However Payment Lists do not contain information about forms/records of payment The cost to provide you with

information about records of payment (e g cheque ' e n C 8P08i b a d r a f t 6 t C ) W0Uld be «L np2 r!f th l: x? substantially larger due to the manual C St W Uld $16 777 SO)6 ° ° ^ $ 1 6 ' 7 7 7 ' 8 0 ( L e - 3 9 0 h o u r s @ $43.02/hour = The total cost for all of the work would be $17,629.20 (i.e. $16,777 80 + $851 40) (The


s t a n d a rd l a b o u r rates for thejob g r o u p s ofthe individual that


Please note, at this stage of request processing it is very difficult to estimate how many responsive records might be located - though it is likely that per-page costs would not be particularly high with respect to Payment Lists. Were the fee to be paid and

processing continue through to provision of responsive records, a copying charge of
$.06 per page provided would be added to the fee. The figures noted in this letter represent a rough estimate of the amount of time it would take us to gather and prepare the requested information. If we were able to collect and prepare this information in less time, or it took more time, the fee estimate would be reduced, or raised, accordingly. Please also note that some of the records requested could contain information that is subject to one or more of the exceptions to disclosure contained in the Act. Such records would likely be partially redacted, or entirely withheld. If you would like BC Hydro to go ahead with the processing of the entire request, please forward a deposit of $8,814.60 in a cheque or money order payable to BC Hydro. Alternatively, if you would prefer to proceed with production of the Payment Lists only, please send a fee deposit in the amount of $425.70. Once we receive the deposit, we will resume processing the fee-applicable portion of your request. If we do not receive the fee deposit from you within 30 days, we will close our file on the fee-applicable portion of your request. If you were to pay the fee, and the processing of the request were to proceed, in all likelihood it would be necessary for BC Hydro to consult with third parties. This could take some time. That consultation process, and the volume of records that would need to be retrieved would, upon payment of the deposit, likely result in BC Hydro extending the due date for the fee applicable portion of your request for 30 days under paragraphs 10(1)(b)and(c)oftheAct. If BC Hydro were to find that more time were needed to process this request, Hydro would seek a further extension from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC (OIPC). If a further extension were sought, BC Hydro would advise you in writing — in order to give you an opportunity to provide comments to the OIPC. Please note that, in terms of narrowing the request, the vast majority of payments received by BC Hydro from SNC-Lavalin are for the consumption of electricity provided by BC Hydro to premises occupied by SNC-Lavalin (i.e. electricity bills). If you are interested in electricity bill information, and wish to pay the fee associated with retrieving such information, we will proceed. However, if you are not interested in electricity/energy British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, 333 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 5R3

payments, but would prefer to concentrate on payments for non-energy purposes, that information could probably be retrieved without cost. Please let me know if you would like to take that approach to your request. If you have any questions about the fee estimate please call me. Also, you may ask the OIPC to review this fee estimate, and/or our time extension, by writing to the following address within 30 days of receiving this letter: Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC 4th Floor, 947 Fort Street Victoria, B.C. V8V 3K3

If YvW asK for a review, please provide the OIPC with a copy of this letter and a copy of
your request. Yours truly,

Scott Macdonald


Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, 333 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 5R3

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