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Bringing Silicon Valley Innovation

to Washington D.C.

Ryan Allis

My Background

iContact Senior Leadership Team, Oct 2011

Tech for Obama 2012

Half Harvard MBA Half Tech Entrepreneur

What Im Building Now in SF

Remember When

Remember when you were a kid?

Back When You Were Fascinated By The World?

Back When You Played?

Remember When You Made Silly Faces?

When You Dressed Up in Costumes?

When Fantasy Could Be Real?

And Magic Was Possible?

And when you rst wanted to help others?

Did You Dream of Making A Difference in the World When You Were a Kid?

Now youre on your way in public service.

Youre here in the city of your dreams.

But sometimes it doesnt feel right

Theres this guy

Theres this guy

And then theres your manager

Space for Creativity Withers

And youre surrounded by double speak babble

So How Can Government Be Improved?



Lets Start With Whats Going Well

It makes sense for us to be able to redesign

that the American people are looking for.

government so that it can deliver on the functions

We should all want a government thats smarter, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people.

President Barack Obama, July 9, 2013

Introducing the 21st Century Management Agenda !

Giving You Air Cover to Be Innovative

Steve & Todd Have Your Back

We The People is Awesome

Presidential Innovation Fellows Program Brings Top Talent In

Code for America is Awesome is Supercool

Good Design on New Government Sites

Taxpayer Receipts Add to Transparency

Here are 12 ways the top Silicon Valley companies create innovative environments

Create awesome workspaces for maximum creativity

Ensure there are supportive environments for ideation

Managers Provide Real-time Feedback to Their Teams

Managers Praise Team Members When They Do Well

Get rid of people who dont perform

Make Processes Simple & Efcient

Open Internal Communication (Wikis & IM)

Put Up Real Time Dashboards in Lobbies

Treat Customers Like God

Have Immense Empathy for the Customer

The Stanford d.School Design Thinking Model

Constantly Improve User Experience

Even Make the Customer Experience Enjoyable

7 Takeaways for Your Boss

Bringing Silicon Valley Innovation to Washington D.C.

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Real-time dashboards (!!!) Real-time performance feedback Open & quick communication Stop duplicative processes Remove bad talent Practice empathy for the customer Know the President has your back

Launching April 2014

CONTACT INFO: Ryan Allis @ryanallis