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FADE IN: EXT. DIRT ROAD, GEORGIA - DAY The middle of nowhere. A young girl walks along the grassy perimeter of a worn dirt road. POLLY, 18 years old. Shes got short shorts on and a white t-shirt. Shes sweating and listening to music on her iPhone. Theres a modest house in the distance next to a patch of farmland. She walks toward it. EXT. FRONT YARD - MOMENTS LATER POLLY reaches the house. She takes the ear buds out of each ear and shoves them into her pocket. She walks up the stairs of the porch and brushes her hair out of her face. She rings the door bell. The door opens and a male figure stands in the threshold. Over his shoulder, we see POLLY. POLLY Are you the guy with the website? CUT TO: INT. OFFICE Through the filtered eye of a stationary digital camera, we observe POLLY as she explores the dark room. She sees the desk covered with magazines and paper, a closed laptop. She sees the painting on the wall of a horse and the plain black sofa underneath it. WALLY (O.S.) Have a seat. She sits uncomfortably on one of her legs, trying to look casual. WALLY (O.S.) (CONTD) Say your name for the camera. POLLY My real name? WALLY (O.S.) Well, I dont want your fake name, princess. Your real name.



WALLY (O.S.) Polly. All right, Polly. Im gonna ask you a few preliminary questions then well see if youre suitable or birthday suit-able for us here. You know the website well? No. POLLY

WALLY (O.S.) What do you know? POLLY You give girls pot for sexual favors. WALLY (O.S.) Yeah, you can suck for a smoke, get fucked to get fucked up or a hand job. Got a problem with whacking me off for weed? POLLY No, thats fine. WALLY (O.S.) How old are you? 19. Not 17? POLLY WALLY (O.S.)

POLLY Not 17. 19. WALLY (O.S.) OK. You a virgin? No. Anal? No. POLLY WALLY (O.S.) POLLY

3. WALLY (O.S.) Not an anal virgin? POLLY No, I dont do that. WALLY (O.S.) Are you open for it? POLLY No. I just want to get enough to get high and leave. WALLY (O.S.) Fair enough. You stick with white guys or do you fuck black dudes too? POLLY I dont see why that matters. WALLY (O.S.) Youre not going to suck my dick with a worn out throat. I like my girls tight everywhere. No, then. POLLY

WALLY (O.S.) No black guys for real or are you just saying that to please me? POLLY I wouldnt say something just to please you. Any STDs? No. WALLY (O.S.) POLLY

WALLY (O.S.) Really none? None. POLLY

4. WALLY (O.S.) I dont like liars. I choose to trust you but if it turns out you have the clap or some shit...I would like to hear about it now before you ruin me. POLLY I dont have-WALLY (O.S.) If youve got herpes...Id like to keep them as herpes and not his and her herpes. Keep your herpes off me. POLLY I promise. I dont have herpes. WALLY (O.S.) OK, now if you could-CUT TO: INT. OFFICE - MOMENTS LATER Same digital camera output. Only now POLLY stands. From off camera, WALLY adjusts a bright light on her. Shes in the spotlight. Its unnatural. Shes sliding off her short shorts. We see a tight one-piece bathing suit. WALLY (O.S.) Were you swimming? POLLY Yeah. Its hot out. WALLY (O.S.) Take off your shirt. OK. POLLY

She looks at the camera and slowly lifts the white t-shirt, revealing more of her bathing suit. The footage pauses. CUT TO: INT. LIVING ROOM WALLY, an overweight man, late 30s, sits by a TV; the paused image of POLLY on its screen. He fast forwards. Hits play.

5. POLLY is naked. Shes facing away, showing a small tattoo on her shoulder blade. POLLY Yeah, I got it last year. WALLY (O.S.) Do you have others? POLLY No. I dont want anymore either. Why not? WALLY (O.S.)

The camera zooms in on her tattoo. Its a small fairy, an imp. It slowly is reduced to pixels. POLLY I dont like it. No? WALLY (O.S.)

POLLY Its a little girls tattoo. WALLY (O.S.) And thats a problem because--? POLLY Because Im a woman. The video feed pauses again on her face, looking over her shoulder. WALLY looks at it for a moment. He gets up and goes to the bathroom. He unbuttons his pants and takes a piss. He flushes the toilet after finishing. He leaves the room without washing his hands. The toilet begins to refill with clear water. We begin to trace the water through the pipes in the walls. As we follow them, we begin to descend. Now we are in the basement and we emerge from the wall with the pipe. It drips onto the concrete floor. DRIP. DRIP. At the base of the pipe is a small puddle and leaning against the pipe is breathing flesh. Hands tied. A blindfold. The tiny IMP tattoo next to rust. The dripping continues. FADE TO BLACK.

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