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Bala jeerakadi kashayam: is a kashayam for svasa kasa, but this can be given to reduce the vata prakopa

by giving it frequently and intermittently. This is a kashayam for leena avastha. This can be given by proper yukti in certain seizures also which has got amasayam utpava sthanam. Ciravilwadi kasayam is a kapha vatanubandhahara arsoghna kashayam. This can be given in atonic bladder. Bladder pathology comes under gulma spectrum. Sarasvatha curnam it is otherwise called kalyanaka avaleha churnam. It is a katu rasam, kaphahara yogam. It is useful in dysarthria, not in aphasia. At least 6 months needed. Exaggerated phalaruti mentioned in this yoga. But it is highly useful in laryngitis. Rajanyadi churnam otherwise called balashtakam. It is given all pediatric diseases. It is agni deepana, srothosodhana . It is given in peadiatric disorders. In peaditric diseases of neurological origin usually rajanyadi is also added.

Pancasama churnam is told in sarangadhara samhita. It is given for ama vata. It is useful in reactive arthropathy. In first stages of demylination and in motor neuropathy, it is selected as a dhatugata ama pachana yoga.

Kacchuradi is a pitta samana yogam. It is given for thalam along with ksheerabala or narayana tailam. Simple kacchura churnam is also enough.

Hinguvachadi churnam It is told in gulma. It is katu rasa gulmahara. In atonic bladder, it is used as a kalka along with pippalyadi taila for anuvasanam.

Silajit rasayanam Kaphahara, asthisodhana, medhohara protocol used as per Ashtanga Hrudaya. If that is not available, silajit vatakam or kautaja triphala from Vaidyaratnam oushada can be used as a samana oushada. It is mentioned in A.H. pandu prakaranam. Narasimma rasayanam contains bhallataka, it is told in A.H.


Asana ksheera kashayam is the anupanam for this. Bringaraja churnam from SKM can be powered and can be supplemented as per the text. . This Narasimma rasayanam is different from Narasimma lehyam of siddha.

Nagabala See A.H. It is highly useful in multiple sclerosis. We have done work on this. We have to get good nagabala and give it for at least one month. Upto 1 pala you can give. For more reference you can give A.H. kasa cikitsa.

Lasuna rasayanam Bhallataka rasayanam Kalyanaka gulam is a pitta samana yoga. It is a virechana yoga told in A.H. virechana kalpa. It contains trvrt. It is a pumsavana visesha yoga. Sukumara rasayanam contains gudam, ghrtam, eranda tailam. It is yamalam. It is a pumsavana yogam. It is a sukra sodhanam. It will remove constipation. . Neurologicaly supplemented in many conditions where vatanulomana is needed. We can make it as a lehya and as a ghrta. Both preparations should be used as a different stages. Ardraka rasayanam is a sophagna, katu rasa in nature. Used in motor neuropathy.

Kasthuriyadi is katu rasa, ushna veerya, kaphavatahara, vyavayi, vikasi, pramati is a vatanulomana drug. These drugs are selected in first stages of management of motor neuropathy, demyelination, fever management, etc in the practice of neurology. Gorochanadi is also same like that of kasthuriyadi gulika.

Bala aswagandha lakshadi tailam is vata samanam, brmhanam. Can be used in children and puerpural disease. This is a jvarahara yoga. we use for samana vicharana taila snehapana. In demyelination recovery and in epilepsy, we give 10 to 15 ml with milk on a regular schedule for 5 to 6 months.


Dhanwantara tailam contains bala godhuma, ksheera. It is a vata pitta samana yoga. It is a brmhana in nature. In vata pitta predominant diseases, it is selected. It is having asthi visesatvam and athakaya visesatvam.

Hingutrigunam is vatakaphahara, ushna, gulmahara, srothosodhana. It contains dattura, castor oil. Very good purgative for neurological diseases when avaranam is associated.

Karpasastiyadi is ushna brmhana, vata samana, urdvajatru visesatva. Highly useful for nasya, pana, abhyanga, etc., This can be made as kuzhambu. It is useful in cervical spondylosis, cervical myelopathy, cervical radiculopathy, motor neuron disease and massage for stroke and it can be used for siro vasti also. It is ushna brmhana in nature.

Ketakimooladi kuzhambu. It is told in Ashtanga sangraha vatavyadhi. It contains bala, ketaki and adhibala. It is Madura rasa vata pitta samana. In pittanubandha vata diseases, it can be used. It is useful in asthigata vata but it is used in burning neuropathy. It can be made as a kuzhambu or yamalam.

Kottamchukkadi is ushna veerya, vatakaphahara in nature. It is a useful for pain management. It is a first oil to be selected when we come out of ama avastha.

Narayana tailam is vatapitta samanam, brmhanam. Main ingredient is satavari. It is highly useful in pittanubandha vata diseases. Whenever pittanubandha vata neurological diseases is associated, it is usually given. It can be used as taila vicharana snehapana also. Panchasneham is a brmhana medicine. It contains 5 oils. Tailam, ghrtam, eranda tailam, varaha vasa, coconut oil. This is useful in amsa sosha. Whenever there is wasting after udvartana, this is selected. This is poshaka taila. It is not given for internal usage. Pinyaka tailam. Jeerna pinayaka tailam. It is vatakaphahara and ruksha in nature. In demyelination, motor neuropathy and radiculopathy, we give tamana taila vicharana snehapana with pinyaka taila. It is told by A.H.Vatavyadhi.


Prabanjanam is vata samanam, ushnam, brmhanam. It is given for abhyangam. Prabanjanam kuzhambu is commonly selected for stroke and other conditions. It is commonly used oil. Sahacharadi kuzhambu is vata samanam, rakta prasadanam. It is highly useful wasting disorders, involuntary movement disorders, tremors, etc., It is given as tamana taila snehapana. It is given for nasya, abhyanga, siro vasti, etc. It is highly useful medicine in neurology. It can be used in headache, but very few people used it. It can be used in peenasam and yoni rogam also, but very few people use it. Medicines in this book, most of the medicines are mentioned here are searched from the following companies. Vaidyaratnam Oushadashala SNA Sitaram Nagarjuna SKM Bipha Pharma AVP AVN If you check in their list, most of the medicines will be available, except few you have to buy from outside. The companies address are narrated as end of this book. Dabur Baidyanath Impcops Doothbapeshwar and SKM Are the companies where most of the rasa oushadis are available.