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Spring Break Leave By deflective

EXT. DIRT ROAD - EVENING SARGENT (yelling) Dismissed! Enjoy your weekend but youll want to stay off the beaches. Soon youre gonna see more sand than you ever wanted to. A group of army recruits in t-shirts & shorts falls out of line and starts moving toward a distant camp. Most of them look exhausted but a few are jubilant. KIRK (fit, hansom, imp tattoo on his left bicep) shouts out loud. Whooo! boys. KIRK We get our own spring break

ANDREW & ALAN (both stocky with freckles) fall in beside him. ANDREW Oh joy. ALAN Spring break in midwest asswater. ANDREW Twenty-four hours from Florida... ALAN ... and forty-eight hours till wheels up. Hey, Paul, wanna go touch a palm tree and come right back? PAUL (blond, tall) grabs his crotch. PAUL Nah, I got my palm tree right here. KIRK Boys, boys, boys. Uncle Kirk has it all set for you. Trust in Uncle Kirk. PAUL Uncle Kirk got me here. Kirk. Fuck Uncle

KIRK Careful there, we got us a grenade tonight and someones gonna take (MORE)


KIRK the hit. Or maybe we should just leave you here? Saving yourself for Bonnie overseas? In the background, a butch woman scowls and lowers her head. PAUL Nah, you dont eat trail mix till youre on the road. KIRK Stop worrying, its all sorted. We leave at six. And that includes you Hal. Kirk jumps up and grabs HAL (massive, quiet, slow) by the neck, pulling him down to his height. KIRK This is what we brought our mascot for. Mister mobile grenade shield. Hal silently walks stooped over until released. INT. JEEP - LATE EVENING Kirk shouts over the sound of the wind as he drives. KIRK Alright, so this is easy. These chicks chose to stay here during spring break so they aint the type you lot are used to. ALAN If they got tits then itll all be a brave new world to Hal. KIRK There are tits, there are cunts, and there are mouths. Its the mouths that are gonna hurt. PAUL Yeah? Im starting to like the sound of this. KIRK Yeah? Well, you aint gonna like the sound once they start talking. We got ourselves a bunch (MORE)


KIRK of bra-burners and theyre gonna want to run their mouths. Sounds of disgust and disbelief. ANDREW What the fuck, man? PAUL Seriously, what the fuck. KIRK Its the price we pay to play in a target scarce environment. Now, I guarantee field time. You just gotta keep your mouths shut and let them do their thing. They want to prove their sexual liberation and fucking a bunch of grunts is gonna show the patriarchy just how liberated they are. ALAN Seriously? ANDREW I dont think it works like that. KIRK Ive set it all up. Found their queen bee and played the cards right. Now, theyre gonna want to educate you first. Really, it means humiliate you. Its all a power trip. Keep your mouth shut and agree with everything they say. Deal with a little humiliation now and youll get to deal a little humiliation of your own later. PAUL This is fucked. KIRK Hey, if you dont believe me then we still got the grenade waiting. I know my man Hal can keep his mouth shut. Kirk smiles at Hal in the mirror, who shifts uncomfortably.


INT. COLLEGE LOUNGE - NIGHT A harried writer throws down his laptop in frustration. DEFLECTIVE goddammit! i can never write fast enough to finish these things. there was an ending. honest. it was salient and appropriate. Types angrily. DEFLECTIVE (CONT) guess ill post this half-finished. again.

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