Teacher Professional Learning Workshop Day
Saturday, 24th August 2013 \ 9am-3pm \ Macquarie University
Virtual Worlds were earmarked as a three year implementation by the 2007 Horizon report. Much has been done with Virtual Worlds but still many educators are struggling to understand what all the fuss is about. Virtual Worlds in Education is a course for beginners and teachers wishing to connect with other teachers currently using Virtual Worlds. The course will equip new users to Virtual Worlds via Sim-on-a-stick. Teachers will discover how to build, create content in a Virtual World as well as network with others already using Virtual Worlds for educational purposes.

This workshop day will consist of short keynote speeches describing how a variety of individuals have used Virtual Worlds in education. Participants will then be able to experience a hands-on workshop using a self-contained Virtual World existing on a USB. Including:
Sim-on-a-stick Participants will cover the basics of using Sim-on-a-stick including downloading, loading and navigating the world. Virtual World building Participants will design an object or create a favourite building and explore all aspects of building objects in Sim-on-a-stick. Overview of how others have used Virtual Worlds in the classroom Each presenter has experience with the Virtual World in a very different way. Presenters will share their personal experiences using Virtual Worlds during 7 minute presentations. MineCraft introduction What is MineCraft and how would you use it in an educational setting. Introduction to PLANE Virtual World Three of the presenters will present via PLANE Virtual World grid. After the presentation you will be able to have a look at all three islands and discover what each one is for.

Register online through MyPL@DET. Click the course code below.

WHEN Saturday 24th August 2013, 9am-3pm LOCATION Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre Bld C5B, Macquarie University North Ryde, NSW WHO COST CONTACT This course is open to all $20 to cover cost of USB + materials Phone: 02 9850 4310

Course Code: DV02483

the MyPL system. Please click here for instructions. DEC participants: Log into MyPL at the link above using your DEC login. Payment: Via Credit Card or School Direct Debit. You will be prompted to indicate you preference on registration.

Non-DEC participants: You will need to apply for a login to use twitter @macict

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