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X&L By AoColour

23.NIGHT The streetlight illuminates the gravel on the empty dirt road. XAVIER. I just don’t need you fucking this one. LEVI. like an imp or ogre or something? LEVI No. Xavier’s eyes are glued to his phone as he texts. XAVIER (still looking at his phone) Are you going to talk to Alana tonight? Levi looks at Xavier with a look of utter amusement. is all. XAVIER Who? Levi puts his hands into his pockets. Decked out in a fitting suit and fashionable sneakers. Levi is silent as they walk. LEVI Besides. Xavier. Transfixed to its words.EXT. . LEVI Doesn’t matter. walks alongside his reluctant unfashionable companion. XAVIER What is she. I already have my eye on someone. LEVI Because you already fucked her. Xavier still has his eyes glued to his phone. Levi? Levi shakes his head. 22. XAVIER So what. OLD CRANE ST . XAVIER She’s cute.

They continue on. Xavier shrugs his comment off. it’s Jessa. that’s not deplorable at all. One of the streelights blows out.. For the first time Xavier takes his eyes off his phone to show Levi an image of two perfectly perky breasts. Levi shakes his head in disgust.. Easy. LEVI No. man.. maybe it’s Marley. eyes still on his phone’s screen. LEVI Why would she even. leaving the two in darkness. You know who her father is. Streetlights are as bright as ever. She sends them to me whenever I ask.No. I don’t want to know. LEVI (cont’d) Who are you even texting? XAVIER Sexting is what I think the kids are calling it these days. . Xavier grins. wait. XAVIER Leverage.2. LEVI Who is that? XAVIER Jessa.? Never mind. The dirt road ends and leads the men to paved streets. Xavier nods silently. LEVI Two more blocks and we’ll be there.. XAVIER (cont’d) Or. unfazed. This statement flies over Xavier’s head.

He takes it reluctantly and ties it over his eyes.. BLACK HOUSE . It’s completely empty. He hands it to Xavier outside of the house. KAYLA Hi. then around the old house. They were not the first and they would not be the last. silk tie. He follows. her long legs moving in a swan-like fashion. Lust and decadence linger in the air. Levi pulls out a black.3. KAYLA.BASEMENT STAIRS . They both ignore him. LEVI Trust me. no sound. No cars. She looks back at Levi.Sounds like Amandla. Already poured glasses of red wine await the two men. and only the light streaming from one street lamp. Levi allows Xavier to feel his way down the staircase into the basement. Levi. INT. Levi gets behind Xavier and leads him to the door. 25. KAYLA Hello.NIGHT Xavier and Levi walk towards the seemingly abandoned house. INT.NIGHT XAVIER Fuck. BLACK HOUSE . BLACK HOUSE . She moves towards another door underneath the staircase. She kisses him on both cheeks. Xavier. comes down the stairs looking stunning in her gold ballerina dress. She turns from the men. EXT..NIGHT Light classical music plays throughout the brightly lit room. . Xavier looks at the tie. no people. XAVIER Who is that? Is that Amandla?. pushing Xavier ahead of him. are we going down stairs? Silence.

who’s here? Levi allows Xavier to move forward. JESSA Imp dick. XAVIER (cont’d) You smell good. Two of them include the aforementioned ALANA. but the women keep him balanced. ALANA You know what we call you? Imp dick. All of the women begin to giggle. JESSA. I’ll go along with it. INT. XAVIER (cont’d) What the fuck?.NIGHT SIXTEEN WOMEN wear gold dresses. Xavier stumbles around a bit. BLACK HOUSE . confidence pouring from his modest smile..Oh. and her friend. Alana gets behind Xavier and touches him. 23. The women gather around Xavier forming a circle.4. XAVIER (cont’d) What do you want? One by one the women pull out their phones. 24. He SHRIEKS partly out of surprise and partly out of fear.BASEMENT . I forgot you liked that shit. Alana ties Xavier’s arms back.. Levi keeps his eyes on. some prettier than others. Levi and Xavier are the only men.. He loses his cool.. Xavier relaxes and a smile creeps on his face. It’s too still. . Is this Alana? In one quick motion. Jessa moves forward and pulls Xavier’s pants down. XAVIER Okay. too quiet. binding his hands tightly. but otherwise beautiful. ONE WOMAN. 26. Levi watches.

Jessa. The women take pictures of his too small to dangle manhood. imp dick? Alana pulls off Xavier’s mask.5. Alana. Levi hears a WHACKING noise. Jessa looks to Levi and nods.. trying to cover himself. He looks around at the women. JESSA Where are you going. Marley. one by one. Xavier begins to cry. FADE OUT . Alana whacks his penis as Xavier cries out in pain. ALANA Don’t you want to see all of us? Xavier’s eyes are wide and full of undropped tears.I’m sorry. He sees Xavier on the floor. Leaving Xavier in darkness. Levi turns off the lights. ALANA Imp dick.. XAVIER I’m sorry.

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