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Aisin Warner 450-43LE 1998-Up Nissan “UD” Isuzu “RNJ” Mitsubishi FUSO

Year: 1999 Month: January Ex. B: February C: March D: April * * L: December Serial Numbers

2nd or 3rd gear.Component name O/D direct clutch Front Clutch Rear clutch O/D brake 2 brake 1st & Rev. Locks the front planetary carrier during acceleration in 1st gear.2 No. Locks the front planetary carrier.1 shift solenoid No. One-way Clutch Assembly Direction One-way Clutch Operation One-way Clutch Check . The ON/OFF combinations of the two solenoids are used to control the gear position. Locks the front and rear planetary sun gear. brake O/D one-way clutch One-way clutch No. Locks the O/D planetary sun gear.2 shift solenoid nd Symbol C0 C1 C2 B0 B1 B2 F0 F1 S1 S2 Function Connects O/D sun gear and O/D carrier. Transmit the engine torque from the front clutch hub to the front and rear planetary sun gear. Transmit the engine torque from the input shaft to the intermediate shaft. Locks the O/D sun gear and O/D planetary carrier during acceleration in 1st.

Disconnect the negative battery cable. CAUTION: Be extremely careful not to connect the battery (+) terminal to the vehicle speed sensor terminal (3).5 kΩ (1.7 4. 4.3 kΩ to 1. 3. 2. Connect the vehicle speed sensor connector terminal (1) to the battery (+) terminal and terminal (2) to the battery (-) terminal. with one rotation of vehicle speed sensor shaft. Measure • The voltage. Block the wheels.680 Ω at approx.VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR-2 Vehicle speed sensor-2 is attached on the speedometer driven gear assembly. 0 0 20 C (68 F) 11 . Connect a resistance of 1. 1 Shift solenoid No. 1. 6.1 . This may damage the vehicle speed sensor.4W or more) between terminals (1) and (3). 2 Shift solenoid Speed Sensor 1 Resistance (Ω) at approx. 5. Solenoid Timing solenoid No. 20 C (68 F) Line pressure solenoid 3. fluctuates four times in the following range: 10 to 14 V ↔ 2V or less. Disconnect the harness connector from vehicle speed sensor 2. Rotate the shaft of the vehicle speed sensor slowly and measure the voltage at both ends with a digital voltmeter.15 Lock-up solenoid 0 0 • Resistance 560 .

1 shift solenoid No. 2. 6. 3. 5. 8.Pressure Tap Location Range Idling D R 77-114 PSI 5/110-164PSI Engine Speed Stalling 144-215 PSI 5/203-306 PSI Gear Position Solenoid 1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear 4th gear No. 7. 9. 4. 2 shift solenoid ON OFF ON ON OFF ON OFF OFF Lower Valve Body: 1. Manual Valve 1-2 Shift Valve 3-4 Shift Valve Pressure Relief Valve Primary Regulator Valve Lock-up Control Valve C0 Exhaust Valve 2-3 Timing Valve Cut-back Valve .

2-3 Shift Valve Reverse Inhibitor Valve Modulator Valve Throttle Valve Secondary Regulator Valve Reducing Valve Lock-up Signal Valve Accumulator Control Valve Low Coast Modulator Valve Orifice Control Valve Low Inhibitor Valve Check Valve (A) Check Ball Locations (1 ) Strainer 1. 3. 12. 9. 2. 10. 11. 5. 2. 4. 3. 8. 6. C-2 B-1 B-0 B-1 C-1 Accumulator Installation 5 Accumulator Locations . 4.Upper Valve Body 1. 7.

Tool required: 5-8840-2647-0 Plate 2.012"-. Place the plate on the center support. 3. and place it on a flat surface. 5.0354 in.016"-.30-.70 mm (0. measure the distance (C) between it and the flat surface.Air Check (A) (B) (C) (D) Ring Gear Flange Orientation (A) Forward (B) Direct (C) Direct.30-0.035" 1.90mm/.90 mm (0.70mm/. measure the thickness (B) of the plate. 4.0118-0. Inserting the calipers into the thrust washer hole. Using calipers.40-. measure distance (A) between the tops of the plate and the thrust washer on the front planetary gear.) Measuring Rear End Play Procedure .0276 in. Using calipers. Orificed (D) Intermediate Rear End Play .028" Front End Play .) Maximum thrust clearance: 0. Center Support thrust clearance: A – (B +C) Standard thrust clearance: 0. Turn over the center support together with the thrust washer.

049"-.25-1.082" / 1.D.93-4.D.073"-.073" / 1.86-2.0-2. Direct Clutch Pack Clearance .187" / 2.07mm) Front Clutch Clearance .2mm Intermediate Brake Pack Clearance . Brake Clutch Pack Clearance .O.23mm O.071"-.8-2.081" / 1.079"-.06mm .155"-.85mm) Rear Clutch Pack Clearance .167" / 3.

8mm TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Part tightened Oil Pump cover x Oil pump body Upper valve body x lower valve body Manual detent spring x Lower valve body C1 accumulator cover x Transmission case Transmission case x Extension housing Center support set bolt Oil pan x Transmission case Transmission case x Transmission housing ATF temperature sensor x Transmission case Inhibitor switch x Transmission case Inhibitor switch x Manual valve shaft Control shaft x Transmission case Oil pump x Transmission case Valve body x Transmission case Solenoid valve x Valve body Oil strainer x Valve body Drain plug x Oil pan Speed sensor x Transmission case PTO cover x Transmission case N• m 21 5.150" / 3.5 7 12.130"-.3-3.5 25 10 10 10 27 8 15 lb•ft (lb•in) 15 4 (47) (69) 27 18 (61) 47 18 (78) (61) (78) 18 (87) (87) (87) 20 (69) 11 .5 8 37 25 7 64 25 12.5 5.Low/Reverse Clutch Pack Clearance .