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IMP By Circusbrendan

Write Off, Write Now

EXT. A DIRT ROAD JULIAN (9), underdeveloped, bowl-cut, frightened; tugging at the hem of his dirtied t-shirt, travels alongside a wooden farm fence, the only thing visible through the impossibly thick fog. His bottom lip trembles and he comes to a halt in the mud. Julian glances over his shoulder. CUT TO: INT. PEDIATRICIANS OFFICE - DAY Peeling clown wallpaper and medical diagrams cover the once white walls. In the middle of the room sits a cleaner, teary-eyed Julian on a small plastic chair behind a table of ignored puzzles and various medications. A sweaty, overweight CHILD PSYCHIATRIST (50s) wipes his brow and stares, pupils dilated, at the child from a larger, office chair, chewing the end of his pen. JULIAN I dont want to. The Psychiatrists eyes flicker. PSYCHIATRIST Trust me Julian. Its for your own good, my boy. Julian looks back into the adults eyes and nods, suppressing his fear. JULIAN O-okay. He closes his eyes. EXT. A DIRT ROAD Julian descends back into the drug-induced hypnosis, back to the road. PSYCHIATRIST (V.O) (firmly) Go.




The sound of the Psychiatrist rapping his pen on the table echoes through the mist in the boys mind, he winces. But continues walking. Julian traipses through the mud as it gets deeper for a good hundred metres. He struggles through the walk, his legs too weak for him to trudge on. He has to stop again and calls up to the sky. JULIAN I cant, Mr. Rooney! ROONEY (V.O) (through gritted teeth) Right. A giant hand glides through the fog, snatching Julian up. INT. PEDIATRICIANS OFFICE - DAY Rooney holds Julian by the back of the neck. He manages to squat at the boys eye-level. Beads of sweat now dripping from his brows. His pen behind his ear. ROONEY Youre going to have to take another one. He pulls a blue and pink capsule from the breast-pocket of his white coat, and holds it at Julians lips. They dont open. ROONEY Julian... He throws up his best caring-adult smile and nods Julian along in encouragement. ROONEY My boy... You must. Julian submits. Rooney places the drug on the tip of the boys tongue and holds a glass of water up to wash it down, gently positioning the childs face with his fingers on the Julians chin. It takes its affect instantly. Julians arms drop to his side and his eyes roll back, no choice but to fall into the hallucination.


Rooney sits back in his chair, taking out his pen and wets his lips. EXT. A DIRT ROAD The pen raps on the table again. Deafening. And again. Building tempo. Again. Julian covers his ears and starts once more along the road. The pen keeps whacking, resounding through the dreamscape. Again, again and again. Julian builds speed trying to escape the noise. Its almost too much when-Three crows fly overhead. Hands still clamped to the side of his head he watches them soar off and runs towards where they came. Some silhouette emerges through the mist. A figure. JULIAN (whispering) I see... INT. PEDIATRICIANS OFFICE - DAY The Psychiatrist stops hitting the pen on the desk. JULIAN (whispering) I see... I see... Rooneys eyes widen. ROONEY What do you see, boy? EXT. A DIRT ROAD Julian approaches the humanoid. No fear. Dripping in black ooze, shorter than the child is, it turns to its master.




Eyes burn red, pointed ears and clawed hands. It opens its mouth exposing the teeth, also black. Julian smiles. INT. PEDIATRICIANS OFFICE - DAY Julian comes too, still smiling. ROONEY (excitedly) What did you see?! Julian says nothing. A beat. ROONEY Answer me, boy! A drip of black sludge hits Rooney on the forehead. He wipes it off with his sleeve and looks to the ceiling. Fuck.

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