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Planned Building Maintenance - Checklist

** Please note this list is not exhaustive ** Key: Red = statutory requirement Item Frequency Responsibilty Date Last Checked Date Last Date Last Checked Checked Comments

Air Conditioning
Half yearly or annually dependent on usage Energy performance certification 5 yearly Checking / testing / servicing School School

Premises inspection 3 yearly Schools have mandatory responsibilities. Please refer to the school's asbestos report for Refer to report details, as well as KCC's policy and guidance documents KCC


Automatic Doors
Servicing Annually as a minimum, depending on manufacturer's guidance and usage School

Clear drainage channels including soak aways 2 yearly School

Electrical Inspection
Inspection and testing 5 yearly Resultant works. Schools have mandatory responsibilities. Refer to report Please refer to school's electrical report for details KCC N1&N2 - KCC. All others School

record in log book 6 Monthly Weekly KCC School Glazing Glazing maintenance .Emergency Lighting Testing General walk round .basic visual inspection Testing of selected fittings. on/off only 1 hour drain down of lighting (turn off electric supply to check battery) record in log book 2 hour drain down of lighting.e. (turn off electric supply to check battery) record in log book 1 hour drain down of lighting (turn off electric supply to check battery) record in log book 3 hour drain down of light (turn off electric supply to check battery) record in log book Quarterly Weekly Monthly 1st Quarter KCC School School School 2nd Quarter School 3rd Quarter School 4th Quarter School Fire Alarm Full Testing Test on call point.Electric Convector Heaters . Remove debris and flush through with a hosepipe. ensure safety filmed areas in good condition Annually (safety film has a School 10 year life span) Gutters Clear out. different call point each time. School dependant on site location Heating . Annually as a minimum.g.

Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) Tank and pipework inspection by competent person Visual checks (compound secure. inspected and serviced Oil certification tested Radiators / heating Check oil supply 6 monthly Annually Turn on prior to heating season Prior to heating season KCC KCC School School Intruder Alarm / CCTV Servicing Annual School Kitchen Gas supply to kitchen Extract system .Gas Boilers and plant tested.clean Catering equipment inspection 6 Monthly Annually .see your LPG risk assessment for relevant items Annually KCC 3 times annually (as for buildings inspection) School Heating System .Clean Annually School Heating System . vegetation controlled. Annually inspected and serviced Gas carcass certification tested 3 yearly Turn on prior to heating Radiators / Heating season KCC KCC School Heating .minimum for normal usage Annually KCC School KCC Lifts . damage check. etc) .Oil Boilers and plant tested.

e.Servicing Dependent on lift model manufacturer's recommendations but KCC could range from monthly. kettle Annually 6 monthly School School Sprinklers Pump test Servicing Weekly Quarterly School School Trees Safety inspections Resultant works Annually As per the inspection report's recommendation KCC School . tea urn. the barrier to prohibit damp 5 yearly entering a building from the ground is not breached) Check surface of play area to ensure no trip hazards Playground equipment Annually Regularly School School School Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) PAT Tests Items containing elements e. quarterly or six monthly as a minimum Lightning Protection Inspection and testing Annually School Playgrounds & Other External Areas Inspect external areas to ensure physical damp proof course (i.g. Hydrotherapy pools .bennett@kent.check Every two years As required re risk assessment Daily Daily KCC School School School Windows Maintenance of moving parts of Annually PVCu and aluminium School Useful Information .Guidance for schools who wish to manage their own project Minor Projects Guidance Should you require further details please contact KCC Property Group Contracts Manager for your area: Zone 1: Mike Bennett .01622 696036 .aspx In particular: Asbestos Important Information Management of Asbestos Water Hygiene Risk Assessment Thinking of Construction Work Zone 2: Lynn Keeley .01622 696686 .Water Hygiene Checks Risk assessment Monitoring of system Swimming pools .Construction (Design & Management) Regulations Major Building Zone 3: Mark Carnt .01622 221193