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The Department of Foreign Affairs; prime agency of the government responsible for the pursuit of the State’s foreign

policy and the nerve center for a Foreign Service worthy of the trust and pride of every Filipino, takes pride in their selection of officers and their way of raising the morale of their people. The former which stresses on its importance to give the best of their service to the Filipinos in regards to advancing the interest of their countrymen in the world community that is why their officers before becoming one, underwent rigorous competitive exams and training (Career Foreign Service Training) to know whether such person is ready to undertake the task and challenges that comes with being an officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs while the latter speaks of the commitment of the agency’s officers in giving their countrymen the best of what they can do such as Legal, Consular and other related Assistance Service and Philippine participation in UNESCO’s Programmes and Activities. Department of Foreign Affairs is guided with 3-Pillars. These pillars serve as their springboard towards their more concrete and specific programs. First is the “Promotion of National Security”- to be able to achieve this, DFA is considered as the first line of defense, thus there are bilateral pursuits with other states done by them. Moreover, DFA has peacekeeping missions to be able to promote sustainable peace and security within the domestic and international sphere. Furthermore, such agency is also taking part in the efforts of combating trafficking, transnational crimes and peacefully settles disputes. A vivid manifestation of our promotion of peace and security is the DFA’s procedures in terms of solving the territorial dispute against China wherein we resulted into the submission of the arbitration case (arbitration is an open, friendly and diplomatic solution in accordance with UNCLOS) to the UN Peace Palace in The Hague: Home of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. We also created defense cooperation among other states, to mention a few, Spain, France and South Korea. With the continuous efforts of DFA, Japan also has defense partnership with us; through this our Philippine Coast Guard is training and upgrading its equipment through these partnerships. The second pillar is “Enhancing Economic Diplomacy”, DFA also engaged in efforts to attract foreign investors to venture out in our country 24/7 through our Foreign Service Officers (FSO) s in every parts of the globe. There are also economic diplomacy courses for our diplomats, aiding them in their initiatives for economic diplomacy. DFA also took action in terms of bilateral agreements covering development cooperation, trade, air services, ICT, tourism, and education, among others. These are primarily to help the Philippine economy boost even more. On the upcoming APEC Leader’s Meeting in 2015 hosted by the Philippines, DFA’s major goal is to place the development priorities Philippines on top of the agenda of the international community. With the status quo that the Philippines already had fifty attempts towards ending the dispute with China for the ownership of Spratly

ASEAN states should always be military equipped and the other states must be at our back for this fight. as a region or group of sovereign states. a suggestion for a security work plan together with ASEAN nation is that.Islands. we have to collectively ask China to once and for all settle of who shall own the island in the International Court of Justice. is to show China that we are not the only parties interested of finding out who shall own the island. . As we mention it should be collective. perhaps from this. if worse comes to worst. Furthermore.