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International students face many obstacles before entering an American college, such as achieving English fluency and obtaining

high standardized test scores. The FLS TOEFL Preparation Program is specifically designed to give students a critical advantage in taking the most commonly accepted exam at American institutions. Our intensive program includes a total of 36 teacher-led lessons per week: 18 lessons of integrated study to improve all English skills; 12 lessons devoted to specific TOEFL strategies and skills and 6 lessons of Academic Workshops for additional language practice and skill development. Students work with an experienced instructor to hone their ability in the interrelated TOEFL skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Practice exams allow instructors to analyze students abilities and familiarize students with the test format and strategies.

Students may substitute 6 lessons of TOEFL per week with a focused elective class (6 lessons per week) that best addresses their needs including additional study in composition, speaking, or listening,

Our course is enhanced with student counseling sessions, preparation for college English placement tests, and assistance with test registration. Students will also benefit from comprehensive university counseling and application assistance from the Universal Placement Program (UPP). For more information on UPP programs and placement, please visit their website: Please note that students must possess an English fluency of FLS Level 5 or better to enter the TOEFL program.

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