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Pastors note There was a time when I flew kites.

I had Diamond kites, Delta kites small and large, and stunt kites. Stunt kites are impressive because you can make them do all kinds of spectacular moves and feats of skill. A good day for flying kites is when the wind is steady with occasional gusts. The key to flying a kite is to not give too much slack in the string. As long as that tension exists, the kite will fly. It is amazing to feel the colorful kite tug and pull as if it sought to escape my control. From the perspective of the kite, the string must be a real nuisance. The kite would love to soar as the birds, without anything binding it to the earth, free to choose its own direction. But the string is forever there, tying it to the ground. Ephesians 4:14-15 teaches us that we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves, and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming; but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him, who is the head, even Christ. Sometimes I feel like that kite. When my time in Gods Word slackens, I can inevitably become carried away into the wild blue yonder. I need that grounding and that tension. Without Gods Word keeping that tension alive, I can only nosedive into heartache. However, when we surrender all to the master, we find ourselves living the life of adventure and discover the thrill of soaring. God bless your ministry, mike

The Tidings July 2013

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Women of the Word The Circles have concluded their studies through June. They are preparing new studies to begin in September. The board will not meet in July. Their next meeting is Monday, August 12, 2:00 p.m. The Board is planning the October General meeting program; so plan to attend Saturday, October 12. Fruits of the Spirit will be the theme. Watch for more information later. Neighborhood Watch: The Kerr County Sheriffs Office is currently investigating thefts of two Central Air Conditioning Units in the county. The Kerr County Sheriffs Office is asking residents to report any suspicious activity or suspicious vehicles in and around abandoned houses, houses for sale, and houses under construction. Investigators believe the units are being sold for scrap or being reused or sold to unknowing customers. Capt. Twiss, stated Everyone should be vigilant and alert to any suspicious activity especially Real Estate Agents and business owners. These units are large and would show if hauled in an open bed of a pickup or on a flatbed. If you see a vehicle backed up to an AC Unit or a vehicle hauling an AC Unit, try to get a description of the vehicle, including license plate number (without putting yourself in harms way) and contact the Kerr County Sheriffs Office at 830-896-1216. If you have information on the stolen AC Units and would like to remain anonymous-call Crime Stoppers at 830-896TIPS / 830-896-8477. Thank you, Deputy Pamela Hicks Crime Prevention Division Kerr County Sheriff's Office
Trudys Bread Ministry THIS NEED IS CONSTANT. CAM does not get bread from the Food Bank and must obtain it locally. Contributions can be made in cash or a check (to CAM), and put in the box marked BREAD MINISTRY in the Narthex.

Media Ardis Wright by M/M Walden Freeman

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22

OPEN YOUR HEART AND HOME to a German, French, Norwegian or Brazilian exchange student for the coming 2013-2014 school year For more information on EMF students, please call Marie-Claude Dijoud now at 1800-467-8363 or visit our web site at

By Judy Johnson Remember the childrens rhyme, Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Never did figure out why she was contrary, but thats neither here nor there. The recent rains have been such a blessing and Ive actually watered just about everything with run-off from my barrels. Two weeks ago I was in Minneapolis, helping my daughter clean up her yard (I think I dug up around 250 dandelions!) and get her garden planted. It was fun to experience spring all over again as tulips, apple trees, lily-ofthe-valley, and lilacs were in full bloom. They have had copious amounts of snow and rain so everything was lush and green. As Rebecca was planting seeds in her raised beds, I was reminded of an article I read long ago called A Christian Garden. Five rows of Ps: Prayer, Perseverance, Politeness, Promptness, Preparedness

Three rows of Squash: Squash criticism, Squash gossip, Squash indifference Six rows of Turn-ups: Turn up at church, Turn up with your Bible, Turn up with the Lords tithe and your offerings, Turn up with a smile, Turn up with a visitor, Turn up with a determination to win others to Christ Five rows of Let-us: Let us be faithful to God and His work, Let us be unselfish in our words, Let us be loyal to the church, Let us be truthful and honest with God, Let us love one another and all His people Think about how a tiny seed can grow and flourish, bearing much fruit and an abundance of zucchini! We may never know the results of the faith seeds that we plant in the lives of others.and some folks may be able to join in the Glorious Harvest as a result of our witness. Happy gardening! But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22

The Faith Profile of the state of Texas. As the buckle of the Bible belt, Texas reflects a very Christianized profile: Half of the states residents are born again (49%) and they tend to rank higher than other states in terms of religious activity, especially Bible reading, evangelism (or faith-sharing responsibilities) and Sunday school attendance. Overall, 89% of the states residents describe themselves as Christians, with Baptists being the most prominent slice of the population (21%). Still, despite all this, the orthodoxy of their beliefs is generally average. Half of Texans believe that good works result in heaven and more than half contend that Satan is merely symbolic. One-third of the practicing Christians who reside in Texas are Hispanics (32%), one of the top states in the nation in this regard. Christians in Texas are more likely than average to be part of the Buster generation (or Gen X, 37%, compared to 31% nationally). Those younger believers are trending toward identification with the Democratic Party over the GOP (45% versus 29%), while older Christians are more evenly divided (38% versus 35%). This portends significant shifts in the electorate in the Lone Star state over the next decade.

Zion Lutheran Childrens Center

Dear Congregation of Zion Lutheran Church, Spring Greetings from the Childrens Center! On February 14, 2013, ZLCC children sent handmade cards to all of the shut-in congregants of Zion Lutheran Church. ZLCC children also sent over 80 Valentines Day cards and care items to the Veterans at our local VA Hospital. ZLCC children made all the cards; parents and community members donated the items for the care packages. The children had a Valentines Day party in their classrooms in the afternoon; parents were invited and many attended fun was had by all. Thanks to a very generous, anonymous member of Zion Lutheran Church, we will be having the front entrance doors of the Center replaced with doors that meet todays safety standards. This is a large step toward completion of Kerrville Police Departments safety plan; to make our campus the safest possible for our children and families. In February, I sat down with Mrs. June Oehler to discuss putting together a Vacation Bible School for the pre-school children of ZLCC. We will continue discussions into the Spring; with the Vacation Bible School tentatively set for the first part of June. Thank you to Mrs. Oehler, Pastors Rauhut and Williams and all the volunteers helping with this project. I am sure it will be a memorable and fun experience for the children. Thank you for your continued support of Zion Lutheran Childrens Center!

Sincerely, Stephanie Cash, Director and the Board of Directors Larry Cattran, Gus Schill, Wally Freeman, Dena Theis, Beverly Fischer, Sue Nelms

Celebrating Gods Work

Date & Time
July 7 9:00 a.m. July 7 11:00 a.m. July 14 9:00 a.m.

Communion Servers
Donna Kelley, Tom & Sara McKeon Ward & Sherri Jones

Lay Readers
Dorothy Tobler Mark Bigott Jennie Motheral

July 14 11:00 a.m. Tammy Callcott July 21 9:00 a.m. Mark Bigott, Dorothy Hulett, Brenda Craig Karen Kordzik, Bobby Joines, Delbert Oehler Shirley Smith Karen Kordzik Mindy Williams Hailey Erlund

July 21 11:00 a.m. July 28 9:00 a.m.

July 28 11:00 a.m.

Altar Flowers July 7 July 14 Billy & Mary Heimann July 21 Lane & Johnna Taylor July 28

If you would like to provide altar flowers on July 7 or 28 or any Sunday, please sign the flower chart in the narthex or call the church office at 2578411.

Altar Guild Linda Mann & Donna Shirley BellChoir Jim Abbatiello Chancel Choir Judy Johnson Communion Assistants Ward Jones Decorations Karen Kordzik

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July 2013
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9:00am-noon Staff Mtg./ Wor Plg. 10:00 Prayer Cell 12:15 & 5:15 pm Weight Watchers 6:30 p.m. Origins 6:30 p.m. KGNA 8:00 NA Mtg.

10:00 ZLCC Chapel 6:30pm Youth JAM 8:00 pm CA Mtg.

4 Independence 5
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Noon Brown Bag 1pm Wedding & Reception 8:00pm KGNA 8pm KGNA

9:00am-noon Staff Mtg./ Wor Plg. 12:15 & 5:15 pm Weight Watchers 6:30pm Origins 6:30 pm KGNA 8:00 NA Mtg.

9am Wmn's Brk 10:00Quilt Guild 6:30 Youth JAM

9am LWR Sewing 6:30pm Band Practice 8:00 pm N A Mtg.

8:00pm KGNA

8:00pm KGNA

8:30am Prayer Cell 10:30 Communion at Plaza Chapel Communion No WOW Brd Mg CAM Donation Sun 8:00pm KGNA

8:00 pm CA Mtg.



8:30am Quilt Guild 9:00am-noon Staff Mtg./ Wor Plg. 12:15 & 5:15 pm Weight Watchers 1:30pm Knitters 2:30 Shawl Ministry 6:30pm Origins 6:30pm KGNA 8:00 NA Mtg.

10:00am ZLCC Chapel 6:30 pm Youth JAM 8:00 pm C A Mtg.

9am LWR Sewing 6:30pm Band Practice 8:00 pm N A Mtg.

8:00pm KGNA

8:00pm KGNA

Newsletter 8:30am Prayer Cell Deadline 8:00pm KGNA 8:00am Quilt Guild

8:30 am Prayer Cell Communion 8:00pm KGNA


9:00am-noon Staff Mtg./ Wor Plg. 10:00 Prayer Cell 12:15 & 5:15 pm Weight Watchers 6:30pm Origins 6:30pm KGNA 7:00pm Council 8:00 NA Mtg.

6:30 Youth JAM 8pm CA Mtg.

9am LWR Sewing 6:30pm Band Practice 8:00 pm N A Mtg.

4:00pm Wedding Rehearsal 8:00pm KGNA

2:00pm Wedding & Reception 8:00pm KGNA

8:30 am Prayer Cell 11:00 am Youth Service in old Sanctuary 8:00pm KGNA


9:00am-noon Staff Mtg./ Wor Plg. 10:00 Prayer Cell 12:15 & 5:15 pm Weight Watchers 6:30pm Origins 6:30pm KGNA 8:00 NA Mtg.

Hemmer, Gene 7/1 Scherer, Tyler 7/1 Motheral Jr., R. Bruce 7/2 Rauhut, Amber 7/2 Bigott, Marcus 7/3 Murley, Beth 7/3 Oehler, Marty 7/4 Baumann, William 7/6 Kinsey, Clay 7/7 Motheral, Jennie 7/7 Turner, Sarah 7/7 Abbatiello, Jim 7/8 Duff, Lindsay 7/8 Guthrie, Cody 7/11 Oehler, Delbert 7/11 Heimann, Mary 7/13 Jones, Ward 7/13 McVey, Nancy 7/13 Rossington, Thomas 7/13 Kramer, Clarence 7/14 Lynch, Fleeta 7/14

Linehan, Jack 7/15 Veale, Laura 7/15 Dittmar, Bernadine 7/16 Klein, Rubin 7/17 Dennis, John 7/18 Kneese, Alton 7/18 Bohn, Merle 7/19 Lampman Sr., Roger 7/19 Lampman, Marilyn 7/19 Balser, Robert 7/20 Taylor, Lane 7/20 Widner, Dana 7/22 Borchers, Michael 7/23 Harrison, Keara 7/23 Behrens, Emma 7/25 Faust, Justin 7/25 Papenhagen, Lonny 7/25 Oehler, David 7/28 Ashcraft, Addison 7/29 Kelley, Donna 7/29 Mease, Jacqueline 7/30

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