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PLEG-Paralegal Web Resource

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FEDSTATS Federal Statistics provides statistics from more

than 100 government agencies available to

Find FindLaw is one of the most popular sites

Law for free legal information on the Internet.
FindLaw's law firm marketing solutions
also dominate with award-winning Web
sites, online video, online attorney profiles,
search engine marketing and Internet

Find law Legal Dictionary FindLaw is an online legal information and
internet marketing solution for law firms.

Four Nets for Better A webquest that highlights four techniques
Searching ng/fournets.htm for more effective online information

Free Management Library http://www.managementhelp.or The Library provides easy-to-access,

g/ clutter-free, comprehensive resources
regarding the leadership and management
of yourself, other individuals, groups and

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Free On-line Dictionary of Free On-line Dictionary of Computing is a

Computing line+Dictionary searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon,
programming languages, tools,
architecture, operating systems,
networking, theory, conventions,
standards, mathematics, telecoms,
electronics, institutions, companies,
projects, products, history, and almost
anything else to do with computing.

General Law Reviews, listed USC General Law Reviews gives a list of
by USC Gould School of Law ces/journals/general.cfm reviews about laws from universities
across the United States.

Getty Thesaurus of The Getty vocabulary databases contain

Geographical Names onducting_research/vocabularies terms, names, and other information
/tgn/index.html about people, places, things, and concepts
relating to art, architecture, and material

Guide for Writing Research This guide is based on recommendations of

Papers Based on Styles a/ the fifth edition of the Publication Manual
Recommended by APA from of the American Psychological Association
the Capital Community published by the American Psychological
College Association in 2001.

Hieros Gamos-Legal objective is to make law,

Research government and related professional
Center information easily accessible to the legal
profession, businesses and consumers.

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How to Choose a Search Serves as an introduction to the Internet,

Engine or Directory choose.asp especially the World Wide Web; what it is,
how to search it, and how to use it as a
research tool. Tutorials and further
sources assist users with the web
overview, search tools, search techniques,
and finding content.

Academic Info Digital Library With designs to guide both aspiring
ital.html students on the advantages and avenues
to researching and searching for
educational tinged information, Academic
Info was created.

Acronym Over 750,000 human-edited definitions of

Finder acronyms, abbreviations.

Afro-American is a website with links to

Almanac other search engines pertaining to African
American values.

Age Discrimination The Age Discrimination in Employment Act

tml of 1967 (ADEA) protects individuals who
are 40 years of age or older from
employment discrimination based on age.
The ADEA’s protections apply to both
employees and job applicants.

American Civil Liberties The ACLU is our nation's guardian of

Union liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures
and communities to defend and preserve
the individual rights and liberties that the
Constitution and laws of the United States
guarantee everyone in this country.

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American Law Sources ALSO provides a comprehensive, uniform,

Online and useful compilation of links to freely
accessible on-line sources of law for the
United States, Canada, and Mexico. In
addition, this site contains additional links
to sources of commentary and practice
aids that are available without charge (or
available at a reasonable charge from
governmental and nonprofit providers).

Americans with Disabilities provides information and

Act (ADA) technical assistance on the Americans with
Disabilities Act.

APA and Electronic This is North central University's website

Resources FAQs from ogram/public/ where they offer over 100 handouts on
Northcentral University px critical reading, prewriting, and revising for
an academic audience.

APA Citation Tutorial from This website is a tutorial where the user
University of Maryland orials/citation/html/ will learn when It is necessary to cite and
University College how to use correct APA format in their
paper and reference list.

APA Formatting and Style This website outlines the rules for
Guide from Purdue wl/resource/560/01/ formatting a document in APA style and
University give samples of APA papers.

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Art Dictionary provides definitions for more

than 3,600 terms used in discussing art /
visual culture, along with thousands of
supporting images, pronunciations notes,
quotations and cross-references.

Ask A Reference Librarian Question Point is an online service which

24/7 s/servlet/org.oclc.home.TFSRedir allows the user to ask a question and get a
ect?SS_COMMAND=CUST_SUP&C response via e-mail from a reference
ategory=BR librarian.

Australian News Online Australian news online offers news from
Australia and around the world. This site
include topics such as Business, Sports,
Entertainment, Weather, Opinions, Blogs
and archiving. These topics are created
and are accessible using the latest
technologies. These include video, audio,
photos, podcast, RSS, and email

Avoiding Plagiarism from Avoiding plagiarism from Purdue's OWL

Purdue's OWL wl/resource/589/01/ resource is designed to help students and
instructors develop strategies for knowing
how to avoid accidental plagiarism.

BBC News The BBC News site is available both

internationally and the UK. This site
discusses topics such as Business,
Technology, Health, Science and
Environment, and entertainment. The
information is delivered to the user via the
latest technologies.

Biographical Dictionary The Biographical Dictionary provides a

search engine to a vast selection of

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Biology-Online Editable http://www.biology- Biology Online aims to educate and

Wiki Dictionary promote awareness of all things biology,
offering free and easy access to
information in the biological sciences.

Bizjournals - Business Ezine Bizjournals is the online media division of

tnews.html American City Business Journals. The site
also features online commercial real estate
listings, a special focus on business
women, local networking and business
events, local online business directories,
downloadable sales leads and strategic
partnership opportunities.

Bizwomen - Women in Bizwomen is a growing and emerging

Business Ezine m/Groups/bizwomen online community for women business
executives and entrepreneurs to connect,
support, learn and grow.

Black Collegian The Black Collegian is a career and self

development magazine targeted to African-
American students and other students of
color seeking information on careers, job
opportunities, graduate/professional
school, internships/co-ops, study abroad

Black Enterprise Black Enterprise is a guide to financial

empowerment, investing, and wealth-
building resource for African Americans.

Boston Review: A Political Boston Review is a nonpartisan magazine

and Literary Forum of ideas: animated by hope, committed to
equality and reason, convinced that the
imagination eludes political categories.

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Brookings Institute The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit

review/rev_des.htm public policy organization based in
Washington, DC. The goals of Brookings
are to strengthen the American
Democracy; foster the economic and social
welfare and opportunities of all Americans
and secure a more open, safe and
prosperous international system.

Calculators.Com offers a variety of

.html calculators. This site, updated daily, offers
standard, fractions, scientific, percent, and
currency. In addition, novel calculators
such as the love calculator is also available.

Campaign Against Age CAADE is a website dedicated to fighting

Discrimination in against age discrimination in the
Employment: CAADE workplace.

Catalaw CataLaw is the catalog of catalogs of

.shtml worldwide law on the Internet. It aids legal
research by arranging all indexes of law
and government into a uniform, universal
and unique meta index.

CBC News Online This site contains information about the
range of services to Canadians in English,
French and eight aboriginal languages. In
addition, the user will find news and
information about the people,
partnerships, and activities that within this
cultural institution

Center for Academic http://www.academicintegrity.or The center for academic integrity serves
Honesty g/ higher and secondary educational
institutions. The center's objective is to
address issues affecting academic
integrity. One issue is academic integrity
and emerging technologies

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Citing Images from the This website gives a list of the relevant
University of Cincinnati ries/daap/resources/visualresour information a writer will need when citing
ces/how_to/cite_image.html a source and the correct format for MLA,
APA, Turabian, and Chicago Manual of

Code of Federal Regulations The Code of Federal Regulation is the

(CFR) cfr/cfr-table-search.html codification of the general and permanent
rules published in the Federal Register by
the executive departments and agencies of
the Federal Government.

Columbia Encyclopedia Containing nearly 51,000 entries on a

broad range, with more than 80,000
hypertext cross-references,

Cook's Thesaurus & Cooking The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking

Encyclopedia encyclopedia that covers thousands of
ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries
include pictures, descriptions, synonyms,
pronunciations, and suggested
substitutions. is a free site that serves as a

gateway to access links regarding an
individual’s background through Public
Criminal Records, Criminal Background
Checks, Free Credit report, People Search
Finders, Public Investigators, Foreclosure,
Legal Forms, State Courts, Please note that
these links may or may not include fees.

Critical Inquiry http://criticalinquiry.uchicago.ed Critical Inquiry allows users to access

u/main.shtml journals written by other users and gives
links to other relevant sites.

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Democratic The Democratic Party is committed to

Party keeping our nation safe and expanding
opportunity for every American. That
commitment is reflected in an agenda that
emphasizes the strong economic growth,
affordable health care for all Americans,
retirement security, open, honest and
accountable government, and securing our
nation while protecting our civil rights and

Dictionary.Com is a multi-source dictionary

search service

Digital Millennium The DMCA is designed to implement the

Copyright Act mca1.htm treaties signed in December 1996 at the
World Intellectual Property Organization
(WIPO) Geneva conference, but also
contains additional provisions addressing
related matters. For specific areas of the
act please go to

Directory of Open Access The Dictionary of Open Access Journals

Journals covers free, full text, quality controlled
scientific and scholarly journals.

Electronic Sources - APA This website shows samples of proper APA
Style from The Write apa/ cites gathered from various sources.

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Resource URL Description provides access to

200,000 reference entries to cite from, plus
50,000 topic summaries from videos,
pictures, and magazines around the world

Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia Britannica contains hundreds

Online target=/ of thousands of articles, biographies,
videos, images, and web sites.

Encyclopedia of the History Hosted by the Department of Economics of

of Economic Thought het/ the New School for Social Research, it
reflects the personal opinions and interests
of Gonfalon L. Fonseca. It's primary
purpose is to act as repository of collected
links and information on the history of
economic thought, from the ancient times
until the modern day. Designed for
students and the general public interested
in learning about economics from a
historical perspective.

Encyclopedia of World A comprehensive chronology of more than

History 20,000 entries that span the millennia
from prehistoric times to the year 2000
compiled by Peter N. Stearns and thirty
other prominent historians.

Entrepreneur Online is a website where

terstitial/default.html business people can get information on
starting a business and can find trends on
what businesses succeed or fail.

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Etymology Etymologies are not definitions; they're

Dictionary explanations of what our words meant and
how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago.

Federal Citizen Information The FCIC manages a national contact

Center center with specially trained staff to
answer questions in English and Spanish
about all aspects of the Federal

IBM Journal of Research The IBM Journals allow users to read and
Development urnal/rd/ download papers to get the inside track on
emerging trends in science, technology,
and business and how they are shaping the
future. *Only available for a fee*

Infoplease Information Please provides authoritative

answers to all kinds of factual questions.

InfoWorld InfoWorld is the Web destination of choice

for IT decision makers seeking to
modernize their operations using the latest
technologies, architectures, and strategies.

Intellectual Property Law The Intellectual Property Law Server

Server provides information about intellectual
property law including patent, trademark
and copyright. Resources include
comprehensive links, general information,
space for professionals to publish articles
and forums for discussing related issues

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Internet Beginner's Guides A series of 25 guides and tutorials to help

& Tutorials html the novice online user become more
knowledgeable and comfortable using the

Internet Encyclopedia of The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is

Philosophy p/ a non-profit organization run by the
editors. Most of the articles are original
contributions by specialized philosophers
around the Internet; these are identifiable
by the author's name at the foot of the

Internet Legal Resource The Internet Legal Resource Guide is a

Guide (Public categorized index of more than 4000 select
Legal) web sites in 238 nations, islands, and
territories, as well as thousands of locally
stored web pages, legal forms, and
downloadable files. This website serves as
a comprehensive resource of the
information available on the Internet
concerning law and the legal profession,
with an emphasis on the United States of
America. Designed for everyone, lay
persons and legal scholars alike, it is
quality controlled to include only the most
substantive legal resources online.

Jenda: A Journal of Culture Jenda Journal is a history of culture and

and African Women Studies African Woman studies.

Journal of Criminal Justice The Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular
and Popular Culture ndex.html Culture allows users to read scholarly
journals about current events in New York
State, and the reviews of other scholars'
opinions about the articles.

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Journal of Gender, Social The Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the
Policy & the Law urnal/genderlaw/ Law provides a forum for those interested
in gender issues and feminist legal studies.

Journal of Interdisciplinary The Journal of Interdisciplinary History

History loi/jinh?cookieSet=1 features substantive articles, research
notes, review essays, and book reviews
relating historical research and work in
applied fields-such as economics and

Jurist: The Legal Education JURIST is produced as a public service for
Network the continuing legal education of its
readers and law student staffers, and uses
the latest Internet technology to track
important legal news stories and materials
and present them rapidly, objectively and
intelligibly in an accessible, ad-free format.

Law LawCrawler is a full-text Web search

Crawler engine powered by Google and geared
specifically for legal research.

Law Library of The Law Library of Congress was

Congress p established in 1832, recognizing its need
for ready access to reliable legal materials.
The Law Library has grown over the years
to become the world’s largest law library,
with a collection of over three million
volumes spanning the ages and covering
virtually every jurisdiction in the world.

Law Library Resource is a free, independent, one

Exchange person produced Web journal dedicated to
providing legal, library, IT/IS, marketing
and administrative professionals with the
most up-to-date information on a wide
range of Internet research and technology-
related issues, applications, resources and

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Law Runner Law Runner is part of Internet Legal

Resource Guide (Public Legal). This tool is
an intelligent agent based search engine
interface for and its 3+ billion
indexed web pages. Advantage: limit your
search results only to those web pages
within a particular jurisdiction for more
effective legal research.

Lectric Law Library Lectric Law Library Rotunda serves as a

Rotunda ml gateway to various extensive resources,
attractions & oddities. These resources
include Business Law, Information for the
legal professional, and Information for the

Legal is a web site focused on

Ethics.Com the ethical issues associated with the use
of technology by legal professionals. All
posts are coded by one or more topics.
Select a topic to the right to read relevant
posts. Select the “States” topic to see an
expanded view of individual topics
devoted to each state.

Legal Information The LII is known internationally as a

Institute leading “law-not-com” provider of public
legal information. This is published and
maintained by Cornell Law Library. This
site offers all opinions of the United States
Supreme Court handed down since 1992,
together with over 600 earlier decisions
selected for their historic importance, over
a decade of opinions of the New York
Court of Appeals, and the full United States
Code. Cornell Law Library also publish
important secondary sources: libraries in
two important areas (legal ethics and
social security) and a series of “topical”
pages that serve as concise explanatory
guides and Internet resource listings for
roughly 100 areas of law.

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LII: Federal Rules of Civil LII: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is a
Procedure /frcp/ subdivision of the Legal Information
Institute. This site focuses on Civil
Procedure Law and presents information in
an outline style. In addition, subdivisions
are included to assist the user with specific
areas of the law relating to civil
procedure. . The areas of civil procedure
law include: Scope, Action, process,
pleading, motion, orders, parties,
depositions, discovery, trials, judgment,
provisional & final remedies, special
proceedings, district courts and clerks,
general provisions, appendix of forms, and
admiralty & maritime claims.

Marketing, supplies site

Dictionary /_layouts/Dictionary.aspx registrants and AMA members with the
information, products and services
required to succeed in their careers.

MCF Grant Resources for Minnesota Council on Foundations, a

Diversity e/diversity.htm community of grant makers, works actively
to strengthen and expand philanthropy
and improve the vitality and health of our

Medicine Net Medical is an online, healthcare

Dictionary eases_and_conditions/article.htm media publishing company. It provides
easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative
medical information for consumers.

Merriam-Webster http://www.merriam- Merriam-Webster is a publisher of

Online language-related reference works and a
diverse array of print and electronic

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Resource URL Description

Meta-Index for U.S. Legal The Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research
Research / site was created and is maintained by
Georgia State University (GSU) and
illustrates the use of searchable legal
indexes on the World Wide Web. Only
specifically legal indexes in the U.S. are
included. Please note that many of the
search tools here have additional search
options available and that to derive full
benefit from them you should visit the
original sites directly. To access the most
current version of Meta-Index for U.S.
Legal Research, go to

MSN Encarta MSN Encarta contains dictionaries,

r_/browse.html atlases, K-12 success, college & grad
information, degrees & training, quizzes.
Also, MSN articles, guides, activities, and
homework status.

National Association of The National Association of Asian

Asian American American Professionals is a non-profit
Professionals organization that cultivates, supports, and
promotes Asian American leaders. NAAAP
offers professional development
opportunities on the local and national
level, engages its membership in
community service, and organizes
professional networking events.

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National Center for State NCSC’s objective is to improve the

Courts administration of justice through
leadership and service to state courts, and
courts around the world. Through original
research, consulting services, publications,
and national educational programs, NCSC
offers solutions that enhance court
operations with the latest technology;
collects and interprets the latest data on
court operations nationwide; and provides
information on proven "best practices" for
improving court operations. NCSC is an
independent, nonprofit organization in
accordance with Section 501(c)(3).
NCSC disseminates information to state
court leaders on key national policy issues,
and helps advocate their policies with
Congress as well as supporting several
prestigious national organizations

New York State Supreme The NYS Supreme Court Library at Buffalo
Court-Library at Buffalo d/NYSSCLawLib/NYSSCBuff.htm serves the legal community of the Eighth
Judicial District of New York. Their
objectives are as follows: to serve the legal
reference needs of the district judiciary, to
serve as a free, public library, pursuant to
state statute, for area residents,
particularly for members of the local bar
and their employees and, to serve pro se
litigants, students, and private citizens
researching the law and legal issues.

Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia Articles, podcasts, blogs, downloadable

legal forms, do-it-yourself legal kits,
directories, products and services,
newsletters, and related legal links and
resources are accessible through Nolo.
Learn about all areas in the legal field, hot
topics in law, and domestic and
international legal.

Old Farmer's Almanac The Old Farmer's Almanac publishes useful
information for people in all walks of life:
tide tables for those who live near the
ocean; sunrise tables and planting charts
for those who live on the farm; recipes for
those who live in the kitchen; and forecasts
for those who don't like the question of
weather left up in the air.

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Resource URL Description

Pakistan News Service Pakistan news service provides news

x.shtml stories, and services relating to events in

Pew Internet and American A nonpartisan, nonprofit "fact tank" that
Life Project provides information on the issues,
attitudes and trends shaping America and
the world. The Project produces reports
exploring the impact of the internet on
families, communities, work and home,
daily life, education, health care, and civic
and political life.

Plagiarism.Org's objective is to prevent

plagiarism and restore integrity to written
work. The website accomplishes this goal
through posting articles relating to
plagiarism. Some other resources include
turnitin and authenticate to assist in
detecting and preventing plagiarism

Plagiarism: How to Writing tutorial services site, from Indiana

Recognize and Avoid It from mphlets/plagiarism.shtml University, explains how to avoid
Indiana University plagiarism. Additional services include
Student & Faculty FAQ's, pamphlets,
policies, and course specific tutoring

Practical Technology Today Practical Technology covers the technology

and business of technology focusing on
operating systems, networks, Linux and
open source.

Pravda The newspaper Pravda analyzes events

from the point of view of the Party's
interests, whereas PRAVDA On-line takes a
pro-Russian approach to forming its policy.

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Resource URL Description

Quotations is a search engine

Page focused on book reviews and quotation-
related topics.

Red Herring Online Business Red Herring, Inc., is a media company
Journal whose mission is to cover innovation,
technology, financing and entrepreneurial

RefDesk Dot Com Reddest is a free and family-friendly web

site that indexes and reviews quality,
credible, and current web-based resources.

Republican The Republican Party publishes the

Party.Org opinions of the American people, as it
relates to the Republican Party. They are
not affiliated to the National Republican

Rominger Legal Rominger’s Legal Research serves as a

Research gateway to a multitude of legal links for
the researcher. These include legal news,
legal sponsored links, legal resources,
professional directories, federal links, legal
organizations, non-legal resources, state
legal resources, legal books, and practice

Salary Calculator salary calculator measures a job

estate/salary-calculator.asp?cc=1 compensation by entering a job title, zip
code and state location

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Resource URL Description

Searcher Information Today, Inc. provides users and

her/default.asp producers of information, knowledge and
content management products and
services with the information they need to
do their jobs as effectively as possible.

Smithsonian The Smithsonian Institute site serves as a

Institute gateway to the world's largest museum
complex and research organization
composed of 19 museums, 9 research
centers, and the National Zoo.

Specialty Dictionaries has a database of over

diction4.html 2,500 dictionaries and grammars in over
300 languages, dictionary, glossary and
reference articles, games that build
language skills.

Stanford Encyclopedia of A scholarly dynamic reference work, each

Philosophy philosophically related entry is maintained
and kept up to date by an expert or group
of experts in the field. Articles are
frequently added and updated based upon
new academic findings and theories.

Supreme Court of the U.S. The Supreme Court of the US Opinions is
Opinions 1893 – Present e/supreme.html maintained by Find Law and offers the
Supreme Court decisions since 1893 (U.S.
Supreme Court Decisions: U.S. Reports 150-
, 1893- ). Can be browsed by year and U.S.
Reports volume number, and searchable
by citation, case title and full text. We also
maintain an archive of Opinion Summaries
from September 2000to the Present.

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Resource URL Description

Supreme Court of the U.S. The Supreme Court of the US Opinions is
Opinions 1999 – Present opinions/opinions.html maintained by Find Law and offers the
Supreme Court decisions since 1999 (U.S.
Supreme Court Decisions: U.S. Reports 150-
, 1893- ). Can be browsed by year and U.S.
Reports volume number, and searchable
by citation, case title and full text. We also
maintain an archive of Opinion Summaries
from September 2000to the Present.

The Internet Acronym Server The Internet Acronym Server is a search
bin/uncgi/acronyms engine in which the user types an acronym
and all known definitions are displayed.

Thesaurus.Com To use the thesaurus, simply type a word

in the gold search box and click the 'Search'
button. A list of synonyms and antonyms
will be returned.

THOMAS Legislative The library's mission is to make its

Information resources available and useful to the
Congress and the American people and to
sustain and preserve a universal collection
of knowledge and creativity for future

Thomas Public THOMAS was launched in January of 1995,

Laws at the inception of the 104th Congress. The
leadership of the 104th Congress directed
the Library of Congress to make federal
legislative information freely available to
the public. Since that time THOMAS has
expanded the scope of its offerings to
include the following: Bills, Resolutions,
Activity in Congress, Congressional Record,
Schedules, Calendars, Committee
Information, Presidential Nominations,
Treaties, Government Resources, For
Teachers, Help and Contact.

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Resource URL Description

U.S. Bureau of Economic The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

Analysis promotes a better understanding of the
U.S. economy by providing timely,
relevant, and accurate economic accounts
data in an objective and cost-effective

U.S. Business Advisor helps small businesses

understand their legal requirements, and
locate government services supporting the
nation’s small business community.

U.S. Census Bureau The Census Bureau serves as the leading
Homepage source of quality data about the nation's
people and economy.

U.S. Code The United States Code is the codification

e/browse.html by subject matter of the general and
permanent laws of the United States based
on what is printed in the Statutes at Large.

U.S. Code of Federal This front-end to the Code of Federal

Regulations Regulations (CFR) is generated from and
links to the most recent version of the CFR
placed on the Internet by the Government
Printing Office. It contains the federal
regulations in force as of specific revision
dates which vary from title to title. That for
each title is shown on its table of contents.
For more information on a particular
regulation has since been amended, click
on the updated link.

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Resource URL Description

U.S. Consumer Information is a link to a broad range of

federal information resources available

U.S. Copyright The Copyright Office of promotes progress

Office of the arts and protection for the works of
authors. The goal is to make major
improvements in our public services and a
key part of this initiative is providing the
opportunity to register your works online
via the website.

U.S. Department of provides links to economic

Commerce analysis domestic and abroad.

U.S. Environmental EPA leads the nation's environmental

Protection Agency (EPA) science, research, education and
assessment efforts. The mission of the
Environmental Protection Agency is to
protect human health and the

U.S. Food and Drug The FDA is responsible for protecting the
Administration (FDA) public health by assuring the safety,
efficacy, and security of human and
veterinary drugs, biological products,
medical devices, our nation’s food supply,
cosmetics, and products that emit

U.S. General Accounting The U.S. Government Accountability Office

Office (GAO) is an independent, nonpartisan
agency that works for Congress. The GAO
investigates how the federal government
spends taxpayer dollars.

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Resource URL Description

U.S. Geological Survey The USGS serves the Nation by providing
reliable scientific information to describe
and understand the Earth; minimize loss of
life and property from natural disasters;
manage water, biological, energy, and
mineral resources; and enhance and
protect our quality of life.

U.S. Government Budget for Website goes into detail about the budget
the Next Fiscal Year /budget/ plan and how it will affect each state.

U.S. Government Printing GPO Access is a service of the U.S.

Office (GPO) html Government Printing Office that provides
free electronic access to a wealth of
important information products produced
by the Federal Government.

U.S. House of The US House of Representatives site

Representatives includes the offices & resources of the
United States House of Representatives.
The offices include Representatives,
Committees, Leadership & House

U.S. Internal Revenue is able to Provide America's

Service (IRS) taxpayers top quality service by helping
them understand and meet their tax
responsibilities and by applying the tax law
with integrity and fairness to all.

U.S. Internet Industry The US Internet Industry Association

Association advocates effective public policy for the
Internet and provides its members with
essential business news, information,
support and services.

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Resource URL Description

U.S. Patent and Trademark The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Office promotes the progress of science and the
useful arts by securing for limited times to
inventors the exclusive right to their
respective discoveries.

U.S. Securities and The SEC protects investors, maintains fair,
Exchange Commission orderly, and efficient markets, and
facilitates capital formation.

U.S. The US senate site offers a myriad of

Senate topics for the legal research as it relates to
the United States Senate. These areas
include Senators, Committees, Legislation
& Records, Art & History, Visitors, and links
to resources.

U.S. Small Business The U.S. Small Business Administration is

Administration an independent agency of the federal
government to aid, counsel, assist and
protect the interests of small business
concerns, to preserve free competitive
enterprise and to maintain and strengthen
the overall economy of our nation.

Universal Currency The Universal Currency Converter

Converter contains the top 85 currencies sorted by
country name currencies first. Special units

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Resource URL Description

Using the Internet & WWW Offered by the Teaching Library at the
for Research Purposes chingLib/Guides/Internet/FindInf University of California at Berkeley, this
o.html tutorial helps users learn how to search
the web ranging from primary sources,
specialized directories and databases,
statistical information, and educational
sites. Further information is provided on
citations, information evaluation, and a
glossary of internet terms.

Virtual Chase (A virtual site The Virtual Chase informs about Web sites
for legal professionals) ex.shtml and research strategies for finding the law.
Some topics include Internet Research,
Database of Sources, and Virtual Chase

Wash WashLaw Web provides users with links to

Law law-related materials on the Internet. The
information is arranged alphabetically, by
subject, and by geographic location. All
links on WashLaw Web are maintained by
staff members of the Washburn University
School of Law Library.

White The White House is the official residence

House of the President of the United States,
recognized worldwide as a symbol of the
prestige of the presidency. Built between
1792 and 1800, the sprawling 132-room
mansion has been used as a home by every
President since John Adams. To learn
more, check out such areas as the briefing
room, Issues, The Administration, About
the White House, and Our Government.

Yale documents in Law, The Yale documents in law, history, and
History, and Diplomacy alon/avalon.htm diplomacy site is part of the Avalon project
and contains the following documents:
Ancient Documents 4000bce – 399,
Medieval Documents, 400 – 1399, 15th
Century Documents 1400 – 1499, 16th
Century Documents 1500 – 1599, 17th
Century Documents 1600 – 1699, 18th
Century Documents 1700 – 1799, 19th
Century Documents 1800 – 1899, 20th
Century Documents 1900 – 1999, 21st
Century Documents.

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