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A restaurant's menu is an extension of its overall theme. Choose menu colors, layouts, pictures and fonts that will complement the theme and decor of the restaurant. Some restaurants get creative and use different items to display a menu, such as chalkboards, breadboards or scrolls. The menu should be printed in a font that is easy on the eyes and large enough to be read by anyone. Use a background color that makes the font easy to read, such as white or cream.

Menus are typically broken into categories and flow in the same pattern as eating a meal. Begin with appetizers or drinks, followed by soups, salads, entrees and desserts. Use one or two columns for a clean look. If the restaurant offers daily specials, these can be inserted separately each day on a separate sheet of paper. Designate house specialty dishes with a star, outline or bold print that will draw the reader's attention. If the restaurant specializes in signature drinks or made-from-scratch desserts, consider creating a separate menu for these categories.

The food descriptions are your chance to sell an item. Descriptions should be easy to read, not too wordy and free of technical chef jargon. Use easy-to-understand language that will make the average reader’s mouth water. Do not go into detail about how much food is in each dish, the weight or number of items. If one item comes with a choice of six different sauces, do not list the item six times; simply offer the choice of sauces under one description. Menu items may be similar to those offered at competitor restaurants. Describe your item in a way that lets the customer know it is different and more appetizing. Using familiar names in food titles adds personality, such as Joe's Special Recipe Ribs or New York-style pizza.

Menu pricing determines profit or loss and should be calculated carefully. Your food costs should be approximately 30 to 35 percent of the menu price. Add the cost of all ingredients in each menu item to determine the food cost basis. Menu pricing may fluctuate from this average, depending on the type of restaurant and the target customer. A highend restaurant with unique features may garner a higher percentage for food. Survey competitor restaurants to determine average pricing for the area. Be consistent with pricing throughout the menu. In other words, don't mix and match amount types like $6.95 and $7.49. Make everything a whole dollar amount, or have everything end in .99 or .50.

Be sure your menu is free of typographical errors and misspellings. These reflect poorly on the restaurant and convey a sloppy appearance. The menu should be friendly and inviting for guests. Be careful about adding too many disclaimers that can make customers feel restricted.

Served with Asparagus Risotto and Vegetable -40 Shrimp Scampi Pan Seared Shrimp with Garlic Compound Butter and Cream served over Angel Hair -27 Duck Trio Wood Grilled Duck Breast. Served with Asparagus and Smashers -38 Maytag Ribeye Marinated and Wood Grilled 14 oz. Confit Duck Leg Quarter.Y. Pan Seared Lobster Tail topped with Garlic Butter. Wood Grilled Filet Mignon with Cabernet Demi Glace and Smashers and Vegetable -28 Grilled N. Strip with Wild Mushroom and Boursin Demi. French Fries and Pale Ale BBQ -27 Whitewater Salmon Pan Seared Coriander dusted Fillet of Wild Salmon on Mushroom Risotto with Balsamic Beurre Noisette and Flash Fried Spinach -28 Rock Lobster 10 oz.Y Strip 14oz. Wood Grilled Filet Mignon topped with Lump Crab and Hollandaise.Appetizers Chippewa Cheese Bread A Blend of 5 Wisconsin Cheeses with Black Olives and Scallions baked on French Bread -8 Escargot Escargot sauteed in Garlic Butter & baked on Crostinis with Stone Ground Mustard Aioli -8 Margarita Scallops (3) U-10 Scallops Pan Seared with Margarita Sauce -9 Spinach & Artichoke Dip Spinach and Artichoke Dip topped with Aged Parmesan and Rofumo Cheese. Ribeye with Maytag Bleu Cheese and Cabernet Demi Glace.9 Salads & Soup Classic Caesar Salad $6 with Entree / $8 A La Carte Soup du Jour or House Salad $4 with Entree / $6 A La Carte MAIN COURSE Filet Oscar 8 oz. Served with Smashers and Vegetable -35 Cherry Smoked Ribs A Full Rack of St. Wood Grilled N. Louis Ribs smoked over Cherry Wood served with Cole Slaw. Served with Smashers and Vegetable -35 Petit Filet Mignon 5 oz. Served with Pita Chips -8 Mushroom and Brie Tart Exotic mushrooms and Brie cheese on flaky puff pastry with Brandy Cream sauce . and Grilled Apple .

sake. Tomatoes. Cucumbers. le sirop de rose. Served with Asian Slaw. Eggplant and Summer Squash. Served with Smoked Tomato Cream Sauce and Asparagus -24 Lighterside Selections Sesame Seared Ahi 7 oz. spices and spiced rum. Straight up or on the rocks. Wakame. served on Eastshore Mustard Cream Sauce with Smashers -23 Grilled Swordfish Marinated and Grilled Hawaiian Swordfish topped with Tropical Fruit Salsa and served with Island Rice -32 Featured Desserts Artisan Cheese Plate An assortment of Aged Cheese served with Crackers -15 Apple Tart Granny Smith apples dusted with cinnamon and sugar over creamy vanilla custard.Duck Sausage over White Bean Cassoulet -29 Portabella Napoleon Grilled Portabellas. Cosmopolitan \ . Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna. topped with champagne Classic champagne Cognac. Zucchini.8 Peach Cobbler Peaches marinated in brown sugar. a hint of Noilly Prat vermouth. angostura bitters. topped with muffin batter and vanilla ice cream -8 BEVERAGES Middisomal Lychee liqueur. Stacked and Layered with Rofumo Cheese. Coated with Sesame Seeds and Pan Seared. topped with champagne Classic Cocktails Classic Martini Beefeater gin or Stolichnaya vodka. moist Guinness chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache and served with raspberry Porter sauce-9 Raspberry Creme Brulee Welcome spring with fresh berries and creamy goodness . brown sugar. finished with champagne Kir Royal Crème de cassis. Wasabi and Pickled Ginger -30 Pretzel Crusted Chicken Chicken Breast breaded in Pretzel Crumbs and Baked. served on a crispy pastry with homemade caramel and whipped cream -8 Guinness Chocolate Stout Cake Layered.

Mojito Fresh mint topped with cubed lime and refined sugar topped with a large measure of Havana Club Especial Capirinha Fresh limes muddled with refined sugar and topped with Brazilian Cachaca Rum over crushed ice. topped with ginger ale Fruit Punch A thirst quenching mix of Cranberry. \ . fresh lemon juice and refined sugar over crushed ice. Pineapple and Orange juice. freshly squeezed lemon juice. Topped with a blackberry float Raspberry Collins Stolichnaya Vodka and raspberry puree shaken with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a dash of gomme. Served straight up. Crazy Mary Stolichnaya vodka mixed with our homemade bloody mix Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Ginger pink Grenadine. Served long and lengthened with club soda. Bramble Large Beefeater Gin.Wyborowa vodka citron and cointreau shaken with a dash of fresh lime and a splash of cranberry juice.