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last Close Price Status Key Levels Desired Set-up Entry &Stop Trade Ideas Note


Current Watch-list
S&P500 Index ETF (SPY) $168.93 Rally under pressure Near-term resistance $170 SPYs steady rise facing pressure from $170 mark. It looks like we need more time to work off this range. AAPLs needs to hold the earning gap if it wants to test the $460. Still not safe from filling the gap yet. Market on steady rise and pace slowing down. So far the major companies earning are mixed and pressuring the market. Lacking of catalyst to give a big shot. AAPL as expected, reported a dull earning, CEO Cook defended Apple but still company is slowing down even it is making big money. People wish to see new products later this year. LNKD could go higher and well above $200 with a firm earning report. I am bullish into the earning. Boeings earning was good and strong but guided future below the street consensus, somehow people chose to take a break on this flying monster. GPS is expect another quarter of solid earning growth. Good for stock. A bullish stock.




$420ish area nearterm support.

LinkedIn (LNKD)


Breaking out again

$200ish support zone $105ish support

LNKDs stock wants go higher. Price action suggesting the path.

Boeing (BA)



BA needs some time to work on earning.



Breaking out

$45ish support

GPS broken out today and entry on 45.50, mentioned before, many times. Looking for follow-through tomorrow. DFS chose to sell off after earning beat and today had another unsuccessful trading action. Not good.

Discover Financial. (DFS)


Failed to hold

Power leaking

DFS beat on both EPS and REV as expected and stock not showing what it deserved to be.

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Visa (V)


Breaking out

New High

Visas price resumed to be bullish after another earning beat. Hopefully it could kill the weak action shown recently. TSLA bounced as people stepped in to find bottom and drove the stock back. Could see higher price from here. AMZN traded lower on after-hour after its earning.

V beat its earning and rev again on strong growth. A strong stock and worth to hold.



Bouncing back


Hearing another analyst report saying that TSLA has its room for $300 price if everything plays out right. Sell-side analyst still could influence the price. AMZN reported fairly in-line rev and better EPS. As usual, stock traded lower and tomorrow could see higher price according to its historical pattern after earning. NFLX beat on EPS and reported in-line Rev, and Street was expecting more from it and standard was high. Still not a bad report.

Amazon (AMZN)

$296.50 (AH)


Paused rally

Netflix (NFLX)



Rally paused

NFLX had a downside followthrough day, carried selling from yesterday.

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Current Watch-list Featured Chart: N/A While general market under pressure with many stocks struggled to hold green zone and many stock chosen to sell off after a good earning report. Generally, the summer is slow and people wanted to unload some risk and have a rest, without any serious downside catalyst. Market could just naturally rest and correct itself. I would be more careful because if it is not looking great to long doesnt make a setup for short. Be flexible. FB Killed old $32 resistance and used it as support and closed strong today. Massive volume, like the world is fighting to purchase the Facebook stock as the company made an improvement on its mobile platform. Not a smart to short right now. BIDU is another stock showing came back story with strong rev growth and issued upside guidance for Q3. Major business components are showing healthy growth. With current strong buying, stock price in in favor of Bulls as big money are busy with building a new position on this stock. BIDU didnt hold the earning gap well but still strong after the earning. Other things, XOM, CVX, COH, LULU, TIF, KORS and some Financials GS and C are looking good for long.

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