra Caste||a |s t|e aut|c| cl &UD]\$ERXW3LHV, &UD]\$ERXW&XSFDNHV, &UD]\$ERXW&RRNLHV,
arc &UD]\$ERXW&DNHV (a|| Ste|||rç}, as we|| as 3RSV,F\7UHDWVIRU(YHU\RQH (0u||| Bcc|s},
%RR]H&DNHV (0u||| Bcc|s}, arc $:RUOGRI&DNHV (Stc|e] |uu||s||rç}. S|e |s ar |rcust||a|
ces|çre| arc p|clessc| w|c ces|çrs erv||cr¤erts, lu|r|tu|e, c|ct||rç, tc]s, stat|cre|], arc
ua|ec çcccs. K|]st|ra ||ves |r lcs /rçe|es, C/.
· Rev|ew ccp] ¤a|||rç tc lccc arc ua||rç ¤açat|res
· Rev|ew ccp] ¤a|||rç tc lccc w||te|s at ca||] rewspape|s
· C|lt çu|ce cut|eac|
· D|ç|ta| ¤a||et|rç ca¤pa|çr
· |ccc u|cççe|s ccrtests arc ç|veawa]s
- Bcc| ÷5 |r Ste|||rçs successlu| C|at] /ucut se||es, w||c| |as sc|c ¤c|e t|ar 100,000 ccp|es
- C|ccc|ate, /¤e||cars lavc||te l|avc|, acccurts lc| $315 ¤||||cr |r sa|es (lc| ¤c|e t|ar 58 ¤||||cr
pcurcs cl c|ccc|ate carc]} cu||rç Va|ert|res wee| a|cre (||e|ser |esea|c|}
- Cccc carc|cate lc| spec|a| sa|e tc Kc||s

|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç
|uu||s|ec. |cve¤ue| 2013
272 paçes
$19.95 ($21.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
8 / 9
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 20
Ie|||tc|]. Wc||c
Vc|e t|ar 150 De|ectau|e
Rec|pes lc| Eve|] 0ccas|cr
Fublisher: Sterlihg
Fublished: November 2011
384 pages
$17.95 ($21.95 Cahadiah)
Faperback with Flaps
all ih color
8 X 9
Cartoh Ouahtity: 12
Territory: World
300 Sc|u¤pt|cus Rec|pes lc|
Eve|] 0ccas|cr c C|av|rç
Fublisher: Sterlihg
Fublished: November 2010
304 pages
$17.95 ($19.95 Cahadiah)
Faperback with Flaps
all ih color
8 X 9
Cartoh Ouahtity: 16
Territory: World
Fublisher: Sterlihg
Fublished: August 2006
256 pages
$17.95 ($21.95 Cahadiah)
all ih color
8 X 9
Cartoh Ouahtity: 20
Territory: World
Vc|e t|ar 150 Sweet c Savc|]
Rec|pes lc| Eve|] 0ccas|cr
Fublisher: Sterlihg
Fublished: April 2013
288 pages
$19.95 ($23.95 Cahadiah)
all ih color
8 X 9
Cartoh Ouahtity: 12
Territory: World
Coffee Inspirations
68 Ways to Ehjoy
Ccllee |s ar e·t|ac|c|ra|] ueve|açe, capau|e cl e·a|t|rç t|e serses. /rc t||s erte|ta|r|rç ccc|ucc|, c|eatec
|r cc||auc|at|cr w|t| t|e wc||c-|ercwrec |||]calle, |s cec|catec tc a|| t|cse w|c |cve ccllee. |t çat|e|s
tcçet|e| lc| t|e l||st t|¤e a|| t|e |ec|pes l|c¤ t|e ur|ve|s|t] cl Ccllee. t|e c|ass|cs, t|e cc|c cres, t|e
ccc|ta||s, arc ¤c|e. ||c¤ cappucc|rc arc calle allcçatc tc a B|ac| /rçe|, w|t| D|sa|crrc arc |u¤, t||s |s a
ccllee-|cve|s ce||ç|t.
/ |eac|rç u|arc |r t|e sectc| cl ||ç|-cua||t] ccllee, |eaccua|te|ec at I||este, |||]calle p|ccuces arc ¤a||ets
a ur|cue u|erc cl esp|essc ccllee. Eve|] ca] ¤c|e t|ar c ¤||||cr cups cl |||] ccllee a|e tastec arc erjc]ec.
|||] |s sc|c |r ¤c|e t|ar 110 ccurt||es a|curc t|e wc||c, arc |s ava||au|e |r ¤c|e t|ar 100,000 cl t|e uest
|estau|arts arc ua|s. Esp|essa¤erte |||], t|e |ta||ar-st]|e ccllee l|arc||se, |s rcw p|esert |r ¤c|e t|ar 30
ccurt||es arc |as cve| 230 act|ve u|arc|es.

W|t| t|e cuject|ve cl ccrt||uut|rç tc arc p|c¤ct|rç t|e cu|tu|e cl ccllee, t|e cc¤par] |as c|eatec t|e
ur|ve|s|t] cl Ccllee, a t|a|r|rç certe| clle||rç cc¤p|ete t|ec|et|ca| arc p|act|ca| p|epa|at|cr cr a|| tcp|cs
|e|at|rç tc ccllee.
- Bcc| |as a c|ct| sp|re arc ||uucr ¤a||e|
- Cc¤es pac|açec |r a ¤eta| |||] uc·÷pe|lect lc| ç|lt ç|v|rç
|uu||s|e|. W||te Sta| |uu||s|e|s
|uu||s|ec. |cve¤ue| 2013
192 paçes
$19.95 ($21.95 Carac|ar}
Bc·ec Set-|a|cccve|
110 cc|c| p|ctcs
5 1/1 / 7 1/2
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 20
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car
American Whiskey, Bourbon û Rye
A Guide to the Natioh's Favorite Spirit
I|e ru¤ue| cl cc¤¤e|c|a||] ava||au|e /¤e||car w||s|e]s |as ç|cwr e·pcrert|a||] cve| t|e past 20 ]ea|s-as
|as |ts pcpu|a||t]. D|sce|r|rç c||r|e|s w||| savc| t||s, t|e cr|] çu|ce cevctec sc|e|] tc uS-¤ace w||s|e], |]e,
arc ucu|ucr. /||arçec a|p|auet|ca||] u] c|st|||e|] arc/c| u|arc, |t clle|s ||stc||es, |at|rçs, arc tast|rç rctes
lc| cve| 200 e·p|ess|crs. Eac| ¤a|r acccurt |rc|uces t|e ra¤e arc acc|ess cl t|e ¤a|e|, |rc|uc|rç weus|te
uRl arc ccrtact |rlc|¤at|cr, a|crç w|t| |ts va||cus p|ccucts.
C|a] R|ser |as ccve|ec sp|||ts arc uee| lc| t|e /t|art|c weus|te s|rce 2009. |e was lc|¤e||] t|e ¤araç|rç
ec|tc| cl 'HPRFUDF\$-RXUQDORI,GHDV, arc |r 2011 |e ueca¤e ar ec|tc| cl t|e 0p-Ec sect|cr cl t|e 1HZ
<RUN7LPHV. |e |as puu||s|ec |r t|e 1HZ<RUN7LPHV0DJD]LQH, 6PLWKVRQLDQ, arc ,QF, a¤crç ¤ar] ct|e|
puu||cat|crs. |e |s a|sc t|e aut|c| cl $1DWLRQRQ)LUH$PHULFDLQWKH:DNHRIWKH.LQJ$VVDVVLQDWLRQ (W||e]}.
· Rev|ew ccp] ¤a|||rç tc ueve|açe puu||cat|crs arc tc a|cc|c| arc sp|||ts w||te|s at ca||] rewspape|s
· D|ç|ta| ¤a||et|rç ca¤pa|çr
· C|lt çu|ce cut|eac|
- /¤e||car w||s|e] |as erjc]ec |uçe ç|cwt|, accc|c|rç tc t|e 2010 Beve|açe |rlc|¤at|cr C|cup |epc|t,
'[t[||cuç| t||s certu|]s l||st cecace, t|e c|st|||ec sp|||ts seç¤ert |as ç|cwr u] ar cutstarc|rç 29.5º'
- R|ser w||| act|ve|] u|cç cu||rç t|e p|epa|at|cr cl t|e çu|ce
|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç Ep|cu|e
|uu||s|ec. |cve¤ue| 2013
301 paçes
$21.95 ($2c.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
5 / 9
Ie|||tc|]. Wc||c
The MedicinaI Chef
Eat Your Way to Better Health
|a]|rç ca|elu| attert|cr tc rut||t|cra| sc|erce, Da|e ||rrcc| uses ||s cu||ra|] s||||s tc c|eate p|act|ca|,
ce||c|cus c|s|es t|at car |e|p us ||ve |crçe|, |ea|t||e| ||ves÷arc a||ev|ate a||¤erts |arç|rç l|c¤ s||r
p|cu|e¤s arc jc|rt pa|r tc |esp||atc|] arc c|çest|ve |||resses. Rec|pes |rc|uce I|a| ||s| Scup, W|c|e¤ea|
Bear 0uesac|||as, arc-lc| a sweet t|eat-V|rt C|ccc|ate |c-C|eese Ca|e. / çere|a| cve|v|ew ccve|s
ru¤e|cus ccrc|t|crs arc lcccs t|at |ea| t|e¤.
Da|e ||rrcc|s |rcw|ecçe cl lccc arc |ts |ea||rç ellects ¤a|e ||¤ a pcpu|a| çuest cr IV arc |r t|e rat|cra|
¤ec|a |r t|e uK. |e |as ceç|ees |r |u¤ar |ut||t|cr arc |e|ua| Vec|c|re, |s cu||ert|] cc¤p|et|rç a ¤aste|s
ceç|ee |r |ut||t|cra| Vec|c|re, arc |as a|sc wc||ec as a w|c|e-lcccs c|el. |e |urs rut||t|cr c||r|cs |r
cert|a| lcrccr. Ic |ea|r ¤c|e aucut t|e aut|c| v|s|t ca|ep|rrcc|.cc¤.
· Rev|ew ccp] ¤a|||rç tc lccc puu||cat|crs arc lccc w||te|s at ca||] rewspape|s
· D|ç|ta| ¤a||et|rç ca¤pa|çr
· |ccc u|cççe|s ccrtests arc ç|veawa]s
- /ut|c| w||| cc puu||c|t] |r t|e uS
- I|e use cl supe|lcccs as pcwe|lu| |ea|e|s ccrt|rues tc ça|r lc|ce arc ucc|s cr t|e suuject÷|rc|uc|rç
Ste|||rçs cwr |ca||r¸ Sp|ccs, C||a, Supc|lccJ K|tc|cr, arJ Supc|lccJ S¤cct||cs÷a|c |u¸c|] pcpu|a|
- Bcc| leecs |rtc t|e eat|rç ç|eer ¤cve¤ert arc t|e ¤e|c|arc|t|rç cl çccc |ea|t| t||cuç| s¤a|t
lccc c|c|ces
|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç
|uu||s|ec. |cve¤ue| 2013
192 paçes
$21.95 ($2c.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
7 3/8 / 9 3/1
Ie|||tc|]. uS/Car/|||||pp|res
Good Housekeeping 400 CaIorie MeaIs
Easy Mix-ahd-Match Fecipes for a Skihhier You!
Cc|rç |cw ca|c||e |as reve| ueer s|¤p|e|! Eve|] cre cl t|ese ¤a|r c|s|es l|c¤ *RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ |as 100
ca|c||es c| |ess, tastes ausc|ute|] ce||c|cus, arc ccu|crt ue eas|e| tc p|epa|e. Vc|e t|ar 110 |||es|st|u|e
ert|ees |arçe l|c¤ Wa|¤ Vus||cc¤ arc C||c|er Sa|ac w|t| Baccr tc S|||¤p |ettucc|re, C|||es Re||ercs
Casse|c|e, arc Veçeta||ar Scuv|a||, 88 te¤pt|rç acc-crs ever |rc|uce cesse|ts-|||e Barara Be||] |a|la|ts.
*RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ ¤açat|re |s ar /¤e||car |ccr cl ccrsu¤e| p|ctect|cr arc cua||t] assu|arce. Eac| |ssue
|eac|es 21 ¤||||cr |eace|s arc, w|t| 15 ec|t|crs puu||s|ec wc||cw|ce, |t |s ar |rte|rat|cra||] |eccçr|tec
- Sa|es successes. *RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ%HVW,WDOLDQ5HFLSHV |as sc|c ¤c|e t|ar 19,000 ccp|es, 100
Ca|c||e ||· Ccc|ucc| (Rcca|e, 2010}, uasec cr a 1HZ<RUN7LPHV uestse|||rç c|et, |as sc|c ¤c|e t|ar
208,000 ccp|es, arc t|e uestse|||rç 6NLQQ\%LWFK se||es (Rurr|rç ||ess} |as sc|c ¤c|e t|ar 272,810 ucc|s
u] se|v|rç up s||rr] veçar la|e t|at tastes ç|eat. *RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ)DPLO\9HJHWDULDQ |as sc|c ¤c|e t|ar
18,000 ccp|es
- I|e t||ee suujects |r t||s ucc| a|e |ct tcp|cs. |ta||ar |s st||| /¤e||cas lavc||te cu|s|re, t|e ave|açe
/¤e||car eats c||c|er ter t|¤es a ¤crt|÷c| twc tc t||ee t|¤es eve|] wee|, 7.3 ¤||||cr /¤e||cars a|e
veçeta||ar, arc 22.8 ¤||||cr lc||cw a veçeta||ar-|rc||rec c|et (Scu|ce. |a|||s |rte|act|ve Se|v|ce
Bu|eau/Veçeta||ar I|¤es}
- *RRG+RXVHNHHSLQJ |eac|es cre cut cl l|ve /¤e||car wc¤er eac| ¤crt|. I|e ¤açat|re cevctes
e·ters|ve ccve|açe tc ç|||||rç eve|] su¤¤e|
|uu||s|e|. |ea|st
|uu||s|ec. Dece¤ue| 2013
180 paçes
$19.95 ($21.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
c 3/8 / 9 1/2
Ie|||tc|]. Wc||c w|t| e·c|us|crs'
January 2014
NaturaI SoIutions for Digestive HeaIth
Basec cr t|e |atest ¤ec|ca| |esea|c|, 1DWXUDO6ROXWLRQVIRU'LJHVWLYH+HDOWK p|cv|ces |e||el lc| ar]cre
sulle||rç l|c¤ çut c|sc|ce|s. |t ccve|s eve|]t||rç l|c¤ |cw-ç|ace ||||tat|crs suc| as u|cat|rç, ccrst|pat|cr,
arc |actcse |rtc|e|arce tc u|ce|at|ve cc||t|s, ac|c |el|u·, c|ve|t|cu||t|s, arc |rl|a¤¤atc|] ucwe| c|sease. /
spec|a| sect|cr lccuses cr pec|at||c c|çest|ve p|cu|e¤s, arc t|e|es e·pe|t rut||t|cra| arc c|eta|] acv|ce p|us
D|. J||||ar Sa|rc Ieta, |D |s ||es|cert cl t|e |c|t| Ca|c||ra /sscc|at|cr cl |atu|cpat||c ||]s|c|ars (|C/||}.
S|e |ece|vec |e| ccctc|ate |r ratu|cpat||c ¤ec|c|re l|c¤ Bast]| ur|ve|s|t], w|e|e s|e s|accwec
we||-|rcwr p|]s|c|ars w|c a|e e·pe|ts |r t|e|| l|e|cs. S|e p|act|ces at t|e |atu|cpat||c |ea|t| C||r|c cl
|c|t| Ca|c||ra arc w||tes lc| puu||cat|crs |rc|uc|rç 1DWXUDO7ULDG, )RUV\WK:RPDQ, 3DLQ3DWKZD\V, 2Q)LWQHVV,
D|.0t 0r||re, arc t|e C|uter |rtc|e|arce C|cup |at|cra| lette| arc ct|e|s. J||||ar a|sc |ectu|es e·ters|ve|].

Jearrette Bess|rçe|, C||C, awa|c-w|rr|rç ecucatc| arc c|el, |s I|e C|ear |ccc Ccac|¨÷ces|çre| cl
'C|ear Cu|s|re'÷ar |rrcvat|ve app|cac| tc p|epa||rç laste|, tast|e| ¤ea|s l|c¤ seascra| w|c|e lcccs
(t|ec|earlcccccac|.cc¤}. S|e |s t|e aut|c| arc cc-aut|c| cl sever ucc|s, arc |e| |ec|pes |ave ueer
s|cwcasec |r cve| 100 ¤ec|a cut|ets, |rc|uc|rç &RQVXPHU5HSRUWV, 3DUHQWLQJ, 0DUWKD6WHZDUW/LYLQJ, arc
||R. S|e ||ves |r |c|ts¤cut|, R|.
· |at|cra| te|ev|s|cr cut|eac|
· |at|cra| arc |cca| |ac|c ca¤pa|çr
· Rev|ewe| ¤a|||rç tc |ea|t| arc çere|a|-|rte|est puu||cat|crs
· Rev|ew ccp] ¤a|||rç tc |ea|t| arc ||lest]|e w||te|s at ca||] rewspape|s
· D|ç|ta| ¤a||et|rç ca¤pa|çr
- Cast|c|rtest|ra| cc¤p|a|rts a|e a¤crç t|e ¤cst cc¤¤cr |eascrs lc| ccctc| arc |csp|ta| v|s|ts, a¤curt|rç
tc a w|cpp|r¸ $55 ¤||||cr cvc|] ]ca|. |-|.·-| So|.|o·s |o· |)es|.e |e-||| car |c|p |Jcrt|l] arJ sc|vc C|
c|a||erçes w|t|cut a ccctc|s |rte|vert|cr.
- 1DWXUDO6ROXWLRQVIRU'LJHVWLYH+HDOWK p|cv|ces a sale, ellect|ve, p|act|ca|, arc c|uç-l|ee app|cac| tc erc|rç
C| t|cu||cs w|t| s|¤p|c cvc|]Ja] J|ct arJ ||lcst]|c c|ar¸cs, |rc|uJ|r¸ a cc¤p|c|crs|vc ¤ca| p|ar w|t| |cts
cl Jc||c|cus, cas] |cc|pcs.
- I|e l||st ucc| tc c||ect|] acc|ess t|e ç|cw|rç p|cu|e¤ cl pec|at||c c|çest|ve |ssues
- 1DWXUDO6ROXWLRQVIRU'LJHVWLYH+HDOWK ce¤]st|l|es t|e ccrlus|rç a||a] cl ratu|a| c|çest|cr-suppc|t|ve
supp|e¤erts suc| as p|c||ct|cs, arJ c·p|a|rs |cw tc c|ccsc t|c ||¸|t crcs lc| ]cu| ccrJ|t|cr.
|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç
|uu||s|ec. Jarua|] 2011
25c paçes
$1c.95 ($18.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r 2-cc|c|
c / 9
Ie|||tc|]. Wc||c
Everyday HeaIth" My CaIorie Counter,
Second Edition
Complete Nutritiohal lhformatioh oh More Thah 8,000 Fopular Brahds,
Fast-food Chaihs, ahd Festauraht Mehus
||c¤ t|e ÷1 cr||re |ea|t| cest|rat|cr cc¤es t||s upcatec pcc|et çu|ce tc rut||t|cr arc we|ç|t |css. |cw
¤c|e |eace|-l||erc|] t|ar eve|, t|e ucc| leatu|es sepa|ate sect|crs cr |eçu|a| lcccs, stc|e u|arcs, arc
|estau|art/last lcccs÷eac| w|t| t|cusarcs cl ert||es t|at |rc|uce ca|c||e ccurts, lat ccrtert, arc ct|e|
rut||t|cra| va|ues.
Vau|eer |a¤|ccrç |as a B/ |r E·e|c|se Sc|erce/Spc|ts Vec|c|re arc ar V/ |r |ut||t|cr. S|e |as wc||ec
at Eve|]ca] |ea|t| lc| ¤c|e t|ar e|ç|t ]ea|s, w|e|e s|e cu||ert|] se|ves as t|e D||ectc| cl |ut||t|cr arc
||tress. Vau|eer ||ves w|t| |e| |usuarc arc c|||c|er |r t|e ueaut|lu| Be||s|||es |r V/.
Jerr|le| Succv |s V|ce ||es|cert cl Ec|tc||a| at Eve|]ca] |ea|t| arc ||ves |r |ew Yc|| C|t].

- Rev|sec w|t| t|e ¤cst cu||ert rut||t|cra| |rlc|¤at|cr÷|rc|uc|rç ca|uc|]c|ates, scc|u¤, l|ue|, arc
p|cte|r÷as we|| as ar upcatec |rt|ccuct|cr
- |ew |a]cut lc| t|e ca|c||e c|a|ts ersu|es eas] rav|çat|cr arc |eacau|||t]
- Eve|]ca] |ea|t| w||| p|c¤cte t|e ucc| cr||re arc |r t|e|| rews|ette| t|at |s c|st||uutec tc cve| s|· ¤||||cr
¤e¤ue|s, Eve|]ca] |ea|t| tcta|s ¤c|e t|ar 25 ¤||||cr ur|cue v|s|tc|s pe| ¤crt|
- |rc|uces c|ç|ta| cc¤pcrerts t|at s]rc tc t|e ucc|
- Reace|s car ||r| tc Eve|]ca] |ea|t|s pcpu|a| s|te, ¤]-ca|c||e-ccurte|.cc¤, tc c|eate a l|ee acccurt

Revised Edition
|uu||s|e|. Ste|||rç
|uu||s|ec. Jarua|] 2011
301 paçes
$7.95 ($8.95 Carac|ar}
a|| |r cc|c|
1 1/1 / 5 7/8
Ca|tcr 0uart|t]. 51
Ie|||tc|]. |c|t| /¤e||ca Erç||s|
Recently Published
Eat, Fast, Slim
The Life-Changing Fasting Diet for
Amazing Weight Loss and Optimum Health
by Amanda Hamilton
ISBN 978-1-84899-116-3 | $14.95 ($15.95 Canada)
Paper | 6 x 9
/4 | 288 pages | Territory: US/Can
Carton Qty: 28 | July 2, 2013 | Duncan Baird
elcome to intermittent fasting, the
revolutionary way to diet! This hot trend
has been scientifically shown to accelerate fat
loss, shift weight from stubborn areas, and boost
general health. Eat, Fast, Slim offers a choice of
plans (plus menus) so dieters can find the right
one for their lifestyle, from a daily 16-hour fast to
twice-a-week full-day fasts with only one evening
meal, and beyond.
t Amanda Hamilton is one of the UK’s most recognized
health broadcasters and nutritionists, with a large online
following and a web-based weight-loss program with
tens of thousands of followers:
t Intermittent fasting is a diet trend gaining momentum
with backing from Dr. Andrew Weil
t An easy-to-follow diet plan you can tailor to your lifestyle
and “weight psychology” in order to harness the fat-loss,
anti-aging, and well-being benefits of intermittent fasting
t Features practical menu plans and more than 40 delicious,
easy-to-prepare recipes
t Eat, Fast, Slim is receiving major coverage in the UK,
including Red, Daily Express, and Zest, as well as on
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop blog
t The book’s weight-loss claims are supported by the
latest scientific findings
Broadcaster and nutritionist Amanda Hamilton
is one of the UK’s most recognized personalities
in health and well-being. In demand both in
the UK and abroad, she produced and hosted
several health-based TV series that have now
been shown in 22 countries. Hamilton has a large
online following through her weight-loss site,, which boasts tens of
thousands of members. A regular contributor to
the national press and author of two books on
nutrition—LifeDetox: Clear Physical & Emotional
Toxins from Your Body and Your Life and Life-
Changing Weight Loss: 3 Steps to Get the Body
and Life You Want (both cowritten with Sandy
Newbigging; Platkus Books)—she is a member
of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists
and adviser to the Scottish Government’s
Curriculum for Excellence.

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