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Dance has held such an ageless magic for the world that it has been the symbol of the performance of living.

"Dance is an extension of personality.” An absolute dance is considered to be one that is
performed with the perfect blend of body-mind component. We look at the dance to impart the sensation of living in an affirmation of life, to energize the spectator into keener awareness of the vigour, the mystery, the humour, the variety, and the wonder of life. It's permitting life to use you in a very intense way. Dance is a pervasive feature of everyday life, especially as it links to our general condition of embodiment. At the same time what is exceptional about dance, its profound sentient intelligence. The philosophy behind dance is to control, express elegantly and beautifully the feeling of heart. In nature where language is a big barrier, dance is a universal language.


Dance: An Expression of Life
A medium through which our dreams, desires and our emotions can be expressed touching others heart .It is an outlet for the mind, the body’s other instrument. Even in stillness it collects what has been swirling in its midst. Dancing bodies engender their own sense of space and time, density and openness. It provides a sagacity of how movement is made in the moment. THE ELEMENTS – use the elements earth, air, fire and water as a way to connect to natural sources of movement and explore the qualities inherent in each one. IMAGERY - exploring the imagination and images that inspire and inform dance SPACE - the canvas for dance, understanding our relationship to space as a partner in dance and our connection to others through space.

National Association of Students of Architecture Zonal nasa convention 2012 (zone 2) Cultural Trophy

MARKS DISTRIBUTION THEME SELECTION COORDINATION AND VERSATILITY APPEARANCE AND PROPS STAGE/AUDIENCE RESPONSE CHOREOGRAPHER.ability to interpret roles and creativity Performance as a whole 20% 15% 10% 05% 20% 30% National Association of Students of Architecture Zonal nasa convention 2012 (zone 2) Cultural Trophy . instead a medium to reflect the idea. developing greater sensitivity and finding ways to move economically without undue stress on the body.Dance in a way that the time limit given should not become a means of constraint. Increase the time lapse in the given amount of time and describe the expressions of life with the details and depth of each movement to compliment to the word “CONTINUUM”. FOURTH DIMENSION .MINDFULNESS .Taking time to listen to the internal impulse to move.

WILL BE NOTIFIED YOU ON THE WEBSITE. stage. will be judged on the dexterous note. that  Minimum of 6 participants will have to perform on the stage.  Maximum of 15 participants + 2 people including stage assistance will be allowed on  Performance time allotted for each participants colleges 3-6 mins and maximum of 2  min will be allotted for stage setups and clearance. ANY CHANGE OR CORRECTION IN THE BRIEF. National Association of Students of Architecture Zonal nasa convention 2012 (zone 2) Cultural Trophy .GENERAL RULES  Participants are suppose to strictly follow the theme given by the host college.